Despotic: Obama threatens border agents if they don’t follow his unconstitutional amnesty plan [VIDEO]

It’s one thing to admit over 22 times that you can’t take an executive action. Or to violate the U.S. Constitution’s Article 1, Section 8, Clause 4 (Congress has the enumerated power to establish rules on naturalization). Or defy a federal court judge’s decree that your executive action is unconstitutional. But it is a completely different thing to actually threaten law enforcement agents if they do not enforce an unconstitutional act.

Such has happened in our America.

As reported by The Weekly Standard — and something tells me you won’t read about this from liberal progressive media outlets — “President Obama warned workers at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement: implement executive amnesty, or else. He made the comments in a town hall event on immigration on MSNBC. According to the White House pool report, President Obama was asked for reassurance that people wouldn’t be deported as the legal battle over the executive amnesty plays out in the courts.”

“Until we pass a law through Congress, the executive actions we’ve taken are not going to be permanent; they are temporary. There are going to be some jurisdictions and there may be individual ICE official or Border Control agent not paying attention to our new directives. But they’re going to be answerable to the head of Homeland Security because he’s been very clear about what our priorities will be,” Obama said, according to a partial transcript provided by the pool reporter. “Not only are we going to have to win this legal fight.. but ultimately we’re still going to pass a law through Congress. The bottom line is I’m using all the legal power invested in me in order to solve this problem.” “If somebody’s working for ICE … and they don’t follow the policy, there’s going to be consequences to it.”

First of all, I would ask President Obama to show me where he has the enumerated power to make rules on matters of naturalization? And please, don’t give me the “prosecutorial discretion” line and also don’t try the politicized argument that Congress did not pass a bill.

I see nowhere in the Constitution that states, “if the Legislative branch doesn’t pass what the Executive branch wants, then by prosecutorial discretion, the Executive branch can do as it wishes — temporarily or permanently.”

Ok, so where is that written? President Obama does not have any legal power to do what he is doing — clear?

Now, having served in the military I learned about the varying means of leadership — inspirational, participatory, or intimidation. So there you have the last one, and how can you threaten law enforcement agents if they refuse to do something that is unlawful?

I thought upholding the rule of law and faithfully discharging our laws was the oath taken by the president of the United States.

As Townhall reports, President Obama stated in the interview, “look, the bottom line is, is that if somebody is working for ICE and there is a policy and they don’t follow the policy, there are going to be consequences to it. So I can’t speak to a specific problem. What I can talk about is what’s true in the government, generally. In the U.S. military, when you get an order, you’re expected to follow it. It doesn’t mean that everybody follows the order. If they don’t, they’ve got a problem. And the same is going to be true with respect to the policies that we’re putting forward.”

If anyone believes that any president acting as commander-in-chief can issue an unconstitutional or unlawful order and the military leadership is obligated to obey — that is not the case.

This statement, “If somebody’s working for ICE … and they don’t follow the policy, there’s going to be consequences to it” — is very disturbing to say the least and for this to not be a top story in America is even more disconcerting.

President Obama did not issue a policy; he decreed an unconstitutional executive order. Policy and legislation are proposed, debated, amended and passed by the Legislative branch. It is sent to the Executive branch for signature or it can be vetoed.

Does anyone just realize what that statement from Obama’s lips declares? He has basically stated that he is above the law and anyone defying him will pay the consequences – a threat directed to the “guardians of our Republic.” Can you imagine what the liberal progressive media would say if a Republican president said such a thing? How long with the progressive left stand by this abhorrent behavior and fully embrace and support it? Is this the fundamental transformation y’all seek?

To the ICE agents, stay strong and be of good courage. do not succumb. You must do what is lawful and right in supporting and defending the sovereignty of this Republic. Your defiance is not wrong. Your compliance would be borderline treasonous. We the American people stand with you!


  1. Notice how O is ratcheting up things in every arena? He’s getting more and more brazen with each passing day, yet nobody tells him to stop or shut-up. Are we getting closer to that SHTF moment, or do we just continue to sit here and let him behave like a king?

  2. That headline is a little over dramatized isn’t it? In my mind, he was basically saying what is true in any job.. If you don’t follow orders, there are consequences. I don’t like this man, I think he oversteps his powers a lot , but I can’t stand when things are misconstrued to stir up more animosity.. We need to stop all this crap and get back to holding people accountable based on actual facts.. not pumped up “news stories” based on which side they happen to favor…

    • Well, dear,, where would you like to begin,, the media isn’t going to do anything those who we elected they won’t do anything either,, either they are scared or in on it ,, and they’ll just attack anyone who stands up ,,and make them look like a crack pot,, if I were you I’d get fitted for a burka.

    • You apparently have little to know knowledge of the Constitution and the separations of powers. The President is in essence an administrator of the wishes of congress, which can be looked upon as a board of directors duly elected by the shareholders (that’s us).

      • Said it before, will say it again. The Constitution was written by a group of old, white guys so it doesn’t apply to Obama. So I hear, It might have been Sharpton, I can only guess.

      • DID I NOT SAY HE OVERSTEPS HIS POWERS??? Why does no one understand my point here.. I do not like the man.. I am tired of how everyone just wants to attack everything and everybody.. The media needs to stop stirring up things with twisted or slanted headlines.. Yes, the threat was implied.. I get that.. but why can’t they stop adding gas to the fire?? That was all I wanted to say about it but I can see if I don’t flat out say what a dog we have in the Whitehouse.. I am going to be misunderstood and crucified on here..

    • You apparently have a hard time understanding English. His exact words were basically if you don’t follow orders that there are consequences. If it is hard for you to process those words you are well below an 8th grade reading level. However, I find your thoughts of holding people accountable interesting for that would indicate not just their actions but their words. If you can not take their word then are we to just guess what they mean or ignore the statements?

      • Perhaps you didn’t understand my comment.
        Disobeying orders in any occupation has consequences, true?
        I heard what he said. I wasn’t reading more into it than that. The main point to my comment was concerning how everything is over-sensationalized by the press and the media. You are taking my words out of context now to attack me in a similar fashion. You want to read more into my comment than was intended. And you are being insulting with your misconceptions about my reading level and my understanding of English. That said, I do have more than enough education to recognize an angry troll when I see one too..

    • you have a serious comprehension problem….. the border officers are threatened and the illegals are allowed in….. do you not see the problem with Barry’s statement, now ?

  3. By ordering them to obey, they can’t if they are going to break their oath and then they can refuse. They are here to protect us from all enemies foreign or domestic. This would be domestic.

  4. When someone holding the highest position of office in this country and rebels against the laws, that nullifies the rest of us from taking orders from him.

    • thou shall not comply,, here’s our line in the sand,, you bear arms against the american people ,, you’ll fine an american rifleman behind every blade of grass.

  5. Unless they took a different oath than I took they swore to uphold the Constitution and the laws they are charged to enforce, unlike the military they are not under the order of the office of the President

      • But is looked down upon when we are asking for people to have a proper ID card to vote. There are those screaming it is RACIST to ask for a voter ID. Yet one needs and ID to buy cigarettes !
        FREE voter ID can be received by anyone who is a citizen. Non-citizen Driver’s licenses getting issues to Illegals should make it even more important to make sure the Voter ID would be in place for 2016 for all.

  6. Kim said “That headline is a little over dramatized isn’t it? In my mind, he was basically saying what is true in any job.. If you don’t follow orders, there are consequences. I don’t like this man, I think he oversteps his powers a lot , but I can’t stand when things are misconstrued to stir up more animosity.. We need to stop all this crap and get back to holding people accountable based on actual facts.. not pumped up “news stories” based on which side they happen to favor…”

    • well, sir, this is not just any job at mickey D’s,, but a privilege to serve the american people,, with a few specific duties which are 1. protect and uphold the constitution,, 2 protect the american people and their God given rights, 3. execute the laws that congress and past congresses have passed,, sealed with a time honored oath that has lasted over 200 see when this man was elected the constitution wasn’t up for election nor will it ever be.

    • Oh….like the orders they followed in Auschwitz to put 6 million Jews to death? Yes, after the war they all cried for mercy at the international court, saying they were “just following orders”..This is EXACTLY how he will consolidate his despotic power, by FEAR of reprisal. This is EXACTLY how Hitler took Germany and then tried to take the world. EXACTLY. Get on that gravy train, right? Those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it. I would rather raise the alarm and try to stop his power grab now, hoping and praying I am wrong, then sit back and say nothing, turn my head, and maybe end up DEAD later. It doesn’t matter if he is or isn’t any of that, the fact is he is exhibiting some dangerous behaviors and attitudes that we as AMericans, ruled by a CONSTITUTION should never ever sit back and let happen. We have a RIGHT…no a DUTY to speak up, challenge, and throttle his despotic attitude and grab for power.

    • Obviously you are ill informed. I saw and heard what the president said on the NEWS. You cannot say that it was over dramatized. MISCONSTRUED? Since when are his (Obama’s) actual words pumped up by the media or anyone else for that matter? I listen to all of the available media outlets and the only media biases/pumped up ones (distorted) are those of the mainstream media! Its people like you who are screwed up. Why don’t you pull your head out of the sand and smell the roses?

      • Why don’t you read my comment again..” Its people like you” who jump on the hate wagon, so get off… I was NOT defending him, just complaining about the media.. Seems as if everyone on here is about attacking anyone who says anything they don’t comprehend. I am not screwed up either.. I just want some common sense and ethics restored in this country.. Stop using my opinion about dramatizing headlines to spread the anger.. I just want my country back.

    • Hey, don’t quote me to make your points.. I am against anyone who twists words to fit their agenda.. and I was not sticking up for Obama. He tells lies all the time. I am just stick of the press trying to stir us all up against each other.. That was all I was trying to express about the way that and many other headlines are used to get things fired up..

    • Well, if your Congressman/woman happens to be named Pelosi or Cummings or Rangel or Jackson Lee or…… Need I continue?

      • You most likely won;t succeed with the few of these dimwitts…yet there are many Democratic Lawmakers who stated last in Autumn 2013 that they would vote down Obama wanting to carpet bomb Syria. The vote was expected 6;1 overall with majority of Dem Congress ready to smack his fingers. That is why he decided not to ask Congress to authorize that incinerating of Syrian civilians then.

    • Go-bro, exactly what my wife just said after we read the article and these comments. The Sunday papers have a column on how our government reps have done, how they voted, and their phone numbers. It’s time that we move to getting this POTUS impeached. We are both very ashamed of him and the way he has lowered the esteem of this great country in the eyes of the rest of the world. It’s time for all of us to do the same.

      • You cant get him impeached, he has the whole country running scared of his every move, he is a despot dictator who controls all the power, all those that have some power and ability are so afraid of being marginalized and stripped of what little power they do have and they are all too afraid to act, by the time or until the populace has nothing to lose or has lost so much that the finally decide to do something about it, it will be way to late and to far gone to do anything about it.

      • Call Congress, call Senate, they have LAWS to take care of his run-away train behavior. They need to hear from MILLIONS of Americans. They need to hear one sentence: President is NOT to write laws.Call him on the carpet, you have laws to help you.

        Congress 202 225-3121, Senate 202 224-3121.

    • We sometimes clear our heads by writing here. I also see that many smart ideas get posted here.
      I don’t write my Congress people…I call them, and call them OFTEN. It is FAST, and ANYONE can make a short, sweet call. Congress 202-225-3121,
      Senate 202-224-3121. Just ask what are they going do about this President who forgot what his job description is …? There are laws for this, so ask them to uphold them. Even Democratic lawmakers are frustrated with his acting as a Dictator. They have the tools to show him his place in the system.

  7. I’ve been passing this around a few other places,, you want to do something to push back,, this is what you,, can do, you can file an extension on your taxes,, you find out who these donors are that these rinos are so in debt to,, you vote everday with your hard earned dollars vote wisely..

  8. The ZPrez is smoking dope again. He mentioned the military following “orders” and forgot to mention that there is an exception to that rule… if you are given an”illegal order” then you are, by law,REQUIRED to disobey and report. You can not use the “following orders” defense. It didn’t work in NAZI Germany (Nuremberg Trials), why should this President push an illegal agenda.

    • In all of history, there is not one account where the military enforce failed to act out a governments will, even when it meant the wholesale slaughter of their own civilian population, you are fooling yourself if you think for even a moment that the combined US armed forces as well as all of law enforcement wont do exactly as instructed should an order come down to act against any part or portion of the civilian population, it is the reason they exist and we have seen this repeatedly done over the last fer years, like Learner’s IRS storm troopers they will do exactly what they are told to do with impunity for their fellow citizens.

      • The border patrol agents defied orders from DHS in Murrieta , CA, this past summer. The DHS wanted them to attack and disperse residents demonstrating against an attempted dump-off of a bus full of illegals. Border patrol protected the locals …good for the brave border patrol agents. Shut down the damn DHS, who favored illegals over US citizens.

  9. If he continues with his high crimes and misdemeanors, he will go down as the most useless, hated and hate filled anti-American anti-Patriotic President in US History. I guess that’s the one thing he can be proud of.

      • Experiment? An experiment is a scientific test to proove theories, gauge results and collect data. No, he’s way beyond experimental, he’s the real destructive deal.

      • No, not “real”. He… They will fail. He is totally inept, a genuine disaster. His incompetence will prove their failure and downfall.

      • This is part of the problem. People underestimate him. They feel he is an “accident’ or a “disaster”, therefore, we just sit around and wait for his term to be over, praying everything will turn out alright. He is none of that, he is far more cunning, and he is backed by unseen forces and powers that have a very real and deadly agenda. The failure will be upon US for not recognizing this and acting on it NOW. We can’t go back in time, but the time to do something about it was 6 years ago. Nobody heeds the constant warnings about him. People actually suck it up and cheer him on. That’s totally despicable, but totally planned, totally orchestrated. Very very crafty.

      • He is smart and sneeky but he i hope will loose his presedency. IMPEACH HIM OR DO SOMETHING WE DREAM FOR HIM.

      • You are wrong, him and his immoralists have already succeed, the USA is currently going down in flames, the damage that this filth has infected the USA with is so deep and far reaching it cannot be stopped without a vicious and bloody civil war and that is something the USA has no stomach for.

        Blind justice and the rule of law no longer exist, law and order are what Obama and Holder, make up every day, to plot through the use of attrition, the destructive course of the American way of life, its values, and its people, its done and its over, Lady Liberty has left the harbor.

      • You are right, the Constitution and history declare that we stand up and fight but Americans are cowards and have no stomach that is why they will do as they please. The Bill of Rights is just a piece of paper without senforcement from the People.”Evil triumps when good men do nothing “.

      • Actually I have called my Congress and Senate folks, and they seem to be THRILLED to hear form me about the lawlessness of this President. They need to hear from millions of us.
        I just simply said:”President is NOT to create laws. Last time I looked we were not a dictatorship. You guys need to stop this man, he seemed to have forgotten what his job is.
        Even our Dem Senator staff was happy to hear this, there are many democratic lawmakers who resisted Obama’s push for bombing of Syria last year…One dem congressman said: ” I have 994 of each 1,000 calls say NO to bombing of Syria. The Pres. wants to bomb’em, but my allegiance lies with those who elected me.
        Call …Congress 202 225-3121, Senate 202 224-3121.

      • It’s painful to see that there are so many pessimists in America. Give in to the enemy (metaphorically) and you lose. It is one of the major negatives when going into battle. Whether on a sports field, a battle field, or the political arena, you must be determined to be victorious. There are set backs (Obama), poor choices in leadership (McCain and Romney), or moral quicksand (pessimism), but all can be overcome. With the help of leaders like Cruz, Walker, Carson, or Paul it is possible. Add men and women like Sarah Palin, Rudy Giuliani, and Alan West supporting how can we go wrong. I prefer the optimistic path myself and refuse to give credence to the nay-sayers.

        BTW I do not support Jeb Bush and Christy. They both remind me too much of Romney, Dole, and Gerald Ford.

      • Bob Dole was a veteran and fought against bases closures in Kansas, under the Clinton administration. Please explain how he reminds you of Romney and Ford?

    • “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. BUT IT CANNOT SURVIVE TREASON FROM WITHIN. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But THE TRAITOR MOVES AMONGST THOSE WITHIN THE GATE FREELY, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of GOVERNMENT itself. FOR THE TRAITOR APPEARS NOT A TRAITOR; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, HE APPEALS TO THE BASENESS THAT LIES DEEP IN THE HEARTS OF ALL MEN. HE ROTS THE SOUL OF A NATION, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A MURDERER IS LESS TO FEAR. THE TRAITOR IS THE PLAGUE.”

      Marcus Tullius Cicero
      (106-43 B.C.) Roman Statesman, Philosopher and Orator

      Attributed. 58 BC, Speech in the Roman Senate

    • Call your Congress and Senate people. Their staff seems to be just as frustrated as we all are. They need to hear from MILLIONS of us…and there are laws they can use to stop O. Even my Democratic Senator staff seemed to be thrilled to hear from me about this…I was amazed, as usually they are pretty blah. But they said to me:”Thank you VERY MUCH..” Nice. Call’em and ask them why have they not stop the lawless behavior of this President…last time I looked USA was not a Dictatorship, but a Republic.

      Congress. 202 225-3121 ; 202 224-3121

  10. Forget obama! The border patrol should shoot illegals
    coming across our borders! Once the shooting starts,
    send obama down there to check things out! The agents
    have a job to do and they should DO IT! If obama does not
    like it, TOUGH S***!

  11. Obama the DICTATOR. This man(?) is an utter disgrace. No doubt he has his people in place to do whatever they are told. However, I believe the American people will not stand for his unlawful acts and if it comes to a revolution–bring it on! He and those who follow him may end up like Mussolini. Throw in that idiot George Soros as well.

    • See my post 2 above yours. Call your Congress and Senate people. Their offices seem just as frustrated as we are ! They need to hear from millions of us, and then call him on the carpet. There are laws for this.

  12. He should be held for treason for ordered them to disobey the laws on the books and talk about doing something to them that don,t obey his illigal law and if he wanted to right it would be speed up those that are trying to come here by the law and send them back at the border that are intending to come here a head of the other and seal the border that what the law says

    • See my post above yours, and call your Congress and Senate people. They need to get millions of calls, and then they can call him on the carpet.

  13. Is anyone else tired of this clown threatening America and every U.S. citizen. He has put his own people in very strategic positions and our so-called congress( they have lost the right to be capitalized also) okays them. obummer should be in prison right along with holder,clinton,rice,lerner, kukusken, johnson — all these people who have blatantly lied, deceived, not only to the American people but to congress also which is a criminal offense but nothing happens to any of them. Take all of them away in cuffs never to return.

    • The border patrol agents need to march on the White House with picket signs.
      They are to uphold US laws, even if our (liar in chief ?) President seems to go delusional about his rights and his job description.
      I called our Senators about the illegal amnesty ,and about Obama having forgotten he was not elected a dictator, and even our Democratic Senator’s office seemed thrilled to hear this from me.
      Call yours – Senate: 202-224-3121 ;Congress 202- 225-3121. Just tell’em that the President is not to write laws, and last time you looked we did not have a DICTATORSHIP. Just because he has a pen and a phone, does NOT mean his job description has changed.
      A President is to UPHOLD and enforce US laws, NOT to rewrite them.
      If he cann’t get this simple point he need to step down.

  14. We have immigration laws on the books ! Obama said 22 x that he can’t do what he just did – and he said it would be illegal – which it is. Which part of this the Congress doesn’t get ? They need to throw the book at this President.

  15. We’re begining to show our weakness as americans.Living beyond our means!These men and women at homeland security should always be prepared for such an emergency whether it be outside forces or from within.Paychecks before Country is becoming our motto!

  16. Unfortunatelly for Mr. West and his minions the courts will decide if the President’s orders are legal or not. Got a problem? Sue. In the meantime shut up and do your jobs. Wether you are ICE or in Congress. Don’t get involved in immigration you already said you wont do anything. Speaking of doing their jobs every terrorist in the World knows that DHS is only funded for a week and might shutdown.

    • Only problem with that Rafael………this president owns the Justice Dept. and all the Federal judges he needs to get what he wants………even if illegal.

  17. Title 8 sec4 of the U.S. code prohibit government from allowing illegals to stay in the U.S. and requires All members of law enforcement to apprehend and hold for deportation those who enter this nation in an illegal or unlawful manor.
    So Turd Boy’s criminal amnesty is yet another criminal and illegal act of DESPOTISM and his threats of retaliation are total BS, Turd Boy does not have the guts to stand against anyone. If We The People start withholding our tax payments to this criminal and corrupt administration they will have no options other than to serve the will of the people.

      • are you an illegal or do you spy on obummer, this country is made up of laws, and by grandparents came here legally through Ellis Island, not over a border or a train across country, how did you get here

      • sorry about that but the Americans did not do that, the British did, I do not consider you and illegal, you were brought here under horrendous ways, these illegals are coming from every where across the border, and I do we know that isis is not crossing, I lived and survived the 9/11/01 attacks in my hometown of NY and I hate terrorists God bless you and your family

      • So far this has saved me several thousands and allowed me to challenge this criminal and corrupt administration, as supporting them just serves to further enslave people like you who refuse to fight for themselves and think handouts from a thief and criminal are the way to prosperity. Good luck with that one.

      • You are worried about my enslavement? Please don’t I didn’t ask for your help. I guess not paying taxes IS the way to prosperity. Stupid tool.

      • the only one stupid is you, I was trying to pray for you and this is what we get, name calling, you need to check yourself or maybe look into your soul. very intelligent words to call someone who said sorry and a prayer.

      • Fine let’s do this again. I welcome all prayers. From anyone of any religion. I don’t like suggestions that I’m a slave because I disagree with you. I respect your free will to hold any opinion. I sincerely apologize that was uncalled for.

      • thank you and have a blessed day you and your family, I am a Catholic and I believe in prayers, they work GOD bless

  18. DHS under Obama is nothing about HomeLand Security: Obama is using it against AMERICANS by threatening Border Patrol Agents and other law enforcement for protecting this country! He refuses to secure the borders or deport ILLEGALS as the law says! This is TREASON and the sooner Obama’s facing charges the better!

    Obama should be made to walk the border without the Secret Service protection and clean up the mess left by these criminal ILLEGAL INVADERS who have absolutely no allegiance to this country and never will. Then there are the terrorists that he’s letting in with them. This cannot be anything but a part of his goal to destroy this country.

    We won’t be safe until he’s in Leavenworth or better! Then we have to clean out his co-conspirators who support and enable his Anti-AMERICAN and Anti-CONSTITUTIONAL plans! That includes the crooked media who supports him starting with their refusal to call ILLEGALS what they are. What they aren’t is IMMIGRANTS! Immigrants come in the legal way, obeying the laws. ILLEGAL ALIENS, terrorists and other CRIMINALS do not so call a spade a spade!

    In the meantime, we need to be publicaly asking him “what about the 93 million AMERICANS who are out of work and the HONEST IMMIGRANTS who have been waiting for years, spending thousands of dollars and jumping through all the legal hoops to come here? Why should AMERICANS be paying the bills for ILLEGALS and the muslims he’s bringing in and why should HONEST IMMIGRANTS by shoved behind them for their chance to come here?”

    There is no other word to describe the actions he’s taking that punishes AMERICANS and HONEST IMMIGRANTS while rewarding law breakers than CRIMINAL!

  19. Um.. I was taught an oath taker (sworn to protect defend the constitution) (and its not just soldiers, law enforcement; there are many others who take this same oath)
    Those individuals have a DUTY to refuse illegal, constitutional, Criminal, etc. orders. Period.
    To ignore your duty, and fulfill a bad order, you are just as culpable as the idiot barking bad orders.
    You’ll get hung out to dry.


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