White high school students barred from attending Black Lives Matter event

As a nation, it appears we’re still not quite there when it comes to having “an honest discussion about race.” And with all the cries for “inclusiveness” it’s not exactly clear how that turns into “exclusiveness” – as occurred recently in an Illinois high school.

On February 27th, as part of Black History Month, Oak Park and River Forest High School organized an event called “Black Lives Matter” – in fact they mattered so much that no white lives were invited.

As the Chicago Tribune reports, “white parents reported that their students were turned away when they tried to attend the Black Lives Matter event. The parents said they were offended that in a school and community that prides itself on diversity and inclusion that students who wanted to attend would be excluded.”

“As of last year, the school’s student population was 55 percent white, 27 percent black, 9 percent Hispanic, 6 percent multiracial and 3 percent Asian, according to the school’s website. The high school’s percentage of black students is more than twice the national average for the black population as a whole, and the percentage of students who identify as multiracial is about six times the national average, according to the U.S. Census.”

Nathaniel Rouse, the school’s (black) principal who organized the event, said it was not intended to be exclusive – although I’m not sure what part of “no white students may attend” would not be interpreted as exclusive.

“Rouse, who has been principal at the school for seven years, said the decision to allow only black students was based in an idea known as affinity grouping. In an affinity group, the philosophy is that students of one racial persuasion are able to express themselves fully and safely.”

Do you think Principal Rouse would call inner city black neighborhoods “affinity groups?” Is a whites-only golf club an “affinity group?”

Birds of a feather do indeed flock together. People of different cultures and interests often do prefer to congregate together. If they choose to do it, it’s an “affinity group,” if they don’t, it’s segregation or a ghetto.

If I go to a Chinese restaurant and see mostly Chinese people eating there, I figure that’s a good sign. After all, they know the food, right? Am I being racist?

The point Rouse was making however is that different groups – whether black, Hispanic or Asian – feel more comfortable voicing their opinions among their own racial peers.

“I found it has been far easier for me to talk about my experiences with racism with individuals that look like me,” he said. “I still struggle myself with talking about my experiences with people who don’t look like me.”

Fair enough. There’s nothing wrong with groups of like-minded people meeting together to discuss their shared experiences. People do it in churches and synagogues every week.

But trying to promote inclusiveness through exclusion doesn’t cut it. You can’t have it both ways.


  1. Charles Manson wanted to start a race war between blacks and whites, and he is a psychopath. I find it frightening that our leaders are following his example and instead of healing, they are continuing to divide.

  2. Bet. Blacks meet.com. united negro college fund . etc.. Black colleges. Black only churches. The list of black separest groups are endless. A white date .com. Or white entertainment TV would be declared a hate group. Havent you ppl figured it out yet?

  3. How can we move forward when we are excluding others in the process? The purpose of a meeting such as this is to get together and learn about our differences and how to work together not against each other… I’ll never understand this… its what our government is doing by not including others in their meetings with Muslim leaders and its happening in our schools and other places… You can’t fight racism with discrimination… but with education….

  4. I just LOVE the way allen (I’m not black, I’m like you) west only show a negative view of black people. The man is filled with SELF HATE!!!!

    • He’s showing a positive view as a role model, veteran and stand up guy holding people accountable. You, on the other hand, sound like one of the guys that screw up their entire life with one bad choice after another, and are looking for somebody to blame.
      Who’s showing us a POSITIVE view of black people ? The ones rioting in the streets of Ferguson because a violent felon got shot ? The people taking to the streets in Madison and spewing hatred into the cameras, because, guess what, a violent felon got shot ?
      Grow up already. If you can’t handle the truth, watch MSNBC instead.

      • How is he showing a positive view as a roll model when he doesn’t communicate with the BLACK COMMUNITY, doesn’t go to the BLACK COMMUNITY and exclusively speak to WHITE FOLKS? The black community doesn’t know who ALLEN WEST is…and that is by HIS choice…not theirs!!!

      • What positive black role models have YOU pointed out punk? You have voice here. Instead of attacking West for not jumping through your hypocritical hoops, practice what you preach. Tell the other race pimp Ruffy to do likewise.

      • Let’s see, Uncle Succubus’s role models would be:
        – Al Sharptongue
        – Jesse Jackson
        – Jesse’s son the Democrat philandering thief, and lest we forget:
        – Screwy Louie Farrakhan–the muzzie scum,
        He could never identify with MLK or Allan West.

      • As if you are showing a positive role model – first off to whom??? Everyone here knows you are a black racist that hates white people and especially hates West. Go ahead and deny it Uncle Darkie – we got your number long time ago.

    • Just a point I would like to make from your statement about Allen West.
      He, like me is from a military background, in my case several generations of military history, where we are taught that skin color and gender do not matter when the skin meets the road. As long as you are not incompetent you matter in our world. If you are incompetent we find another place for you to be. This is not racist or based in racism, it is based on performance and attitude.
      So yes Uncle Ruckus he does promote the “I’m like you” attitude, because it is the right one to take. (BTW it is the one that Paul promoted in his gospels.)

      • Excuse me…but have you been reading the comments on this board? The words KOONS, N*GGERS and APES are used too frequently which makes me come to the conclusion that ALLEN WEST SUPPORTS RACISM. I had a name blocked from this blog because I pointed out that allen west stole his article from a different website BUT use N*GGERS, KOONS and APES here and its just fine!
        Allen (i’m not black, I’m like you) west goes out of his way not to show the positive but only to highlight the negative about the black community or black people in general.
        This is while he is doing this he doesn’t bother to try to help, communicate nor use himself as a example to black youth. He talks to a exclusive WHITE audence. We call that SELF HATE!!!

      • U.R., you are the perfect example of what’s wrong in our society that is so easily upset by race baiters such as yourself and then grotesque humans; Sharpton and Jackson. Unfortunately, I understand you. If any black person says anything against any black person, they are considered an Uncle Tom by the liberal black community, who by their very racists views, hold any number of blacks from realizing their full potential because people like you demand they follow the prescribed race line.

        Fortunately, we have been blessed with any number of black leaders that are not afraid of your bigotry and constant name calling and become successful in spite of of your insulting race requirements.

      • WOW…I mean just WOW….you have people calling black people N*GGERS and KOONS and APES and you want to compare that with someone being called a uncle tom?? You would think a BLACK MAN wouldn’t stand for that type of stuff to take place but allen proves once again….”I’M NOT BLACK….I’M LIKE YOU

      • He calls West the term Uncle Tom which is just the same as calling him N*gger. He is a racist and a hypocrite.

      • It’s really a shame you do not understand concepts. In very simple terms so even you can understand, it is the impact that words have on an individual. To reference your own “N*GGERS and KOONS and APES” as used by anyone not black, instills a sense of anger and triggers the fight of flight response.

        On the other hand, within the black community, calling a black an uncle Tom sends the message of someone who has sold out their race and must not, under any circumstances, be followed.

        Therefore, any successful black man or woman that has become successful and does NOT ascribe to the “hood” mentality is an uncle Tom. The mere branding a successful black person thusly, restricts any black person from the pursuit of any life other than that of being a perpetual victim.

        While I may not be black, the school I attended in grades 1 though 8 was 70% black. My best friend in the military was a black man. To this day I have dear friends who
        are black, have worked side-by-side with black men and dealt with many black
        customers is a business environment, so, do NOT tell me, at the age of 73, I don’t know anything about the black experience.

        Some advice from a cracker, popcorn, bird turd, bleach boy, boogie man, caulkie, conky, Crisco (and dozens of other) words used by black to denigrate whites, do a little homework. Here is one suggestion:


        written by Berkeley linguistics professor John McWhorter (who happens to be black), born at the dawn of the post-Civil Rights era, spent years trying to make sense of this question. Now he dares to say the unsayable: racism’s ugliest legacy is the disease of defeatism that has infected black America. Losing the Race explores the three main components of this cultural virus: the cults of victimology, separatism, and antiintellectualism that are making blacks
        their own worst enemies in the struggle for success.

        Let me know when you have something intelligent to say beyond pure racist one-liners.

        It is people EXACTLY like you that perpetuates the divide.

      • If you are calling people those names …you are actually referring to all black people…including ALLEN WEST!! But…if ALLEN WEST wants to be considered a N*GGER…thats his choice

      • So really you are just complimented West LOL and yes I read the book but the difference is that I fully understand it.
        This so perfectly lays it out for you dumbnuts:

        comes from the novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin, written as a novel against
        slavery in the mid-1800s. Ironically, in the book, Uncle Tom was not
        what we would think of as an uncle tom today. He was perfectly willing
        to fight against ‘the man’ and to offer resistance in little ways.

        Today, in our society, there is almost nothing worse for an
        African-American to be called by another African-American, than an Uncle
        Tom. It means he has given in to the whites and to white society. It
        mean he has given up the struggle for pride and self-value.

        Like calling a white a racist, it is a title that is very very difficult
        to over-come, because it is impossible to disprove, and it doesn’t
        matter if it is accurate or not.

        African-Americans who are political conservatives or Republicans are
        often called Uncle Toms. It doesn’t matter that the truly believe that
        African-Americans might get a better deal by working hard and
        self-reliance, rather than seeking hand-outs, it’s all about perception,
        rather than reality.

        Cant’s really argue against any of it.
        People like YOU are against your own for doing well. You will always call them Uncle Toms. You are a racist.

      • Again just so you make sure you hear me:

        Uncle Tom is the exact same thing as calling someone a N*gger you jacked up racist.

      • Like calling a white a racist, it is a title that is very very difficult
        to over-come, because it is impossible to disprove, and it doesn’t
        matter if it is accurate or not.

        Keep going with your racism against West. It is so predictable. Almost expected really from someone such as yourself. Despite the fact that it is untrue, you keep up with now, ya hear? Keep on with your racism against a black man who has done much better than you ever will.

      • Allen West uses those words on this website? Wow, I had no idea. Do offer links, though, so we all know you’re on the up and up and not prevaricating.

      • LOL you pathetic animal! Have you been kicked off for all of your attacks on West? You malignant hypocrite. Now you know why I call you vile names you slob.

      • KOONS, N*GGers & APES – KOONS, N*GGers & APES – KOONS, N*GGers & APES – KOONS, N*GGers & APES
        KOONS, N*GGers & APES – KOONS, N*GGers & APES

        KOONS, N*GGers & APES

        They are only words you dumbass uncle darkie and West never uses them – so your “conclusions” as to what he supports are jacked up as usual. This is an open forum, deal with it or stop crying like a big stinky baby.

      • ALLEN WEST SUPPORTS RACISM…think I’ll go create a facebook page and post all of these comments

      • So do you – you call him Uncle Tom and denigrate every person who is critical of Obama. Make sure you put those posts on your new facebook page LMAO

      • That is right and very correct. West does not care about your race period. He cares about what you do.

      • I have neither the time nor the inclination to spell out how wrong you are. Your line “I’m not black, I’m like you” shows your feeble thinking. Maybe if we all started thinking we were Americans and got rid of the labels like blacks and whites we could see things a little more clearly.

      • I just went through all of the comments and you are the only one that has posted those derogatory names on this thread, which leads me to ask you a question, how is it that black people can use such an ugly word to each other all the time yet they take offense to it if a white person says it?? The “n” word is an ugly derogatory word NO MATTER who says it. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10153074162914767&fref=nf

      • Answer the question pimp. how is it that black people can use such an ugly word to each other all the time yet they take offense to it if a white person says it?? The “n” word is an ugly derogatory word NO MATTER who says it.

      • Yes why don’t you work on black people using the N word uncle darkie? You want that word to go away you better start with your own kind.

      • He is the only one who brings it up – no one else uses it until he starts up with it all – he is a racist and he don’t even know it, and that is true.

      • So when those college kids were calling people N*GGERS…guess that was because black people didn’t show respect! What a STUPID thing to say…but I’m glad you try to justify RACISM!!

      • Mr West has reported on all kinds of subject matter, good and bad, about blacks and whites, if you don’t like his site or his subject matter I suggest you go dwell under some other web site, THE ONLY REASON YOU COME HERE AND HAVE BEEN HERE IN THE PAST (NUMEROUS TIMES)IS TO LURK AND WAIT TO POST NEGATIVECOMMENTS. ie: TROLL http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troll_%28Internet%29

      • He is a Black military retired conservative, I would think he is pretty satisfied with his life and he has spoke up for his race before, I think it’s sour grapes on your part.

      • Since he has spoke up for his race before….please provide the link….the ONLY thing i’ve seen him comment on was the BUNDY ranch situation and his followers almost LEFT because he supported being BLACK!!

      • Blacks are dumb, seriously you don’t know this already? LOL

        of course there are exceptions, but to you they are just Uncle Toms and hate their own race LMFAO

    • people are people – every racial group has its share of fools – dont label an entire group white or black based on the actions of the inevitable subset of dicks.

    • Then you show the positive view. Wait! My bad! That would mean you would have to cite all the uncle toms you pimps detest.

  5. All this coming from a man with so much self hate that he supports the racism that takes place on his OWN BLOG!!! SUCH A DISGRACE!!!!

      • stop with the monkey bullshit!!! f-ing racist ass bastards! you are not making any points but that you are part of the problem.

      • Screw you right in your @pe loving mouth pig. I’ve seen some of your leftard posts. Phhfukk off.

      • WRONG!!! I don’t use the term UNCLE TOM because if you had read the book “UNCLE TOM’S CABIN” you would know that UNCLE TOM was a HERO!! Would not compare a DISGRACE like Allen West to a HERO…not even a fictional HERO!!

    • That means you would have received a article 15’s, lost rank and pay like those that served with him the night of the incident that got him RELIEVED OF COMMAND! Please do not disrespect the uniform by saying you would serve with a officer that was RELIEVED OF COMMAND!

      • Don’t ever talk to me again. You have no clue what war is like. I spent 39 months in Iraq and I agree 100% with what LTC West did and so does every soldier I know. LTC West saved American soldiers lives bottom line. The only thing we care about is the man to our left and right, that’s it. I gave 15 years of my life and my health, as I am now disabled due to deployment injury. So, don’t ever say I am discrediting the uniform, because I bleed for it.

      • You’ve earned the right to take your stance. And doing the right thing sometimes incurs the ire of those higher up the chain.

        Thank you. And I’m sure your comrades-in-arms say the same.

        Point of information: Article 15?

      • As I am current a Company Commander, this is easy for many Service Members to explain. Article 15 is the military’s way of punishing their Soldiers without going to Court Martial. There are three types. 1) Summarized, nothing more than a glorified counseling statement that says you messed up and I am going to take your time away from you. 2) Company Grade Article 15, for more serious offenses but is held by the Company Commander (an Army Captain or equivalent). Punishiments can range from personal time taken away, pay taken, and rank reduction. 3) Field Grade Article 15, most serious offenses without going to a Court Martial. Usually held at the battalion command level. More personal time taken, increased amount of pay and more rank can be taken at this level.
        This is a very basic explaination of the break down of what an Art 15.

      • He is an old tired negro looking for someone to argue with while he promotes Obama LMFAO!

        Ignore him or insult him, either will do.

      • LOL Articles 15 are pretty much a dime a dozen; if you weren’t at least THREATENED with one in the military, you never stood up and did the right thing, consequences be damned. Even so, I seriously doubt that EVERYone who ever served with LTC West got one…OR lost rank…OR lost pay.

      • I personally was not as I simply didn’t have the rank to make those sorts of calls, but I’ve seen plenty of good people who were. For example, my husband was threatened with an Article 15 for allowing a private to visit his wife and newborn baby. The private was replaced at his duty station and was gone only a few hours. The brass didn’t like said private and wanted to deprive him of a privilege extended to others similarly situated. My husband thought they were being unfair and risked his rank over it. If you’ve never seen politics in the military, you never served, Mr. Strawman.

      • Strawman?
        Next time you use an insult, make sure you know what it means so you use it in the proper context, without looking foolish.
        I’m well aware of the politics that go on in some units. Sorry your hubby was in one and sorry he f’ed up.

      • LOL You REALLY don’t like being called out on your logical fallacies, do you? Those who resort to such rarely like it when someone recognizes and calls attention to their failures in logic, so you’re certainly not alone there. Speaking of your fallacies…your disingenuous “apology” aside, my husband made no mistake (what you refer to as ‘effing up’). There are people who are willing to stand up and do the right thing, regardless of popularity, corruption, indifferent leadership or personal risk. Others are unable to think for themselves, have no honor or moral compass and are unable to determine for themselves right from wrong or whether they ‘effed up’; those are the unfortunates of the “I was just following orders” ilk. Some have followed orders (right or wrong) and popular opinion for so long that they aren’t even able to recognize in others the noble and honorable characteristics they themselves so sorely lack.

      • Thats what I love about you LOONS…you try to turn the dishonorable HONORABLE and BAD…GOOD….if you read I said the night of the incident…all of those people that served under him GOT ARTICLE 15’s, lost rank and PAY!!!

      • I don’t know I’m still trying to find my white privilege – I think it missed a couple of generations

  6. I think it is unfortunate how a few of you are thinking. There is still an extensive amount of racism that happens within our countries and because we have been afforded white privilege for so long we are rattled that now we actually have to work hard to get work or into universities. These options used for work, education , or other situations where visible minorities such as Black, Asian, Hispanic and Aboriginals are also used for the previous mention minorities as well as those with physical, mental, visual, or hearing impaired disabilities are also allowed to use these same options to help them gain an equal stepping stone to compete with the majority of people which are white men and women. So no matter if you care to see it or not, discrimination is fast and growing and continues to create divisions within our society every day, so despite the fact you may or may not want to realize the continue level of racism there is a significant amount of it continuing in our world. The problem is that it is difficult for white people who have had opportunities available to then before and given to them easier than the minority (NOT ALWAYS) but for most part they were, and therefore white individuals were not required to compete or to fight as hard because there wasn’t nearly as much competition as half of society were unable to apply for that position or get into that school, so easier.

    So now all of a sudden its “them” against white people. So many state it is now white people who are in fact the minority. What has to be one of the most ridiculous statements I’ve heard.

    Tom Waltner many of those same issues you bring up are also delegated to those with disabilities, aboriginals, etc so does that then mean the difficulty with men have only (because it appears you have issue for a women looking professional and educated – what a thought an educated and professional women!) you believe men are having trouble being paid thousands of dollars more than women in professional positions equal to that of their counter-parts, women are no longer always stay at home with the children while their husbands are at work and then come home and do nothing. No actually women are working professional high paying (very appropriate wages) and also take care of the home and children, while you men still come home and do nothing. It irritates me when you have problems when educated individuals get paid for the work and what they do and it shouldn’t matter what your sex or ethnicity is. There are just as many flaws in my statement as there is with yours, because not all men at as inconsiderate, ignorant and as lazy as your statements portrays because there are men who do the opposite and stay home with the children or when they come home from work they do all the childcare and home care done equality. White men and women have had an easier access to various opportunities within our country and in our society, but those not white or visibly disabled or have mental health issues are being refused housing solely because of their skin color or their disability, pulled over or questioned by police and/or arrested/imprisoned more again because of the color of their skin or mental health? What about those with disabilities (physical and/or mental), do they have any right to have a slight step up to get work? These issues are not so clear to argue because there are so many inequalities many individuals who are not white face that are so “normal” to the white population we don’t see it as inequality or racism but as someone who is only newly disabled and I am a very highly educated person who paid for every cent of my tuition myself and not on any of those helpful options that you turn your nose up at. Not because I couldn’t or want to, but because I didn’t need to. So don’t paint every person who is different in various ways with the same brush because your making a mistake.

    Listen, my intent is to not say your feelings are right or wrong, I am only saying we as white individuals had access to whatever we wanted centuries ago because anyone with color were denied, so we didn’t have to compete for work, income, housing, etc. So now that the black community and other minority groups have been given rights of equality it is now up to our governments, and many other businesses to begin to create that equality. So it may seem “whites are now the minority”, but that is so far from reality.. It is just now we no longer have the easier options we once had. Now those who are black, Asian, Hispanic, disabled (physical/mental, blind, hearing impaired) and aboriginals are being afforded the same rights to these professions, various school programs or speciality degrees and provided the same right and equal opportunity to those same professions, education, housing, etc that you and I as white men and women have always had. I believe this process is only a problem now because your not getting a position because you know someone in management, or getting a promotion because your friends with your white manager. Now you have to met standards and it is not that minorities are given positions that someone who is white has scored higher on their interview than the minority, but it is the minority who get that position because of the ONLY fact they are in a minority. This is ridiculous. If in fact this was true then the person not getting the position could argue their situation or grieve it if in a union. The person of minority may not have scored as high on something as another person, but their background, skill set, written and verbal communication, fit with the office may be better as well as many other factors. People have been saying for years those in minority situations are getting positions over white men and women despite the white male and female being more qualified. This is again ridiculous. Government may need to hire more minority individuals for various positions and it may seem many minorities are being hired over white men and women, but they were under staffed prior and likely were hired over minorities because they were white. Paybacks a Bitch!

    White men and women actually have to compete for these employment opportunities or other employment, professions, schools/speciality/specific programs with more people because it no longer have requirements or demands that automatically removes a black women, disabled woman, or aboriginal man, etc. Steve Merrette I have always been abled bodied and white up until 2 years ago when I ended up in a wheelchair. So before I could apply for any job, go to any restaurant, store, theatre, go to any school, etc. all because I was a white women. Now since being confined to a wheelchair, my work possibilities are almost cut in half, accessibility is extremely poor and am not able to attend many functions with my friends and idiots who say “oh ill only be a minute” and park in handicap parking, block someone like me who comes within that minute and now has to park at the back end of the parking lot because that’s all that’s free, so do you think I should have the same opportunities to apply to schools or jobs as someone with a disability acquiring a step up from others who don’t? Well for black, Hispanics, Asians, and Aboriginals have had to face severe discrimination and outright denial to restaurants, jobs, theatres, etc and to think that still doesn’t happen only really confirms the ignorance of the white privileged you receive everyday. You can turn on the TV and you are more likely to see more white men and women rather than other races and in those shows where black, Hispanic, aboriginals or Asians are shown are usually (not always) in low level, criminal behaviours (acting parts), selling drugs or in gangs, on welfare, etc. Whereas, white man and women are shown to be in high political power within government such as President of a country, powerful business (usually a man), or other successful positions, usually stable financially, educated, and less in positions of lower income, or other hardships like struggling with drugs (maybe alcohol), or criminals, etc.

    I may have repeated myself and if I did I apologize it is very late here in Nova Scotia and I am tired, but I wanted to see if I could get you to recognize the “white privilege” you have had and continue to have, which you will not likely believe because I didn’t believe it either when I was first told, but it is true. We as white individuals are able to access and obtain more options then those who are non-whites or able-bodied. Our society is changing to allow those who have been oppressed for centuries because of their race and/or disability to finally have the same equal rights as their white counter-part. It is unfortunate that the white population is fighting the insertion of equal rights as much as they are because they are/may be threatened their easy access or access to easier opportunities has been removed and now there is an equal pursuit for the position or place in a program (such as the police academy). Just because someone who may received 2 extra points on their point related interview because of their race or disability is not as unfair as you may thin because your history and access to education and programs may likely be completely different then theirs, and may not actually have as much education or skills because of that but those 2 points great an equal balance for everyone and it is at that point people are assessed for positions.

    All I ask is for people to have an open mind, because until I was in a wheelchair I didn’t have a clue how inaccessible this province was or the obstacles or barriers to many things I now face because I am in a chair and unless you knew someone or were that person you have absolutely no idea how oppressed that person is.

    • You raise some valid points.

      I don’t mind competing- part of life.

      I DO mind someone getting preference because they’re (insert protected class here,) and I speak as someone who falls into a protected class (cognitive disability.)

      And yes, preference like that is unfair. It’s institutionalizing bias in another fashion, and that’s just as wrong.

      And last I checked, two wrongs still don’t make a right, and usually make things worse in the long run.

    • “white individuals had access to whatever we wanted centuries ago”

      What planet was that on?

      Centuries ago, Irish were discriminated against by Anglos. Centuries ago, Jews were discriminated against by Christians. Centuries ago, white European Christians were discriminated against by Muslim Arab conquerors (and the reverse, too, of course). White Serbians were discriminated against by white Hungarians. Etc. Etc. Etc.

      Also, at no point in history, least of all “centuries ago”, did ANYONE have “access to whatever they wanted”. Not in feudalist Europe. Not in CZarist Russia. Not in the various European Empires. Not even in the Communist Utopia of the Soviet Union.

    • I am an almost 80 year old VETERAN and I have been saying for the past six years that this nation faces a choice in the near future. ACCEPT UNCONSTITUTIONAL “LAWS” designed to give the minorities power over the white race and re-distribute wealth so the lazy group gets to spend the hard earned wealth of the hardworking Caucasian.


      For the record I AM PART NATIVE AMERICAN!!


      • You want to violently overthrow the government because of a paranoid belief that blacks are being given power over whites?

      • Wrong.
        Don’t be one of those idiots that calls every comment you don’t like a straw man argument… because all that you are doing is showing that you don’t know what a straw man is.

        my question was in direct response to what the previous commenter wrote.
        He wrote that he believes minorities are being given power whites and that we should either accept that or have a violent rebellion.

        So there was no straw man… I was directly responding to exactly what he wrote.

        What is pathetic is that you are bothered by me asking him about it… but you liked his comment calling for civil war.

    • What a crock of crap. I know plenty of blacks who came from crime infected and poverty infested areas. They did fine. So screw the white privilege bull. It’s old, tiring and a flat out lie.

    • See my remarks. The lines are too blurred at this point to make a distinction between black and white, except for a political one. The anthropological morphology has erased any logical argument about racial distinction. Q.V.: Thomas Jefferson’s personal life.

    • Shut the F up & screw that noise – ignorant person no one wants to read your mini thesis on the barriers you face LMFAO

      • Hit a nerve have I? What a joke! It wasn’t a mini thesis you idiot its reality, obviously you have a bit of learning to do yourself.

      • The joke is on you dumbass. No one wants to read your mountain of bull crap. Obviously you have a lot of learning to do LMFAO

      • Zei Ky is right, you know. I saw “white privilege” at the beginning of your mini thesis, realized you’ve never heard of affirmative action and scrolled through PAGES of your comment to move on. This is the internet; ain’t nobody got time for dat!

      • LOL I read the first sentence, saw “white privilege” & 10,000 MORE sentences & declined to read further. Your concise comment made me laugh, though. 🙂

  7. That’s what they should have called segregation in the 1960’s South, “Affinity Grouping”. These educators are clearly indoctrinators and becoming a danger to our children.

    • Yet they are pushing the core teaching on our kids. Just look at the history lessons. They have completely changed the amendments to the constitution. Anybosy look at the math. Wholly smokes who can understand it. Just today the president praised the education in our country.

  8. So, I wonder how black you had to be to go? how did they determine if you were black, was it by color? because if it was that is the definition of being racist. What if a light skinned black man that was raised by white parents tried to come in. Would they let the man in and not the parents? What if a woman from Hawaii wanted to come in, could she attend? Maybe a white woman with 10% black in her blood, that had a tan, would they not let her in because she didn’t have enough “African” features? Would they let this woman in? http://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/29400000/Beyonce-beyonce-29429296-1813-2560.jpg

    • This is an excellent point. It would be impossible to decide and personal appearance would be the only criterion for admission, a totally frivolous and minutely discriminatory process. It is similar to”Is Barack Obama a white dude with a black dad or a black dude with a white mom?” and just shows how stupid we have all become. And, I am pretty sure, at the root of the problem, is a political, not a cultural or anthropological agenda.

  9. I too have noticed the commericals lately..Always the blacks are made to out smart and even bully the white people..I believe in equal rights,but not favoritism..I made a promise to myself to not use anything these commercials promote..

  10. Yet a few whites in a fraternity, on a bus, are secretly recorded acting a bit foolish and the fraternity is shut down, people are expelled – to “send a message”. Lives are ruined. Let’s not mention that the recording was “acquired” by and released by a racist, blacks only, organization by the name of “Unheard”.

  11. People with a white european heritage have been productive generation after generation. That is why they achieved such a dominant position in the world. That being said there are plenty of whites who are dicks, criminals and failures. But it was hard work, courage and resourcefulness that won whites as a whole the success they enjoy. And other races have learned from whites, and to a lessor extent whites have learned from other races. Other races are filled with intelligent and hard working people applying the same principals and experiencing the same success. There is nothing superior about whites – in recent centuries white europeans of successive generations have just tended to be lucky in having a stable and relatively educated childhood – a great advantage in later life. Any racial group given the same advantage would have the same outcome. How do we get everyone there? Attitude as far as I can see. Take responsibility for your own life, stop blaming and complaining and work hard – succeed for yourself or lay the groundwork for the success of your next generation. Every group has more than its fair share of dicks with bad attitudes and actions – whats the point of picking faults and laying blame for their inevitable faulty actions. Work on your own attitudes – appreciate others of whatever color who flower through there own attitudes and hard work – and its all good.

  12. “I am a black male who grew up in the inner city of Atlanta and no one ever followed me in a mall. I don’t recall any doors clicking when I crossed the street. And I never had anyone clutching their handbag when I got on an elevator. I guess having two awesome parents who taught me to be a respectful young man paid dividends.” LIAR!!!!

    • your tee shirt design are horrible – would not put one on a stray dog

      find a designer you deplorable chump and stop razing this site for sales lol

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