Where are the most billionaires?

You’d think cities with the most billionaires (and hence “income inequality”) would be those where eee-vil conservative Republicans control the government and do their best to put their knees on the throats of the proletariat workers.


In the U.S. two of the most left-leaning cities in the nation, San Francisco and New York, have the most billionaires.

And across the globe, it may well be the government that keeps its knees on the throats of the proletariat workers, but it’s more than likely a socialist government.

Take a gander at this chart. Moscow? Beijing? Shenzhen? ISTANBUL?? Not exactly bastions of free-market thought and liberty.

Infographic: The Cities With The Most Billionaires | Statista

Even Paris has a bunch of billionaires – despite the fact that President Francois Hollande wanted to raise their taxes to 75 percent (thankfully, overturned).

It just goes to show you that enterprising individuals – whatever their political affiliation or motives – will find a way to succeed.

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