The electorate awakens: Gallup poll say government is our biggest problem

ISIS? Global warming? Unemployment? Nope, as reported by CNS News, “a Gallup poll of 1,025 American adults conducted March 5-8 discovered that Americans are more likely to volunteer that government is our “most important” problem as opposed to any other.”

“In the survey, Gallup asked: “What do you think is the most important problem facing the country today.” Eighteen percent responded to the question by expressing dissatisfaction with government, Congress or politicians. Eleven percent said the economy general; and 10 percent said unemployment or jobs.”

I have to ask this question: how many of you believe the economy can be fixed without fixing government? This is almost a chicken and egg-type question because we must ask ourselves, do the second and third ranked problems have a direct correlation to the first? And that leads to an even more interesting question, is the number one problem in America related to the electorate in America?

As I sit here watching various NCAA conference basketball tournaments I’m watching the fans go nuts over their teams — the thrill of the long range three-pointer, the excitement of the alley-oop slam dunk. It appears to me the only thing getting slam dunked in America is the American people.

Here are the full results.


It’s interesting that not even the threat of ISIS and Islamic terrorism is viewed a greater problem that the men and women — whom this nation elects. But do we cheer them on? Seems that is not the case. I found it interesting that poor leadership/abuse of power/immigration came in at 7 percent. I would almost link that category with the top category — minus the immigration — because it relates to the ills of governance in America.

Now, look how far down gay rights is as a problem in America – 1 percent. This is why I am amazed at how the media manipulates the message and addresses issues that lend themselves to identity politics but not those which are the concerns of the greater American people.

I remember once when a CNN host was conducting an interview with me and stated, lets talk about gay marriage — my response was let’s not. It wasn’t a major issue but she was trying to create the sound bite of divisiveness — something that CNN’s Chris Cuomo just recently accomplished with presidential hopeful Dr. Ben Carson.

The American people want leadership — principled, resolute, courageous, convicted, and competent. They want to cheer and rush the court in order to celebrate a championship. After all, if we get so very excited about a basketball game, shouldn’t we want our best players on the court in the game of foreign relations? Don’t we want folks to take the court who are dedicated to our victory?

Right now, this survey says Americans aren’t concerned with whether we’re playing zone or man-to-man defense. They’re not happy with the team, period.

I hope the folks up in Washington D.C. hear the boos and maybe they come to realize the biggest win ain’t on the basketball court — but rather the court of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

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Sandra Dudley

The following is what I think is the biggest problem in this country.

Sue Hogan

I think all the politicians should read the constitution before taking their oath and watch the video.


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Steve Ross
Obama is not stupid. Obama is a Marxist muslim. He was raised by communists,schooled by communists until he went to higher education where he completed his indoctrination into socialism. He is the most dangerous man on the planet and our population is just to stupid to understand the significance of his agenda. He’s a treasonous POS that needs to be indicted,tried and if convicted,executed. With that said and done though,it does not undo what damage he has wrought on the nation. There is a reasonISIS is running wild and Iran gets stronger daily and the reason is that Obama, as… Read more »
Jay Kenney

“Marxist Muslim?” Talk about a contradiction in terms. Keep advertising your ignorance…


The world would be a better place if people who were as passionate as you are about a subject actually took the time to fact check the things that angered them


we are in the end times….


6yrs,, and they haven’t proved anything,
but you wait,,, sit there and wait….

Thomas A. Rice

Oppressive Government that is both incompetent and misguided is our biggest problem. It allows other issues on the world stage to grow and fester.

No way out

The presidents numbers are through the roof. Well done Cotton

Jay Kenney

Of course government is our biggest problem. Every promise the Republicans made in November “to govern” has been broken!

Brenda Dane

mcconnell and all elders must go for the protection of America TERM LIMITS