NO WAY: Michelle Obama’s mom said why she didn’t want her to marry Barry

American voters fell all over themselves to vote for the first black man as president. But of course he’s not really black. He’s half black. And half white.

And that was a problem initially to none other than Michelle Obama’s mother.

As the New York Post reports, “long before Michelle Obama became First Lady, her mother had misgivings about her marrying a young man named Barack Obama — because he was biracial.”

“In a Chicago TV interview that aired during Obama’s 2004 U.S. Senate campaign — and newly resurrected by Michelle Obama biographer Peter Slevin in a book due out next month — Marion Robinson confessed to being “a little bit” wary about her future son-in-law being the product of a white mom and black dad.”

But it could’ve been worse.

“That didn’t concern me as much as had he been completely white,” Robinson laughed in the appearance on WTTW’s “Chicago Tonight.”

Funny how the interview and comments were scarcely noticed at the time. Of course not. But imagine if a white Republican mom had said the opposite – like maybe the mother of Ginny Thomas worrying about her daughter marrying the black Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

“I guess that I worry about races mixing because of the difficulty — not for, so much for prejudice or anything,” Robinson continued. “It’s just very hard.”

Nope, you really don’t want the races mixing. Nope, that’s just hard.

I mean – per the Reverand Al — you have to go out of your way to ensure black people are evenly, if not overly, represented at the Academy Awards.

And you can’t make ANY mention of race when you talk about crime statistics, or unemployment statistics.

But you really don’t want the races, you know, mixing.

Which is why you have the “Congressional Black Caucus.” And the “Black Entertainment Network.” And the “American Black Achievement Awards.” Because you don’t really want everyone mixing on the same playing field either.

How in the heck do they manage in professional sports?

But just remember folks. We haven’t yet had the “first black president.” He’s only our first “half-black” president.


  1. I wonder how often she thinks that thought while the White House staff pander to her every wish and keep her in the style to which she has rapidly become accustomed.

    And, er, there’s another reason that a mother wouldn’t want her to daughter to marry Barry… But I’m not going to post bathhouse gossip.

    • I have never seen anyone so misinformed? Col. West Loves God, His Country, His Family and Himself and if you had taken time to educate yourself to these truths we would not be wincing to such ignorance.

    • Uncle Ruckus Would be a good idea for you to praise Col West for his distinquished career. This is what a true Patriot and American looks like.

      • As a 23 year vet I could never praise a officer that was relieved of command and lead his men to violate the ucmj.. Allen is a disgrace

      • She’s married to the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! Allen West wife is married to what exactly??

      • yet you will vote for a anti american muslim?,what kind of vet are you? no pride I have noticed

      • only you LOONS believe that he is a muslim and anti american..thank god the majority of the nation aren’t like you NUTS!

      • サムライ西,,真実と正義のために戦って
        loosely translated….
        Samurai West, fighting for truth and justice

      • no sane american vet of any color would admire an american hating president of any color . i question your truthfulness. allen west is a true american patriot . we need more people like him both white and black and in between .

      • To disrespect the C.I.C is disgraceful….especially if you wore the uniform….ALLEN west is nothing more than a snake oil salesman taking you loons for your money….

      • then why is he for ISIS? He protects them, never defining them as terrorist! go fly a kite over a cliff,and run after it! thats what Obama is telling Americans to do! and you the blind will.

    • Self hate? You certainly have a strange mind. Col West is a proud American and patriot. He is a great American. He is blind to color as we all should be. Why so obsessed with one’s color, sir? Sounds like you are the one that is filled with hate not Col West.

      • Nothing proud about Allen west…he should legally change his name to uncle ruckus cause he acts just like him. Anything he as to say about black people is negative and that displays his self hate

      • Allen West hasn’t said anything that isn’t true , but I guess you are one of those that cannot take hearing the truth .Open your eyes sir and see what is going on in America . While you are at it , thank the race baiters in this country .

      • If you read post after post from allen west concerning black people or the black community…its all NEGATIVE!! Allen West is the RACE BAITER here….I’m just calling him out on it!!! The man is filled with self hate!

      • You can thank the current administration for the problems with race relations today. First it was the Professor Gates ordeal when Obama said the white cops “acted stupidly.” Then there was Obama’s remarks about Treyvon Martin with “if I had a son he would look like Treyvon.” Then there was Eric Holder refusing to do anything about Black Panthers threatening whites at the polling station. Then both Obama and Holder encouraging the black protests after Ferguson.

        Before Obama, race relations were the best in our country’s history. After Obama, it’s the worst it’s been in decades. In the 1960, there were whites who hated black purely for being born black. Today there are blacks who hate whites, purely for being born white and liberals are promoting the idea of “white privilege” and “white guilt” as if anyone can choose what race they’d be born.

        Just like you, Obama and Holder knew it doesn’t stink until you stir it up. At least Allen West is being honest about where race relations are heading today and knows that black on black crime is the number one killer of young black males between age 15 to 34. You can’t blame black on black crime on the Republicans.

      • There is no TRUTH that comes from allen (I’ve never experienced racism) west…he only RACE BAITS!

      • President Johnson was right,he did get you blacks voting democrats for the next 200 years and that is the party who was against civil rights for you people..I left the n word out, for the RESPECT for Col West.

      • We know, Uncle Ruckus. And the Democrat’s want Hillary as president even after she did her sneaky personal server stunt that was obviously to prevent the Freedom of Information Act and the Federal Records Act from being implemented. Even though it’s probable that she was playing pay to play with Boeing, GE, Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries, you’ll still support her. You liberals wouldn’t know justice if it slapped you in the face. That’s why liberals still think Officer Wilson should be in jail even though the evidence shows he was not guilty.

    • Hey Mr I named myself after a worthless character from a useless racist cartoon that got cancelled for being stupid, you really need to stop trolling. Every time you post, you show how truly pathetic, insecure, and uneducated you actually are. Don’t know why you only troll Col. West, but you really need to get an education before you spew your leftist hatred among resonable people. Besides that, you are a faceless coward hiding behind a cartoon mask. At least i post using my real name.

      • Hmmm….who posted the story? Why did he post the story?? TO RACE BAIT maybe?? Allen West is a Disgrace and filled with self hate

      • Uncle Ruckus thinks this should be swept under the rug because Allen West is black or because Michelle’s mother let it slip that want her son marrying a guy who was half white? CNN’s Christine Amanpour called Netanyahu “racist” today for saying in a rallying speech that Herzog’s supporters were busing Arabs to the polls to vote. But then a liberal can use the word “race” when it’s actually religion and no liberals seem to mind.

        When Eric Holder said we are cowards since we won’t talk about race, I guess Uncle Ruckus thinks ONLY liberals are allowed to talk about race.

  2. Oh, for goodness sake! At the time Mr. Robinson was courting Michelle’s mother, it WAS difficult to get along in this nation, if a black person married a white person. That is a simple fact of the times. The mixed couple was stared at, in restaurants and the grocery store. At times they were shouted at, called rude names, had thing thrown at them. There was the 1959 movie, “Imitation of Life” which showed the difficulties of a mixed-race girl growing up in a white society. Ava Gardner also made a similarly-themed movie. Not too long before that time, white and native American marriages were also “hard”. It was wrong, but societies must grow and mature, much as individuals do. What was Obama’s term? Oh, yeah: “I have evolved.”

      • I was referring to Obama’s own statements when confronted by how different his views on abortion, and same-sex marriage, etc., have changed since he campaigned for the Senate. He said that his opinion had not “changed” but had “evolved”.

    • So what you’re implying is that Mrs. Robinson should be exempt from racism because she grew up and married in a different time but white people of a similar age aren’t and are labeled racist if their way of thinking and seeing people of a certain race hasn’t changed? Smh

    • Huh? They were married in 1992, that was not a time when bi-racial marriages were looked at so differently. And he identified himself as black, I think Mom in law is racist.

      • My statement was referring to the time when Michelle’s PARENTS were courting, the thought pattern was different.

    • Another movie I can think of is “A Patch of Blue” with Sidney Poitier. Back then the whites pretty much got their panties in a bunch because it was a bi-racial relationship, same as Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, also with Sidney Poitier in an interracial relationship.

      • And Michelle’s mother was a little outdated. It wasn’t 1950 anymore. Forty-two years later, things had changed a lot. And she was concerned about her daughter marrying a black guy who was too light-skinned. I don’t hold it against her, just pointing out that mothers sometimes worry too much and don’t take into account that times have changed on certain things. Idk if she is racist, or was racist in 1992, but I do respect her honesty and I don’t think her attitude was horrible. It sounds to me like she was motivated by concern for her offspring. Nothing wrong with that.

    • Michelle and Obama married in 1992. I lived in Mississippi in the 1980s and not in a large city like Chicago. Interracial marriages were commonplace then and it was long before the Obama’s married. It seems that she could see that Obama didn’t look white so exactly what was the problem. Maybe that he “acted to white”?

    • I thought she might have started out commenting that hrt concern her “daughter” was marrying a homosexual, then thought better of it and changed it to race since her “daughter” is really a he.

  3. wow,,, must be boring down there in Texas,, bastion of liberty and freedumb
    scraping the bottom of the barrel huh west???
    write more about your new Samurai sword, and all that Ninja stuff your learning
    to go and help bibi, fight for truth and justice….

    • MUHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! You know allen west only is trying to give the racists that come to his blog more material so they will buy his coffee mugs and tee shirts! Such a disgrace!

  4. Uncle Ruckus I’ve seen your comments under different names on several web sites but your terminology is all the same (ie MUHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!! ). You must have a lot of time on your hands and nothing to say other than negative BS.

  5. And he’s not even half black! He’ half white, 37.5% ARAB (which could explain his passion for muslims [I refuse to capitalize that word]}, and only 12.5% black. I wonder what grandma would have thought ab out that!

  6. Actually I agree with her. She was raised in a time when bi-racial relationships were frowned upon and bi-racial kids had a very hard time being accepted by either group. i can attest to this fact since my girls are all bi-racial and were not accepted by either side for a long time and this was in the middle ’70s when interracial relationships were becoming more accepted and this was in California where it was more widespread than in most other states. I don’t see it as being racist but really concern at the time for her daughter and any children they would have. My oldest daughter had the worst time because blacks didn’t accept her, neither did the whites… oddly enough she was accepted more by the Hispanics at her school. Same thing happened in Georgia where the only groups of kids to accept my kids were the Hispanics as my girls have beautiful light coffee colour skin and an exotic Asian look.

    The point is, we cannot compare how bi-racial children are treated today compared to the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s. It wasn’t until the ’80s when they were more accepted.

      • Who wrote this article about race on a CONSERVATIVE site dipshit?
        Oh and rewrite your first sentence… it doesn’t make sense.

      • Truth hurts doesn’t it. She said it but if a conservative brings it up, he is just mudslinging or race baiting huh? How about your hero Obama? Or Sharpton? When they bring it up it’s ok? Only if it suits your opinion, right? I wore the uniform of a soldier. You are a dipshit.

      • My hero?
        HAHAHA… Sharpton is a race-baiting opportunistic piece of sh!t.

        You just assume that because i pointed out that conservatives always play race, while acting like they don’t, that somehow I support a POS like Sharpton.

        Congratulations on having worn the uniform of a soldier.
        So did I.
        Why are you trying to play that card too?
        Do you think being a veteran makes either of us more important when it comes to our opinions about race on conservative blogs?
        You’re an idiot.

        Oh and just to mess with you for fun since you just came here to troll.
        I didn’t just wear the uniform of a soldier… I was one.

      • I think both sides play the race card… and too much to be honest… But the author has one good point.. if a conservative said the same thing, the liberal media and others would be all over them like white on rice… hmmm should I have said that 😉

      • Rena, i agree… there are people on both sides that play the race card… and both sides are wrong most of the time.

        i do find it hypocritical, however, of the people who initially wrote this article and those, like this website, who reposted it.

        This is not just a non issue.. it is a non issue from 11 years ago.
        This is not about a comment made by the President… but a comment made by the President’s mother-in-law 11 years ago.

        But here is where I see the hypocrisy in this article…
        Miss Hickford (the editor of Allen West’s site) wrote this article and speculated a “what if?” scenario if the races or politics were reversed.
        Miss Hickford wrote an article about race to smear the President by association while complaining that Democrats always bring up race.
        Essentially, she brought up an unimportant event to bring up race against Democrats while complaining that that is what democrats do.
        There’s the hypocrisy…. complaining about something others do while doing the exact same thing.

        You may or may not agree with my point of view, but it is refreshing to have a grown-up discussion on this board

      • I agree.. I don’t think we need to add more to this than should be. The woman was raised in a much different time and although we have advanced so much since that time, people who were raised with these issues still have some issues about it. Look at all the older people who were raised to be racist still have a hard time accepting interracial relationships and their kids.

        To be honest, I don’t find this article any more hypocritical than some that I have read coming from the left about other issues that involve race, women, abortion, the list goes on and on from both sides. But I have to agree with this authors stance that if it were the right, no matter if a mother in law, the president himself, a friend, or what have you, the left would go nuts pointing their finger at the right, saying “see they ARE racist”. We have seen this when anyone who had friends or associations who were part of the Klan or such.

        The problem is, we choose to come to these websites and read these articles… Your point that she only wrote this to try to “discredit” or use what his mother in law’s beliefs to discredit Obama.. really when I think about it.. he doesn’t need any help from anyone else, he is doing just fine making himself look bad. He chooses sides in issues where he should be standing with the constitution and the people he swore to protect, not just on race issues but countless many other issues.

        Whether we like it or not, a person in power or who serves the public or is in the public eye will be judged by the people they surround themselves. In other words, they are guilty by association rather than on their own merit. Just as Bill Clinton hanging out with a man who has been indicted for child pornography (or whatever it was). I know Obama can’t help but to associate with her, she is his mother in law, but others he also associates with such as Sharpton et al do destroy his ability to be seen as impartial and to be honest makes him look down right racist, which by the way I believe he is to a certain extent. Although he is half white, he seems to prefer his black roots more as opposed to his white ones. I don’t have a problem with that at all, but when it clouds your vision of others then you have a problem.

    • and this on a BLACK MANS BLOG!!! Once again I have to say that ALLEN (I’ve never experienced racism) West…encourages and supports the RACISM that takes place on his site!!!

      • Or perhaps he doesn’t let this sort of thing bother him because he knows that by letting it bother you keeps you down… Rise above it. No matter where you go you will face some idiot spewing his garbage and if you let every person get under your skin then you are not made to be where you are at… Rise above it and don’t let stick and stones break your bones…

      • Personally I don’t think she was. Things back then were a lot different than they are today where being bi-racial is very commonplace now. Back then it was very hard for bi-racial kids because you didn’t fit in either group and were ostracized by both and being in an interracial relationship was extremely hard.

      • That’s what I thought when I read the quote. She didn’t want her daughter or her grandkids to have a hard time. What she couldn’t know is that society has changed for the better on that point and biracial kids aren’t rejected like they used to be. Children never cared, but the adults taught them to notice and be uncomfortable, but thank God that is so much less an issue now. I respect the honesty of Michelle’s mom on this point.

      • You must really be in pain from all that stretching and twisting to make a completely false point. Go take an overdose and relax.

      • Its a mindset, dumass. If you refuse to accept something as racist, it never becomes racist. Everyone has been shortchanged in life by everyone else. Race, which actually does t exist in any other species therefore I contend it doesn’t exist in humans wither,…race is just a word used by crybabies like you who want to blame your failures and unhappiness on anyone but you. Even tho these shortcomings really are YOUR fault and no one else’s.

      • Im wondering if they read that guys post or if they ignored it and are instead referring to the article. The post IS racist, but as I said down below, why get your panties twisted because ignorant people spew their garbage? Thats what they want, and getting upset and throwing a fit only gives them more fuel to keep the fire burning… ignore the ignorant ones and they usually go away because they aren’t being noticed. All they want is attention… don’t give it to them…

      • I would agree with you if people werent getting blocked…you are not blocked for saying racist comments you are blocked if you point out that Allen west stole one of his articles

      • You weren’t the only one mentioning the article that you claimed he stole. Raf and PP also tried to follow your lead on that article and they weren’t banned. I remember it quite well and I remember he didn’t steal it, but failed to give credit to the person who wrote it. I do recall he mentioned the author briefly but then went on to post the whole article without giving credit… and he removed it as he should have and didnt try to put it back up… People do this sort of thing all the time and if they do not get permission to reproduce it then they have to take it down within a very limited time… as he did…

        I really feel sorry for you Earl, you are so set on trying to discredit Allan that you probably have him in your mind 24/7… get some help for this obsession.. I really mean this, you are not healthy mentally to have so much disdain for one person you attack them at every turn even when they did the right thing and removed the said article you keep harping about…

      • I don’t have to try to discredit Allen…the voters of Florida already done that. I find it very entertaining to come here….to read the man myths and lies then watch the LOONS run with it as FACT!!

      • Fact: Democratic Gertrude Walker as Supervisor of Elections for St. lLucie county, Florida – was reported by a WHISTLEBLOWERS for having boxes of uncohnydd early ballot votes in a closet near her office – that created the cause for a recount, Walker missed the deadline to report the count of the recount – and his in a hospital. Soon thereafter, it was discovered that she failed to purge the voter rolls if deceased people, illegal aliens and ineligible voters. Walker gave the “excuse” it was not in her budget – although it is in her job description as Supervisor of Elections – to keep ACCURATE and current voter rolls. Walker failed to follow Orders to purge the voter rolls and had TWO years to do itleading into the 2012 presidential election.

        Gertrude Walker should have been removed as Supervisor of Elections for St Lucie county -“for her failure to perform her job properly” as her friend Miriam Oliphant as the disgraced Supervisor of Elections for Broward county – constantly having inaccurate Vote Counts.


        Some people believe US Congressman Allen West did win ‘re-election – but democrat Gertrude Walker as Supervisor of Elections in St. Lucie country, screwed w the vote count
        Under these

      • More like they didn’t want a republican and aided the liberal in winning the election. Pretty much how Obama won, dead people, people voting more than one time, even some admitting up to 8 times, illegals and so on. Liberals are pretty crooked, not saying republicans are squeaky clean, but liberals seem to be pro’s at it.

      • Dead people my butt….the man won by almost 6 million votes. Republicans didn’t like Romney and stayed home

      • Well said! Just supports my previous comments and refutes
        the real race baiting remarks by this biased buffoon!

      • The voters didn’t “discredit” him, they just chose someone else. I don’t know much about that campaign but I did hear that it was debatable because there was a suggestion of cheating or something. What I find interesting about you is you assume all of what he states are lies but never show any proof or argument that they are lies, you just attack.

      • Un huh…sure….he’s not in office…the voters spoke and they didn’t want s NUT to represent them

      • yeah right! see my other comments-“the voters spoke” -lke way more of them than were even registered to vote,etc. and some West votes got mysteriously misplace-but all that in only one black dominated country out of three.The other two voted cleanly and heavily for West!

      • “The voters in Florida already done that”?dipshit! West gt defeat by a crooked vote in one mostly black population country that voted more votes for his opponent than it had registered as voters! Also, those extra votes kept turning up in dribs and drabs by a black official who certified them of course, while God only knows how many military absentee ballots were “misplaced” Take your blatant race card and shove it! Only worthless blacks like the Sharptons and idiots like you try to denigrate (is that word PC?) as “Uncle Toms” the many fine, responsible , accomplished black citizens and patriots like West, Ben Carson, Justice thomas, Condi Rice, Thomas Sowell, and the many, many others who all decent whites gladly accept and would gladly accept as genuine leaders. Its only the victim mentality dimwits (that includes many other self styled “victim” groups) who can’t break away form the liberal big government plantation who have to practice the real racism as their only excuse for irresponsible behavior and inability to contribute to civilized society.

      • No conspiracy just math. As the recount went on West gained 2k plus votes for each district. The racist election official got worried so she dragged it out as long as she could and THEN shut down the recount stating the security alarm would go off automatically so they had to stop and leave the building. Oh but wait there’s more! Same alarm system that allowed them to count through the night on election night. FYI to anyone actually trying to reply to Uncle Ruckus. He is a die hard Allen West Troll. Prob got tossed out of his Army unit for being a shitbag….

      • As I see it, he allows people’s posts to remain seen.

        He is a Bigger man.

        It also shows how Liberalism is truly a mental disorder – and what a Racialist is = a person who screams RACISM wherein no RACISM exists – such as Oprah Winfrey and her False Narratives over a $38,000 purse; the Trayvon Martin HOAX – w Obama, holder, Sharpton; the Michael Brown HOAX; the Tawana Brawley HOAX; the Michelle Obama is an Ape Hoax, and the Biggest Hoax upon America = Barack Hussein Obama, “Jr.”, our first half-black ARAB president.

      • Hey Uncle Ruckus, you are very well aware “justa nothernigger” is a setup – so u can play your usual.

        But, I appreciate you. Racialists are not hard to find.

        How do u like Obama playing his racist bullshyt against ISRAEL – and got his a$$ handed to him – when Netanyahu won ‘re-election?

        Obama won’t be able to use the Race card for his FRAUD, waste and abuse of our US Taxpayer money – sending his campaign operatives overseas to manipulate the election in ISRAEL.

      • He is not the only one that makes racist comments on this blog….its encouraged and welcomed here

  7. When Mrs. Robinson – went to China, reports of her bullying the staff from the moment she arrived; the obama children = girls – being inappropriately dressed for the State Dinners and were embarrassingly indifferent during the photo sessions………is how these pigs represented The USA – to the point of their news broadcast indicated everyone was looking forward to The Obama leaving their country.

  8. So Allen West these people commenting here are your friends right…what they say about black men they are also saying about you. Good for you.

  9. Couldn’t be that her SON was “marrying” another MAN. And when they got ” married ” it was illegal for 2 MEN to be ” married “. So they are not ” legally married “.
    Before you go there, the 2 girls are adopted from Morocco.
    Michael LaVaughn Robinson played football on the home roster of the football team for Oregon State University for 2 years prior to leaving the school stating that he felt like a woman trapped inside a male’s body. He never has had gender reassignment surgery because Barry only has sex with men.


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