ATF and EPA quietly working on gun control with ammunition bans

About a year and a half ago, we wrote a story about the closing of the Doe Run lead smelting facility, the last primary lead smelter in the U.S. and whether this was a “backdoor effort” to control guns. After all, no lead means no ammunition, which means your gun becomes about as lethal as a ball-peen hammer.

Naturally, we were roundly attacked by leftists who said that was ridiculous, because most ammunition comes from secondary lead, and there’s still plenty of that around.

Unless of course lead is banned.

On a related theme, we wrote yesterday about how the FCC and FEC are preparing a noose to tighten around our First Amendment rights.

Now we find out the EPA and FTA may be doing the same on the Second.

Writing for the National Review, Kevin Williamson provides a detailed explanation of how that might occur.

It all starts in 1986, when “Congress revised the Gun Control Act, inserting prohibitions against the manufacture and import of “armor-piercing ammunition.” Armor-piercing ammunition does not mean ammunition designed to defeat body armor — that would be too simple. It means, most broadly, ammunition that could defeat the soft body armor of the sort that was cutting edge in the 1980s.”

This ammunition was made of certain materials (tungsten alloys, steel, etc.) that could also be fired from a handgun.

The aim (pun intended) was to ban ammunition for the much-maligned AR-15 (mainly the .223 caliber) to therefore control the AR-15. However, the ATF provided exemptions for “single shot handguns” (which can accept certain rifle cartridges) and certain other “sporting exemptions.”

At the same time, environmentally-minded hunters and manufacturers have been looking for alternatives to lead-based bullets because they can poison animals who may ingest them – such as the California Condor. Williamson writes, “these non-lead bullets made of steel or alloys are not designed to pierce body armor; they’re designed to keep unnecessary lead out of the environment and out of the alimentary canals of wild animals. But their composition means that they can be classified as armor-piercing rounds, if the feds can find an excuse to do so.”

And they can.

You see, many people prefer a short-barreled rifle for home defense, and are using the AR-15 for that purpose. But they get around additional taxation and required permits for short-barreled rifles by removing the shoulder stock. Voila! It’s a multi-shot handgun. But that’s also verboten.

So the ATF is intending to revoke the sporting exemption for certain kinds of non-lead .223 ammunition, allowing it to be classified as armor-piercing.

Does that mean everyone can just go back to using lead ammo? Nope!

Williamson says “environmental groups have been pressuring the EPA to begin regulating — or to ban outright — lead ammunition under the Toxic Substances Control Act. They lost their most recent round when the D.C. Court of Appeals ruled that the EPA lacks statutory authority to regulate lead ammunition, but when has statutory authority stopped the Obama administration? The FCC has no statutory authority to enact net-neutrality rules — that’s why it has reached back to a 1930s, New Deal–era law for justification. You can be sure that the campaign to use the EPA or other federal agencies to ban lead ammunition is far from over. The U.S. Humane Society already is petitioning the Interior Department to ban lead ammunition on public lands.”

So there you are. The ATF will ban non-lead ammunition as “armor-piercing” and a threat to police officers, and the EPA will ban lead ammunition as a toxin.

Better stock up folks (like you haven’t been already).


  1. The heck with .223 – I can go buy a shopping cart full of that tommorrow- I can’t even find .22 to go target shooting. Its ridiculous.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS ALLEN WEST!!!! Every article that is posted now is you trying to generate FEAR in these simple minded people! You know they are to stupid to research the crap that you post!!

      • you mean the bill that would have had to come from the republican house or republican senate?? That bill??

      • Not sure about that. Gina Mccarthy was appointed head of epa in 2013 by the president. Part of this bill is coming from her. The other part is from the ATF who is headed by Todd Jones, another 2013 Obama appointee. Republicans didn’t take the house and Senate until recently and bills take much longer to write than they have been here. But the Republicans will kill the bill without any doubt. Forget partisan politics and realize BOTH parties are crooked. Address the real issue and that’s an unnecessary ammo grab.

      • Nope, idiot its an administrative regulation proposed by obama’s ATF. Not like hussein the dog eater has not threatened to, and even illegally used, executive action.

    • There is no one more simple minded than you.
      Take your trolling elsewhere. No one here is simple minded enough to buy the snake oil you are peddling.

    • well six years in a row Obama has been gun salesman of the year,…if Mark Levin and Hannity have spoke of this and I know you know of these two,,, Us teabillies already got ours,, as a US Marine I have to ask you sir what side of the constitution you are on, or how far left of Stalin you are..

      • All these right wing pundits have to say is OBAMA IS COMING FOR YOUR GUNS and these LOONS run out and buy all they can!! Its comedy at its best!!

      • How many times are you going to post that same, sorry old line? Do you think you are witty or new age, like some sort of “gotcha” moment or something? Because honestly, you would operate the same way. If the government was about to ban your favorite flavor of Zima, or take away your organic bag of nuts, you would run your happy ass out to the store in your Prius and buy every amount you could afford. But, in alarmingly hypocritical fashion, you sit on here to get your peas off and make people angry over a natural reaction. You sir, are an ass fiddle.

      • Reminds me of when the right wing folks start PACS and tell the simple minded that walks among us that WE WILL REPEAL OBAMACARE and they donate money. They are so stupid that they don’t even care where the money goes…..millions upon millions are being used to only make certain people RICH…like ALLEN WEST and SARAH PALIN….you people are seriously STUPID!!

      • So those who do not agree with you are “simple minded”? Great crack coming from someone who believes in jealousy and class warfare.

      • I don’t like black people. I am racist. Now that we have that out of the way. White people make countries everyone else wants to live in. Poor slaves went from chasing lions in the jungle to chasing cotton in the dirt to chasing welfare(paypah) checks in the projects. Bought and paid for votes(slaves) of the democrat party. Obviously still slaves by choice. Their rhetoric should not be entertained. Just let them feel they have rights and ignore them. YAY GUNS!!!

      • The dirty little secret that is right out in the open for all to see….but the general population of this country has become too stupid, too politically correct, or simply just don’t care….Wouldn’t it make sense for these filthy politicians and bureaucrats to pit us all against each other? We are all divided into sub groups, all fighting each other with the main representation now given to minority groups, be it gays, blacks, transgender, athiests, blah, blah blah….instead of people always worrying about what they personally want, why not simply vote based on what the country needs/wants fiscally and defensively? No, instead, it’s all about social issues, all while scumpile politicians laugh and live the good life and watch us rip each other apart over crap that really doesn’t matter. Why should I care what you do in your bedroom? Why should I care what color your skin is? It’s pretty clear and unbelievably easy to see that the majority is being attacked daily in this country, in an attempt to whittle us down to nothing. We are still too powerful for them to mold into what they want, so this is why the constitution is attacked and white people are labeled as the hateful race because we want our country the way it was founded as far as freedom goes.

      • So tell me how they are getting millions of dollars that they are not reporting as income to the IRS?

        You can’t because they do not see a dime of that money. It goes to election expenses and pac expenses like advertising.

        As far as stupid goes, I did not vote for Obama TWICE like some morons did just because he was black.

        I also hold 2 college degrees, am self taught in electronic repair, I run a laser engraving business… all things that require COMMON SENSE something libtards like you little boy lack.

        Now run back to mommies basement and cry because the bad conservatives were mean to you

      • Read the report…. 1,2,3% of the funds goes to candidates but yet millions go to different companies and in some cases the creator of the pad has some sort of ownership in the fundraising company they use. Why do u think the GUSRDIAN FUN only gave out about 60k out of more than 4 million raised

      • I’m sorry but…if they are so regulated…how do they get away with less than 10% going to a cause and 90% go for things like FUNDRAISING? Just look at the GUARDIAN FUND….only about 60K went to candidates out of over 4 million raised!

      • To use your OWN DATA….65K out of 6 million went to candidates….65K!!! 2.6 MILLION went to fundraising….how in the world do you spend 2.6 million to only give out 65K???

      • PAC’s do not always give to candidates, in fact they are typically not designed for that. They spend on advertising and trying to raise funds for the candidate of choice.

        And don’t forget, Bloomberg, Soros, Gates, all have PACS that spend money where they want.

      • sorry…but its a FRAUD!! You have to be a idiot not to see when the majority of your funds goes for FUNDRAISING….its a FRAUD!!

      • Fundraising events $302,451 (more than to candidates)
        Fundraising fees $500,140 (more than given to candidates)
        Fundraising data & technology $438,484
        Fundraising consulting $329,963


      • IDIOT…why would you FUNDRAISE only to give out 65K to candidates? FUNDRAISING IS JUST WHAT IS SAYS….raising funds…not advertising…RAISING FUNDS!! IDIOTS like you are making people WEALTHY from these pacs

      • PACS are not designed to fund candidates you idiot. They are independent and their main mode is to advertise FOR a particular candidate/party

      • once again…IDIOT…listed on the report are funds spent on ADVERTISING and funds spent on FUNDRAISING! FUNDRAISING is not ADVERTISING!! IDIOT!!

      • I’m sorry but you people are stupid! Fundraising is just that…advertising is just that…fundraising expense and advertising expense are 2 different things and listed individually…..IDIOTS!!!

    • husein the do eater has been the best salesman fhose in the firearms business ever had==and has increased NRA membership to record numbers. But the Uncle Ruckus why do you hae a problem with people exercising their speficially stated right, as guranteed by the Second and Fourteenth Amendments to the US Constitution, to personally “keep and bear arms.” I am almost certain that you wouldnt even look like you were criticizing federal court decisions protecting abortion or sodomite marriage even though abortion, marriage or homosexuality are not, ike firearms, ever mentione din the US Constitution,

      • Nah…its just the IDIOTS that believe the crap that OBAMA IS COMING FOR YOUR GUNS!! 6 years later…he aint got em yet!!

  3. Well gee uncle dumbass, you are probably right. Especially since your boyfriend eric holder openly admitted his dismay at control of guns.

  4. M855 is not armor piercing.

    “I have strong feelings about gun control. If there’s a gun around, I want to be controlling it.”
    -Clint Eastwood from the movie, Pink Cadillac


      • NOPE! Only has a small steel tip, which does NOT make it “armor piercing”! Same with FMJ rounds, mandated for use in military conflicts, due to the Law of Armed conflict, the Geneva Accords, which are dis-regarded by most Communist nations. Russia seems to abide, as they were signatory.

    • Over 31 million AR-15’s are in the possession of private citizens!

      There are more than 10 million other firearms in our possession, that fire

      the .223 round! It is the most popular modern round in America!

      The rest of us have WWI, WWII, and Korean War rifles, with the very much more powerful .308/7.62mm class ammunition!

      Most of the military surplus firearms have wood furniture, because the current government really has no clue, except that they object to the fact that modern firearms are ‘Black’!

  5. It’s time to stop worrying about “STOCKING UP”, and it’s time to start thinking about LOCKING UP. How much longer are we going to let a bunch of criminal Ivy Leaguers decide what happens to our lives and country? Enough.

  6. We are going to have to make a stand at some point. The Leftist Government is testing the waters to see how far they can go. So far they have had mere ripples in the road, not even close to a bump. They know now they are able to move “forward” with little hindrance.

  7. MORE firearms have been bought by Americans in the 6 years of Obama, than were bought from 1776 to 2008!

    The top listed Black Friday sales of firearms, (FBI STATS) were the last two, 2014 and 2013! More than 178,000 Background checks to purchase one, two or more, firearms,
    in one day, on Black Friday, 2014! Estimates are that an equal number of firearms were acquired legally, by private citizens, in FTF sales!

    No idea about the ammunition purchases, but, all the factories are running 24 hour shifts, to try to meet the continuing demand. One plant of hundreds, states their machines produce over 1 million rounds per week, in 16 calibers!

    Walmart sells out of most, within two hours of arrival on the shelves!

    • The KKK are made up of the White, Christen, Conservatives of the old southern democrats (Dixi-crats). Their new names are the Tea Party or “Conservative” party. Learn some history before posting misleading BS.

  8. So…..disallowed for “we the people” to which this country really belongs but allowed for DHS, military and militarized and regular police forces. Sounds like we are being set up for some future confrontation where we have limited access to resources. Hmmm, is 240 year old history repeating itself.

    By the way I would like to know where the ammo mfr’s stand on this and what they plan to do about it.

    • Yes, this is common ammo that every red blooded American can have just like the local Abrams tank dealership on every corner. I hear they are putting in a Stealth Fighter dealership across town, but I am waiting for the nuke shop in a couple years.

      If you are unable to understand the sarcasm I am demonstrating about your post, then maybe you should not post as you are not smart enough.

      Stop helping the other side by making ill-informed sheeple comments based upon what you hear from Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Alex Jones.

      We gun enthusiast do not need idiots like you or them helping us out. Go educate yourself and then make an educated comment and suggestion as to how to defeat this.

      God help us…please!


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