They can’t get your guns yet, but ATF plans to ban rifle ammo

The Second Amendment of the United States of America reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

So you just have to ask, what about this amendment creates such furor and angst for progressive socialists? History has taught us that once a citizenry is disarmed, they go from being citizens to being subjects — far easier to be subjugated.

And in many nations where the government enacted mass murders and incarcerations, well, just ask yourself, did they have a Second Amendment for the people?

Here in America, there’s something about the simple words of the Second Amendment that doesn’t sit well with the leftists — could this be the last bastion of individualism? Could this be “the final solution” to the collectivist vision for America, leaving people to live in fear? Ask yourself, why is it that the U.S. Department of Agriculture needs a SWAT team? Why were armed agents used to conduct a raid operation at Gibson guitars over a type of wood being used?

Are we entering that dangerous point where central government intimidation supplants the rule of law?

There are the questions we must ask, especially as we read in the Dallas News via the NY Times, “President Barack Obama’s administration has proposed banning the manufacture and sale of one of the most popular bullets used in AR-15 semi-automatic rifles, a move that has enraged gun rights advocates and caused a run on the ammunition at gun shops across the country.”

“The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives this month said it planned to restrict the armor-piercing 5.56 mm “M855 green tip” rifle bullet because of new handguns that use the ammunition and pose a greater threat to the police. Previously the millions of inexpensive green-tip bullets sold each year were only for rifles typically used by target shooters and hunters.”

“With few exceptions, manufacturers will be unable to produce such armor piercing ammunition, importers will be unable to import such ammunition, and manufacturers and importers will be prohibited from selling or distributing the ammunition,” the ATF said in its proposed rule.”

This rule will be presented for comment by the American people for 30 days. Will our elected representatives have an opportunity to debate this “rule” and bring it to the floors of the legislative branch for vote? This represents just another backdoor manner to establish a precedent that will lead to more government ammunition restrictions. Has there been a case study or a rise in crimes involving this type of ammunition causing this concern? Have law enforcement agencies presented this issue to local, state, and federal elected officials for review?

“The proposal would allow people to use up the ammunition they have already purchased. Gun shops and firearms organizations on Thursday said there had been a rush to snap up cases of the ammunition since the National Rifle Association and other gun rights groups sent out urgent alerts to their members.”

“The White House made no announcement about the proposed ban on the ammunition, and offered no explanation for its muted approach on a highly charged political issue. White House officials offered no response Thursday to the charge from gun-rights activists that Obama was using the rules to enact gun restrictions, and referred questions about the details to the Justice Department. Patrick Rodenbush, a Justice Department spokesman, also declined to offer a detailed explanation for the proposed regulations, saying it would be “premature” since they are still open for public comments.”

So much for that concept of transparency. And who came up with this idea in the Obama White House in the first place? More fundamental transformation I suppose.

“They couldn’t ban modern sporting rifles, so it’s an attempt to ban the most common ammunition that’s used in those rifles,” said Lawrence Keane, the general counsel for the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the firearms industry trade association. Chris W. Cox, the executive director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, criticized Obama. “This latest action, while alarming, isn’t surprising as it is his latest action in a lifetime devoted to the dismantling of the Second Amendment,” Cox said.

This is simply part of the commitment made by President Obama when two years ago, he sought new gun control legislation in the wake of the horrific 2012 school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. But he failed to persuade members of Congress, including some Democrats, to ban assault weapons, pass tougher background checks or limit the capacity of high-capacity magazines for semi-automatic weapons.

So instead of tackling what was the nexus of the Newtown shootings — mental illness and availability to care facilities and access to weapons — it was seen as an opportunity to control guns.

But was this all a very well planned covert effort by the Obama administration?

Consider this, “In the wake of the legislative failure, the president pledged that it had only been “round one” in the gun control effort and repeatedly said he would do whatever he could as president to fight for more gun restrictions. “This effort is not over,” Obama said after the Senate blocked his gun control measures. The current proposal by the ATF to reclassify the rifle ammunition started more than three years ago, before the Newtown shootings, and included meetings with members of the firearms industry, advocacy groups and law enforcement officials. After the 30-day comment period expires March 13, the attorney general will have to make a final decision, officials said. The rule-making — submitted on a Friday before a three-day weekend — appeared to catch many in Washington off guard. Few members of Congress have mentioned it or released public statements about it. Gun violence groups that usually weigh in aggressively on such moves also were silent.”

Of course this is only “round one.” We already reported how this move by the ATF is only one side of the story. The EPA is working on how to ban lead ammunition in total.

The US Attorney General will have final decision. Well, we know that the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to confirm Loretta E. Lynch on Thursday — methinks their full Senate confirmation vote should be held up until we get a full disclosure on this new “rule.” Actually, the confirmation hearing should be reopened to have the Attorney General nominee appear and explain her understanding of this rule.

As Obama stated, “the effort is not over,” and I pray the new GOP House and Senate majority won’t roll over and cave here — a dangerous precedent could be established.


    • I wish I knew good place to move my family. America has had it! Unless we go to war against the government But we need the Military to run a coup against Teranny!

      • try Switzerland. no, i’m serious. great country. the only other place i could consider would be ISRAEL.

      • If you think a legally elected government should be overthrown by force and a military dictatorship should be installed, you don’t understand America

    • Excellent idea just go to Somalia and get absolute freedom with no government interference but take plent of guns and ammo you will need them. Oh remember that your health insurance won’t be any good there.
      Leave now we will not miss you.

      • Who said I wanted to go to somalia, moron? I said it ‘SOUNDS’ better everyday, and your opinion is worthless.

      • Fair reply Stan. After reading that and thinking for a moment, I won’t waste my time replying to the brit any longer. Clearly lacks respectful intelligence and spews garbage. My guess to simply attempt to get under our skin and agitate.

      • But in Somalia you have complete FREEDOM no rules, regulations or pesky laws to obey. The government does not exist, so they are not constantly watching you and telling what to do. In Somalia you can do exactly what you want, COMPLETE FREEDOM. I thought that was what you wanted, well isn’t it?
        Of course the down side of COMPLETE FREEDOM is that everybody else also has freedom, so if they take a dislike to you they may turn up at your house and fire an RPG at it. Don’t call the police because there aren’t any. But you do have COMPLETE FREEDOM.
        Go, enjoy yourself.
        By the way if you renounce your US citizenship it is gone forever, YOU CAN’T GET IT BACK

      • God, your comments are so ridiculous, lol. It really is true i guess if you are a leftist and you hang around leftists long enough, have leftist talk shows playing n your tv and radio all the time, you start to actually lose common sense, use critical theory and political correctness to describe everything in life and you live in black and white instead of the grey area. Sweeden actually sounded like a cool country until far leftists politics put mass immigration there, that was one of the best ways written to destroy a country and culture by the way. Invented by the one and only, Carl Marx, the marxist jew, who Obama follows many of his policies and teachings. I know your response will be something along the lines of “But, but, native Americans!!”…… I’m getting off track though, I said it sounds better everyday The last thing I want is my son to be taught by a spineless liberal who indoctrinates him and teaches him that they are right about everything and me teaching him conservative values makes me a racist homphobe/islamaphobe sexist pig. Yeah, Ill stick to putting him around people who are actually worth a f#@k.

    • Banning or registering those items were topics of discussion over the past 6 years. Mental illness has certainly affected Washington D.C. in the worst possible way.

      • Yes, Of course The mentally ill are running the Government.. Obama is a Damn Idiot. all he wants is freedom for his Muslim friends. I have never heard him say anything good about Christians, His Religion. yea Right!

      • So giving millions of Americans access to health care was a bad idea. I know Obamacare is bad and should be repealed, and replaced BY WHAT. The right wing loud mouths have absolutely no pland to fix our broken healt care system but they want to tear down any attempt to provide care by Obama. Remember, we taxpayers are paying for the politicians healt care. ARE’NNT WE.

      • Putting healthcare in the governments hand was just as stupid as putting the internet in the Governments hands. “If you like your internet, you can keep your internet.”

      • Stop getting all your news from fox and Limbaugh. They are just entertainment outlets not serious news.
        Contrary to those fairy tales that they tell, the GOVERNMENT does MANY things very well. The Social Security Admin works very well SS checks for millions of people arrive promptly every month. In contrast I have been trying to get a $120 rebate from Comcast for 3 months now without success. Medicare works very almost as good most National Healthcare System in the enlightened nations of the world.
        In contrast the U.S. Healthcare system is ranked around 46th out of about 60 nation by the World Health Org. All is not lost however in one category the U.S. Is way ahead and that is COST. The U.S. System costs about twice as much as any other National System but only covers about 60% of its citizens and of course it is system run by corporations.
        Ask any other advanced nation if they want to swap their Healthcare System for the U.S. system, they won’t stop laughing for a long time.
        Before writing an opinion on something you really should know what you are talking about

      • Social security is broke! Funds will not be there when I retire in 20 years. Actually, the funds are not really there now, just a bunch of IOU’s for the govt (and yes, I know what I’m talking about).
        And Medicare is for seniors, so I’ve got a lot of time before I experience that firsthand. But I have experienced Medicaid, not that great, but admittedly so, better than nothing. Is why I suggested that they put those uninsured on that. Experienced Medicaid that first hand in the 70’s after parents got divorced.
        And the US system is not covering 60% of its citizens. The vast majority have private healthcare insurance, but not for long given the “Obamacare” mandates that are to come.
        And I have spoken to two other co-workers, one form Canada, the other from Britain. Both feel out system is superior, one more so than the other. They both have firsthand experience with their country’s healthcare systems.

      • Ask those people from Britain and Canada if they have actually used the U.S. system and if so have they yet to be turned down for any one of the thousands of reasons that the insurance companies can come up with. I too have extensive knowledge of the British health system, let me give a couple of facts. If you lose your job in the US and lose your insurance you have NO coverage. In Britain your health care continues UNCHANGED if you lose your job. When you go to a doctor or hospital in Britain they ask you what is wrong. NOT do you have insurance or can you pay for the procedures.i Britain 99% of the population is covered, in the US approx. 30% of the population who have private health insurance cannot use it due to many reasons such deductibles that they cannot afford. These people have an insurance policy but it is effectively USELESS.
        read the WHO reort of world health care systems, the U.S. system is worse than almost every other country. I have had excellent care in this country because I and my wife have had excellent insurance but we are now in a minority. I have met whole families with NO COVERAGE who would love to be on a waiting list for treatment like thos people in Britain and Canada.
        When my wife and I retired we decided to bridge the gap until we qualified for Medicare with the COBRA provided by my wife’s employer JP Morgan Chase, that excellent insurance cost us $1,300 PER MONTH but we could afford it.
        Please tell how many families in this country can afford those premiums for good health care. Come on now, how many could afford it.
        You have NO IDEA what you are talking about.

      • First, let me clarify my original post regarding your comment about access to health care. Access to health and health care insurance are two separate subjects, albeit related. As much as you are sick of hearing the remark that you can go to any hospital, I am just as sick as hearing people stating that they don’t have access to health care when they really mean affordable health care insurance or free health care.

        You are absolutely correct that the insurance companies pass the costs of those who don’t pay, on to those that are insured. After all, the doctors, nurses, other staff and health care facilities simply cannot run on a negative balance sheet.

        To state that those without health insurance have no health care is false. While they may not get the same care as those that have “Cadillac” insurance plans as some have called them (or even a decent insurance plan), they do get care.

        And nice personal attack. “If you not know anything about the subject then you should shut up, you show a particularly large deficit on the subject so shut up.” Sorry, no can do. Well, I could, but I’m not going to because I do know about this subject to some degree. Fist hand with regards to having experienced different health insurance plans here, discussing with my neighbor who is an insurance agent, and with regards to the Canadian and Britain health care systems, second hand information, mind you, but directly from my Brit and Canadian friends.

        Now to your rant on this post…

        I did ask my friends regarding the health care from both of their respective countries. My friend from Canada wouldn’t think twice. Hands down prefers the health care here. My Brit friend however, stated he would stick with the Brith care, but only because he was not sure if his condition would have been taken care of when he was a child. I then asked him, all things being equal, given his parents background, had they been in the States and had similar jobs here that provide healthcare insurance suitable to their job positions, and with the information we have today with regards to health care coverage that employers provide, he then stated he would opt for our health care system.

        I am well aware that if you lose your job, you lose your health insurance unless you pay the COBRA benefits. I am also aware that in Britain, that your health care continues. The big difference is in Britain, the cost is built into your taxes. Not so here. It’s a completely different system and I give you the benefit of doubt that you know this.
        The benefit of having everyone covered, is that you can go anytime and not worry about paying for it. At the same time, typical procedures and surgeries are a much longer wait time. How else do you explain those that come to the US from Canada and Britain that do not wish to wait and are willing to pay for procedures and/or surgeries out of their own pocket? Everyone has health care, but as some would argue, it’s substandard. I would not call it that, but I would state it is an overall lower quality. Not to say that the system we had prior to Obamacare was perfect, mind you, as there are meds and procedures used in Canada and Britain that people from the US go there because the FDA has not approved them (enormous bureaucracy and a serious flaw in my opinion).

        “…in the US approx. 30% of the population who have private health insurance cannot use it
        due to many reasons such deductibles that they cannot afford. These people have an insurance policy but it is effectively USELESS.”
        Would you care to list other reasons besides the deductibles? And speaking of deductibles, have you seen the deductibles for the Bronze, Silver or Gold plans along with their monthly costs? Just like employer sponsored insurance, the lower the monthly cost of the insurance, the higher the deductible. Try starting at around $5,000. If one can barely afford the monthly premium, how do you expect one to meet the deductible?

        “read the WHO reort of world health care systems, the U.S. system is worse than almost every other country.” That organization started by the United Nations…one of, if not the most in the civilized world, corrupt organizations on this planet. I really don’t trust much of any information they put out. That is simply dismissed.

        ” I have met whole families with NO COVERAGE who would love to be on a waiting list for treatment like thos people in Britain and Canada.” If they truly could not afford a private insurance, would you agree with me that we should have at least been provided Medicaid? That is my stance for those that simply cannot afford private healthcare.

        “When my wife and I retired we decided to bridge the gap until we qualified for Medicare with the COBRA provided by my wife’s
        employer JP Morgan Chase, that excellent insurance cost us $1,300 PER MONTH but we could afford it.” That’s great that you are able to make the decision to afford that cost. You made a choice for you and your wife based on your desires. I presume you looked looked at your financial wealth, and based on what you have, were able to afford the luxury of early retirement. I’m happy for you. I think it’s great that you were able to do that well for yourself that you could afford that luxury. As for myself and I am sure many others, not sure if that will be an option we will have. That’s life. If I, or anyone else for that matter, want to be able to have that same choice when we get to your age, then we had better plan well ahead for that. Poor decisions, typically end with poor results.

        “Please tell how many families in this country can afford those premiums for good health care. Come on now, how many could afford it.”
        You want me to guess? Based on the actual unemployment number (not the %5.7 as that is false – the U6 is the far more accurate which was 11.3% for Jan 2015), I am going to say far less could afford that today than say 7 years ago.

        If you want me to guess how much of an annual income someone would need to afford that, it would have to be far more than what I make. I am one of those that would not be able to afford that cost today. I would just as soon do without and take my chances if I had to make a choice.

        Yet I and my family are doing OK with what I have. Nobody ever told me life was going to be fair, and plenty of times it is not. However, it is what we make of it. It is my belief, that we should be responsible for ourselves (and of course, we should take care of those who cannot take care of themselves).

        “You have NO IDEA what you are talking about.”

        Ah, but I believe I do. As it relates to the Britain and Canadian healthcare systems, as I stated, it is secondhand information in that I trust my friends that have firsthand experience of which I speak with to obtain information. Now if you want to suggest that either of them don’t know what they are talking about, that is another topic for discussion.

        I believe, based on your replies above, that you are of the opinion that the healthcare system in the US is inferior and the healthcare in Britain is far superior. Please correct me if I am wrong on that.

        The reality of course, is there are pros and cons of both systems, and plenty of flaws, in both. I will never admit that the system we have here is perfect, far from it. There are plenty of ways in which to improve it.

        And based on this discussion, I asked my Brit friend to choose a weekend to do just that – discuss the benefits and downfalls of each, and then logically choose which would be the better system to go with. And then offer possible solutions to the downfalls of each system.

        Until you can get everyone in the healthcare industry to do work simply for the benefit of mankind without wanting to accumulate personal wealth (that is a Utopia that we will never see), there will always be someone that won’t get the same healthcare as someone else.

      • Thank you for your intelligent and reasoned reply. I will admit that my post was controversial and angry because 99% of the replies I get are from people who know NOTHING and simply parroting the uninformed opinions of those who have ideological reasons for their objection NOTinformed opinions.
        I have lived in the US for 45 years, my own and my wife’s families live in England, I am 72 and my siblings are 10 and 13 years older.
        We maintain constant contact with our families and visit England at least ever 2 years. I think that I stated that my wife and I have had EXCELLENT health care in this country because of our employment. HOWEVER my son and daughter have had different experiences. My son wit a EEE degree was outsourced and now drives a school bus. He buys his own insurance at a cost of $400 per month until Obamacare which has saved him about $200 per month. Before Obama his insurance was a nightmare,, he had to read his policy very carefully to ensure he went to approved doctors and got approved drugs etc. etc. etc. my daughter is a school teacher in Williamson County TN the 17th wealthiest county in the country. Her insurance is an equal nightmare, she takes her daughter to a doctors appointment only to be turned down because he health insurance has not paid previous bills. One Sunday she had an emergency and called the insurance company to find out we’re she could go. She was directed to a clinic 20 miles away only find out it was CLOSED. FURTHER CALLS TO THE INSURANCE LED TO EVEN MORE CONFUSION. in the end we went to a local emergency room and eventually she got a $500 bill.
        This type of thing has happened on many occasions. What kind of a system is this?
        I had a problem and went to my fabulous doctor at Vanderbilt Med Center he recommended an MRI which was arranged for the same afternoon. He quipped that I would not get that kind of service in Canada. I agreed with him but pointed out that in Canada EVERY CITIZEN had access to such a service whereas here tens of millions of people have no chance to get am MRI. my doc mumbled something and studied his shoes, then he agreed with me.
        I know families that have been told they need MRIs but have NO ACCESS TO one.
        As for TAXES comment, yes health care is paid for from income taxes in the UK and Canada. SO WHAT, here we pay insurance premiums.
        When you add up all the taxes we pay in the US it is just as much as paid in the UK Aand Canada.
        The World Health Organization is a very well respected organization just because it exists under the aegis of the UN is NO reason to slander it.
        Their annual reports on world health systems are considered to be quite accurate and their conclusion that the U.S. system is by far the most expensive is unassailable.
        In conclusion go and find the PBS documentary produced several years ago in which 6 or 7 industrialized nations were visited and senior industry and government officials were interviewed. The health systems of the countries were compared to the US and as expected all countries provided very good health care to all their citizens except for the US. and the US SYSTEM WAS THE ONLY ONE BASED ON A MAKING A PROFIT AND WAS THEREFORE BY FAR THE MOST EXPENSIVE.
        I could go on and on, such as the myth that people from othe countries come here for health care. This is a MYTH dispelled recently by AARP who looked into it and debunked.
        The only people who come here for healthcare are the VERY WEALTHY.
        I would be happy to continue this discussion, I have much more I could say. My families in England moan about the NHS but NO ONE would go without it or opt for the US system

      • And I was fully expecting a personal attack form you. I must say I was surprised, certainly not disappointed, that it was not.

        Just to clarify, I did not slander the WHO, I simply stated that because the UN is so corrupt, I won’t give credit to anything they have created as they have significant influence. Same goes with the IPCC. As I have spent literally hundreds of hours researching their claims, I have come to the independent conclusion that they too are putting out false information (but that is a topic for a separate discussion). That only cements my position that any other organization associated with them, is equally distrustful. If indeed the WHO is a credible organization, I am dismissing them because of association, be it right or wrong. Although you have piqued my interest to investigate the WHO based on your statements. Something I will put on my to do list.

        May I ask how much trust you put into AARP? Are you aware that, crafted into the AHCA bill, are provisions that allow them to make billions? Just a simple question as to whether or not you were aware of the provisions (if you really want to know specifically what those are, that will take me time to go back into my research back to when the bill was being voted on). I have reservations regarding that insurance company for their influence in crafting that bill not so much “for the good of the people”, but their own self interest to increase their bottom line. I am not asking you to take my word for it, but do a little digging. I am sure you will find information that makes them suspiciously dubious. I did. Note that I am not totally condemning them, simply questioning and not fully trusting that insurance company.

        But that aside, standing back and looking both healthcare insurance systems, there are 2 choices as I see it.
        Mediocre health care for all, or fairly good health care for most but some get poor (I am sorry to hear that it appears your children have fallen into the latter). Either way, all of the people cannot get great health care insurance. There are going to be some that get poor, or none at all and others that get great coverage. That is a simple mater of fact at this time.

        If I could, I would just as soon give people the choice. You can pick one or the other, but choose wisely. For once you select one form of healthcare insurance, you do not get to jump ship to the other simply because it suits you better.

        With regards to the quality of healthcare (regardless of which system you prefer), I pose this question to you: How do you create an atmosphere that promotes the incentive to find/create ways to better treat people and in an efficient and timely manner?

        You and I could go on and on about the bad things of both systems. Why waste time with that, unless you truly feel a need to vent? Granted, we are human and sometimes that is exactly what we need.
        How about we concentrate on my question in the above paragraph? What ways do you think we can push for in order to create the environment I suggest?

        As I read your other posts, it appears as though you have allowed your emotions to reply. Back in the 90’s, one of my supervisors gave me some of the best advice I use on a regular basis (stemmed from me shutting down my assistant managers ideas because of my own personal feelings towards him). “There are times when you need to put your Mr. Spock hat on and set your personal emotions aside.” One thing that certainly did was to humble me when I discovered I was wrong on occasion, even more so to admit it. We are after all, human and fallible. You may be surprised how much less stress you have to deal with. Is one of the reasons why I simply won’t post without knowing what I am talking about, or stating where I am getting my information from, such as the second hand info from my friends with regards to other countries health care systems.
        I have to believe that if you are living the retired life, stress is something you can afford to do without.

      • Problem is liberals are so stupid, they automatically assume everyone who opposes their views watches Fox news. The left has so much faith in our Government that its kind of scary and actually there should be a concern for their mental health. I already know what I am talking about, you are reporting facts from one side of the equation because its obvious you cater to the left, because you are a hard leftist yourself. Funny how the left can get critical ‘theories’ mixed up with actual ‘facts’.

      • Well here is your chance to prove yourself, what actual facts have you used in your critiques I have yet to hear any. You see everything you have said is straight out of the fixed news play book. No wonder I assumed that you just watch FN. I have faith in the government when they do things well and as I have said they government does many things well. I have little faith in corporations as they have little or no reason to serve this country well. Only the efforts of the government and the dreaded media seem to stand by the rights of the common man. My mental health is fine I can see through all the garbage spouted by the likes of Ted Cruz, Huckabee, Mconell, Riley, Hannity and the king of garbage Limbaugh. I am a progressive and will support those who demonstrate a genuine concern for the American people and this great nation be they democrats or republicans.

      • He didn’t give millions of Americans access to health care. Everyone here already has that. Just go to any hospital and they will patch you up.
        And I don’t know about the right wing loud mouths, but the Repubics do have a plan. The MSM simply won’t put it out there. A little bit of research on your end and you can see the few plans they were offering in its place.
        In so far as lack of health insurance for those that don’t have any, why not simply add them to medicaid? Easiest thing that could have been done without mucking everything else.

        And yes, we are paying for the politicians health care…health care that the rest of us serfs will never be privy to.

      • You have a very strange view of what health care consists of. I am sick of hearing the silly remark that you can go to any hospital and be taken care of. The considerable cost of a hospital emergency room visit is simply added to the bills of all the paying patients. This simply raises the cost to the Insurance companies who in turn pass it on to all of us who have health insurance.
        All an emergency room visit accomplishes is a quick patch and the patient is sent on their way. Emergency rooms cannot provide the long term therapy and care that your doctor can provide and in any case the cost of emergency room visit is probihitive.
        No those without health insurance have NO HEALTH CARE.
        As I have said before if you not know anything about the subject then you should shut up, you show a particularly large deficit on the subject so shut up.

    • Good idea, ban cars and use your gun to drive to work every day.
      Obviously your tiny mind is incapable of distinguishing between devices that serve a good and necessary purpose but can be badly used. And devices that serve NO useful purpose whatsoever. If we ban cars because they are dangerous then you obviously agree that guns should be banned because they are LETHAL.

      • As is obvious to anyone with a half of a brain there are a lot of dumbasses around. So why provide them with the perfect weapon so they can demonstrate their stupidity and fire the gun to kill innocent people. Remember that unlike knives or machetes or even cars, guns have NO LEGIMATE USE EXCEPT TO KILL PEOPLE.

  1. I have a concealed weapons permit and multiple weapons. I do not have any armor piercing bullets. “Hunters and target shooters are the primary users of these bullets”? Come on, what is going on here? Law Enforcement has a reason to have these taken off the market. It will go through there vests.
    I think we need to pick our battles and hunters do not need armor piercing bullets. What a bunch of crap.

      • you would be. a subject from the beginning….and what is REALLY at stake here is FREE WILL and FREE CHOICE.

      • Not quite sure what you mean by that jumble of words, did you intend to put a period after be?
        But never mind that you are obviously challenged by the English language. I am a devout believer in free will and free choice but the followers of Mr. west are NOT. You see Mr. west is the worst kind of hypocrite who would give us free speech and free choice ONLY if it complied with his views. Don’t ever disagree with him because he would be a very bad enemy to have, just agree with all his lunatic ravings and he will love you forever.
        If you want free speech and choices stay away from this guy.

  2. We are moving rapidly toward dictatorship, and the hubris of American politicians makes me sick to my stomach. I want Allen B. West for President.

    • Allen West is a dangerous and deluded thug who would impose his own brand of dictatorship if he ever got the chance, his brand of dictatorship woul give ordinary citizens NO freedoms whatsoever.

      • Ah the truth always hurts when you are forced to acknowledge it. Tell Mr. west to take his vile fascist views elsewhere.

      • This is his website, are you that much of an idiot? lol. Ill be damned anyone opposes liberals as they seem to think they have the answers to our universe as a whole and the meaning of life. Just shows why college professors are book smart but have no common sense.

      • Just because Mr. west has a website that does not mean he has the brains to actually have a rational thought or a common sense idea. Every time he opens his mouth he screams “look at me I’m an idiot and I can shout louder than anyone else”.
        How can you listen to this pompous prig, yes that is PRIG not what you think it was.

      • It is you that doesn’t have an ounce of rational thought. Like I said, anyone who opposes a progressives idea always gets demonized by other progressives. The guy is more articulate and has more common sense than any liberal i know its just that he opposes their ideas, and they cant have that.

      • I have seen Mr. west in many interviews and the underlying message from this man is one of cold dangerous rage. He screams invective and threats, he insults anyone who does not fall in line with his outrageous views. Mark my words do not cross this man he is dangerous.

      • Outrageous views, oh you mean like fat f#@! Ed Schultz who spiews vile hate at anyone who disagrees with his liberal beliefs? Holdren, the science advsior to the white house who wrote a pro genocide book in the 80s who was hand picked by Obama? Holder who was part of the new commie black panther party for years? Obama who uses Austrailia as a good example of being pro gun control, when yet, there was more murderers and crime AFTER they passed the gun control law in Austrailia that took all of its citizens guns (with the citizens own taxpayer money, and destroyed their guns with it.) Sorry, your party is the outrageous party on this one, Obama is a dangerous man….

      • Ed Shultz spews vile hate, wow and I thought he was a calm reasonable man who got angry at those who seek to destroy this great country and its people. He fights for the common people those who try to make a life while fighting for decent pay and decent working conditions. I felt Eds sorrow when he described how his mother spent many lonely night grading papers and preparing lessons for her students. This is EXACTLY what my daughter does, she is at school 3 nights a week until 9 or 10 o’clock grading paper and preparing lessons. What does she earn for this work and RESPONSIBILITY, a very meager salary. She earned her masters degree while working full time looking after a 5 year old and carrying our grandson.
        Yes I admire good and decent people like Ed Shultz for show their contempt for those who want to shirk their responsibilities and work only for the masters the 1%, while lying through their teeth about how they care about the American middle and working classes.
        Right on Ed the hardworking people of this country are behind you

      • lol, O’Reilly is a moron but so is everyone on MSNBC. Our president takes life advice from Sharpton, but it definitely goes to show how much of a moron he is. Or maybe he is actually very smart and pretends to bean idiot. Much like his comments a few days ago, what was it again? “Its easier to buy guns, than books and vegetables.” Pretty sure only morons say things like that, lol. Or maybe its a desperate attempt to push an agenda, it wouldnt be the first time and it wouldnt be the last.

      • You are an ignorant person an’t you. By we I assume that you mean George W. And his merry men, well that is not quite true. It was the intervention of a large French naval fleet that saved your sorry asses. Yes the French. Without French assistance Mr. W would have gone down to a very nasty defeat.
        The American people should be eternally grateful to the French nation for handing them this country on a plate. Yet the Americans take great delight in insulting France whenever it suits them, remember Freedom Fries.
        Now to be fair the French did not help because they loved America, oh no they intervened because at the time Britain and France were deadly enemies and they would have done anything to, thwart the plans of the British.
        But America was smart enough to realize that they continued to build this country as a model of Britain, yes a model of Britain. America retained the English language and adopted ENGLISH common law as the basis for it judicial system. Even the American government adopted many of the rules and laws of Britain. They realized that Britain was a far better model than France and they were right

      • They were very smart to accept the help of the French, what really gets me is that we NEVER acknowledge it. When have you heard a politician make a speech on the 4th of July thanking the French for their aid in winning the revolutionary war. When has a politician said “without French help it would have been impossible to win the revolutionary war”. NEVER.
        I have had this conversation many times and received stunned responses and flat out denials until a little research is carried out and then I get very sheepish apologies.

    • Allen west knows that he wouldn’t get close to the republican nomination. Ask yourself why he hasn’t ran for any public office since losing??

    • You must be joking, Mr. west would be the most repressive dictator in history. He only believes in freedom of speech if every word spoken completely agreed with him.
      Freedom is where anyone is free to express their opinions without fear of retribution, I wouldn’t trust Mr West any farther than I could throw a machine gun.

      • Ok, what is wrong with you? During the Obama presidency:
        The stock market has gone through the roof.
        Unemployment is at a far lower level than under Bush.
        The deficit has been CUT by over 50%
        Millions of American citizens have access to Health Care Insurance for the first time ever.
        Our largest industry has recovered from oblivion and is now thriving, if you don’t which one it is the car industry.
        The economy is growing not contracting as it was under Bush Cheney.
        Obama sounds like a Republican.
        What the hell is your problem?
        Oh I know all these successes are attributable to the Republican do nothing just NO NO NO congress.
        Are you deaf and dumb as well as blind?

      • Hey dick likker, how does Obama effect the stock market? And in Obama’s expanded welfare state, how many people can afford to be in it?

        $7,000,000,000,000 has been added to the debt since your messiah took over.

        30,000,000 Americans are still left uninsured by Obama as was planned.

        Bull crap! There were two American auto companies in trouble, two. Not the while industry.

        Obama has been doling out contracts per crony capitalism for six years. He makes Cheney look like a convenience store owner by comparison. Solyndra anyone?

        Your @pe POS POTUS says he has a pen and a phone and does not need the GOP. So?

        Does your mental malignancy flourish as a result of you getting syphilis from some guy in the John? Looks like it might have been Brenda that infected you. You two [email protected] should go and get tested.

      • I don’t if presidents affect the stock market but I do know that if the stock market had gone down Mr. west and his zealots would be screaming for Obamas head even louder. If you had a shred of integrity and sense you would know that between 2 and 3 Billion of the debt run up by Obama was the cost of the Iraq war run up my Bush and Dickhead Cheney. The tried to hide the money like the cowards and crooks that they are. Obama transferred the money to the national debt where it should gave been all along. You would not find that out from a scumbag like West because it would not serve his purpose. As for the stock market, U until George and Dickhead headed for the hills it headed for negative terrorist you. When Obama took over it turned around and headed up. The bailout of the auto industry saved millions of jobs and billions in pension funds. Brain dead idiots like you would have been selling pencils on the street corner.
        As for the 30,000,000 still left uninsured, you are correct, Obamacare is far from perfect. However it was all that was possible any better plan would have been buried by guess who? the GOP.
        OBAMACARE WAS BETTER THAN NOTHING AND 10 million more have insurance than without Obamacare.
        Ever common sense move by this president has been crucified including trying to rebuild the roads and the nationally infrastructure. For heavens sake the GOP will not even fix the roads.
        Now do you get it.

      • Then don’t bring up the stock market as Obama’s success.

        How much have the wars cost since Obama came in? Try $460,000,000,000. Not 2,3 trillion. Check your integrity……

        Hey clown. If Obama is not responsible for the markets then neither was the former POTUS. Take you meds for you BDS kid. Oh and when Obama took over the market went to hell then came back up. DOW was 8000 when he was sworn in and fell to 6600 by March.

        LOL you Obama pole smoker! Obama PROMISED to insure everyone. The scum POS POTUS lied and left as many uninsured as before! So how the hell is the ACA ‘better’ than before? You dumb sheep.

        Rebuild roads? That’s Obama’s best shot you stupid sac of pus? Three month construction projects? Libtards are easily impressed morons.

      • Hey Candy Andy,

        let’s see:

        “Hey clown. If Obama is not responsible for the markets then neither was the former POTUS. Take you meds for you BDS kid. Oh and when Obama took over the market went to hell then came back up. DOW was 8000 when he was sworn in and fell to 6600 by March”

        And now it closed at 17856 after closing down 278 point while the Nasdaq hit a record high.

        Stupid and homo?
        I’m starting to feel embarrassed for you!

      • Yes Candy Andy,
        Let me E X P L A I N I T T O S L O W L Y:
        Y o u r a n I g n o r a n t C l u l e s s M o r o n !

        Your moral, intellectual and genetic superior.

      • Candy Andy,
        since you’er not man enough to verbalize your thoughts, I shall not waste my time with your ill fated attempts for platitudes with you-tube.

      • You’re not verbalizing anything Bobby. You’re spitting and sputtering the same crap over and over again like a retarded kid throwing a fit. Have your mommy empty your drool bucket, give you your daily meds, then you can go back to your corner and play with your own feces.

      • Candy Andy,

        “You’re spitting and sputtering the same crap over and over again like a retarded kid throwing a fit”

        You’re living proof of why women should not drink and smoke crack when they are pregnant.

        Craw back under your rock ya little troll!

      • [[ You’re living proof of why women should not drink and smoke crack when they are pregnant. ]]

        Sounds just like someone who’s been there.

      • You’re correct Candy Andy,, I’ve been watching you for several days now and you are living proof!

      • No Candy Andy-I’m a heterosexual, that means that I like girls as opposed to you-who really like boys, but won’t admit it.

      • As I said, you lack imagination, therefore you have to try and pull poorly crafted lies out of your A$$ Candy-Andy.

      • No, I would never move in on your wanker turf if I was a frustrated little homo like you Candy-Andy, the short bus boy.

      • That’s OK Candy Andy, we understand that wrestle with your overwhelming appetite for wankers from the other special boys on the short bus.

        Did your IQ come test just below or just above the idiot level?

      • The difference between you and me Candy-Andy is; If I were gay, I would admit it and embrace it, where you are in denial and stupid.

        We won’t hate you because you’re gay Candy-Andy, we will continue to make fun of you because you’re the used contents of a douche bag.

        Craw back under your rock Short Bus Boy!

      • I heard the short-bus driver said that you nibble on his wanker like a rat does cheese Candy A$$ Andy.

      • [[ nibble on his wanker like a rat does cheese ]]

        I’ll pass. You go ahead without me though. Enjoy.

      • You were beat down on the first post short bus boy, accept it and craw back under your rock or continue, your lack of dignity is amusing.

      • Do you have any imagination at all Short Bus Boy? you’re like a broken beat down record-craw back under your rock !

      • [[ Do you have any imagination…… craw back under your rock ]]

        Says the ‘imaginative’ pedo for the 50th time.

      • If you can read and understand, I said that Obamacare is far from perfect any attempt to produce a real comprehensive health care bill would have had NO CHANCE of passing. The current OBAMACARE bill is a compromise because the GOP WOULD HAVE DEFEATED ANYTHING MORE COMPREHENSIVE.
        Now for the real hypocrisy, if you read the crap that Mr. west wrote about The Sandy Hook massacre, he screams about the Presidents attempt to pass rational gun control legislation saying that the real problem is “mental health” . Yes MENTAL HEALTH, mr. west actually uses the word HEALTH. So why doesn’t he start pushing the right wing to make mental health care for the nation a top priority.
        One side of his mouth says mental health is THE problem and the other side says NO NO NO to any attempt to make such help available.
        Yes the president promised insurance for everyone but the right wing said “over our dead bodies” how do you deal with people in congress who so obviously have a mental health problem.
        The Dow was at 6600 2 months after the president was sworn in. How convenient for you to ignore that the Dow is NOW hovering around 18000 after 6 years of the Obama administration.
        As for the cost of the wars, are you talking about the wars started by Bush and Dickhead?
        If so how in the name of sanity can you blame Obama for their costs. If Obama had unilaterally terminated all military action and withdrawn the troops the right wing would have screamed TREASON. WhenObama came into office Bush and Dickhead had run for the hills, the nation was falling of the fiscal cliff and he had TWO wars to contend with. The entire mess was caused by a Republican controlled congress. Did the Republicans try to HELP, hell no they threw bricks at him at every turn and are still doing so.
        People like you are actually blaming him for the catastrophe caused by Bush and Dickhead.
        Please tell us all in detail what Obama should have done when he came into office.
        Come on stop the insults and tell us what he should have done, I can’t wait to hear your response.

      • Obamacare leaves 30,000,000 uninsured just as when there was before. And it has cost families more money in many cases than before. So what’s the point? And stop blubbering that Obamacare was a ‘compromise’.Be a good little libtard and check the vote. The GOP didn’t have enough members to stop it. Own it!

        I told you where the DOW was at it’s lowest under Obama. You were ignorant of it. So tell me how Obama drive the DOW higher. This outta be a laugh.

        Quit spitting and sputtering about the costs of the wars. You lied and I corrected you. Your boy wanted out of Iraq so bad, he didn’t care about the aftermath of ‘jay-vee’ ISIS. So don’t blame the GOP because Obama is a punk.

        Your gutless POS POTUS cut and run in Iraq, drove up unemployment, added more welfare recipients, reduced wages and working hours, lied about the ACA, killed Americans in Benghazi, killed Americans via fast and furious, oversaw an IRS scandal, conducted racist investigations against whites, and here comes your slimy and ignorant ass to defend him. Now go pull his pud punk.

      • I don’t know where to start, the Dow was at its lowest under Obama. Yes 2 months after he took office, then it turned around and headed UP. Why did it go up? because we had got rid of Bush and Dickhead.
        You would love everyone to FORGET that Bush and Dickhead poured countless TRILLIONS down the drain then like the yellow belly cowards they are THEY RAN FOR THE HILLS.
        Obamacare WAS a compromise, the right wing zealots would have filibustered anything more to death, they did not need votes they had the filibuster, ever hear of it.
        Obamacare has cost families more, so are trying to say that before Obamacare came about health care insurance premiums WERE GOING DOWN. Everyone except you knows that health care premiums were rising out of sight, what planet do you live on.
        Unemployment has not gone up it has gone DOWN. The recent labour dept. report shows that clearly. You got to stop letting the lumberer do your thinking for you.
        Now I have corrected all your lies let’s see what you said about my last challenge, you know I asked you to tell us all what obama should have done and exactly what IS THE GOP PLAN. I have asked Marsha Blackburn repeatedly for the GOP health plan, no answer. How about the GOP plan for raising the wages for the working and middle class, no answer. How about the plan to fix our crumbling infrastructure, no answer.
        Come on, what is the GOP PLAN.
        What should Obama have done, apart that is from caving in to the insane demands of the GOP.
        Why are you so shy? Here is your chance ,
        stop the insults and be serious.
        I can’t wait to hear your reply.

      • The DOW goes up or down independent of who is in office,.Or are you saying Obama is for the wealthy. DOW higher, wages and hours lower, less take home pay, more people on govt aid. Is that what you are telling me?

        Did you forget that the dems voted for the wars also as well as the funding? And Obama extended them after saying he would end them. He also cut and ran and up popped ISIS. How about that $7,000,000,000,000 in debt you boy added?

        Stop sobbing about Obama’s ACA left nut by blaming the GOP. There was no compromise or filibuster pu$$y. The vote was 60-39 to halt debate. Stop crying like a scalded cat and own it kid.

        Soto recap, Obama has created poorer people with less money and more welfare and has enriched the top 1%. He has added $7,000,000,000,000 to the debt and screwed families over with his ACA lies anD govt takeover of HC.

      • READ what I wrote, I said that IF Mr. west ever became PRESIDENT OR DICTATOR he would be a tyrant and come down hard on those who dared to oppose him.
        Thank heavens he will never become either.
        In future don’t write such ridiculous statements, read before writing, failure to note the obvious is a sure sign of inbred delusions.

      • [[ read before writing, failure to note the obvious is a sure sign of inbred delusions.]]

        Says the son of a crack horr who hallucinates what West would do as POTUS. So again, since West hasn’t stopped your psychotic rants here, what makes you imagine what he would be like you mongoloid idiot,

  3. Col West is pointing out the bigger picture here. If people do not think to look past what obama and DC is saying, they are more likely to be led over a cliff like lemmings.

    • Lemmings, that was the word is was trying to remember, the GOP the party of the lemmings. Let’s shut down the country and suspend our security apparatus just because their self control button has stopped working. Not to mention their 24 hr hissy fits, their mothers need to come an spank them and send them to bed without their suppers for acting like spoiled brats who just can’t have their own ways.

      • More stupidity from the libtard. No essential services would have been affected. Get educated clown. And Reagan faced 7 govt shutdowns by dems in the 1980’s. Stop crying.

      • I almost forgot, my memory is getting as bad as the right wing zealots. Under Ronald Reagan the financial rules which governed the S&L industry were relaxed, so that unscrupulous people could set up an S&L with very little personal investment or risk. Many S&Ls lmade huge very unwise loans and started going broke. Now if course all their loans were government backed, meaning that the taxpayer would bare the costs incurred. This little fiasco cost you and me untold Billions of dollars which were of course ALL BORROWED many of the responsible criminals got away scot free. Read the exploits of Neil Bush, George Bush sr. son and the Silverado S&L Neil was up to his eyeballs in fraud and got away completely. I wonder why.
        Don’t tell me that Democrats just throw money at things, they aren’t in the same league as the Republicans.

      • The S&L’s failed because of high risk loans that were covered by the FSLIC you inbred. Now the FDIC is feeling the pinch too. If you;re an unscrupulous lending institution and you know the govt will bail you out if you fail, you’ll take stupid risks with other people’s money. Now since you seem so friggin’ concerned about massive financial failures, try to deny that Fannie/Freddie, the CRA, and Clinton’s repeal of Glass-Steigal didn’t screw the housing industry in ’07 and cause the recession. No doc loans, NO JOB LOANS, all thanks to Carter’s CRA and Clinton reinforcing it.

        Here ya go stupid. ‘Right wing zealots’ warning Barney Fag about F/F………..

      • You are correct the FSLIC got stuck with all the bad loans, BUT that was because all the rules and regulations had been removed that enabled unscrupulous people to make the bad loans in the first place.
        But you do not mention that in your reply you just blame Clinton and Carter. It was Saint Ronald who cause the S&L meltdown.
        As for Carters CRA, what the hell did that have to do with anything.
        So you have to resort to insult, well I understand that you are out of your depth so let’s start calling everybody a fag. By the way did you know that Dickhead Cheney’s daughter is a female fag? I believe they call them lesbians and both the GOP and the Lea party probably have just as many FAGS as any other organization.
        Now has it occurred to you that under George Bush the Republicans had control of congress and could easily have CORRECTED all the problems that you cited for the cause of the financial meltdown. But they did NOTHING.
        They could also have FIXED the immigration problem but they did NOTHING.
        They could have fixed health care but they did NOTHING.
        The Republicans are very good at tearing things down but they have no plans of their own to do ANYTHING.
        My congressman is Marsha Blackburn and I have made numerous calls to her office asking to seethe Republican plan to fix health care but THEY HAVE NO PLANS AT ALL.
        As we have seen since the last election they still have NO PLANS and it doesn’t seem as if they will ever have any plans for anything.
        That is why they are called the party of NO.

      • Hey stooopid. There was one, ONE law that was introduced when Reagan was POTUS that affected the FSLIC. The Garn–St. Germain Depository Institutions Act of 1982. And all that did was allow for adjustable mortgage rates. So make sense kid and tell the class what you’re chirping about.

        How the CRA created the housing bubble.

        And screw you about insults. You came here with your mouth full of them.

        You hate gays too? Typical lib.

        How would the GOP have corrected the CRA? Tell me what the libtards did besides attack McCain for bringing up the problems with Fannie/Freddie? Do you slimy libs ever own your many failures?

        ACA has left as many uninsured now as when it started. Now you know why the GOP said NO to this crap. Your POS POTUS LIED to get it passed and here we are. 30,000,000 left uninsured, no $2500 savings per year, no getting to keep your own doctor. What a scumbag.

      • If you think that CRA caused the housing loan scandals of the Bush era then you are truly deluded and in severe denial

      • GW and McCain told Barney Frank about the Fannie/Freddie issues

        leftard. One more time arse hole…………….

        How the CRA created the housing bubble.

        Your libtard POS pal Dodd made big money Countrywide………

        Former Countrywide Financial loan officer Robert Feinberg says Mr. Dodd knowingly saved thousands of dollars on his refinancing of two properties in 2003 as part of a special program the California mortgage company had for the influential. He also says he has internal company documents that prove Mr. Dodd knew he was getting preferential treatment as a friend of Angelo Mozilo, Countrywide’s then-CEO.

    • Let me remember was he the President who gave blanket amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.
      He must have been a DEMOCRAT, no no he was a REPUBLICAN. Now how could that happen?
      At the same time he doubled the national debt, did you get that, RONALD REAGAN DOUBLED THE NATIONAL DEBT.
      Do you know what Jimmy Carters last deficit was?? It about $35B. Ron Reagan blew that out of the water.

  4. Let the Law Suits Begin! Americans should Bury Obama and his pure evil America hating thugs in Law Suits for the rest of their pathetic America hating Lives!

    • I agree, as long as we can jail the Bush administration for lying to the nation over WMD and committing us to the catastrophe that was the second gulf war.
      Maybe all the billionaires who made out like bandits from that war can cough up a few billion to help out.

      • The same branch of the military that VP Dickhead Cheney served in, during the Vietnam war Dickhead got 5 Deferrments and said I qote “I had better things to do than go to Vietnam”. Where was Mitt Romney or his sons when the military needed men. I was far too old for the Gulf war, so why pick on me, you need to find out where our leaders where. By the way John Kerry served 2 tours in Vietnam and was decorated but a group of George Bush supporters slandered John Kerry and said “he was unfit” but George Bush and Dickhead WHERE FIT?
        You need to go after those responsible NOT ME.

      • Which one are you brit.-femm,atheist,wiccan, racially motivated. Come on you have some kind of issue….come on you can lie to us but not yourself. It’s apparent so ask yourself how I know this truth. It’s O.K. to be different to me I don’t hate you but it seems to make you hate the world. Quit projecting and look within. If you can learn to love yourself you can quit lashing out unrealistically at others. The world doesn’t hate you so for the sake of your own happiness quit hating yourself…..I’m not a fan of the phrase because some may take it bad and I don’t want that because I love everyone but they say “self-hating Jew” have you heard that? A person can be a self-hating anything….but hate just begets hate.

      • You are very sick aren’t you, I tell you some truths and you attack me with an alphabet soup of scary names. Am I a Wiccan, wow I wonder what that is?
        Atheist, yes a proud one, I am not be holding to childish fairy tale characters who create universes and walk on water, you are obviously terrified by them that why you live under a rock.
        I know it is difficult to learn that your gods and human heroes are in fact just figments of your limited imagination. Try waking up tell yourself that you will determine the path of your own salvation not Mickey Mouse or the Easter Bunny.
        Now stop calling everyone who disagrees with you nasty names.
        Have a nice day.

      • You believe the universe always existed and the planets, stars and life all just happened? Take a glob of the periodic table, sling it into space, and it turns into trees, people, everything. We sure are lucky to have light, heat, air, water, the ozone layer, the van Allen belt, gravity, and plants needing carbon dioxide and animals needing oxygen, (What the evolution faery had them split into two groups because it knew the world would run out of one or the other some day?) These and a thousand more, all just at the right amounts and timing or back to the very drawing board and start all over the whole thing fails…. But you can’t believe in God. Your child likes. I will admit that you’re the first to concede you are from a special interest group and have a reason for your motivated reasoning. So, are your parents athiest or Catholic? S.M.F.

      • No my parents are dead, better people never walked on this earth, they both had the typical British attitude toward religion namely tolerant contempt.
        You believe that some power designed the mind boggling complexity of the universe, yet this same power speaks and understands English. It also listens to the beatings of mindless, brainless creatures who beg the power to help their favorite football team to win the Super Bowl. You also believe that this power watches over your life and directs your actions, it can also advise you on all aspects of life including finance, love, career, health etc. you also believe that constant repetition of mindless mutterings called prayers will get the attention of this power to intervene on your behalf. You also constantly profess unending love, devotion fealty and blind belief to this power and this will get you to the head of the queue for this power to notice you and take action on your behalf.
        You are, my friend, living in a state of complete delusion

      • I don’t blindly belive nor do I think a God rules my destiny,it’s in my hands. I don’t think he controls everthing as aplayer of pawns. I’m sorry about your parents and that I brought them in on this that was childish of me. I should have edited it out. As for the English, if you created all I suppose you would be able to speak all languages, but I understand what you mean. I guess the best I can say is I wish you and all people well and I hope I’m right about God. If your right life’ almost over now, but if I’m right we’ve only begun. If nothing else it’s a beautiful dream. Motivated reasoning on my part? I don’t think it is,

      • Look out for a great new bumper sticker it says “Nothing fails like prayer” the sad part is that all those good compassionate Christians will probably do damage to the cars of those of us who are just exercising our constitutional right of FREE SPEECH.
        Remember atheists have the same RIGHTS as those who live in delusion

      • Inalienable rights are given by the creator, if your rights are granted by man they can be taken by man so they are only the illusion of rights. You do have rights and I would stand for you if anyone tries to take them. I love you. Why else would I debate. Trustin this “I may be delusional, but I do truly belive what I’m saying.”

      • You are using facts not in evidence, you ASSUME that there is a creator. There is not a creator at least not in your childlike view of things. If there is a higher power then that power is GRAVITY. Without it the universe would be a soup of sub atomic particle without form or reason.
        Gravity is the father of us all, but you can pray to gravity from now until the cows come home and you will get no response. The only hope we have for understanding the universe is in science, a Latin word meaning knowledge. If you prefer to believe in the fairy tales spouted from the mouths of preachers then so be it. It’s your funeral, science can explain a great deal, fairy tales explain nothing.
        Be happy in your delusions but keep your religion out OT my life. Think about this, if you have a heart attack would you want those holy rollers to pray to your God to save you or do you want to be transported to an emergency room where medical science can possibly help you. Here us my advice, dump the prayer it never works.

      • Some may say we are both locked in our positions. In my mind, if you are right then that means my family and friends are all unscientific buffoons that wasted time believing in silly fairy tales and when I die it’s just nothingness and I want to believe I will live on see all my loved ones again in a paradise type setting. In your mind, if I’m right, then your parents and friends were mindless programed wicked people who will awake to shame and punished forever and nothingness would be better. So we both have ample reason to believe what we believe, based on them and what they believed. Motivated reasoning gives us both a cause to data-mine and cherry pick choosing what we will or won’t believe before either one of us was old enough to weigh the facts in a logical manner. I’m sorry if you feel like I put myself in your life I don’t know you and when people are posting it’s not really to a person but to be heard in a forum. I wish you happiness and good health. I doubt if we differ in most things as we are alike in many more and everyone is entitled to their opinion. I like science, I just interput the conclusion differently. Biased by my background? Sure, aren’t we all? BTW- I’ve read some of your post on the Economy, Bush, Obamacare all that jazz and I wouldn’t want to challenge you on those issues. I think you’re pretty dead on with your politics.

      • SO, you are saying that I am a scientific buffoon, the difference is that I use science as a guide to determine what is right or wrong while you use unscientific myth, fairy tales and blind acceptance.
        The term unscientific is used universally to mean that what your are about to say is UNRELIABLE, based not on accepted and proven facts but on belief which in itself means that there is no basis whatsoever for your statements.
        The term scientific means quite the opposite it means that my statements are based on verifiable facts, research and stand up to rigorous testing and make sense based on our life experiences.
        If you choose to go the unscientific path then good luck.
        We all want to see our loved ones again but just because we want something does make it so. And contrary to you remark about mindless programmed wicked people it is YOU who is programmed and mindless because you choose to believe things taught to you by other mindless programmed people.
        Religious zealots start out with their minds made up, science teaches us to start with a clear mind and no preconceived notions. Science says that we should believe nothing unless it can be proved by rigorous testing with results that are repeatable. A single failure in this system demands that the theory or law be abandoned and research begin again.
        Religion go it wrong from the outset and against all common sense and sanity refuses to acknowledge the error. Whole libraries of religious books have been published with excuse after excuse instead of research knowledge and truth.
        Science ALWAYS wins.

      • BTW as to your remark about cherry picking, that is exclusively the methods of religion. In science cherry picking is condemned outright, all serious scientific research is subject to public review by other scientists any attempt to ignore inconvenient facts are thoroughly examined. Scientists disagree all the time but they cannot ignore research that contradicts there results. When science gets it wrong then science admits it publicly. Religious ignoramuses jump on situations like this and say “see science got it wrong”. What they do nor realize is that admitting errors is sciences greatest strength, religious treatises NEVER admit their gross mistakes and therefore can never find the truth, they simply stumble on in darkness and ignorance.

    • Exactly how has Obama been evil and how has he hated America. Be specific, just screaming “Obama hates America” marks you as one of the brain dead Flea Party tribe.
      Are you getting Obama mixed up with Cruz, you know the Canadian who wants to be president. Now he really does hate America, he wants to abolish a health care system that has given 11 million Americans much needed health care and guess what this guy Cruz is so hateful and dumb he never mentions how he will replace the ACA. he just wants to implement his version of health care known as “if you get sick die quickly”.
      Cruz is such a hypocrite that he and his wife are going to use the health insurance markets set up under OBAMACARE to get insurance for him and his family.
      Now exactly how does Obama hate America, if those 2 cells that comprise your brain can read please answer my question.
      Oh I missed the “pure evil” line, now you ARE confused you are surely talking about Adolf Yahoo the PM of Israel. Now it makes sense.

  5. Wow who rattled your cage? Here we go again the the lunatic right wing morons screaming from the rooftops. Note how they NEVER have any answers to ANY of the problems we face, they just try to destroy anyone who is trying to do anything to fix the mess. No wonder they are known as the party of NO or should that be the party of NO BRAINS.

    • Settle down libtard. The left’s answer to any problem is either throw more money at it or play kick the can. And if neither of those failures work, use race, class and gender. So tell us lib-scum, what has Obama done in 6 years?

      • Throw money at it well that is a novel solution, of course the repubmorons have never thought of that gave they. When GB realized that Dickhead Cheney had lied to him over WMD and the Iraq war although technically won, was a disaster he threw more money down the drain than even the GOPs sewer pit could handle.
        So what did dickhead do to hide it, he had $2 Trillion of Iraq war costs reclassified as a special assessment so that it would not appear on the books as yet another gigantic deficit. Oh we still owed the money to our debtors but it did not show up on the nations list of debts.
        Obama being an honest man rectified that bald face lie and added the Iraq war costs to the national debt where is should have been all along, even though it made him look as if he had spent the money.
        Much of the money Obama spent to bail us out of the Bush Cheney catastrophe saved such industries as the U.S. car industry as well as millions of jobs and trillions of pension dollars.
        Without his efforts millions of American citizens would now be living in tent camps being fed by the UN disaster relief agency. What a triumph that would have been for the GOP.
        Thank god for Obama who in spite of the GOP rescued this country.

      • Kind of like Enron and World-Com, but explain that to Andy in very simple words as his nick-name is Forrest -Chump.

      • [[Throw money at it well that is a novel solution]]

        Yet that is what libtards do. $22,000,000,000,000 thrown at the war on poverty and nothing to show. Obama’s $900,000,000,000 stim plan with nothing to show.

        Hey ‘dickhead’, every time GW needed moe money for the war he had to go to Congress and get it appropriated. And they voted for it. Dems included. So what was ‘hidden’ you retard? Just because it was not budgeted does not mean it was not approved by law.

        [[ Obama being an honest man]]

        [[ Thank god for Obama who in spite of the GOP rescued this country ]]

        Since Obama took office, 13 million more Americans have become dependent on food stamps, with the numbers now hitting a record 47 million — about a third more than when he was sworn in. In 2007, there were 26 million recipients. Spending on the scheme has more than doubled just since 2008. The explosion of the program, along with other welfare schemes, has resulted in countless commentators and critics labeling Obama “the Food Stamp President.”

        By 2011, Census Bureau data released last year showed that the number of Americans receiving means-tested federal welfare benefits outnumbered those with year-round full-time jobs. Almost $1 trillion annually goes to the programs, with over 100 million Americans receiving some sort of benefits — not including Social Security, Medicare, or unemployment. Under ObamaCare, with its massive subsidies even for those earning many times more income than the poverty level, dependence is expected to surge even further.

        As the number of Americans dependent on government was growing, so were the ranks of the unemployed. As a Fox News report pointed out, in 1964, when Johnson declared “war,” almost nine in ten men between 18 and 64 years old were employed. By 2012, less than three-fourths of adult males in their prime working years had jobs. Obama and some members of Congress are now working to drive those numbers even higher with a proposal to prohibit employment at any wage under $10 per hour, all but ensuring more dependence on government if the scheme is approved.

      • Since Obama has become president, corporate profits have hit an all time high, the stock market has hit an all time high. The national deficit has been cut by 50% compared with George Bush. Unemployment has be reduced below pre financial crisi levels.
        What is your problem.
        Remember that it was George Bush and Dickhead Cheney who ran from office leaving the biggest financial crisis since the stock market crash of 1929.

      • [[ Since Obama has become president, corporate profits have hit an all time high]]

        So you’re saying Obama is for the 1%.

        [[ the stock market has hit an all time high ]]

        See above.

        [The national deficit has been cut by 50% []]

        The national debt HAS GONE UP 70%.

        [[ Unemployment has be reduced below pre financial crisi levels.]]

        With more people on govt aid than ever, lower wages, less benefits and less hours of work.

        [[ What is your problem.]]

        What’s YOUR problem punk?

        [[ Remember that it was George Bush and Dickhead Cheney who ran from office leaving the biggest financial crisis since the stock market crash of 1929.]]

        Wrong punk. Carter left a far bigger mess.

      • You have to stop listening to Fixed Nouse, flush lumber, o’reilly, Huckabee etc.
        The national deficit is less than half what it was under Bush. Yes of course the national debt us going up. I said “THE NATIONAL DEFICIT” not the National a Debt, there is a subtle difference which is obviously beyond your comprehension. Under Clinton we actually started paying DOWN the national debt, then George and Dickhead came along.
        Do you remember what Dickhead Cheney said about deficits at a news conference, NO of course you don’t. When asked why the national debt was going out of sight since George B became President, Dickhead replied “Ronald Reagan proved that deficits DON’T MATTER”. Game set and match I think.
        Just another nugget of information, when Dickhead was asked why he did not fight for his country in Vietnam, he sneered at the press and said “I had better things to do” he had 5 deferments. That was the respect that Dickhead showed to those who served in Vietnam.

      • Disprove anything I posted you prolapsed anuzz.

        [[The national deficit is less than half what it was under Bush. Yes of course the national debt us going up. I said “THE NATIONAL DEFICIT” not the National a Debt, there is a subtle difference which is obviously beyond your comprehension]]

        Listen closely [email protected], budget deficit is not national deficit. If you want to go through life with a big mouth and an empty head, you’re in the right party. Get educated on the national deficit punk……….

        [[ Under Clinton we actually started paying DOWN the national debt,]]

        Thanks to a GOP congress who check Bill’s spending and Slick shutting military bases.

        [[ then George and Dickhead came along.]]

        And followed by Piglosi and the

        Muslim/Kenya POS POTUS.

        [[ “Ronald Reagan proved that deficits DON’T MATTER”. Game set and match I think.]]

        You mean and the dem Congress. And when you are creating a net 18,000,000,000 goods paying jobs like RR did to a net 4,000,000,000 PT jobs like Barry Hussein has, deficits are far more tolerable. Checkmate………..I think.

        Hey pu$$y, here’s how Slick Clinton ran from the draft………….

      • I wonder if Keith the brit has had any luck over at the British dating site “New Romney Singles”. Certainly that photo of him in his whitie tighties (or maybe those are Huggies Pull Up training pants?) will garner lots of attention, especially for someone who posted on CNN that they’ve been married to the same woman for 50 years (or so they say…)….oops….

      • Do you have anything pertinent or intelligent to say? Obviously not so do us all a favor and shut up.
        By the way I am an American citizen.

  6. WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) – A disturbed Canadian man wants to try to get into the White House, according to reports.

    The man, who was born in Calgary before drifting to Texas, has been spotted in Washington, D.C. in recent years exhibiting erratic behavior, sources said.

    In 2013, he gained entry to the United States Senate and was heard quoting incoherently from a children’s book before he was finally subdued.

    More recently, he was heard ranting about a plan to dismantle large components of the federal government, such as the Internal Revenue Service and the nation’s health-care program.

    Despite a record of such bizarre episodes and unhinged utterances, observers expressed little concern about his plans to get into the White House, calling them “delusional.”


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