Outrageous! University student group wants building renamed for cop killer

In the last 24 hours, we’ve certainly seen an interesting contrast in black liberal progressive thought.

As Fox News reports, A black student organization at the University of California at Berkeley is demanding the university rename a building on campus after Assata Shakur, a former Black Panther, convicted cop killer and the first woman named to the FBI’s Most-Wanted Terrorist List.

And oh by the way, she’s one of those fugitives hiding away in Cuba that Raul Castro refuses to extradite. Named as a domestic terrorist by the FBI, Shakur was convicted of killing a New Jersey State Trooper. The agency added her to their Most Wanted Terrorist List in 2013, where she joins the ranks of al-Qaida, airline highjackers and bombers.

But to members of the Black Student Union at Berkeley, she is an”icon of resistance within oppressed communities (who) represents black resilience in the face of state-sanctioned violence.”

The student group is also demanding “a meeting place solely for black students, $300,371 for two black admissions staff focused on black recruiting, $113,932 for another staffer to handle black retention, two black psychologists who understand the “racially hostile campus,” two black advisers to mentor black athletes and a fully-funded ‘Get into Graduate School’ mentoring program.”

“Never mind that black students at Berkeley already have 33 campus organizations dedicated to their well-being, from fraternities and sororities, to a African Theme Program, an African American Studies Department, an African Arts Society, a Black Campus Ministries, Finance Guild and Pre-Law Society.”

Well, that’s one approach to generate inclusiveness. I guess.

ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith had another idea. As reported by Yahoo News, Smith confided that he dreamed of a day when all blacks would vote for the GOP.

Yes, Smith actually said, as reported by Yahoo News, ” if every African-American voted Republican for one election, it would send a strong message to the GOP that their vote is important. “What I dream is that for one election, just one, every black person in America vote Republican,” Smith said Tuesday during an appearance at Vanderbilt University, according to audio published by Breitbart.com.

“During the 2012 presidential election, an overwhelming 93 percent of black voters supported President Barack Obama, while just 6 percent voted for Republican challenger Mitt Romney.”

“Black folks in America are telling one party, ‘We don’t give a damn about you,’” Smith said. “They’re telling the other party, ‘You’ve got our vote.’ Therefore, you have labeled yourself ‘disenfranchised’ because one party knows they’ve got you under their thumb, the other party knows they’ll never get you and nobody comes to address your interest[s].”

“Smith compared voting with “shopping around” to let store owners know they have to cater to you to win your business. “We don’t do that with politics, and then we blame white America for our disenfranchisement,” he said.”

What Smith clearly brings out is that the black community in America has been disregarded by one party and taken for granted. And so we see the results in the despair and despondency of the socioeconomic plight of the community. In essence, as Smith states, no one is working for the vote — unless you consider spreading false narratives a sincere effort.

To the credit of RNC Chairman, Reince Priebus, I’ve seen a dedicated endeavor to move away from the emptiness of “outreach” towards a far better vision of “policy inclusiveness.” However, it is incumbent upon the black community to stop checking their values at the door when they exit church on Sunday. A soul-searching reevaluation of the fundamental principles of the black community is imperative — remember the definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing and expect different results.

Has Smith made some controversial statements in the past? Sure, but when he said at Vanderbilt University that it was Senate Republicans led by Everett Dirksen who championed the civil rights legislation, he was spot on. The Senate Democrats stood in obstruction led by Senators Al Gore Sr. and Ku Klux Klan member Senator Robert Byrd — that little historical tidbit gets lost in translation. I wonder why?

I think Smith has a very good point and surely he has once again drawn the ire of the black liberal progressive left – as Charles Barkley did not too long ago.

In closing, I do hope the day will come when the black community does not consider it “mandatory” to vote for liberal progressives. Instead, I hope they will evaluate their principles and values, and select the candidate who will best serve their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.


  1. Disgusting. Just like they demanded to rename long established major streets on my city without a vote after Malcolm X whom established himself by the immersion of rebelliousness.

  2. They should name the building after Werner Foerster, the law officer she shot down. Then we people ask who is Foerster? People can explain that JoAnne Deborah Byron a.k.a. Assata Shakur shot him down and fled to Cuba.

    • Actually, Dually, there is a whole lot racist about this. These blacks are the racists, as they typically are, and what they are demanding is racist. All of the existing black campus organizations should be disbanded immediately, and affirmative action should be outlawed. That is what has gotten us into this position to begin with. A bunch of ignorant, unqualified minorities that were forced upon the schools are now out of control and think they are entitled to anything they want because of the color of their skin. WRONG.

      • I’m sorry kittykat. I was being facetious. The media has been blaming white folk for being racist for so long I was beginning to believe that black people couldn’t be racist. Obama and his minority administration have proven that to be wrong!!

  3. Just because we have a failure president, doesnt mean we name buildings after murderers. whoever thought this up,didnt use their brains. they just want to be noticed. Panthers get noticed for more negative than good. So yes be a showoff, destroying humanity as you go. cause your special,NOT, no more special than anyone that has done good for humanity! stop tearing down America the land of the free,and segregating with walls your ancesters, have died for, to tear down!

    • When I briefly attended college, I was approached by some black students who were starting a black students’ union and they were trying to get me to join it. I refused. Cries of racism will abound in the establishing of “White students’ union”. What makes some people think there’s no racist aspects to the “black students’ union”?

  4. This pegged the B S meter so far, it bent the indicator: “she is an icon of resistance within oppressed communities (who) represents black resilience in the face of state-sanctioned violence.” She’s a murderer, a thug, a liar, an abuser, hateful and vindictive–ALL the qualities to demand a building be named for her? Deluded youth, simply lost and deluded.

  5. 40 years of government controlled public schools. People have become brainwashed by the liberal teachers and professors who went to college to avoid the draft.

  6. Perhaps I missed it but how did the university get into the position such that these “people” think they can make such outrageous demands and have then granted? The answer to all of the demands should be “No””. In response they can protest until they turn blue. The answer should still be “No.” If they riot, they should be arrested. If the government orders local police to “stand down”, then the University should employ a private police entity to keep order. That these individulas make such demands with a straight face shows just how little respect they have for the university and they will gain none until the university stops indulging them.

  7. I think if I were a taxpayer in CA, I would be writing my leglislators and telling them I want my tax monety to stop going to Berkley, period….then I’d be sure to be telling all my friends the same. It would be like saying Charles Manson, Gacy, or some other white killer should have a building named after them.



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