Exclusive: Black oppression being taught in Florida high school Earth science class [AUDIO]

Our story yesterday about the “Die-In” at a North Carolina high school encouraged another parent to come forward with a public school horror story of leftist indoctrination, this time from Royal Palm Beach Community High in Florida.

Once again, this mother asked that she remain anonymous for fear of retribution – can I just stop and ask, what sort of a tyrannical society do we live in now that we have to live in fear of retribution for exposing the truth? Anyway, she’s a small business owner, and she doesn’t want to affect her business or of course put her son in harm’s way.

In her email to me she said, “Over the past several months my son had been complaining that (Ezekiel Edmonds) his science teacher wasn’t teaching science. I finally asked him for proof. My jaw dropped when I received the text from my son with a video recording.”

This is from February 5th.

“My son’s science teacher does not teach science. Instead, Mr. Edmonds shows videos about black oppression. He discusses how white people hold black people down, and that blacks should stand up to this oppression. He stirs up racial divisiveness in the classroom. My son has been telling me this and I have not been listening. Now there is proof. My son made 3 videos.”

While recording the third video, the mother said her son was caught by Edmonds who made him delete it. During that class, Edmonds was discussing God, and telling the students why they shouldn’t believe in Him.

After hearing enough, the mother contacted her son’s guidance counselor who was unavailable. She was finally able to meet with one of the assistant principals who claimed she’d never heard of this teacher doing this and had received no complaints from the students or the parents.

The mother emailed me, “I’m sorry, but kids are not about to complain about a teacher to the administration if they know they might receive retribution in the form of a bad grade. And some kids are so impressionable, that they will believe anything a teacher says. She removed my son from the class and placed him in another science class. My response was, ‘That’s great for my son. But what about the rest of the kids in that class? Don’t they need to be taught science? Don’t they have to take all of these Common Core tests and pass them? How will this help them? This is an Earth Science Class…this teacher should be teaching Earth Science, not Black Studies. I checked the text book…there is nothing about black oppression in that science text book.’

She tried to make an appointment to meet with the principal but her calls were not returned, until she sent an email directly to the principal, letting him know she had a video he might be very interested in seeing. She said, “my son received word from one of his friends the week of my appointment that Mr. Edmonds was teaching how that the 9-11 terrorist attacks were not terrorist attacks but were orchestrated by the government. He still was not teaching science.”

And unfortunately, he’s still not.

At the meeting with the principal, the mother was told there’s nothing that can be done except “talking” to the teacher. The mother said her next step is to go to the school board.

She closed her email by saying, “When I listened to it, it made me sick to my stomach that a teacher is teaching this. And now, even worse, that he is allowed to continue teaching this.”

Parents must not sit idly by as children are being indoctrinated. Let’s keep exposing these stories, and making our voices heard with the school boards.

[This story was written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief]


  1. I bet if it were a teacher promoting prayer to Jesus or saying that marriage should be between a man and a women, he’d be out of a job faster than it takes to type this comment.

  2. He says “forced migration or color people”, You mean when africans stole and sold africans? Something they have been doing for 5000 years and booming right now? 400,000 africans were sold to the US in 360 years out of the total 31 million african slaves…..

    At the height of US slavery 1.4% of “whites” had slaves, over 4% of blacks had slaves in 1850…. And lets break that down, roughly 46% of all blacks were slaves in 1850, so if 4% of blacks had slaves that clearly means MANY free blacks had slaves in 1850….. 270,000 whites slaves were sold to the US in 150 years, proof down below…. The first slave OWNER in the US was black and he owned white slaves……

    Owel, 90% of blacks want to talk and act like slaves today, so this is why i treat 90% of blacks like slaves……

  3. I feel that we would be amiss if we didn’t discuss the willful genocide of black babies by abortion. 1,806 babies are murdered every day through the black mother’s willful choice to exterminate. Whites are just as guilty for doing this to their babies, but the percentages are higher among black women. They say “blacks matter”, yes they do, and so do whites…reds and yellow. But until we remove our colored glasses and see the real hypocrisy of talking about “social justice” and the like and remain blind on the subject of abortion…every other argument is mute in my book.

  4. Correction mute vs moot. If you are condoning such blather by this man…you can mute him and his arguments are moot if his ignores the travesty of what’s going on socially and with injustice for black babies who are exterminated with abortion.

  5. mute vs moot. You can mute him if you condone his blather. Hopefully we are teaching our kids how to censor him in their minds and mute him out. As far as his message goes…it is moot to me because I betcha he ignores what is going on in the black population with abortion. Over 1800 black babies are exterminated by black mothers daily.

  6. mute vs moot. You can mute him if you don’t condone his blather. Hopefully we
    are teaching our kids how to censor him in their minds and mute him out.
    As far as his message goes…it is moot to me because I betcha he
    ignores what is going on in the black population with abortion. Over
    1800 black babies are exterminated by black mothers daily.

  7. This poor excuse for a teacher is another prodigy of Al Sharpton. Hopefully someone complains enough to get him canned, just like he would do if a white man was educating his children that blacks kill their unborn children at alarming rates.

  8. He sure didn’t seem bothered that his son, a football standout, was recruited by and given a scholarship by UMass last year. UMass has a white coach who has heaped nothing but praise on the young player. Is that white oppression??

      • There are millions of positive stories out there. Allen west choose to only discuss the NEGATIVE…..for what purpose?? Such a disgrace

      • So it’s okay to do what this teacher is doing? Maybe Mr. West sees things as they really are. You sir are racist sob.

      • Tell me your’re not serious sir. Maybe in your world it doesn’t matter what a teacher teaches in school, but this teacher is wrong and you know it. Race is more important to you than right. That’s sad sir.

      • The biggest influence in my children’s lives was their mother and MYSELF!!! I see us in them everyday!!! If you talk to your kids and listen to your kids then you’ll know what to discuss with your kids! Sorry but this is a bunch of hubbub for nothing!

      • Everyone influences our kids. I’ve raised 3 good gets that respect people for who they are and not the color of their skin. This teacher is wrong and so are you for your stance.

      • There’s right and wrong influence in a kids life even from their parents. Are you teaching yours to be racists?

      • Again that is where you are wrong… Kids are around their friends more than they are with their parents. Like I said Earl, they spend 5 days a week, 8 hours a day with other kids and teachers. When they get home they are usually in their room doing homework or outside with the neighborhood kids until its time to come in… the only time parents have with them, and this is if they actually eat at the table in the morning before school and at dinner is on weekends. You must live in some kind of utopia where you believe that kids are not going to be influenced by others… LOL Earl get back to earth…

        Yes parents SHOULD teach them good moral values, but its still and individual choice once they leave the home where they are influenced by others for a lot longer time than parents get to spend with them.

        Teachers need to TEACH the curriculum NOT their own politics and beliefs. Kids are taught to respect their teachers and trust them. So when we send our kids to these public schools we are supposed to trust that they are teaching them math, science, history, reading NOT their agenda of brainwashing kids into their way of thinking or believing.

      • If a teacher has that much influence on your child…or if you are afraid a teach is having a influence on your child…spend more time with your child!

      • My kids are grown sir but as a parent I don’t want an individual teaching or sharing what they believe to be right in a SCIENCE class pushing their agenda.

      • Tell that to them not me… I believe in the family unit where there is a mother AND father in the home to raise the kids. I believe in old fashioned values where the father worked and the mother stayed home to take care of the home but thats not always feasible in todays economy because its too hard to make ends meet. I would prefer that kids be home taught today as opposed to public schools as public schools today are too busy trying to brainwash kids into mindless left wing socialist robots instead of teaching them to expand their minds and actually learn.

      • Gee. That sounds more like a problem of urban families of color, where the father is absent and the children are influenced more by street/gang culture and misogynic rap music and miss more school than they attend. Kids in school spend as much waking time with their teachers as they do with their parents.

      • Agree John, EXCEPT – RAP is NOT music. Secondly, I would imagine they spend more time with their teachers than with one-on-time with their parents, especially in the hood.

      • What is with all this sir garbage? Sir is a term of RESPECT. This troll deserves none and calling him sir over and over just feeds their idea that you must respect them regardless because they are special, and because you are white you must bow to their wishes.

        You can make your point in a respectful manner without going so overboard. IMHO

      • you are so very wrong Earl… kids learn everywhere, not just at home. Many kids end up following what these teachers preach in the classroom because they believe what their teachers are telling them is true. You need to stop thinking as an adult in these cases and see it through the eyes of the child. They are taught to believe what their teachers are teaching them. It is pounded in their heads for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. Most parents don’t get to spend that much waking time with them because they are usually working and on weekends, if they are lucky they get to spend some time with them but usually its recreational if that… most times, especially middle school and high school their kids are off with their friends or in their rooms playing videos or watching TV….

      • Here is a good example of black negative vs positive. What ever happened to George Washington Carver? No black people raise praise for him. No, But you praise and financially support the like of Anti-America Farakaniski.

      • YEa…the truth is ALLEN WEST goes out of his way to show black people in a NEGATIVE ONLY light! Such a disgrace

      • He does IGNORE all the positive stories coming out of the black community. He can’t show support for the black community because he know he would lose followers

      • This is the first I’ve heard of this “science” teacher’s story. You think it doesn’t matter what he teaches in public school. You are wrong. And it is worthwhile that teachers like this-of any race-be exposed.

      • And you ignore the negatives. So I guess your point is that skin color should be the main consideration in stories and any story that casts a black person in a negative manner. In short, you believe that blacks can’t stand on their own merit but instead need propaganda to get by. Got it.

      • What positive stories? When a positive black story is actually shown, and you dig a little deeper, you realize its not positive at all because affirmative action and black apologists like you have handed them their “accomplishments” on a silver platter.

        Colonel West being one of the few exceptions.

    • Its probably because this is what bothers them the most. Most everyone who is reporting or blogging things do so about things that bother them or where they feel there needs to be a change. Col West and his editor don’t feel there needs to be a change among Blacks who are not causing problems because they are already doing what is good… but he wants to make changes where things are not good and that are hurting the black communities. Its not hard to understand.

      • I”m sorry but col west isn’t trying to CHANGE anything…he exploits different situations…never off solutions…only complaints! Its like he says “LOOK WHAT BLACK PEOPLE ARE DOING” such a disgrace

      • LOL clicked your name and it was more posts of the same. You are sincerely an ignorant and pathetic human being. Not doing this to call names just to point out facts.

      • This is all Earl (uncle Ruckus), Raf, and Brendan do here… they offer NOTHING by way of meaningful dialog but only come here to troll Col West… I think they are jealous tbh. PP is another story.. he/she may troll some, but also offers some discussion..

      • Thanks for the heads up. I usually just read his posts/articles and don’t wander into the comments all too often so I’m not so familiar with the personalities.

      • So, you support a movement for black persons to subjugate their own authority over the position they were hired for and usurp even more authority to attempt brainwashing a classroom of children who are forced by law to attend? Do you believe that pushing beliefs with little fact by a person in charge is anything more than putting the students into slavery? How many people have you looked down your spectacle at in disgust because they don’t have your personal view on life? Isn’t that socialism at it’s worst? These past six years have proven that not even having a black man voted in as president will sate the savage desire to destroy anything they don’t understand. Get over your ownself sir. Your skin color nor that of anyone else grants favor over another human. The past (especially 200 years ago) has not been caused by any living being.

      • Oh I see… so If we go by your reasoning, then that is exactly what you are doing. You never offer any solutions but only attacks against those who speak out against what is wrong with this nation and black communities (and the reason he speaks up about that is well maybe because he is black??). So you are saying you are nothing more than a “complainer” and can only speak “negatively” about others…

        The way I see it, Earl, is that Col West, his editor and wife, bring to light what is going on and give the people the chance to discuss/debate these issues. To give ideas about what we as a community or nation can do to help instead of just turning out backs on it, because the main stream media and left wing idiots refuse to bring these issues to the forefront of this nation….

        This is not just a one man job but a whole nations job. And instead of sounding like a sniveling little brat, why don’t YOU offer up some solutions to help.

    • So ruckus, if it were someone else instead of Allen who wrote this story would you have the same opinion? Written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief on February 27, 201. Oh wait, it was. Perhaps if it was strictly about a teacher not teaching. Oh wait, it was.

      If you are so vehemently opposed to Allen’s website, make your own.

    • Col. West IS, by HIMSELF, a positive story, not just about black people, but what can be achieved with hard work. Maybe if you weren’t so dead set on only focusing on permitting certain people to report stories based on skin color, you would have more credibility. Try to see this with the color involved.
      If it were a white teacher teaching white supremacy, how fast would you suggest they move, and would you think that a white person should not report on it, because it put white people in a bad light? Or is this a one way street here?

    • What exactly is your problem, Uncle Remus? I am white and I have the utmost respect for Mr. West. I don’t see him as any particular color, but as a human being who I can pattern myself after, in the hopes of being even a fraction of the dignified, honest, hard working gentleman I know he is. So bloody what if another story he has posted exposes something outrageous that should not be going on. If a white man were to dare complain about that teacher, YOU and Farrakhan and his racist followers would all cry RACISM, when it is the teacher, no matter what color he is, who is at fault. How dare you complain about Mr. West covering stories that may put a black man in a bad light, when they deserve to be put in that bad light. Why give this bastard teacher a free pass
      just because (shhh hehe) he’s black. Let him slide, he’s one of us, which would be YOUR conclusion on the matter. You voted for a mixed race president because he looks black, and now he’s about to give away millions of jobs to illegal border jumpers that could have gone to the black community. Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani comments on this saying he feels the president does not love Americans and Farrakhan calls Rudy a cracker and a devil and Giuliani is labeled a racist. I am sick and tired of people like you who can only wish they were half the man Mr. West is, always ready to cry foul because you would rather let something wrong slide than to admit it when a black man is in the wrong!

    • No, it’s DISGRCEFUL the TEACHER was not doing what he was paid to do. TEACH SCIENCE! Why is we, the whites, are racist, but you never hear another black say a black is racist??? Black Caucus, Miss Black America, all black colleges, etc… If we did that… OMG! Riots all over again…

  9. This “teacher” is barely coherent and he does not make ANY sense at all. He is all over the place with his speech, while he is talking AT the students, instead of engaging them! He sure does not act like he graduated college. This could be somebody that came in off of the street and decided to walk into a classroom for the fun of it, kind of like what obama did when he was a sustitute lecturer, insisting that he WAS a professor. What do the tests look like for the gibberish that he is mumbling? Can you put that for an answer, “I don’t know the answer to that particular question because I couldn’t make out what you were saying?” Is this “teacher” building up to talking about how the muslims founded this country, that are actually more important than us, and by the way, they need more benefits because we are discriminating against them?

  10. That mother must be doing something right because her son was able to recognize that what his teacher was doing was wrong and spoke up about it AND documented it. Kudos to both the mother and her kid.

  11. Yet more proof that it is a grotesque mistake to have government directly involved in providing services that can and should be done by private business. Government has been permitted to set up and maintain a near-monopoly on education. We are all paying a high cost in terms of economics as well as failing to properly convey our values and a respect for liberty.

    It is way past time for states to give parents a meaningful choice in how their children are educated. It is a shame to even have to phrase it in that way, for the state took the ability to choose away from parents, and it is time for parents to seize it back.

    We did, we homeschooled, but homeschooling is not for every family. The next step is a voucher system that funds the education of all children. We must cease government intrusion in our private lives in every aspect possible. As a byproduct, this will also put stop to the government-teacher-liberal industrial-scale money laundering scheme.

  12. AGAIN in Fl. I believe this story to be true because when one of our children was in 8th grade he had a teacher exactly like this. She changed her name during the school year to an African name. She persecuted the white students in her class unabashedly while showing preference and favoritism to her black students. We saw his grades go from all A’s, to D’s then to F’s. She was teaching out of a text book entitled “African American History”. Not only was it required reading it was also the only text book in Florida that was a state law for schools to use. From our son’s description it offered some disturbing ideas. Being as students were not allowed to bring it home, I called his teacher and asked permission to oversee it’s care for one night so that we could view it. She said no. I also asked for a parent teacher conference due to his sudden failing grades, she said no. Long story short, and it almost took an act of congress and a trip to the School Board to do, he was changed to another class, where his grades came back up. I got to see this textbook only after I ordered a couple copies from the publisher! Our son copied it for me during class. If I didn’t live in Fl, I wouldn’t even come here to vacation, especially now that it’s become a haven/indoctrination center for Islamists.


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