Senior surviving member of Iwo Jima reminisces [VIDEO]

Here is a little video of LTG Snowden from 2012 – just a few months from his 91st birthday – describing the scale of the battle for Iwo Jima. Still an officer and a gentleman.

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Paul Sheridan

LTG Snowden is an inspiration and we should all remember the Marines who paid for every inch of that island with blood, but please change the title of this post. “Senior surviving member of Iwo Jima” makes it sound like he was in a boy band. I’d go with the introduction from the video “Senior surviving veteran of the battle for Iwo Jima.”


I agree with LTG Snowden; “Incredible”.

Simply saying “thank you for your service” just doesn’t seem to be enough to express the gratitude we have for our veterans. Many veterans of Iwo Jima came home and became school teachers. God only knows we need men like them back in our schools!