ISIS releases pathetic training video

Looks like ISIS has two completely different production teams working on their slickly brutal propaganda and training videos.

Their violent, dramatically filmed videos of beheadings with numerous camera angles apparently include special effects to make their jihadists seem like giants.


But a recent training video picked up by Independent Journal Review (IJR) via the Popular Military Facebook page shows the jihadis in a much less threatening light. In fact, it’s pathetic.

IJR says “the video highlights ISIS’s apparent training methods – most of which seem to resemble tactics carried out by 10-year-olds in a snowball fight.”

Although, as we pointed out yesterday, they really are training 10-year-olds.

Check out some of the pithy responses posted by Popular Military followers. Most of them we can’t print here.

Okay, break time is over. It’s time to get serious and defeat these jokers.

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Did they take their training from the Delta Farce? And by the way.. they messed up the Chun ji pattern…. lol


Not ITF, ATA, or WTA… Must be WTF. :O)


I noticed that too. That form was lame!

David King

Breaking thin floor tiles over their heads? WTF?

Combat Veteran Seabee
Combat Veteran Seabee

Someone give them an oak board! They’ll knock themselves out! Nobody is covering their six either. Catch them from behind!

Paul Sheridan

Particularly like the guy with all the foliage covering the sights on his rifle and the somersaults from the top of the berm. This is why I’m not scared of these people.