Disgraceful: Iran is chanting “Death to America,” meanwhile Obama is saying THIS

I’d like to share with our readers — even those detractors who struggle with truth and reading comprehension — a simple lesson in lexicon.

I’ve had enough of this incessant talk about getting a “deal” with Iran. This is not that Seventies game show “Let’s Make a Deal” and Monty Hall is not emceeing this exchange — although he may be able to do a better job.

America must not, should not, be making “deals” with the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism in the world. Then again, it was just a week ago that Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, dropped Iran and Hezbollah from the terrorist list — how accommodating and convenient.

But consider this recent “message to the Iranian people” from President Obama as reported by CNSnews.com, “To everyone celebrating Nowruz—across the United States and in countries around the world—Nowruz Mubarak. For thousands of years, this has been a time to gather with family and friends and welcome a new spring and a new year. Last week, my wife Michelle helped mark Nowruz here at the White House.”

Obama called on the Iranians to help him overcome people in the United States and elsewhere who oppose the nuclear deal he is trying to negotiate with Iran. “Our negotiations have made progress, but gaps remain,” he said. “And there are people, in both our countries and beyond, who oppose a diplomatic resolution. My message to you—the people of Iran—is that, together, we have to speak up for the future we seek.”

“As I have said many times before, I believe our countries should be able to resolve this issue peacefully, with diplomacy,” Obama said. “Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei has issued a fatwa against the development of nuclear weapons, and President Rouhani has said that Iran would never develop a nuclear weapon.” The video was posted on the White House website with Farsi subtitles — how diverse and inclusive.

Someone obviously forgot to remind President Obama that Iran has state-run media and chances are the Iranian people didn’t get to see his and first lady Michelle’s glad tidings. Furthermore, at a time when you should be attempting to stand strong against the Iranian regime of mad mullahs ,why is it necessary to deliver a happy New Year greeting — which will only be seen by the clerics and the ruling theocrats?

Now, I find it hard to believe the Supreme Leader Khamenei would issue a fatwa against nuclear development after the revelation of his most recent comments.

After all, Khamenei has so publicly displayed his affection for our Constitutional Republic. “Last month, in a speech to his air force commanders, the ayatollah boasted of Iran’s achievement in enriching uranium to the 20-percent level. Twice during the speech, according a transcript made by the BBC, the air force commanders chanted: “Death to America.”

This doesn’t seem to be the same person Obama and his administration hope exists and will say as they desire.

Embarking on negotiations with Iran is folly and what brought them to the table were economic sanctions. They should have been increased with every single day the Iranians kept our four Americans hostage. Furthermore, we should have supported the Green movement in Iran when the people were in the streets looking for support — and this was another reason to retain a residual force in Iran — to preclude their hegemonic expansion into Iraq.

As CNS News states, “On Sept. 25, 2009, the Obama White House sponsored a background briefing by “senior administration officials” who said that Iran had been discovered covertly building uranium enrichment facilities twice. One was at Natanz, another near Qom. A “senior administration official” explained at that time why it was logical to conclude that the second secret facility was designed to produce enriched uranium for a nuclear weapon not for peaceful purposes.”

“Our information is that the facility is designed to hold about 3,000 centrifuge machines,” said the official. “Now, that’s not a large enough number to make any sense from a commercial standpoint. It cannot produce a significant quantity of low-enriched uranium. But if you want to use the facility in order to produce a small amount of weapons-grade uranium, enough for a bomb or two a year, it’s the right size. And our information is that the Iranians began this with the intent that it be secret, and therefore giving them the option of producing weapons-grade uranium without the international community knowing about it.”

So here we are again, with the Obama administration pushing a false narrative in order to gain its desired end state — and our national security be damned.

Let me just provide a short history lesson — and not revisionist history as presented by folks such as President Obama and Sean Penn. Remember how we dismissed the Islamic terror threat during the eight years of the Clinton administration — and decimated our military? Yes, I was there. Never forget that it was just eight months into the first year of the George W. Bush presidency when 9-11 occurred.

Just imagine what might be in the planning stages to be executed in the first year after Obama’s final year in office — or could happen prior? After all, ISIS just released a list of 100 of our military personnel calling for their death – and remember, those fellas that aren’t “Islamic.”

CNS News says, “During the speech in which he boasted about Iran’s enrichment of uranium to the 20-percent level, according to a BBC transcript, the ayatollah’s air force commanders chanted: “Allah Akbar. Khamenei is the leader. Death to the enemies of the leadership. Death to America. Death to England. Death to hypocrites. Death to Israel.”

Heck, even Monty Hall would tell the Ayatollah that behind doors one, two and three is an American southern-fried-arse-whipping — but our game show host president isn’t capable.

And so the policy of appeasement towards abhorrent behavior marches on, all to the detriment of the future of America, Israel and the world. If in nine days President Obama proceeds with this endeavor and goes to the United Nations for approval — well, we may be beyond censure.


  1. Blessed be the peace makers

    Mr West… negotiating with our adversaries to avoid war is what we are supposed to be doing.
    If Iran doesn’t keep up their end of whatever deal is made, then we can go ahead and increase sanctions.

    And your comments about how we should have supported opposition parties inside Iran only shows your ignorance of Iran and makes me grateful that you do not hold political power.

    there is a strong anti American sentiment inside Iran and a strong distrust of any outside influence.. even among the moderates.
    Any legitimate opposition party that received support of any kind from the US would lose all credibility inside Iran and be seen as American puppets.
    The quickest way to destroy any moderate opposition party within Iran would be for the US to support them

    • Then blessed be to Israel. If all the Islamic countries put down their weapons, there would be peace. If Israel put down its weapons, there would be no more Israel. That is a fact.

      • While that is unrelated to this topic… I agree.
        And I am a strong supporter of Israel and its right to defend itself from people who have sworn to wipe them off the map.

      • I think one of the many problems with Obama and his negotiations with Iran is that he seems determined to trust those who are not worthy of our trust. He is determined to downplay the obvious. And he goes overboard in being hardened and suspicious of our ally in the region and Iran’s biggest target, Israel. If this was any other president, these negotiations might be more promising. But, with Obama leading them, they are dangerous and the results possibly catastrophic.

    • How do you negotiate a “deal” with someone that does not live up to their agreements. In Iran’s case, you could start in the 70’s

      with the takeover of the US Embassy and taking of American hostages for over a year. Iran’s commitment broken there is to uphold the internationally recognized sanctity of diplomatic missions. There are countless examples since then. But you don’t even need to look into history for examples of the lack of trustworthiness of Iran in negotiations. Included in the current negotiations is a discussion of how many centrifuges for producing highly enriched uranium they will be allowed to keep. According to agreements they are already bound by and statements they previously made, they are not supposed to have any. None. Zero! Stop being either naive, ignorant or intentionally misleading.

      • you asked…
        “How do you negotiate a “deal” with someone that does not live up to their agreements”

        the answer is… with great caution.
        There was nothing misleading or ignorant in anything I wrote.

        This is how diplomacy works and has always worked.
        We try to make a deal to get what we want… in this case, Iran abandoning its nuclear ambitions.
        If we ease sanctions in exchange for this deal… so what?

        if Iran does not hold up its end of the deal, it falls apart and we put the sanctions back in place, only harder.
        All that they gain from breaking the deal is a temporary ease of sanctions and then suffer harsher sanctions.

        Your whole argument seems to be that we should not even try to negotiate a deal… and that is reckless and leads to only two outcomes… direct war… or a nuclear Iran.

        Saying we should not even try to negotiate is absurd.

      • Again, you misrepresent facts. Every good lie contains a grain of truth, though. So good job! The “deal” you reference would leave Iran with the ability to produce weapons grade uranium. It would allow them, even if they keep within its bound in a position to get that bomb in 10 years. Easing sanctions only makes it more comfortable for them while they get there. The only acceptable “deal” is that they give up their nuclear program altogether. Anything less is genocide for Israel and attempted suicide for the US. In the current negotiations, there is no demand for Iran to abandon its nuclear ambitions. Hence, your naivete and/or ignorance. The idea that it is either direct war or a nuclear Iran illustrates this further. If done properly, strong sanctions now push the Iranian people to make a regime change as they tried to do in 2009 when our President left them hanging and they were crushed. The next time this happens, we need to support them.

      • And has the deal been finalized?
        are negotiations still ongoing?
        So your assumptions about what will be in the final deal are just that.. assumptions.
        Nice try kid.

        And your referencing the 2009 opposition and suggesting we should have supported them only shows how ignorant you are about Iranian politics and culture.

      • When our starting point is already giving them limited enrichment capabilities, there is is nowhere to go but a worse deal from the bad start. Accepting the idea that they are negotiating in good faith assumes that they would comply with the agreement in a complete 180 from their past practices of making promises and breaking them. As stated before, the fact that they have enrichment capability right now proves that they do not honor their agreements and commitments.
        Your assumption that about that I am ignorant of Iranian politics and culture are a fallacy as well. You started out lying and you’re finishing by being insulting. Whatever the Democratic Party or Iranian government pays you to spew this tripe in discussion boards should ask for their money back.

      • Sorry but your assertion that we should have assisted the opposition party in 2009 does, in fact, show you know very little about Iranian politics or culture

      • hey Brendan, you should look up Prime Minister Neville Chamberlin. You two are about tied in the completly clueless dept.

    • I am in total agreement with you Brendan. Just more bullshit for the right wing sheep. Obama is always playing chess while the right is playing checkers!

      • Lol, you make that ridiculous comment and in the same breath call the right, sheep. Obama has no clue what he’s doing. He had absolutely no experience in foreign relations or policies before you whack jobs put him in the White House. Actually he had no experience of any kind to be qualified to run this country, yet you lemmings put him in the White House twice. He was a community organizer with no experience in the private sector whatsover, and you gullable kool aid drinkers lapped up every lie he told. Iran is laughing at us, knowing we have a weak President, as they continue with their goal of achieving a nuclear weapon. If you would ever do your own research instead of depending on a habitual liar or following the MSM, you would know that the limits the POTUS wants to put on the number of Nuclear centrifuges and uranium enrichment facilities will make it impossible to make nuclear energy but is enough to make weapons grade uranium.
        But keep those rose colored glasses on, they may come in handy during a nuclear winter.

      • He knows exactly what he is doing when it comes to controlling the minds of the stupid. There is literally nothing that he could ever do that will turn the left against him. If there was a nuclear strike against the US, he would simply blame it on the GOP and his sheeple would follow suit.

      • Only thing Barack knows about chess is that he wants to be King, with Queen Michelle at his imperial side. And you are his pawn.

      • I bet you can’t even tell us what deal Obama wanted. You don’t even know what you are talking about. You just “feel” in your heart that Obama is making the right decision because he sounds good on TV….

      • “Obama is always playing chess while the right is playing checkers!”

        I agree that he is very good at playing politics and manipulating the idiot masses here at home. But if you think that he is outsmarting Tehran then you are dumber than you look. Obama is a laughing stock to literally the entire planet.

    • Dear Dippy Brenden, Any agreements that have been made in the Middle East (Iran) have been broken within minutes. If you really think that they are going to follow any new agreement now, not only are you drowning in Obama’s “Kool-Aid” you are also dumber than any one grain of sand found in that eastern wasteland.
      Sincerely, Chuck

      • Interesting rhetoric.
        Do you have any facts to support it?
        Can you show examples of previous deals we made that they broke so quickly?
        …or are you just making assumptions.

        this would be the first deal of its kind with the Iranians… and if the deal… we can slam them with even harder sanctions.
        So what is to be lost by trying?

        Also, I’m not sure why you suggested that we have never made deals in the Middle East… we have made many that are still in effect

      • Facts to support the fact that Moslems are allowed to break treaties they make with infidels?? Read the Koran!!

      • In other words, you could not provide an example…. figures.
        Oh and where is the part of the Koran that spoke about breaking treaties?…. I’d love to see that.

      • I find it very unlikely that you ever served in the military. Your total lack of any comprehension regarding radical Islam is startling.

      • Radical Islam is a very real threat that needs to be wiped out.
        Your assumptions about me are very telling about you.
        Also your lack of understanding how nations (even wacko extremist nations) maintain their economy and make concessions shows how little you know about the Middle East.

    • Friend, negotiating with a murderer to get him to shoot someone else first is not being a peacemaker. I, too, wish we could find a way for peace-loving Iranians to take charge. But just like the days of the old Soviet Union, when the vast majority of Russians etc. also wanted peace and bore us no animus, the only way to achieve that is for the anti-American / anti-freedom regime to collapse and be thrown out by their own people, and that is only done by opposing them with strength.

    • sanctions won’t do anything but make them want to kill us even more. You have no idea what Islamic radicals are actually like. They would gladly sacrifice every last child in the country if it means getting “street cred” for Islam.

    • …negotiating with known terrorists…? …oh, that’s right, Iran and Hezbollah aren’t terrorists anymore ~ they have both been recently removed from the known terrorists watch lists… I’d imagine you could have spent that college tuition money on something a bit less progressive…?

      • You are repeating a false rumor.
        they are still on the list of foreign terrorist organizations.

        They didn’t appear in a report from the NID, and the conservative blogs made accusations about them being removed from the list.
        turned out to be false.

    • But aren’t we being kept in the dark about the negotiations? Isn’t Congress also being kept in the dark and Obama and Kerry are forging ahead despite Congress approval?

      • we are usually kept in the dark about negotiations… that’s how most negotiations happen.

        Whatever deal they come up with, however, should absolutely be made public and approved by Congress before being finalized.

      • I agree totally, but it seems that Obama is not willing to work with Congress and, as he has in the past, will threaten to do it regardless of what Congress says.

      • I believe the President should run any deal by Congress before approval… but I also believe Congress should not be trying to undermine the President negotiating with foreign leaders.

      • Perhaps, but those Republicans weren’t the first to do such a thing.. Democrats have done so as well in the past. Im not saying we should go tit for tat sort of dealings but I believe that Iran should know that our Congress does not back the president in this negotiation. And to be honest I pretty much stand with those 47 who did that. I would not negotiate with them. They are as bad if not worse than North Korea.

      • Two wrongs don’t make a right.
        What Nancy Pelosi and Ted Kennedy did was disgraceful.
        but their actions don’t negate what the 47 Republicans did.

        Congress could over ride any bad deal the President brings back from negotiations.
        it seems that they just don’t want him to succeed

      • I agree… And true it doesn’t negate it what they did. Personally if they want to call it treason and do nothing about the things Obama is doing it shows what state this country is in. We live in very bad times and I pray we can come out of all this unscathed but I don’t see that happening as we still have just shy of 2 years to go with this administration.

        And honestly, I believe the president will succeed and that is what Congress is afraid of. I don’t believe this President has our best interest at heart nor does he for Israel. He has done nothing but destroy us from within and we are crumbling fast. This is my opinion from what I have seen of this President and this administration who supports him.

  2. Thought this was a brilliant assessment of Obama by Michael Goodwin: “First he comes for the banks and health care, uses the IRS to go after critics, politicizes the Justice Department, spies on journalists, tries to curb religious freedom, slashes the military, throws open the borders, doubles the debt and nationalizes the Internet.
    He lies to the public, ignores the Constitution, inflames race relations and urges Latinos to punish Republican “enemies.” He abandons our ­allies, appeases tyrants, coddles ­adversaries and uses the Crusades as an excuse for inaction as Islamist terrorists slaughter their way across the Mideast.
    Now he’s coming for Israel.”

      • if we allow him to disarm us then we deserve everything we’re gonna get….except for what will happen to our kids. About 400 children in Britain were kidnapped and used as sex slaves by Islamists. Even the police are too scared to stop them. That will happen to us if we go full coward.

  3. And when there was a true desire of the people in Iran to better their country and overthrow this extremist regime… Obama was nowhere to be found. He is such a fake, his words so meaningless.

    • I disagree strongly.
      The US can not get involved in supporting any opposition group within Iran.
      There is a strong distrust of America inside Iran… even from the moderates.

      Any opposition group inside Iran that was gaining popular support among the people would lose that support if the US supported them because that group would be seen as stooges for the Americans.
      They would lose any popular support they had.

      • well an Iran with a government similar to Al-sisi’s would have been pretty useful about now don’t you think?!

      • Of course… but we can’t assist any political opposition.
        our help would do more damage and destroy their credibility

      • If the US can’t get involved in supporting any opposition groups in Iran, why did they get involved with supporting the opposition to Bibi?

      • two very different countries with two very different cultures.

        If the US supported an opposition group in Iran, that opposition group would lose all credibility and support from the Iranian population.
        There is still a very strong anti american sentiment, even among the moderates, in the Iranian population.
        And even pro American Iranians do not want American involvement in their internal affairs.

        If we supported any political opposition in Iran, it would destroy their credibility and drive people away from them.
        Our help would hurt them

      • So then, it would seem logical in my opinion, that we don’t negotiate with them. They are a terrorist country, they support terrorism and definitely want to see us and Israel dead. Why would we want to work with them? We have seen what they have done in the past, and just like Saddam, they can’t be trusted to have this kind of power.

      • Perhaps I should explain what i mean by anti American sentiment among even moderates.

        there are many educated Westernized Iranians who admire the US.
        But there is also a great resentment against the American role in interfering with their internal politics that is a big part of the history of Iran.
        Our meddling in their internal politics gave rise to a brutal dictator in the form of the shah… and the backlash, and subsequent revolution, in reaction to that dictatorship gave rise to the current rule of the Ayatollahs and the religious extremists.

        To put it bluntly… While there are many Iranians that oppose the religious extremists and like the US, they want us to stay the hell out of their politics.

        then there are the Iranians in the middle… ultra religious, but could see the need for reform and might be swayed to back an opposition party.
        if the Americans backed that opposition party… the mullahs could declare them pawns of the US and drive support away from the opposition

      • I understand. I knew a few back in my early college days. This was before the Shah was exiled and some of our people were taken as hostage. It was interesting as one term we had many Iranians at our school then the next term none…. Moderates and even supporters of the US walk on egg shells or can be killed because the Mullahs want to set an example of them. Sad sort of affair to be honest.

        And this is something I refuse to let happen here, but with making deals that can go awry is a risk I don’t want us to take. Iran can make nukes and they can use them against us and Israel and with our nuke program being all but dismantled we may not stand a chance against them as our military has also been reduced. We may end up having to fight on our own soil now because this president refuses to acknowledge who the real terrorists are and name them. And refuses to fight them there on their soil. And the way i see it, he is setting up the next president to have to make that decision, just as Clinton did back during our problem with Saddam.

      • Blinding love?
        Saying that Presidents negotiating with foreign leaders is not treasonous does not make me blindly in love… it just means I am pointing out a fact.

        your blinding irrational hared of the President doing what Presidents are supposed to do is absurd.

        if it makes you feel better, I have been out of the army for more than a few years.
        I’m glad you never served

      • If Obama “appeased” Iran like Reagan “appeased” the Soviets Iran would be a former state just like the USSR. I suppose Reagan negotiated with the USSR to tear down the Berlin wall too.

      • You think the wall came down because Reagan said something about it 2 and a half years earlier?
        i woke up early this morning and said “let’s see some sunshine” and then the sun came out.
        I guess i made that happen.

        perestroika and glasnost were in effect several years before Reagan’s speech.

        Or do you think Reagan never negotiated treaties with the soviets?

      • HAHAHA
        that speech had nothing to do with it.
        East Germany’s border with Hungary was open and when Hungary opened its border to Austria, East Germans could escape to the West by going through Hungary.
        Later Czechoslovakia opened its borders to the West and East Germans could escape to the West that way.
        the open borders of Czechoslovakia and Hungary made the Berlin Wall useless in keeping East Germans in.

        When asked about the new border policies, an East German bureaucrat in a press conference on state television accidentally announced the border crossing at the wall was opened and masses of East Germans took to the streets and made for the wall. Border guards saw the same broadcast and, not knowing what to do, did not stop the thousands of people from climbing and destroying the wall.

        The East German government intended to keep the wall up and restrict the flow of people going through but had not yet instructed guards on the new rules.
        but because the bureaucrat read the information wrong and before the guards could be informed of the new policy, the guards thought the border was opened and did nothing to regulate the flow of people to the wall.

        It’s an awesome piece of history.
        the open borders made the wall nothing more than a symbol.
        but the wall being torn down was all because a bureaucrat misspoke on live state TV.

        Reagan didn’t tear down the wall… though conservative writers have tried to imagine a history where he did.

        And the reforms of perestroika and glasnost that brought down the Communist party and the eventual collapse of the Soviet Union were the works of Gorbachev

      • You’re living in a fantasy world similar to our feckless naive, Appeaser in Chief. In two more years we’ll have a republican president and he will clean up the mess Obama has made.

      • really?
        What fantasy?
        i laid out facts for you… none of which you can dispute.

        You think Reagan brought down the Soviet Union… why?
        because he made a catchy statement about the wall?

        even though everyone has said the wall should be brought down, you think he had magical powers and his words made the wall come down 2 and a half years later.
        And you think I’m living in a fantasy world?

        Oh… and do you even know what perestroika and glasnost were?

        I doubt it because you think your magical Reagan cast a spell and made the Soviet Union collapse.

      • I don’t have the time or inclination to explain again. Read my previous posts and pay attention this time. Iran and it’s Ayatollahs hate America and the west. Anyone who believes they want a nuclear program for anything other than building weapon is a fool..

      • You would not be explaining anything again because you explained nothing the first time.

        And I never said anything about the Iranians wanting a nuclear program for anything peaceful.

      • He’s not going to pay attention dude because he can’t. It’s brain damage from the drugs. He will not only forget everything that you and I type but he’ll forget his own argument and end up going 180 to agree with us hahaha

      • You did mess up with the history dude. Don’t argue with liberals unless you have the historical ammunition. Just like don’t go into battle without bullets.

      • I don’t have the time or inclination to explain again. Read my previous posts and pay attention this time. Iran and it’s Ayatollahs hate America and the west. Anyone who believes they want a nuclear program for anything other than building weapon is a fool.

      • “Gheez an history lesson with actual history. Thanks Brendan.”

        Thanks Brendan for inadvertently winning the argument for us!

        We can all agree that Reagan did not negotiate the dismantling of the Berlin Wall just like Obama isn’t going to negotiate the Iranian nukes away.

        Thanks to you too Rafael X for changing your position to agree with mine! LOL ;P

      • “HAHAHA
        that speech had nothing to do with it.
        East Germany’s
        border with Hungary was open and when Hungary opened its border to
        Austria, East Germans could escape to the West by going through Hungary…….”

        and everything you mentioned has absolutely nothing to do with arms negotiations so why are you mentioning this?

        Neil said this: “If Obama “appeased” Iran like Reagan “appeased” the Soviets, Iran would be a former state just like the USSR. I suppose Reagan negotiated with the USSR to tear down the Berlin wall too.”

        He was not saying that Reagan negotiated the tearing down of the Berlin Wall. He was saying THE OPPOSITE. You are the only who said this originally :

        “The same way Reagan appeased the Soviets?”

        So you just used that history to disprove your originally position that you had mistaken for Neil’s position roflmao!

        This is what happens when you smoke too much pot, kiddo!

      • Sorry kid… your history is wrong.
        i find it amusing that you make fun of me for providing facts

      • “Hugs and kisses didn’t break up the Soviet Union.”

        Neil here is once again reiterating that negotiations did not break up the soviet union (that was yous original assertion, not his).

        Then you go on this gigantic historical diatribe describing how negotiations didn’t break down the Wall…..effectively disproving your own position.

        Jesus, son, how much drugs did you do before you typed this shit?

      • I never said that negotiations broke up the Soviet Union.
        you really need to learn how to read.
        You are imagining something.

        i stated Reagan negotiated with the Soviets.
        I NEVER said that negotiations broke up the Soviet Union.

        In fact, I clearly stated that the break up of the Soviet Union was unrelated and that comment was in response to a separate point.

        Learn to read kid

      • you do realize that Brendan is probably an 18 year old kid living in momma’s basement and bankrupting his parents due to his addiction to alcohol and pot?

        He’s really really stupid. But you’ve seen that already.

      • No the wall came down because of economic pressure. He clearly wrote that but your confused mind can’t remember a single paragraph. Here let me copy and paste that for you.

        “Reagan applied relentless pressure by increasing defense spending. The USSR tried to keep pace and it bankrupted them.” -Neil J Rosen

        What is it with your liberals and your total lack of short term memory? You read that comment like 5 fucking seconds ago dammit!

      • Reagan appeased the Soviets?

        Is this more of that bullshit you mentioned earlier about Reagan negotiating arms reduction? That never happened. That’s fake history floating around in your confused skull.

    • No, genius. Take out the nuke facility. Like we’ve been doing in the middle east since the 1990s. Like what Israel is going to do ANYWAY when Obama gives Iran everything that they want and then some.

      If they fail then you won’t have to worry about that or anything anymore. Good riddance! I’ll be on some Island somewhere sipping pina colada.

      • Israel hasn’t done it already because they are a civilized nation that abhors aggression. Although the world will call them a “genocidal apartheid” state regardless of anything they do so maybe Bibi should just go ahead and do it.

        In other words, what you just said is yet more evidence that Israel are the good guys. Opps! You didn’t intend that now did you, genius? ;P

      • Israel is one of few good in the middle east .Most people refuse to see the good in them .

      • I think it is because most people are evil. What kind of person continuously looks for the good in the most violent and oppression regimes while condemning the only true democratic government in the middle east?!

      • So why so dead set against negotiations? Doesn’t make sense if they arbhor aggression. Sanctions didn’t make them stop enriching uranium. Bibi doesn’t have the heart to do it without un security council or Obama.

      • “So why so dead set against negotiations”

        Iran has announced that the destruction of Israel is “non-negotiable”. So what is the negotiation? Kill only half the population of Israel?! Bibi had one simple request: Iran recognize the right of Israel and its people to exist.

        Without that there is only one term of negotiation: destroy the nuke facilities along with any human beings who get in the way in order to stop a deliberate act of genocide against Israel.

        “Sanctions didn’t make them stop enriching uranium.”

        Which is why it is so fucking dangerous to assume that Iran is trustworthy. They have and will go through with the uranium enrichment despite treaties or sanctions!

        “Bibi doesn’t have the heart to do it without un security council or Obama.”

        Like I said before, he’s civilized. He does not want nuclear Armageddon

      • LOL Israel is the most fierce military force in the world. They could destroy their enemies completely in one blink of your blearly little eyeballs.

        I hope for this, but BiBi is better than me . . .

        and he didn’t win because of fearmongering you dumbass

      • Why don’t they? Instead of Bibi crying to our Congress. Or rely on backbenchers like Cotton to write to the Ayatollah’s on his behalf.

      • I just hate Bibi. I don’t even hate that Jew boss I had who thought he could pay me minimum wage to support his network and maintain his website. He went out of business.

      • So you think anyone who dislikes Bibi hates all Jews?
        That is as ignorant as the people that say anyone who disagrees with Obama must be a racist.

      • Don’t need to hear about your personal problems LMAO

        Face up to it – you are anti-Semitic in many of your comments, it all adds up to jew hater. If you realize it or not, everyone else sees it.

      • btw Bibi don’t got jack to do with you jacked up job LOL – it’s actually larger than that dumbass, but that’s ok, stay small.

    • and for the record, the people of Iran did in fact March on Tehran (spell it right, nitwit) in 2009. But Obama decided that they didn’t matter enough to help. Apparently, he only cares about radical Islamic dictators. But whatever, he’s got black skin and that’s all you care about.

      • Obama understands Iranian politics better than you.
        Aiding any opposition party would discredit them

      • “Aiding any opposition party would discredit them”

        Well now that the opposition was decimated I’m sure that they are delighted that nobody showed up to discredit it.

        That’s sarcasm for those of you too dumb to detect it.

      • No… that’s attempted sarcasm from someone who doesn’t understand Iranian culture.
        Nice try

  4. So you want WAR? You want to see thousands of America’s best laying dead on the battlefield? Have we learned NOTHING from IRAQ?? Such a disgrace! All these people cheering against the negotiations are not the ones that are willing to go to WAR!

    • I look at it this way Earl, better to fight the fight over there, than fight it here where our loved ones can be killed. But the way things look, we will be fighting on both fronts thanks to Obama and his cutting our military, keeping our borders porous and being afraid to call these terrorists what they are… Islamic terrorists. It is a war on religion unfortunately, not by our choice but by those who have used their religion to murder and attack innocent people world wide in the name of their religion.

      • Correct. Fighting the fight off our lands is better than letting it come here which is it quite busy trying to do. Only a fool could ignore Europe.

      • …let’s not even mention the facts, that obamanation has taken Iran and Hezbollah from the terrorist watch list ~ as if they’re not terrorists by nature…?

    • And YOU want thousands of Americans laying dead in the US – just shut up with your ignorant Anti-American vomit. You are a disgrace.

      • How is preventing america’s finest from dying is anti american? Tell you what….you put on your boots and you go fight….BOOK A FLIGHT and JOIN THE FIGHT!

      • That’s so cute of you – book a flight and join the fight – you moron.

        There is so much more to it all besides booking a flight first off you dumbass – our service members don’t book a flight but they fight alright for your right to run your ignorant mouth off – enjoy!

      • You want to send young american’s off to die when the citizens of those nations will not fight…let them fight first…or…you go fight first before our troops are sent!

      • It’s not about dying you pathetic coward. Us in the elite military don’t ever even think about dying. That is not in our minds. What is in our minds is our mission and our country, not dying you pathetic coward –


      • Tell that to over 4000 families that lost loved ones in IRAQ you IDIOT! If its not about dying….BOOK A FLIGHT and JOIN THE FIGHT but leave our brave troops here!
        Once again…if the citizens of those nations are not willing to fight….not one drop of the US MILITARY blood should be shed. YOU GO FIRST!!!

      • Do you actually want our streets in the US to look like the streets in Iraq you IDIOT! Our brave troops are making sure that does not happen. Coward citizens like yourself should appreciate that instead of mocking what they do. Again just shut your stupid mouth.

      • You wrote…
        “Us in the elite military don’t ever even think about dying. That is not in our minds.”

        Oh dear… are you trying to say you are in the military?

        Did you just pull a Brian Williams and try to give yourself some credibility to support your argument?

  5. The real power in the White House is Valerie Jarrett, born in Iran to parents who were members of the Iranian Communist Party. She is listed as “Senior Adviser to the President” or “Assistant to the President for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs” and to insiders as “Obama’s Rasputin” and “The Spine of Obama” or “She Who Must Not be Challenged”.

    She meets privately with Obama at least twice a day with no
    one else present. She wields power like a first lady, scheduling power, and has
    the unusual freedom to put herself in any meeting she chooses and to set
    priorities as she sees fit. She has an all-access pass to meeting at the
    National Security Council and meetings on the economy and budget. When the New York Times Robert Draper asked
    Obama if he “runs every decision past her” Obama answered “Yep. Absolutely”.

    She has known the Obamas more than twenty years, before
    Obama launched his political career. When she befriended them, she got them
    into the exclusive world of upper-class black politics and Jewish money

    In David Remnick’s book “The Bridge: The Life and Rise of
    Barack Obama” he quoted Valerie:

    “I think Barack knew that he had God-given talents that were
    extraordinary. He knows exactly how smart he is….He knows how perceptive he is.
    And he knows that he has the ability- the extraordinary, uncanny ability- to
    take a thousand different perspectives, digest them and make sense out of them,
    and I think that he has never been challenged intellectually…So what I sensed
    in him was not just a restless spirit but somebody with such extraordinary
    talents that had to be really taxed in order for him to be happy…He’s been
    bored to death his whole life. He’s just too talented to do what ordinary
    people do.”

    One of his former aides said “The truth is Obama doesn’t
    call anyone, and he’s not close to almost anyone. It’s stunning that he’s in
    politics, because he really doesn’t like people”.

    She admires and adores him, she strokes his ego and protects
    him from critics and complainers. No one gets past her to Obama if they have a
    grievance or an opposing view to him. She has an all-access pass to meeting at
    the National Security Council and meetings on the economy and budget. Valerie
    approved the $535 million loan to Solyndra, the solar energy company that went
    bankrupt shortly after they got the taxpayer-funded loan. (She has close ties
    to the George Kaiser Family Foundation which controlled 35.7% of Solyndra). A
    book by Richard Miniter says it was Valerie who repeatedly urged Obama not to
    take out Osama bin Laden, prompting him to cancel the mission three times. She
    has her own Secret Service protective detail.

    She has close ties to Frank Marshall Davis, Van Jones (who
    described himself as a “radical Comunist and rowdy black nationalist”) and the
    Communist Party of the US.

    • Now why would a communist feel beholden to a theocratic regime? You idiots just stack words on top of each other but aren’t saying squat. Communists are atheists to the core. They don’t believe in any Gods. Karl Marx said “religion is the opium of the people” that is any religion. Doofus.

    • Let’s see…the pigs uh, I mean, the obama’s decorate the White House to celebrate our enemies New Year’s festivities, is making deals with them and sent the Mrs over to meet with despots in Cambodia. Gee, hard to believe why anyone calls them traitors!

  6. How ironic that while Barry is making deals with terrorists who abuse and mistreat women as second class citizens, his wife was pushing the “Let Girls Learn” program while visiting despots in Cambodia. WTF?!

    • diplomacy


      1. the conduct by government officials of negotiations and other relations between nations.

      2. the art or science of conducting such negotiations.

      3. skill in managing negotiations, handling people, etc., so that there is little or no ill will


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