Clinton email scandal a symptom of greater cultural rot

I am of the belief that the better days for our Republic lie ahead and that the American people will chose the right principle direction for our nation. I took the position at the National Center for Policy Analysis because I wanted to be on the front lines of the ideological policy war for the future of our America. It is a critical moment for our children and grandchildren, and I believe right will prevail.

I watched the late showing of Fox News Sunday yesterday and to say I’m somewhat disturbed is an understatement. I watched a clip of President Obama tell a CBS interviewer this was the first time he learned anything about the Hillary Clinton email usage from a private account during her tenure as Secretary of State.

I guess we’re supposed to believe that not once during the entire four years she served under President Obama did Secretary Clinton EVER send an email to the resident — or vice versa, did he ever send her an email. Are we the American people deemed such rubes that we can be so easily duped?

But it was most disconcerting watching long time Clinton “cleaner” Lanny Davis minimize and excuse everything away about the former Secretary of State using her private email from a private server in her private residence, home, in Chappaqua, NY.

I’ve met Mr. Davis on several occasions. I’ve done radio show commentary with him in opposition and we had respectful dialogue. I’ve chatted with him at the Fox “green room” and we both participated in a charity comedy show. To hear his smooth talk in an attempt to exonerate Mrs. Clinton was simply appalling. How will we move our country ahead when the simple standard of character and integrity is allowed to be dismissed for those in positions of power?

On the Sunday Fox news panel there was a woman from the far left think tank, Center for American Progress, who tried to say this was much ado about nothing. She even went so far as to make light of the situation, asking if the public should have the “girl talk” emails between her and Mrs. Clinton. She again touted the talking point that Mrs. Clinton had already given her emails to the State Department. One thing must be clearly understood: those are not Mrs. Clinton’s emails — they belong to the American people, which it seems is why she didn’t want to use the .gov system.

So here we are again with another false narrative — just as with Benghazi, where we still don’t know why a false narrative was created and promulgated by so many when four Americans were abandoned to die?

So, why did Mrs. Clinton as Secretary of State issue an edict admonishing State department employees to conduct official State department business on official email-while she was violating her own decree? Why would Mrs. Clinton fire the Ambassador to Kenya, former Air Force General Scott Gration?

As reported by the Daily Caller, Gration said “Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff fired him based on an inspector general’s report which found, among other things, that he routinely used an unauthorized email account to conduct official government business. The revelation of Clinton’s then-chief of staff Cheryl Mills’ involvement in Gration’s termination — which Gration shared in an email from his home in Kenya — adds another wrinkle to a story of an apparent double-standard within the State Department.”

“During her entire four years as secretary of state Clinton exclusively used a private email account — [email protected] — to conduct all official and personal business. “I make no apology for ‘rocking the boat’ in the State Department to improve physical security, to enhance cyber policy, and to conduct several other initiatives that the State Department Inspector General misrepresented to build the case that Secretary Clinton’s Chief of Staff used to terminate my tenure as the US Ambassador in 2012,” Gration wrote in the email to TheDC and other outlets.”

And let’s be clear, former State Department Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills — who has been eerily silent through this entire episode — only fired the Ambassador with the full knowledge and approval of the secretary of state. Which brings up an interesting point, don’t you think Secretary Clinton would have informed the president that one of his representatives in a foreign country was being fired? She would have done that from a private email — but then again, President Obama never knew about any of this. And where is former State Department spokesperson Victoria Nuland?

All this reminds me of the quote attributed to Marcus Tulius Cicero:

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

America is a strong and resilient nation but can it truly survive this level of Orwellian deceit and questionable integrity — which many willfully accept, and even protect? What I saw yesterday on Fox News Sunday is that there are those who care less about our Republic than protecting the entitlement of certain individuals. The question to be answered is whether or not America will accept this abhorrent privileged behavior. If so, then the soul of our nation has begun to rot.


  1. “I watched a clip of President Obama tell a CBS interviewer this was the first time he learned anything about the Hillary Clinton email usage from a private account during her tenure as Secretary of State.”

    It stretches credulity to a tenuous spider-web thin thread to believe that the president gets every bit of his information from the news. This imperious clown truly, truly thinks the American people are stupid.

    Here’s the most powerful man in the [once] free world, surrounded by who-knows-how-many czars and administration and state department officials and others from the NSA, CIA, FBI, joint chiefs, etc who are prepared to debrief him any time (if Obama would just show up), and we hayseeds are supposed to believe he’s sitting there in front of the TV, eating Michelle’s cardboard and sprout stew when the news comes on at the top of the hour and that’s the first he’s heard about every. breaking. story?

    Uh un. Obfuscation, corruption, lies; that’s this president’s modus operandi.

  2. You are all responding as if you know Hillary Clinton first hand and know exactly what she did and when. So if this was a problem, why wasn’t it addressed then? I don’t know Hillary Clinton or Ben Carson. But I have read derogatory commentaries about both of them . And labeling me a “liberal” is kind of comical since you don’t even know me. I merely stated that this is the kind of thing that is a turn off for me… on either side. I work the polls every election. I am a school teacher who teaches children about the election/democratic process. But I can’t stand in front of them and spout my views on this or that. But I do pledge the flag each school day and I am proud to be an American. I am probably much more “conservative” than you… not in the way I speak but in the way I live my life. I have as much right to my opinion as anybody on here. So before you blast me and label me, please consider what I have really said.

    • they consider nothing here,, oh there are a few with open minds,, but
      for the most part they all have their blinders on here…
      Republicans and Conservatives have had nothing to do with the sad state of our nation…

      • Wow… really! That’s intelligent. Would you like to come and teach a civics lesson to my class? Words are so interesting. “Civ” is also a part of Civil so perhaps you had better hide behind your computer.

      • So you’re a civics teacher who has no qualms about electing someone who may be guilty of corruption? Unreal! I guess having the first woman president is so important to you that you think this issue shouldn’t be investigated. Hmmm??? Corruption in government is not civil either. It’s a form of civil disobendience called law breaking.

      • I teach primary school so it’s basic levels of government. And I never said who I would vote for. I never stated whether I was republican, democrat, or independent. I did state that political bantering on BOTH sides is a huge turn off for me. You are sick of the election before it even starts. Please stop twisting my words.

      • Your original comment suggested that we have no right to judge Hillary since we didn’t know her personally, even though she will be running in an election for the highest office of the land. I say we do have a right to investigate and vet any candidate running for any public office.

        If you have a problem with political bantering and find it a turn off, it doesn’t really make sense for you to be reading political blogs or political comment threads since you find them offensive. You choose which blogs you click on and which TV channels you watch. Nobody is forcing you to participate in the banter that has accompanied politics throughout history.

        When you chose to comment in the first place, you put yourself in the middle of the banter. I didn’t twist your words. I only responded to them. You didn’t honestly expect everyone on a thread like this one to agree with you, did you?

      • That wasn’t my original comment. It was my second one. I don’t usually comment but I chose to on this one because it is something I feel strongly about. If we disagree … no problem. But do not rip up my ability as a teacher or as another person because we have a difference of opinion. Then it becomes personal. I have not questioned your character or your profession because we disagree. Also why are you copying our conversation to you other blog?

      • What? I don’t have a blog. I don’t what you’re talking about when you said “…why are you copying our conversation to you other blog?”

    • She, just as the president, acted with total disregard for the law. The average voter will never know anyone that we vote for “personally”. The Clintons have a long documented history of shady dealings. Add to that, Trey Gowdy has stated that there are huge gaps in the emails that were subpoenaed and she turned over. Do you honestly think that she not once emailed Obama on anything that happened? There are no emails in the material, and no emails during any of the crisis she was responsible for.

      • Of course we don’t know them personally but if this was a problem when she was serving, why are we talking about it now instead of then? This is all for election purposes and the election has not even started yet.

      • Haven’t you ever had a student that was sneaky? Has a sneaky student gotten away with doing bad things for a long time before you found out? Did you have to ask other students questions to get to the truth about a sneaky student? Or was there ever a teacher in your school that got caught doing wrong?

        Sure, it would’ve been better if we’d known when this was going on but since we didn’t, do you think that means we should ignore it? If a teacher was found to have sexually harrassed students but claimed that he was no longer doing it, do you think he should be promoted to principal of your school? Would you blame the witnesses for standing in the way of him getting his new job? Do you risk waiting until he rapes a child to stop him?

        Where is your common sense? I can’t believe you teach children when you lack the ability to do analytical thinking. Your comments sound like you’re a naive child. Hillary knew the rules. She broke the rules. It’s time to get to the truth. Besides, it was LIBERAL, Hillary supporting, New York Times that broke this story so your claim that this was “all for election purposes” is moot.

      • Because all of it was hidden. Even after she left office she did not turn them in for a while, I want to say 2 yrs but I am not sure about that. There came a point in time that she acted because she knew a subpoena was coming. Research her and Bill, there is so much sleaze and underhanded dealings in their past it is nauseating . Please don’t let this woman be the first female president! Just because she is a woman there will be so many women who will vote for her based solely on that fact. She will go down in infamy just as the one we have now. We need someone that will reinstate our position in the world not continue to destroy us for their own agenda and greed. Remember the mega rich and famous do not have countries and can live anywhere after they destroy the USA and make it a third world country.

    • At the election poll stations there are ‘rules’ that you must abide by, right? As a teacher there are ‘rules’ that you as a teacher and ‘rules’ your students must abide by, right? It’s part of the job, right? Well, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Eric Holder, the IRS, recently with the FCC regulation of the internet, etc… this entire administration seems to think that the ‘rules’ don’t apply to them, that they are above the ‘rules’, many of those ‘rules’ being LAWS.

      People who are elected by us or who are appointed to government jobs are supposed to be working “for the people” and not breaking ‘rules’ or ‘laws’ and shouldn’t be getting away with it because they are elite political insiders. Do you ignore the misbehavior of some students because their parents are rich orpowerful and only discipline the poorer kids? Does the principal at your school only enforce the ‘rules’ for teachers unless they’re the spouse of the mayor or the spouse of a city council member? Don’t the ‘rules’ apply to everyone equally?

      A liberal newspaper, the New York Times, broke the story on Hillary’s email scandal. It garnered attention because her private ISP was not secure and was hacked by a Romanian. That means Hillary’s faux pas put classified documents at risk and that is a national security issue. You shouldn’t pretend that this is such a personal emotional issue for everyone. Knowing Hillary personally has nothing to do with the fact that she broke the ‘rules’ and it may be a factor in light of the Benghazi scandal and with the controversial contributions to her charity. Donations from GE and Boeing appear to be kickbacks in exchange for overseas contracts. There are also the Saudi and UAE controversial contributions that appear to be in exchange for political favors. Did she create this private ISP for emails to cover up these issues? It’s only common sense to question her motives.

      Whether we personally know Hillary or not isn’t the issue. If she abused her power and covered it up by creating her own ISP for emails, that is corruption no matter how you look at it. If she is guilty of corruption, the American people need to know. If she is guilty, she does not deserve to run for president or any elected office.

      • I understand following rules. I am not a first grader. I teach the first grade! If Hillary or any candidate has broken the law then of course there are consequences. At the same time I don’t think that any political leader is infallible. There are no “perfect people”.

        My questions simply was why are they just “catching this scandal” and why have they been talking about it nonstop? And why must we bring any political figure we disagree with into the conversation and trash their name as well. I frankly don’t care if Hillary runs for president or not. I do think she has the right to run if she decides to.

        I do not vote by party. I vote for the candidate I think would best fill the office. And I show respect towards whomever is elected whether I voted for them or not.

        We are so blessed to live in a nation where we can choose our leaders. I’ve spent quite a bit of time in mainland China and let me just say…. it is a different world. I am ready to listen to who ends up running on all sides and then exercise my right to vote. If the person I didn’t vote for wins…. It’s ok. In four more years we can vote again! That’s the beauty of living in the United States!

      • You may not be aware of this but Republicans are being attacked, too, but since their are so many possible candidates, the attacks are more vague. Both Scott Walker and Ben Carson have been falsely accused of not believing in evolution. Jeb Bush is being exposed for his ties to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce pushing amnesty to keep wages low and for his funding coming from the Common Core curriculum industry who want to mandate their curriculum nationally. Rand Paul is being attacked as an isolationist and for a comment he made on vaccinations.

        The difference on the other side of the aisle is that Hillary is the one and only presumed candidate on the Democrat’s ticket. She and her husband have a history of scandals and lies. Her lack of success as Secretary of State is questionable. She and this administration have stonewalled investigations for the past 2 years. This is the vetting process in action. This is how the election process works.

        Sure, nobody is perfect and nobody is allowed to go into a voting booth with you so it doesn’t matter which party you’re registered with, you can vote for whoever you want to. But this is simply the process of deciding if someone is qualified to be on the ballot for the highest office in the land and to take the title as the leader of the free world.

        Even Obama said on a CBS interview last weekend that he didn’t know about Hillary’s email account until he found out from the media like the rest of us. It could be that Hillary was just so good at keeping secrets that it’s just now getting out. Whether you believe it or not, it really is a big concern and there are certainly some ethical concerns related to this issue.

      • I actually said in a prior comment that they were doing it on both side… including Ben Carson. It is a turn off for me on both sides.

  3. I love the article, but there are some grammatical and spelling errors in this that frankly, take away from its punch. And yes, I wish you’d run for president.

  4. Well, don’t worry the Dictator and Chief wants to create a Department of Peacemaking. If that isn’t the most outrageous hare brained scheme I have ever heard of, this country is truly beyond redemption! The only way to, maybe, bring the United States of America back is totally make a clean sweep of the Obama Mafia.

  5. “He rots the soul of a nation”….Did Cicero nail it or what ?…….I Love that photo of Hitlery !…”I’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog too.”

  6. I wonder what the ghost of Vince Foster thinks of The Hilldabitch’s email “issue.”The scank should be sitting in maximum security Federsl prison. Helldabiitch is simply Obuttma in dress shields.

  7. The Gambinos don’t have anything on the Clintons. They kill, steal, corrupt, rape, lie, and besmirch while the Dems fill their path with rose petals. Is it any wonder Obama got elected?
    If the people can be conned by the Clintons, there is NO problem pulling the wool over those same eyes for Obama. Do we have candidates for internment in GITMO or what?
    How about waterboarding them to get truths?

  8. In 2007, Hilary was whining about the Bush administration and saying that she knew “all about the wire taps and the secret accounts and the constitution being shredded….” Seven years later it’s okay for her? Love YouTube for those old videos –

  9. The lady has absolutely ZERO shame! She had a good man fired in Travelgate when Slick Willie was in office so that she could fleece the American taxpayer of official travel dollars. She’s a power hungry ego-maniac! Until there is some serious penalties for our politicians when they break the law we’ll have a constant stream of these occurrences. Rangel should have gone to prison for his transgressions. For Hillary to act as if she is beyond reproach is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard of. Except for maybe OButtba proclaiming he just heard about it on the news. Unbelievable!!

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