Sean Penn makes idiotic comment about ISIS

You can always tell when a struggling actor is seeking relevance, especially when it’s time for a new movie to debut. Because what they seem to consistently do is say something truly absurd — actually stupid — in order to become part of a conversation. Most of the time we fall for that ploy and do indeed discuss their stupid statements — but the movie still flops.

Such is the case with Sean Penn who has a new movie coming out called, “The Gunman” — and in keeping with the film’s premise, Penn just shot off his most lethal weapon, his mouth. Am I the only one who finds it hilarious — oxymoronic — that these progressive socialist entertainment elite actors portray tough guys? I could tell that the portrayals of Marcus Luttrell and Chris Kyle transformed their actors.

As reported by Breitbart, “Sean Penn had some harsh words for former President George W. Bush and former Vice President Dick Cheney during his Wednesday night appearance on Conan. “These are the guys, [Cheney] and President Bush and some others, who invented Daesh, or ISIS,” Penn told host Conan O’Brien, to rapturous audience applause.

“They really are that which created it, so I wanted to give them a shout-out, thanks for that.” Penn didn’t hold back in going after Cheney, whom he called an “embittered bacteria of humanity.”

“It’s always a surprise to me to remember that, through bionic technology and so on, the guy’s still here,” Penn said. “But then we have people like Harvey Milk, who were beautiful, brilliant, impactful guys, and you know, it’s just, no good deed will go unpunished, and then you got the Cheneys,” Penn, who won a Best Actor Oscar in 2009 for his portrayal of Milk, continued. “This is just me musing.”

Nah Sean ol’ boy, you are just a-musing. You see, it’s rather perplexing that the people we pay to play make-believe sometimes actually believe they have an ability to make a coherent cogent statement or assessment. It’s interesting that Penn would praise Harvey Milk — and why not, since his portrayal got him a coveted Oscar? But take one guess what ISIS would think about gay politician Harvey Milk?

The entertainment liberal progressive elite will go to any lengths to protect its celebrity president, Barack Obama, including promulgating a complete falsehood.

Of course the truth to the crowd in which Sean Penn circulates runs from the truth like Bela Lugosi from sunlight.

Anyone with a functioning brain knows that al-Qaida in Iraq HAD been defeated, fled Iraq, and wanted nothing to do with our forces and the emboldened Sunni tribesmen. In those final three years, acts of violence and bombings were almost nil. However, within weeks after the complete withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq, the first Baghdad bombing took place.

I can already hear you detractors saying that Obama only executed Bush’s timeline — one that was forced on him by a Democrat House and Senate, who in true traitorous fashion sought to undermine our men and women in Iraq even in light of their success. Kinda reminds me of the post-Tet offensive in the Vietnam War. All Obama had to do was support the commander on the ground, General Lloyd Austin — now CENTCOM CG — and leave the residual force in place. Nope, that wasn’t what Obama felt he was elected to do — after all he could just command the seas to stop rising — so ending wars was a simple feat.

The problem is, the enemy has a vote, and unless you’ve pummeled them into submission and attained a signed document of capitulation, empty campaign rhetoric is meaningless.

But therein lies a greater question: how does one truly defeat non-state, non-uniform unlawful enemy combatants? First of all, they’re not signatories to any conventional agreements such as Geneva. And unless we’re dumb enough to recognize them as an official “state” — as was done under the Clinton administration with the Taliban in Afghanistan – there’s no one with whom you can sign a document of capitulation.

As a matter of fact, the Taliban leadership just fled and sought out sanctuary from which to continue its fighting. And that’s why the inane and unconscionable (if not to say treasonous) decision by President Obama to release five senior leaders of the Taliban — the enemy — at a time when the enemy is still fighting our troops makes absolutely no sense. And to hear anyone try to make sense of this because Obama said combat operations were over is the sheer embodiment of insanity.

The real item to consider — not the stupidity of Sean Penn, whose movie will flop — is exactly how do we “degrade, defeat, and destroy” and enemy that walks among us?

Islamic terrorism and fascism is all around us — sure, there are some traditional nation-states embracing this ideology, like Iran, but mostly we’re talking about figures that operate and maneuver in the shadows.

And even as we do find those instances where Islamic terrorism occupies geographical space we cowardly retract from attacking and destroying it where it exists — as in Gaza with Hamas or Lebanon with Hezbollah.

So in combination with stupid statements such as Penn’s and incomprehensible ones such as those from Obama who blames the existence of GITMO as a terrorist recruiting tool — the global Islamic jihad flourishes in plain sight.

We don’t identify the enemy — and actually some get mad at others (like me) for daring to calling the enemy out. We blame others for the existence of the enemy, including ourselves. We make up excuses for their abhorrent, savage, and barbaric behavior — you know, we must empathize with the enemy and provide them better jobs and opportunities. And we believe that negotiations will bring about some atmosphere of peace and coexistence — even with the firm evidence that the Islamic terrorists are not changing their behavior.

I am just waiting for that moment — knowing it will never come — when Sean Penn or President Obama says one of these pure imbecilic type statements and the interviewer looks them in the eye and says, “you can’t be that stupid.”

Nope, it will never happen, first of all because these folks go before an audience that will reward these pronouncements with applause — kinda like “we are five days away from fundamentally transforming America.” In that case the venue should have gone completely silent. So as usual, Conan sat there like a mindless lemming and then asked Penn if “change” would come to Cuba. Like Penn is a foreign policy expert? Really?

ISIS took credit for the Tunisia attack and the bombings in Sanaa, Yemen which combined killed nearly 180. And after being in office over six years and referring to ISIS as a jayvee team, President Obama and his complicit disciples of disaster still persist in preaching a horribly false narrative — one that we will have to endure for almost 18 more months. Lots of damage can happen globally in 18 months…


  1. I will never add money to little penns pocket by watching anything he is involved in. Low life enemy of America. This war with isis will reach into all our lives before it is over. I don’t expect an apology from holywood when isis kills people here by the hundreds if not worse. I do expect to treat them like the traitors they are. I hope he is the only person to go watch his own movie.

  2. Two things…

    1. Sean Penn is a moron.
    He is an actor. Who cares what his opinions on political matters are?
    Mr West… you can’t complain that he is seeking relevance and then write and post an entire article about him… because doing so makes him relevant.
    He’s a clown… ignore him.
    Engaging his nonsense only legitimizes him.

    2. You wrote that Bush only established a timeline for the withdrawal from Iraq back in 2008 because Democrats in Congress forced him to.

    That seems like bull.
    How exactly did Congress force President Bush to negotiate and sign a deal for withdrawal?

    • I would say it was much like Vietnam as Mr West said. He was leaving office and the dems were at his throat daily. If he were left to be, I believe we would have done far better in controlling Al Qaeda et al. It was Obama who allowed them to flourish by not paying attention, pulling out our troops and not setting up a plan to keep them from forming into the “JV” team.

      • And let’s remember it was Democrats who kept beating the drums relentlessly about the supposed need for a ‘timetable’ for pulling our troops out. Anyone with any common sense knows that’s counteractive to winning.

      • i agree that Obama ignored or, at the very least, underestimated the threat of ISIS.

        But in fairness, the withdrawal date for all US troops at the end of 2011 was not set by Obama… it was set by Bush in 2008, before Obama was in office.
        While Dems in Congress certainly pressured the Bush administration for an endgame withdrawal from Iraq… I do not believe they could literally force the President to make and sign a deal he did not want to.

      • Bush required that US troops remained in Iraq after the withdrawal. Barry failed (most likely- refused) to negotiate a proper treaty to protect our troops! In essence, he handed Iraq to his jihadi friends.

      • Aside from your comment about Obama’s “jihadi friends”… just in keeping with the facts, and not beliefs about the President’s motives, there are two things completely untrue in what you wrote.

        1. Bush did NOT require that US troops stay after their withdrawal. There was nothing about that in the deal he signed.
        The deal stated that any future decision to maintain troops would be at the discretion of the Iraqi government.

        2. Obama did try to negotiate to keep a sizable force of US troops in Iraq… but could not do so unless the Iraqis agreed.
        The deal never happened, not because Obama refused, but because the Iraqi government would not allow US troops to stay beyond the 2011 deadline unless they lost their immunity and could be tried in Iraqi courts.
        that would mean that any Iraqi could make a complaint against any individual US soldier and the US military would have to turn that soldier over to the Iraqi courts.

        That was the deal breaker.
        Obama tried but would not keep US troops there if they would be subject to Iraqi law.

      • he didn’t “try” very hard…he promised “troops out” and “GITMO closed”…that’s what WE got…the world got ISIS

      • You’re ignoring the facts.
        He did try hard to keep troops there, despite the Bush agreement to pull them all out.
        The deal breaker was that the Iraqi government would not allow US troops unless Obama agreed to give up their immunity.
        The deal fell apart because Obama protected the troops

      • Barry succeeded in leaving Iraq unarmed! Obama did not negotiate protection for US troops. Of course he would never hurt his Moslem Brotherhood buddies, or their street fighters.

      • False.
        Obama did not leave Iraq unarmed.
        And your words don’t make sense … I think you misread what I wrote.
        Are you trying to say that Obama did not insist on immunity for our troops?
        If so, you would be wrong about that too.

      • Barry made sure his jihadi friends obtained the US weapons he left behind, while making certain the Iraqi government couldn’t protect themselves from the marauders.

      • That is insanely paranoid.
        The US didn’t leave weapons laying around… the US made weapons and equipment ISIS captured were taken from the Iraqi military that we gave them to.

      • Terribly paranoid indeed, and extremely unfortunate!!
        Left to the devices of the first Moslem Brotherhood president of the USA.
        Yes, the US weapons were captured from the Iraqis. it wouldn’t have happened if Obama hadn’t failed to protect our troops.

        Add to that: Barry has about 2000 US troops in Jordan training jihadis. Many have left with US training and weapons and joined their jihadi friends in Syria.

      • Are you referring to members of the Free Syrian Army that we trained … some of whom LATER joined ISIS?
        You think that proves Obama is a jihadi?
        You must also think Reagan was a jihadi then since he helped train and arm fighters who later formed Al Qaeda and the Taliban

      • During his speech in Cairo, he invited the Moslem Brotherhood to sit in the front row, thereby eliminating the Egyptian (Mubarak) government officials, who were not keen to be involved with the illegal Moslem Brotherhood. Isn’t Obama’s Arab Spring wonderful?

      • How is it Obama’s Arab Spring?

        And do some research… the MB members that were invited to the Cairo speech were members of the Egyptian parliament.

      • Yes.. .very good and thank you.
        All you did was verify exactly what I wrote.
        They were invited because they were members of parliament.

        In fact, the link you provided also goes further and shows that you lied in your previous comment.
        you wrote that Obama invited them
        Read the link you attached.
        The link shows that Obama didn’t invite them…

        Here… let me quote it for you…

        The invitations for Thursday`s speech came not from the US embassy, but from the sheikh of al-Azhar university, one of Egypt”s most prestigious centres of Islamic learning.

        The university is jointly hosting the landmark Obama speech.

        “The invitation came from Egyptian institutions, not the US administration,” said Mohammed al-Katatni, head of the Muslim Brotherhood`s parliamentary bloc. “I expect to hear reassurances to the Muslim and Arab world, and I expect that he will push the democratic agenda.”

        You’re right… research is fun.
        And you just did research to prove your own statement was false.

  3. He will never get the respect and admiration like Clint Eastwood. Not even close, I won’t be there watching him trying to act.

    • That goes for all people who pretend for a living. We are talking about people who have no authentic contribution to their own life, let alone others, except maybe hiring someone to clean, cook, wash clothes and garden for them, stylize their wardrobe, makeup and hair, pay their bills, file their taxes, decorate and maintain their homes, maintain their cars and raise their children. They have so little character of their own that they cannot do most of the things they hire out. So who wants to listen to their view of ANYTHING? I just roll my eyes anytime I hear them moralize, lecture or try to tell me what to think.

  4. How about we stop rewriting history and remind ourselves there was no “Al Quaeda in Iraq” before we showed up. That Bush created the vacuum that allowed terrorists to thrive in Iraq. That if you take the two lowest life forms and dressed them in a suit and tie that would be Rumsfeld and Cheney. And if what we are looking for is failed actors desperate for relevance. There’s Stacey Dash right there in the Fox Noise studios. If I remember her body of work includes no Oscars and her last claim to fame was playing extra in Kanye West first single. But thanks for your assessment Mr. West the movie critic.

    • You can always tell when a struggling actor is seeking relevance…….

      You can always tell when a former congressmen is seeking relevance…

      (fixed it)

    • RafaeL X just so you don’t rewrite history Al-Qaeda is a global militant Islamist organization founded by Osama bin Laden,
      Abdullah Azzam,and several other militants at some point
      between August 1988 and late 1989,with origins traceable
      to the Soviet war in Afghanistan. This is before George Bush ever sent anyone to Iraq.

    • The Iraqi Army was rebuilt. The terrorists started to thrive after were pulled out.

      Sean Penn is a great actor. You have to give that to him. But as a political analyst, I trust him like a Hillary Clinton Bosinan war story.

      • This Iraqi Army was rebuilt and at the first sign of trouble the dropped their weapons and RAN like little girls! This is THEIR country…let them shed blood for it!

  5. Harvey Milk was a confessed child molester. He consistently messed with boys under 16 years old and at a vulnerable stage and showed no remorse for contributing to their later suicide, People need to stop putting him up as some kind of hero.

  6. Unfortunately, I bought the DVD of the Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Sean had a bit role in it. He was the mysterious photographer that Walter was seeking for his real day job. The movie had great photography and scenery and brought out real belly laughs thanks to Ben Stiller. I usually avoid puchasing most movies and the theaters.

  7. Struggling? What a joke. He’s a got a top movie out and banging Charlize Theron every night. He was knee deep in the muck in New Orleans when Bush had his thumb in his butt. Same with Haiti. And he’s dead right on about ISIS. Bush, Cheney, Rummie and Anacondoleeza caused all this mess with thier lies and invasion of Iraq. Dead bodies everywhere. No Al Qaeda there or Syria and IRan had a natural enemy on its border. Now look at the pile if Sh#t Obama has to clean up.

    • You moron,Bush might have started the pile but Obama has surpassed anything Bush did. Or are you one of the kool aid drinkers. We had Iraq won until Obama took all the military out,giving the jv team the chance to organize and become the jihad varsity team. Most of the body count since troop withdrawal can be laid at Obama’s feet. His agenda for Islamic world domination is right on track with all of you blind bastards allowing him free rein to accomplish his goal. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE BURNING BODIES! Believe it. It’s coming to see you soon if he’s not stopped.

      • You are in denial… Bush ordered the withdrawal… and Iraq fell to chaos because we created the chaos

      • I’m nowhere near Egypt. Bush may have ordered withdrawal but knew enough not to leave the country defenseless. So he wasn’t going to withdraw ALL the troops. Obama did that all on his own. You probably blame Bush for the emancipation proclamation too.

      • Name calling , the sure sign of a double digit IQ. We Won? Talk about drinking kool aid. Does the term SOFA mean anything to your pea brain? For us soldiers and former soldiers, its not negotiable, and Bush couldn’t pull it off. Obama had the decency to get our guys out so they would be subjected to Iraqi law with no protection. OF course this above and beyond the fact that Bush and his crew lied to get us in there and then couldn’t fix the mess they created. And here we are. You got a tin hat on?

      • All I can say to the blindness of the obamaites is WOW! I knew that there were folks who followed Obama so closely that if he turned a corner too quickly their noses would get broken,but I guess I gave too much credit to their intellect. Hitler’s followers were pretty much the same. What ever you say. You can do no wrong. And I suppose giving aid and comfort to the enemy is acceptable? Giving arms and money,not to mention replenishing the ranks of the same people the troops vanquished while in Iraq? That’s ok with you? WOW!

      • like the same sheeple who let Bush invade iraq which created the current mess? those kind of blind followers? FYI, you can’t use Hitler in an argument and compare him or the Nazi’s to anything. Its a logical flaw like name calling. Look it up. Argue like an adult.

      • Name calling …WOW.. ain’t it fun. Just be glad you live here in the U.S. other wise your rights to speak as you wanted would land you in jail or worse. GOD, GUNS, and OPPORTUNITY. Bury the basta-ds that burn our flag. U.S.A. Here’s to kickin out all illegal aliens and Muslims from the U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A.

      • thats funny obama changed the rules of engagement which were getti,g more of our soldiers killed you know the guy who traded 5 terrorists for berghdahl the traitorand released other guantanamo detainees without congressional approval


      • That was isn incredibly ignorant comment.
        You are completely wring about the Status of Forces Agreement Bush signed with the Iraqi government in 2008.

        The deal Bush signed called for the withdrawal of ALL US troops by the end of 2011.
        The complete withdrawal was set by Bush, not Obama.

      • We had a chance to leave 10K advisers. But Obama said no. Maliki was open to a back door deal, but Obama let it slip through his fingers.

      • not a sinlge dead American since we started bombing. Not one. Thousands of dead ISIS and they have been stopped with the offensive now turning the other way. Pure genius.

      • Why don’t you pick up a rifle Lou and go on over? Or lets send your son or daughter over there or the the teenage son of one of your siblings? Get the drift? Glad you are so glib with the lives of American soldiers.

      • Oh HanaMaui, the problem with this site is you don’t know to whom you are talking. I did serve. 29 years and some change. 9 months in Iraq and 20 months in Afghanistan. And if you think it is BS, there are hundreds of thousands of us. Christ, we were in Iraq from 2003 to about 2011 (about 8 years and 8 months) and Afghanistan from Dec of 2001 and we are still there. Yes, literally hundreds of thousands of us. Additionally, my son is in the Service. However, he hasn’t deployed yet. Again, not unusual for Service members to have sons or daughters in the Service. We have over 1 million in uniform today… will that be hard for you to believe? Believe me Libturd, I am the last one to be glib about American lives. And you are welcome for my contribution (however small) to your freedom. Ingrate.

      • has nothing to do with race. She’s a snake. She was NSA who ignored warnings on 9-11 and SOS during the debacles over seas in which numerous bombings of embassies cost lives. Just becasue she is black doesn’t give her a free ticket and attacking her failures doesn’t make anyone a racist either.

  8. Thanks Sean. You are one of Hollywoods respected actors. Speak your mine, you are write about your comments of George and Dick!!! Peace is first and always on the table. Stop putting are men and women in others country’s civil wars. House of pain said it right!!! Time for everyone to clean up after there OWN backyards.. Let them deal with there problem. They need to clean up there yards.

    • Did you graduate high school? Mistakes that a child or an idiot would make. are=our, there=their, write=right, mine=mind, WTF?

      • Notice Jim Gunslinger.. You wanta fight go to Washington. At least people are stickin up for what’s right. People like you better watch out when putting your gun back in your holster because you apparently have not even learned how to stick up for a person that is for America and our great Republic, but instead find fault. Go back to kindergarten find out who is for America and who is not that way when you grow up you won’t shoot your balls off while trying to holster your gun.

      • No it doesn’t.. But They need to find stability. They need to clean up their yards. We can help. But to just keep going to WAR??!
        Enemies want us to keep darning our country. If we enter another country. It has to be no other options.
        The WORLD has to agree.

      • Who’s was going to stop him after 911. Who can stand against us. He told the World I’m going to WAR!!! Who was or better yet what country was going to stop The U.S.A (France) only said no remember cowboys power!!!
        But this is a lot different now. Our President is doing the right thing for America.

      • President Bush vs President Obama is such a pointless argument. What can possibly be gained by this complete waste of time? Use your energy for fixing the problem instead of the blame!!!!!

    • Penn, a legendary actor??? LMAO!!! You are delusional Fluturim. Are you saying Penn is in the same league as Tom Hanks??? LOL!!!

      • I’m saying he has a right to his opinion. Sean Penn took a big risks on saying what he said. Bush and Dick put are men and women to WAR. Bush bankrupt the WORLD!!!! Our President doesn’t want War. If you are a true American!!! Support our President. It’s treson not to in front of our enemies.

      • you mean like the democrats supported President Bush.
        The entire world is laughing at America for electing an incompetent nincompoop named Obama.

      • You also said he is legendary which is total BS. He is not even in the top 500 actors of all time. Yep, he has a right to his opinion and I have a right to disagree with him!

        Bush, got the okay from congress to go to war. You do realize that is the process. So how about lets put the blame on everyone that voted for it both Democrats and Republicans.

        Bush did not Bankrupt the world. You think one man has that much power? I will stick to my comment that you are not only delusional but a sheep. It was the banking world that caused the economic collapse! Yes, and it was most likely a planned thing. You ever look into just what the Federal Reserve is? You might understand more if you know more about that private company. It is not even a Government agency. Oh, there are many countries that did just fine during the economic crisis., especially Asia.

        I am a true American! I served my country for 20 honorable years plus almost gave up my life serving the Army while in Afghanistan! Don’t question my patriotism!

        Treason…LOL!!! You definitely do not understand the word. No, trying to over throw your Government or helping the enemy is treason! I have every right not to support the president if I feel he is not doing a good job. It is my freedom of expression which is guaranteed in the Constitution. Why would I support someone that does not have the same beliefs, values and morals that I have?

      • Well, I am saying I have a right to disagree with Penn and yes, he took a risk so he should take it like a man! Part of freedom of speech is that you must accept not everyone is always going to agree with you!

        Please do not put the war all on Bush. The Congress gave him the okay! No way the President has the ability to bankrupt the world. Besides, that is not even true. Asia has done more than fine so the whole world did not go bankrupt.

        Lets put that blame on everyone for being so stupid and materialistic. Banks also need fair share of the blame for being dumb by giving loans to people who did not really qualify for them. Government can only do so much!

        I am a true American and I served my country in the U.S. Military for 20 honorable years! Do not question my patriotism!

        Not supporting a President because you do not agree with his policies, integrate, values or morals is hardly treason! It is called my freedom to choose who I want to support. Treason would be if you try to overthrow the government or giving support to the enemy. Personally, I choose to support a conservative like Dr. Ben Carson or Sen. Ted Cruz and they are hardly the enemy!!!

  9. I have never seen one of his movies!! Let’s call it a boycott and I will continue not seeing his movies! And if Bush/Cheney caused the rise of ISIS then Obama’s conception in 1961 was inspired by Bloody Sunday in 1965…….

      • Iraq had a chance to be a democracy. But their religious hatred of one another (Sunni vs Shia) overrode any chance.

        So you are saying Saddam kept the region stable?

      • I am saying that having a plan for the occupation and reconstruction of Iraq would have stabilized the chaos we created.
        Saddam being gone is great.
        Having no clue what to do with Iraq once we got rid of Saddam was arrogant, stupid, and ultimately self destructive.

      • A plan for reconstruction and stabilisation did come together after the insurgencies, which the Bush administration admitted it did not anticipate. However you look at it the Iraqi people voted in democratic elections in 2005 and 2010. They were on their way to solidifying their democratic gains with the continuing help of America through careful application of the Status of Forces Agreement. But, as we all now know, the rest is history …

      • Regardless, the situation has been made ultimately many times worse with Obama’s arrogance. Bush might not have acted right, but Obama is purposefully not right, hoping for this country to lose its superior position.

      • Yea, it caught everyone by surprise on how fast we took Iraq. Paul Bremer really screwed it up when he disbanded the Iraqi Army. The worst mistake of the war. He put hundreds of thousands of military people out of work who knew how to use weapons. Huge mistake. We still had a chance, but when Obama couldn’t get the SOFA, it was over. It is amazing how good some of the Iraqi units could be with just a few Americans with them. Without Americans, they seemed lost.

        If Iraq was a homogenous religion (all Sunni or Shite), I think we would have had success. We way underestimated how much they hate each other.

      • i agree with pretty much everything you wrote.
        Putting hundreds of thousands of armed men out of work was stupid on many levels.

        Aside from not encouraging them to oppose us… Hundreds of thousands of soldiers on the streets, who spoke the language, would have restored order almost immediately.

        Also, throwing every single member of the Ba’ath party out of the government service destroyed their infrastructure.
        Ba’athists weren’t just leaders of government.. they were school teachers, bus drivers, and the people who kept the water flowing and the power on.

      • There is a view held by some that Saddam kept the region stable with his tyranny yet the very same critics supported the removal of al Maliki (under whose leadership 2 democratic elections had taken place) for not being more inclusive of the minority Sunni population.

        So which is it? A tyranny or an inclusive government? Not terribly logical is it.

        And what do they suppose was going to happen when Saddam died?

      • Had the policies of President George P. Bush and Vice President (Acting President) Richard P. Cheney been followed through on the region would not have been destabilized. It was the hate America, hate Christians ad Christianity, hate Jews and Israel, love ragheads policies of obama-boy that destabilized the region. People who voted for obama should not be allowed to vote, drive, practice licensed professions, sued without guardians ad litem, etc.

      • That is so the opposite of what happened that I can’t tell if you’re kidding.

        So just for fun… what policies of Bush and Cheney do you think were stabilizing the region… and what is it you think Obama did to destabilize it.

      • ok I get it,you served? from your pic. but saying Obama is an American leader is like saying Hitler was innocent,lies lies lies! and thx for your service! Bush loves his country, and Obama im sure loves his too,but who knows where that is?

      • you can’t use hitler in an argument. Logical flaw. Bush loved his country by hiding in the Texas Guard during Vietnam. YOu just don’t like his politics and therefore make those kind of analogies. Grow up.

      • Excuse us? Hiding in the Texas Guard? Bush served his country and finished his service uprightly. Obama as a foreigner, might not even qualify! Hitler is extremely germaine to these discussions, not because he is or should be universally hated, but because of his policies and goals and dreams. They are exactly Obama’s and Hillary’s. The dems want socialism, communism, fascism,—anything that will give those in power all power and take it away from the private sector. Wake up Hana, if you are an American. Wake up. They won’t give a living turd about you when they seize power.

      • I have to say that during the late 60’s, early 70’s the Air National Guard was a joke to those of us serving. We called it “draft dodger drill” or “draft dodger weekend”. AND Cheney plainly stated a few times that he had more important things to do than join the military when he came of age–well, so did the ones who gave the ultimate sacrifice. I am no President GW Bush or VP Cheney fan, but I’m definitely not a President Obama fan either. Democrat or Republican, they are brothers from a different mother—same family, different household. Neither party is blindly defensible, but we have to remember we are all Americans.

      • You are right…Cheney himself can be found on youtube around the year 2000 making the statement that the US should never attack Iraq because it would destabilize the region…yet, what did he / they do!?

      • Pulling out may be something you are completely familiar with as a way of life, or how about micromanaging combat through choking rules of engagement?

      • You know nothing of the Iraq war and are simply demonstrating that you have not been paying attention for the last 13 years

      • Bush and Cheney? the lying sacks of sh#t who caused thousands of American kids to die for their profitable lies? LEt’s ask Bin Laden how much Obama loved him. Bush gave up. Nice. Obama loved American soldiers enough to get them out of that hell hole so no more of them would die.

      • Excuse me, but many times the number of American soldiers have died under BO’s rules of engagement where our soldiers go to prison should they kill the enemy but they can’t even defend themselves from the enemy. Obama did love bin Laden–at least he greatly respected him, as nobody ever saw the body, it was claimed to be ‘buried at sea’ in a show of respect. Who else do you know that Obama has ever respected? I’m thinking Beyonce.

      • 1. The numbers you put forward are not accurate.
        More servicemen died under Bush than Obama.
        More dies in Afghanistan under Obama, because Obama expanded the war there.
        But I think you are forgetting the more than 4,000 that dies in Iraq under Bush.

        2. Are you seriously suggesting Bin Laden is not dead?
        Do you think our government, our military and our intelligence agencies are all lying?… and if so, why?

      • you don’t have your facts straight. The number killed under Obama, who was handed these two piles of Sh#t is still a FRACTION of what Bush and Cheney killed. And Obama was buried at sea so his body could not be turned into some shrine. It was perfect.

      • Sure it’s a fraction–an improper one –it is many times the number under Bush, but do you notice we no longer get a blow by blow several times a day from the lefty press? Look it up. Obama’s toll is 3 times easily GB’s.
        Obama was buried at sea so his body could not be turned into some shrine. Where do you get this BS???? When in the history of this country have we ever done that to anyone? Obama said at the time it was the respectful way to bury him. Not sure why he holds Obama’s undying respect, but it does fit into the rest of Obama’s behavior.

      • So your well thought out opinion is that Bush and/or Cheney needed or wanted some money, so they made up the whole middle eastern story where the good people were tending sheep and making rugs, and he [they] destabilized the region in hopes they would, what, hand over the wealth? Good job, there Hana.

      • We wouldn’t have been there without being repeatedly attacked to the tune of thousands of lives lost. I would say the region was already unstable, certainly unthinkable. Stop trying to blame us for the fact that for centuries these people have hated anything not-them, and particularly hate us for being successful. Typical global politics, which is repeated all the way down to kindergarten, every day. Quit with the brainwashing ideas already.

      • Blame us?
        You misunderstand completely.
        If you criticize President Obama for a policy that makes things worse… are you blaming us?

        My criticism of the Bush/Cheney misdeeds is accurate.

        And Iraq did NOT attack us, costing thousands of lives.
        if you are attempting to connect the Al Qaeda terrorist attacks of 9/11 with Iraq and Saddam, you are not dealing with facts.

      • Look above at Uheshe. I do not blog as an apologist for GB and DC. Criticize all you want. Obama has multiples of dead soldiers when compared to GB’s numbers, and it wasn’t just in fighting, but the terms of engagement.

      • rules of engagement are about fighting… and we have always had them
        Also, contrary to misleading blogs that only show casualty numbers in Afghanistan, more US service members were killed under Bush than Obama

      • They tried to assassinate GHW Bush. That in itself is an act of war. Hell, even Clinton sent some Tomahawks into Iraq for that assassination attempt.

      • The removal of Hussein was the enactment of the Iraq Liberation Act signed into law by President Clinton in 1998.

        The House of Representatives passed the bill 360 – 38 on October 5, and the Senate passed it with unanimous two days later. President Clinton signed the Iraq Liberation Act into law on October 31, 1998.

        President Clinton stated in February 1998:

        “Iraq admitted, among other things, an offensive biological warfare capability, notably, 5,000 gallons of botulinum, which causes botulism; 2,000 gallons of anthrax; 25 biological-filled Scud warheads; and 157 aerial bombs. And I might say UNSCOM inspectors believe that Iraq has actually greatly understated its production….

        Over the past few months, as [the weapons inspectors] have come closer and closer to rooting out Iraq’s remaining nuclear capacity, Saddam has undertaken yet another gambit to thwart their ambitions by imposing debilitating conditions on the inspectors and declaring key sites which have still not been inspected off limits….

        It is obvious that there is an attempt here, based on the whole history of this operation since 1991, to protect whatever remains of his capacity to produce weapons of mass destruction, the missiles to deliver them, and the feed stocks necessary to produce them. The UNSCOM inspectors believe that Iraq still has stockpiles of chemical and biological munitions, a small force of Scud-type missiles, and the capacity to restart quickly its production program and build many, many more weapons….

        Now, let’s imagine the future. What if he fails to comply and we fail to act, or we take some ambiguous third route, which gives him yet more opportunities to develop this program of weapons of mass destruction and continue to press for the release of the sanctions and continue to ignore the solemn commitments that he made? Well, he will conclude that the international community has lost its will. He will then conclude that he can go right on and do more to rebuild an arsenal of devastating destruction. And some day, some way, I guarantee you he’ll use the arsenal….”

        And Saddam Hussein wasn’t just a sworn enemy of America. He had fired at American aircraft, issued a statement praising 9/11 and made an assassination attempt on a former US president.

      • We didn’t go into IRAQ because they attacked us, they defied all the sanctions and wouldn’t let the inspectors in. i’m not defending any of it. But you should know what happened.

  10. Isn’t it a shame that this is how we are judged in the world? People do not know the real American people. They honestly believe that Hollywood is an example of everyday life in America. No wonder they think we are evil and immoral !

    • Excellent comment. Probably close to what we have been led to believe the French are like, Russians, well, that’s pretty much on. Maybe French too. Definitely English. Let me know about Latvians.

      • Thank you so much dear for correcting me. I forgot that there are indeed a lot of snarky people like you that would also give someone the same impression.

      • Why do you talk like that? I wasn’t being snarky, or rude. I was serious, and I was agreeing with you. Man!

      • Done. And I’m sorry I wasn’t more clear. I don’t blame you for calling me out –it would have been a crappy retort which you didn’t deserve. Not only do I agree with you, but the leftist agenda they are pushing causes them to create stupider and stupider movies about the stupid Americans. Did you know Al Gore stole some CGI from one of those movies and used it as if it were real?

      • I probably read it somewhere, but it is Al Gore. I think these nut jobs are being taken over by pod people ,lol, they will go to any length to make the public believe in their cause. Wonder where he got his degree in Climatology and Science. Same place Sean Penn got his in Political Science. Idiots.

      • This was a comment on the subject of Hollywood actors being representatives of political policy or of urban everyday life in America. I did not mean to address any other subject. It is a superficial statement , as the only thing I was commenting on was what other countries see of Americans are movies,tv shows and propaganda news reporting.
        But it does make me wonder since you so rudely responded to this comment that was not directed at anyone, they might get the same warm fuzzy feeling from you , if they met you in person.

  11. The likes of Michael Moore and Sean Penn are the Leftists heroes. Amazing!
    So, I have a question for Sean Penn; when did you stop beating your wife?

      • I saw nothing that so much as hinted of bigotry in Camotim’s comment but of course, as with any good little liberal, the truth causes childish, name-calling retorts in hopes of changing the subject.

  12. I don’t think Penn was acting when he played Spicolli in Fast Times At Ridgemont High. He said a lot of stupid stuff then too, and since then.

    • LMBO,Uncle Ruckus,I shoulda known you would popup on here talkin smack, you should pack a bag go to the whitehouse and visit Barack Hussein Obama, the name its self tells all! have a good night!And yes Sean penn woopdeedoo hes no big deal! He lies for a living just like your man Obama!

      • no big deal? tell us what you’ve done with your life Donna. Sorry, i’ve never heard of you. YOu wade thru water in New ORleans during Katrina to help people? Gone to Haiti for the same and created organizations that provide millions to assist? I thought not.

      • Penn only does those things you speak write of because he knows that he will get great PR. Why does he not champion the needs of the poor ad homeless in this country? Because the poor in tis country do not make headlines.

      • He wouldn’t do it without a camera crew. And speaking of Haiti, isn’t it a tiny island? Where did our billion dollars of aid we have sent there go? Exactly what the hell is going on there anyway? The people still look pretty poor. Sean! Got some cash in your pocket now that you participated in your little activities? Democrats, or Congresspeople in general, are you still sending money to Haiti? Why exactly? What is our national interest there? Hana? You with me here?

    • I wont be boycotting the movie, you can’t boycott something you never planned on seeing to begin with. Sean Penn is a self absorbed hack and a washed up has been. If I had to choose between a root canal or a Sean Penn movie I would undoubtably take the less painful option of the root canal.

    • What? Jeez get out of the constant consumer mentality! You are violating your liberal environmentalists with all your materialism! I would have to actually go to the movies to find Sean Stinky Penn Bignose is selling his brand of merchandise yet again against all odds. Uncle, go sit in your rocker and try to keep up with your brain.

  13. As some one that has lived under a oppressive regime I can only say with out understanding the reason behind why things are truly done, and looking at who profits from it, we will never truly understand why. I ask all of you ask your self are you looking at all the thing hidden and in plain sight to be able to say what is right or wrong. For myself I can only say I don’t know. I just know that we need to look at thing with a open mind. In Lidia people live under a dictator but the country was more stable than now. In Sudan is it not the influence OF outside power that created a situation of instability. I only know that I love the freedom that I have and would do anything to keep that, and that means letting stupid actors make stupid statements because that is his right under the laws and rights given to him IN THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATS OF AMERICA

    • You’re not the only one who <> “has lived under aN oppressive regime” and it is my “right under the laws and rights given to him (we all here too) IN THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATeS OF AMERICA” to call him for what he is, an ignorant, petulant, arrogant, selfish, stupid, fortunate and lame traitor. Thank you

  14. Penn is a parasite, always was, always will be. I haven’t seen a single movie of his and never will. He’s insignificant in the big scheme of things. Small, mindless.. parasitic. Why would anyone take him serious?

    • I’ve seen several of them. There was one I liked. The rest, well the man is a pothead, or certainly does an excellent job of being brain dead. When you think about it, acting is a funny ability. Thousands of actors make millions and billions of dollars, but how many really do much acting, outside of the persona they have adopted? How many fantastic actors became actors way late and didn’t have a ton of formal training? (I’m thnking Anthony Hopkins or Michael Caine). How really hard could it be? Especially surrounded by makeup and lighting etc. Sean Penn is one ugly guy.

    • and you are so significant? YOu won any oscars? Helped poor people in HAiti or New Orleans. “Small mindless parasitic”..the psychological term for that is projection. The negative things you say about others are a reflection of who you are…

      • What is your point? Do you judge who is more significant? And what exactly does an Oscar prove? (vs box office earnings?) Sean Penn pretends for a living, most people quit that and grow up by age 12. So, no, his opinion is no more or less significant than any other immature child. Don’t worry, there is safety in numbers, since we have many petulant children in adult bodies today. BTW, your message is NOT a positive one either…

      • an Oscar is recognition of excellence from the industry within which he works. It proves he’s as good as they get. Doesn’t matter what he does, he’s exceptional. And box office usually means lowest common denominator, certaily not a measure of excellence but of American Stupidty on most cases. YOu got an National awards Wanda? didn’t think so. So what makes you opinion worth more than anything that was used today to wipe somebodies butt? That Allen West even bothers to mention shows that Sean Penn has influence. He’s not everybodies cup of tea, but at least he stands up for what he believes in. And this is a negative post to begin with sister. Taking pot shots at actors isn’t even sport. Shows how limited Allen West really is.

      • ok we have someone who plants their non-working ass on a couch all day watching tv,movies,reality shows, all tbose follow the stats tv shows actors are way overpaid the people should pick the oscar winner then not the actors guild thats all cronyism actors are on the bottom of the significance scale try military police firfighters teachers doctors nurses etc you like to talk about ass you must be a proctologist?

      • I see. Your point is:
        –you THINK you’re smarter than everyone else
        –you THINK you’re chosen to judge the significance of people vs the statements people make
        –you value things (awards) over people, especially awards for pretending
        –you have nothing better to do than go out of your way and seek out people with which to argue. Nice…

      • nope, just holding a mirror up to what you said. You are the one making the judgments. You are insignificant and he is improtant and you don’t like that. I’m sure Sean Penn does not give a sh#t about what you think. And I’m WAY smarter than you.

      • You didn’t just mean to tell everyone here that you think Sean Penn is important, did you??? Wow.

      • Hitler and the Nazis stood up for what they believed in too! NOT a great way to prove decency

      • Oscars are currently meaningless. Years ago the oscars were given to actors and others the entertained people. Now they are given to overpaid actors by other overpaid actors. I have not seen a good oscar winning picture in years.

  15. ISIS is a direct creation of Bush/Cheney’s war in Iraq. Bush himself knows he has brought death and dismemberment on thousands of American soldiers (not to mention countless civilians in the Middle East) totally unneccesarily. Cheney is just pure evil and a coward to boot who sat out the war in Vietnam but had no problem sending other people’s kids to war.

    • You are not fooling anyone! ISIS is a direct creation of Obama’s with his support of his ‘Arab Spring’, and he certainly hoped to take down Syria as well. Obama further tried, through ‘Occupy Wall Street’ to foment some kind of action here in this country, but we’re just too big. When you leave out the majority of the populace, your paid ‘protesters’ just don’t gain traction.
      You blame Bush/Cheney. Do you ever blame Obama/Joe? Obama has caused the deaths of many times the number of soldiers than under the watch of George Bush. Bush still stands at airports and welcomes soldiers home as they arrive. Obama would not go to an airport unless it had a golf course. Don’t you understand how stupid you yourself are being???? Please take some time and think. The democrats (maybe including you) spent years brainwashing people to say Bush/Cheney (not just President Bush) was evil and now Obama gets a free pass, because after all he promised to close Guantanimo. Did you think he would just let all the bad guys go? He is. Not just Guantanimo. He’s doing it here. Americans languish in prison, and he lets the criminal non-citizens go. How do you describe that as patriotic? Or have you decayed so far that by now the very term patriotic is anathema to you?

    • HA HA HA!! Another Fool repeating the same old communist BS. Bush/Cheney created ISIS, 911 and who knows what? And of course, Obama is the best, the best …best Traitor!!

      • They did not create ISIS but when BushCheney put ‘boots on the ground’ every Sunni within 800 miles got so excited to kill an American. See they don’t have aircraft carrier or fighter bombers so they can only kill Americans if we literally walk around their neighborhood. ISIS is more of the same. They are no threat to US unless we go looking for them. Now sectarian warfare has broken out and WW 3 is coming. Tx to Bush and Cheney

  16. I still remember that clip of him In N.O. after Katrina in a boat standing up and sporting a rifle. I think he said he was’ protecting’ the people still there. As if he could have possibly been any help in an actual situation. He is such a tool.

  17. Penn’s right. ISIS and all these groups are the direct result of US funding, training and support of Islamist “freedom fighters” during the Cold War and continued attempts to dominate the region by crawling into bed with whoever looks convenient.

  18. Sean Penn? LOLzzzzz….like anyone gives a damn about anything the communist Sean Penn has to say….well, other communists love him.

  19. The Gunman LMFAO

    Such a tool piece of human waste he is – put me in a room with him and I would have him face down on the floor in 3 seconds, right before I seriously hurt him. . . .just for the fun of believing in the promise that people like him should be shut down for life.

  20. As I read this I became more and more enraged but when he got to Harvey Milk I went ballistic. Milk was a child predator one of the most disgusting individuals in our society. But to show you how sick our society is Penn won and Oscar for his portal of Harvey Milk. Penn is nothing more than a card carrying Communist who has no desire or even understanding what America is about. He is nothing but a Hollyweird freak has been with nothing worthwhile or notable to say. In other words a looser.

  21. Stupid is as stupid says in this case. He has diarrhea of the mouth. He’s a good actor but a also a stinking, moronic piece of excrement.

  22. Actors and actresses are, for the most part, pretty much worthless… and Sean Penn is way, way, WAY over-rated. I wouldn’t even buy a used DVD for $0.01 from Amazon with him in the production.

  23. What I have learned in life is that the people around us that just seem to get under our skin are really a mirror to our selves, so Mr. Sean penn there is something about Bush and Cheney that you see in yourself and are in fear of the rest of us finding out. Good luck on your ever spiraling movie career where you become someone else and can not seem to leave the character on the set.


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