Obama says “nothing new” from Netanyahu; actually I agree [VIDEO]

Regardless of your “political affiliation,” you must admit Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu made a firm case as to why President Obama and the United States has no business entering into negotiations with the Islamic Republic of Iran — then again, perhaps Iran is not Islamic.

Is there any debate that Iran is the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism? Is there any debate that Iran has extended its hegemonic designs in the Middle East — controlling four capitol cities, Baghdad, Sanaa, Damascus, and Beirut? Is there any debate that it is Iran leading an offensive operation to retake the city of Tikrit in Iraq? And this comes after what is now a massive embarrassment for the Obama administration and our USCENTCOM to have divulged that America working with the Iraqis will have to push back its plans to take Mosul to later in the year.

Is there any doubt that Iran has shown no change in its militant Islamic behavior and rhetoric? Iran is still the same country that overran our embassy and held Americans hostage — when a previous American president displayed weakness and paralysis.

This is the same Iran that worked through Hezbollah to slaughter nearly 250 Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers in Beirut. Iran continues to hold an American Pastor — Saeed Abedini — and we want to negotiate?

But according to our president — there was “nothing new” — and I must agree Mr. President, there is nothing new about Iran and its belligerence. As well, there is nothing new about President Obama who sadly — along with many members of the Democrat party — acted like a petulant child, angry because someone didn’t give in to him. For someone to tell the Prime Minister of Israel to go home showed a complete lack of regard, respect, and displayed unadulterated disdain.

Why? Why is the truth was so frustrating?

The supposed “deal” with Iran only lasts for ten years; afterwards, Iran is free to pursue its nuclear intentions — and if any of you don’t believe Iran has those designs, you’re as naïve as Sir Neville Chamberlain or his modern reincarnation, Barack Obama.

Or perhaps Obama isn’t naïve after all?

There is a contest in the Islamic world for the new hegemony. The traditional state that has filled that role has been Saudi Arabia where the most holy sites in Islam reside — Mecca and Medina. The challenger is the last Islamic empire, the Ottoman, Turkey, where President Recip Tayyip Erdogan has rejected the original secular Muslim state vision of Kemal Ataturk.

But the new kid on the block is not Sunni, but Shia: Iran. And as Prime Minister Netanyahu stated, “we can focus on ISIS and beating them, but if Iran develops a nuclear weapon, we will have won a battle but lost a war.” And it seems the Obama administration is more than happy to sit back and allow the Iranian Republican Guard and Shiite militias to fight ISIS.

You ask me why should you care?

Because in the end, as Netanyahu stated, “the enemy of my enemy is my enemy.” Shall we sit back and disregard our own security but more so abandon Israel and its survival?

And consider the growing anti-Semitism in Europe that is forcing Jewish communities to disappear. Who of you will look into the eyes of Elie Wiesel and not understand the meaning of the words, “Never again?” This is not about a little skirmish with no ramifications for the future of liberty and freedom – it is a seminal battle for the soul of Western civilization. That’s neither over the top, nor fear mongering hyperbole. It is the hard truth.

Yes, I hear the detractors: we are war weary and we don’t want to fight; this is just an example of foreign entanglements and President George Washington in his farewell speech warned against this. Something tells me General George Washington would not allow militant Islam — Sunni or Shiite — to thrive.

Do I have a strategy? Sure.

1. First of all it is insanity to have vetoed the Keystone XL Pipeline. We should be developing our energy resources enabling us to keep prices minimal in order to spur on economic growth. Then we should be exporting excess energy resources so that Europe does not have to depend upon Iranian sources.

2. Reinstitute the crippling economic sanctions against the Islamic regime — it was working, so why would Obama let up on the gas? In the military we had a saying, “Why do you kick a man when he’s down? Because he’s close to your foot.” We should have kept kicking Iran, not offering them a hand helping them up — they have a knife ready.

3. We should form an alliance with Egypt, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, and the Kurdish Regional Government to defeat militant Islamic terrorism in the region. Arm the Kurds and promise them what they truly deserve and have always wanted — a sovereign homeland. A homeland that extends from northern Iran to Iraq to Syria. Enable them to be a bulwark against Iran, Turkey and Syria, while pressuring Hezbollah in Lebanon. Yes, this is an opportunity for leadership to reshape the Middle East into strong allies that can assist in defeating the jihadists.

4. And we need to fully support our best ally, Israel, and support their play against the array of Islamic terrorist groups who wish their destruction.

President Obama is hiding something. There is no other reason why he has issued a veto threat to the Congress for any legislation requiring his approval from the legislative body on his Iranian deal. So it seems the only enemy Barack Obama sees is the American Congress — I forgot, it is GOP-controlled, but none of this is political, right?

I just want everyone reading this to ask yourselves a question. You saw Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech yesterday. You heard President Barack Obama’s response to his speech (and his State of the Union address).

I ask you which one is a leader who loves his country? Let me give you a hint — in ten years, Iran will be free to become a nuclear power because of a deal that one of those two men wants very badly.


  1. Occam’s Razor states that when trying to solve a problem, the simplest solution is usually the correct one. In the case of Buraq Hussein Obama, look no further than his closest confidante, Iranian born Muslim Valerie Jarrett, The simplest answer is that he’s on the side of Islamic world domination, not on the side of Western Civilization. Those who think he’s incompetent, think again. Yes, the answer may be expressed in a single word: Taqiyya.

  2. Now compare that strategy with President Obama’s strategy:
    1. Pretend the enemy is not what they say they are.
    2. Dither about being petulant and defensive if people refuse to believe you.
    3. Draw attention away by whomping up “global warming”.

    • And if the weather turns cold then stir up concern about “climate change”. Use any event as an excuse to take control!

  3. Commando vs Community Agitator. The comparison is an embarrassment. The best proof of the greatness of America will be that it survives and recovers from the Baraq experiment.

    • Get used to a full house. We’ll have one for you and yours when the American people rise up and take back our country from the Barrio Coordinator, his cabal, and his low-info robots. Won’t be pretty, but it sure as hell will be effective.

  4. The pResident is an islimist. He wants to see the destruction of Israel, not to mention a caliphate here in this country. Oh hell just a world wide caliphate. Anything not islime be dead.

  5. Obama says “Nothing new!” He doesn’t want America knowing what is really going on in the Iran/US “talks”. With Valerie Jarrett, born in Iran to parents who were members of the Iranian Communist Party as the real power in the White House, we know how that will go – two votes for whatever Iran wants and zero votes for the US. They want to keep the talks secret, won’t release the details of the agreement – is there anything suspicious about this from the “most transparent administration ever”?

  6. In the Oval Office is currently: mixed race Muslim, both fathers Muslim, mother white, born in Kenya, went to Muslim schools, anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-anyone that works for a living to support them selves. The Muslim in Office is pro- Muslim, pro-Latino, pro-non white, pro non-Christian, pro- doing what he wants regardless of the constitution,, congress, laws of the USA. Immediate executive orders become the law of the country because the congress and the Supreme Count will not put a stop to the executive orders. DOJ Holder is worthless and so is the female replacement…an Obama rubber stamp. Reid, Pelosi, Cantwell, Murray are all Obama rubber stamps. Kegan, Moyor, Ginsberg all Obama rubber stamps. Republicans better grow a straight back bone and push aside these executive orders and force the Democrats to have to show their votes for the public record and When the Muslim Pres veteos a bill it will be on the public record. Do away with Obama care. 2016 election will be a real barn burner….keep the Democrats out of Wa DC. Build up our Military to defend us in battle. Stop immigration no one enters the country for ten years while we deport the illegals and prevent terrorists from entering our country. Re-establish our Christian values, build our business ideas so there are jobs for US citizens. Reduce welfare: no workee, no payee.
    No welfare if you test positive for alcohol, drugs, REDUCE TAXES ON EVERY ONE THAT WORKS, No Free lunch!!!!!!!! Away with Hussein and Moochelle, how about they both work, pay taxes and no free anything ex-president. Pay for your own secret service, mail, travel and clothes.

  7. Obala is a Muslim that’s the proof of what he said, I want to say this America now is going to face trouble in the near future, and not only trouble this nation is not free anymore, get your seat belt on because it’s going to get ugly as the day goes by

    • Israel is a small country, a surrounded country and a country that WILL stand, and stand alone if it must. After 9/11 many Israelis were lined up to donate blood in our behalf. You are right! They shame the weak-hearted!!! And they currently have a prime minister who stands up to evil and lets the the whole world know his resolve to do what is necessary to protect his people. “Never again!!”
      I guess the question is “Who will stand with them?”

  8. So, as we frequently hear from this president “it’s either my way or war”, “it’s my way or disaster”, “it’s either my way or the highway.” We’ve had 6 years of Obama’s way and the result is a disaster. It’s as liberals think that in making policy, there are no alternative solutions or combinations of solutions, only their way or whatever scare tactic they’ve created.

    Do they think tests should have multiple choice answers of ONLY [a] and [b]? Why can’t their be [a], [b], [c] and [d] all of the above or [d] none of the above or [d] a combination of [a] and [b] or [d] a combination of [b] and [c]? Can you imagine running a business and when looking for a solution, you only get to choose two solutions? Most businesses and most other governments are open to multiple solutions to solve problems from several different directions. You look at the same problem from several different angles.

    First Obama complains that Netanyahu will give away secrets. Then he complains that Netanyahu didn’t come up with some magical solution to a complicated problem. Knowing that the U.N. has said they can’t verify the nuclear activity in Iran now, that they don’t have the capability of verifying it in the future and that they have no power to enforce any deal Obama would sign, wouldn’t Obama’s deal result in war?

  9. Obama has proven over and over again his incompetence and his allegiance to the Muslims, but what is so sad is if there was to be an election tomorrow he would probably win because there are millions of uninformed people and people that still believe he is going to take care of them so they don’t have to work. I really do worry about what is going to happen to this country while he is still in office. If Obama had half the integrity of Netanyahu and leadership skills and love of country, then none of us would have to worry. Now I hear the Queen is planning yet another vacation on tax payer dollars, these people don’t about this country or the people, just power and vacations.

  10. There should never be these “police actions” if something is a threat big enough to send troops into a foreign country to kill people in the name of War, then that is what it should be. A declared war, a war that is ethically worth fighting. A honorable reason for killing to achieve a higher goal. And lastly you fight a war that you can win for all the right reasons. When this all started that is what should have been done. It should have been a dedicated effort to eradicate the threat, all we accomplished was to stir the pot and lose lives for nothing. We wouldn’t be “war” weary if it had been done right the first time. Declare it with our allies and get the job done all the way, whatever it takes. BiBi was right on point, too bad we have a muslim in the WH that has everyone in the USA hypnotized or blackmailed or just plain beyond my imagination of why every powerful person in this nation is letting this evil man rule unopposed and trash our constitution!

      • “Vengeance is mine” saith the Lord. We are living in the end times. How long the saints will suffer only God knows, in his own time. But there will be a time when he stands and declares it is done. I pray for mercy, for I fear that the men of power in this country have been fulfilling prophesy faster and faster. God be with his people to keep the faith strong when it is our time to face the test.

      • Scripture tells us that we aren’t appointed to God’s wrath. Man’s yes, but not God’s. And “the church” isn’t spoken of during the last half of the Tribulation. You might want to let that be an encouragement to you 🙂

      • No,not in the judgement, but we will have to go through the tribulations just as the Christians of history. We will be refined in the process just as the dross is separated from the gold.

      • Read Revelation, Pam… we aren’t mentioned in the last 3.5 years. Too many pastors have missed that.

      • When you study the Lord’s Feasts (or better yet, OBSERVE them as Yeshua commanded!) and study the Jewish wedding … the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) will open your eyes to much deeper truths and prophecy about the last days!

      • Add to your study Joel chapter 3 and Zephaniah chapters 1 and 2. The prophesies describe the result of foolish decisions made by government representatives who are ignorant of God’s might and majesty. God is moving to get our attention on Him, and if patriotic believers don’t waken and rouse themselves, I am thinking that Winter will be followed by unusual Spring and Summer storms… not to mention unusual sicknesses. Never forget that this Republic was a gift from God.

      • I agree with so much of what you are saying, but I must add something that I thought of as I was reading your post. Yes, we have the gift a Republic that was won by our predecessors. Can we keep it? I hope so. But perhaps as we contemplate the future, we as a nation will also consider the gift of children.
        Sometimes I think we are not much better than those bloodthirsty ones who behead Coptic Christians and declare themselves to be our enemies. How can we judge the quiet peaceful Muslims who stand down and say nothing in the face of terrorism, when our nation has put over 5 million babies to death?! It is all so easy …. And quiet here.
        I am not blaming the mothers who often are denied access to ultrasound pictures of their babies. We are ALL guilty for our silence.
        True the media can focus on what they want to focus on, but pastors priests, rabbis and all who believe in the sanctity of human life need to speak LOUDER! Lincoln said something about a house divided against itself … and how it can not stand. I know what Book he got that inspiration from too!!!
        Anyway I think we would be better prepared to stand with our friends abroad if we could speak and STAND STRONG for the innocent unborn at home. The West is dying everyday right here, right now!!! Many unborn children will never see a spring or bless us with their smiles!

      • I agree,but you cannot pass a law against. God has given free will to every human to choose evil or good. The reason that abortion was made legal was because these procedures were still conducted. But they were done by hacks in backrooms and killing both mother and fetus.

      • I know that this is a subject that is rabidly passionate to people. I am not going to discuss this with you because there is no common ground. I worked Surgery for years and when we saw a suction D&C listed on the board we knew it was an abortion. I believe that it is wrong for a lot of reasons, but there are a few exceptions medically backed. This is just one more thing that will be judged one day. There are no innocents in the world because man is born into sin. You cannot pass laws to abolish sin. I know first hand about abortion, more personally than 90% of the people that are against it.

      • My choice is to not sit in silence on the sidelines because that would be to acquiesce to a barbaric and cruel practice that overlooks other viable options.

        I know a few things about life too as do the volunteers in pro-life pregnancy centers. Many of them are young women who made an uninformed choice or were pressured to abort a child and want to spare other women the emotional and physical consequences of such an action. They offer solutions and support during a difficult time when family members or boyfriends may be pushing for an expedient and violent solution that goes against Natural Law and the nurturing instincts that most women possess.

        Feminists for Life is another group that offers solutions and reminds us that most the early feminists in our country were pro-life.

        Recently our enemies burn our flag and call us “America the great Devil” Many on this blog see dark clouds in the future and I think most want to do something to effect a change for the better. Why else would they be blogging on this site? However we are a greying population that will sorely miss the energy, innovation, and momentum that a youthful and numerous population could have provided. We are lacking over 55 million energetic citizens and in the process have honed many killers like Kermit Gosnell. What a gruesome trade off!

        If we can’t stop ourselves from this cultural downslide then perhaps some other hand will. And I agree that we are all sinners. But I disagree when you say that one can not make laws to legislate morality. Try not paying your taxes!!

      • Your actions are you own path to walk. If passing laws would deter crime the jails would not be over flowing. Just like Chicago has the toughest gun laws in the USA and yet it has the highest murder and crime rate. The war on drugs has not stopped trafficking or addiction, slavery of young people is rampant in the sex trade. There is so much evil in the world that a piece of paper cannot stop.

      • Well getting several tickets for not putting on my seatbelt sure helps me try a bit harder to remember even though I forget more often than I like.

        And when I pay taxes and those taxes go for things I do not support then they are legislating my morality!

        And we might see more robberies if there were no deterrents.

        I think we can probably legislate immorality as well though I do not have any examples in mind at this point! : )

      • Well you had better get yourself a billboard , because our tax money is being used for things that no one supports. In fact all these things are going to be a moot point because the United States of America is dead as people of my age knew her. These saved babies will be beheaded by some extremist that does not value any Christian life. I am, right now , praying that we can save America so that we are a free people that can have the luxury of being able to do anything but just survive.

      • The good old days were not so good for everyone. Especially for the 55 million individuals aforementioned.

        I do not understand why I would want a billboard, but since you suggest one, I will give some thought as to what to put on one, just in case I inherit a billboard someday!

        Since I do not plan to capitulate to terrorists, I like the following quote for my billboard:


        Harriet Beecher Stowe

      • Cathy, the billboard is for all the listing of the sins that our taxes are being used for. Because it would take a space that large.
        I will never give up either, I would willingly shoot my own grandchildren in the head before some animal raped or mutilated them. Sharia law will never touch them.
        I will also defend this country with my last breath, last ounce of blood and bullets.
        We need to end this discourse, we are at a draw. It is off the subject and accomplishing nothing. I agree to disagree, I am not sure about what, but whatever I said that piqued your interest, call it a draw.

      • Actually Pam, I looked back at the thread and it looks like you contacted me.
        Enjoy your grandchildren!!

      • There is much to consider in what you say. First, peaceful Muslims are enjoined by their faith to convert the “unbelievers” – including, every people=group in the world. They believe theirs is the last prophet, and there will never be exceptions to their “mandate”. I believe abortion is murder; that science, through in vitro fertilization, has proved life begins at perception. and those who condone abortion will be held accountable, I believe in life after death and that the blood of those innocent babies cries out for justice, and justice will prevail.

        I agree that a house divided against itself cannot stand – but God-fearing Americans have not learned to fear God so much that they will do what He has commanded. And that’s why I believe the snow storms are only the first of many warnings to come. Even so, people of faith are not powerless. God works through people. By His Spirit He will inspire the fearless to act; and by His Spirit He will empower them to be bold. I admit that proclaiming warnings of God’s actions can make me look foolish if nothing happens – but I am encouraged that I am acting under the inspiration of God.

        The administration’s treatment of Israel is the measure. Each time Israel was put upon to give up land, the US was struck by Hurricanes Andrew and George, the North Ridge Earthquake, and Texas floods and tornadoes. Now, Israel is asked to stand aside while advantage is passed to Iran.

        It wouldn’t surprise me if the progressives were struck by plagues in the coming months.

      • Very well put! That place Jonah went to called Nineveh was spared. We certainly need to change but perhaps we will be spared….
        if we can change as the people of Nineveh did!

      • We can’t hold others accountable for either their their faith or worship. Most of the believers I know are satisfied with their faith practice. Their speech and behavior confirms what they believe. We change ourselves and the unbelievers around us will be influenced to change as well. Here’s one way to influence others: I was in the break room at work and overheard a fellow talking to his wife about their sick child. when he finished, I said, “Excuse me. I couldn’t help hearing what you said. Sometimes God acts on my prayers. May I pray for your child?” The man said yes, and standing there with him, I offered a simple, straight forward, “Father, in the name of Jesus, who said ‘let the children come”, please receive this child. Wash him clean of all sickness, and bless his mother and father with peace. Amen.” The man looked for me the next day, and told me the child was well by the time he got home from work. I invited him to read the Bible with me at lunch, and he did so, even being encouraged to look for a church to attend. Have no doubt; what Jonah did any believer can do, if that believer is willing to pay the price. First, know your authority; second, realize that where you place your feet – at work, the supermarket, the movie theater – that place is your mission field. Third, expect to be Divinely inspired to act and to speak. Fourth, be obedient to the Divine leading, which always conforms to the Gospels. And place your full trust in Psalm 91.

      • That is a beautiful psalm! It kind of reminds me of one of St. Patrick’s prayers. Perhaps he was inspired by that psalm. I was not raised in a church that taught everyone to hide the word of God in your heart and I find psalm 91 to be a delightful surprise!! I know I have heard it but have never read it as I did tonight to let it sink in.

        Your story was lovely and touching too. I am not much of a prayer warrior but I write poetry. Once I was lamenting how I don’t pray very much and my spiritual advisor told me that writing poetry was a prayer. Maybe!

        There was a psalm I read that talked about God collecting all your tears in a jar. Then it declared “God is for me.” I managed to hide that little prayer in my heart!!! : )

      • All art that brings forth beauty and peace is worship, inspired by the Spirit – and be assured that writing poetry is a prayer. Meditate on Psalm 98 while quietly celebrating your love of our Republic, have pen and paper at hand and be amazed. Inspiration will flood your being with wonderful words.

      • I plan to do that in the future when I have time to devote to a writing and meditation project. I may have heard Psalm 98 before too. However responding to a Psalm in that way has never been suggested to me. I want to allow time so I can be fully engaged in my response. And yes, I realize that many of our ideas about freedom come from thoughts presented in the Bible. So now I am really curious about Psalm 98!
        But I am not going to peek just yet!! : )

      • The Bible was given as a gift to Mankind. Too many have not read it. A few of those who have, understand that the Document is a marriage contract with a love letter attached. Scripture holds the key to the Kingdom and the unspeakable joy residing there.

      • I have heard the Bible is also called a covenant. I guess I am more of a Bible listener than a Bible reader, but I intend to read psalm 98 with pencil in hand! : )

      • The purpose of God was to establish a family. In human terms, the relationship is that of God, the husband, and Mankind, the bride. The Mosaic Law is the covenant, or marriage contract. The husband promises to love and cherish, and the bride promises to love and obey. The love letter is outlined in Ephesians, and there is a particular reading which emphasizes our relationship with our Creator. You’ll see it when you substitute your name and city for the words saints and Ephesus, in verse 1. Substitute “you, Cathy” for the word us in verses 3 and 4. Continue the substitutions through chapter 2, and Ephesians – and the Bible – becomes a personal love letter to you – and that’s the way it should be. Consider, if everyone around you closed their eyes to the Divine light, but you alone embraced the Light, The Bible would become a personal love letter and all the promises would be yours. And that, too, is the way it should be, because religion is a personal matter between a person and God. No one can make a claim on that person’s faith or worship. Even so, it is dangerous to mock God. He will respond with justice – which is why the nation is in the current mess.

      • Thank you! I find your remarks very interesting and I will certainly try what you suggest. I listen to 2 Christian radio stations and I recall counting all the times I found the word “believe” in the Gosple of John. That idea was mentioned on one of the stations and I tried it.

        I can not tell you how many times I found that word but it was mentioned a whole lot! I also recall that someone on another station said to not put your confidence in how much faith you have, but put your confidence in Jesus. I liked that statement very much.

        I read Psalm 98 and as you suggested and it brought many things to mind. Wow! Rivers clapping!! I did write something as well, which was meaningful to me.

        I am especially grateful that you have helped me to see that writing can be considered a prayer. I was told that 15 years ago but never believed it. But after you reassured me, somewhat later, it occurred to me that the Psalms are also written prayers!!!

        By the way, you are very good at putting things in writing yourself!!!
        Thanks again for the good suggestions!

        And what you said at the end of your reply … About how our nation is in a mess right now. I just hope our nation can recover. Slavery was not a good thing either but this “house” is still standing. Let’s hope we can keep this Republic that you and many of us are fond of! I can not think of a country I would rather be in right now!!!

      • You are most welcome! I count meeting you a blessing. You are walking a clear path, and Jesus is assuredly right beside you. As for this Republic – it is not mentioned in the Bible, but that doesn’t mean America has no place in God’s plan for His believing people. Just consider the plagues that beset Egypt when Pharaoh stood against God’s desire. Pharaoh’s followers were punished for his wrong behavior. And those who survived, followed the Jews because they had witnessed the power of God. The enemy of the Republic may seem secure, but they have not seen God’s wrath – the Spring storms are coming as warnings.

      • I have enjoyed visiting with you too Victor. It sounds like I had better get a big umbrella if big storms are coming cause I live in the tornado belt… Or at least very close to it! I have the feeling that my job is going to keep me pretty busy because of some coming changes ….. But I may try to follow some of your posts. I like to read what you say!

      • Don’t be concerned about the storms. Do listen for the Voice within. Simply claim the promises of Psalm 91. Consider them deposited to your own checking account on heaven’s treasure. As for the activities of the enemy, turn to Psalm 37. Share it with other believers who may need encouragement. I look forward to meeting you around the ‘net.

      • I will read Psalm 37 soon!! I need some encouragement about my job. I think what you write I is very appropriate for this Netanyahu discussion venue. What does religion have to do with it? Lots! I think many may be needing encouragement and like Peter said (paraphrased by me) who else can we follow?
        So keep doing what you are doing. I appreciate reading what you write and will make a point of corresponding with you again if you keep at this for awhile and if I do not loose my cell phone!! Have a lovely spring!!!

      • I was inspired by Thomas Jefferson, who expressed in a letter to Dr. Benjamin Rush, September 23, 1800: “I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” How can I do anything less than follow the man who did so much to give us the Declaration of Independence and this Republic?

      • Thank you for those beautiful thoughts. I have heard of Benjamin Rush… Mainly on Wallbuilders which airs on American Family Radio… Or “wallbuilders live” perhaps. I have mostly heard good things about our founders … Except that many were in the Masons. But I really know nothing about the truth or implications of that statement. Our founders were no doubt spiritual, intelligent and very brave men!

      • Now, about that job. all gainful, honest employment is a gift from God – His way of assuring that we can partake of the wealth of His creation. To receive encouragement, guidance or assurance, simply take the time to thank Him for the gift, and thank Him, too, for the one who hired you, the one who supervises you. Thank Him for your work station, for your means of transportation, for the founding documents of this nation. And give to a charity of your choice – even $1.00, but never more than you can afford – as a means of sharing your wealth. And if even that is too much, give smiles, warm hellos, or share thoughts of peace on these sites. There is no tithe or other percentage mentioned anywhere in the New Testament. Jesus simply said, “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give unto your bosom. For with the same measure that you mete withal shall it be measured to you” (Luke 6:38). And after you give, expect a result ad promised – an unexpected discount, a gift, found money.

      • Thank you for blessing me with your encouraging words. What you say makes a lot of sense … Especially in these shifting times where many people are hard pressed to have a job. A job is a blessing too, as you say. Sometimes my job can be very stressful to me. At other times it is a joy! Usually my job takes my mind off terrorists, coming storms and the world’s problems … and most importantly gets me going in the morning!!
        Thank you for referring me to the pretty Psalm. I will read it again soon. : )

      • I’ve read that many of the Founders were Masons. I have also read that many were deists. Wall Builders put a video on You tube about George Washington’s Masonic membership, which wasn’t for long. I remember mention that the painting of Washington wearing the garments of the organization was painted in the early 1970s. The Masons then is not what it is now, though. It seems that secret societies are a fact of life. Masons gave permission to freed slaves in New England to organize, and members traveled through the South after the war, encouraging men to join. The creed was based on Bible truths’ such as, “The best service to God is doing good to your fellow man”.

        As for deists. The founders were leery of Christian denominations, but their language indicates that they were Christian deists – followers of Jesus and lovers of one God, not a triune God. They didn’t want any one of them to gain too much influence. The word “religion” meant “denomination”, and the Anglican sect was the enemy at that time teaching the king and the church were infallible. Membership was an obligation in Colonial America, and the Presbyterian church taught the opposite. So the correct understanding is: “Separation of denomination, or church, and state…”. The intent was to prevent the federal government’s establishment of an official denomination – which is where the decision was made in Colonial times to restrict Catholics from high office – because their first loyalty was to the Pope, and he – like the Anglican sect – dominated the thoughts and opinions of the membership, holding the power of spiritual and physical life and death over their heads. That attitude changed with the popularity of John Kennedy, who publicly stated he would not allow the pope to influence him.

      • Speaking of Catholics did you see the movie “The Greater Glory?” I thought it was an excellent movie but I refused to watch the torture part. So I did not see the whole movie. For the same reason ( torture) I have never seen “The Passion of the Christ”. Below is a quote from one source about the captivating but gory glory movie.

        “If the film can be taken as a cautionary tale about where excessively zealous, overweening secularism can lead a nation, the warning is a stark one.”

        I thought you might appreciate this information because of your other post, which I will respond to in about a week. The flu bug has gotten me and I think I need to slow down my
        pace. : )

      • If you can get to a Walgreen’s or preferably a health food store, you need the homeopathic remedy, Oscillococcinum, distributed by Boiron. You must take two odorless 1000 mg garlic capsules at each of three meals a day. And as strange as this may sound, thank God for your illness. Sometimes He uses such a thing to slow or stop people so He can talk to them.

        I haven’t seen the “The Greater Glory”. I saw the “Passion of Christ” with a friend who told me she she was convicted of inactivity in service to God. We devised a simple plan for a daily activity, which greatly eased her mind. Take care. Rest in the Lord.

      • I have been praying for your recovery, and I hope you are feeling better. Meanwhile, your question about the Masons sent me on a journey into the ‘net, and I posted an essay on Facebook as one result. I discovered much of interest. First, Ben Franklin used French Masonic connections to gain aid for the Revolution. Second, George Washington was a member and respected leader of the Masons. Third, the people I relied on for accurate information in this matter were accused by the one who posted this information of belonging to a secret organization intent on world conquest. I haven’t pursued this, but I plan on it.

        I apologize for any complication I may have caused.

      • Thank you for your prayers and for your health suggestions. I appreciate both and I am feeling much better.

        The masons have been on my mind lately too because of concerns of my acquaintances. I do not do Facebook or I would try to read what you wrote on the subject of Freemasons and our Founders. What you wrote as a response to me has given me a starting point.

        Blogging and discussing on the web is a new experience for me and it has been a mostly good experience , especially when I come across interesting writers. I have appreciated ALL your comments and plan at this point to keep up with my reading and corresponding but on a much more limited basis. Probably I will only look at posts once a week.
        I need to attend to some other main things in my life!!

        However I am looking forward to reading more of your posts in the future if you also decide to stay with it. I am sorry you have already been branded by someone as a secret society world conquest whacko ….. Or however they put it!!

        There no doubt are some risks to expressing ideas in this world and maybe the Internet is not as safe or private as one might wish. But then driving a car is not always safe either. I hear lots of stories about road rage!!!

        Good luck in your pursuit of truth!!!! It was my questioning that got you started on on the Freemason venue. You sound like a very curious person! Nothing wrong with that!!!!! : )

      • I am pleased that you are feeling better. Thank you for your good words. It is interesting to learn that I have been “branded as a secret society… wacko”. I assure you and any other reader that I am not associated with any organization – religious or political. My sympathies are with the sincere patriotic groups, such as the Tea Party, Oath Keepers, the Black Robe Society, and one or two others. As for world domination – that’s God’s province, not mine. I have been called by Him to do exactly what I am doing. And I contribute because, as I have written elsewhere, I am concerned about the people on both sides of the discussions who think violence is the answer to America’s problems. I still believe, today March 22, 2015, that the weapons of our warfare are prayer and the ballot box.
        As for “wacko”, that doesn’t faze me. I have a favorite term for the enemies of God, too, so to be called a name means that I have stirred something which will cause people to read what I wrote, just as Patrick Henry did when he said, in response to the tyrannical monarch and his equally tyrannical church – “Give me liberty or give me death!”.

        And, naturally, a reader boasted of me being killed for my beliefs. That is to be expected as well. But I think about those Christians who were murdered because they wouldn’t renounce their faith, and I am encouraged to continue. My family has been prepared for such an occasion, but they are believers also.

        As for the Masonic Order, I’ve met a few members in my travels and aside from the tendency of some lodges to discriminate, I have not felt threatened by them.

        Lastly, Jefferson said, “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”

        Although I am attempting to awaken Christians – and ministers – to their duty to our nation, i am well aware that I may be forced to take a stand. But if the storm sweeps over me, I only have to recall that my Lord Jesus is in the boat with me. Fear is always banished by a plainly spoken, “Thy will be done, Lord”.

        May peace and joy be yours!

      • Hi! I’m back to write a bit! When we were corresponding about some of America’s Founding Fathers being Masons, I had not come across the included link below.

        It seems that Washington (though a Mason) was a friend to some prominent Catholics of the era. And it seems these three particular Catholic Carroll brothers were big supporters of Washington and freedom.

        Although not every Mason in US history has been fond of Catholics, it seems some Catholic Founding Fathers were on good terms with our exemplary President Washington. The three worked closely with other Protestant Founding Fathers as well.

        I think our country at the time benefited greatly from this group of cooperating and but religiously diverse Christians. Washington abolished the Gut Fawkes celebration and the brothers served faithfully in support of the American Revolution from the very beginning, as well as in subsequent years.

        There were not that many Catholics in the colonies back then, but the ones that were highly involved proved themselves movers and shakers… As were the other founders!!

        I did not know till recently that Daniel Carroll, for example, was a big proponent of the tenth amendment of the Constitution, states rights and religious freedom. You are no doubt more knowledgable about history than I, but I am glad to learn of this shared history of cooperation and fraternity between these men of different Christian persuasions.

        They ALL were prepared to hang together!!! That seems like a good idea today as well!!! “United we stand, divided we fall” like the song goes.

        If you go to the link below you will find more about the brothers and read some spirited Catholic discussion about masons, as well as differing opinions about the three brothers!! I am going to share this link with my Catholic friends too!

        It seems desirable to me that all Christians come together to work on pressing and mutual issues such as religious freedom. Rev. Cruise said today on Eagle Forum that when Castro took power, the abolishment of religious freedom was the means to the end rather than the goal. They did not want any pushback from religion. Sounds like now. Of course like you said there is the Black Robe Society. Or did you mean the Black Robe Regiment? I wondered because the Black Robe Regiment is hosted on a WAll Builder link.
        Stay healthy : )


      • You are one of the few with courage enough to express your concerns. Think back to Nazi Germany. Hitler chose to exterminate the least care for people in German society before the genocide that captured the world’s attention.

        Theodor Herzl, understanding the coming horror, was inspired by God to begin the work toward establishing the nation of Israel. But the Jews of western Europe ignored his warnings. History proves him rightly guided.

        He is warning us still – but we have the advantage over our enemies. First, we have God to rely on. And, the Founders provided us the Second amendment. Second, we have Patriots all around us, who are sensitive to events, and they are prepared to sound the alarm. It isn’t necessary to know who they are. They will recognize us by our declaration of our own patriotism, by our attendance at the meetings of our chosen political parties.

        Granted, there are those in the patriotic community that cringe when the discussion turns to thought of armed resistance, but there is still something they can do – learning first aid, military type first aid, and storing the necessary supplies. The long form of Yang style T’ai Chi is a devastating self-defense, and I urge any peaceful person to learn and practice it. It builds self-confidence, reduces high blood pressure, calms stress, relieves arthritis pain, and calms the mind. For those who need more, investigate Jeet Kune Do or Krav Maga.

        David prayed, Psalm 144:1-“Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.” Everything I’ve listed above is accomplished by a call of God – Divine inspiration. One thing all of us must do is work to discover which believing Christian should run for office and help that chosen person be elected.

        The reason people can’t take their minds off the terrorists, the threat of storms, and the problems of the world is this: these things are real. God is the only answer to all of them. But He acts through people.

        The solution? Pray for guidance to do some good. Doing God’s work is the best calming medicine available to us, because He makes His strength available to the one who gives himself or herself to God in service.

      • That is true. Our leaders have spoken the same words the were spoken when the temple fell. No that is why I think that we have come too far, this Republic was a symbolic Jerusalem.

      • I, too, have heard the arguments for America being a symbolic Jerusalem – but that rumor in another form was started by Martin Luther when he gave up on converting Jews, claimed Christians were destined by God to replace them, and ordered Jewish books and synagogues destroyed.

        No, the Founders were well educated. They believed America was to have been the beginning of the New World Order described in the Revelation to John. The Republic was to be the incubator, prepared by God to receive the new Message to be brought upon the return of the Messiah. The Founders realized the teaching that the kingdom is within. No religion but the Christian could produce a representative government, and they intended that all that they discovered would be taught in our schools.

        Those leaders you speak of, are not the leaders are neither mine nor of God-fearing Americans. Our only duty to them is to pray that their eyes are opened, because they are blind and think they can see.

        The war between darkness and light is coming. (For comfort, hold fast to Psalm 91.) But the light will overpower the darkness. And believers in the God of Israel will survive to continue building God’s civilization.

        If you think it impossible, I recommend you read about Theodor Herzl And keep in mind that Jerusalem means city of peace, and a new Jerusalem doesn’t replace the old city. The new one enhances the meaning of the old one.

      • The speech I refer to is the same as they gave when the temple had fallen. They declared that they would rebuild it bigger and better than before. After 9/11 our leader gave almost the exact same words. But the cedars have fallen and God declared that the temple would not be built back and as we see it has been fought over ever since. When the Jews rejected Jesus, the covenant was broken and the message given to the gentiles to spread the news of the Messiah. I am not at home so I have no access to my Bible. Jesus will rebuild the new Jerusalem after this world is cleansed. The ceremonial law was over when Jesus died on the cross. The cloth to the inner chamber of the sacrifices was torn in half, signaling that it had been fulfilled when Jesus died to cover our sins in God eyes, because no man can fulfil the law of God They were no longer needed, the made made laws of Moses. All the Jewish laws was pointing to the coming of Christ, who the Jews refused to acknowledge. All that was not changed is the law of God which is the Ten Commandants.

      • We are coming to the same point from different directions. Jesus refined the law of Moses. While that law condemned adultery, Jesus branded thoughts of adultery a sin. The law of Moses demanded one love his neighbors. Jesus extended that to love your enemies, too – which is why I said a believer’s duty to corrupt politicians is to pray for their salvation – even while pursuing legal action against them.

        I’ve heard the argument that Jesus will build the new Jerusalem, and I’ve heard that God will cleanse the world, restoring it to an Eden paradise. I simply cannot find that in Scripture. What I do see over and over again in the Bible is that believers, strengthened by God’s Spirit, rose up and did His work. Believers are supposed to be the hands, feet, minds, and love of God on this earth. That’s why we have free will. That’s why Jesus commanded us to love one another as He loved us.

        Ben Franklin made it a rule that parks should be incorporated into every neighborhood in a community. He wrote about welfare programs being a hand up, not a handout. Thomas Jefferson expressed hope that the whole of the American people would rally to the unity of God, and become disciples of the morality and ethics of Jesus of Nazareth. Daniel Webster said education is useless without the Bible. And Franklin also said that rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God. Each of these statements, along with all that the Founders wrote for us is the blueprint, the plan, for the receptacle Scripture calls the new Jerusalem – a nation set aside for believers in God from all nations.

        Peter spoke of us as being a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a peculiar people, that we should show forth the praises of Him who called us out of darkness into His marvelous light… because we are now… [not Christians, according to Peter} … because we are now the People of God.

  11. Fake a$$ patriots siding with a foreign leader instead of their CIC. Why don`t you all move to Israel and go vote for Bibi the Clown. You have about two weeks. And the lawmakers groveling like trained puppy at a speech Bibi’s been making for the last 25 years. You are no better than Eric Snowden or Bradley Manning and should be branded as seditious traitors.

    • We don’t have a CIC, troll. We have a muzzie, socialist, halfrican. A totally worthless POS, who could have been your daddy, based on your intelligence level….

    • The fake CIC sitting in the White House always siding with foreign leaders of our enemies should be, as you put it, branded as a seditious traitor.

      • Iran may help President Obama get across some difficulties, but the cost remains unclear to me!
        Here is a quote from enchantedlearming.com :

        (A sly and hungry fox saw the gingerbread man and said, ” Jump on my tail, and I’ll take you across ….”)

  12. The Sunday local newspaper ran a story about the 1963 March on Washington. And the opening statement stands out – “Freedom is expensive” and goes on to mention the dogs, the water hoses, the beatings, the rapes, the missing children… MLK began the Civil Rights Movement from a church pulpit. And we have been shown from the Revolution onward that the churches are where freedom should be proclaimed. The snow and freezing temperatures can’t force people to church, but they can drive people to their knees. And that is the first step to loosing America from the clutches of progressive tyranny.

  13. I think Netanyahu’s brilliant speech will be recognized as one of the most important speeches in modern times. It had the strength and tenacity of Winston Churchill. Sadly it left the president sulking and looking pathetic. Obama’s illogical critique of the speech was so bad. He claimed that he didn’t even watch the speech yet was able to criticize it? Prior to the speech he threatened Netanyahu not to leak any new information to the public but then chastised Bibi for saying nothing new. Obama said that Bibi didn’t offer any solutions. Are you kidding me? For starters, put the sanctions back on Iran and screw them on tight and do it now. By cutting them out of international banking, that alone would hurt alot. Even Bibi mentioned the obvious: Iran’s chief export (next to terror) is oil. When the price of oil was high, they earned more money. Now that oil has dropped in price, any oil related sanctions will hurt Iran that much more.
    If Bibi wanted to rip into the President and make a complete fool out of him, he could have very easily. He could have posed a couple simple questions:
    1. Just when the sanctions were starting to work, Obama put an end to them. Why?
    2. When a revolt began in Iran (the Green movement) in 2009 by democrats who were sick and tired of the current repressive Islamist regime Obama not only did not help them, like he’s doing now with ‘negotiations on the nuclear front’ he helped the Islamist regime. All he had to do then was encourage the Green movement protesters. Instead he gave the green light to the Ayatolla by saying that he would not interfere with another country’s politics. After the repressed revolt, the murder rate by the government went thru the roof.
    History will either show that thanks to Obama’s and other pathetic world leaders (including the previous Republican puppet leaders), the world will enter into a scary nuclear race with many despotic shaky fingers on the button or thanks to brave leaders like Netanyahu and few others like him, the sadistic Iranian leaders will be disposed of and former leaders like Obama will be deemed irrelevant and forgotten.
    The US needs a strong leader now more than ever. That person needs to kick some ass. Start by revving up the economy. Get the manufacturing sector going just like in WWII. Build up their military back to the top spot. Push China and Russia to the back seat where they belong. Then build alliances with countries like Israel, India, Japan, Canada (for F’n sake build the Keystone pipeline with them!) and even Russia and some of the Gulf states and of course Egypt. What a perfect storm. Time is of the essence!

  14. I am neither shocked no surprised that Allen is taking up with Bibi. Neither has the will to come up with viable alternatives…unless it is war. Let Bibi handle it…


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