Theatre of the absurd: Marie Harf says root cause of ISIS is unemployment [VIDEO]

My, oh my. This is why President Obama’s AUMF must be rejected. State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf actually said “we cannot win this war by killing them [ISIS], we cannot kill our way out of this war” yesterday on MSNBCS’s “Hardball.” Instead, her solution is a jobs program and training for all those jihadis. Even host Chris Matthews was shocked. ‘Nuff said. Watch.


  1. War is never plesent Chris, which is why we have to ensure they have jobs and eliminate poverty worldwide so they’ll stop killing innocents. R u f’n kidding me!

    • This is EXACTLY what these DoS Mooks are like… They live in the Illusionary Zone and the think stupid crap like this will work. This just tells me that she and many like her have absolutely NO clue about what is going on, or who these people are. I think she should personally go and tell DAESH to their face how she wants to help them….

  2. I was waiting for Marie to break out singing “Kumbaya”! AGAIN, for the billionth time trying to convince us that everything is just peachy? How dumb does the Admin. really think we are???

  3. America’s First War was the Barbary Wars in the 1790’s. We fought against Jihadists from the area now known as Libya in Tripoli. This was then known as the Berber states and part of the Ottoman empire (Islamic Caliphate). Jefferson asked what the US had done to offend them and he was told that “it is in our Quran to make war against unbelievers until they submit to Islam”. This was the reason we were told to pay 20% GDP to a “Jizya tax”. When Jefferson learned of this, he acquired a Quran and began to read the motivations behind the enemy. He learned that there would be no dealing with these people and you could not negotiate peace from a point of weakness. He created the navy and marines and set out to DESTROY the Berber pirates, such that they would either perish or give up and yeild to peace. They did finally give up and signed peace agreements. For over two hundred years, there was not another incident of Piracy against the US until Somolians took over a US Flagged ship (there was a movie about this one).

    Violence is all these people know and we must be ruthless against them and their supporters. If we do not stop this, it will engulf the world.

    • Yep! They are the same type islamic death cultist then as now. The British initiated the Crusades to same type of islamic death cultist then as now. I guess the do not teach students of the “Dark Ages” ). When, the same type of islamic death cultist now as then controlled the known World, until the crusades purged most of them. What were left of the islamic death cultist turned deep

      jungles and deserts of Africa to escape the British. There in Africa and West India or Indies. Therein, the islamic death cultist survived via cannibalism, slavey, slave trade, beasiality (thus this creation and transmission aides & other vile diseases), piracy (Corcairs)of Mediterranean Sea taking European slaves: this again was quelled by the British. Thus, the corsairs, started getting the African natives to vanquish other tribes not just for cannibalism, but for slaves. Thus, the corsairs which were now a negro from all the in breeding with the African tribes and animals, Thus, therein a Negro: corsair Captain Smith vend the first negro slaves in America. Shortly, thereafter, they become known in America as the Barbar pirates, due to fact Europe lead by British soon purged the corsairs, and the survivers escaped West Indies, where some of them had already establish bases. The British even during Revolutionary War fought to purge still even more. It was not until after the Revolutionary War, at what the Americans joined in fray did the quelling of the Barbary Pirates incur.

  4. Obama *wants* the AUMF rejected. That’s the wrong argument to have. He wants it rejected so he can blame Congress for the ongoing collapse of the Middle East.

  5. This beyotch knows NOTHING about war! She went from mamas kitchen straight to the White House and got more ideologically retarded the longer she was there. And Mathews saying the Right is “afraid” to be in this war is just stunted.

  6. Profound ignorance on steroids, Harf’s arguments about poor, and lack of jobs for Islamists was crushed years ago. Her comments are literally embarrassing at this stage. Islamic jihadists are driven by the teachings of the Qu’ran,hadith,sirah, and the reliance of the Traveler. We have seen time and time again doctors,and well educated Muslims pick up the mantel of jihad. Major Nadal Hassan who murdered 12 soldiers at Fort Hood was a psychologist and still was driven by Islamic teachings just like most of the 19 9-11 hijackers were not driven by a lack of jobs or being poor. .

  7. I hear the administration will be hosting a job fair for ISIL as soon as the snow melts in DC….you know, change their hearts and minds BS again. Blow them to their many virgins as soon as possible!

  8. You know I really was hoping that it was the fever I had for 5 days that made me hallucinate that news conference, but then I woke up today and it was still the same… I really can’t say I am surprised but yep this administration is really living on another planet…. Can we please get rid of them NOW!!

  9. Osama Bin Laden’s net worth was 50 million. It would have taken a lot of government jobs programs to buy him out of the Jihad business. That makes moon-bats like this really really moist.

  10. I can’t believe that this dumb liberal c**t said “a lack of jobs is the reason why ISIS is committing vicious acts of terrorism and raping children,” then the dumb c**t said that we can’t win this war with bombs.” Dafuq?

  11. Torturing, beheading, burning and burying innocent people alive is their job…. and they’re gainfully employed. Thanks to our inept leaders they have job security!

  12. This is the type of imbecile permeating not only Obama’s administration but the whole of our government and academia. Low intelligence, low information drones.

  13. She is so stupid. This will not stop them from killing jews and christians. The religion of islam does not care about what she is trying to promote. Her absurdity and stupidity just astounds me.

    • You do realize that it’s mainly other Muslims kicking ISIS butt don’t you? You know those air strikes run by Jordon and Egypt….what religion do you think most of those pilots are?

      • yes I do, however, they are not stopping the senseless killing of jews and christians by ISIS. What this lady is talking about giving them jobs is stupid and absurd. We need to take them out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • They are doing more to stop ISIS than we as a nation are. Different factions of Muslims are also senselessly killed by ISIS , this isn’t a Muslim’s against Jews and Christian thing, this is an ISIS against EVERYONE thing- and ISIS needs to be stopped. I could care less what this lady thinks should be done…the point is that Muslim’s in Egypt and Jordan are doing more.

      • I agree that ISIS needs to be stopped. I see what your talking about. I think our government needs to get on the ball and do more than what they are doing now. I just got soooo mad with her and the crap coming out of her mouth.

  14. Here we see someone who has no idea what is happening in the world. She really is stupid if she thinks the these murdering towrags will stop murdering people if they are given jobs. Brain dead people in power really do destroy a country from the inside and here we have a great example.

  15. I can just imagine Maria Harf, Susan Rice and Obama having a conversation about how they think ALL the problems in the world are due to “income inequality.” I can imagine them discussing how a One World Socialist Government would be a dream come true. The problem with this bunch is that they suffer from such idealism that they are blind to reality. In their world of pixie dust and unicorns, they take these ridiculous solutions seriously.

    We know that people like Maria Harf and Susan Rice are given their talking points by the Obama administration and then told to go out and sell it to the Gruberized Americans. It’s obvious that this is just one more ridiculous attempt by the administration to deflect from the fact that ISIS is an Islamic group by painting them as “victims” of an unfair world full of social inequity. The part that bothers me the most is that it also deflects from the REAL victims who have been murdered, enslaved, raped and abused by these barbaric Islamic savages.

    Even Chris Matthews refused to agree with Maria Harf’s inane remarks. Ed Schultz has said that this is a “religious war.” It has gotten to the point where even MSNBC’s hosts are no longer defending this administration’s absurdities. How can Obama and his minions survive without MSNBC making excuses for them?

    • …. It has gotten to the point where even MSNBC’s hosts are no longer defending this administration’s absurdities ….

      As Doctor Benjamin Solomon Carson recently observed, (paraphrased) the Fascist Media will stay with their blind ideology only to the point where they begin to realize that – when America swirls South down the Soros-Soetoro gurgler – so goes the Fascist Media!

      Our beloved fraternal republic is at the tipping point and even the craven likes of such media mobsters as Mr Mathews and Herr Schultz are beginning to sense their peril.

      Look for the media to soon be racing for the Truth, as if PIIGS, to the Euro ATMs.

      Brian Richard Allen

  16. I have recommended she hire a few ISIS members to trim her hedges. That should work well with her jobs plan…..She actually remembers to breathe?

  17. This is actually a fascinating display of how much Marxist theories hold sway with the members of the Zero regime.

    The Daesh barbarians are explained simply through a tale of socioeconomic oppression – they simply do not have jobs or stable means of economic self-sufficiency. Typical Marxist class oppression nonsense.

    At the same time, the religious factor is totally ignored, which corresponds with a well-known theoretical blindspot of Marxism: the failure to recognize non-material motivations in general, and religion in particular.

    Zero’s regime is clearly heavily influenced by Marxism.

    • Excellent synopsis, Fifth. These savages epitomize their prophet, and they have every intention of attempting to force the whole world to do the same. Only a nuke over Mecca will solve this, and I don’t see that happening. We are being governed by the most banal of men. The words coming out of the mouth of this mind-seared woman do not surprise me in the least, nor does her response to her critics that perhaps her statements were “too nuanced” for us serfs to comprehend. This speaks volumes.

    • …. Zero’s regime is clearly heavily influenced by Marxism ….

      True. But by the mobbed-up, Mussolini-modeled “modified” Marxism its mother, Mr Mussolini, called fascism.

      Malignant-Envy-driven, oikophobic, self and own-species-hating, Malignantly-Narcissistic, Parteigenosse Sayyid-Haji Soros um Soetoro, is closer to Lenin and to Mussolini and to Hitler — and to Hitler’s homeboy, Stalin — and to Stalin’s (and Mao’s) lapdog, Roosevelt [FD] — all variations of the same theme — than he is to Marx.

      Brian Richard Allen

  18. It’s amazing how Socialist ideas thrive in these people’s heads,but doesn’t work in the real world. You literally have to be void of cognition to believe this stuff.

  19. This woman shouldn’t be allowed in front of a microphone, she’s so blindingly stupid, MSLSD viewers might “catch it”.

    Yes, send the Peace Corpse (sic) to Syria, that’ll teach them.

  20. If tis woman is representative of our higher education system then it should be “degraded and destroyed” then completely rebuilt.

  21. She will probably come up to Canada on a speaking tour and the liberals here will be fawning all over her. Obama already has two democrats up here to help the liberals get elected in the fall.

    • He also has a team of Demoncraps in Israel to defeat Bibi, who he hates even more than his usual hatred for whites and Christians. At least you do not actually have this Manchurian Candidate as one of your politicians, much less a great leader in the manner of the fat Korean.

    • Pray that Harper can hold onto a minority Conservative government at the least. Or, if he loses, and the Hairpiece becomes our fearless federal chancellor, that we have enough blue seats to keep him and the NDP in check!

  22. So giving them jobs is this liberal nitwit’s magic bullet solution to the ISIS problem? But
    they have to be good, sustainable GREEN jobs. Maybe Obama can give
    another $536 million of U.S. taxpayer dollars to the bankrupt Solyndra
    to put them back in business and they can open a plant in Syria to put
    all of those poor, starving depressed ISIS guys to work so they can stop
    beheading people and burning people alive. . . .

  23. At last, the world has got
    THE solution to Islamic terrorism ! Here is Mrs Harf, the
    right person for the right job. She must hurry, go and open a job
    centre at Isis’, then at Nostra’s and later at the Mollah’s, next she
    will go the Assad ‘s, Saudi Arabia and finally to the 93 area
    and Marseille in France (she will be given a free map of the
    Underground and will not forget her guitar). They can’t wait !

  24. Yeah … Nadal Hassan, the psychiatrist at Ft. Hood, had a job … and he killed 14 people. ISIS animals don’t need jobs, they are following their non-prophet, Mohammed to a T! They are the ULTIMATE Moslems! And just today, they cut the hands off 3 women in Iraq – for using cell phones to call their families.

  25. Her rating on the dumb meter would be the equivalent of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Where do the Dumbocrats find these dunderheads?

  26. Obama doubled down on that same thing in his speech today!
    His speech sounded like he was not president of the USA, but of the New World Order!
    It was a totally surreal speech today. It sounded like President Obama was going to try and entice the ISIS youth to get an education and find jobs instead of fighting.
    I, for one, do not want them coming to the USA for an education. Obama needs to set things up over there. USA Citizens can not afford an education any more. I know I can not afford further education. We sure don’t need to pay for or have ISIS youths here to be educated! Not with the trouble Citizens have getting good jobs that they love and enjoy.
    I also do not like that Obama is focusing on helping the muslims again instead of the Christians. We need a Christian president! There are many persecuted Christians in that region that the education would help and they would be productive citizens!
    This is just my opinion.

    • Oh, but comrade Hussein is one of them, being born to a muslim father and a marxist mother, then raised by a muslim stepfather. Those useful idiots that deny Hussein’s muslim ideology should explain why there is no fatwah against him for apostasy, which is a death sentence in islam. The only way to get a Christian President is to get rid of comrade Hussein, and two years is too long for the American people to have to suffer through the continuing destruction of everything American. Until then, there will be no recognition of islamic terrorists by comrade Hussein or his muslim brotherhood brothers in arms, or steps taken to protect the U.S. and its citizens, especially by our Injustice Department that has been totally taken over by marxists and useful idiots.

      • I agree! Barack Hussein Obama is an embarrassment as President of the United States. He is importing dangerous “refugees” that will never assimilate and be a true American citizen, even if they ever get citizenship, which is practically guaranteed. Obama is putting the “Agenda 21” on the fast track during his last two years, which will totally destroy the U.S.A. as a country and a positive culture. IMHO!

  27. We can’t kill our way out of this. A vaunted Army Lt. Col. should know this. NO ONE in the military agrees with Allen. Pentagon or otherwise. And once again he complains and offers NO alternatives. You wing-nuts don’t see this?

    “Terrorism is commonly defined as violent acts (or threat of violent acts) intended to create fear (terror), perpetrated for a religious, political, or ideological goal, and which deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants (e.g., neutralmilitary personnel or civilians). Another common definition is political, ideological or religious violence by non-state actors. Some definitions now include acts of unlawful violence and war. The use of similar tactics by criminal organizations forprotection rackets or to enforce a code of silence is usually not labeled terrorism, though these same actions may be labeled terrorism when done by a politically motivated group. Usage of the term has also been criticized for its frequent undue equating with Islamism or jihadism, while ignoring non-Islamic organizations or individuals.”

    Spring Fever: The Illusion of Islamic Democracy, Andrew C. McCarthy – 2013
    African Politics: Beyond the Third Wave of Democratisation, Joelien Pretorius – 2008, page 7

      • So, you blame the ENTIRE Muslim religion. Kill them all. Is that your position? A 21st Century Holocaust ? You are no better than a Nazi. You want to obliterate 1.3 BILLION people? ISIS perverts Islam.

      • No, ISIS epitomizes Islam, and my solution will never happen, because no one who should have balls has the balls to do it. Take your ass on over to the Middle East and negotiate, offer up some jobs, and let us know how that turns out, with your head lopped off.

      • You missed the entire point. What is your plan for others who don’t have the same religious beliefs as you. It is by your thoughts you will be judged. All the hate in your heart.

      • Hate in my heart? Really? You’re a blind sheep, Jay. The spirit that rules the prophet of Islam and his followers is not of God. I don’t wish for the death of any innocents, but innocent people die every day in a myriad of ways, and I am quite confident that God knows His own. With the reported rate that Middle Eastern women are committing suicide to save themselves from the cult of ISIS, you may never know how many are praying for bombs. You have no clue what it might be like to live under those conditions, but have at it. If you can manage to come up with the perfect, inerrant solution to separate the evil from the innocent, please do. It’s easy enough for us to be keyboard quarterbacks, but we really have NO CLUE how horrific it is for the people who are actually living it. Things may not be as black and white as you think, Jay.

      • “The only alternative is complete annihilation of these beasts, including a nuke over Mecca.”

        Explain what you mean by, “…complete annihilation…” Reads to me like genocide. Are you aware ISIS is responsible for Muslim deaths than ANY other deaths for which they responsible?

        Make up your mind.

      • Jay,
        What do you think they want to do to us? Why are you not calling them Nazis? They’re the ones murdering children, homosexuals, anybody daring to dissent. How would you propose it be dealt with? Seriously all you’re doing is bitching with no intelligent alternative solutions. How do you manage to muster the brain cells to breathe.

    • Here’s what military veterans have said we should do: firstly, we need to set free the sex slaves that ISIS is holding and raping on a daily basis (according to the few women who have escaped), and likewise we need to liberate the cities held by ISIS. That requires more than airstrikes, since airstrikes cannot take and hold territory. That means we either need to send in ground forces – which many generals have been saying for months now – and/or provide better weapons for our allies, especially the Kurds who are currently fighting with hunting rifles and rusty AK-47s. They especially need anti-tank weapons, since ISIS stole thousands of armored vehicles from Iraqi bases. Obama has refused to arm them directly, and the weapons he’s sending to the Iraqi government aren’t being given to the Kurds (as the Kurds have confirmed). Even the airstrikes are woefully inadequate: maybe 20 – 40 per day, compared to the more than 3,000 per day during the Gulf War in 1991. We currently only have one carrier (out of nine) engaged in the war, and no combat troops. Imagine if you’re a Kurd trying to fight with an old rifle that barely functions, after your daughters and wife were kidnapped to be used as sex slaves. You’re hoping your U.S. allies will follow through on their pledge to help, but instead you see Marie Harf babbling about providing jobs for jihadis. I’m in contact with many Kurds, and they are just about ready to give up hope of any meaningful aid from the U.S.

      • Just to use one example of a veteran who is actually over there fighting right now (on his own, having joined the Kurds): Jordan Matson has said that the U.S. government isn’t doing anything meaningful to help the Kurds, saying that we need to arm them and send in our own combat troops to help. There are large numbers of other veterans who have also gone over there, or are in the process of going over, for the same reason. I.e., the First North American Expeditionary Force is one such group organizing hundreds of veterans to go over and help. The Lions of Rojava is another. But do you really think that Marie Harf’s plan of creating jobs is going to liberate any of the cities which ISIS is occupying, or set free any of the sex slaves they’re holding? And which veterans believe in that type of plan?

      • ONE veteran? That is your foundation? I am sure he is an “expert” in tactical and strategic planning as well as counter intelligence…

        I prefer to listen to those further up the chain of command.

      • And thousands of others like him who are actually so fed up with their government that they are going over there on their own to fight. I said Matson was one example, not the only one. And you completely dodged my main point: do you really think that providing jobs for ISIS members will liberate any of the cities they’ve taken or the women they’re using as sex slaves?

      • What “thousands?” The proposal was not to ISIS but their breeding grounds. At least get that straight. But you will have to watch something other than FOX News.

      • You can’t expect me to list all of them (especially since you haven’t listed even one who supports your view), but there are so many veterans going over to fight that the KRG has actually been turning many of them away. Look up “Lions of Rojava” or the “First North American Expeditionary Force” and you’ll find plenty of veterans (Joshua Bell, Richard Jansen, Matthew Kawolski, etc, etc). Veterans such as John McCain have also criticized Obama’s current strategy. as have officers such as Lt. Col. Ralph Peters and even Obama’s own appointees for Secretary of Defense and CIA director, Leon Panetta and Robert Gates. Now name one veteran or military officer who agrees with you. You keep dodging that. As for ISIS’ “breeding grounds” : given that they have come from over 150 different countries (if memory serves), providing jobs in all those countries would be a big undertaking, And what evidence do you have that they were unemployed to begin with? Do you have any statistics on ISIS unemployment figures? You’re just repeating a common liberal mantra without showing that it would fit this particular circumstance.
        And BTW, I don’t watch Fox News, so that common liberal mantra isn’t going to help you here either. But I do have contact with many Kurds who actually live in or near the war zone.

      • Uuuuuuuuuuuuuu, “contacts.” Impressed. Whom do I trust for REAL military intelligence?

        Wesley Kanne Clark, Sr.

        Jack Howard Jacobs

        For starters.

      • You’re claiming that Welsey Clark and Jack Jacobs support “jobs for jihadis” as the most effective way to win this war? No ground troops? Only a handful of airstrikes per day? Is that what they really support? Making noises like “Uuuuuuuuuu” doesn’t prove your point, in fact it’s merely the same type of ridicule that you were accusing others of. You still haven’t presented any evidence to back up anything. And yes, I’ll go by the views of the people who are actually on the frontlines and who know what’s going on. The Peshmerga are being forced to buy hunting rifles and aging AK-47s because they don’t have anything better, and Obama won’t send them anything better. But “jobs for jihadis” is supposed to make everything fine, right?

      • NOT our ground troops. You mean you haven’t had enough of American body bags after GB 43 got us into this fiasco? Or do I have to hand hold you through a history of Iraqi Freedom? The US, ALONE, cannot kill or bomb our way out of this. I’m with those who believe that ONLY an Arab nation and INTERNATIONAL coalition will get us out of this, and it will be generational. Do you know why the Peshmerga are not being supplied by American weapons? Saudi Arabia and the Turks. Spend your energy forcing that issue. I do. You?

      • So you want an international coalition, but only so long as the US – the world’s main superpower – plays only a tiny role? How many other countries are going to send forces if we don’t step up to the plate with a significant response? I think you’ll find that the coalition will quickly fall apart because they don’t want to send their boys home in body bags either. And yet someone needs to do it before ISIS spreads to even more countries (they’ve now taken over several Libyan cities as well). As for a lack of U.S. arms to the Kurds: the U.S. government could easily set its own policy on that issue regardless of objections by the Turks and others, if there was only adequate leadership in the White House. Since when do we allow the Turks to dictate our policy? And why should we? And of course, you blamed “W”, as liberals always do; but it was Obama who withdrew our troops at a time when everyone was telling him that Iraq was still too unstable. ISIS promptly took over shortly after the withdrawal, and that wasn’t W’s fault. But here’s the bottom line: ISIS is still expanding, much as Hitler was expanding in the early years of WWII. We can ignore that type of threat only to our peril. We also have obligations to groups like the Kurds, who have long served as our loyal allies, and we additionally have a moral obligation to prevent the type of genocide that ISIS has been attempting to inflict on the Yezidis, and to rescue Christian and Yezidi women being used as sex slaves. If we sent in a decent percentage of our forces, we could roll ISIS back fairly quickly and liberate the people suffering under their rule (if 150 Peshmerga turned the tide in Kobani, how many Marines would it take?) A “generational” war won’t do that, and will be far costlier in the long run both in terms of money and lives lost. The only thing worse than a short bloody war is a long bloodier war. Many US veterans have already volunteered to go over, as they are willing to put themselves on the line for this cause, and many of their active-duty comrades have said they would be willing to go as well. Just as during WWII there was a need to intervene forcefully as early as possible, there is also a similar need today.

      • Yup! We have been the world’s cops since 1945. We pay for the national defense of Japan, Germany, South Korea, Philippines, and a whole host of other countries. It’s about time somebody else did the heavy lifting. To say nothing about what it has done to our economy.

        World’s main super-power? Then why is our military about to fall BELOW pre-WW II levels? Or don’t you keep up with current events?

      • If you think we’re no longer the main superpower, which nation has surpassed us in terms of military strength? More to the point, which nation is going to step up and defeat ISIS if we don’t?

      • So do you think China will defeat ISIS and save the sex slaves, Christians, Yezidis, and other victims? Or is it pretty much us or no one?

      • Even that article itself says: “the military would have the money to remain the most capable in the world”. So even this article says we’ll still have the best military, and that’s certainly not a “pre-World War II” level because prior to WWII our military was ranked 17th, right behind Poland. We’re certainly not going back to that level, and clearly haven’t reached it yet even if there were actually plans to scale us down to below Poland’s pre-WWII military. In short, we still have a dominant military, and certainly one that’s capable of winning victories.

      • And size doesn’t equal “best”. A large rabble of guys with low-tech weapons can’t take on the U.S. military even if they have more troops. But the article specifically said the US military has the ability to remain “the most capable in the world”, which you ignored while focusing on the word “money”. My point was that the article you referred me to actually contradicts your claims.

      • Tell that to WWII vets. And research Sherman tanks. They were called, “Widow Makers.” “Has the ability…” Makes me feel so safe. Do you understand the concept of asymmetrical warfare?

      • None of that has anything to do with whether the U.S. is still a major superpower (or doesn’t China have to worry about asymmetric warfare and tanks sometimes having problems?), nor does it mean that we are hopelessly incapable of taking on ISIS. Even the small amount of force we’ve used thus far has helped the Kurds shove them back from Kobani and Mt Sinjar, and to push to within a few miles of Mosul, regardless of whether ISIS represents an asymmetric threat. So it stands to reason that if we put in a decent amount of planes and ground troops (as the Kurds are asking us to do) we could succeed further. Nothing you said in your latest reply would refute that. And it’s ironic that you should bring up World War II, which we managed to win even if some of our technology had problems (sure, the Sherman tank was prone to catching on fire, and some of the planes had problems too, and the rifles sometimes jammed. We won the war in the end, though).

      • Air power and technology has NOTHING to do with winning. It requires military forces on the ground. At that we have been abysmal. Or do want more American body bags and veteran suicide rates to continue at 22 a day? So easy to push for more involvement when you don’t choose or have to go. If you are so eager, ENLIST!

      • Actually, I have been thinking of going over there to fight, as have a substantial number of U.S. veterans (as I mentioned earlier in this discussion). As for those who aren’t willing to fight despite currently serving in the military: perhaps they should have gone into a different occupation if they don’t want to serve in combat. What do you think the military is for? We have a volunteer army composed of people who chose to enter that line of work, and the ones who never want to fight should have become a dentist, or florist, or some other, safer, occupation instead. I would add that you keep shifting your argument. Yesterday you were arguing that the US is no longer a superpower, so I responded to that; but now you’re suddenly arguing that the military should never be used because it will mean casualties. You’re a supporter of a Neville Chamberlain approach to evil – – declare “peace” and hope the bad guys somehow go away. That doesn’t work. Right now as I write this, reports are coming in of ISIS atrocities against Christians west of Hasakah in Syria, and over the last few days they have been declaring their intention to use the cities they took in Libya to launch assaults against Italy across the narrow straits separating those two countries. And while these guys continue to expand, the only thing the U.S. administration is doing is launching a handful of airstrikes per day. You think that will stop ISIS? Or do you hope they’ll just magically disappear somehow?

      • What’s stopping you? I have had my fill of combat. Vietnam veteran. Got my ass blown out of the sky. Half my crew died. Look up, Linebacker II. Active military who would “leave” to fight would be guilty of desertion. Not to mention, we have no dog in this fight. 15 years fighting as proxies for the Arab nations with no success. and you want us to keep being proxies. i don’t believe that fits the definition of patriotism. Do what you will.

      • Most of ISIS’ victims aren’t Arabs, so I don’t know why you would bring that up. The people being butchered by ISIS – such as the Kurds – have been our loyal allies for a long time (which alone would give us a reason to get involved), and as ISIS spreads it is jeopardizing even more countries that we are allied with. Preventing genocide against Christians and Yezidis is also a legitimate reason to get involved. We always say “Never Again”, and yet it does happen again and again because few people are willing to do what it takes to stop genocide when it happens. It’s also naive to think that ISIS will leave us alone so long as we pretend they don’t exist. That’s absurd, especially since they’ve already threatened to attack us. The worst thing to do is to stick your head in the sand (or someplace else) and pretend that this isn’t happening. As I said, classic Neville Chamberlain mentality. Look where that led.

      • Muslims, Numb-nutz. Muslims. What cave do you live in? Comprehend “fact checking?” No wonder Republicans are seen as unfavorable. Fact check THAT!

      • Calling me names only makes YOU look juvenile, but it seems to be your only argument. You didn’t respond to a single point I made. And if you’re going to still insist that we have no stake in the fight against ISIS, take a look at these articles about ISIS threatening to kill the families of US military personnel in the US:

      • Juvenile? Juvenile? Really? Look up some of the responses I have received. Start with Andy Martin. ISIS has killed more Muslims, Sunni, Shia, Sufi and others. Do some simple research. This is an INTERNATIONAL and Arab nation problem. More than 15 years we have fought a proxy war. More that 5000 American body bags. 22 veteran suicides a day. Do you want more? No positive results. You want to fight ISIS? Go over there. Join with the Kurds. They will be your best bet. Stop calling for more American involvement. Do it yourself. Vietnam vet who got his ass blown out of the sky. I am sick of “patriots” who don’t have the stones to put themselves in harms way.

      • The fact that some people have called you names doesn’t justify it when you do the same; in fact your responses contain more name-calling than theirs from what I’ve seen. And yes, ISIS has killed Muslims as well as Christians, Yezidis, and practically everyone else. So you’re claiming that if they’re killing Muslims then there’s no reason to oppose them? Really?
        I would gladly go over and fight if : 1) the heart attack I had some months ago doesn’t make it impossible. It’s kind of difficult to fight if you have a heart condition, but I’d be willing to give it a shot anyway. 2) The Kurds have been turning volunteers away, partly because they don’t have enough decent weapons to arm them and there’s no way for U.S. or other volunteers from outside the region to legally bring military-class weapons over there. So I don’t know whether the Kurds are accepting any more U.S. volunteers, but I can check into it. 3) The cost of moving over there and leaving everything else behind might be somewhat difficult to arrange. One guy sold his house to do it. I’ve been looking into the matter.
        And yes, I know: you saw combat and didn’t like it, and you’re determined to complain about that constantly. But don’t worry, no one is asking you to personally go over there and fight. My understanding is that most active-duty personnel are willing to fight, and I know that many of them have said that we need to support our allies in the region rather than abandoning them. For those military personnel who aren’t willing to fight, they should have gone into a different career than the military. No one forced them to join.

      • Sorry for the, “numb-nutz” post. sometimes my PTSD dogs of way slip their chains. ISIS has killed MORE Muslims than ANY OTHER else. Get it yet it yet? I am not claiming that ISIS should not be confronted. I believe it is an Arab nations/Muslim fight. No more, no less. You suggest that we need to bring more Americans home in body bags? Sincerely sorry about your disability. My wife has had two TIA’s in six months. But it is long past time we stop fighting a proxy war. We have lost enough lives for others.

      • ISIS has also killed and raped plenty of Christians and Yezidis, and has expanded beyond the Middle East into North Africa, from which they are now threatening to attack Italy. And since they have assets estimated to be worth the equivalent of more than a trillion (with a ‘T’ ) U.S. dollars, a terrorist group of that magnitude is definitely going to be a threat to the U.S. sooner or later, probably sooner. But, we wouldn’t need U.S. ground troops if we armed the Kurdish and Christian militias directly, which isn’t being done right now. Or, we could use “military contractors” rather than U.S. troops. They’ve gotten the job done in previous conflicts, they are soldiers-for-hire by their own choice, and are deliberately designed for going into foreign trouble spots. Either way, something needs to be done to prevent genocide against the Christian and Yezidi populations, sex slavery on a massive scale, the control of such a large population by a terrorist group, the accumulation of money and power by such a group, the methodical destruction of so many irreplaceable historical sites, and the likely use of random attacks on U.S. soil by ISIS sleeper cells. We’re going to have to deal with this at some point.

      • Try studying a little bit about what ISIS is all about. It is a “Muslim” faction about Muslim “disbelievers…”

      • Just a few days ago, ISIS kidnapped hundreds of Christian civilians along the Khabour River near Tel Tamer in Syria, after killing, enslaving, or driving out tens of thousands of Christians near Mosul a few months ago; and they killed or kidnapped thousands of Yezidis in northern Iraq a few months ago. Neither Christians nor Yezidis are Muslims, so ISIS’ victims are not just rival Muslim sects. See the following:

      • Yes, but your previous note had claimed that they are only interested in targeting ‘Muslim “disbelievers” ‘.

      • I care about my country and its future. I could not care less about her or you and your egos. I consider you both enemies of freedom and liberty, not to mention being morons.

      • I love my country, too. However, I fear my government. I will fear it more if you neo-conservatives : (“Relating to or denoting a return to a modified form of a traditional viewpoint, in particular apolitical ideology characterized by an emphasis on free-market capitalism and an interventionistforeign policy. (OED) win in ’16! Vietnam veteran. You wing-nuts argue for more American body bags…

      • If you fear your government, why is giving them more power over you a good idea? You don’t even make sense from the first sentence of your BS to the last sentence.

      • Think a little deeper if possible…I fear my/our government because they are more concerned about what they can put in their pockets MORE than they care about, “We the people…”

      • This is why you don’t give them more power or money. You take it away and wield it yourself. This is the only thing you and I agree on.

      • Both sides are guilty, yes. But that is due to the fact that the people we send fall in love wth the power and money they can achieve if there long enough. There are avenues to us as Americans to free ourselves from this growing tyranny. We as citizens of our states can pressure our state to call for a convention to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution to kick these bums out after a time limit and limit the money and power they can bestow to government agencies. It is our last chance before the shooting of anarchism starts.

      • I prefer the voting booth. We the people have given this country away! I trust state legislatures no more than than I trust the federal government. WE gave it away. The US has the lowest voter turn out than ANY other modern democratic country. If voter turn out does not exponentially increase, we will continue to get EXACTLY what we deserve!

      • WE have given it away and now WE have to take it back. Freedom was fought for in the past and it will have to be fought for again. By us this time. The crooks that we trusted to do the job that we hired them to do are the enemies of every American and deserve the wrath that comes to them.

  28. The truly frightening aspect of Ms Harf’s barfs is not that she spews them but that she is State’s Star! The cream of the basta*d-offspring of the Alger-Hiss-et-al-descended Foggy Bottom brahmanas’s crop.

    The “comparatively less intelligent” of its carefully-cloned even-dumber clucks comprise the rank and file of America’s most enduring enemy’s Foreign(er) Service(-ing) division.

    And: – as was surely once again made clear by the arrogant attitude of the nancy-boy under-secretary it the other day sent to the Chairman Gowdy’s Select Committee:

    With “asserts” like State? America needs no foreign foes.

    Brian Richard Allen

    • They’re both equally brainwashed. We KNOW the entire White House staff is told what to do by Iran’s Valerie Jarrett, including Obama! Without a teleprompter, he’s not only lost, he has no idea what he’s even trying to talk about!

  29. And who is blasting Scott Walker for not being a College graduate?….this blonde common core graduate has the brain of a 10 year old little democrat, who has not a shred of an intelligent thought process. Where does bam bam GET these women?

  30. Basically our politicians all think we’re stupid. It’s quite obviously not about jobs. If it was then explain how come two of the muslim perpetrators of the Glasgow airport attack were doctors? Surely a doctor is a well paid job with prospects? It’s about those 72 virgins pure and simple!

  31. Hey Walmart just raised their minimum wage to $10 an hour, they can become greeters at their stores. Hello, welcome to Walmart……I KILL YOU!!!!!!


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