California professors support ban of US flag on campus as racist symbol

The University of California, Irvine basketball team will be heading to the “Big Dance.” Ok, for those of you who have no clue, that’s March Madness, the NCAA Basketball tournament. It starts this Tuesday with the “play in games” – in the vein of every kid gets a trophy. I remember when the NCAA tourney was just 32 teams — then it went to 64, and now it’s up to 68 teams. So congrats to the UC-Irvine hoops team, but I am perplexed. As Irvine cheers on its team, would they also cheer on their country? I’m not so sure.

Last week we shared the story about how the U.C. Irvine student government association voted 6-4-2 to remove Old Glory from a campus lobby for the sake of cultural inclusivity. When the U.C. Irvine Student Government leader stood against that ban, we all thought that was the end of it — but not so fast my friend. It seems these little progressive socialist leftists in training have garnered the support of the grown-up leftists.

As Fox News reports, “A group of university professors has signed a letter showing their solidarity with students who tried to ban the American flag at the University of California, Irvine – because they said Old Glory contributes to racism.”

“U.S. nationalism often contributes to racism and xenophobia, and that the paraphernalia of nationalism is in fact often used to intimidate,” read a letter obtained by the website Campus Reform. Hundreds across the nation have signed the letter – including some U.C. Irvine professors, Campus Reform reported.

“We admire the courage of the resolution’s supporters amid this environment of political immaturity and threat, and support them unequivocally” the letter stated.”

I don’t know what to say about this, but it truly attests to what is dangerously permeating our country — those who rant about a baby being swaddled in an American flag by his Navy dad — while there are those who disparage our national symbol.

To believe that the American flag is a symbol of colonialism and nationalism, to see the American flag as a symbol of racism and xenophobia is just beyond comprehension.

This is the same American flag that draped my own dad’s casket when he passed away in May 1986. That American flag gave Herman West Sr. a sense of purpose and dedication to this great nation that he passed on to several generations in his blood line — there was nothing to do with racism — save for the Democrat party that promoted such practice.

So maybe it’s time we say, fine, the flag will be banned from your campus –along with any American taxpayer dollars. Maybe it’s time we look at these professors who feel that America is so bad, and stop sending them any American taxpayer dollars grants for their research. After all, why should they want the funding of a racist and xenophobic country? They don’t want to be tarnished by such a demeaning currency that states something so repulsive as “In God We Trust.”

“Even Breitbart quoted an unnamed student who said the student government association feared the flag might hurt the feelings of illegal aliens. “There were people who were like, ‘the flag triggers me’ – that was their exact wording, too,” the student said.”

Meanwhile, a group of Californian lawmakers is working on a bill that that would prohibit publicly funded universities from banning the American flag. I just hate to ask the question, how many of these students who want to ban the American flag and support those who wish that are on federal student loans? Oops, forgot, since the Affordable Care Act, those are the only loans available.

Combine this with Brown University student Peter Makhlouf who referred to ROTC students as criminals — and we have the next generation of far left progressive socialist America haters.

So does this cycle ever stop, does it end? You know, I have no problem with freedom of speech and expression — that is what I served to protect. But all this reminds me of quote from George Washington in a letter to James Madison in 1785:

“We are either a United people, or we are not. If the former, let us, in all maters of general concern act as a nation, which have national objects to promote, and a national character to support. If we are not, let us no longer act a farce by pretending to it.”

So, do we still believe that we have national objects and a national character? Is American exceptionalism just like everyone else? Should we get off our high horse?

Are the days of America over and should we just stop acting the farce? Nah, we are far from being over. The fight has only begun. It is one worth having and we, the American patriots, shall not lose. It may seem the progressive socialist left is winning – but only because they’ve been very adept at manipulating the culture of entertainment, politics, and media. But there is a groundswell out there and something is building in this country which will reverse the fundamental transformation of America — and recommit to our Constitutional principles and values.

There is just one need: a courageous, resolute American who will lead the charge. The troops are ready, and the liberal progressive left will have no idea what hit them.

Molon Labe.


  1. Flag How can the flag that represents the nation who’s founding document, the Declaration of Independence says all men are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights among which are the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness be called a symbol of racism? Especially after that nation fought a bloody civil war to end slavery?

  2. So called prominent UC Irvine professors that allegedly signed the letter of support include James Porter, Professor of Classics; Virginia Jackson, UCI Endowed Chair in Rhetoric; Adriana Johnson, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature; Nasrin Rahimieh, Professor of Comparative Literature; and Luis Aviles, Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese. I hereby recognize your stupidity.

    • I don’t see any of these classes being relevant today so just get rid of these “professors” so they can go teach in a country that supports their stupidity.

    • In the real world all with completely non relevant degrees. I have hired for some big companies. If any of these degrees would have been listed on any resume I looked at (And Phd. is meaningless when the entire degree is meaningless), it would be about equal to a High School Diploma. They are doing the only thing they can do, because outside the Academic Environment, these degrees are completely useless. These people are perpetual students with zero experience outside the classroom. They themselves are completely indoctrinated. A perfect example is a good friend of mine who has a Masters in Music Theory. He didnt want to teach so for the last 20 years he has been working for a Supermarket chain. He started out on a cash register and has been a store Manager for about 9 or 10 years. 6 1/2 years of University to do something someone with a GED could be doing.

  3. “Hundreds across the nation have signed the letter…” Hundreds out of a nation of over 300 million is the very definition of “statistically insignificant.”

    • But they will gain a statistically disproportionate piece of the Liberal press pie when the idiots jump on the bandwagon with the other idiots. These students who made this proposal led by their left wing anti American scumbag instructors, are the same people who will get LA degrees in BS fields like women studies and contribute zero to our society and culture. They have a good start.

  4. How in the world do you remove the country in which you reside….flag?? Are we now living in the twilight zone??

    • Laughing my ass off! That’s the best comment I’ve heard yet! Everybody getting all worked up. Just calm down!!!! Breath!!!! Everything’s gonna be alright. I’m a marine and I can tell ya fake americans don’t last long! They don’t have the heart or guts to stay in the fight! God bless America and no place else. Ooh Rah

      • The thing is, Professors all over the country and teaching the lefts agenda. This “progressive” agenda even reaches to our public schools.
        So, how do you raise proud citizens when they are schooled to be just the opposite? Ex. Obama on his apology tours.

      • By HOME SCHOOLING! At least thru high school, so kids have a solid foundation before entering a liberal college. Those who are home schooled, have MUCH more chance of getting through college without that hideous indoctrination! My niece is homeschooling all 4 of her children. The oldest has graduated from high school and scored so high that she got a full scholarship in the college of her choice.

      • Romegee, I Thank you for your Service.

        You are a Marine and you think everything is going to be alright? Fake Americans don’t last long? We have a president and administration that has almost undone everything “Our Country” stands for and we are going to be alright. We have a president and administration full of Leaders that are “Yes Men’ in the Military and you think “Our Country” is going to be alright. We have a president and administration that has downsized “Our Military” and has tied their hands of “Our Fighting Men and Women” and we are going to be all right. “Our Country” is being overrun by Fake Americans that are turning “Our Country” upside down and sucking us dry at the same time and you think we are going to be alright. We have 35 Muslim Camps in the U.S. and 22 of them are Training Camps which no one is allowed to Monitor, Inspect or Profile and we are going to be alright?

        I would like to understand why a Marine thinks we are going to be alright, so would you please explain to me why you think we are going to be alright with a Traitor as a president along with his administration and others?

      • Your patriotism is recognized and appreciated. One thing we need to be aware of, never underestimate your enemy (military training). What we are seeing over the last 6 years is a “coming out” of 30 years of planning and staging. The documentation is called Agenda 21. Look it up (i.e. youtube), you will be amazed at the covert path toward turning this nation into socialism.

      • HOOAH from my post – however I’ll not miss an opportunity to shut down someone, anyone trying to piss on my flag.

  5. What really gets me about this is the fact that, for how many years have people immigrated to this country with the knowledge that “The American Flag” is our national flag and it was never called racist. Now it just the past few years the word racist is used on just about everything. Is there a list out there stating what isn’t racist? I sure that list will be very short today. And these so called professors and others that were suppose to sign this letter,,,they should lose any Government Grants and funds that they are receiving. And I guess this summer I will be turning racist because my son is installing a flag pole for me and “Old Glory” will be flying high. Or I guess I already am a racist because the flag that was laid over my dad’s coffin is still folded, in a flag case and on display as a constant reminder of how proud I am of him and a reminder of those who served & died for this country.

  6. How about instead of we stop sending them money, we stop sending them our kids. You cannot tell me only Left Wing Socialists attend that or any University or College. If you are a conservative, or just American with pride in the U.S., send your kids to a School like that don’t be surprised when they become indoctrinated. Once they walk out the door you have no control, but everything you raised your kid to be will be discarded and replaced by people who know nothing about which they speak. They still believe that BS about what Socialism and Communism is, they haven’t seen what I have seen. I know their false utopian ideas are complete garbage. Only they doing the talking do not.

  7. I have no regard for the “feelings” of illegal aliens, who by their very presence in this country are breaking the law. AND who are also siphoning benefits that this “racist” country provides them away from legal citizens who are genuinely in need.

  8. If America is “racist and xenophobic” it is because of the people in it including these “professors”. They seem to think that they are not a part of America. Let me reintroduce a term that I learned in history class when history class taught history instead of just politics. America is a “melting pot”. Be assimilated and call yourself an American or go to the country you love and contribute there. Stop hitting the bottom of the boat you are in with an axe! Ignorant professors!

    • Many decades ago there was a “western” state that was established and became “Arizona.” Great climate with nearby mountains and plains for all to enjoy. There were almost no allergens as there were few varieties of blooming plants. People flocked to this state to enjoy freedom from allergic reactions. Medical professionals actually encouraged many to leave their environment and move there… People flocked to Arizona for relief and clear, clean air. (Now, The rest of the story). They took their pets, their plants, and even trees. Many began trade craft that polluted the area. So, they moved to a wonderful place and then took their “corrupted” lifestyle with them. Our Great Nation is being flooded with people who left their native homes to prosper here. Yet, they bring their way of life, their ethics and morality and lawlessness with them. They bring disrespect for our national symbols and language. Still, they expect ….. what??? for us to give up freedom to become a third world country so they will feel comfortable? REALLY??? No, resistance to that is NOT racism. It is Patriotism. It is “WE,THE PEOPLE of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union……”

  9. All who voted for Obama, stand up! Racism has never been so bad before him,,,he promotes racism with every word he say’s. His objective is to divide this nation with the call of racism, and guess what! Looks like he has done the job well. With every political correctness, racism is forefront, and I am sick of hearing it. Our flag stands for our country, and I am proud to fly the flag every day on my patio. If someone doesn’t like it, they can kiss where I can’t, and get the hell out of my country.

  10. Guess I am really stupid. How can a country of immigrants from every country on earth and has advertised on the Statue of Liberty “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” be xenophobic? Secondly, if “America” is racist, that means everyone in the country is racist. Maybe some brilliant entity from U.C. Irvine can enlighten me.

  11. The actual facts are that that a group of 6 students in the undergraduate student government club–6 students out of a campus of 30,000–voted to remove ALL national flags from the student government lobby and from there only. They said they stirred up nationalism that could become ugly.

    The entire campus from the Chancellor and the student government president on down pushed back.

    And then came the articles purposefully meant to inflame and to stir up nationalism, such as the one by Allen West.

    And then the UCI Facebook page became filled with threats of violence and death.

    And then a student government meeting last week had to be cancelled because of what UCI officials called “a viable threat of violence.”

    And then a letter was penned by a faculty group saying we support the students “because the resolution’s perspective has been completely borne out by recent events.”

    Me? I would have introduced a resolution displaying the flags of ALL countries in the lobby.

  12. ANYONE that lives in the United States for whatever reason, whether they are citizens or non-citizens of any status, that feels the American flag is offensive for any reason, should go live in some other country. I’ll pay for their transportation and personally escort them out of here. Let them pull this bullshit anywhere else and see what happens. These people have an anti-American agenda that stinks of elitism, communism and anarchy. They are the insidious enemy of our great nation.

  13. UC Irvine has 30,000 students, 1,100 professors & 9,000 staff members. 6 kids passed some silly ban that got vetoed. Didn’t matter because a bunch of yahoos descended upon the campus to protest and inflame a dying issue & now your prince of bullshit, AWest, is getting you all fired up about something that, if it hadd been left on it’s own, would have died last weekend. Bunch of over-reactive mouth breathers. Why not protest something that is real and actually has significance on a college campus, like skyrocketing tuition? Instead you want to kick people out of the country and think that removing all fed/state funding would be a great idea because less than 3% of the inhabitants of a college campus signed some petition.

      • Nope. Never had anything to do with it. When the story first came out (and I thought these 6 kids were being stupid) I already understood that there was a veto being introduced that would kill it. How did I know this? I read the whole story.

        People like you are the problem because if it had just run it’s course, it would have been vetoed and the story would be over. But people like you are breathing life into it and making it a big deal. Congrats.

      • But the very idea that this would’ve been brought up to a vote in the first place is telling of the communist indoctrination going on for decades in our colleges.

      • This was 6 kids out of 30,000. And you think there is some “communist indoctrination” at play. College kids sometimes do ill-advised things, that’s just the nature of it. Stop being so dramatic.

      • No, baby, YOU are the dense one on this board. You apparently stumbled in here, thinking you could turn clear thinking Americans into USEFUL IDIOTS like yourself!

      • When you ignore the problem, you become part of the problem. These incidents are all too common in colleges and universities, where they teach useless “studies” courses, perpetuate false racial narratives like “hands up, don’t shoot, suppress any conservative voices and discourage national pride and patriotism. These so called professors are living in an insular, protected environment and are poisoning young minds with partisan ideals rather than thoughtful discourse. So, don’t blame Alan West. Without voices like his we would not even be aware of some of this stuff.

      • Right, so these incidents are “all too common”? So how often is that? Couple times a week? Do you have examples that indicate a consistent and perpetual issue here?

        There were plenty of conservatives when I went to college, and no one’s voice was being “suppressed”. Put away the false victim card.

      • Of COURSE you feel that way, little conan! You are what Karl Marx called a “Useful Idiot.” Well indoctrinated. Good boy!

      • I don’t know if you are ignorant or just ill informed. “Victim Card”??? What does that even mean. I am 70 years old and clearly not the victim here! When I went to college, open debate was encouraged. Different points of view were entertained. If you don’t think this is a pervasive problem, then you are not pay attention. It would take me pages to cite all the incidents of suppression and proselytation going on at all levels in schools and colleges. Teachers are supposed to be impartial and objective, but they are spewing propoganda as if it were fact.

      • “suppress any conservative voices” – you’re trying to make conservative students (voices) out be victims. I was in college less than 10 years ago and guess what? Open debate is still encouraged.

        Don’t need pages and pages of all your examples – just the ones from the past year. Or the past month – something that demonstrates just how widespread and “all too common” this has become.

      • Over the impotent action of 6 kids? Sounds totally reasonable. No wonder our government gets so little done and is gridlocked, look at the petty garbage it’s citizens decide to make a big deal of. Politicians can sit around, argue, and at the end of the day get squat done because the public is more interested in dramatizing the little things than caring about significant issues.

    • Maybe you can also find statistics on “races”, genders, and ethnicity. I recently heard the “foreign” students nearly out number the Americans. I just wonder how tilted over that college is. There are also rumors of several companies that do have that college on a no hire list for academia. It would certainly be interesting to find out what is so radical about this college. Also, do these faux learned professors even know the definition of “racist”?

      • Oh, you “recently heard” – sounds like real concrete stuff. Please, since you have a grasp on the stats, tell us specifically what the nationality breakdown is at UC Irvine, foreign vs American students – don’t forget to cite your source.

        That’s an idiotic claim. I realize your bullshit assertion serves no other purpose than to feel like you need to “step up” and rally around the flag, which is under no threat of being banned at any campus – don’t waste my time, save your brain-dead conspiracy theories for for the tin-hat wearing crowd.

      • Waste their time? If you hate West that much why are you even reading this and bothering to lower yourself to comment?

      • No I answered you. List and numbers can be manipulated to show exactly what you want . Get out in the world and experience it for yourself in person. Open your eyes and ears and engage brain.

      • You answered with a deflection & now you are coming up with an excuse about manipulable stats. But you have ZERO stats to begin with, just BS.

      • What you have yet to grasp is that there are a great deal of people that give a damn, rather a great deal of a damn about the honor of our flag & what it means. I could not give two craps over the stats about the nationality breakdown at UC Irvine or foreign vs American students. This is the U S of A and that’s all there is to it. If some group of pissy student council members vote to ban our national flag they should be banned from their student council. This is the United States of America and they have been programed by morons to hate the very place in which they live. Let them kindly get the hell out if they are so offended by our flag.

        PS I realize that your bullshit moronic comments here serves no other purpose but to help you jerk yourself off but I really feel like maybe you should find somewhere else to do all that – it is disgusting. Moron.

      • Well, the comment regarding stats on the nationality had nothing to do with you, so I guess you don’t have to worry about that, do you? I care a great deal about the flag, too; what I don’t giveashit about is 6 dumb kids who picked a stupid fight. I couldn’t care less if your tin-hat fears are true that 6 kids got brainwashed, since they’ll never affect my life nor this country. That bill was due to get vetoed by saner students the moment it was passed. Feel free to knock yourself out if you feel it’s still an issue. Loosen up your panties. Get over it.

      • Obviously nothing will be effectual to your life as you have provided multiple comments as evidence. This is an open forum and what the hell do you know about what has to do with me fool? Nationality stats have everything to do with a myriad of crap going on in this country but you have your head to far up you third point of contact to even realize that.

        If it’s ok with you that college students are being brainwashed into hating our country then F off.

      • Spare me. If college students are being brainwashed it would be because they were too stupid/weak minded to begin with. Maybe that’s the profile of typical admit to whatever asshat factory you called college; but the UC system has pretty high bar I’m not worried that 6 kids taking a dumb stand represents some kind of threat to the higher education system. You go ahead and worry about it if that’s the kind of simpleton crap that gets the marbles in your head rolling around.

      • Hey Clodman. Are you of the opinion that most college campuses are not infested with LIEberal dogma? Get out of the home once in a while and go to one. And then talk to some of the profs or just listen in on a class. Better yet, go online and check university class catalogs. Here ya go you dope. Check out the classes at Berkeley…………

      • Better yet, do your own work and go thru the schedule of classes yourself and bring back the list of classes for us. FYI, the enrollment at Berkeley is well over 30,000 & they offer hundreds of classes per semester, easily more than 1,000 – so you are going to need to come up with more than few examples to show there is some kind of “infestation” going on.

        Good luck, you’re going to need it.

      • Screw you libtard. Your precious universities these days do nothing but infect kids with their leftist crap. Do you ignorantly think Berkeley is any different know than in 1967?

      • you keep harping on just 6, are you so dumb that you believe these 6 did this by themselves , no imput from others, if so you need more help than you can get here, see a professional

    • Typical over-reactive mouth breather that you are you have failed to comprehend the issue at hand. Shut the F up you moron.

    • Your supporting communism says a lot about you. When others stand up for USA, your remarks clearly show you are part of the problem. Guess there are more out there who are destroyers then we realize, but it does not mean we will not fight you. There are more students and professors showing up every day and sitting back saying nothing allows more to occur.

      • I’ve never supported communism & if that’s what you got out of that post then you’re too stupid for me to say anything more to you.

      • Then leave dumbass – people are not understanding you. Learn how to communicate, better yet just go away.

      • Good – it’s past your bedtime little troll boy – go get your jammies on and get in bed. Don’t forget to go potty you know that problem you have with bed wetting and all – tsk.

      • If I do potty I’ll save it for you & AWest so you can dramatize it and make it the next big issue facing the nation.

      • What appears to be missing in your thought process is the symbolism the flag or the National Anthem represents. To belittle anyone who stands up For the American Flag against those who want to diminish or eliminate it is offensive to all races who have died protecting it and to those of us who love it. It matters if they are 6 misguided students, a few leftist Professors or people like you who seek to degrade and destroy!

      • typical reply from limited knowledge. Every one is stupid but you. Based on WHAT you posted, you definitely are not aware of total affect USA is receiving from colleges, as well as obama administration and democrat party. If blame not assigned to those involved, they will continue. Your words have meaning, even if you do not know what that meaning is.

      • I don’t think YOU should be calling anyone else stupid! if you want to see stupid I’m sure you have a mirror!

    • While you rant to others to cite their sources, you don’t cite your own. That staff to student ratio is pretty high.

    • Because the academics in charge of the schools are also communist and are bent on indoctrinating us and our kids into marxist ideals and thought processes. Nikita Kruschev is loving this.

      • I absolutely agree. They’ve been indoctrinating America’s youth since the 60’s with the Dialectical Process.

      • I had the shock of my life when one of my 14 year old trumpet students actually sat in his lesson defending communism. His mother a lecturer/professor at a couple local colleges is indoctrinating the kid at home. Pretty scary when a 14 year old is defending marx.

      • These people do not live in the real world. They live in a world where ideas work on paper but do not take in the variables of humans. Nirvana is what they want to create, where everyone works for the common good and there is no greed, and everything is unicorns and flowers. No commonsense and no conception of how people always find a way to turn a good idea into a scam. This is not a perfect world and never will be. If they think communism is so great go to Russia for a couple of years.

      • You’re ABSOLUTELY right, Pam! They know that Russia and China couldn’t make Communism work, but they think they’re smarter, they’re the educated ones who can do it RIGHT! It’s absolutely terrifying how they have been so brainwashed into thinking they can do what can’t be done.

      • America’s youth are being indoctrinated at younger and younger ages. And yes, it’s VERY scary! They are little sponges, soaking up everything they’re being fed by those they trust!

  14. Explain to me please how being the melting pot society that we are, and taking in people’s of all races and ethnicities, along with giving millions of dollars, and some case’s the lives of our son’s and daughters while fighting for or liberating others from oppression makes us and our country racists.? The stars and stripes are the symbol of our nation, and has nothing to do with being racists. HEY u.c. Irvine. ARE YOU STUPID.
    Be thankful that you have the right to voice your opinions. In some countries you’d probably get shot just for being stupid.
    And you professor’s. Thanks for showing your true liberal colors. Remember that just because you have the right to voice your opinions doesn’t mean you should. (:. IDIOT’S (:

  15. What is happening to the USA now that Obama has come into power! Attacking our flag? What is it that America is doing to the rest of the world? Are we beheading people? Seems to me that everybody is running over themselves to come here for what we stand for, and yet when they get here they try to turn it into the third world country that they escaped. Stay at home, why come here just to take advantage of all that we offer and turn around and then hate us for it? That is just insanity!

      • Yes you are right. Until Obama took office, in my adult years, I have never seen so many established institutions take a stand against a symbol of America. These institutions certainly don’t have any problem in accepting taxpayer money. Anyone that finds our flag offensive needs to move themselves to another country. That flag is soaked in the blood of people that have defended this country and is a symbol of what the USA is.

      • Right. Please list all the “many established institutions” that have taken a stand against the flag. Long list, I take it? Keep in mind that 6 kids on some obscure student board doesn’t define an institution. Please list all the institutions that, in some official capacity, chose to “take a stand against a symbol of America”.

        I’m sure I won’t be waiting long. And I’m sure you won’t simply change the subject and forget to include the list in your response.,

      • You are the college oriented person that cannot simply open your eyes and see and hear what is going on all around you. If it is not a number on a page it doesn’t have any relevance? That is a unreal academic point of view. Manipulating numbers on paper is extremely easy to make them come out in
        favor of anything you want. Just like political polls . To answer you question, no I don’t have ” numbers” but I do have my eyes and ears open and know what is going on around me in the last 40 yrs. The attitude of this country has changed to almost 100% from patriotic to banning the flag from public buildings. Get out of the class room and your own circle of acolytes and see what is going on in the real world.

      • Didn’t ask you for 40 years. You wrote “Until Obama took office, in my adult years, I have never seen so many
        established institutions take a stand against a symbol of America”

        That’s only 6 years. So, give us a few names of established institutions that have taken a stand against the flag. Shouldn’t be hard you, especially if it’s so obvious that it merely requires having ones “eyes and ears” open”.

        I have a feeling we could wait another 40 of your years and not get a legit answer.

      • obama is acting more against USA then all presidents combined. obama openly disobeying laws and Constitution. Either stand up FOR USA or you are no longer a patriot, no longer a citizen, no longer allowed to claim benefits, no longer under protection of Constitution. As a roll model, obama is encouraging disobeying our laws and Constitution, supporting riots, supporting invasion of country, insurrection, a true traitor without any one removing him from office and power.

      • No not generic and witless at all – you stupid liberal. Wake up, the whole world does not walk through life with their head up their ass like you.

  16. How about we just deport anyone who hates American, hates our flag, thinks our soldiers are rampaging murdering racists, hates police officers, hates the United States Constitution…. maybe we could send them to Cuba, North Korea, China or Iran?

      • I’d be interested in knowing, who is it that you consider to be such “intolerant morons” that you feel such intolerance for that your own subjective, self perceived intellectual and moral superiority grants to you the right to call them “intolerant morons”?

        Contrary to what you may believe, a hypocrite is not just a fellow who isn’t himself on Sunday morning. More often than not, a hypocrite is one who accuses others of what he, himself (or she, herself) is guilty of while pretending that he or she is innocent of the same offense. There are few things on the planet that are more intolerant, or intolerable, than hypocrites. They are very easy to spot. They are very slow and lazy at reasoning and very swift at personal insults, name calling, and passing judgment while claiming to hate judgementalism. In a nut shell, they are pretenders who feed their own egos with their personal, made up pretentions.

      • That got pretty boring before the first sentence was done. I didn’t bother with the rest – though I’m sure it was something that wouldn’t have added anything of value to the thread. That’s saying something considering the kindergarten-level banter that you knuckleheads bounce off each other all day.

      • I’ll bet you’re every bit as much of an arrogant, insufferable, judgemental, insulting, intolerant and intolerable little twerp in real life as you are on the internet. ROFLMAO.

        I’d be happy to stick around and argue with you just to help you grow up, but It’s late, I’m just going to go on to bed and hope you find some satisfaction in your life before you frustrate yourself to death. LOL

        I sincerely hope that you have a cat that ignores you :o) (I was going to say I hope you have a dog that loves you, but you strike me as the kind of guy who’s probably into kicking puppies around…. hmmm…come to think of it, if I had a dog as sweet as you, with your attitude, maybe I’d kick the hell out of it myself) LOL

        Good night, oh self loving one.

      • ROFLMAO, LOL, LOL, :o) ?

        Ha, well I’m glad I didn’t waste much time in an “argument” with what’s apparently a high school girl. Good night, hope you got all your homework done.

      • I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard those same insults from people who think they are original thinkers. LOL

        I’ll be the easiest part of being you is that any time you want to know who’s really impressed with your intellectual prowess or dazzled by your BS, all you have to do is look in a mirror. LOL

        Good night, little one. hey.. don’t let your intolerance turn you into such a moron that you can’t find your way back to the huffington post. LOL

      • Yeah, good night…again. Do you mean it this time? Sorry if calling you a hs girl kept you up for the past hour & you needed to come back and get the last word in. LOL, TTYL, Zzz.

      • I agree completely. The liberals aren’t even aware they’ve been brainwashed by the institutions they defend. They are destroying America and loving every minute of it.

      • Are you aware that fleas can jump two or three feet into the air, but if you put a dozen fleas in a shoe box and shut the lid for a while, when you take the top off, they won’t jump any higher than the edges of the box? Are you aware that if you put an elephant on a chain and stake it down that after a while, you can replace the chain with a string and the elephant will not wander far enough from the stake to break the string? That’s how you raise a liberal, same process. Confine them, restrict their thinking, tell them they can’t do anything about it because someone else has put a chain on them and staked them down, someone else has put a ceiling above them that they can’t break through… and when they are convinced, they won’t even try to move freely or climb higher…. and for those who do… are you aware that if you put one sand crab in a shallow container, it’ll crawl out, but if you put a dozen of them in there, every time one tries to crawl or climb out, the rest will drag it back down. That’s how you keep liberals on the left side of the fence…. As that paragon of liberal fallaciousness, Hillary Clinton observed: It takes a village to subvert and pervert the thinking of everyone else’s children. It doesn’t start in college. College is just where they fine tune arrogance, ignorance and self-righteous sanctimoniousness liberals who are just becoming adults into useful idiots who support communist agendas. The perverting and subverting actually begins at home, in front of the television set, or the pc, continues on from k-12 and by the time they get to college, they are ripe fruit, ready and willing to fall into the hands of socialist, communist or homosexual harvesters.

        “Let me write the songs of a nation. I do not care who writes it’s laws” ~ Andrew Fletcher, Scottish philosopher.

        Liberals are just a bunch of pied pipers, piping tunes that please the ears of the ignorant and to those who will not hear, they are like children themselves sitting in the marketplace and saying “We have piped for you and you have not danced, we have mourned to you and you have not wept” … therefore, we will sue you, bully you, harang you, call you names, steal the minds of your children and hate you, all the while demanding that you recognize the justice of our loving tolerance .. you narrow minded, judgemental bigots!”

        The difference between a liberal and a rattlesnake is that you can deal with a rattlesnake in proper accordance with his venom (so long as there are no liberal animal rights nuts around)

      • “If you want to know a conservatives take on an issue, you ask them what they think about it. If you want to know a liberals take on an issue, you have to ask them how do they feel about it.” ~ Rush Limbaugh.

        You’re right… liberals only FEEL like they have thoughts. I can only surmise that incoming programing causes them to have shivers down their legs and they mistake that for thinking.

    • Amen! This country gives you the right to voice your opinion, agreed. Why would anyone want to live here and totally had everything that was American? That is biting the hand the feeds you.

  17. Cease all funding of colleges that support the destruction of USA. Defund obama; no more funding of Air Force One; defund michelle. Living expenses no longer includes trips, only expenses of living. Probably other official expenses being paid that are supporting treason or acts against the people that should not be paid.

  18. Spot on, Col West! Today’s “far left progressive socialist America haters” are pretty much the same as yesterday’s “hippies and pukes”.

  19. Those of you that didn’t believe that the university system in this country was indoctrinating your children into the progressive/leftist/communist/socialist movement, this should open your eyes.
    I’ve never been so insulted by an institution and I think we ought to ban watching or going to any March Madness games until such time as they come to their senses and realize that the American flag represents freedom. Freedom to worship, freedom to have an uncensored press, freedom to protect your family, and freedom to become whatever you want to become. There is nothing racist about it, and these morons on the left have total control of your kids, and your paying them tens of thousands of dollars a semester to brainwash them to the leftist ideology.

    • Yeah, total control over all those kids . All 6 of them. On a campus of 30,000. That .02% of the campus that has been indoctrinated under this vast and overwhelming conspiracy. What happened to the other 99.98%? Oh, I get it (wink) >> Manchurian Candidates? We won’t hear from the other 29,994 students until they’ve infiltrated everything and can deliver the death blow and steal all the flags, all the freedoms, and shoot down all the bald eagles.

      Get a grip.

      • You are a piece of work. I would bet you’re a college professor who hasn’t left the campus since you ran there to get out of going to Vietnam.

      • Sarah Palin would love you. But you would be the smart one of that pair – though only by a slim margin..

      • Does your mommy know you’re on the internet again?

        You really need to brush up on your insult abilities… you need to work hard at it as you evidently have zero talent for it. Your BS is somehow even less substantial than the gas passed by a cow on a windy day. LOL

        Juvenile insults just seem to spill out of you like a third grade punk bully picking on smarter kids. LOL

      • If you can’t beat them intellectually, just yawn at them, huh?

        I’ll bet you yawned all the way through kindergarten, didn’t you?


      • Yeah, I had to throw in the towel on that one. You set an all-time intellectual high bar for with a post about cows farting. Be sure to get a screen cap, frame it, and hang it up in your office to your diploma. Well done, sir 😉

      • hey, we both know the cow comment was a whole lot more original, and entertaining than your “little girl” comments. But I do want to apologize to you for setting the intellectual high bar so high that you didn’t have a chance and forcing you to throw in the towel like that. (Well, actually, the truth is, being an old guy with no one in the house, I have to admit that I have found you somewhat entertaining, in a “Gilligan’s Island” kind of way. Thank you for that uh… sir?)

      • Don’t waste time apologizing when you should be patting yourself on the back & clearing that space on the wall.

      • I’m sure you pat yourself on the back enough for both of us. LOL (beats me why)

        Since you have admitted defeat, I suppose I should admit that I think we might both enjoy a good intellectual argument in person. I know I would. You seem so…. unarmed.

      • Unfortunately (for your proposed debate), as a man I think it would be a terrible idea to meet up with a high school girl from an online forum (or anywhere really). Bad judgment, bad ethics, probably illegal. No interest. Though I’m sure it would have great to have a scholarly debate with things that interest you such as bovine flatulence, kicking puppies, & Ricardo

      • I may have gotten the award for the intellectual high bar, but you get the award for best comedy act. Your turn to get a screen cap (what ever that is) and clear a spot on the wall.


        I see you do know who was the main star in Fantasy Island, but really, I wasn’t thinking of Ricardo Montalban. I was thinking you’re more of a “Tattoo” kind of guy…. you know, long on fantasy and short just about any where you care to run a tape measure…

        (I gotta quit, this strikes me as pretty funny, but it’s getting out of hand)

      • The Democrats don’t know how to deal with a woman who isn’t evil to the core. All they can do is make false claims about her for stupid people to lap up.

      • Nahh … little conan is a professional student who doesn’t want to graduate because he loves sucking on the hind teet of academia.

      • Perhaps you should get a grip. Most universities are liberal if you deny that then you need to do some research.

      • If I deny that? lol, whatever. Many universities have a strong liberal presence, many don’t. The stupid idea is the notion that kids are being indoctrinated & that it’s being conducted by socialists and communists. Right wingers whine about how any little thing that happens, the Democrats cry racism. Well, that’s exactly what right extremists do whenever anything/one disagrees with their POV: “leftists! communists! socialists!”. The little boys who cry ‘wolf’.

      • Name me ten universities that aren’t liberal, I can only think of one, and it is Hillsdale College in Hillsdale Michigan. Yes we throw the words socialist, communist around, because your ideologies are closer to that than they are to being democratic, but no where near the way you liberals throw racism in our faces. Fergusson was NOT about race to begin with, but your liberal buddies, Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, and the great goatfcker made it about race. This was about a cop doing his job, nothing more. When you cry racist, its because your looking for it everywhere, the same with us calling you socialist, but I believe that’s closer to the truth than when you cry racism.
        You do realize that racism is pretty much non existent among our children right? Our kids are NOT racist in any way. The parents may be, but our kids aren’t because they’re interacting each and every day with people of different races, and nationalities. They embrace them, they judge a person by who they are not on skin color. You older leftist, SOCIALIST, cry race because that’s the great fall back.
        This ends my time spent with you. I’ll agree to disagree with you and we can go our separate ways.

    • I agree … it’s past time for Americans to wake up and not let their kids to go schools that allow that kind of stuff. Parents should investigate every school their child is interested in attending, to find out how many of that child’s professors are lunatic liberals.

      • Best university for true conservatives is Hillsdale College, Hillsdale Mi. They also offer free online Constitution courses, both 101 and 201. These are not for the stupid inclined. They also offer free online US History courses. Look them up, I highly recommend them.

    • Just a thought, how can the Stars and stripes be racist and the Confederate flag also be deemed racist? The Federal Flag was flown and stood for the fight for freedom. Of course history studied in depth will tell you it was not solely about slavery, on both sides. Now having said that I know that this is coming into popularity because of international students. My opinion is if they are immigrants then that is the flag they are pledging their loyalty to. If they are here on visas, then they are in a country that owes them nothing but curtsey as visitors. If they are illegal, they need to go home.

      There was a time that the USA flag was flown in state and Federal buildings, and was just as much of the foundation as the stones that held that building strong. Privately and public businesses also flew her with pride.

      • You hit the nail on the head Pam. The problem as I see it is that universities, being subsidized by the government is being blackmailed, or extorted, which ever way you want to look at it into indoctrinating students instead of TEACHING them. Our countries history is fascinating, its enlightening and yet they refuse to teach it honestly calling the Boston Tea Party a TERRORIST ACT. Really? Give me a break, this is what we’re up against.
        Illegal ALIENS, not immigrants because that infers a certain amount of legality to them, need to be deported. If they refuse to leave when caught by ICE, then shoot them on the spot.

      • What probably is the biggest threat to America that most people do not realize, is the deliberate fanning of the flames of racial hatred and division. These young people have no idea what freedom really means. So many of them do not realize at what a price it was paid for in blood and death. They believe it is a birthright, not a gift.
        Now we have this horrible event in Ms of a Black person hanging from a tree. I hate to sound like a alarmist and cry the sky is falling. But I fear that it is. These events are either by design or used to inflame and worsen relationships. A race war is on the horizon, which is going to lead to martial law being declared. This administration is pushing that agenda more and faster each day. They have less than 2 yrs to overthrow our government and constitution.
        Mob mentality knows no reason, and thing are not what they seem. We are hurtling toward disaster and the pawns in this life and death game are not realizing that they are duped into a deadly role. They are people that are being manipulated by the master puppeteers in DC.

      • Your right about mob mentality Pam, but not about martial law. As much as this narcissistic goat fornicator is chomping at the bit to do so, he doesn’t have the autnority, and more importantly the man power to carry it out. Look at it this way. Do a search for all military forces each country of the world has. I could save you the time and tell you its around 35 million men, TOTAL. This includes the UN’S peacekeeping force, all cops in the USA. How and where is he going to get the manpower to control 340 million pissed off Americans, 100 million of which own multiple firearms and tens of thousands of rounds of ammo. Many of us veterans who know how to fight. Kinda makes you wish the narcissistic, delusional sociopathic nut job would try something like that doesn’t it?

      • You made me laugh. I have a never say never rule, but I know one thing, I agree with you on the vets and I know this is true with Law Enforcement because I am retired patrol sergeant with 20 yrs. I also have stated that true American Military and no Veterans would turn on the American public. For LE that would be their neighbors, friends and family. No way! I also know one more thing, that as long as I am breathing, I will be right in the middle of the fray. I also was trained as a first scrub in surgery. The only entity you mentioned that I see as a wild card is the UN. But I am with you brother, bring it on! Would not be the first time someone has tried to kill me, and this is without a doubt, worth dying for.

      • Amen Pam, keep the faith that this country will stand. Dictators come and go, but the spirit of the fighting American will never die.
        As for the UN, well golly those shiny blue helmets make for a nice target.
        How stupid is that anyway? Blue helmets, yeah, they blend:) LMBO

      • Again, that is just too funny. Since I don’t take them seriously, hadn’t really thought of it like that. I have always looked at them as observers and something that slaps the palm of the hand to say bad boy, tisk tisk. Peace Keepers, what a joke.
        Don’t worry, I bleed red,white and blue. But then I am a country girl in what I maintain is the backbone of what is the real America.

      • and I have news for you franken biker he has already started the taking over of city police forces, an as for being unable to declare Marshall Law what other part of the constitution has he fallowed? none! he has taught the IRS the use of automatic weapons has bought up billions of bullets(last figure I saw was12 billion) has in stalled muslums in our military, fired our generals, now can you explain any of this to the rest of the country, other than the take over of America, if you can please do it?

      • Bob what you say is true, but no matter what or where he gets the manpower to declare and more importantly ENFORCE martial law is another thing all together. Read the post, the numbers I quoted were from Wikipedia. All total there aren’t enough people serving in all military’s from all countries around the world that will match up to the number of Americans that will fight tooth and nail to kill these fckers where they stand.

  20. Perhaps those far left zealots should become part of Mexico. The anti-God, anti-American, anti-Constitution anarchists don’t deserve the Liberty, Freedom, and Rights our Founders fought and died for.

  21. This is an easy one to resolve…
    Since the U.S. flag is deemed “racist” and might be “offensive” and not wanting to offend their Liberal sensitivities, remove ALL possible U.S. causes, like flags, Federal subsidies and Federal student loan money.
    After all, if the Flag is offensive and is a symbol of what has provided all those other things, simply make them go away as well…

  22. It is NOT racist or even bigoted. It IS on the other hand Nationalist and well it should be as we are IN the United States! ALL Government building should be required by law to fly the American flag as that is who is paying for the building and the salaries of those inside and in the case of this College the US is paying for most of the tuition etc.
    If you do not like going to college under this flag then go to another country and study under their flag. Then go ahead and stay there as we really do not want you in the USA.

  23. Not the whole generation is like this. I’m 14 and very much support the American flag and everything it stands for! Freedom, liberty, the spirit of America!

      • No problem, thank my parents, for showing me what’s right and wrong, and for teaching me why how great it is to be an American citizen, even if many people see different and elect “great” leaders like Obama.

  24. If the schools won’t teach patriotism and love of country, then parents and grandparents need to, and very quickly. It’s a disgrace that this garbage is being pushed in institutes of higher learning. Take control of your children’s minds before they come out of school adults you don’t even like. Anyone who disrespects the Flag of this Country should find a better place to live.

  25. If the American flag is so offensive, then why do they slip across the border to be here. Another thought how come you are going to our schools and have the nerve to complain. If you don’t like it here go back to where you came from. When people come here they come to be American, if not they shouldn’t be here. America love it or leave it. Don’t try to change it.

  26. How college kids get to be so ignorant that they hate that which gave them the freedom to be so ignorant:

    Are you aware that fleas can jump two or three feet into the air, but if you put a dozen fleas in a shoe box and shut the lid for a while, when you take the top off, they won’t jump any higher than the edges of the box? Are you aware that if you put an elephant on a chain and stake it down that after a while, you can replace the chain with a string and the elephant will not wander far enough from the stake to break the string? That’s how you raise a liberal, same process. Confine them, restrict their thinking, tell them they can’t do anything about it because someone else has put a chain on them and staked them down, someone else has put a ceiling above them that they can’t break through… and when they are convinced, they won’t even try to move freely or climb higher…. and for those who do… are you aware that if you put one sand crab in a shallow container, it’ll crawl out, but if you put a dozen of them in there, every time one tries to crawl or climb out, the rest will drag it back down. That’s how you keep liberals on the left side of the fence…. As that paragon of liberal fallaciousness, Hillary Clinton observed: It takes a village to subvert and pervert the thinking of everyone else’s children. It doesn’t start in college. College is just where they fine tune arrogance, ignorance and self-righteous sanctimoniousness liberals who are just becoming adults into useful idiots who support communist agendas. The perverting and subverting actually begins at home, in front of the television set, or the pc, continues on from k-12 and by the time they get to college, they are ripe fruit, ready and willing to fall into the hands of socialists, communists or homosexual harvesters.

    “Let me write the songs of a nation. I do not care who writes it’s laws” ~ Andrew Fletcher, Scottish philosopher.

    Liberals are just a bunch of pied pipers, piping tunes that please the ears of the ignorant and to those who will not hear, they are like children themselves sitting in the marketplace and saying “We have piped for you and you have not danced, we have mourned to you and you have not wept” … therefore, we will sue you, bully you, harang you, call you names, steal the minds of your children and hate you and destroy you if we can… all the while demanding that you recognize the justice of our loving tolerance .. you narrow minded, judgemental bigots!”

    The difference between a liberal and a rattlesnake is that you can deal with a rattlesnake in proper accordance with his venom (so long as there are no liberal animal rights nuts around)

    • It is called brain washing, mind control. The Catholic Church did not try and convert the adult into the church in Mediaeval times. They established schools and invited all to send their children to be educated. The church could shape young minds to their point of view and the church became the law of the land. Same thing happening , just a different institution. Same result.

      • Different institutions, perhaps, but the same spirit. That’s why the “dark ages” are called “the dark ages”. In those days, the Bible was kept chained to the pulpit, as it were. Men and women were not allowed to read it for themselves. When it began to be translated into the language of the common people, in German, in English, the men who translated it were put to death. But when the printing press began to make it available to every man, an enlightenment occurred. Christ ceased to be a tool of oppression and became a savior to them that grew in knowledge of Him, the “divine right of kings and queens” perished and on this continent, a new nation was born, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that, in the sight of God, who created man, all men are equal, and that we are endowed by our creator, God, with certain unalienable rights, among these, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness (the freedom to live by our own conscience, so long as we do not violate the same rights of others. Now we see what “liberalism” or “progressivism” is doing to us. We have a president who operates under the assumption of the divine right of a king, eschewing out Constitution and the idea that it is God who grants rights, and from this, grew the freedom that we in the United States have enjoyed. This is the true source of American Exceptionalism. It has nothing to do with vanity, pride or foolish egoistic or xenophobic thought.

        Liberals believe rights come from government, from the authority of men, as did the Catholic priesthood during the dark ages, so yes, it is the same spirit. And while claiming to believe in and support democracy, they fail to realize that democracy is two coyotes and one chicken voting on what’s for supper. Democracy, without the restraining influence of the belief in something higher than man, to which every man (and woman) is accountable, is just another method of tyranny. They embrace it in the same spirit of the fallen church you mentioned. Neither the historic realities of the Catholic church, nor the spirit of today’s “progressives” and “liberals” negate the divinity of Christ, the author of freedom.

        As it was true of the Catholic church during the dark ages, it is true today of socialism, communism, liberalism, progressivism, homosexual activism, feminism, even the rising tide of radical Islamism, the preaching of the gospel is the absolute, consumat enemy of them all because any belief in any power higher than their own political aspirations that is held by the masses undercuts their power to control.

        Lots of folks, judging the Christian religion by the abuses of it equate the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the atrocities committed in His name as the same thing, as if Christ is the great evil of the world. They do not notice that during the 20th century when more people were slaughtered than in the entire preceding history of mankind, that the men responsible for that slaughter, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Tito, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, not one of them was a Christian and all of them sought to eradicate any and all religious opposition to their tyrannies.

        I sincerely hope that you are not one of those people who believe that Christianity and tyranny are equivalent. Only two things are unchanged in all the history of mankind 1) the Divinity of God and the salvation of them who truly believe in His son, and 2) the nature of evil men and women. Everything else is just appearances. If appearances could not be deceiving, there would be no such thing as modern day American “liberalism”. Using appearances to deceive is what “brainwashing” is all about.

      • No totally a christian conservative. I used that example of starting with the children and raiseing them with the values and principles that the education system wants. The Catholic Church was the biggest offender in history that I was thinking of. I have also read some theories that Islam and the slaughter of people and destruction of artifacts and records could have been the influencing factor in causing the Dark Ages.

      • “… Islam and the slaughter of people and destruction of artifacts and records could have been the influencing factor in causing the Dark Ages.”

        It had not occurred to me that the spread of Islam was in part responsible for the dark ages, but, thinking about it, I would have to agree, yes, it was, indirectly if not directly. The murder, rape and slaughter of Islam as as it overran and conquered Christian lands was the direct cause of the crusades and the crusades, in turn, because of the nature of the war, Christian lands being overrun by slaughtering Muslims, had the effect of consolidating and creating more authority and power in the leadership of the Catholic church. The “dark ages” were a period of centuries where political/religious authorities were in control of the known world of the time. So, yes, I think Islam was responsible for the dark ages, but only indirectly. Directly responsible for it was the Catholic priesthood and the ignorance of the masses concerning Christ.

        For the record, and I know this will offend many people, in my mind, Christian conservatives are the only people in the country who have a true understanding of American history, and that means of America, itself. If we could see each other, I would tip my hat to you, Pam :o)

      • Exactly. And ignorance about the Messiah will cause it to once again flourish in the Middle East and Europe. Obama is importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims into America to tip the scale. Christians in this country better wake up to the danger because it is very near!

      • I tried to reply earlier but ran into some computer problems and don’t know if that reply was posted or not. So, here it is:

        It is not only ignorance concerning the Messiah that is causing our problems. Our founders could not have created these United States if they had not had in depth knowledge and understanding of world history, church history and the history of their own nation (England, at the time) These days, any American history teacher that teaches the truth about our founders, their beliefs, their principles, their devotion to what they called “natures God” or “the God of the universe” will find himself facing tremendous problems from the left. Our founders pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to one another and to the cause of freedom “with firm reliance upon divine providence”… But today, Divine providence is a taboo subject, socially, politically and legally. The result is growing ignorance among the American people, spreading like a metastasizing cancer, like rot in a barrel of apples.

        Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Tito, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, Castro, the leaders of Communist North Korea and the leaders of Islamic states that hate us all would celebrate to see what our educational system, our “news” media, our entertainment industry, our Democrat party and even to many of our churches have become. Those enemies who hate us today are in fact, I am sure, counting on the Democrats in general, the feminists, the homosexuals, the pro-abortionists, the civil unrest created by the likes of Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Barack Obama et. al. to undermine the foundations of America to the point that we crumble like a house built upon the sand. That requires the eradication of the preaching of the Gospel in the spirit of truth, which is the enemy of all our enemies. Sadly, they appear to be succeeding. However, the Christian knows that this is a fallen world and that for all the nobility that may be lots, for the freedom that may be lost, and in spite of the coming oppression sweeping in to fill up the vacuum created by the absence of the truths of the Bible and the knowledge of Jesus Christ, the Christian always looks for a better place than this, and is assured of it’s existence and of the resurrection into eternal life. If the whole world becomes a single kingdom of darkness, the kingdom of light remains and the Christian has the full assurance of hope in that eternal life where all will be as it should be.

      • They also forced Jews to become Catholic or be burned to death at the stake. (Spanish Inquisition) The “Holy” Roman Empire WILL rise again and that is where the False Prophet, spoken of in Revelation, will come from.

  27. “California professors support ban of US flag on campus as racist symbol.”Well, of course they do. Probably 95% of professors in colleges and universities today
    are far-left leaning socialists, Dumbascrap party, liberals. They employ brainwashing techniques on today’s kids to mold them into clones to spew and toe the liberals propaganda. And, the professors have four long years to do it. It works. On this very forum we have liberal, racist creeps attempting to do the same thing. Uncle Suckus, the Black Borg, and his bogus ventriloquist dummy, RifRafael-X have but one goal. To foment disagreement, hatred, and ridicule others. To demean, belittle, and spew their bogus Dumbascrap party propaganda. To destroy this forum. Don’t let that happen.

    • Seems as though it is actually difficult for a conservative professor to gain status at a university or tenure.

      And yes you are spot on friend – Uncle Darkie and his boy Rafael X are nothing but moronic dumbass losers who are powerless in this world and so they come on this forum to run their ignorant mouths as if anyone cares what they think – that is truly the hilarious side of these clowns.

    • Chas you scared me for a minute there I thought you were saying the professors were brainwashed, ( I checked there’s nothing to Wash).

    • These days, just about anything the left doesn’t like garners the label “racist” as they seem to either believe the word is synonymous with “I don’t agree with you/like your opinion” or the belief that the illusion of being ‘offended’ will chill all opposition.

      • Yup, they either throw “racist” or “bigot” out there when they disagree! Nasty pieces of work they are, and USEFUL IDIOTS for Marxism!

    • The cry of “RACIST’ can be sure to be on it’s way when an idiot liberal is losing the debate – it’s a sure thing. They have nothing else to say and nowhere else to go except to call you a racist, a bigot or a hater. Pretty pathetic.

      • Sure, I’m a racist.

        I recognize that there are two races on this planet.

        People and idiots. I am racist against idiots. It appears that these individuals whining at UC Irvine and anybody that complains that ANYTHING is “triggering” them are idiots, and no longer worth the oxygen they are wasting.

  28. Tell the ignorant People this. Soon you want have a country to fly a flag over because it will be taken away from you. Stupidity.

  29. Allen – Here’s to hoping that you are that one courageous American. I would offer whatever my services could be should you decide to run.


  31. Read up on this issue: the vote was to ban ALL flags, not specifically the US flag, from a designated area of the student center. The next level up in student govt. rejected the idea. The US flag never stopped flying at the university. Let me repeat that: THE US FLAG NEVER STOPPED FLYING AT THE UC IRVINE CAMPUS. Yes, it was a dumb idea with flawed logic that lead to the original banning decision (young college kids have been known to be naively reactionary, and there are often a few polarizing professors around to urge them on), but it is hardly representative of the thoughts and behaviors of the UC Irvine campus/admin, or for that matter the rest of the nations universities.

    Of course, I have a university education, so this might be my brainwashed mind regurgitating permanently ingrained leftist, commie, athiest, Kenyan, marxist, Muslim propaganda.

    • No American school should be banning the American flag, period! It sends a negative message… just like burning the American flag does! Our flag should be treated with respect, but Obama has sent such a negative message to all Americans and even other foreign countries… that he himself doesn’t respect America, so it’s no surprise that the youth of today have no pride in this country any more!

    • Even if they didn’t take it down, they wanted to and that’s just as bad if they are Americans, if not send them someplace else to school, we don’t need or want them here, love it or leave it!!

    • You made your point, and well stated, in the first paragraph. There are always a few yahoo profs leading young reactionaries on. Your last paragraph was stated I the perfect condescending, need to point out your education, think you’re smarter than everyone else, form of the typical person who needs affirmation from everyone else.

    • I did read up on this issue, including the student proposal, which specifically mentions the U.S Flag, the only one to be mentioned specifically, and added that our particular flag symbolized ‘imperialism’ and ‘colonialism’.

      No, the flag never dropped, but lest we be fooled, it was already the only flag flying there, the only one specifically mentioned, and the clear target of the proposition.

  32. Do these collage children ( I say children because they aren’t acting like adults)
    know what the flag stands for?
    This is still America and the American flag should hold the respect of all students
    and Professors.

  33. What do we expect? These kids have been brainwashed since elementary school, if parents were truly involved, they would have figured that out a long time ago—

  34. I know a girl that went to a collage for a degree in religion, she was a Christian when she went in. When she came out she was an atheist, Yet she still wanted to teach religion .

  35. I fought for my country so this flag can be flown which represents FREEDOM! It does not represent anything else. If you think it does, you are a mistaken moron. If you think it doesnt represent freedom, then get the “f” out of MY country.


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