Selma 50 years later: Real soul-searching needs to be done

Growing up down south in Georgia, I was well aware of the struggles of the black community in the face of segregation. I remember listening to my parents and the “old folk” talk about how things were — but also about their hopes and dreams for the next generation.

This past weekend we remembered the 50th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday” and the events surrounding the crossing of the Edmund Pettus Bridge. I was only 4 years old when this happened, but the events that fateful day set in motion a needed change in America resulting in the Voting Rights Act of 1965. No longer would there be such discriminatory tactics — such as poll taxes and arbitrary literacy tests — used by white officials to prevent black Americans from voting. However, what has been the real story of the past 50 years? And will the black community do a true and focused “soul searching” post Selma or just launch a political three-point shot?

Based on this story from USA Today, it seems the latter, “With tens of thousands of people expected to gather this weekend in Selma, Ala., to commemorate the 50th anniversary of a turning point in the American Civil Rights movement, activists hope to use the moment to turn the spotlight back on voting rights issues in the USA. The protesters of Selma ultimately prevailed, and the moment helped usher in the landmark Voting Rights Act of 1965.”

“But in moves that activists call sweeping erosions of voting rights that disproportionately affect minority communities, several states have passed more stringent voter ID rules after the Supreme Court in 2013 struck down a key provision of the landmark legislation that was birthed with the blood and sweat of the Selma protesters.”

I know what I will present in this missive will cause some in the black community to go into a state of apoplectic rage because I dare to not just join in, sing songs, and follow along like a good little lemming. Unfortunately, that’s not how my parents, Buck and Snooks West, raised me. They taught me — actually demanded — that I be an independent thinker, as they were.

So if you review the SCOTUS decision called into question as “threatening” voting rights for blacks, it actually makes a reasonable case and presents a logical premise — because things have indeed changed, for the better. We have truly turned a corner and the mandated restrictions that once existed are no longer needed.

As USA Today says, “With the 5-4 Supreme Court ruling, Chief Justice John “Roberts wrote that the Voting Rights Act formula used to determine which parts of the country would need federal approval — known as preclearance — to change their voting procedures was outdated. The court instructed Congress to write a new formula that was reflective of current conditions, but Congress has yet to act.”

“Since the court ruling, legislatures — including those in North Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin — have passed measures that require voter ID or proof of citizenship and have reduced early voting days and poll locations.”

Under the system of federalism, there should be more rights granted to states as long as they are not violating their privilege. I would ask, where can Americans go that they are not required to have a picture ID? As you know, I recently accepted a position at the National Center for Policy Analysis and purchased a new home here in the Dallas area. I had to present proof of citizenship, a picture ID (also required for refinancing a home), and had to present a DD214 record of my military service – that’s not discriminatory, just procedure.

So what is the furor about presenting a picture ID for verification of identity in voting? Why are people working so hard to foment an unnecessary emotional response in the black community? And having seen voter fraud at a personal level, I like the idea of presenting a picture ID to vote and agree we should only have Election Day voting and absentee ballots– heck, just make federal Election Day a national holiday with polls open from 7am to 7pm, twelve hours.

But if you hear the rant emanating from Selma’s Mayor, “We’re celebrating something that has been neutered,” said James Perkins, who was elected as Selma’s first African-American mayor nearly 25 years after the Voting Rights Act was passed. “That is exactly what it feels like. You’ve kicked the teeth out of a lion.”

And here is the leader of a church from my home neighborhood: “We have witnessed over the last few years, the worst assault on voting rights since the Voting Rights Act was passed in 1965,” said the Rev. Raphael Warnock, who leads the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. “Come this weekend we’ll see a parade of politicians make their way to Selma. Our message to those politicians is that you cannot celebrate the lessons of history while sitting on the wrong side of history.”

And even last week during a Sirius/XM radio interview, President Barack Obama compared Selma to the issue of illegal immigration. That is a horrible comparison designed solely to score political points and again create a faux moral equivalency on the backs of people like my parents who were American citizens denied of an essential right — to vote. Does this mean that Obama believes illegals should be allowed to vote in America? And when have we seen any violence unleashed on illegals as it was on blacks that Bloody Sunday?

Perhaps these three men should stop trying to score political points and instead assess what the real issue is in the black community in the past 50 years. Let us remember that this year is also the 50th anniversary of something else- The Great Society programs of President Lyndon Johnson — what is that legacy?

Well, just look at Selma. Since all of this attention was on Selma this past weekend, “Local leaders also plan to use the moment to highlight the current plight of Selma, which suffers from high levels of poverty, unemployment and violent crime. To that end, Rep. Terri Sewell, an Alabama Democrat whose district includes Selma, is taking Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro on a “listening tour” of three of the city’s public housing sites.”

We know high poverty rates and the number of food stamps recipients, lack of better education opportunities, decimation of the family, and higher unemployment rates in the black community have skyrocketed over the past 50 years — and very much exacerbated in the past six years. We reported here during Black History Month about the genocidal-like numbers of abortions in the black community.

So my question is simple: why aren’t these the issues of concern from “black leaders?” No one is disenfranchising the black vote – as a matter of fact, the SCOTUS ruled as it did because of the incredibly high numbers of black voters. Doggone, the only folks seen at a polling location trying to prevent voting were the New Black Panthers in 2008 — an incident dismissed by the first black attorney general.

Fifty years after Selma, what should we be doing? The black community should be forward thinking and assessing. When are we going to have that real conversation on the societal ills in the black community? When will we talk about school choice and restoration of the black family — you know, that ol’ school manner in which many of us were raised?

When will we talk about entrepreneurship in the inner city and how do we get capital once again flowing there — while first establishing a more secure environment where law enforcement is respected and less needed.

When do we start talking about self-reliance and not dependency? As Snooks West taught me, “self-esteem comes from doing ‘esteemable’ things.” No more diatribe about “social justice” which is nothing more than the rhetoric of social egalitarianism. Young black men are oriented to succeed in sports and entertainment, there are many other areas open for exceptionalism.

Selma was an important and vital turning point in the civil rights movement — but let’s not hit the rewind button, instead let’s press forward. After all it was Paul who stated in Philippians 3:13-14 (NIV), “Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”

Let’s press on!


  1. Actually literacy tests make sense. Most people have difficulties making decisions, stupid people have even more difficulties. Like is hard, its harder if your stupid (John Wayne). Ignorant people make really bad decisions. We are a Republic, at one time not everyone had a vote.

    • As the great SciFi writer Isaac Asimov commented about the U.S. while being interviewed in the 1980s:
      “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been.
      The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life,
      nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that
      “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”

    • Where in this article does it call for a “literacy test”? Literacy is not, and should not, be the question/answer. The right to vote is based on citizenship. Having a VALID picture ID (name, race, gender, address) would ensure all voters are considered equal – one vote for each man/woman. BTW – your grammar is not great — have you passed YOUR literacy test yet?

      • In the article it mentions “literacy test”, does not call for one. Read again. The right to vote was intended to be determined by the states in the beginning. It was changed.

      • It’s hilarious that my comment went right over your head. I wasn’t name calling I was correcting your grammar. You should have used you’re which means you are and not your which implies possesion. Please take a grammar class or two.

      • Sorry if I got it wrong. But you still are very smug. Maybe you should take a class on being respectful.

  2. No you don’t need you to follow along. Actually you should have ignored the whole thing. You are not concerned about voting rights why are you even blabbering about Selma.

    • Another diversion by our local race pimp.
      Get an ID like white people have to do. And be a good @pe and tell the class what Obama, Holder and Jesse and Al have done FOR the black community.

      • Shortening early voting days, eliminating voting on sundays, moving polling places have NOTHING to do with voter fraud AND the numbers does not show that voter fraud is a issue….answer that one INBRED

      • Why do you want early voting days? Voting on Sundays? I don’t understand the moving of polling places. (Sorry, I can’t find data on this.) We have massive fraud here. I am applying to be a poll watcher this next election. And by the way, none of those race baiting poverty pimps ever did anything that wasn’t for themselves. Themselves only!

      • Massive fraud where???? I’m sorry but there is no evidence of any massive voter fraud instances!

      • Screw your new diversion too you pus infected @pe. You think those race pimps I just named give a damn about the black community? They take their shufflin’ asses anywhere they can fling their race cards and then scram out of there like the rabid vermin they are. Now here’s another FYI for YOUR race pimpin’ ass. YOU don;t give a damn either. Your reason to exist is to fling race cards around just like your heroes do. You’re either a real angry and stupid @pe, a troll @pe playing the part, some white guilter playing @pe or a white troll who has nothing else to do with their useless life. One more thing, it’s not my job to take care of anyone’s community nor is it yours. The blacks I know who came from crap made their own way and didn’t shuffle around sucking the govt teat while blaming whitey and blowing Jesse.

  3. That is such insanity! You have to show ID for everything, why should voting be any different? My state has always had voter ID law, no big deal.

    • So what all the other things are being done along with the voter ID to make it harder for certain people to vote?

      • Harder please, tell me someone who has never had a medical test, drivers license or form of ID to buy liquor,etc. We have too many non citizens and foreign terrorists coming in to our country that we now need to have it, in our nation’s best interests!!!

      • Voting is not hard, all you have to do is get up off the couch and go vote ,period. Everyone has ID and if they don’t I am sure the Government will give it to you for free. Wallgreens will make you one with a picture for $11 dollars. Much cheaper than your cable bill. Or a lot of people could use their booking pictures along with their rap sheets.

      • Voting is not hard but when you have people have to wait 8-10 hours to vote because there are not enough voting place in that district..BY DESIGN….voter id, eliminating voting on sundays, shortening registration days and same day registration and voter ID. All these are designed to make it harder for certain people to VOTE. You just can’t look at VOTER ID without looking at the entire picture and then your question should be WHY

      • Now that is the most non- argument I have ever heard. Voting takes no longer with a ID. All you do is show it to them and the check your name off as registered and hand it back. As for long lines, that is the county governments fault. They should redistrict and get more voting places a people to man them. You don’t register the day you vote you have the years before each election to get that done. If you vote in a presidential election you never have to re-register unless you change parties or get married or change your name. People spend more time playing video games or waiting in line to get their beer.

      • When you determine that you will put less polling places in certain neighborhoods BY DESIGN…to make it take longer for people to wait…then are told IF YOU GO TO THE BATHROOM you have to go in the back of the line…c’mon

      • So I guess they still have whites vote here, and coloreds in the Longggg lines by design? Yea right. If the lines are too long, it is about money, nobody cares about the color of your skin.

      • Please go do some research on polling places in 2008 and 2012…some districts you had to wait hours to vote because there wasn’t enough polling booths put in that district.

      • I did not dispute that. That is deplorable, and is about MONEY. Has nothing to do with throwing a block to keep certain people from voting. They need to correct it by opening more polling places and people to man them. For once I completely agree with you.

  4. This granny, here, remembers when the struggle for civil rights was about integrity … Now it’s about scamming the system. Even the top imposter and his designated replacement are all about scamming the voters. The “opposition in name only” Republicans are about scamming the voters, too. It’s still a struggle – now for real integrity and real positive change and not the semblance of it.

  5. Explain to me what does eliminating voting on sunday, moving polling places, taking certain forms of ID over others have to do with VOTER FRAUD??

    • Widespread voter fraud not an issue in NC, data shows

      One of the more compelling arguments for voter identification is the suppression of voter fraud. But for North Carolina, the number of cases of voter fraud reported by the state Board of Elections is minimal.

      In 2012, nearly 7 million ballots were cast in the general and two primary elections. Of those 6,947,317 ballots, the state Board of Elections said 121 alleged cases of voter fraud were referred to the appropriate district attorney’s office. (article didn’t say how many were actually prosecuted
      republican or democrat,, but I suspect in was very low in numbers)
      That means of the nearly 7 million votes cast, voter fraud accounted for 0.00174 percent of the ballots.

      Looking back at the 2010 election cycle — which was not a presidential year — 3.79 million ballots were cast and only 28 cases of voter fraud were turned over to the appropriate DA’s office. So in 2010, voter fraud accounted for 0.000738 percent of ballots cast.
      (out of those 28,, only 8 were considered real) < wow,, gonna really tilt the balance of power,,,huh??
      The state Board of Elections acknowledges that far more cases of voter fraud are reported each voting cycle. But the majority of those cases are deemed unfounded and never referred to the DA's office.

      *They scream about voter fraud,,, but like NC,, all those other "red states"
      are similar in numbers..
      Nothing in Government,, or in the private sector runs at 100% efficiency
      Nothing,,, but they will continue to scream…
      When they all heard that by 2050 white people will be in the minority,, they
      all lost their collective little, simple minds…to bad,,, so sad,,,

      • You answer a question with a question just because you don’t have a ANSWER TO THE QUESTION. You cannot justify the need for VOTER ID LAWS

      • Your race pimpery is noted as usual. Only whites need to follow the law in your infected mind.

      • Says the pimp who hates voter ID laws because he needs to give blacks preferential treatment.

      • It’s not, nor ever has been about KEEPING BLACKS From voting. It’s about keeping illegal Aliens living in the country from voting. And if anyone can forget their skin color long enough to think it through, they’ll have to admit ( at least to themselves) that is the REAL reason.
        But the problem is that “RACE” has been injected into the issue by the Democrat party, so that Blacks will side with Democrats on the issue.
        Ask yourself this question: why should illegal Aliens be allowed to vote, and just which political party thinks it’s a great idea for illegals to do so? It aint Republicans.

      • Oh yes , yes, yes…there are many reasons sir!!!!

        Our world is changing…more dangerous with ISIS and other terroristic groups and yes some drug cartel scum from Mexico way…so we need to change too….to secure the best interests of our countries security and freedoms.

        We must show ID for medical tests, hospital admissions, to buy alcohol, to drive, ABSOLUTELY we MUST start showing ID to vote!!!!!!! Too many people have moved into our country, some terrorists we are told so YES YES YES show your ID and be proud you are an American and entitled to vote!!!!!!!! Should NEVER be an issue unless someone is doing something fraudulent!

      • I can personally. Not only do you have to present a picture ID for everything else, but you legally have to carry this ID in PA at all times whether you are driving or not. If you are on the street, you must have this ID. What is your problem with presenting this ID to vote also?

        As for voter fraud, you should have been with me at the last major election. My polling place was like a real time movie of “It Happened On Mulberry St”! WE had the Purple People Beaters standing uselessly looking mean, a school bus full of mental patients roll in, A school board employee trying to vote illegally. (She hated seeing me!), and last but not least, a van with Sudanese immigrants that were told that they would be practicing for becoming citizens. They didn’t speak English, but, they did French. I wanted to hang around longer but I was looking for the cameras and couldn’t find any.

  6. Notice how ALLEN (I’m not black, I’m like you) West didn’t even bother to show up! People were beaten and died to give him the opportunity to be where he is today and he doesn’t show up. Such a DISGRACE!

      • Suck this piglet………………

        Flashback: Obama Claims March in Selma Led to His Birth Back in 1961. Only One Problem with That…

        According to Twitchy, when the president spoke before an audience in Selma back in 2007, Obama credited the civil rights march as the inspiration for his conception. The only problem with that, as conservative pundit Michelle Malkin points out, is that the president was already three years old when the march occurred in 1965.

      • Obama said Selma inspired his parents to have him…only thing is…Selma march happened in 1965 and supposedly Obama was born in 1961. He is a complete moron!

      • Did I show up?? Am I in a position like allen (I’m not black, I’m like you) west…nope..national figure?? NOPE

      • Everyone is in a position to make a difference! If you really cared so much, you would have been there. You are a hypocrite!

    • Would you show up to a circus that celebrates the total prostitution of the real Civil Rights Movement? Maybe you might, but, would you stay, once you saw what was really going on? I didn’t go. If you knew my background, you might say that I should have been there, but, this is strictly a see and be seen, pat each other’s back because we are such cool libtards!! event. The real descendants of the original demanders of equality are people like Niger Ines and Mia Love.

  7. We must show ID for medical tests, hospital admissions, to buy alcohol, to drive, ABSOLUTELY we MUST start showing ID to vote!!!!!!! Too many people have moved into our country, some terrorists we are told so YES YES YES show your ID and be proud you are an American and entitled to vote!!!!!!!! Should NEVER be an issue unless someone is doing something fraudulent!

  8. Our world is changing…more dangerous with ISIS and other terroristic groups and yes some drug cartel scum from Mexico way…so we need to change too….to secure the best interests of our countries security and freedoms.

  9. I lived through the civil rights era too in the south. And without a doubt, Blacks have access to the same freedoms as whites do now. Growing up as a white boy during those years, I choose not to remember the days of seeing “white only” signs in businesses, and was never so happy to see the coming of the seventies, when blacks had begun to gain the public acceptance they had fought for. However, since Jackson emerged in the mid to late 80’s, I have watched as the “bad old times” of the 1950’s and 60’s were slowly brought back into focus; to the point they had young black men and women convinced that Jim Crow was still with us. And when Obama was running for office, Rush Limbaugh made the statement that if OBAMA is elected, you can watch all the good will, that was made in race relations since that time suffer a set back by 50 years. AND LOW AND BEHOLD, OBAMA HAS PROVED HIM RIGHT! GOD HELP US AS A NATION.
    His presidency hasn’t helped Blacks or whites. He’s in fact been an equal opportunity destroyer of all that was accomplished by the civil rights movement of that era.
    He has purposely orchestrated the USE of the likes of Sharpton to revive and manufacture instances of MOCK race baiting, to secure his position in office, by rallying young LIBERAL BLACKS, and make ineffective any conservative opposition against him. I feel deeply sorry for Average American Black youths who’ve been caught up in the ruse against both them and the rest of America.
    Because it’s not US against them. It’s Obama against ALL OF US!

    • I grew up in the north in dem country. I’m Native American and have a lot of scars from their bigotry. But, bigotry is common among dems. It’s what they are. The Jackass Party.
      BO’s nick-name is President Token. Neonazis like Kennedy and Soros (and both are Nazis, belonging to the party) put him in office. He supports nazi organizations like ISIS and al-Queda (The grand Mufti of Jerusalem went to Germany in 1943 so Hitler could teach him, and in 1945 was busy helping hide thousands of SS in white Muslim nations, WWII continues…)

  10. To go from Selma to having a black president is great. Seeing the Democrat Party maintain a stranglehold on blacks is demoralizing them further. For Democrats viscerally hate Conservative blacks like Allen West, Mia Love, Ben Carson and MANY other are verbally lynched on a daily basis? Sadly, the black President is a committed Marxist hellbent on decapitating America’s economy and military. The Labor Participation Rate is horrible. No one ever mentions this fact.

    • Those so called BLACKS that you mentions do not speak to the BLACK COMMUNITY and they are not interested in the BLACK COMMUNITY. They only tell the negative stories that come out of the black community when there are plenty of positive stories. They do that to keep white people in FEAR of BLACK PEOPLE!!
      None went to ferguson but yet complain about those that WENT!

      • Please explain to me why it is acceptable for Democrats, especially black ones to be racist of black Conservatives like Mia Love, Ben Carson, Tim Scott who are verbally lynched by Liberals on a daily basis.

      • Because those blacks…like Allen (I’m not black, I’m like you) don’t support the black community in any way. They exploit the issues in the black community without trying to offer ANY solutions. They don’t stand up nor even GO to the black community to show what it looks like to be successful. NOPE….its all negative and demagoguery!

      • The only ones exploiting blacks are democrats and black race pimps. Don’t get pi$$y when West points out you race hustlin’ lib-scum. Dems pander to blacks every election the abandon them when/if they win. You like being a houseboy for the dems as they make you shine their shoes?

      • And show men where Allen (I’m not black, I’m like you ) west has shown support for the black community?? Wait…why am I asking you? You are stupid

      • You think pointing out how you and the dems have screwed blacks hurts them. YOU and your pimps have hurt them. Not me, West or anyone else…..YOU and those who think like you. Got it dumb ass?

  11. For sure, there needs to be a search for the soul of our nation. Obama uses Selma as a platform for racism and division while keeping blacks on the plantation. So,how’s that working for those who are the misled??

  12. Hey Allen..guess you won’t be able to join the
    The University of Oklahoma Fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon since they sing how no N*GGERS will ever JOIN!!!!!

    • Nah they would rather have Allen West hang from a freakin tree if that little jingle was to be believed. So why even talk about what Selma was really about? Racism doesn’t exist anymore except to those who see it everywhere (ie the real racists). They like to talk about black culture this and black culture that. But when a date or event significant to black culture happens, they turn it on its head and make it about what they are so sure they know about “black culture”. These people make me sick and sellouts enabling them make me want to puke.

      • What the pffhukk do you know about marches from back then punk? How many did YOU personally see? FOH pretender.

      • Rachael and uncle Ruckus,
        Why is it OK for Black only college, black history month, and million black men walk on DC? There are no only white colleges!!!! I hardly seen any racist remarks until this pres. He has done more to separate our country than anyone in the last 20 plus years.

      • Obama did not invent black history month or black only colleges. Moorehouse which is the most revered historically black college had a white valedictorian. The racist remarks you never noticed was because you weren’t paying attention.

      • I’ve payed attention for over 65 years. I never said Obama invented black history or college etc. I did say he has caused racial divide and if you can’t admit that, then your not telling the TRUTH…..

    • No comment on the dems murdering Rev. King? Or do you think the good reverend was an Uncle Tom for believing what West does? YOUR party killed the King. Your party still believes in slavery. OK is a dem state and you know colleges are dem turf. Your party is speaking to you, Unc.

      • Now…all this time I thought it was James Earl Ray that killed King…so much for history!

      • So you don;t want to talk about the 1800’s but you’ll talk about 1965. Can you please bring the conversation to 2015 please…thanks….idiot.

      • I’m speaking of HONORING those that came before me….I’m not stuck in the 1800’s and who started the KLAN! to bring it to 2015…do you believe that the members of the klan TODAY voted for OBAMA? Are they democrats or republicans?

      • But being ‘stuck’ in the 1800’s with respect to YOUR PARTY forming the KKK is not relevant to the civil rights movement? How pathetically retarded can one be to say that there is no connection between your party’s KKK and civil rights? LOL you ignorant slob.

      • You ask a question then you answer it… That’s no fun… Wait, let me try it. Are you that stupid to believe that him being a democrat had nothing to do with murdering MLK Jr.? I guess you are! Hey, this is fun! I like answering for you… I make more sense.

      • What I’m saying is what difference does it make what party the murderer voted for? This is what we call SPIN and Distract. We are talking about things that happened in 1968 but not touching how now the republican party is that party of the KLAN!!!

      • Democrats have a long history of racism… No matter how much you want too you can’t ignore that fact.

      • [[ What I’m saying is what difference does it make what party the murderer voted for?]]

        Keep that in mind when you blame the GOP for everything wrong in the black community.

      • History never tells it all, does it? DNC/KKK=Nazi Party USA. History does show us that the dems killed Lincoln, that it was planned. Ray got his marching orders from higher-ups who he refused to reveal for fear of family. History knows the kennedy fam adopted Nazism in the 30s, and never left it. When asked, Teddy Kennedy said, “My father could no no wrong in my eyes.” Soros when he town was invaded by Nazis ran to them with a list of Jews, where they hid, ad where their money was. Teddy and Soros owned the dnc. Ray was a good dem, a yellow dog dem, just like those who would call Rev. King an Uncle Tom, today for his outlook.

      • DNC. Or did you fall for them claiming to be pubs? 🙂 Ever see how they always show UP “T’ support da conservative” and the conservative always loses. It happens quite a lot. Nazis do the same. But, dnc/kkk=nazi party. I thought someone with the brass to use a name like uncle ruckus was smarter than that. You’re being used. Every time a dem gets power, we all lose. How many non-white businesses have died? The suicide rate is soaring again, just as it did under klinton and karter. dnc/kkk=nazi party usa.

    • And, we see where that got them. There will ALWAYS be Haters in this world. Not just about race issues, ,but a lot of things. Many people hate what they actually FEAR, or do not UNDERSTAND. Happily, MOST people are NICE. Fraternitys are stupid, and should be abolished as the trouble they are. Same for Sororitys. Obviously someone in the Frat knew that this was wrong, ,and videotaped it.

  13. If you don’t induce respect for legal income, the Black community will last only until the White community decides that they won’t pay any more. Every other community has its winners come back and help lift up their brothers. This doesn’t happen in most Black communities. No other cultural group works so hard to remove itself from success and shove those who are successful away. This is never addressed in the Black community.

  14. Lyndon Johnson and the Democrats started this downward spiral of the black family. Democrats own every single ghetto in America. Look what the left did in Ferguson! Now, many black owned businesses have been lost because of the ridiculous chaos brought about by a man named Soros. Why does the black community keep letting these evil scum do this to them??

  15. A shame, isn’t it, that today Rev. King would be called an Uncle Tom for his beliefs. He was conservative, a man of religion, and refused to play pet for whitey. No, they’d murder him today..Oh, wait, the dems did murder him! And now blacks flock to the dnc to celebrate it.

    • Take Martin Luther King out of your dirty mouth. The only one playing pet for whitey is the one turning the legacy of Selma on its head. It’s the one that thinks black history month should be about validating idots like you. The one playing pet for whitey is the talking smack from his computer but wont go to a black community. Blacks flock to the DNC because they don’t want to have anything to do with you or your Col.

      • Please define “sellout” for me. This seems to be a large part of the problem. If black children do well in school, if they study, and get good grades, in order to actually accomplish something in their lives, they are called “sellout”, “Uncle Tom”, or “schoolboy”. Their own people look down on them,, and accuse them of betraying their race in some way, that the rest of us do not understand. Remember that many black “revolutionary” leaders have tried to encourage you to get educated. Knowledge and education IS Power. The black community seems to value ghetto behavior, sports ability, or rapping as the best way to get rich and famous.

      • People just don’t get that it’s a huge market for folks like West. Cha-ching. It gives millions of racists the opportunity to claim that they are not (and feel better about it) — since they are agreeing with a Black man. People pay good money for that lol. Cognitive dissonance can be momentarily soothed — and that’s a great feeling of relief for so many people afflicted with the terrible mental disorder of racism. Very sad really. But hey, whatever gets ya through the day I guess.

      • Not all sucessful black people….just the ones that demonizes the black community. The ones that tell a story of all people in the black community are on welfare or only voted to get free stuff. The ones that don’t tell the story of the MILLIONS of hard working folks in the black community. They ones that complain about the black community but only speak to the white community. The ones that NEVER show up for ANY event that celebrates the black community… ALLEN (I”M NOT BLACK, I”M LIKE YOU) West

      • But don’t let the truth hurt you. I think I will continue this thought. MLK Jr. would have been called an Uncle Tom by people like you and Uncle Ruckus. I know that Dr. Alveda King the niece of MLK Jr. a pro-life, and a Fox News contributor has been called a sell-out, a conservative black token, and some stupid a$$ not dissimilar to you called her an “Uncle Thomasina” (it should have been “Aunt Tom” but what can you expect from an idiot). I know you don’t see it but it’s there. You would call any black, including MLK Jr. an “Uncle Tom” if they don’t conform to your way of thinking.

      • Fact is MLK was called a race hustler an a agitator by people like you and Allen West. His niece might carry his blood but not his legacy. Fox news is the place that gives contributor jobs to black women with public highschool diplomas so they can talk against AA. I don’t know about uncle toms but they are hypocrites. I know you don’t see it but its the classic shuck and jive. And yes they are tokens. So forgive me if I learn about MLK from books about his life instead of the clowns like you trying to turn MLK into Santa Claus.

      • LOL! So you learned about MLK from books? Second hand crap makes for a second hand ‘expert’.

      • I already told you what I have. Watching his marches and speeches in real time as well as attending two civil rights marches. Obviously you never been to the library if all you can spew is arrest counts.

      • The one march was in Marquette Park in 1966. He never said a word because of the violence that broke out as well as him getting hit by a brick. The Cicero march was not attended by MLK. King and the Chicago Freedom Movement had said they would march but plans were changed. That march took place with MLK. Got any more snark kid?

      • Tell us something we don’t know kid. You’ve been mocking me and others for not knowing as much as you do IYO. Turns out you know very little about MLK and would do well to listen to those who were around when he marched. THAT is the point. Now if you think YouTube and some books are a better resource than fist hand observations, good for you. You;d be wrong but good for you anyway since you seem to be wrong a lot here.

      • He is a youngster. It is good for him to study his cultural history, but he has NEVER experienced real discrimination. He is just parroting the drivel.

      • [[ I know what had to happen for me not to experience that kind discrimination ]]

        So we agree that racism and discrimination are over.

        [[ You don’t have much of anything original to say either.]]

        You’re right! The poster said you parrot drivel as we all know. Nothing new or original there.

      • That is a remarkably ignorant thing to say. I am an educator of youngsters of almost every race and ethnicity that you can imagine and see FIRST HAND discrimination the likes of which I can only assume you have had the privilege of never having witnessed or experienced. I understand that you are speaking from a place where you just don’t get it due to lack of experience; but I have to say that it’s a very foolish thing to presume what others have/have not experienced. Obviously you’re not omniscient. I have just sat here and watched him experience racism by “Andy Martin” — called him a banana peeler, a primate and a thug (which is a criminal) — because he is obviously a Black person whom he does not like. THAT IS RACISM. All racially tinged epithets that you don’t see as an attempt at belittling to someone of color — because of their color. You are wrong.

      • Agreed. What is holding blacks down in this day and age, is their ghetto-worshipping lifestyle and habits. The failure of the black family, and the inability for the black race to pulll themselves up by their bootstraps. They do not discipline their kids, they are mass producing illegitimate babies. and keeping the ghetto style speech, address, and behavior. The only shucking and jiving is being done by blacks who do not want to “act white”. If you all would act with some class and dignity, maybe you would be treated with class and dignity

      • So true… Just like Malcolm X- called Dr. King an Uncle Tom I know that many blacks including these two would have agreed with Malcom X.

      • [[ Take Martin Luther King out of your dirty mouth.]]

        Screw yourself banana peeler. The poster is right. MLK would be called a tom today so deal with it. Primates like YOU want riots and looting. King didn’t. So sit your punk ass down and don’t dare attempt to speak to things you know nothing off. Too many of you idiot thug POS running around thinking you know King because he was black. YOU are nothing like MLK was. Rodney King, yes.

      • MLK was called a race-pimp back then. That is a fact. Not your woulda shoulda coulda. I know King because I read about his life a long time ago. I’m nothing like MLK you are right about that I don’t pretend to. Just that idiots like you kinda late trying to teach me about him. Sorry.

      • Blacks were called many things back then as they are now. But he didn’t go the violent route then dummy. Now tell me where the poster was wrong about how MLK would be called a tom today. Get back to the point punk.

      • I don’t know what MLK would be called today that is speculation. I just know what he was called back then. That’s documented history by MLK’s own hand. MLK wasn’t violent but the day he marched across that bridge is called “bloody Sunday”. You saw MLK on TV and I read his writings and his biography. You are the one with something to learn.

      • [[ The guy making fun of books learned everything on TV.]]

        Yep! And in real time unfiltered by revisionist pimps. I saw two civil rights marches in my lifetime kid. How about you punk?

        [[ I don’t know what MLK would be called today that is speculation ]]

        Then listen to people who were around back then who knew what was going on.

        [[ MLK wasn’t violent but the day he marched across that bridge is called “bloody Sunday” ]]

        Because of the thug cops, not MLK.

        [[ You are the one with something to learn. And deflecting.]]

        You have nothing you could teach me. The deflection is yours child.

      • What are YOU so angry about??? I am guessing that you NEVER had to experience not being able to use a restroom, or get a drink from a fountain, just because you are black. You never had to sit at the back of the bus, or had to worry about being hanged or beaten to death, because you talked to a white girl. We have come a very long way as a nation, and some people still have hatred in their hearts. No law is going to change that for those people. Requiring some form of ID to vote is really ridiculously simple. It is the same as needing an ID to do any type of business in America. YOU are the one saying that it discriminates against black people. Is that because you think black people are too stupid, or whatever, to have an ID? Or that there is no one to help them get an ID?? If the Democrats can bus blacks in by the thousands,, why can’t they help them to get the necessary credentials. This whole thing has been blown WAY out of proportion. You really need to get over yourself.

      • Another mind reader making speculations about my state of mind. What if I’m angry? Anger is a human emotion not white privilege. Not having to walk the streets in fear for your life is just normal in a civilized society. You don’t hang people from trees anymore? Congrats you have evolved, pat yourself in back but it doesn’t mean racism doesn’t exist anymore. Black people vote early and like to vote on Sundays, why rolling those back if not to suppress the vote? You need to get over yourself.

      • Mighty white of you to say that, infant. i have scars from head to feet from whites like you beating me because I demanded equality. You good dems are great at the mouth, God forbid you ever have to make it without a servant class. I’m Native American and we do not vote for our grandparents’ former owners. We study, not just accept like a _flock_ of sheeple what you racists tell us. You are a waste. King hated blacks who sucked up to whitey. And that is what you do. A wannabe white. Go back and kneel at the feet of the Nazi Party some more. Maybe they’ll be nice and pet you. DNC/KKK=Nazi Party America and anyone who isn’t a pet of the dems knows that. Look it up, infant.

      • You seem to have some brain damage as well. Did you type all that without drooling on your keyboard? You idiots toss words left and right for effect and don’t have slightest idea what they mean. Do you have any idea what a “servant class” is? Have you ever seen children in rags fight each other to shine your shoes? I have. I know who I am sparky. You are the one waiting around for someone to tell you who you need to be.

      • You forgot to add sig heil. Have you ever seen a slave? I doubt it. I’ve met men who were castrated by their owners in Africa. picture this, a little child with maggots in her eyes, mutilated by coyote after she was killed by the coyotero bringing her over the border to sell. Three little kids butchered to death and thrown away like garbage. Hundreds found along the border with Mexico each year. You party calls that a low-priority issue. I lived in Mexico off and on for years. I have family down there. I saw people who had starved to death in a famine your party ignored. I saw ravens and buzzards feeding on them. Have I ever seen someone in rags? Bimbo, I lived in friggin rags. We couldn’t afford to put electric in the house because you dems love to rob the poor. You’ve been insulated all your life. You cannot understand that now, today, people are starving because BO screwed the economy. Mad cause you can’t get a new stereo? Ya, you are. A new car, new shoes. We try to help people who can’t afford a bag of beans and do it here, in Pennsylvania. People are dying because you dems keep trying for socialism, a la the nationalist workers party, nazis. Stop being a pet and think for yourself, not support the very people who killed King, Lincoln, and McKinley for freeing slaves.

      • Dude you don’t know anything about my life. Economy crashed right before BO took office remember? One of the main reasons his opponent lost. What you call socialism exist in a lot of developped countries, Those countries routinely kick our ass in math and science. Nazis where not socialists. They had socialist in their names but where facists. The real socialists are the Russians and they fought on our side in WWII. The administration might have called it a low priority issues but the President is the one taking action about immigration while the Congress you elected sits on its hands or tries to sabotage him . At the end of the day actions speak louder than words. Conservatives toss canned words around for effect to distract you from what they are really doing? Here’s a newsflash: we are in 2015, Hitler is dead.

      • You forgot to say sig heil. Dude? My, but you are young, whitey.
        Guess what. This is the second president I’ve gone into a depression with. Carter’s
        was much worse. Clinton tried real hard, but wasn’t allowed to raise taxes, the
        main cause of prolonging a depression. Study some economics, not just what you’re
        told to repeat by your owners. The economy went into a recession, an
        adjustment. 5.6% unemployment is a recession. 12% is a depression, which is
        what BO put us in by raising taxes. Yes, the Nazi, BO.

        The only time socialists kick our butt is when we have
        greedy sell-outs like Clinton selling our secrets for a dime on the dollar. When
        people get tired of living in a 3rd world nation, they escape or
        they kick out the socialists. Mexico went socialist in 1912. Prior to that,
        they had a better economy than the US, higher per capita income, and then, in
        the US, electric lighting was still considered magic. In Mexico, it was getting
        common. The peso was worth $1.86 and gold selling for 28 US bucks an ounce. Then
        the socialists took over and in a few decades, it was 4,000 pesos to a buck. The
        only thing socialist excel at it killing. 100 million killed by socialists in
        the last century, most of them ordinary people who just wanted to be let alone.
        But, there’s no drug like power, is there?

        Russia was LOSING the war till we CAPITALISTS helped them
        out. Nazi Germany was WINNING against all other socialists until we CAPITALISTS
        stopped you Nazis from slaughtering people. Better study up for yourself. Your sources
        are making you a laughingstock.

        Here’s a newsflash, Nazism lives on in you, a socialist. Hitler
        sent thousands of SS into white Islamic nations, into Hispanic America and
        RUSSIA and the war goes on. Too bad you won’t live to see the end of it. Socialists
        have a naughty habit of killing off their own first. Study for yourself or
        continue to look like a fool. Yes, you are a bigot.

  16. Allen West is an American to look up to, I certainly do. I really do not like Obama, I believe he is the worst President in American history. The race players in this nation will soon be history, if I read the records of past civilizations correctly.

      • This is not just trying… How did you put it? You said: “Someone has to point out that the man post lies and half truths and myths! Most here are just too stupid to research!” This is personal.

      • A disgrace??? By what standards?? He is an honorable man, and someone that black children should look to as a role model. Instead of whining about how he was “owed” something, he actually accomplished something, and I hope he continues to be a leader. Remember that the best revenge is SUCCESS. No how much you can take from the country that has given you the blessing of living here.

  17. Notice how proud Col West is of his parents and the “old folks” who helped teach him? obama rarely speaks of his upbringing. Makes you wonder what he’s hiding or embarrassed about. My guess is that the old folks in obama’s family only talked of taking down America.

  18. I wish Buck and Snooks West were here today so I could shake their hands and thank them for raising such a fine man of a patriot and American warrior. God did indeed bestow upon them a great blessing to share.

    • Buck and Snooks West are spinning in their graves. They raised a child with so much self hate that he supports the racism that takes place on his own blog. That they raised a son that doesn’t show any support for black people….such a disgrace!

  19. Exactly why I don’t like this guy. West says about the Black community “When do we start talking about self-reliance and not dependency?” —- completely bypassing the fact that every national statistic in the past few years has clearly stated that Black women are THE highest educated group in America. You would think that he’d proudly state that — but NO — He’s just perpetuating more phony-boloney about the status of Blacks because he is a self-hating Black himself. Sad. How much more self-reliant can 50% of a group be than to rise to the status of most educated over every group in the country? That’s huge. Also it is false that they are higher in how much gov’t welfare they receive; white southern republicans are overwhelmingly in the lead for that. For a man who writes so much, it doesn’t appear as though he reads much. Anyone who doesn’t know this stuff must not know how to do simple google searches. Wow.

      • Your silly little insults always make me laugh SO hard Andy. You never have anything valuable to say and talk like a slow 10 year old bully on a playground. The only way to get any respect from a thinking/educated person is to learn how to communicate like an adult instead of a child. I understand that evil trolling complete with lots of name-calling and insults, and actually just ignoring the topic altogether is a hobby for some, but seriously, don’t you ever get tired of it? What a waste of your time instead of contributing meaningful (or at least reliable and correct) comments or posts that can actually enlighten somebody a LITTLE bit? Btw, I have an AWESOME doggie and an Ivy League education (you can go ahead and attempt to attack me for that if you like — folks like you always do), and yes, I like my own comment. That’s why I wrote it. Here, I’ll do it again 🙂

      • That’s Andy whole schtick. Dumbass insults and copy pasted links. That and “you made a typo there” or “you upvote your own posts” or “prove that my bs aint bs”. One trick monkey, at least I can peel my own bananas.

      • C’mon pimp. Educate me on what happened during the 1960’s since you saw a video about it. Don’t snivel to your lame sock puppet.

      • This from the motherless @pe who used YouTube for his crack house education. Don’t let ‘ivy league Natalie’ down pimp. She’s so edumacated and looks up to you. LOL!

      • No one believes anything you offer on any subject kid. You’re ch!t stupid on anything you ever comment on. You’re a joke who has much to learn but too big of a mouth to shut up and listen. You should put your ‘kid’ up for adoption if you actually have one. He deserves a better shot at life.

      • Who the hell told you that you were educated? Ruffy your sock? Is that like the village idiot who tell himself he’s okay? Give it a rest Ruffy Jr. You’re no more educated or valuable than any other libtard here.You post like some child instead of an Ivy league grad. West talks about the mess in the black community and you talk stupidity out of the ‘left’ side of your face. Ignore my posts if they bother you left nut.

      • BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH — just so you know (as will be the case with all of your other posts from now on), I read the first sentence and stopped right away. Didn’t bother reading the rest because they are all the same and a complete waste of time. You were fun for a seck, but I’m more interested in reading and having discussion here with people who make sense and have interesting things to say. So whatever the rest of your last post said, I’m sure you’re getting off on it and what not so congratulations — but I’ll never know and refuse to bother. Buh-bye sparky. No more time for the psychos.


        Was that from one of your ivy league term papers?
        Sit the phhfukk down and shut the phhffukk up kid. You;re actually stupider than Ruffy. Never thought it was possible. You came at me and I responded. Get a Kleenex and pi$$ off pig.

      • This time all I read was your name and stopped there without reading one word of the comment. Lol. You’re talking to yourself babe. Go ahead and continue. It’s getting funnier by the minute knowing that you’ll keep on writing stuff that I will never bother reading. You must be even smarter than I thought.

      • [[ This time all I read was your name and stopped there without reading one word of the comment. ]]

        So you’re a lazy ass who runs her mouth before reading what you are responding to.

        [[ You’re talking to yourself babe ]]

        So this isn’t you responding kid?

        [[ It’s getting funnier by the minute knowing that you’ll keep on writing stuff that I will never bother reading.]]

        So why respond if you aren’t reading it?

        [[ I’m like a puppet ]]

        Yep. Ruffy’s puppet.

        [[ I’m thinking you spend a lot of time talking while no one listens though.]]

        7300 posts with about 6600 up-votes. Someone is reading what I post.

        [[ You must be even smarter than I thought.]]

        The fact that you thought is a miracle in-and-of-itself.

        [[ I command you to keep posting things to me that I will never — ever read. Dance monkey — dance! ]]

        And then you respond to posts you say you aren’t interested in. Good @pe.

      • I am laughing my butt off — you still here even though I won’t read a single word of your stuff? Wow! You’re nuts. No WAY I’d keep writing to someone that won’t accept my comments. Stalker type that keeps writing letters to folks who keep sending them back unopened. HILARIOUS. You poor thing. Oh well, I can take it if you can I suppose. Go ahead — keep writing away. Must be therapeutic for ya or something.

      • [[ I am laughing my butt off ]]

        It’s called the Pseudobulbar affect. There are meds for that.

        [[ No WAY I’d keep writing to someone that won’t accept my comments.]]

        I respond to those who post to me. It’s the right thing to do.

        [[ Stalker type that keeps writing letters to folks who keep sending them back unopened]]

        You are posting to me equally. Are YOU a stalker then?

        [[ You poor thing. Oh well, I can take it if you can I suppose. Go ahead — keep writing away. Must be therapeutic for ya or something.]]

        Likewise, ditto, thanks, right back atcha.

      • Whatsammata pimp? You like to call names, learn to take what you dish out. Anyone who tries to have a serious discussion with you and educate you on one of your many errors is responded to by you frothing at the face and hurling insults. So deal with it punk.

    • “Black women are THE highest educated group in America..”

      Are you insane?

      With an out-of-wedlock birthrate of almost 70% combined with dependency on government programs, American Black Women are in no way the most educated demographic group in America. I think you could make a case that they overall are one of the most ignorant demographic groups in America. It seems that most of their actions and habits indicate a lack of intelligence, foresight, planning, and as for child raising? See Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, etc for examples of the way young men turn out after growing up in a single-parent family headed by a black woman.

      • Your stupid ass actually thinks single family homes are always turning out doctors? LOL you fake black! FOH idiot.

      • Here ya go stupid…………….

        The Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency reports that the most reliable indicator of violent crime in a community is the proportion of fatherless families. Fathers typically offer economic stability, a role model for boys, greater household security, and reduced stress for mothers. This is especially true for families with adolescent boys, the most crime-prone cohort. Children from single-parent families are more prone than children from two-parent families to use drugs, be gang members, be expelled from school, be committed to reform institutions, and become juvenile murderers. Single parenthood inevitably reduces the amount of time a child has in interaction with someone who is attentive to the child’s needs, including the provision of moral guidance and discipline. According to a 1993 Metropolitan Life Survey, “Violence in America’s Public Schools,” 71 percent of teachers and 90 percent of law enforcement officials state that the lack of parental supervision at home is a major factor that contributes to the violence in schools. Sixty-one percent of elementary students and 76 percent of secondary children agree with this assessment

      • You little study here does mention economic stability as a factor. And the importance of the father is to provide that stability. Do you have a comparative study of only singe mothers in different economic bracket?

      • [[ You little study here does mention economic stability as a factor ]]

        And??? Why aren’t they all stable pimp? C’mon Ruffy. Gimme some ‘it’s whitey’s fault’ crap. But I can pint out many blacks I worked with who came from the same crap areas any they had economic stability.

        [[ And the importance of the father is to provide that stability.]]

        Duh? No ch!t! Where’s daddy at?

        [[ Do you have a comparative study of only singe mothers in different economic bracket? ]]

        Oh you don’t like the study? Didn’t get the results you stupidly assumed? You made a claim and this study blew it away. Deal with it.

      • Direct correlation between single-parent families and income levels, education levels, and most importantly the teaching of positive societal values.

        And I think Dr Ben Carson would make an excellent President. I would vote for him no reservations at all. He is an American who chose not to hide behind the excuses his skin color could provide him. He is a man with a first-rate brain and he truly cares about the direction America is headed. I fear that the media will crucify him on some obscure statement or ages-ago rumor (remember what the media did to Herman Cain – 20 year old fake allegation he touched some scuzzy lady’s ass . . . but it knocked him out of the race).

      • Only direct correlation is in your head. Exept the income level part which is real and proven scientifically. Dr. Carson might have been a great surgeon but he’s not an expert at everything.

      • Of course he’s not. He has the humility to know that. Look at the opposite example, Obama the genius, who has managed to foul up whatever he touches. Obama has bragged he’s better and smarter than just about everyone who works for him or whom he interacts with. How’s unbridled hubris working out lately?

      • You can’t be serious. if you are black, you must know that your race has seen unemployment increase for all ages and sexes, real wages declined also for all, and a record number of blacks dependent on government services. The biggest nail in your coffin is the executive amnesty that will overwhelm social services and also put unskilled immigrant laborers in direct competition with blacks for scarce low paying and entry level jobs.

        Enjoy what your Messiah has done to your race. Keep in mind he’s not black like the American Black, he’s a foreign-raised black with no concept of the hardships and pitfalls of black life here in America. Obama is the perfect example of the pampered elite who probably couldn’t tell you the price of a gallon of milk.

      • Since I’m not an unskilled worker so I don’t give a hoot. I don’t care about welfare either. I can only make myself not dependent on government and help anyone who asks for my help. He was raised elsewhere but his wife and kids grew up here.

      • Obama’s kids live the life of the 1% of the 1% – private (mostly white)schools, any choice of a future college and degree program, and a lifetime of overpaid employment based on their last name. About as atypical an upbringing as you could have.

      • [[ Since I’m not an unskilled worker so I don’t give a hoot ]]

        Please. You’re a friggin idiot on every subject you speak to. You have no skills kid. if you did you wouldn’t be here all the time worrying about West.

      • Obamacare was all dems moron before the 2010 midterms. So try again Ruffy. Since the GOP got the HOR in 2010, what has Obama passed without them?

      • Lol. Yep. The ignorance of your reply is appalling — if but for no other reason than your totally NOT having bothered to actually look up the stat with a SIMPLE google search before saying something so narrow-minded in a public forum. JUST LOOK IT UP!!! It’s not hidden — there are HUNDREDS of articles, stats, and sites by Forbes, Wall Street, Psychology Today, the Census bureau, The National Education Foundation, etc. — a gazillion NON-Black entities that have published this statistic. Your ignorant perception of these women does not constitute the truth. Try to remember this — your opinions are not facts. In your case, they aren’t even close apparently. You are looking at what you are being fed instead of the truth. I’d be angry if I were you but you seem comfortable where you are. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard — that you bring up wedlock as an argument for you thinking that they can’t go to school. Maybe YOU should go back to school — cause you are NOT sounding too bright right now. A little logic please. By the way, if the NATIONAL overall average for divorce is 50% percent — Black are most definitely not the only folks raising kids alone. That’s half of America. Please don’t make me list all the little white kids that had TWO parents who were doing a whole lot worse things than Trayvon Martin (things like shooting up movie theaters with uzis and blowing up buildings and crap). There’s not enough room on this site. Don’t make me put up a list. It’ll be emabarrassing for you.

      • Divorce isn’t the issue, unwed single mothers are. Most were never married. As to narrow-minded, you are the dictionary definition. If you are referring to the fact that black women do go on to at least a 2 year degree at a higher rate than black males, well yes you’re right. The stats for 2010 show about 21% of black women are college educated – thus 79% are not. That is a lower % than whites, and of course a far less total amount based on black women are roughly 7% of America – so 21% of 7% is about 1.5% – that is the % of Americans that are college educated black women. 1.5%. Not a very high number, and certainly not the highest in America – directly refutes your main argument and leaves it discredited and in the trash.

        I’m not embarrassed at all, refuting your bullshit and strawman arguments. If your only response is “some whites do it too” when addressing the problems the America Black causes in society, you don’t have much mental ammo to use.

      • Hahahaha!!! You said 2010!!! Hahahaha!!! Umm, what year is this dear? Have I magically transported to a different year and am now having a conversation with someone from the past? I love it. Go ahead and try insulting my position again though. Please. I do admit you guys are at least entertaining if nothing else. I WILL be showing this to my colleagues at lunch time today. Stuff like what you just said is always good for a hard belly laugh in the middle of our work day. Of course what makes it so amusing is that you SHOULD be embarrassed. Anyone who makes the kind of sweeping, blanket statements about a group the way you just did about single Black mothers should be VERY embarrassed. It’s simply called bigotry.

      • Here ya go race pimp…………….

        Ultimate Political Incorrectness: Black Americans Commit Majority Of Gun Murders

        African American Black persons, mostly young black men, commit the majority (57%) of gun homicides. They also commit over 52% of all homicides. The sensational massacres, as horrific as they are, are much less than 1% of gun homicides.

        Blacks make up 13% of the population (both sexes) but commit 57% of gun homicides. It’s even worse since it’s more like 6.5% of the population (males) committing 57% of the gun homicides. Where is this discussion in the media? Where is the program or plan to alleviate this problem?

        Political correctness prevents ANY discussion of this fact. What IS our plan to address this problem? What,we don’t have one?? If you can’t correctly name your problem, you will be unable to solve the problem. This is the problem with political correctness.

        Instead we focus on relatively few sensational massacres. Yes, it’s horrible that several hundred people have gotten “mowed down” by psychos in public settings at Sandy Hook and Colorado, but there are about 11,000 people murdered by guns (2010) each year and, on average, about 57% of those are committed by black persons (mostly black men). This means that something like 6,300 murders per year are committed by black persons (mostly young black men)!

      • Sorry — still won’t look at a word of any post with your name on it baby. Not even if you were reporting a nuclear blast to the 50 states. Type away. Won’t happen.

      • Double yawn. Nothing I haven’t seen a million times on the kkk boards. I see you’re trying harder since I won’t read your posts though. Good thinkin’ grand wizard. I guess it’s the only way you can communicate more psychotic hatred. I like it when you guys do this stuff. It makes people who are on the fence run towards a more sensible party and shows what kind of loyal followers West truly has. Post some more pics just like this and continue to show who you are dear. I totally drew you out lol.

      • [[ Double yawn ]]

        Another race pimp ignores thugs.

        [[ I haven’t seen a million times on the kkk boards.]]

        So like a good democrat, you slum around KKK boards.

        [[ I see you’re trying harder since I won’t read your posts though. Good thinkin’ grand wizard]]

        I thought you didn’t ream my posts Ruffy……………er……….Natalie. The grand wizard is on your KKK boards.

        [[ I guess it’s the only way you can communicate more psychotic hatred.]]

        So how often do you attend klan meetings?

        [[ I like it when you guys do this stuff. It makes people who are on the fence run towards a more sensible party and shows what kind of loyal followers West truly has.]]

        Since you said you go to klan boards and your party started the klan, where does that ;leave you?

        [[ Post some more pics just like this and continue to show who you are dear. I totally drew you out }}

        Yeah, you showed me. You confessed to going to klan boards. Good job you moron.

      • Idiot, stats aren’t available each year right away. Most crime articles use 2000-2010 data, last census was 2010, etc.

        Again, I’m not embarrassed at all – your ignorance is noted. Just keep in mind a lot more people agree with me than you.

      • The sad part is that this person sounds like an educator… Pointing out statistics has nothing to do with bigotry. There are serious issues in our communities and it is counterproductive to ignore them.

      • Lol. Hey genius, I called him a bigot based on his reply to my original post wherein he basically just said that all single Black mothers are lazy, stupid, and only raise criminals — not because he attempted to condescend to me with five year old, outdated stats on a completely new and current phenomenon; that just makes him dumb. Pay attention if you’re going to attempt an insult. You make a fool of yourself when you don’t. He doesn’t at all deny his own bigotry so why do YOU care. Some people wear it proudly, which is fine. At least he’s man enough to own it, which is more than I could probably say about you.

      • Surrrre they do on your KKKonservative little blog here. You’d get laughed out of town on a thread where the sane outnumber the clan nutjobs every day of the week. Funny I was able to find plenty of current stats on the topic — that’s how I came upon commenting about it in the first place, genius. Laughing my butt off at your lame excuse for not knowing what the hell you’re talking about here in the year 2015 — AND I love how you call ME an idiot because YOU couldn’t locate any current stats! Aaaaahahaha!!! You’re just as funny as Andy. Please keep going.

      • For example, the DOJ report released last week that accuses Ferguson Police of racial discrimination over traffic stops? No data earlier that early 2012 in the report, most data and examples are from last decade. Get the point yet?

      • I don’t need your point — I research stats all the time and know how they work. This topic DOES have current stats though. Like I said, I would never have made the statement in the first place had I not seen a ton of data on it myself — pages and pages, site after site. Just face it, you were talking out of your butt while I have the current data and you called ME names for it. Typical and hilarious. Maybe you guys wouldn’t turn out looking like fools so often if you weren’t so damned mean-spirited ALL the time. Must SUCK to be like you. Thank the Lord I’m not. Sorry I don’t hate such a huge portion of Americans and wish them all ill or dead. That’s for people with mental disorders, not me.

      • Awe. Aren’t you special? Please put that energy into yourself dear. You clearly need to keep all you can muster.

      • Lol. I just love it when some goof feels sorry for ME for not walking around with hatred in MY heart for a whole race of people. I guarantee that I’m way happier person than any poor soul who IS walking around like that. I can’t believe that people who don’t get that are even smart enough to use a keyboard.

    • I sat here reading your comment wondering how in the world can you miss the point of this article. Look most of my immediate and extended family are educated and self-reliant, but we can’t ignore the fact that jails are populated by a too large of percentage to the ratio of blacks in this country. Our youth that die from violence die at the hands of an other black youth. With this bad economy single parent family are adding to the already existing difficulties. It is stupid to focus on healthy aspects our communities and ignore the cancer. Please excuse my rambling but ignorance tics my off.

      • And I think YOU missed the point of my post. This man CLEARLY mentioned “self reliance not dependency” — as IF the aforementioned women are sitting around not trying to better themselves when OBVIOUSLY they surpassed any other group based upon race and gender in 2014 by having the highest percentage that acquired more college education. Reports by the National Center of Education Statistics as reported by the US Census state that black women have the highest numbers for current enrollment in college. This data is extracted from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, The Department of Education, and the Department of Health and Human Services. THIS ISN’T ROCKET SCIENCE — it’s just a fact. My POINT being that this IS a prime example of a group that is OBVIOUSLY vying for SELF RELIANCE. That’s what education’s for!!! Duh!!! What the heck more can a person do other than to educate themselves in order to better compete in the job market and essentially live a more productive life and provide for their families? Do YOU know of anyone who went to college with the GOAL of receiving welfare instead of becoming gainfully employed? Of COURSE not. That’s stupid. You’re foolish enough to imply ignorance on my part when this is staring you RIGHT in the face. My point stands and is perfectly logical. This statistic necessarily connotes GOAL ORIENTATION i.e. SELF RELIANCE. You seriously gonna argue with that? Really? THIS IS ALL I WAS SAYING. Geez. This is just not the picture of these people that West is painting though obviously — all un-wed baby machines looking for a hand-out, right? This statistic proves that this group is looking for something much better. That’s where it all starts. So if this is 50% of the Black population, then YOU do the math on what half the Blacks in this country are attempting to achieve.

      • Bleeding-heart liberals have difficulty’s understanding. In spite of all the accomplishments, we can boast it does not change the fact that there are serious issues in our communities that only focusing on the good will not help. We have not come far enough to neglect our serious issues. Here is a blog posted by a friend a few years ago that can help you see our point of view:

      • You’ve never heard of positive reinforcement as a means of behavioral conditioning? That’s weird. I thought that’s how we were all raised dear. If you have kids, I sure hope that you don’t employ the whole “let’s never celebrate or discuss anything good about you as a means of shaping the rest of your behavior — let’s only focus on your negative qualities” method. OUCH! That is NOT how life works realistically. This has nothing to do with a bleeding heart and everything to do with common sense and applying basic psychology to a monumental historical/cultural/sociological/institutional/human issue. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty certain that I remember educated folks guiding me through some pretty challenging times where I may not have known the proper course of action and they showed me by example after maybe I’d screwed something up. You talk about fixing the Black community’s serious problems — but how the heck do you think that begins??? With EDUCATED/experienced people guiding the way! So YES — these individuals need to have a light shone on them so that people can see, respect and benefit from them. You have some other idea about how to implement change in the Black community? I’d LOVE to hear it. I don’t get why you’re up in arms about this. Makes no sense. I AM an Ivy League educated educator (worked PLENTY with Black kids too) — I’m doing MY part and I get results. I’m not speaking from a place of inexperience in the LEAST. I get rooms full of youngsters to excel and lead positive lives. Your condescension totally falls on deaf ears here. I got this.

      • Put your hearing aid back in there is more.

        So I was correct, and an Ivy League educated educator at that. I don’t doubt your veracity,
        but you sure make a lot of stupid remarks for an educated person… I mean, an Ivy League educated person…

        Why is it that people like you ask questions with obvious answers? It’s such a waste of time. Who have you ever met that does not understand the concept of positive reinforcement?

        Maybe I can add to your already overabundant education. A long-winded comment does not guarantee accuracy. Quit trying so hard.

        We are not trying to come up with a summer camp curriculum. We are dealing with young black men going to jail, with teens having babies, with drug abuse, and even with life-and-death situations, so, your “bleeding-heart” motivated solution is the last thing we need.

        You suggest education… Fine, but how do you keep them engaged if all this other crap is in the way?

        My siblings and I succeeded because we had a good Christian father who would go to hell and back to keep us safe and engaged in school…

        How do you provide that to kids without a father or are in an abusive household? How do you help a kid that has no choice but to join a gang just to survive?

        There are things we can do, and pointing out our accomplishment is part of it, but it’s short sighted to think that if we are not honest with our-self. If we don’t allow to be judge by the content of our character, then nothing will change.

        Line them up and shoot them?

      • See? A whole lot of blah blah blah and still no solutions from you. THAT’S my point with you. I’m actually in the trenches and getting it done while it appears that you are just looking to argue and complain about it (as all I did was say that West only EVER highlights the bad and never the good — which is TOTALLY true) and YOU took up arms about it. I don’t know why. It’s not like it’s a secret or anything. He’s famous for it.
        “There are things we can do, and pointing out our accomplishment is part of it,”

        See? You came out condescending and blasting me for saying exactly what you just wrote. I NEVER said that ALL Blacks should do is sit around gloating about what’s good about the community. Of COURSE not — that WOULD be stupid. That was YOUR knee-jerk response to my post but not what I said at all. It’s just that it’s a natural human reaction to NOT follow someone who ONLY has negative things to say about you. No one is designed to do that — so it’s highly destructive if you are really trying to create change and if you really care. West only bitches and gripes and throws stones. Like I said — it’s why I don’t like him. It’s more hurtful than helpful the way he does it. My students get grilled and raked over the coals by me BIG TIME about real things — and I don’t sugar-coat; I pay extreme attention to syntax and semantics because that’s extremely important with youngsters and I wouldn’t dream of having it resemble abuse of any kind, but NEVER sugar-coat. Highlighting Black accomplishments is a HUGE part of pulling in the “troubled/hopeless” Black youth — it’s a valuable tool. They need to see that things CAN be okay if they chose not to follow the wrong path — they need alternatives — and THAT’S where the celebration of the advancement of Black comes in. They need to SEE it. If they can’t see it, they assume there’s no other way to get a nice car other than to sell drugs or commit some act of violence that gets them what they want sometimes if they are in a bad environment. If you show it to them, they a lot more likely to walk towards it. Constantly putting them down just lowers their self esteem and expectations even more and puts them at higher risk. It’s called balance. West simply doesn’t have any. One trick pony.

      • I’ve actually been in a real trench and what you describe does not meet the physical or a metaphorical description of a trench.

        As I write this, I’m at juvenile court advocating for a 12-year-old kid who was caught up in a criminal incident that was not his fault.

        We are involved in an after school program that attempts to infuse at-risk kids with positive self- confidence building options.

        We have them for three to four hours. We have at least an hour for homework and tutoring. The next hour sports, including self-defense. Finally, we take time to listen…We give time for discussion on topics that, frankly, would frighten most bleeding-heart liberals.

        We take all this and help them come up with positive options to all the crap they have to deal with… These are the real trenches.

        All my kids are grown so we felt that fostering kids was something we could also do.

        Foster programs are in desperate need of qualified families to help with kids, please go to your nearest office and find out when the next orientations are being held. It’s not that time consuming, and you can boast of actually doing something, being in the trenches and all that.

        Look, I have friends and family members that are educators and educating our kids is essential but it’s a job, you get paid, (yes, you do get paid for fostering kids but you don’t get to clock out) you get to clock out. Just teaching really does not meet the criteria of being in a metaphorical trench.

        Again, education is essential but what good is it if we don’t get our kids to school.

        I wish you were not so long winded I would like to help you out more but I got to go. Wish us luck.

      • You’re funny. Your posts look as long-winded as mine. If what you say is true about your commitment then good for you and anyone you help. It certainly didn’t appear as though you had involvement with your attitude about never praising the good. Never heard that from such an active advocate I must say. As for trenches, I come from a full military family — siblings and all; so please, you need not go there (did you not see me say that I’m working with veterans? There’s a reason for that — and TRUST me, I ain’t gettin’ paid on that for a trillion hours of my week). Also, PLEASE don’t go there and make it sound as though there is no sense of altruism to being an educator. With my background, I could literally make about 8 times what I make but chose teaching for all the right reasons — but obviously, I need to live INSIDE of a house and drive a car to get there. You can stop trying to slam me — I’M not the enemy. The folks that perpetuate institutional violence against these kids, incite more hatred against them before they even get started in life, defund their educational and after-school programs, the political party members and government officials who support prison quotas for massive corporate kickbacks (as they snatch young Black men in hoards to fill the beds unnecessarily a great deal of the time) — THESE people are the enemy. Not me. I simply don’t like WEST. Frankly, I can’t understand why you would — he does NOTHING to help your community but speak against it and encourage the rest of White American to constantly do the same. WAY counter-productive to your cause so it would seem. He’s all talk and no go in your community. I’m helping, you’re helping, and what the HECK is HE doing but standing around pointing a finger — meanwhile he has a HUGE platform from which he COULD do plenty to help. It’s garbage.

      • Long winded only because I’m responding to your unnecessary long comments. If you go back and look at most of my responses or comments. They are concise precisely dealing with points being debated. You should follow my example.

        Look when something needs to be said, it should be appreciated that someone is brave enough to say things that some might attack you for.

      • I don’t get paid enough to respond to all of this no matter how far off target you are… 🙂

      • Let me copy and paste. I’ll correct your comment as I go signified with brackets [ ]:
        You’re funny. Your posts look as long-winded as mine[I’ve already on this bellow]. If what you say is
        true about your commitment then good for you and anyone you help. It
        certainly didn’t appear as though you had involvement with your attitude
        about never praising the good [Never did I say one should never praise accomplishments]. Never heard that from such an active
        advocate I must say. As for trenches, I come from a full military family
        — siblings and all; so please, you need not go there (did you not see
        me say that I’m working with veterans [my comment on this is still applicable]? There’s a reason for that — and
        TRUST me, I ain’t gettin’ paid on that for a trillion hours of my week).
        Also, PLEASE don’t go there and make it sound as though there is no
        sense of altruism to being an educator [I did not say this either, I did say that it was important’ but still just a job]. With my background, I could
        literally make about 8 times what I make but chose teaching for all the
        right reasons — but obviously, I need to live INSIDE of a house and
        drive a car to get there. You can stop trying to slam me — I’M not the
        enemy [My attempt is not to slam you but to give you a better understanding on what we really need. Real solutions not bleeding-heart programs]. The folks that perpetuate institutional violence against these
        kids [Perpetuate institutional violence. Really? You can’t help yourself], incite more hatred against them before they even get started in
        life, defund their educational and after-school programs, the political
        party members and government officials who support prison quotas for massive corporate
        kickbacks (as they snatch young Black men in hoards to fill the beds
        unnecessarily a great deal of the time) [I’m really trying hard to not slam you but you are making it very difficult. If our youth did not commit crimes they would not have them] to fill their beds– THESE people are the enemy.
        Not me. I simply don’t like WEST. Frankly, I can’t understand why you
        would — he does NOTHING to help your community but speak against it [You mean pointing out truth that needs to be dealt with] and
        encourage the rest of White American to constantly do the same. WAY
        counter-productive to your cause so it would seem [On the contrary, this is the frankness we need to deal with real issues. We had a kid did good in school but had a drug problem. His family in denial till he overdosed. He was 13yrs old]. He’s all talk and no
        go in your community. I’m helping, you’re helping, and what the HECK is
        HE doing but standing around pointing a finger — meanwhile he has a
        HUGE platform from which he COULD do plenty to help. It’s garbage. [I hope you take the time to read my comments but we need black leaders that are willing to tell the truth unlike the race baiters like Al Sharpton]

      • Really dude? You:

        “It is stupid to focus on healthy aspects of our communities and ignore the cancer.”

        And then called me ignorant. Wow. You really don’t remember this, huh? You sat there and made a personal attack, and put words in my mouth by accusing me of being a person that ONLY wants to focus on the “healthy aspects” of your community — when as a matter of fact, that’s not my deal at all which I’ve stated repeatedly. I SAID: West was completely bypassing the self reliance of 50% of the community that is taking a huge stride towards their betterment by being the highest percentage of any group to enroll in college this past year — in keeping with his usual standard of ONLY dwelling on the negative. To which YOU actually responded:
        “There are things we can do, and pointing out our accomplishment is part of it,”

        Remember? So, the thing is, according to these statements, WE ARE ACTUALLY IN AGREEMENT WITH ONE ANOTHER. — yet you have continued to antagonize me for some ridiculous reason. Because I don’t like West? Well, that’s just bizarre for you to take THAT personally and be so rude to me on account of it.

        Frankness INCLUDES highlighting the good with the bad. Period. Like I’ve said. He does NOT know how to do that at all. He will and cannot affect the people that you are so desperate to reach because his approach SUCKS and will continue to fall on deaf ears. My background is in PSYCHOLOGY. His approach his counter-productive. My opinion is in no way rooted in “ignorance” dear. I just have a different one than yours — and mine is working for the folks that I work with so let’s call it a day. Call it bleeding heart all you want — my kids have NOT gotten into trouble and are eager to get back into my classrooms and be healthy. I don’t have to like people like West in order to be effective in my way at ALL. How dare you imply that I do. It’s just silly. My kids want to be like me — travel the world, go to Harvard, help people in the community, be healthy and self-sufficient; so they listen and follow just fine. I don’t need a West in my sphere to encourage them and give the low-down — I came from the projects with a single mom myself — so I KNOW how to get the heck out of there and make a good life. So there ya go.

      • We’ve reached an impasse where you’ve squandered any hope of a beneficial conclusion. Being able to share ideas maybe hopefully finding a solution to problems or at least a workable idea that we could disseminate to others. With all your education, and your Psychology background you sure have a knack for missing the point. Liberalism sure is an impediment to common sense… (I have to agree with you on this; I do have a tendency to be condescending so I erased this part of my comment).

      • Tsk tsk. Shame shame that you still have to be insulting. Some level of maturity should’ve kicked in and landed you where I am — which is; if we are both successfully improving upon the Black community in whatever ways we are — God bless it. You have your way and I have mine that are working great. But no, go ahead and keep digging. What a pity. Conservatism must be a an impediment to maturity and kindness. Peace.

      • My wife likes to read my
        comments ,just to try to help me. See, after a life time of starting
        from a point that I’m always right and even if I’m not I expected does
        under me to make it work.

        My wife being the compassionate and
        intelligent person that she is tells me my approach with you was wrong.
        She said it this way “people don’t have to agree with you to make
        something work out for the best.”

        For all it’s worth I’m sorry. My
        attitude towards you comes from frustration.

        Do you know what it’s like
        to go to a funeral of a young kid that the worst thing he ever did was
        to try to go to school with aspirations of going to college?

        I can share
        plenty of success stories and I do, but that is not what keeps me up at

      • Much appreciated Sir — Thank you and no hard feelings of course (your wife sounds wise!). I understand and share your frustration and appreciate your passion and dedication. I’d rather fuss with someone who’s actually DOING something to contribute to the cause than someone who’s just sitting around flapping their chops any day of the week! I really do know about the types of tragedies that you mentioned (I’m from Chicago, so….), I’ve had it hit as close to home as possible with neighbors, friends and family — teenaged boys cut down due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time — once literally on my own front lawn (a drive-by shooting killed my childhood friend at 18 during his freshman year of college — still breaks my heart). I get it. I do agree that the young men who perpetrate and are associated with those kinds of crimes do require a different kind of “tough love” approach that really isn’t my forte. I help more with personal development and PTSD issues so they can move forward and have a life. I do know a bit (or lot) of butt-kicking may be part of the initial process before they get to me if they’re already into some heavy stuff. The value of that is not wasted on me ( I just can’t do it because I look way too young and I’m very petite — doesn’t really work for me to try that) That’s for YOU guys to handle. Anyways, best of luck with everything and your endeavors to help straighten some things out with the community. Slowly but surely……(but I still don’t West lol)

      • An update the kid I went to court with got community service… Thank
        God, no jail time and hope we can help him enough that this will be the
        only trouble he ever gets into… unfortunately his older brother is a
        different story. He is only sixteen and he wont be out till his
        eighteenth birthday

    • Misreading the data again I see. Highest initial enrollment does not make one more educated nor a college graduate. The truth is Asian Americans have the highest graduation rate at 50%. About 30 percent of non-Hispanic whites and 17 percent of blacks hold at least a bachelor’s degree. Twenty four percent of non-Hispanic whites and 12 percent of blacks held post-graduate degrees.

      • I didn’t misread jack-crap skyhawk. It’s a statistic. More of them are enrolled in college, as of 2014, over any other group by race and gender — which is bizarre since there are so many fewer Black women than White. Looks like they’re not kidding around about competing in the workplace. This is new and clearly a step in the right direction that is completely overlooked by the likes of West. That’s all I’m saying (cause he only ever dwells on the negative when it comes to Blacks since he hates being Black himself). The attrition rate of this group has yet to be determined obviously with this being a new phenomenon. I wish them well — and the whole point is that folks are always bitchin’ about Black women on welfare; well, aren’t you a heck of a whole lot less likely to need it when you’ve got an education that can translate into a better job or career? Kinda blows the theory that all of these women are just “lazy”. Lazy moochers don’t get off their butts and go to college to better themselves most of the time. They’re going for it. Good for them.

      • See, you did it again ~ you are confusing percentages and actual numbers enrolled. The articles which present this statistic give a percentage of enrollment is higher that does not equate to completion of studies nor higher numbers. In a nation with 320.5M people with 13.2% being Black if half of those are women then the enrollment of 9.7% will yield 2.05M Black women attempting college. Compare that to Whites who are 77.7% of the population and if half are women with a 7.4% enrollment you obtain 9.21M (or nearly 450% greater)
        Contrary to your slanted attempt to read an agenda on Col. West’s part, simply attending college does not indicate you have obtained the knowledge indicated by a degree. I can go to a garage, yet that doesn’t make me a certified mechanic. According to the figures I provided earlier 74.7M Whites hold advanced degrees while 7.19M of Blacks have bachelor’s degrees or higher.
        Therefore your claim “…every national statistic in the past few years has clearly stated that Black women are THE highest educated group in America.” is patently false. Yes, the trend of higher enrollment is a positive; however, these ladies must continue to meet the challenge and graduate in order to secure their future.

      • Patently false,huh. You do realize that It is not false because you say so, right? This is the language that has always been used to express this statistic. Period. Now we want to change it because the group changed,huh? No. As a disadvantaged minority group, the fact that they have risen over in highest percentage is highly topical and seemed rather improbable up til now. It means something.A higher percentage of a disadvantaged group busting out to make that choice more than the percentage of any other group IS a big deal. And puhleez, If you don’t see West’s agenda you’re as blind as a bat.

        “simply attending college does not indicate you have obtained the knowledge indicated by a degree”?
        THAT goes for EVERYONE. So what’s the point of that statement? You’re saying this because they’re Black (see negativity)? I had a White best friend long ago that had TWO master’s degree’s but was mostly too dumb to ever get anything done at all within her profession at all because she crammed her way through school. So that statement sort of negates itself all around.

        Btw, you going to a garage doesn’t mean that you are NOT a certified mechanic either. Stop being so negative and take it for what it’s worth — these people are doing a lot to come up and don’t deserve to be stereotyped nearly as much as they are sometimes — and they are just getting started. I know WAY too many fine young, educated, Black single moms (mostly into nursing, medical billing, IT, accounting) . The portrayal is always the most negative though. It can be real BS sometimes.

      • No, that is it not stated that way in any reputable publication ~ that is merely your interpretation. If Col West were to repeat that inaccurate interpretation he would only hurt his credibility.

        Also the reason for my statement on degree attainment is quite simple ~ yes, many Black women are enrolling, yet they are not finishing in the numbers required to make them the “most educated group”. Also as far as educated your friend meets the criteria with respect to knowledge; however their application of said knowledge was lacking. A good manager would identify the disconnect and provide on-the-job training (OJT) to correct the problem. Percentage wise Asian-Americans still have the highest degree completion rate followed by Whites, Hispanics, and then Blacks.

        Finally, merely going to a garage can never make me a certified mechanic, there are courses, OJT, and certification tests required for that designation. The same can be said of my single astronomy course failing to make me an astrophysicist.

      • Wrong. Not my interpretation in the least. Now you’re just making things up. There are pages and pages of google searches that state this exactly as I am — all from non-partisan reliable sources. I couldn’t make this crap up if I tried. Also, how many different ways do you need to hear that these enrollments are NEW??? You keep stating this ridiculous notion that “they are not finishing” —– THEY JUST GOT THERE! I don’t know about you but it took me and the rest of the world several YEARS to finish school. The numbers aren’t even OUT yet as to their attrition rate — yet you keep saying this ridiculous thing just to make some point and diminish these lady’s efforts for the sake of your argument. It is IMPOSSIBLE for you to know their rate of attrition at this point since no real numbers have even been published yet. You’re not fooling anyone. You’re totally speculating in the negative to support a conservative viewpoint about Blacks without the actual data that’s pending.

      • Still can’t support your argument claiming “most educated” if you are now going to claim ‘they just got there’. Crow all you wish and wrap yourself in a false narrative, but the numbers don’t lie.

      • And YOU can keep crowing over semantics. You really need to get over it. Numbers may not lie but YOU sure do. (Pretending that you had conclusive data about the attrition rate — lol). I didn’t forget about that babe. They’re there in HUGE numbers now — that’s what important here. Period. Nothing false about that. Talk all you want.

      • It’s not semantics ~ it’s reality. I should have known better than engage in a conversation with someone who prefers fictional “feel-good” platitudes over the truth.

      • Blah blah. I’m so over your nonsense. A flat out liar sitting here trying to tell me about truth. You got busted LYING. You have no credibility here.

      • The only one spreading falsehoods is you since everything I have written is easily supported facts while all you have done is post bumper-sticker claims from perverted statistics. Not a single time have you presented any support for your claims choosing instead to just expect us to believe data which strains any reasonable credibility. If you are going to make the claim “most educated group” you best have the proof to back it up particularly when all you have done is throw a hissy-fit when someone refutes your blathering.

      • I did post sources earlier, loser. In addition, I ain’t your mommy so I really don’t feel the need to spoon-feed you what you can get directly from google by typing in 5 keywords. I’m not doing your homework for you — that’s your responsibility to inform yourself about topics beyond this blog. No hissy has been thrown dear (trust me, you’d know if there had been — it’s not nearly this nice) — I simply don’t like you because you are a liar (which I’ve totally busted you on obviously and you can’t even man up to) and I’m sure it comes across that I think you’re biased and full of hooey. You are biased and your attitude reflects it. I’ve been around plenty of folks like you that try to get away with lying by posting a bunch of stats and then throwing in a big fat steaming pile of a horse dung of a LIE to try to make it blend into some factoids and sway the argument your favor. THAT DOESN’T WORK ON ME. Get over it already. You’re caught. Again, you have no credibility with me the second you try to pull that crap. It’s over.

      • Damn you Liberals have the mentality of sheep. Your claims are your responsibility to substantiate (& no you did not provide a link) ~ it is not my job to support your ramblings or research evidence of your claim. You are just being dishonest and trying to reflect your failure on me.

        I’m sure in your own little fantasy world everyone accepts your proclamations as gospel, but in the real world YOU have to support your argument beyond “I said so…”. That statement may work on kids, but it fails with any educated individual (especially those trained in communications and logic).

        If you can provide a valid study or article to support your “most educated group” then produce it instead of flailing about and screaming liar because I question your allegation. Such actions are more appropriate to a kindergarten classroom than a discussion board.

      • Lying again. You positively said that “they aren’t staying” in their new enrollments when there are ABSOLUTELY NO NUMBERS or reports to support such a stupid claim after barely a year of new enrollments. You’re just mad cause we both can see that you’re a flat out liar who can’t stand to get caught. Too bad. I never said I provided a link — I said I provided sources for data, liar.

      • Are you really a child? You ability to reason is seriously in doubt, yet we are suppose to believe you? You aren’t even able to rationalize interpolated figures without screaming like a two year old. The truth of the matter Blacks overall do not graduate at the same rate as other Americans that is all I stated. I did not assert “they aren’t staying” as you misquoted me. You have repeatedly failed to follow this debate respond with emotional and irrational posts. Maybe this is due to poor reading comprehension on your part which is probably how you arrived at the wrong conclusion so let me outline it:

        Your claim Black women are the most educated group is inclusive of all Black women. Simply enrolling in college does not make one educated. Until that group can produce a diploma achievement rate higher than other groups one cannot present the initial statement as fact. Since you prefer percentages over actual number; of the nearly 10% of Black women entering college only 39% have obtained a degree. Conversely of the nearly 7.5% of White women entering higher education the completion rate is 58%. So in the end the rate of higher education in White women is higher than that of Black women (4.35% vs 3.9%). That is the pure & simple truth and no amount of yelling “liar” or foaming at the mouth will change it.

      • Sorry I stopped reading your post after the first sentence. Not interested in pointlessly going back and forth with a bunch of the childish ad hom attacks and attempts to clean up your lying BS. If you want to go look the crap up — look it up. If you don’t — don’t; but I’m not interested at all trying to prove to you something that’s sitting RIGHT there on the internet. I get it. You don’t like it. Tough tit. I’m really bored of you. I’m POSITIVE that you have found pages on this if you were looking, but just want to continue some dumbass debate about the fact that these women are the highest enrolled percentage wise. I AM NOT INTERESTED in your doomsday predictions. Go fly a kite. I’ll see ya when they all drop-out of school — or when they pull it together and run circle around a bunch of unsuspecting arses like you. Okay? M’kay. Geez.

      • So ignorance is your preferred state of mind ~ got it.
        You can’t prove your argument so you run away. If it’s there then point it out instead of thrashing around on the floor.
        Good luck living in your blissful obliviousness.

      • You’re a joke. I’ve got a couple Harvard degrees on my wall and a prestigious teaching job at an excellent academy to attest to my “ignorance”. Lmbo. My refusal to listen to some lying slack-jawed, racist yokel on an ALLEN WEST blog of all places, does not an ignorant Natalie make. I’m pretty bullet-proof on my abilities “skyhawk”. You can hurl all the insults that you want babydoll — but somehow or another , those degrees just haven’t evaporated from the wall nor has my standing in the community. Funny how that works isn’t it? If you’d remove your head from your butt, you might be able to hear and see better. I said I have no interest in sending you links because if are claiming to be an adult (not sure), I’m positive that they are abundant on google. You’re not gonna force me to go on the net with your little assignment because you’re behaving like an ass. I’ve already done it for myself. If you want to sit there in the dark without all the info, that’s your business. We both know the info is there, but like I said, you’re just an ass that won’t look at it. Don’t need luck over here Sparky. I’m doing awesome 🙂

      • Bullshit, nobody with a couple of degrees (unless they are in women’s studies or folklore and mythology) is as ignorant as you. Then again Harvard has turned out some pretty stupid people ~ so maybe. No, then again, I don’t think even Harvard has sunk to low as to produce a drone of your ilk. You can’t even entertain a proper debate without pitching a tantrum.

        I show you verified data and you start whining like a little brat screaming liar. You claim you have proof yet never provide it. Then you expect me to prove your point after me repeatedly asking you to show me.

        You are nothing more than a typical Progressive troll looking for someone to verify her pathetic existence. You get caught up against the wall and start screaming racist when you are then one questioning the motives of a decorated Black Veteran simply because he didn’t stay on your plantation.

      • Yep. They’re STILL on my wall. Again, funny how your silly words didn’t change that. I love it! Lol — I’m so easy to track in their network. Someone here already did it. Then again, I’m pretty sure they were a LOT smarter than you. Get over it. You lose. My life will always be better than yours.

      • Go ahead and tell me another fable, Nat.
        It’s getting late and I could use a hilarious bedtime story.

      • Why don’t you write that story up and send it in to Random House or HarperCollins. I’m sure you could get it published in the fiction section under comedy.

      • Well, It’s late and I’ve gotta go walk my dog now. Watching him drop a couple turds should be about equivalent to reading your posts for the last few hours I suppose. The dog is way more fun though — so see ya!

      • Aw, your dog. I was wondering where you were coming up with all that crap you were posting. Probably saw his obedient school diploma and figured that was equivalent to a couple of Harvard degrees. Just remember, in this world the dog doesn’t talk…

      • And btw, racist — I don’t have a plantation — whatever that means in your twisted little head. Wait, are you another one of those idiots that think I’m Black because I’m not a racist? Probably. No, I’m afraid I’m Native and Western European dear. Sorry to pop your moronic bubble.

      • Sorry Nat, I never considered you Black and have pretty well pegged you as a disciple of the school of soft racism. You are the type that feels she has to spout ridiculous bumper sticker platitudes for Blacks because they just can’t make it on their own. Then when a Black man or woman displays achievements gathered through their own efforts you go into an epileptic seizure. How many of your ilk have denigrated General Powell, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Dr. Rice, Rep Love, Herman Cain and even Bill Cosby just because they didn’t dance to your tune of Government dependence. Meanwhile, you celebrate Klansman Byrd as the “Gentleman of the Senate”.

        You can write “racist” as many times as you wish, but the truth is I don’t have a single racist bone in my body. Regardless of a person’s race, creed, or religion, I expect the same of all Americans and that is they live their lives independently. As a retired Naval Officer and business owner I have worked with a plethora of individuals and the color of their skin was never my concern as much as where they able to do the job assigned. What’s between the ears is a lot more important than percentage of melanin.

        However, your Party believes Blacks can’t make it without their Great White Father in D.C. Those poor people need help since they were slaves and all. That type of thinking disgusts me to no end. I have known many Blacks and other minorities who are a hell of a lot brighter than the clowns running the Progressive Left.

      • Lol. you’re simply the second biggest idiot I’ve ever encountered on this blog. You’ve got no clue of who you’re talking to and going off into to some psychotic rambling narrative about God knows what based on nothing. I do pity you. I simply disagreed with your skewed perspective given in your response to my original post and caught you in a lie about findings that you couldn’t POSSIBLY have found, as they have not been established yet. You’re nuts honey. Sorry, but you are. Only a crazy person extrapolates all the crazy crap about a person that you just did. I’m pretty certain that you are not omniscient dear — so you should probably just go ahead and pack it in. I have literally written you off as a crazy person. I have had some meaningful and enlightening discussions on this blog with people that I don’t necessarily see eye to eye with completely. You’re not one of them because you don’t have what it takes to have a meaningful dialogue. You just don’t. Nothing you say matters in the least because you’re too skewed, tainted and bitter to have a real, intelligent conversation. Goodbye.

    • Allen (I’m not black, I’m like you) west has these white people believing that NOT one black person work, we all get welfare, all black kids don’t have fathers and the only thing we do is loot and riot! He has them believing that the only successful black in this nation are conservatives!

      • Hate yourself much? Sounds like you are projecting your own inadequacies on someone else merely because they are a conservative. Funny how you got all that hate from an article which simply said “we need to look after our own house”. BTW, Col. West is a lot more Black than your messiah in the White House.

      • Allen (I’m not black, I’m like you) west…..only post on his blog concerning black people are negative post. The sellout refuse to show what RIGHT with the black community and only focus on the negative. He has a opportunity as a national figure (national disgrace to me) to use himself and a example. To go to black school and talk to black kids to INSPIRE THEM. NOPE…not him! SUCH A DISGRACE!!!

      • Expect as much from a throwback like you. Your ilk are the true sellouts. Col West taught at a high school that was majority Black until a student took a swing at him (figured he better leave before he hurt someone). But to you because he addresses problem in the Black community you label him an oreo. Guess it’s better to just ignore it and hope it goes away ~ how’s that working out?

        What is your claim to fame? How many high schools have you taught/visited? What foundation have you established to “inspire the next generation of minority and Veteran leaders” (mission statement of the Allen West Foundation). Apparently individual responsibility and character like Dr. King peached is not within your capability to grasp. Then again, I guess you would identify him as an oreo as well if he gave his sermons today.

      • Laugh it up, bozo. How many millions of dollars do you think the city would have been on the hook for if he reacted normally and smashed in the punk’s face? That’s probably okay with you though since you appear to be more of a taker than a giver with respect to the community. Just another jealous loser with a keyboard.

      • So now Bronze Star combat veterans are cowards.
        What color is the sky in your twisted World, Mr. Taker?

      • A coward is someone that complians about the direction of a nation but too afraid to run for office….that is a coward

      • Really? What Office do you hold? Are you admitting you are a coward?

        Seems like I remember Col West actually held a seat in the U.S. Congress so you couldn’t be talking about him now could you?

        The more you post the more you display you are nothing more than an uninformed idiot. Keep it up ~ you’re doing a great job displaying the face of the Democratic voter.

      • Lt Col west held that set for 1 term and has been too afraid to run for any sort of office since. He has determined that he can do better lying and selling products to the stupid that follow him

      • No, he was relieved because he threatened a terrorist with a pistol to his head to reveal information which stopped an ambush on his company. This “touchy-feely” standard was put in place by Progressive politicians who have never seen combat and is not in violation of the Geneva Convention (thus the claims of violating the UCMJ with respect to torture were dismissed). He was fined and contrary to what you pussies on the Left claim it did not affect his future command assignments.

        As for a coward, during the hearing “Asked if he would have act differently if under similar circumstances again, West testified, “If it’s about the lives of my soldiers at stake, I’d go through hell with a gasoline can.” You on the other hand think tossing a gasoline can in the local kwik-mart qualifies you for combat action. Perverted preaching from throwback scum like you are the reason Blacks fail to achieve and has little to do with the actions of Whites or any other group.

      • Funny but ALLEN stopped no ambush cause the info he got was BOGUS….it keeps going back to being relieved of command….unfit to LEAD….that about sums it up

      • Boy you buy any Progressive report your handlers feed you. The after-action report used in the hearing clearly stated the ambush was thwarted and the prisoner later connected to earlier ambushes in the area as well as the arrest of two more individuals. Contrary to your repeated BS Col West was never judged “unfit to lead”, (in fact he was given another Command after the hearing). However, sheep such as you will continue to bleat lies as long as your Democratic overlords push it as propaganda.

        I find find hilarious is you would be drooling all over him if he had a (D) next to his name. However, since he doesn’t agree with government dependency you take every effort to spread hate on a man who has astronomical achievements over your pathetic self. It must be difficult for you to live knowing you have no accomplishments in your life ~ maybe that explains your vindictiveness toward those who lead a life of independence.

      • You really haven’t a clue as to what you are talking about. It is required that Officers under investigation be relieved from their post during investigation. If he were unfit to lead he would not have been given another Command which he held until his retirement. Sherman, Roosevelt, MacArthur, Patton, are just a few famous Officers who had been relieved of Command during investigations. Of course I guess you consider each of them unfit (or do I have wait for you to get a memo from your handler). Nearly 200 military Officers (including Black Officers) were relieved of their Command by the Obama administration ~ many without any charges filed. Are you going claim they were unfit to command simply because your African (Arab)-American messiah says it’s so?

      • If the Allen west foundation is anything like the Allen west guardian fund….not too many are
        getting helped… Fraud

      • Sure, sure ~ nothing is right about anyone not painted exactly like the Democrats want you painted. Keep dancing their tune and soon you will no longer feel those chains.

      • No, the Guardian Fund it’s a political action committee and has never been accused of fraudulent practices (except by the Democrats and their lackeys who oppose Black Republicans). However, it appears you only repeat what your handlers tell you without ever attempting to use your own mind. I guess you believe thinking is just too difficult a task so you let the founders and supporters of the KKK do it for you.

      • If you look at the numbers and see that over 4 million out of 6 millioncolled was spent on fundraising….tells me that is a fraud…..but I guess that can be explained

      • If that is your standard it simply reveals you have no idea how political fundraising works. Of course, most of the expenditures for a campaign are going to be tied up in garnering more donations. During Obama’s reelection campaign he averaged costs of $43.6M for every $60M raised ~ so look like 4 to 6 is pretty much the standard for PAC’s.

        Then again it could be you are looking for skeletons since the Republicans sweep the last election and it still stings.

      • I know how FUNDRAISING WORKS…..when less that 10% of the money you collect goes towards political purposes while 90% goes to fundraising…we have a problem. SarahPAC only spent 7% on political purposes. Only a IDIOT wouldn’t be concerned with there the 93% of the money went

      • You sure are gullible believing tripe printed by your handlers (plus it appears you can’t “do math” very well either)

      • How hypocritical of you. When any black man is a conservative Republican he is an uncle tom sellout and gets destroyed by you democrats when it was the Republicans who fought to get you the freedoms and rights you do have. The democrats never wanted any of it for you. To me the mystery is why after all the song and dance routines from the democrats has the poverty standard gotten worse for black folks. Keep voting for the democrats though after all they own you 95% every election but nothing changes but how good they live.

      • Not any black conservative but it seems that the majority of black conservatives choose to demonize the black community and demonize programs that help people get out of poverty . the same programs they used themselves…but we are not going to talk about that……those are the sellouts

      • Why do you keep alluding to the fact that the Dems USED to be the ultra-conservatives as if it has ANY relevance on today’s Democratic party since the reversal of parties??? You realize that makes no sense now, right? The argument bears zero logic. This is an ultra-conservative/progressive issue. That is all. It doesn’t matter what they used to call themselves at all. Democrat and Republican are irrelevant in this regard. Ever heard the saying “A rose by any other name remains the same”? Please apply it here.

  20. Now follow the money and more of obama’s broken promises. Rep Terrie Sewell (from Selma) and Moochelle are friends, attended college together. Watch our hard-earned tax dollars be funneled (with the help of Affirmative Action Baby/HUD Secretary Julian Castro) as he is sent on that “listening tour” as they are calling it, to Progressive Liberals aka Democrat Party under the guise that it’s to “help” poor folks in Selma. What happened to all that “help” (money) Sewell promised them before?? I feel for those people in Selma, they are about to be lied to and screwed AGAIN by Democrats.

  21. Funny how those who didn’t show up in Selma are now lecturing us about what it should be about. Keep minding your business we don’t need your input anymore now than we did last week.

  22. All this coming from a man with so much self hate that he supports the racism that takes place on his OWN BLOG!!! SUCH A DISGRACE!!!

    • I’m gonna guess you don’t know Shiite about Shiite. The democrats you love so much are the ones that destroyed the black family, the men went to prison and the women went of welfare. But that was in better times, shortly before they put the black man on the democrat plantation they were riding around wearing white robes and hoods to scare him into being quiet. Jim Crow was a democrat as was George Wallace and Robert KKK Byrd. Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood to sterilize the black male and eliminate him that way, oh, she was a democrat. The Selma issue was the culmination of what the democrats had been doing to the black man for over 150 years. The democrats fought against civil rights until 64 when finally enough democrats had been persuaded to vote with ALL the Republicans to finally pass the act. Look up what LBJ had to say about the black vote. Now for lesson two: The Republican party was founded to abolish slavery because they believed it was wrong and it was the democrats who gave them a battle until 1964. The democrats (KKK) killed as many Republicans as blacks because of their standing with him. Did you know, or even care, that the NRA was founded by Christian Republicans to get gun ownership rights for the black man so he could defend his family against the terrorism of the KKK, aka, the democrats.
      Abe Lincoln and Martin Luther King were Republican, MLK’s niece is still.

      • Your straw dog is barking but has no teeth. You can fabricate your version of reality but that does not alter anything. Please….. go ahead and begin the discussion of the 2015 KLAN to include a listing of all those Republican members. We all eagerly await your stunning revelation.

        (BTW….. tell Media Matters that you want a raise)

      • Reverend Joe, I appreciate your attempts at reason too, I sometimes get in too deep on this hoping to open some minds and eyes in the hopes that, that will get conversations started with others but I find that you are almost always dealing with someone who wants to argue but not to learn. They aren’t open to that as they have been indoctrinated into
        What to think and they are not allowed to learn how to think. I think they probably have been told that Unicorns are real, so they really do see them.

      • Thanks, Larry. I enjoy a good debate/discussion/conversation with anyone who can enunciate their position and defend it with logical thinking, facts and reason. Sometimes I convince them of the validity of my point…… sometimes I get to be the one who has the “Ah HA” moment when their reasoning persuades me. Those things can only happen when dealing with others who are willing to *think* rather than regurgitate. Enlightenment comes from challenging your own point of view first…… and defending it second. Both serve to either strengthen your arguments and already held beliefs or to contemplate new thoughts and ideas and make whatever adaptation those new facts require you to make to accept your new worldview and be able to defend it too. The Media Matters designated trolls on here only serve to distract from a logical and reasoned discussion of the facts…… because facts and the truth to a leftist is like Holy water to a vampire. Our mistake is in BEING distracted by them and wasting intellectual ammunition on a target not worth shooting at in the first place. What we need to do is mentally skip their vapid comments and only respond to those who are attempting to have a genuine conversation.

        Have a blessed day!

      • Blah…blah…blah Georges Wallace … blah…blah…blah….Margaret Sanger….blah….blah…blah…LBJ…blah…blah…blah…Don’t know, don’t care. Keep the crooked history lessons for when you homeschooling your kids.

      • Congratulations! You have nominated yourself to be the poster child for the term “low information voter” as demonstrated by the following: “Blah…blah…blah Georges Wallace…. blah…. blah…. Margaret
        Sanger…. blah…. blah… blah… LBJ… blah… blah… blah.. Don’t know,
        don’t care.”

        History exists to learn from. Ignoring it is folly from which go good comes.

      • Right on the second point and wrong on the first. (50% isn’t bad) The quality of information IS much more important than having volumes of either incorrect or fabricated data. The ability to recognize quality information is equally critical. If one lacks the ability to see a fact as a fact then even the quality of information is meaningless. If you are told by your doctor that you have cancer……… and you accuse him/her of propaganda and lies…….. does that make the cancer magically go away? Ignoring a fact…… or opting to not believe it simply because if fails to comport to your belief system….. is childish and best and fatal at worst. Hitlers propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, is credited with saying “Tell a lie and tell it often enough and it becomes the truth.” (Although there is some evidence that Hitler himself made that statement while Goebbels got the credit) In either case the statement is incorrect. The lie remains a lie…… it has simply morphed into a piece of information which passes as an accepted fact for the masses. (and in the case of Hitlers Germany parroting the party line kept you from being shot)

      • Fortunately you don’t have to buy the snake oil……. I think I saw that covered on page 2741 of the Affordable Care Act.

      • Yeah, but that larrygrant is using the fact that Democrats USED to be the conservative party as some sort of argument to paint the NEW and CURRENT Democratic party as “KKK” enthusiasts or something — which of course is beyond silly in light of the reversal of the Progressive/Conservative parties between the 30’s and the 60’s via the Presidencies of FDR and LBJ. That little history lesson above on that post is SO irrelevant, antiquated and totally pointless to current politics as it pertains to the CURRENT identities of the parties. To keep trying to use the old “The Republicans are the REAL forward thinkers and the Dems are the REAL KKK” argument is a waste of breath. THE PARTIES HAVE FULLY REVERSED — PERIOD. I’ve had to do plenty of research on the current KKK and trust me — I’ve never met ONE that was a Democrat. C’mon, we all know this.

      • [[ the fact that Democrats USED to be the conservative party as some sort of argument to paint the NEW and CURRENT Democratic party as “KKK” ]]

        25 Examples of Liberal Racism in Quotes

        1) “(Obama’s) a nice person, he’s very articulate this is what’s been used against him, but he couldn’t sell watermelons if it, you gave him the state troopers to flag down the traffic.” — Dan Rather

        2) “White folks was in the caves while we [blacks] was building empires … We built pyramids before Donald Trump ever knew what architecture was … we taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.” — Al Sharpton

        3) “‘Hymies.’ ‘Hymietown.’” — Jesse Jackson’s description of New York City while on the 1984 presidential campaign trail.

        4) “A few years ago, (Barack Obama) would have been getting us coffee.” — Bill Clinton to Ted Kennedy

        5) “The Israeli puppeteer travels to Washington and meets with the puppet in the White House. He then goes down Pennsylvania Avenue and meets with the puppets in Congress. The Israeli leader then ‘brings back millions of dollars’ in aid to Israel.” — Ralph Nader

        6) “(Harry Reid) was wowed by Obama’s oratorical gifts and believed that the country was ready to embrace a black presidential candidate, especially one such as Obama — a ‘light-skinned’ African American ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.” — Harry Reid’s comments reported by Mark Halperin and John Heilemann

        7) “I do not think it is an exaggeration at all to say to my friend from West Virginia [Sen. Robert C. Byrd, a former Ku Klux Klan recruiter] that he would have been a great senator at any moment. . . . He would have been right during the great conflict of civil war in this nation.” — Former Democratic Senator Christopher Dodd (D.,Conn.)

        8) “Civil rights laws were not passed to protect the rights of white men and do not apply to them.” — Mary Frances Berry, former Chairwoman, US Commission on Civil Rights

        9) “Tainting the tea party movement with the charge of racism is proving to be an effective strategy for Democrats. There is no evidence that tea party adherents are any more racist than other Republicans, and indeed many other Americans. But getting them to spend their time purging their ranks and having candidates distance themselves should help Democrats win in November. Having one’s opponent rebut charges of racism is far better than discussing joblessness.” –Mary Frances Berry, former Chairwoman, US Commission on Civil Rights

        10) “Well, because the Arabs who were involved in 9/11 cooperated with the Zionists, actually. It was a cooperation. They gave them the perfect excuse to denounce all Arabs. It’s a racist sort of thing, really racist – you know, picking out these 19 or 20 terrorists – they were terrorists – and saying all the Arabs are like them.” — Former Democratic Senator James Abourezk on Hizbullah TV

        11) “Let me see one of you adopt one of those ugly black babies.” — AbortionistAshutosh Ron Virmani

        12) “There’s no great, white bigot; there’s just about 200 million little white bigots out there.” — USA Today columnist Julienne Malveaux

        13) “Them Jews aren’t going to let (Obama) talk to me. I told my baby daughter, that he’ll talk to me in five years when he’s a lame duck, or in eight years when he’s out of office. …They will not let him talk to somebody who calls a spade what it is.” — Jeremiah Wright

        14) “There’s white racist DNA running through the synapses of his or her brain tissue. They will kill their own kind, defend the enemies of their kind or anyone who is perceived to be the enemy of the milky white way of life.” — Jeremiah Wright

        15) “The white man is our mortal enemy, and we cannot accept him. I will fight to see that vicious beast go down into the lake of fire prepared for him from the beginning, that he never rise again to give any innocent black man, woman or child the hell that he has delighted in pouring on us for 400 years.” — Louis Farrakhan

        16) “White people shouldn’t be allowed to vote. It’s for the good of the country and for those who’re bitter for a reason and armed because they’re scared.” — Left-wing journalist Jonathan Valania

        17) “(Joseph Lowery) said that when he was a young militant, he used to say all white folks were going to hell. …’Then he mellowed and just said most of them were. Now, he said, he is back to where he was.’” — The Daily Mail quotes Joseph Lowery, who gave the benediction at President Obama’s inauguration

        18) “We are owned by propagandists against the Arabs. There’s no question about that. Congress, the White House, and Hollywood, Wall Street, are owned by the Zionists. No question in my opinion. They put their money where their mouth is…We’re being pushed into a wrong direction in every way.” — Helen Thomas

        19) “You cannot go to a 7-11 or Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian Accent.” — Joe Biden

        20) “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” — Joe Biden

        21) “I give interracial couples a look. Daggers. They get uncomfortable when they see me on the street.” — Spike Lee

        22) “I want to go up to the closest white person and say: ‘You can’t understand this, it’s a black thing’ and then slap him, just for my mental health.” — New York City Councilman, Charles Barron

        23) “We got to do something about these Asians coming in and opening up businesses and dirty shops. They ought to go.” — Marion Barry

        24) “The point I was making was not that Grandmother harbors any racial animosity. She doesn’t. But she is a typical white person…” — Barack Obama

        25) “That’s just how white folks will do you. It wasn’t merely the cruelty involved; I was learning that black people could be mean and then some. It was a particular brand of arrogance, an obtuseness in otherwise sane people that brought forth our bitter laughter. It was as if whites didn’t know that they were being cruel in the first place. Or at least thought you deserving of their scorn.” — Barack Obama

      • Aaaahahaha!!! You’re still at it! Hilarious. I’m still not reading anything you post dear. Got any more pictures you can post that YOU think might get my goat? That was a hilarious move yesterday. Me and a couple of my Republican friends laughed our butts off at that. You DO know that you don’t make me angry or upset me, right? I simply find you laughable but not at all interesting. Kind of like when someone farts or something. Not a chance I’ll read your posts fart boy. Meaningless.

      • Keep on posting there Andy boy. I’m enjoying the thread much more since I stopped looking at your content. I love that ya keep trying though 😉 — poor wittle baby still looking for mama’s attention. Nope! Won’t read — just thought I’d give you yet another update (your last post looked pretty lengthy and I’m sure it was just as boring and foul as the ones that made me stop reading them days ago). Lol. I’d sooner flog myself.

      • Keep tellin’ ya — I see the name Andy Martin and skip to the next post immediately. That’s why I’m glad the names are in red — makes it easier 🙂 Still refuse to look babe.

      • Okay — I saw those three words because it’s such a small sentence and my eyes didn’t skip past fast enough. But the bright side is that at least I didn’t have to suffer the usual long winded BS and vulgarity that you’re good for. Maybe if you could just keep it to small words, I can’t miss them, huh? Like “[email protected]”, or whore, or moron, or something else like that that I would expect from the likes of your grossly inferior mind. Good work Andy, keep it up! 🙂 There — you happy you got my attention again sweetie? You poor thing.

      • You’re indefatigable I see. I’ve grown quite bored of you now though (at first it was kind of funny — but now you’re just a big snooze-fest). So long, dipwad. I’m done even playing ping pong with ya. Type away — now you’ll remain unread AND “unresponded” to. Good luck! 🙂

      • I know but they still trying. They keep repeating that stuff like Pavlov’s puppy while defending black kids getting shot dead in the streets.

      • Liberal democrats destroying the black family for 50 years has created this culture, wake and look around. Republicans want to help everyone up, democrats want to keep you down. You can’t pick the reality you like and like magic it is so. We don’t get to make up reality, and unicorns don’t exist either. Check all the largest ghettos in large cities and everyone is in democrat country. Do a check of Planned Parenthood locations and all of the older ones are close to black sections of a city and their is a reason for that but you think I’m making up homeschool lessons. I know I just wasted more time on you but until people see clearly it’s never gonna change.

      • Republicans want help everyone up by lowballing public school teachers. Cut taxes for the rich and corporations. Lock up as many black men they can and keep those they can’t lock up from voting. There are ghettos in Dallas but you guys only talk about Chicago. Want to scare me? You’re going to have to do better than Planned Parenthood. As far as I know it allowed some black girls to pursue something else than being the stereotype welfare queen you cowards like to denigrate. So let me say it again. Keep the crooked history for when you are homeschooling your kids.

      • Many valid points, Natalie. But I don’t think it’s so much that the democrats used to be the conservative party as it is that the real democrat party was successfully hijacked by the socialist / progressive movement. Keeping the democrat moniker simply made acceptance of the progressive agenda, by the people, easier since they still believed in the party name.

        What I see today is that both parties have pretty much merged at a position somewhat left of center. Democrat or Republican really doesn’t matter anymore so far as the establishment politics goes. They are distinctions without a difference as these past few months of political theater in Washington DC demonstrate.

        As for democrat affiliation with the KKK of any time period and not being able to find even one democrat……. Start with the Hon. Robert C. Byrd, Senator of West Virginia.

      • You know exactly what I mean. The percentage of Dem KKK has to be 1 to 10,000. If you don’t believe me, you can poll those psychos yourself. I did (school research). There are always going to be anomalies but as we all know, it’s not the standard. Not even close. My biggest point is that it’s simply Ultra-Conservative vs. Progressive these days. Anyone trying to sell the history of the reversal as a means of demonizing Dems as KKK and slave-mongres (that larry dude) is just blowing a lot of hot air trying feebly to get a foothold on his theory of how evil the party is — when really all he’s doing is highlighting what those old Democrats reversed OUT of and the Republicans INTO. Bottom line, there does seem to be a culture of racism deeply rooted in the conservative party. Just look at THIS thread for example. If you’re not speaking ill of Blacks — you literally get attacked for it. It’s a joke. Check out his last reply to me:
        larrygrant876 –>Natalie • 18 hours ago
        “Yeah dumbass, we flipped ideologies after a hundred and fifty years of fighting for your freedom and being threatened and killed for your freedom. I have nothing to argue with, you are just plain stupid and ya just can’t fix that. Must be why LBJ said, “sign them civil rights bills and I’ll have them @%&##’s voting democrat for the next 200 years”, and damn if he wasn’t right.”

        Funniest thing about this is that he even assumed that I’m Black because I don’t hate Blacks the way he does. Well, I happen not to be Black at all. See what I mean? This kind of thing is VERY common on the conservative sites. It’s scary.

      • More valid points and thank you for the many points which guide your thinking. Since I have both blacks and Hispanics in my rather diverse family tree I tend to follow Dr. Kings message of judging people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin…. and I make no assumptions.

        The Klan existed as a mainly political force earlier in the century but certainly the numbers and activities are nothing like they once were. But, as with any hate group, any activity is too much. On a slightly different topic…… see if you can locate and borrow a copy of a book called “American History in Black and White” by David Barton. It’s a tough read because I think he dictated it and it was simply written in that format. There are no chapters but it is *heavily* footnoted so the reader can read the reference material and make up their own mind. It’s rather enlightening and mentions a lot of stuff I never heard about in school.

        I think perhaps the biggest problem facing the nation internally is the fact that we are so politically divided. The question always seems to be…… is this good for the party?? The question *I* want to hear asked is…… Is this good for the country? Parties be dammed! If the republicans win and we loose the country we’re screwed. If the democrats win and we loose the country…. we’re screwed. What is best for America……. not what is best for one party or the other…. that needs to be what guides the leadership in Washington, every state capital, and ever city and town in America.

        I guess a lot of politicians tend to follow the introspective thinking of Lucifer in John Milton’s epic poem “Paradise Lost.” “Better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven.” which is the last comment he makes to himself when contemplating his defeat in the war of the angels and coming to terms with spending eternity in hell.

        God bless you and all you hold dear……. and thank you for a reasoned and non-contentious discussion!

      • Much appreciated — thanks. It’s such a breath of fresh air to not be cursed out and called names because I don’t hate Black people lol. I’ve heard of the book title by Barton but never read it; I may just pick it up (second time i’s been recommended). And I agree — I couldn’t care less what a party calls itself; as I have in these recent years voted Republican AND Democrat depending on their platforms. That’s what some of the goofballs on this thread don’t get about people like me. They are SO presumptuous, when really, the bottom line is that I simply don’t believe in blind hate! The first thing they want to do is start calling names and slinging insults if they think you’re not “one of them” though. The phrase “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar” comes to mind. That behavior is an excellent way to scare away support for your own party I think. Very counter-intuitive. And yes — very true on the Milton. Spot on 🙂

      • Good morning, Natalie! You too are a breath of fresh air. Thank you! You may have noticed in my comments to others that I stoop to neither cursing or name calling…… even when dealing with the comments of those who merely seem to spin the wheel and insert whatever talking point came up. Few things are more irritating than attempting to engage someone in reasoned dialogue only to get a snarky poorly constructed one sentence reply. Perhaps the point which eluded that type of person is that the conversation IS public……… and the public can clearly see that one person making points and the other is being a jerk. What does a snarky attitude say about them and their failure to even make an effort at persuasion? In my world it screams “Closed mind!”

        Politically we’re probably closer together than we are apart, if not in affiliation at least by process. Since the “establishment” republican party has abandoned its base in favor of the donor class……. I claim a combination of constitutional conservative and independent. We’re probably both guilty of actually studying the election issues and the people running then making our decision based upon whom we think will do the best job. I think it would be fun to watch the panic in voting booths around the nation if you eliminated all reference to party on the ballots. Since most voters of both parties seem to just look for the “R” or the “D” and vote without any real thinking. ( I seem to vaguely remember that being tried in some small town on the east coast….. and the justice department said it was discriminatory) (?????)

        Gotta scoot……. seems that since I retired there is always something that needs done. Then again when your house is 92 years old and has 78 windows…… and you have 3 cats and a dog sharing it with you…….. 🙂 OH! on that diverse family tree I mentioned yesterday…… I completely forgot that my sweetie is Cherokee!!! I think I have everything hanging off the branches except extraterrestrials. (but who knows) {GRIN}

      • Yeah dumbass, we flipped ideologies after a hundred and fifty years of fighting for your freedom and being threatened and killed for your freedom. I have nothing to argue with, you are just plain stupid and ya just can’t fix that. Must be why LBJ said, “sign them civil rights bills and I’ll have them @%&##’s voting democrat for the next 200 years”, and damn if he wasn’t right.

      • MY freedom??? Aaaahahaha!!!! You are such a special kind of stupid. Your brain is SO small that you think that because I don’t agree with your hateful, twisted and bigoted views that I MUST be Black! TOO funny!!! I’m Native American and (White) Western European you moron. Just goes to show you how narrow-minded your kind can be. Case in point. You just proved it. Thank you. And YES — most Blacks do vote Democratic — as it is a historical/sociological/political truth that a minority group will (as they should) vote for the group that supports their advancement (civil rights) in the face of oppression — because anything else would be down-right STUPID. It’s called survival — and it’s the most natural thing in the world. What kind of an IDIOT would vote for a party that tells them that they can’t have equality when the other wants to continue to give it? Why don’t YOU go hire a plumber to come to your house that you know will spit in your face and then beat you — as opposed to hiring one that just wants to come fix your sink? Oh yeah! — Cause that would make you an even BIGGER moron than you already are. Go fly a kite nit-wit. You can’t win this one. MY freedom —- still laughing my butt off.

      • OH goodness…and 2015 republican Klan members? Do you think those kids on the bus in in that video are DEMOCRATS??

      • You would be hard pressed to find a republican KKK member. But go ahead and keep thinking the way your masters want you to. They will watch you go down the drain thinking they are your friends fool.

      • Any pub that is in the KKK and is caught is kicked out. On the other hand it’s a dem organization and always was.

  23. Why conservatives (Col. West excluded) can’t seem to put voter ID in the proper light is beyond me. It’s NOT difficult to explain even to the low information bunch. Voting is a RIGHT for ALL legal American citizens. Showing a valid ID *preserves* that right and makes certain that those who are ineligible are not included in the process reserved for US Citizens. I lived in Germany for many years. Did I have the right to vote in their elections? Nope! Did I get benefits from the German government for being in their country? Nope! I was a guest…… and Germany reserved the right to order me out of their country if I broke any of their laws. That’s what sovereign nations do. And the ONLY way to have a truly sovereign nation is to have secure borders. You cannot claim to be a nation of laws while promoting and condoning lawlessness.

      • You might want to take another look …. Voter fraud cannot exist in a world of accountability…

      • You are indeed correct! Presenting valid photo ID has absolutely nothing to do with voter fraud. So here is the question…… you have 50 people in line to vote. Half are legal residents who have the right to vote……. the other half are legal residents of other countries and are neither eligible nor possess the right to vote in any US election. Which ones do you permit to exercise their lawful right to vote? How do you tell the difference between them?

      • First…… Thank you for your service to America! Second….. while we keep hoping for a reasoned and rational debate/discussion with those on the far left……. it’s never going to happen. Kinda like trying to convert Ayatollah Ali Khamenei of Iran to Catholicism through clear and simple logic.

        As Islam is the religion of Khamenei…….. liberalism is the religion of folks like Ruckus and Rafael. ALL liberals are the same (not democrats necessarily….. just liberals) in that they eat, sleep and drink liberalism. Their entire world view is seen through the lens of liberalism. It is the filter through which everything in their world passes.

        There is an old country saying reminding us: “Never try to teach a pig to sing……… it wastes your time and annoys the pig.” That is not meant to imply that we should give up on the attempt to educate and enlighten those in the darkness of liberalism though. We have to be the candle in the saying….. all the darkness in the universe cannot extinguish the light of a single candle. But, like in the military, it is necessary to know when you are wasting your resources on an objective that is of negligible value to the larger battle plan and concentrate instead on targets which can be attained with less attrition. Don’t waste your time on pawns when the royalty is the objective.

        God Bless you and all you hold dear….. and God Bless America!

      • Wasted comment… You had the opportunity to let me have it and this is all you can come up with. Unlike you I want real solutions to our problems not the fake crap president Obama, Al Sharpton, and the like propose.

      • Turn of any noise that may distract you take your medication and concentrate… You can do it. ! If I could sit through and read an article by Al you can read this one

      • I don’t read Al’s article. But if you are trying to tell me we should base laws on a guy who ambush people while dressed like what he thinks is a pimp. Or that clown should be more relevant than what MLK is. Makes me think you have an issue with distractions and needs to pop that Ritalin.

      • I really try not to go off on you. I’m not proposing anything on the base of anyone’s opinion … (I erased everything else, I have nothing else for you. I don’t do well with stupid)

      • Are you trying to say James O’keefe never dressed like The Pimp Named Slickback? And shoot those videos? You’re from the “higher ground” address my post not me. Or are you just another poo flinger.

      • You would be just like Malcom X calling MLK Jr an “Uncle Tom” because he was a conservative just like Allen West.

      • And dems do? How about the dem fact that all blacks are too stupid to get on in life without the gentle, guiding hand of the white man? Jefferson said that. Maybe we could do a little FDR for you. Or that inestimable Klansman, Truman?

      • Sir, I am not a neophyte to the art of debate. Replying to a question with a question is a tactic known as deflection. It’s rather like throwing your pistol at someone when you run out of bullets because you failed to keep track of your shots. My question was a simple one. In a system which grants the RIGHT to vote to living breathing valid US citizens you must have a method in place which prohibits the ineligible. I gave you a scenario in which 50 people were in line to vote but only HALF we legally entitled to do so. Your task was to weed out those NOT eligible. As easy as that was you couldn’t answer. IF those same folks were in line voting about taking all your stuff and giving it to themselves……. would identifying the 50% not qualified to vote matter more?

      • That is not a deflection….its addressing the point…without EVIDENCE of illegals voting…why…oh why would it be necessary?

      • Still can’t figure out the answer to the question? Truly sad since the answer is so obvious and so simple. In using your own logic, such as it is, you demand evidence of illegals voting now. (which is a shift from the starting point of voter fraud in general) But no matter….. the answer is the same. In order to prove that something is or is not happening the mechanisms must be in place to accurately measure the activity. Doesn’t matter what the activity is where MUST be a method for measurement. In sports you keep track of points scored. In weight you step on the scales to see if the number is higher or lower. in voting you check to make sure the person casting the vote has the RIGHT to do so according to law. Law prescribes who can legally vote so it’s not hard to figure out. Without verification anyone can cast a vote so you have no way of knowing if they were entitled to or not. Thus you are trying to prove a negative. Kinda like me asking you to prove that you stopped doing drugs. Or…. to use the infamous words of former Democrat speaker of the house, Tom Foley, “The nature of the evidence is irrelevant*; it’s the seriousness of the charge that matters.” The nation owes it to itself to ensure that the process is not corrupted. (unless there is some reason some would actually WANT a corrupt system and thus be opposed to verification and abiding by the law)

      • The perfect summation of the entire Obama administration. Thanks for your brevity and clarity!

      • Difference is…one is the PRESIDENT and ALLEN is what exactly?? OH….the head of a THINK TANK!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • Mandatory IDs will serve multiple purposes … It will bring forth all the illegals and it will purge a lot of fraud from the system..

      • Thank you for your comment! I gives me a springboard from which to educated the masses on the “racist” topic of requiring a valid photo ID when exercising the right to vote. Just to blow a tiny little hole in
        the argument that needing an ID to vote is somehow difficult or bias
        towards any specific group of people lets quickly review a few of the
        things Americans do every day which require photo ID. And, while that ID need NOT be free…… it easily could be free to any and all who otherwise have no reason to pay for one. (such as having an
        impairment which precluded operation of a motor vehicle so no need
        for a drivers license which is the most common form of photo ID)

        #1- A photo ID is REQUIRED to purchase alcohol in America.

        #2– A photo ID is REQUIRED to purchase cigarettes in America.

        #3– A photo ID is REQUIRED to open a bank account in America.

        #4– A photo ID is REQUIRED to apply for food stamps in America.

        #5– A photo ID is REQUIRED to apply for welfare in America.

        #6– A photo ID is REQUIRED to apply for Medicaid in America.

        #7– A photo ID is REQUIRED to apply for Social Security in America.

        #8– A photo ID is REQUIRED to apply for Medicare in America.

        #9– A photo ID is REQUIRED to apply for unemployment in America.

        #10– A photo ID is REQUIRED to apply for a JOB in America.

        #11– A photo ID is REQUIRED to rent/buy a house or apply for a
        mortgage in America.

        #12– A photo ID is REQUIRED to drive, buy or rent a car in America.

        #13– A photo ID is REQUIRED to get on an airplane in America.

        #14– A photo ID is REQUIRED to get married in America.

        #15– A photo ID is REQUIRED to purchase a gun in America.

        #16– A photo ID is REQUIRED to adopt a pet in America.

        #17– A photo ID is REQUIRED to rent a hotel/motel room in America.

        #18– A photo ID is REQUIRED to apply for a hunting license in America.

        #19– A photo ID is REQUIRED to apply for a fishing license in America.

        #20– A photo ID is REQUIRED to acquire a cell phone in America.

        #21– A photo ID is REQUIRED to visit a Casino in America.

        #22– A photo ID is REQUIRED to pick up a prescription in America.

        #23– A photo ID is REQUIRED to donate blood in America.

        #24– A photo ID is REQUIRED to purchase an “M” rated video game in America.

        #25– A photo ID is REQUIRED to purchase nail polish at a CVS drugstore in America.

        #26– A photo ID is REQUIRED to Purchase certain cold medications in America.

        IF (and that’s a really BIG “if” too) opponents of voter ID are able to successfully argue that their clients NEVER participate in ANY of
        the other activities which require a valid photo ID then it might be
        possible that they have the beginning of a case. Still, as in the case of my late mother, when she was no longer able to safely drive the state issued her a FREE photo ID card which had no expiration date. In most states all you have to do is ASK. Also one will note that almost ALL interactions with the government require photo ID. Is
        voting a government sanctioned activity? Yep! The only one in the
        Constitution too.

        This might be a cheesy example but it makes the point. We have an
        elementary school and a mom has a child in the 4th grade. She baked cupcakes for her child’s 4th grade class. The right to have one of those cupcakes belongs exclusively to members OF that specific 4th grade class. School policy even states that it is permissible for parents to bring things exclusively for the class their child is in. Then the doors are thrown open and here come the 6th graders….. and the 5th and 3rd etc. They claim a right to have a cupcake too because they are in the same school (although clearly NOT the same class) as the student whose mom baked the cupcakes. They are claiming a “right” which they clearly do not have according to policy simply because they occupy the same building as the person with the right.

        Voting is no different. Just because you happen to be IN this country DOES NOT mean you have any of the rights constitutionally granted to lawful citizens. This is why states granting drivers licenses to everyone without special provisions which clearly identify legal citizens VS resident NON-citizens in costly and dangerous.

        The rights of citizenship are bestowed either by birth as described in
        various places in the Constitution but most recently in the 14th
        amendment. Typically that is understood to mean born on US soil or by parents who are already citizens. Additionally there is a pathway to citizenship which involves education and assimilation into our
        culture by which citizenship is granted upon completion of the
        specified requirements. I personally am in favor of citizenship also
        being granted upon completion of a MINIMUM of 12 years of faithful
        and honorable service in any of the US armed forces. (But that’s
        just my opinion based upon service until retirement in 1983 and
        including service in Naval Special Warfare in Vietnam and the Army
        with the Delta Force)

    • Hey Joe … Why should a generational welfare recipient be afforded the right to vote my paycheck in a system that rewards the lazy by being able to elect politicians that think this is ok … We are a compassionate nation that cannot discern the difference between the poor and the lazy…

      • Fredrick Freeloader. Love the handle when paired with the iconic image of Red Skelton. Remember his sign off? “May God Bless!”

        Several people have commented upon the nature of “welfare” in it’s various permutations. Among those either rightfully or wrongfully credited with these comments are Alexis de Tocqueville (Democracy in America) , Elmer T. Peterson (The Daily Oklahoman 1951) and Alexander Fraser Tytler [Lord Whitehouselee] (Universal History). From those works we gather the following comments:

        #1 “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.”

        #2 “The historical cycle seems to be: From bondage to spiritual faith; from spiritual faith to courage; from courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness; from selfishness to apathy, from apathy to dependency; and from dependency back to bondage once more.”

        #3 “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a monarchy.

        The prescience of these writers is frightening in it’s accuracy.

        As I see it most of the problems facing America today began when Washington DC deceived itself into believing that one small group of people located on a tiny plot of land isolated from the majority of the nation……. knew what was best for everyone no matter where they lived in America. When I was growing up there was hard work and the freedom that provided and there was charity (typically from the church) when folks needed some temporary assistance.

        There was a stigma attached to taking charity so it was truly a temporary thing. (there were, of course, government programs for those with long term or permanent issues beyond their control) Likewise there was a HUGE stigma attached to out of wedlock child birth too. Today the leftists have associated welfare with the “freedom” of not having to go to some “oppressive” job. They also promote sex at an early age and provide a host of “benefits” for girls and women having children as a result of poor behavioral choices. The stigma is gone resulting in both moral and societal decay.

        Generational welfare is probably the most destructive thing to result from LBJ’s “Great Society” program. Then again…. that was it’s real (but well disguised) goal. (See quote #1) IF democrats could create the right conditions they would be assured a lock on power in Washington DC. A huge and constant welfare class was a key component. Today we have the democrats continuing that process through the thinly veiled guise of “immigration reform” the true goal of which is to ensure a huge pool of dependents who will always vote democrat. Rather than “illegal immigrants” they should all be rightfully called “future democrat voters.” From this point forward Quote #3 takes over which ultimately results in progress to Quote #2.

        One solution might be to suspend the right to vote for as long as an otherwise able bodied person was a recipient of a welfare payment (not able to vote themselves benefits any more) but that is a direct violation of the the citizens basic right to vote. There might be precedence in that felons and persons deemed mentally incompetent are denied the vote.

  24. I have been a soldier in the War On Poverty for my entire working career and I can tell you first hand and over a trillion dollars latter this has been a dismal failure and has only served fore the proliferation of more poverty,laziness and despair .however,it has served politicians looking for votes …. Simple solution If you must burden society you can collect for one year and in the process you relinquish your right to vote…

  25. I noticed something in the picture above. MLK always dressed with a great deal of care and respect, for himself and those around him. BO has his shirtsleeves rolled up. I feel that it is a bit disrespectful. It is also a bad example. Dressing with care is one of the issues among our young people, of all stripes. Perhaps that is why the video of the kid getting help from workers to dress appropriately for his job interview went viral a few weeks ago. Everyone else in the picture had on their suit jackets and dress clothing. Shame on you again, BO.


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