New York City schools to close for Muslim holidays

Allahu Akbar. New York’s Mayor Bill DeBlasio tweeted today that schools in his city will close for Eid al-Adha and al-Fitr “a change that respects the diversity of our city.”

Yes, diversity if you’re counting about two percent of the population, because currently that’s what the Muslim population of New York City represents.

Some will say it’s only fair that schools close for Muslim holidays because they’re already closing for the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

Except they’re leaving out the fact that Jews represent 22 percent of the population of New York City as a whole and nearly 30 percent in the borough of Manhattan.

Here’s a little chart from Gotham Gazette showing the breakdown:


The New York Times says a 2008 study from Columbia University says about 10 percent of schoolchildren are Muslim, but still…

“Eid al-Adha, also known as the Festival of Sacrifice, commemorates a pivotal event shared by Judaism, Christianity and Islam: the willingness of Ibrahim, or Abraham, to sacrifice his son to God.”

Yes, can’t we all coexist?

“Eid al-Fitr marks the end of the holy month of fasting for Ramadan, which is signaled by the sighting of the crescent moon.”

Of course the mayor’s move is really part of a larger effort of inclusiveness. In fact last month, he pressured the NYPD to remove this report from its website entitled “Radicalization in the West: the Homegrown Threat” – even after two policemen were hacked up by a jihadist – because it promotes discrimination against Muslims. So far the report is still available.

Rest assured however, this won’t be the last move by de Blasio.


  1. Jesus taught his followers to pray for unbelievers, Mohammad taught his to behead them There is a big difference! Muslims have been gaining in numbers and territory by torturing and killing unbelievers since the 7th century until the Ottoman empire was broken up after WWI in 1924. They enslaved and raped captive women and children during their rein of terror. They tried to invade Europe many times but were pushed back by Christians and the Crusades. Unless we know history we are fooled into believing terrorism is something new to Islam because of the “terrible things the United States is doing” or because ” Israel was made into a nation after WWII”. The truth is terrorist are following the teachings of the Quran just like they always have. Moderate Muslims are just the ones that don’t take the violent verses in the Quran, Hadith and Sharia law literally, the radical Muslims do. Islam seeks the establishment of Sharia law that calls for the submission and or death of unbelievers. Our constitution guarantees freedom of religion. Sharia law is, of its own nature, unconstitutional and can not be permitted in order to protect the very freedom of religion it seeks to destroy. The other problem with Islam is it isn’t just a religion, it is also a form of government that seeks to replace other forms of governments.

    • The only think you know about Islam is what you read on wacky anti islam websites. The bible is of questionable things you Christains chose to over look or down right ignore. Show me how great of a Christain you are and maybe I’ll believe you.

  2. Sorry but this kind of appeasement will not stop radical islamist from killing you with delight. Nice try though.

    • What appeasement?
      There are a bout 600,000 Muslims living in NYC.
      Why shouldn’t their children be allowed a religious holiday just like Christian and Jewish children?

      • So I guess the real question is why did it take NYC 391 years to give them their own holiday.

      • You think the NYC public education system is 591 years old?
        We have Muslim school holidays in NYC for the same reason we have Jewish and Christian school holidays in NYC public school.
        Because there is a significant amount of our population that follows these religions and allowing school holidays is a reasonable way of accommodating all New Yorkers

  3. So what?
    NYC Schools have Christian, Jewish, and now Muslim holidays…
    So what?
    The insanity of this article is that while Ms Hickford is trying to imply that this involves some sort of special treatment or sinister agenda.

    All that this shows is that equal consideration is given to all major religions.
    Ms Hickford, like many of the followers of this site, are just instinctively outraged at the idea that Muslim Americans be treated as fairly and equally as other Americans.

    • Jews and Christians are not trying to kill us. No matter what king golfsalot says, we ARE at war with islam. Not just a few, but the whole religion. Try exercising some critical thinking now and then instead of knee jerk feelings.

      • Ah, I see… you don’t know anything about Islam and can’t tell Muslims apart.
        you’re no better than some radical feminist who thinks all men are rapists.

        Millions of American Muslims are not trying to kill you either genius.
        There are many hard working patriotic American Muslims.
        Some American Muslims are in our military, helping fight against the radicals and give you the freedom to not tell them apart

      • Their silence is deafening, dhimmi. Where are the ‘moderate American moosilms’ speaking out against the slaughter of Christian children in Egypt? Or the burning of a Jordanian pilot?

        The fact is, their Quran TELLS them to kill the infidel. That is their ‘bible’. It commands them to kill. It doesn’t say it is an option. And their silence is tacit approval of those that are following their twisted book.

        I know you have been dhimmified, but try to educate yourself to knowing your enemy. You just may live longer, dhimmi.

      • You need to pay better attention.
        moderate Muslims have been speaking out all around the world.
        Maybe if you got your news from sites that weren’t vehemently antiMuslim, you might see that.

      • There always some one that says that Some produce some doctor thats trying to introduce democracy to islam the only problem his mosque was found to have ties to islamic brother hood and he faded away. Other than that nothing. Through some third party politician dose not count!

      • SO when are all the “moderate” Muslims going to start cleaning up the house of Islam and destroying jihad? Until they do, they will be painted with the broad brush of “Islam” painting all the same way. Talk is cheap, show us something by standing up to and destroying jihad. Any group that kills just because of religion is wrong. Not trusting because of religion is human nature. MANY in Islam have called for the destruction of the “great satan” America and the destruction of Israel. Whole governments claiming the cloak of Islam have done this so what are we supposed to think? No one in Islam is publically and loudly denying what the jihadist and some governments proclaim. Are you afraid to confront Jihad because of what your “prophet” taught? It seems that moderate Islam is scared to speak against jihad and “radical” Islam. So telling us infidels what is what comes cheap. Go to Iran and tell them. Go tell ISIS that they are not Islamic. Become part of the solution or you remain by your silence part of the problem.

      • Yes… they are… Muslim leaders and organizations are denouncing the radicals.
        In the Middle East, moderate Muslims are fighting them.
        In the West, moderate Muslims are protesting them

        You can close your ears and eyes and get all your information from anti-Islam sites and claim moderates are doing and saying nothing… but that just isn’t true.

      • How do You KNOW which “follower of Mohamed” takes Mohamed seriously enough to lop off you head for not converting to Islam until you and your head are separated?

      • By that thinking, you are suggesting they are all suspect.
        That’s the same as the way a woman has to wonder if every man she meets is a potential rapist.
        That doesn’t mean she should believe all men are rapists and hate them all.

  4. “Why the Left Loves Islam”

    socialism and Islam are parasitical fascist systems where the elite
    bosses feed as vampires upon the productive citizenry under their
    control. Under totalitarian Islamic Sharia Law, productive “people of
    the book” (Christians and Jews) are tolerated as “dhimmis” (officially
    subjugated 2nd class citizens) to the degree that the local emirs and
    sultans decree they should be tolerated. This allows the Muslim bosses
    to ease their grip or tighten it at will. In socialism this
    relationship finds many parallels.

    For example, Lenin himself, during the disastrous “war Communism”
    period following the revolution and civil war, allowed the “New
    Economic Policy” or NEP, where a limited form of capitalism was
    permitted in order to get the flat-lining economy moving again. Once it
    was moving, the Communist bosses mass-murdered the successful NEPers,
    namely the so-called “Kulak class.” The Castros in Cuba have made
    similar moves over the decades, with Cuban NEPs cycling with harsh
    Communist crackdowns. Today in Venezuela the productive are tolerated in
    order to exploit their economic vigor, or they are rounded up and
    imprisoned, purely at the whim of the elite socialist bosses.

    Under Islam, the local Muslim bosses can decide in one place and
    era to tolerate the dhimmis and exploit their economic vitality (Spain
    during “Al-Andalus” post 711AD), or wipe them out in a genocide (many
    examples, the Turkish genocide of the Armenians and other Christians
    during the early 20th century is just one). But the degree of freedom
    permitted to the subjugated dhimmis is totally up to the local Muslim
    power structure. From tolerance to genocide, all is permitted when it
    comes to Muslims dealing with infidels. The Muslim is always the
    master, the infidel is always the subjugated dhimmi.

    This also is seen in Muslim marital relationships, and in their
    ownership of slaves. A Muslim husband or slave master can be a
    wonderful, enlightened and tolerant man, or he can be a ruthless
    exploiter, brutal rapist and even a killer. It is totally up to the
    master how he disposes of a slave, or a wife. That is the fate of the
    dhimmi under Islam. Your Muslim masters will hold your complete fate in
    their hands.

    And leading elite Leftists are totally fine with that power
    structure. It’s very similar to how they see the world. In the view of
    the Left, the productive class consists of greedy exploiters who should
    be taxed heavily, in order to redistribute their ill-gotten wealth to
    the needy, poor and oppressed. In doling out this stolen largess, the
    elite bosses of socialism attain all power, and live like sultans and

    In coming years, expect that leading progressive socialist leaders,
    who today mysteriously promote tolerance for and approval of massive
    Muslim immigration, will suddenly announce that they have discovered
    that Mohammed is the last messenger of world socialism, raise their
    right index fingers, and repeat the Shahada oath declaring their
    submission to Islam, while dreaming of both Marx and Mohammed.

    And that is why the Left loves Islam. They both hate freedom and worship pure power.

    Matt Bracken

  5. Yeah? And how many schools are closed for Jewish holidays? I know of none except the ones that coincide with Christmas and Easter and even then not every year.

    • In NYC, the public schools have been closed for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur for decades, in large part because in NYC, the majority of teachers have historically been Jewish. (CUNY is also closed for these holidays.) The closing of schools on Rosh Hashanah is a phenomenon that is almost exclusive to the NYC metropolitan area.

    • It helps when you have a dumb down population, i.e., African Americans in the low income bracket and Latinos who don’t actually know anything except to run fro their homeland and settle where there are liberal laws until the next crisis then they drop everything…this time it will not work.

  6. Does Deblasio understand that the people who are faithful to this religion want 98 percent of the people in NYC killed? Even if they don’t do the killing, they must support it with their silence.

      • Wow… the prime minister of Turkey speaks for all billion of the world’s Muslims?

        paying me to support the cause of the people who took down the WTC?
        wow… that was crazy.

        Your failure to understand the different sects of Islam and the history and changes in their religion, beyond what you glean from anti-Muslim hysteria, is the kind of misinformation that the radicals are hoping for.

        As long as people fail to understand the problems in the Muslim world, and the real goals of the radicals, and continue to broadbrush all Muslims as being the same it helps the radicals … and actually plays right into their hands.

      • When your so called “moderate” muslims take up arms against Jihad and PROVE by their actions that they are against and want to destroy jihad, then MAYBE people will believe it.

      • No… it won’t prove anything to people who refuse to believe there are moderate Muslims.

        Moderate Muslims have protested against radicals and people refuse to believe they exist.

        Moderate Muslim leaders and Imans have condemned the radicals and people refuse to believe they exist.

        Moderate Muslims here in America have joined the military and fought against radicals… and people refuse to believe they exist.

        In Egypt, hundreds of thousands took to the streets to overthrow the radical Muslim Brotherhood government of Morsi… and people refuse to believe they exist.

        Moderate Muslims have been fighting, for years, in the Middle East against the radicals… and people refuse to believe they exist.

        So… no… the words and actions of moderate muslims will never convince people who refuse to believe they exist that they do.

      • Pleas post links to the ones that speak against the violence taught by the quran and oppose islamic and sharia law?

      • Brendan, don’t know why you’re trolling this post so heavily. Were you converted to Islam like Bergdahl? I have NOT “broadbrushed all Muslims” just pointed out the danger of Islam and those that TRULY follow Mohamed.

      • Sorry… pointing out that you are wrong is not trolling.
        You want to declare that hundreds of millions of moderate muslims don’t exist just because it doesn’t fit YOUR interpretation

      • Witch sects are peaceful?
        Hamas, Sunni
        Hezbollah, Shi’a
        al-Qaeda, Sunni
        Boko Haram, Sunni
        Taliban, Sunni
        ISIS, Sunni
        Many many more!

        Sunni Muslims comprise 84%–90% of all Muslims. They are terrorist.
        Shi`ite Muslims comprise 10%–16% of all Muslims. They are terrorist.
        Sufis. comprise a fraction, They are terrorist.
        There are more so small not worth mentioning.

      • You said not all sect are terrorist I showed that the biggest ones are terrorist 1400 years of history, Its founder, current events and islamic doctrine say I’m not insane and people like you are a big part of the problem. You should learn about the religion of peace! Projection are 2055′ 95% of the planet will be muslem.Where will your family be?

      • No… I said there are different sects and not all Muslims are terrorists

        Where will my family be?
        i live next door to an awesome family of Albanian born Muslims… and, growing up in a city filled with immigrants, I have lived around Muslims my whole life

      • I agree completely. And all it takes is one. All Muslims are not radical, but some are, and it is often hard to tell which is which when the ‘moderate’ Muslims do not come out and condemn the actions of those who are radical.

      • Where did you pull that figure that there are thousands of non moderate muslims in NYC?
        Did you just make that up?
        Are you assuming that if 1% of the world’s muslims are radical that that somehow means that 1% of all groups of muslims are radical, including those who choose to live in America?

      • I had to evacuate the Times Square Marriot… flee for my life. My room was on the side the car bomb was on… an alert street vendor that reported the smoke saved my life. It only takes ONE true follower of Mohamed to murder many.

      • Radical Islam is a very real threat. No question about that.
        Pointing out that the majority of Muslims are not radical is not the same as denying the existence and threat of the radicals.

      • So?
        The UN interviewed all Muslims?
        Also… doesn’t it stand to reason that Muslims who choose to live in Western societies like the US are less likely to be radical than those who choose to live under theocratic nations in the Middle East?

      • They?
        All Muslims threatened the US?
        Are you one of those people who thinks all Muslims are like pod people who all think the exact same way?

      • The muslims in the west are mostly looked upon as heretics or apostates of islam – they have a death oath on them already.

        They are the same as you – and infidel, a kaffir.

        You Brendan are literally stupid as to this entire issue. But of course you are only on this blog to argue and support islam – go for it dumbass WTG.

      • As the accepted number for “radical Muslims” worldwide is 25%, I felt that I would take one twenty-fifth (1/25) of that number (4%) as the number for my use. Yes, there is no solid number for the number of radical Muslims in this country. Does that fact make you more or less comfortable?

      • No… i do not know that there aren’t some radicals among the muslim population, planning some evil acts.
        But I won’t punish the entire Muslim population because there may be a few radicals planning something among their population.

        that’s the same reason I don’t assume every person I pass on the street is a murderer or rapist… even though, statistically speaking, I’ve probably walked past a few in my life.

      • Yes.
        A muslim who follows his/her faith while disregarding the more archaic and violent teachings of the religion.

      • You mean those that disregard what “archaic” Mohamed did and taught are “moderate Muslims.” LOL! OK… How do you differentiate them? Do they have a tattoo on their butt? Obama is opening the flood gates to Syrian refugees, KNOWING that ISIS has said they will immigrate here to terrorize. How are the “screeners” going to tell ISIS from your “moderates?” BTW the entire Muslim Middle East could absorb these people with little hardship… Suni’s relocated with Suni… Shiite with Shiites… the CHRISTIANS have no where to go but to the cross… literally they are Crucifying them all over the Middle East.

      • Better kill everyone you meet… they might be rapists or murderers.
        Your reasoning is unsound.
        You Assume all muslims are radical

      • They (ME Christians) could relocate to any of the African nations that have Christians burning homosexuals and Muslims alive.

      • Read the damn koran! It doesn’t allow followers to “disregard” any part of it. It DOES say all muslims will not be killers, but those who do not kill must support those who do. They all must want & believe in the same goal – the removal of all non-believers. We have named these muslims as extremists (the killers) and moderates (those who watch). That’s the reason we don’t see an uprising of “moderates”objecting to the barbarism. The koran does not allow them to object. The koran does not allow for moderation, change, questioning, or descent.

      • I have read the Koran… maybe you should too.
        Guess what?
        Hundreds of millions of moderate Muslims do ignore the archaic calls for violence… even though you say they are not allowed to
        And yes… there is an uprising of moderates objecting to the barbarism.
        you just ignore it

      • Define realioty to the thousands killed by Islam over the centuries. DeBlasio lives in a rose colored galsses socialist utopia in his own mind. He can’t handle truth or reality.

      • Pointing out that the majority of Muslims are not radical is not the same as denying the existence and threat of the radicals.
        Radical Islam is a very real threat.
        But that does not change the fact that the majority of muslims are not.

      • they don’t have to strap bombs onto themselves to be radicals

        if you are so naive to not know this you really should not be up in this blog running your stupid mouth – just shut up

      • No…because DiBlasio is an total and complete idiot and an apologist to islam – the man is a coward and needs to have his ass kicked and worse. I am sure ISIS would show him how appreciative islam is for his support just like they did all the other hostage converts, if only.

  7. The NY City government forbade Churches from renting public schools for worship services. Anyone else may rent the schools. The Churches paid rent on otherwise empty buildings providing revenue and provided social services to the poor saving tax money. There is NO PLACE ELSE TO RENT! These idiots are screwing taxpayers so they can violate the First Amendment and discriminate against, and virtually shut down, Churches…. now they’re celebrating Islam.

    • Your comparison makes no sense and has nothing to do with this story.
      Are mosques being allowed to rent public schools?
      Are Christians denied their school holidays in NYC?

      • What make no sense is accommodating the religion that perpetrated the 911 attacks, beheadings and is terrorizing the planet in ever expanding Jihad. Muslim terrorists are doing exactly what Mohamed did and taught in the Quran. America’s success was largely due to it’s citizens following Christian tenants. Muslim nations are hell holes because they follow the tenants of Islam. Chruchill had some thoughts along these lines.

      • The religion did not perpetrate the attacks.
        Radical fundamentalist followers of the religion did.
        Muslim extremists did… not the entire religion, with all its different sects.
        Holding all Muslims responsible for the actions of extremists is as rational as holding all men responsible for the actions of rapists.

        And even more absurd is saying American citizens of the Muslim faith should be denied their rights because of what a foreign theocratic government does.

        But back to your initial comment about churches renting schools and celebrating Islam… are Mosques allowed to rent NYC public schools while churches can not?
        Are other religions denied their holidays while Muslims are afforded theirs?
        Your implication that Muslims are receiving preferential treatment is unfounded.

      • Your implication is that Islam is a religion of peace, when the “holy” books of Islma say differently. Why has Islam been at war with Christianity for 1400 years and counting? Islam DEMANDS the conversion or death of anyone not Muslim. Why should that be respected? The teachings of Islam’s “prophet” are responsable for the ideology that caused the attacks against America and the west. Why are so many Moslems wanting to destroy the West & Israel? Because their “prophet” decrees that it must be done.

      • I never said Islam is a religion of peace.
        I only said that the majority of the world’s muslims are peaceful.

        Radical Islam is a very real threat

      • the peaceful muslims of the world are not muslims at all you dumbass – learn something about the true islam and then you will understand that a “moderate” islam is a joke. No such thing.

      • The TRUE followers of Mohamed are terrorists perpetrating Jihad. What PERCENTAGE of the World’s 1,570,000,000 Muslims are willing to do exactly what Mohamad did and taught in the Quran, (as the 911 terrorists did)? If it is “only 10%” that’s “only” 157,000,000. Fourteen 911 Hijackers changed the world forever. Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them” Your defense of this madness is madness.

      • Your argument is that all muslims should suffer for the actions of a few.
        That’s s sane as when radical feminists say all men should be punished because of the actions of rapists

      • Not all muslems just the ones that follow the teaching of muhammad. Technically extremist are only devout muslems.

        Devout muslem Doctor one day swears an oath to save lives the next day a terrorist. Other terrorist have been engineers teachers……

        Here are the top three sects.
        Sunni Muslims comprise 84%–90% of all Muslims. They are terrorist.

        Shi`ite Muslims comprise 10%–16% of all Muslims. They are terrorist.
        Sufis. comprise a fraction, They are terrorist.

        There are other sects to small to count.

        The feminists thing is not the same they have no proof only their opinion. We have muslem written doctrine by all rights a confession of their intent! Most suicide bombers where just moderates the day before their attack. FYI The founder of islam makes osama bi laden look like a girl scout.

      • How do you know they exist? Because you where told, because they haven blown up yet or you haven’t seen them protesting “behead all who slander islam” or when they attacked christians in Dearborn or DC…or…or…or… That was all done by moderate. Muslems are the masters of propaganda. Hear are some islamic religious terms,

        1. Takiyya
        This means that Muslims are allowed to lie, and conceal their true thoughts,
        feelings, or character. It is based on the verse in the Quran which states:
        “Let believers not make friends with infidels in preference to the faithful –
        he that does has nothing to hope for from Allah – except in self-defense.”
        (Surah 3:28) Because Muslims feel as though their actions against us are
        in “self-defense,” this provides justification for their lying. Osama Bin Laden
        claimed that the attacks on Sept 11 were justified because it was “self defense.”
        Islamic Sharia Law also validates lying for a higher aim: “When it is possible to
        achieve an aim by lying but not by telling the truth, it is permissible to lie if
        attaining the goal is permissible, and lying is obligatory if the goal is
        obligatory.” (Reliance of the Traveler, Para r8.2 )

        2. Tawriya
        This term means that it is ok to lie in virtually all circumstances. Tawirya is when a
        Muslim says one thing, but basically means another. You could think of it as creative lying.
        As long as his words technically support the alternate meaning, it is ok to lie.
        For example: you could as a Muslim if they know where Abdullah is.
        They could respond “no” to you, as long as they keep in mind a totally different Abdullah than who you are asking about.

        3. Kitman
        This term is when Muslims only tell you part of the truth. Perhaps the biggest lie Muslims try to push
        is in relation to the term “jihad.” I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard
        Muslims try to claim that the term refers to an “internal” or “spiritual struggle” and has nothing to do with terrorism.
        This is a complete crock of… well you know.

        4. Muruna
        This term means that Muslims can use flexibility to blend in with their enemy and surroundings.
        As long as they can justify their behavior as deceiving the infidel in order to attain a higher goal,
        then it is perfectly ok. So Muslims can shave their beards, wear western clothing, or drink alcohol
        in order to blend in. If they can convince you they are a part of your society, they are pretty much off the
        hook for obeying the verses of the Quran which forbids this type of behavior.
        A common way of using muruna is for Muslims to take non-Muslims as their spouses so their true agenda
        does not come under scrutiny. A perfect example of muruna in practice is Hilary Clinton’s aide Huma
        Abedin marrying Jewish Congressman Anthony Weiner. This arrangement provided Huma unprecedented
        access to the White House, and throughout it all, her true intentions were never questioned.

        Islam is a governmental law, personal law, economic law and a tiny bit religion for control. They condemn our freedoms but use the same freedoms to to push their agenda. They don’t recognize our laws.

      • Wrong.
        moderate Muslims do exist.
        You can misinterpret the Koran all you like and reference passages about Tagiyah THAT DO NOT EXIST…. you can do that all you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that hundreds of millions of moderate muslims exist.

        Oh, and your paranoid ranting about hat happened in Dearborn is bull.

      • Sorry I live there it did happon. I never said “Tagiyah” The word tagiyah dose exist its a prayer cap. I said Takiyya,
        Maybe you ment Taqiyya.

        Tawriya, deceit by ambiguity
        Kitman,deceit by omission
        Muruna. the temporary suspension of Sharia in order that Muslim immigrants appear “moderate
        Taqiyya, tactical deceit for the purposes of spreading Islam.
        Taysir, deceit through facilitation

        Hijra: Muslim immigration in order to peacefully populate and gain strength in a Kafir country. This can be used in combination with Muruna.

        Muslims beleave ISIS is moderate.

      • Wrong. Moderate muslims do not exist. You are either muslim or you are not and if you are then you believe in islam and all that it prescribes in the quran and the hatdith and suras – otherwise you are apostate, which means you are in fact not muslim. What don’t you understand about that? Have you never been to the ME?

        Until islam undergoes a reformation removing a major part of quran there is no such thing as a moderate muslim – there is only a muslim apostate. But keep up with you liberal thinking because it is so very nice to be that way isn’t it?

      • Sorry kid… you nothing about Islam.
        Yes… I have spent a lot of time in the Middle East… both traveling as a tourist and also while deployed as a soldier

      • So you hate the military.
        You think serving overseas in the Army makes people radicals.
        So you’re one of those ignorant hippies who thinks the Army brainwashes people.

      • PLEASE! “The Majority of Muslims” would leave a “Minority” of over 800,000,000. The TRUE followers of Mohamed are terrorists perpetrating Jihad. What PERCENTAGE of the World’s 1,570,000,000 Muslims are willing to do exactly what Mohamad did and taught in the Quran, (as the 911 terrorists did)? If it is “only 10%” that’s “only” 157,000,000. Fourteen 911 Hijackers changed the world forever. Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them” Your defense of this madness is madness.

      • All muslims should stop being muslims and be anything but. That is what they should be, better without the faith of islam which is really making them nothing but mohammedans ie a follower of a jacked up POS murderous dog.

        But keep fighting for their rights you moron. They will kill you. And they will if they could and would be happy for it you dumbass.

      • Nope… No Muslim has tried to change my Constitutional freedoms… plenty of wacko Christians have tried though.
        And then there are ignorant idiots like you who think that the Constitution only exists to protect the rights of people who share your faith and your politics

      • No, I don’t drink Allen’s Kool-aid. I love my country, but fear my government. Especially NOW!

      • Brendan, I’m saying that the TRUE adherents to the religion that perpetrates terror should not be accommodated. The TRUE followers of Mohamed are terrorists perpetrating Jihad. What PERCENTAGE of the World’s 1,570,000,000 Muslims are willing to do exactly what Mohamad did and taught in the Quran, (as the 911 terrorists did)? If it is “only 10%” that’s “only” 157,000,000. Fourteen 911 Hijackers changed the world forever. Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them” Your defense of this madness is madness.

      • Brendan 80% of the quran is what to do to and with the unbeliever. What sect only believes in 20% of their doctrine. What sect dose not believe in islamic law???

      • The fact remains that the majority of the Muslim world has manged to reconcile their adherence to Islam while disregarding the calls for violence.

        You can write all day about how they don’t count because they are not
        adhering to their faith the way you feel they should… but that doesn’t
        change the fact that they exist.

      • Then the fact remains oh great savior of the world Brendan that islam is in need of a major reformation which has yet to happen or to have been announced. Until then just shut the hell up please.

        Muslims have the quran. That is their book. They live by it. It has words in it that tell them how to live + hadith. If they do not live by it they are not muslim – they are apostate and by their own book their fate is death. You either are in or not. All the “moderate” muslims are laughable. All the moderate muslims are in the West. Why do you think that is you stupid moron?

        It’s because in islam you cannot be half in and half out.

        Moderate muslims are not muslims at all they are just mixed up people who can’t make their minds up as to how to get away from the cult of islam. Deal with it you ignorant pig.

      • “The Majority of Muslims” would leave a “Minority” of over 800,000,000. The TRUE followers of Mohamed are terrorists perpetrating Jihad. What PERCENTAGE of the World’s 1,570,000,000 Muslims are willing to do exactly what Mohamad did and taught in the Quran, (as the 911 terrorists did)? If it is “only 10%” that’s “only” 157,000,000. Fourteen 911 Hijackers changed the world forever. Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them” Your defense of this madness is madness.

      • Read the quran and you will know that yes in fact the “religion” does perpetrate the attacks, dumbass 🙂

        The muslim “extremists” are actually GOOD muslims and doing exactly what would make their “prophet” very pleased.

        All the other luke warm muslims are apostates by the quran.

        Read it and understand it you insufferable idiot – it is what it is.

      • Yes muslims are receiving preferential treatment and you are blind and ignorant if you don’t see this. Look to UK, EU. Yes muslims are. You should be ashamed to be claimed otherwise.
        Damn you.

      • Damn me?
        How Christian of you.
        go ahead wacko.
        What preferential treatment are Muslims receiving?

        I suspect you’re one of those loons that thinks equal treatment is preferential treatment.
        Prove me wrong and tell me about their preferential treatment

      • Hahaha
        Thanks for proving me right.
        You said muslims are given preference over christians and I challenged you to provide an example.
        All you could come up with was childish insults.

      • Brendan, You have lost ALL credibility with this comment. You claim to want equal, religious accommodation but only for Moslems evidently.

      • Nope.
        I respect the rights of all churches to practice their religion.

        i hate the Westboro Baptist Church protesters that harass innocent people and I’m glad they got run off.

        i would be equally glad if a bunch of Muslim protesters got run off for harassing innocent people.

      • Brendan your logic is utterly flawed. You cry that we are lumping all Moslems together and don’t understand “moderate Moslems,” WHILE you lump UNchristian people together with TRUE Christians. Christians follow Christ. Fred Phelps led 40 hateful people in very UNChristian demonstrations… (didn’t murder anybody)… Moslems following Mohamed DO! I gave you Absolute PROOF that a Moslem mob was given favorable treatment over Christians, peacefully holding signs with Bible verses on them exercising PEACEFUL, FREE RELIGIOUS EXPRESSION. You celebrate them being denied their First Amendment rights to peacefully hold signs. Your thinking is AFU!

      • No… I do not lump all Christians together.
        the overwhelming majority of Christians are good decent people.

        I compared one group of hateful Christian protesters that were holding hateful signs for the purpose of provoking with another group of hateful Christians holding hateful signs>

        the protesters in Dearborn came to a family friendly Muslim festival, with children on rides, and were carrying signs that Mohammed was a pervert and a child molester… and signs that said Islam was a religion of blood and murder.
        they were telling children that they would be going to Hell.
        they were there to provoke.. and yes… they used their First Amendment rights just the same way the Westboro Baptist Church uses their First Amendment right>

        If you condemn the Westboro Baptist Church but you support the protesters in Dearborn, you are a hypocrite… because they were both doing the same thing.

        Imagine you were at a church sponsored Christian street fair, complete with rides and carnival games.
        Imagine a group of Muslim protesters were carrying signs saying Christianity was evil and that Jesus was a murderer and they were telling Christian children that they were going to Hell if they didn’t accept Islam.
        Would you be surprised if some people in the crowd drove them off?

      • Brendan, the signs I saw were NOT anti-Islam… they were Bible verses written at least 600 years before Mohamed. You asked for proof that Moslems were given favorable treatment over Christians. If you don’t think that police letting a Moslem mob attack Christians holding signs is evidence of “preferential treatment,” you are beyond help. It is dangerously foolish to encourage a mob attacking people merely exercising free speech. Evidently the City had to pay substantial reparations for they’re negligence in allowing the attack. These guys asked for a Free Speech Zone and were denied.

      • The Christian protesters who made the video you posted did their best to edit out anything that made them look bad or any instances of the police actually going after muslims that threw stuff.
        But the internet doesn’t just have only that video.

        you said you didn’t see any anti-Islam signs.
        i believe the person filming deliberately avoided filming them.
        In their video, the one you linked, i only caught a quick glimpse of a couple of their anti-Muslim signs,
        But they weren’t the only ones taking video and pictures.

        The picture in the link below shows them standing next to a ferris wheel ride with signs that read “ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF BLOOD & MURDER” and “MUHAMMED IS A LIAR, FALSE PROPHET, MURDERER, CHILD MOLESTER, PERVERT”
        That was next to a ride for children.
        You can tell this picture is from the same protest because you can also see the same protesters wearing the same shirts as in the video you linked… particularly the bald guy with the black and grey beard.
        Here is the link to that picture…

        Also as to the allegation that the police did not try to help… here is video of the police rushing into the crowd to grab a couple of young Muslims who threw stuff at the Christian protesters…

      • Thanks for posting this Brendan. These are the contents of the signs- John 14:6 “Jesus *said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through Me.” Acts 3:19 “Therefore repent and return, so that your sins may be wiped away, in order that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord” Phil 2:10 so that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth, 11 and that every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” These were written 600+ years prior to Mohamed’s warfare on “non believers” that resulted ultimately in the conquest of most of Europe.” These signs are NOT anti-Moslem… they are Pro Jesus.To suggest that the Muslem mob was somehow justified in pelting them with garbage, water bottles and rocks- or that the police acted appropriately in making them leave is just foolish!

      • They were clearly there to provoke.
        Which part of the Bible says Islam is a religion of blood and murder and Muhammed is a pervert?
        That was what was printed on their signs.

        Those signs ARE anti-Moslem.
        Did you not see those signs in the picture I linked?
        Did you also see that one of those protesters was not carrying a sign, but was actually carrying a pig’s head on a pole.
        What was the Christian message of carrying a pig’s head other than to provoke?
        Here is the picture again… notice the pig’s head and the two anti-Moslem signs.

      • Brendan, Anyone doing other than “Love thy Neighbor” is doing the OPPOSITE of what Jesus did and taught in the Bible.The terrorists are doing EXACTLY what Mohamed did and taught in the Quran. Trying to make a Moral equivalency between the 2 diametrically opposed belief systems is both foolish and dangerous… like treating a toy poodle and an attack trained pitbull the same.

      • You can safely assume that you’ve created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do. ~Anne Lamott

      • I “love my neighbor” to the best of my ability and anybody doing otherwise is doing the OPPOSITE of what Jesus did and taught in the Bible. The terrorists are doing EXACTLY what Mohamed did and taught in the Quran. I love those people and I’m saddened that so many are trapped in that culture, indoctrinated from infancy into hate. If I could talk them out of it I would… but they lop of the heads of people trying to reason with them.

      • And this is how we help – by bringing those in the satanic cult of islam out of it if we can. We do not hate muslims but rather we hate islam. WE are up against it, not them. And this is the struggle between good and evil, between the Most High and that most evil. It is what we have and even those who are not committed to God know the difference. God knows that we cannot reason with islam. He knows what we all are up against. He does not expect us to just lay down for it. He does not expect us to just place our throat open and bare to be cut in the name of islam and the false prophet but rather to deny it.

        Bring people out of islam, it is the biggest lie ever made on the world.

        All must understand, believers of Christ and not, that islam is what we will be fighting now and in the future. Those not of God, atheists, all, must understand that it is islam that the fight will be against, as it already is. Islam is anti-life.

        Islam is anti-life. Do not ever let anyone tell you anything else. Islam is a death cult.

        Take that and to hell with you if you don’t agree in advance.

      • like we all want to hear you regurgitate that stupid cow’s thoughts – can’t you come up with your own vomit?

      • You are a prime example of what is wrong with this country. You do not understand irony. You are intolerant/incapable of civil debate with with people who express opposition views. and to defend your “opinion” with sophomoric locker room insults. Very “adult” of you! Hope you are proud…

      • so glad I am able to help you validate your complete insignificance to damn near everything LOL

        and to hell with you, have a great day!

      • So we should in no way be accommodating the Christian religion because of bombings of abortion clinics and the murder of Doctors and nurses who work at those clinics?

      • OK Gary. When was the last time that happened? Those were isolated incidents. And you have to admit, that other Christians soundly and publicly denounced those crazies. We weren’t quiet about it.

      • gary dear your argument is cooked. no comparison. if you don’t know this by now you are just utterly stupid and beyond help. Just look at the numbers dumbass.

      • Anyone doing other than “Love thy Neighbor” is doing the OPPOSITE of what Jesus did and taught in the Bible.The terrorists are doing EXACTLY what Mohamed did and taught in the Quran. Trying to make a Moral equivalency between the 2 diametrically opposed belief systems is both foolish and dangerous… like treating a toy poodle and an attack trained pitbull the same.

      • It’s NOT propaganda it it’s true. Please point out ANY inaccuracy on the link I posted. I will apologize to you personally if you find one.

      • It’s selective.
        It shows only the actions of the extremists and claims that this represents all.

        If I showed you a page on the SPLC site listing christian conservative violence, could I argue that all Christian conservatives were violent?

      • because we all have to fear that Christian conservatives are taking over countries and beheading people in droves. . . . .

      • and you need to push away from your computer – there is life out there Brendan, find a good support group and stay strong.

      • Yes Steve, Brendan needs to educate himself, but his mind is made up. He knows it all already no matter what anyone tells him.

      • Bloomberg supported 911, “Cordoba” Mosque (to celebrate their victory of the US like they had in Spain). They planned its dedication on the 10th anniversary of 911. You probably support that too. Moslems would never have a Mosque in a school because it doesn’t comply with Halal. The Churches were long established and doing public service and paying rent. NOT accommodating them and now accommodating Islam IS AFU and IS pertinent. You are not the king troll… just one of the crowd. 🙂

      • That is pure paranoid fantasy.
        The Muslim cultural center is not a victory mosque.
        And there was no planned dedication on 9/11.

        you are also lying about Islam being given special treatment over Christianity in public schools.
        That is pure bullsh!t

      • we all just marvel at your attempts to save the world LOL

        your own paranoid fantasy is telling you to get off your computer – listen to it 🙂

      • “The Cordoba Initiative has also promised that the mosque – which it prefers to call an inter-faith prayer space – will be welcoming to non-Muslim religions.” Maybe the displaced Churches can rent Park 51 from the Moslems. ” You are full of PC BS, Brendan… It was to be called the Cordoba MOSQUE… like the one in Spain which took over a Cathedral after the Moorish invasion, conquest and subjugation of most of Europe. The name, “CORDOBA” is fond throwback to the glory days when Moslems ruled the world.

      • There is nothing there about the mosque opening September 11th… it opened September 21st.

        Also, in typical deflection, you are ignoring the point.
        yes… the mosque was not popular.
        I never said it was.

        What i am calling paranoid fantasy is that it was some sort of victory mosque and that it was opened on 9/11.

  8. wow,,, when I want my dose of stupid,,, this is the place to come too….
    good ol’ allen,,, fanning the flames of hate and bigotry

      • You just make up your own facts troll boy.
        i have always said radical Muslims extremists are a real threat that needs to be wiped out.
        You are just so stupid that whenever I say that not all Muslims are extremists… something you, yourself, admit… you believe that somehow is the same as me saying there aren’t any extremists.

        I’m still waiting for a source for that phony 25% claim that supposedly came from the UN.
        No UN site states that.


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