Holder blames Fox News for concern about radical Islam; I have high hopes for the summit on extremism. Not. [VIDEO]

The White House is holding a three-day summit on violent extremism — but of course, not specifically Islamic extremism (actually militant Islam and jihadism). Attendees will examine various courses of action such as more community involvement, but are concerned about an “us versus them” narrative.

Well, someone forget to tell ISIS about that, as well as the panoply of Islamic terrorist groups. We continue to dismiss this issue and attempt to separate the ideology from the enemy — very hard to do. As a matter of fact, according to his op-ed piece today in the LA Times, President Obama believes this is about “hearts and minds.” It seems Marie Harf’s statements indeed reflect the agenda of the Obama administration — that we need to promote jobs and better opportunities. And that follows Hillary Clinton’s comments that we need to “empathize with our enemy.

Against that backdrop comes the somewhat disconcerting words of outgoing U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, as reported by the Daily Caller, who mocked Fox News at the National Press Club Tuesday for talking so much about the Obama administration’s refusal to use the term “radical Islam.”

Holder said, “We spend more time, more time talking about what you call it, as opposed to what do you do about it, you know? I mean really. If Fox didn’t talk about this, they would have nothing else to talk about, it seems to me. Radical Islam, Islamic extremism; I’m not sure an awful lot is gained by saying that.”

You can watch his full comments here.

This is the same Eric Holder in the address Tuesday at the National Press Club who seems to believe that we are not in a “time of war.” Then what are 300 Marines doing five miles away from the enemy? And why is President Obama requesting an AUMF? This further demonstrates the extreme level of confusion regarding policy emanating from this current administration.

For those of us who have served or are serving, it reflects what we fear most: “mission creep.” Military forces are being committed without any clear guidance, direction or strategy.

In order to combat Islamic terrorism and extremism, we don’t need “hearts and minds” rhetoric. That simply will not work. How do you combat an enemy who beheads and sets aflame innocent people? First, you recognize their ideology and then you meet them with hardened force and defeat them with a goal to ultimately destroy their existence — in other words, victory.

This concept has escaped America over the past years — a bipartisan problem — but now this is exacerbated in a completely dangerous way.

This cannot be about law enforcement, jobs and “soft power” engagement — truly Chamberlain-esque in every manner. The enemy is waging a holy war against us — that must be recognized. We are embarking upon a civilizational war to protect and preserve simple concepts of individual rights and freedoms. If we do not make that clear delineation we fail to win the information war — very vital.

If we cannot draw upon the lessons of history that this enemy is using to its advantage and turn it to our advantage, then we shall NOT be successful. There has to be a Churchill in the wings who can stem this tide.

There has to be a committed battle commander in the mold of Charles Martel who turns back the enemy. And yes, there must be those within the Islamic world, leaders, who realize the long-term threat this enemy has and why a reformation is necessary for their belief to come into the 21st century with a modernity that respects constitutional governance and the liberty of the individual.

What I’ve seen in this week so far (and it’s only Wednesday) is the dangerous unwillingness to meet this enemy on the two critical battlefields — the ideological and the physical. My recommendation for President Obama, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, and Marie Harf would be to read Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” — then give me a call. We all know they read Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” cover to cover, but this is not about community organizing against your political opposition.

However, I wish the same vehement vitriol — with the tactics of intimidation, coercion, and deceit — that the progressive socialist left uses against constitutional conservatives would be employed against the real enemies of America and freedom, the Islamic fascists and totalitarians.

Then again, perhaps somewhere deep down inside they have a common sense of purpose?


    • To “nuanced” let’s make is simple for you then. Eric Himmler Holder, of the InJustice dept, thought that he could blame Fox News, for the Islamic problem in the Middle east and not the fool in the White House incompetence. You see if FOX would only stop bringing up the Muslim and Islamic thing, this would not be a problem, you know Generic folks killing other Generic folks, not for religious reason’s but because the enjoy killing, and not because their Religion tells them to do it to non believes, but because it’s Wednesday. Get it. Stop telling the truth about the threat, and pretend it’s not happening. That way the Sheeple who support Obama won’t be disturbed by reality. Hope I haven’t made this too difficult for you to understand Android, you know “too nuanced”

  1. I wish I could be apart to this conversation in the WH, for someone must tell the POTUS about the hard facts and the hard decisions we as a nation must make.

  2. The great football game: Team Freedom vs.Team Dictatorship. Which team are you on and what is your position? Are you just a number, a nice player, a con artist………?

    When you understand that you can be on team dictatorship just by being a number and nice player, you will comprehend the times we are in and how important the above message by Mr West truly is. It ain’t a joke folks.

    How important is freedom and individual right’s to you? Because Islam and Muslims don’t think these ideas are important at all. They like the ideas of control, manipulation, obedience, conformity, commandments, rituals and tradition.

      • They working on that, and they need fools like you to worship the DICKtator Obama. Hows your knees these days Uncle Ruckus ? The must be worn out for kneeling and kissing the feet of your Messiah Obama

      • I did not say Americans lived under a dictatorship. But we could if we don’t take the proper actions. Also when Americans want to claim some of us are Islamphobic’s, they don’t understand you can be on team dictatorship gearing up to take over America, by just being a number, or a nice Muslim.

        Look up the word taqiyya: it means lying and deceiving the infidel until they Muslims have the upper hand. If Americans want to be stupid, the dictators will take over.

      • Its hard for me to understand how you LOONS function on a daily basis with fear running your lives! You fear that muslims, blacks, gays, hispanics….you fear muslims are going to take over america, you fear america is being destroyed, you fear the black president….goodness!!!!

      • To be honest, a Muslim man and the wife he lied about have been destroying my life, in the country I was born in. If you have daughters or granddaughters, I would never want them to experience what I have.

      • No but we do fear mexicans will take over our country and our black president will open the gates to let them in …We dont fear our president because hes black …we fear him because ww let him lie about who he is to get elected and we fear his anti american pro islamic bullshit…we fear his total disregard for our constitution..,and it angers milliions of people that voted for him to be called a racist by him and his racist cronies because were not quick to fry a cop for a crime he didnt commit …and we fear he is goin to damage this country in ways it will take decades to repair…,

      • I function fine of course i live in a nice area ….low crime rate ….no lootin or anyone burnin there mamas store down …,,really kinda mellow nothing for obama to cheer about ….we actually like when the police shot criminals in our town…..now do see what our president has done to bring this country together….And thats just one of the kings having hisway with a country he cares nothing about …

  3. You gotta love how these leftist morons stopped blaming Bush, now all the problems in the world are to be blamed on Fox News! YOu can’t make this stuff up….

  4. I’m sure if FOX news would just stop identifying these ALLAH AKBAR shouting ISIS (ISLAMIC State of Iraq and Syria) terrorist as Muslims or Islamic, then all our problems would be solved. A hug maybe, you know EMBRACING, and then possible a job offer, will make them peace loving folks, who will be planting daisies, instead of road side bombs. YEAH, that will work. The reality is, Holder, like Obama is trying, once again to BLAME someone else for the short comings and out right incompetence of the Obama Foreign Policy, (an Oxymoron for sure) while he embraces the enemy and spits in the face of our allies, the world burns and these Not Islamic, Not Muslim, Not Terrorist, continue to behead, burn and liquidate NON Believers, in the name of Muhammed, Note to Eric Himmler Holder, You’re DUCK is walking and quacking. ALLLLLLAAAAAHHHH !

  5. LOL! Obozo can’t even find jobs for the 90 million Americans out of work. How is he going to get jobs for the millions of terrorists?

  6. i swear i don’t know why you people keep feeding the uncle ruckus troll. he makes another boneheaded statement and ya’ll go all to pieces. if you ignore the anti-american p.o.s. troll, it’s absolutely the worst thing you can to it.

  7. I’ve been saying all along… FOX supports satanic Islam. The stories Fox reports on is designed to motivate the satanic worshipping muslims…
    Research the relationship Murdock has with Prince Al Waleed of Saudi Barbaria… and you’ll discover… together they have Islamic networks all over the world.

  8. As a Civilian attorney – prior to Obama’s nomination as US Attorney General, Eric Holder represented SIXTEEN MUSLIM/ISLAMIC TERRORISTS from YEMEN – held at GITMO.

    Holder was required to submit ALL legal briefs in his representation of GITMO prisoners for his confirmation hearings – BUT he concealed SEVEN significant Legal briefs written by holder himself in his representation of TERRORISTS.

    This intentional DECEIT would become known at the time of Holder’s mishandling of the CHRISTMAS DAY BOMBER/UNDERWEAR BOMBER – in “2009” – when Holder closed downthe interrogation – by US MILITARY – after only fifty minutes, silencing the ENEMY COMBATANT, holder reading Miranda Rights to him – and providing a defense attorney for him at the expense of US Taxpayers

    When our US Senators became aware of Holder as US ATTORNEY GENERAL acting more as a defens e attorney – for an Enemy Combatant in his Act of War against The USA in his use of WMD – instead Holder operating as a Prosecutor in service to our country, The USA – to prosecute these matters when WMD are used on US soil by an Enemy Combatant,
    our US Senators asked Holder to place all matters in writing and to state the “authority”.

    When Holder stated in writing that he was only following the law and a case precedent, upon our US Senators researching what Holder had claimed = it was NOT a case precedent at all – but a Ruling that was Overturned by the US SUPREME COURT – from a Legal brief written by holder himself as a Civilian attorney in how he thought Enemy Combatants should be handled – whose argument was determined to be “unconstitutional” – by US Supreme Court.

    Holder had “trickbagged” himself = the LEGAL BRIEF was an exact BLUEPRINT on how Holder had handled/mishandled the CHRISTMAS Day bomber – Holder was intentionally misleading members of Congress – w his FALSE INFORMATION, knowing his actions as US AG – were “unconstitutional” – what Holder was doing w the CHRISTMAS Day bomber had already been ruled upon by the US SUPREME Court as unconstitutional.
    Holder’s deceit also exposed that he Failed to submit for his confirmation = SEVEN significant LEGAL BRIEFS in his representation of SUXTEEN GITMO prisoners.

    Our US Senators demanded Obama FIRE HOLDER, not just force him to resign, but Obama refused. When the Volume on the Public Uproar – became even Louder, for Obama to STEP DOWN if he refused to FIRE HOLDER for his LIES and DECEIT,

    all of a Sudden there is an Oil Rig Explosion – in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Louisiana, killing Eleven people, causing a MASSIVE OIL SPEW for close to Ninety Days –
    causing a MEDIA BLACKOUT –
    quelling the FIRESTORM of OUTRAGE for Obama to STEP DOWN as POTUS for his refusal to FIRE Holder – identified as RADICAL MUSLIM TERRORIST SYMPATHIZERS –
    and subverting the investigation of ACORN as a CRIME SYNDICATE – when the ACORN offices headquarted in New Orleans, Louisiana – were raided by State and Federal agencies confiscating all computers and business records.
    in which this man-made Disaster was useful to

  9. And “Telephone Colonel” West depends on FOX as a reliable news source, Wing-nuts?




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    I actually feel sorry for ya’ll!


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