U.S. Muslim leaders silent on Christian beheadings; Christian leaders must not be

I just finished reading Graeme Wood’s piece in The Atlantic entitled “What ISIS Really Wants.” It’s a long and comprehensive essay intended to intellectually define an enemy who has already by its actions expressed who it is and what it wants.

Wood does seem to realize who this enemy is as he writes, “The reality is that the Islamic State is Islamic. Very Islamic. Yes, it has attracted psychopaths and adventure seekers, drawn largely from the disaffected populations of the Middle East and Europe. But the religion preached by its most ardent followers derives from coherent and even learned interpretations of Islam.”

Then why does it seem the official policy of the Obama administration — as well as Islamapologists — is to dismiss any aspect of religion being a part of the ISIS equation? Even the White House statement after the horrific beheading of twenty-one Egyptian Christian men referred to them only as “citizens” and “victims.”

However, it didn’t take the administration very long to speak out against the killing of three Muslim college students in North Carolina as being inspired by religion — something local law enforcement has not stated.

Why does it seem we are so recalcitrant to see this enemy in the terms they use – and accept their reality? When the Coptic Christian men were beheaded, the ISIS savages made reference to “people of the cross” and spoke of Rome.

Some say we shouldn’t refer to this as being rooted in religion because that will inflame the situation — just as we hear that GITMO is a major recruiting tool (and those orange jumpsuits used in ISIS videos are intentional).

So, I’m struggling to understand how, if the enemy firmly declares this is about killing Christians i.e. “We will conquer your Rome, break your crosses, and enslave your women” our words could “inflame” the situation even more?

It seems to me the only ones running around speaking of the Crusades are the Islamic terrorists — and, well, our own president. I find it perplexing how we in the West struggle not to confront this enemy while finding every excuse for why we shouldn’t. The fundamental premise of warfare as articulated by Sun Tzu many centuries ago is to “know the enemy.” If we refuse to comprehend and accept the driving motivation behind this enemy and its ideology – which is the REAL recruiting tool – we only increase our apparent weakness.

Even the Danish Prime Minister who just witnessed an Islamic jihadist attack in her capital refuses to accept this as militant Islam — then again, she was taking selfies with President Obama a few months back.

Do these Western leaders realize the message they’re sending to Islamic terrorists? Why don’t they follow the example of leaders such as King Abdullah of Jordan and Egyptian President al-Sisi? There are intimations that Jordan and Egypt requested targeting intelligence support from the U.S. and were denied — boy, I hope that’s the case. It’s well known that the U.S. has cut off military support and aid to Egypt since the ousting of the Muslim Brotherhood.

But if these leaders of Muslim nations can take to the air to engage ISIS with no restrictions — why can’t we? They see ISIS as an enemy and fully embrace the concept of its defeat and destruction — it is a dark specter over Muslims. It shouldn’t be that hard to organize a dedicated coalition – U.S., Jordan, Egypt, UAE, and the Kurdish Regional Government.

Consider the message being sent to the enemy with our Congress on recess and the president returning from the west coast doing fundraisers and playing golf. If I were the enemy, I’d see a lack of leadership and direction. The enemy sees no sense of urgency — and Congress should reject Obama’s AUMF and craft one for a vote themselves. They should be in Washington D.C. developing this resolution in concert with uniform leaders, both active and retired, which is specific and addresses something missing from our lexicon of late: victory.

I appreciate Mr. Woods article in The Atlantic, but any student of history and the jihad well recognizes who ISIS is and what they want. ISIS seeks to follow the example of Mohammad after his departure from Mecca, circa 622 AD. I would love to see Islam return to its early peaceful designs — but that has not defined the existence of Islam on earth for nearly 1400 years.

And ISIS is just another chapter in this belief of violent jihadist conquest — the restoration of the Caliphate. The time may be coming when we may find ourselves facing an unacceptable existence, which represents the most savage and barbaric of our times. How do we explain this to our children and grandchildren? How do we tell them this clear and present evil in our times is allowed to thrive?

Pastors, reverends, ministers, when will you take a stance and from the pulpit explain to your congregations what is happening? When will you be as God spoke to Joshua, “strong and of good courage, for the Lord your God shall not leave you nor forsake you?” Those twenty-one Christian men cried out to Jesus. The least we can do is honor their martyred sacrifice and let the Christian community in America realize this threat. When will we see a dedicated Sunday when our Christian leaders band together and educate their congregants? Reverend Franklin Graham and the Pope have both spoken out, but the leaders in our local communities must join the chorus.

I can almost bet there are some people going to church who have no idea who or what ISIS is. If ISIS can somehow rally sick individuals to its cause, who is rallying for our cause?

Somewhere the spirit of Charles Martel has to be found — he was called “The Hammer” for a reason. And folks, I am concerned about our debt, deficit, unemployment, economic growth, better education opportunities, illegal immigration, unconstitutional actions…but we can rectify all of that. However, it will mean nothing if we don’t defeat this evident scourge — Islamo-fascism, jihadism, and terrorism.


  1. Obama mentions Crusades at the prayer breakfast and then suddenly these psycho Islamist’s call these men Christian Crusaders before beheading them…..good job Obama….this is what you accomplished!

    • WHY did they block the bills? when your libtard were in office? could it be that there was pork in the bills that had nothing to do with veterans? Could it be that there is no funding? When will you democrats realize that the credit card is tapped and it will come to roost in the next 1-8 years like you can not even imagine? Stop all funding for items the federal gov’t does not belong in: Federalized education (common core is NOT common.., yet it dumbs our populace down through the mind-numbing, ritalin-drenched, propaganda camps you call the public fool.., er, uh, I mean ‘school’.

      oh yeah…, and the dems are FOR more veterans rights…, just like they are FOR vote-buying give-illegals-a-social-security-number-and-license-so-they-can-vote.

  2. Where is the massive response against the ISIS threat from a Muslim coalition army made up of troops from regimes across the Mid-East … oil rich regimes? Could it be that the powers-that-be that rule regimes throughout the Mid-East along with the co-operation of the Muslim in the White House are financing ISIS .. are ushering in the Islamic Caliphate and … any token show of force is all a dog and pony show?

  3. The United Nations?

    Non-Islamic member nations of the UN are outnumbered. The implication? The Islamic Caliphate will be furthered by Mid-East leadership … excluding Israel … through do-nothing policies.

    My grandfather claimed to all who would listen that the UN (League of Nations) was created to be the platform that would someday usher in a one-world government. “Grandpa … if you can hear … you were right!” Considering I have been accused of suspecting conspiracies where none exist … I do believe that a conspiracy mindset may be hereditary.

    • THE UN…, should leave american shores…, and perhaps head to The Hague. Taxpayers funding the UN…, is a very bad thing. That real estate could be put to significant better use.

      Or perhaps it should move to Washington!!

  4. http://www.happysonship.com/love-enemies-enemies/

    While our secular nation should likely do what it did in WWII from a pragmatic view…, I wonder if christians, individually…, should perhaps take the view found in the link above? I’d vote for you in a NY minute Allen…, but as a christian…, I wonder if we don’t have some responsibility to trust our loving Father with our lives…, since they are not ‘ours’ to begin with? The government of the United States…, is not, nor should it be.., a christian government. Too many viewpoints about what that means!

    Christians…, perhaps would be better serving human-kind.., if they did actually believe what the article above (and Jesus’ own words…) speaks to?

    • Instead of going through your useless life sukking ISIS dikk, respond to the topic. Or is diversion the best your dumb azz has to offer?


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