Big diss: Obama can’t find time to watch Netanyahu speech

There are some things you should, well, just keep to yourself. Because when you divulge certain pieces of information, you have to try and explain it — and oft time rather clumsily. Such is the case regarding Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s address to a joint session of Congress defining his “neighborhood.”

The Obama administration has already created a very toxic environment for no apparent reason and at the same time has lost any semblance of moral high ground.

Secretary of State John Kerry and Vice President Joe Biden have fled town. Potential Democrat presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton is in Washington D.C. to receive an award from Emily’s List, but will not meet with the Israeli Prime Minister.

And that leaves President Obama, who is in D.C., but will just “stay at home” — yes, he has refused to meet with Netanyahu.

Adding insult to injury, here is the response from White House spokesperson Josh “Not So” Earnest.
“I haven’t looked at the president’s schedule for tomorrow. I doubt that he will spend his whole time watching the speech.”

Politico reports, “the relationship between the White House and the Israeli government has been tense since Netanyahu’s decision to schedule the speech to Congress without first consulting the executive branch.”

I don’t think the Obama administration has a lot of moral credibility when it comes to being upset about actions taken without prior consult by Congress. I tend to believe all these unconstitutional executive actions are a little more important that a speech.

With its petulant manner, and whether accidently or on purpose, the Obama has made this speech by Prime Minister Netanyahu into a major international event. But will any of this evident disregard, disrespect, and disdain matter to the American Jewish community, many of whom will march lock step with the virulent anti-Israel progressive socialist left?

Well, having lived in South Florida for some 11 years, I can tell you probably not. There are probably many American Jews who are blaming PM Netanyahu — they happen to live on J-Street.

I want to present the contrast on how one maintains the high ground and how one loses it.

Politico said, “Yesterday, Netanyahu told the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee that he intended no “disrespect” to the U.S. president in coming to speak before Congress without clearing the visit with the White House. He instead said that he felt a “moral obligation” to warn lawmakers against the perils of what he sees as a weak nuclear deal with Iran.”

In contrast, Josh Earnest said he didn’t believe Obama had watched Netanyahu’s speech to AIPAC either. As well, President Obama has declined to meet with the Israeli prime minister on this visit, citing a White House policy of not holding bilateral meetings with foreign leaders immediately before they face reelection.

Obama can’t meet with Netanyahu due to an impending election, but he well knows he has campaign operatives in Israel working against the Israeli Prime Minister.

Funny, at such a critical time when moral clarity is needed on the global stage, it appears that YouTube star Glozelle Green earns more respect from President Obama than the leader of our best ally in the Middle East.

You also have to ask, why would Democrat Members of Congress want their own separate meeting with Netanyahu after his speech? Perhaps for their own closed door brow beating session? And showing grace, Netanyahu simply declined.

What makes the progressive socialist left so anxious and disparaging about a simple speech? Maybe it’s the fact that truth is feared. Or perhaps the image of a true battle-tested leader is too disconcerting.


  1. The Muslim Brotherhood is really Al-Qa’ida & is the product of an Arab fascist group that was set up in the 1920s, funded by Adolf Hitler, used by British, French and American Intelligence after WWII, and later was supported by the Saudis and reactivated by the CIA to fight the Russians in Afghanistan.

    Such is a rather inconvenient truth & part of history.

    the Muslim Brotherhood was a fascist organization that was hired by Western Intelligence and evolved over time into what we today know as Al-Qa’ida [Al-Qaeda].
    For the Saudis, there was a ruler in charge of Saudi Arabia, and they were [providing] the new home of the Muslim Brotherhood. Fascism and extremism were mingled in these schools [the madrassas]. And there was a young student who paid attention: Azzam’s student was named Osama bin Laden. Osama bin Laden was taught by the Nazis of the Muslim Brotherhood who had emigrated to Saudi Arabia.
    They drove the Russians out of Afghanistan. Our CIA said, “We won—let’s go home!”, and we left this army of Arab fascists in the field of Afghanistan.

    The Saudis didn’t want [them] to come back. The Saudis started paying bribes to Osama bin Laden (300 million per year) and his followers to stay out of Saudi Arabia. Now the MAK was split in half. Azzam was mysteriously assassinated, apparently by Osama bin Laden himself. The radical group—the most radical of the merge of the Arab fascists and religious extremists—Osama called Al-Qa’ida. But to this day, there are branches of the Muslim Brotherhood all through Al-Qa’ida.

    Osama bin Laden’s second-in-command, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, came from the Egyptian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood—the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, the result of a Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
    The organization you know as Hamas is actually a secret chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood. When Israel assassinated Sheik [Ahmed] Yassin on March 22, 2004, the Muslim Brotherhood published his obituary in a Cairo newspaper in Arabic and revealed that he was actually the secret leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza.

    So the Muslim Brotherhood became this poison that spread throughout the Middle East, and on 9/11 it began to spread around the world.
    Saudi charities exposed
    Here’s how the Saudis finance these groups. The Saudis have established a group of charities on a street in Virginia. It’s 555 Grove Street, Herndon, Virginia.”
    “These charities fund Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hizballah, Al-Qa’ida. The Saudis are getting tax deductions for terrorism. They have set up front groups so all the terrorist groups in the US and the front groups get the Saudi money as a charitable donation.”
    In other words Americans make donations to these Saudi Charities & the money is used to finance terrorism.
    Saudi banks had one thing in common: they were bribing Osama bin Laden 300 million dollars a year to stay out of Saudi Arabia and go blow up someone else.
    Well, on 9/11 we found out we were someone else. The Saudis had to pay for their negligence.
    We have to end the evil in this world. We have to recognize that Al-Qa’ida simply didn’t spring up on its own. The evil route was Nazism. The Al-Qa’ida doctrine is the same as the Arab Nazis held. They hate Jews, they hate democracy and they hate Westerners for Western culture. Al-Qa’ida is nothing more than the religious expression of Arab fascism. We allowed this branch of the Nazi trunk to survive, to flourish, and it has come back to haunt us.

    The root of it all are the Nazi, they had as friends the Muslim Brotherhood & it is this same Muslim Brotherhood which now has as advisor to Obama in the White House & sitting as Secretaries for a few agencies such as Homeland Defense.
    Obama himself on numerous occasions has made speeches both in favor & defense of the Muslim Brotherhood. Valerie Jarrett has significant ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.
    Now you have a much better understanding of Jihadism & the association of the current elected US President with terrorism & his reluctance to label it for what it truly is & why he is the Manchurian Candidate.

    • What a pile of hor manure, you must have spent days reading the lunatic ravings of every right wing hate group out there. Or you have been listening to the likes of Beck, Huckabee and Limbaugh. Does your health insurance have unlimited coverage for mental problems you are going to need it.

  2. He is a spoiled brat demanding his way. This country be damned. Too bad he wasn’t raised with the class of someone like Netanyahu.

    • Wrong, Adolf Yahoo is the spoiled brat who will fight to the last dollar in the US treasury and the last US soldier. Then he will take his begging bowl to ANYONE else who will fill it. If he thinks tthe Chinese will do so then he is a bigger fool than is obvious to anyone with half a brain

  3. Don’t believe that no one in the WH will not listen to the speech ; At least Jarret will to tell Obama his next move. And Biden and Kerry will be glued to the TV from their hideouts . What an example Obama is to the teen’s of this country; Appalling.!

    • John McCain said it best, Barack Obama is a good and decent man and so is Joe Biden. As for John Kerry he has been a tireless and dedicated Sec State unlike the idiot that Bush Jr. appointed, remember Condo Rice, NO! Neither does anybody else

    • Have a fit about what? Netanyahu’s lobbying antics have backfired in his bloated face. When Boehner went to Israel the 2 did a press conference that lasted only 4 minutes and Boehner steered clear of mentioning deal. Netanyahu as a foreigner had no business spiting the POTUS and lobbying congress after bypassing protocol with his sidekick Boehner. What is so intelligent about Bibi? Winning elections by scaring people that ‘Arabs are voting in drove?” That is cowardly. He should have lost like a ‘man’ without injecting bigotry and fear mongering.

  4. This is just total BS. We have elected officials that are suppose to be representing the people of this country and because they don’t like that Prime Minister Netanyahu was invited to speak to Congress,,,our pResident, Vice President and Democrat members of Congress are boycotting his speech??? When is this government going to start acting like adults and not a bunch of kids not getting their way. Even if the Dems don’t agree with what he is saying,,,sit their butts down and listen to what he has to say. Maybe they’ll learn that Obama and Kerry are not the brightest bulbs in the bunch. But I have to agree they probably ALL will be listening to his speech in private somewhere.

    • Adolf Yahoo is the worst ALLY this nation or any other for that matter has ever had. With allies like him we need no enemies. This is a clear example of the ISRAELI lobby’s power in this country. We are a sovereign nation and yet our scumbag elected representatives invite a clear antagonist to address congress, who is running this country AIPAC. If Adolf Yahoo had even a trace of common sense ha would have declined the invite.
      AMERICAN taxpayer send billions of dollars to that God forsaken sand patch and what respect and gratitude do we get. Their chief warmonger comes here and insults us and our president. No other world leader would dream of participating in this disgusting circus.
      Except of course Putin and if it suited Boneheads twisted plans he would invite Putin.
      Do not confuse my statements with anti semitism, I have many Jewish friends who I admire greatly and they are ALL livid with Yahoo. It is ISRAELI that I vicerally dislike, they have no love for this country they just want our MONEY. Wake up America Israel is NO FRIEND of ours.

      • And how many billions of dollars do you think they send to all the other nations even Iran? I’m glad he came and spoke and just maybe you need to get your head our of the sand because what he said is the truth. The hell they don’t have love for this country. You need to get your facts together. And just to let you know…I STAND WITH ISRAEL. And you say your aren’t anti semitism….Like hell your not.

      • Israel needs to fights its own wars. Standing with Israel does not necessarily mean agreeing with Netanyahu’s aggressive approach to inject himself and try to sabotage a deal. He can have disagreement with Obama with coming off as a domineering f$#@

      • Thank you. And by the way people forget how Netanyahu has been fear mongering about this so called nuclear bomb since 1992 claiming Iran is either within weeks, months or 5 years of making a nuke bomb. Yes the world should be cautious about Iran enriching its nuclear stockpile but Netanyahu’s claims have been discredited over and over and people continue to believe him blindly. He goaded W. Bush to war with Iraq claiming there will be long lasting stability in the middle east and look at the aftermath. Not one Israeli soldier lost their lives but America paid the highest price with thousands of solders losing theirs. Netanyahu is unable to manipulate Obama at the same level he did Bush and he is pissed. And by the way Netanyahu hides under not wanting Iran to make a bomb but the real reason is that he wants the severe sanctions to stay in place (he fears they will be lifted after the deal is sealed) place. Why? Because an economically powerful Iran will have too much influence in the region and Bibi does not want that. Yes I believe sanctions should still be imposed to certain degree but at the same time it is better to use diplomacy that Netanyahu’s military option. He is looking to start another war in the middle east. It is time Israel fights its own wars. Netanyahu is very intelligent and a master manipulator but Obama can see through all that. Sad most Americans can’t see the ‘real Netanyahu who continues to tramp human rights and expand settlements despite please by the international community. To say the least. Netanyahu is very arrogant and American should not allow foreign leader to inject themselves in their foreign policy. Yes president disagree and Obama is not perfect but Netanyahu is too aggressive in his approach and disrespectful. Comes across as a domineering person who feel he is better than POTUS.

    • You are a moron. The issues is not boycotting the speech. The whole thing was done and set up to spite the president. Obama does not have to take Netanyahu’s crap. Anyways Netanyahu failed with his antic to lobby the congress behind Obama’s back. This is not a simple discourse like you are portraying it to be. Of course Boehner and Netanyahu think they are better than Obama and can go against US POLICY PROTOCOL OF INVITING FOREIGN NATIONALS/LEADERS. Obama does not owe Netanyahu anything. He has supported Israel since day one but if seems Netanyahu and his cohorts are ungrateful. And guess what? Israel will continue to be isolated by the international community with such leadership. The need a progressive leader and not an ultra right winger. As we speak, Netanyahu’s antics have failed and the deal will go on. As for watching the speech? I don’t think Obama cared what he had to say! He is a disrespectful warmonger and abuser of human rights. Enough said.

  5. My God—-the more I hear and see—I am becoming very concerned that Obama is the Antichrist. Seriously. We are a people with no more collective power than one small child to force change–not anymore.

  6. If it’s just a speech why does it matter so much that the President was busy playing golf and some Democrats in Congress had grass to watch grow. All seem more important than serving as props for Netanyahu’s campaign.

      • That is all you got? Your Organizer has a twisted ovary everytime the alpha male Netanyahu speaks. Don’t bother replying there is none!

      • Netanyahu is an alpha male? He is a domineering Zionist. Narrow minded people cannot understand Obama. He is too complicated for people like yourself. Netanyahu is nothing but a manipulative war monger and wants US to fight his battles. Netanyahu is a junior player to US presidency and He is not better than Obama by any stretch of Imagination. Or are you calling his alpha male because he passes for “White’? You sound like a self hating Jew. Shame on you!!

  7. So Bohner and Netanyahu diss obama by inviting him to speak to congress but yet you complain about obama not watching the speech?? Get outta here ALLEN…no wonder you are not in washington anymore!!

  8. Please.. If Netanyahu’s address was really about Israel’s security and the threat Iran presents, Mr. Boehner would have notified the White House of his intention to invite the Prime Minister to address Congress (the established protocol). He did not. Likewise, the Prime Minister could have notified the WH that he was invited to speak before the Congress. He did not. So, this address intentionally bypassed the WH and is an attempt to discredit the President and the current negotiations with Iran.

  9. Pretend “Guardians of the Republic” and “ugly shirt patriots” siding with a foreign leader at the expense of their commander in chief. I wonder what makes them any better then traitors like Snowden or Manning. And to see our “lawmakers” whoring themselves to serve as Netanyahu’s campaign props. Pretty sad. All Bibi has left to do is take a shirtless picture on horseback and the Bs artists will want him on a republican ticket.


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