ISIS attacks Iraq air base; 300 Marines could be trapped; Pentagon says no big deal

If you are a student of ancient military history — or actually an action movie buff — you know the significance of the number 300. It is a number associated with a brave stand made by Spartan warriors led by their king, Leonidas. They stood against a numerically superior force but wrought much violence and death against the invading Persian Army of Xerxes, until they were betrayed. Could it be a modern day episode of the brave 300 playing out before our eyes?

In case you haven’t heard, unlike the characterization of President Obama on Wednesday, ISIS is not on the defense and their morale is certainly not low. ISIS has taken a western Iraqi town of al-Baghdadi not far from Ramadi. Nearby al-Baghdadi is an Iraqi base, al-Asad, where 300 Marines are training Iraqi forces.

And coming off the episode in Yemen where someone in the Obama administration ordered Marines to destroy their crew served and personal weapons — well, it seems the part of the traitor may have already been cast.

Well, as reported by our friends at Liberty News and other outlets — funny, not too many MSM outlets addressing this — “This is a story with various reports flying from multiple directions and it’s hard to get a grasp on exactly what’s happening. What we know at the moment is that ISIS is claiming it has seized control of the al-Asad air base in the Ramadi area of Iraq. According to multiple twitter feeds the Iraqi army has lost contact with its people inside the base.”

This video was released purportedly by ISIS showing al-Baghdadi burning.

“From what we can tell the 300 Marines are on location to train Iraqi military. The Pentagon is pushing back on these initial reports about al-Asad. According to the Pentagon, ISIS is initiating attacks against the base, but the heaviest fighting is happening approximately 5-10 miles away in al-Baghdadi.”

However, “A Reuters report on the situation claims the heavy fighting in al-Baghdadi is much more significant than the Pentagon is letting be known. In fact, Reuters says al-Baghdadi is now under complete control of ISIS. The same report references claims from intelligence sources that say al-Asad has been attacked but so far the attack was unsuccessful.”

So what is known is that ISIS did attempt to breach the perimeter of al-Asad Base by using 8 jihadi fighters dressed in Iraqi Army uniforms — easy to come by, since early on the Iraqis discarded their uniforms and equipment in the initial ISIS onslaught in Northern Iraq.

The eight ISIS fighters were suicide bombers and were either killed or blew themselves up. But there is no debate that ISIS has been successful in seizing al-Baghdadi and from there they can launch an assault against the al-Asad base. What cannot be allowed to happen is for ISIS to seal off al-Asad from external support while using al-Baghdadi as an unimpeded staging area. So what guess what America?

There are 300 Marines with boots on the ground who are going to be engaged in ground combat operations — and knowing Marines, they’re not going to sit back on defense, they will go on offense. The Pentagon continues to maintain that the Marines are safe. For now.

So what should the commander-in-chief do to prevent what could be a catastrophic event? Well, he should order immediate close air support to reduce the ISIS threat in al-Baghdadi in order to relieve pressure on al-Asad base.

There should be a 24-hour combat air patrol (CAP) over the al-Baghdadi area that precludes any ISIS reinforcement. When the conditions are set, then a ground combat offensive must be launched to destroy every single ISIS member within a 50-mile radius of al-Baghdadi. Right now a real commander-in-chief would be meeting with the generals and have contingency plans drawn up for approval to facilitate execution within 24 hours — of course the immediate bombing of al-Baghdadi and CAP should already have been established.

We need to have true close air support platforms like F22 Raptors, AV-1B Harriers, and A-10s covering al-Asad and should be deploying available attack helicopters all under the control of the troops on the ground, the brave 300 Marines.

Ladies and gents, this could be one of our finest moments and a time when we send a clear message to ISIS that could begin a major counter-offensive to commence the defeat of ISIS.

Now, ask yourself as you have read this, will any of this happen?

And to those progressive socialists who think this can be done without troops on the ground — too doggone late, they’re already there. Will y’all willingly play the role of traitor to the brave 300?


  1. Nothing to add. You nailed it on every single point. Something’s gotta give.
    And the Marines will be fine. is is will find out what happens when you pick a fight with the United States Marines.

  2. Welcome to DFW Mr. West. My family loves you, and hope to see you around. I would stand beside you any day and would love to see you in the White House. I do want to say, that I think you should remove the ads and pop-ups from your website.

    • ….keep the ads…that’s what supports your website, I, for one, understand, and can always ignore the ads I do not care for…

      • I, for one, understand websites and marketing. I am running an i7 and 50mbs broadband, and can barely read the material. Website speed matters and affects bounce rate greatly. Some of the ads are spammy and discredit the material. I would share more posts, if I felt better about the user experience. Just constructive criticism. Hope to see you out at Old Parkland soon Mr. West. Keep up the good fight.

      • I agree, Brian. Many of the ads are visually annoying and some are downright disturbing. I truly wish they would be more selective in what they allow on their site.

  3. Let us hope that intervention from our supposed leader doe not result in the same actions as in Yemen this week. Rather than have our Marines, (I love those guys and gals) , abandon their posts and leave their weapons behind, we should provide EVERY support they need to repel ISIS and teach them a lesson. I sincerely believe the abandonment in Yemen was another effort by those in D. C. to strengthen ISIS and provide more weapons and transportation to our enemies. Obama intervenes in ways never seen before by any President and in a way that is not supportive of the USA. Our politicians sit on their hands and do not remove this despot from power. We follow the path of the decline and collapse of the Roman empire.

    • The Marines’s Skeedaddle in Yemen was Not ordered by the Ambassador’s staff so it must have come from the Marine chain of command all the way from the Pentagon.

  4. I can only assume that my Marine brothers on the ground are chomping at the bit and pulling at the chains to be let into the fight. Col. West, I for one, would fight along side you any day. Semper FI sir and Semper FI to my brothers on the ground. Give em’ Hell! “All right, they’re on our left, they’re on our right, they’re in front of us, they’re behind us…they can’t get away this time”
    – Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller, USMC

      • His hands were tied behind his back by this ‘regime’ and he was ‘punished’ for protecting our own ….the very thing that is putting ALL our troops at risk…having to follow the orders of a ROGUE commander!!! What do you think we are worried about? is treasonous.

      • The Army was going to court martial him for beating up (and performing a mock execution on!) a prisoner; IIRC they let him quit instead. That has nothing to do with the ‘regime’.

      • hmmm…they always seem to take the wrong side don’t they? Court martialing our ‘own’ for interrogating the ‘prisoner’who was the ‘enemy’ who was plotting to kill our soldiers? How many of our men have died at the hands of our ‘supposed’ allies in these god-forsaken countries? How would YOU react having to watch your back and the lives of your ‘brothers’ every minute of the day?

      • I completely agree with you. However, little “reficle” is an Obamabot and supports everything he doesn’t do.

      • Beating up prisoners, and performing mock executions, puts you on the *wrong side*. That’s what barbarians do; it’s not what Americans do.

      • YOU ‘testicle’ are the IGNORANT one and are a TRAITOR>complicit in your bleeding heart sympathy for the enemy and putting our own Troops in harms way with your idiotic partisan ideology ….yeah right..WE are the big bad guys performing MOCK executions and “beating up” on our enemies >> forced by our own deviously fraudulent criminal gov’t to use rubber bullets against real ones on our own borders while the real BARBARIANS are brutally chopping off OUR heads spilling OUR blood and murdering OUR Children >OUR SOLDIERS OUR Law enforcement one by one! There aren’t any words to describe your repulsive disregard for your own countrymen. YOU are what is wrong in America today..YOU are the ilk that will bring down the demise of our own Country ..stab your brothers in the back to justify your faux righteousness. I pray we get to turn the tide against this travesty that is in our WH by electing a *STRONG *BRAVE *HONORABLE PERSON such as ALAN WEST and then you and your despicable kind will lick his bootstraps beg ging for mercy for your trecherous deeds!

      • Your caps key keeps sticking.
        No, really. I’m seriously suggesting you step back and look at your posts. I’m not wrong when I say beating up prisoners and doing mock executions is Wrong; it has been for all recent memory, and soldiers have been prosecuted for it for all recent memory. That’s normal. Barbarians do it; Americans don’t.
        Lord only knows what you might mean with all that ‘deviously fraudulent rubber bullets border’
        stuff. I seriously doubt you do.
        Ever think that YOU might be the lunatic here? Because, um ..

      • Your analogy is ok with me, little rectal, now leave. Go play with other traitors like yourself. You can’t measure up to Patriots on this board.

      • Because ummm ….being
        called ‘lunatic or crazy’ by a obamalovin loon is a everyday event forConservatives!! Rules for Radicals don’t work on us anymore! ..however..Sorry I called you ‘testicle’ because that usually isn’t my style..but my brain just can’t wrap around & accept what your brain tries to force upon us…the
        idea that your ‘rules of engagement’ for Americans has to be submissive and politically correct to appease our enemies and try to win their hearts and minds? It is absolutely ‘suicidal’ to think like that! I suspect that is why the suicide rate among our Veterans and even our Active duty is so high anymore! It is WRONG for our Troops to be prosecuted at ALL when engaging the enemy>unless they went on an intentional killing spree on ‘innocents’…. But
        then who is to say who is ‘innocent anymore with women and children strapping on suicide vests!? Our Fathers and grandfathers are rolling over in their graves at the handcuffs that our so called leaders & politicians have placed on our military! There’s no Honor in surrendering ourselves to people who want to kill us! And when I said ” “forced by our own deviously fraudulent criminal government to use rubber bullets against real ones on our own borders””…I was referring to the rules of engagement that Eric Holder and his criminal DHS placed upon our Border Patrol that got Brian Terry killed….don’t you remember or are your brains still in your testes?…
        Here is an excerpt…”The Border Patrol has said in the past that Terry’s unit had the “freedom” to put down their **bean bags*** and use other weapons, but chose not to. However, other Border Patrol agents say policy guidelines and the
        rules of engagement for BORTAC that night encouraged the agents to use non-lethal force first.”
        I encourage you to read all the comments there too!
        I’m sick of watching our brave Americans die under the lawlessness of’’ yes …this 3rd world‘’regime!”

      • No one has ever told any Border Patrol guy that they have to respond to gunfire with beanbags. That’s so patently ludicrous I don’t even need to google it.


        I do know that most police agencies would prefer to shoot unarmed people with bean bags. That prevents the extensive paperwork that comes with killing people. Why these BP guys used beanbags at first I don’t know. Maybe they didn’t realize they’d met actual bad guys, and thought they’d found just a group of illegal immigrants.


        But seriously, this is a major issue. You don’t abuse prisoners. The Abu Ghraib (sp?) scandal was probably the biggest recruiting tool al Qaeda had in Iraq. And this isn’t new — read what George Washington had to say about torturing prisoners.

        I don’t really care what you call me; no need to apologize. But if we’re going to have a rational conversation, all this stuff about how when Righteousness Prevails we’ll all be licking Allen West’s boots, and ‘repulsive disregard for your countrymen’ and so forth, won’t work. I could just call you names back, I suppose, but I’m not a big one for doing that.

      • Well I don’t agree with you at all….our prisons are full of rapists and murderers who have better lives than alot of people! Rapists-terrorists and murderers deserve to live in hell or be executed for their horrific crimes! Mercy? for people who would rape & kill ”children”-cut off peoples heads because of their religion…shoot YOU without a second thought.because you are an American…….NO …your brains ARE in your testes.. and I have no tolerance for STUPID people! You can’t even ‘think’ for yourself….you believe whatever your ‘party’ feeds you through their MSLSD propaganda machine and you don’t even question it. Oh no..our government wouldn’t do that! ..Obama is a ‘Christian’…. Holder is a honorable man …and I’m the tooth fairy! My grandparents fled their Country.. when Germany invaded back in the 1930’s.and I know the stories they told and I recognize the encroachment of the enemy into our own Country!! It is YOUR need to be ‘Righteous’ in your own mind and your preference to protect the **rights** of the enemy over our own soldiers that sickens me! They are there to protect us from the ‘hordes’ that WOULD come over HERE to chop off our heads or blow us up & they wouldn’t care whether YOU loved them or not…..just ask Kayla Mueller! …another ‘bleeding heart who was stupid! You will never learn….

      • No, I don’t think you get what I’m saying. Sure, you burn them where you find them on the battlefield. Shoot ’em, run ’em over with tanks. No one’s arguing that. But once they’ve surrendered, once you’ve taken them prisoner, you’re kinda bound not to mistreat them. You want to have a reputation as someone that DOESN’T mistreat prisoners, and that’s for a few reasons. For one, you’d rather have people surrender to you on the battlefield than have them shooting at you; for another, they’re bound to have some of your guys as POWs too, and if you don’t mistreat their guys they’re less likely to mistreat yours (ISIL doesn’t follow that rule and look how popular they are). And, three, it’s just plain barbaric to mistreat prisoners. You’ve got them locked up, they’re not a threat, they’re at your mercy. Beating them up is something weak, frightened people do. It’s degraded.

      • Ignore him, he is an enemy to America. Everyone who still supports this administration is an enemy to this country.

      • Actually, his charges were brought up when Bush was President. As much as I despise Obama, this occurred before he became President.

  5. Do not wait for OBAMA LAMA DING DONG…..he couldn’t whittle a plug for his a– if he had a turd for a PATTERN…..the man has no BALLS

  6. And without following LTD West’s advice, is that pos in the white house, who is micromanage ng the war; willing to lose 300 Marines?

  7. there is nothing going to happen to those three hundred marines, you people on here are making a big deal out of nothing. Those marines were put there as bait, to draw ISIS into that area. Once they get into that area the U.S. WILL SEND IN JETS AND HELICOPTERS and blow them to hell. Then Obama will get on television and brag about what a good job the democrats are doing about protecting the marines and America. It doesn’t take a genus to figure this out.

    • What do you mean, once they get into that area? They ARE in that area. They’ve launched more than one assault on the base. How much more “into that area” do they have to be before this scenario of yours occurs?

    • {marines were put there as bait}………I would like to believe that and if I were CIC, that is what I would do but , then again , I am not . ISIS WANTS to engage US warriors so this is a BIG event and our CIC is on the fairways at Palm Springs.

  8. Especially with the superior airpower that ISIS has, and the public plan the Pentagon has laid out for this situation, we are in dire straights. Thank God for Mr. West!

  9. Oh Allen West knows what we’ll say – go be President – or go up there and be Chief of Staff or Secretary of Defense, reinstate the draft, get our military back up to par (and in the meantime, take the hoodlums and gangs off the street and take them overseas where they can fight and destroy to their hearts content – and in the meantime, learn how to be patriotic men (well, and women, too). But lead, Colonel, LEAD! We need you.

  10. It is time our Military Arrest Jarret and Obama for treason for putting the marines in direct danger…You NEVER I mean NEVER give up Your weapons….That is Stupid and directly Treason…. It Is time we take these bums out ..And kill all ISIS or ISILor Al Quada or whoever….Not just kill a few within 50 miles…KILL THEM ALL AND LET GOD SEPERATE THEM…Get the marines out and turn the whole thing into glass, and tell the rest of the world we are through being Mr nice guy… And tell the UN to go f**** themselves….

      • Dude. They’re Marines. They have gobs of ammunition, and more can always be brought. Of course I thought of that.

      • Dude, I’m not a dude. Their ammunition is limited and they can’t get more because they’re surrounded by enemy.

      • ‘Dude’ was sort of a .. general address. No offense intended.
        I doubt very seriously if ammunition is a problem, though. These guys will never attack in large enough numbers to threaten the base itself; they’d just be too easy to drop napalm on. They’ll pick away at the gates of the base; the Iraqi guards will kill them when they do. The last ISIL guys didn’t get within three kilometers of our guys.
        I really have no doubt at all that we retain the logistical capability to resupply a Marine base while facing resistance from a junior varsity terrorist ‘army’.
        Allen West knows this too; he just likes the attention he gets from posting silly stories.

      • No. A dude is a male. If you address everyone that way, you put yourself into a category of those who are low-information. You apparently ARE a low-information voter since you are here to demean Col. West. Go away … you’re a low life.

      • You are a mindless Obamabot, brainwashed with the Dialectic Process. Is it any wonder you can’t see what is right in front of your face! THAT is why you can’t be reasoned with! Ugh … you must be friends with UncleJerkoff.

      • Ignore them. They think the Marines just have to click the reload button on their game controllers. Realtime logistics are beyond them, just like with other kids their age.

      • They present the biggest danger to America, marnold. They are unable to see how wretchedly corrupt Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood friends in the White House are.

      • Thank you for proving me right…also, baseless generalizations used as insults make you look stupid as well…just saying.

      • If you have been paying attention, over the past few months, to that one’s insults, demeaning comments and outright filth slung at Patriots, you’d know better than attack me. I’m a Patriot who loves America and is fighting very hard to help her hold onto the values that made her strong. Thanks for your input, but since you haven’t paid attention up to this point, I’ll discount everything you just said. 🙂

      • Cool Story Bro. Baseless jargon doesn’t score you any points with intelligent people. You make the rest of us “true” patriots look like uninformed ass clowns. So, thanks for that.

      • You showed that you AREN’T “intelligent people” simply by calling me “Bro.” Sorry … you lose. Go back to slobbering over your messiah obama.

      • She (he? Whatever) thinks we can’t get bullets to a Marine base, yet she calls other people ‘low information voters’.

      • Our state dept couldn’t answer the 3am call to save our Ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi….why would we trust them to do the right thing now?..

      • Not the same at all. We’ve got resources in Iraq; we had bupkis at Benghazi. There were, what, three? Four? security guys at Benghazi and they were attacked by a huge mob with heavy weapons. There are three hundred Marines at the air base and we certainly have the logistical capability to reinforce and supply them if it becomes necessary (which I highly doubt it will).

      • “Silly” story? Trade places with one of those marines and then tell us if you think the situation is “silly.” They are in harm’s way and with the current admin’s track record, they should be very concerned!

      • I know they’re in harm’s way; my stepson is serving as we speak. And I’m not happy about it.
        The situation isn’t silly. The story is silly.
        There’s nothing wrong with the current admin’s record.

      • There it is, showing that you’re an Obamabot. There is EVERYTHING wrong with the current administration! TREASON for one thing!

      • They are in a base. ISIS owns the land around them. 320 marines and the Iraqi security forces can make an impressive pile of bodies, but if the traitor in chief delays sending support, they will run out of ammo eventually. Remember the Alamo? Same possibilities, with a traitor added in.

      • Blah blah ‘traitor’ blah blah.
        No one is going to delay sending support. The military simply doesn’t work that way.

      • Oh gawd BenghAAAAAAAzi ..
        I’m fuzzy on whether you comprehend the logistical differences between military operations in Iraq and Libya. Do you?

      • Where does this stuff even come from? Dude. Obama doesn’t make day-to-day military decisions, like whether to drop some napalm on an ISIL crew or whether to reinforce (or evacuate) a base. That’s made by local commanders.

      • I’m not putting down marines when I say this…my Dad was a marine twice back in the 1940’s >they are Tops to me!! and I support all our Military as the best in the world…but what happened in Syria? …turning over their weapons…could have turned out very bad for them….WHAT in the world happened there?

      • I’m not familiar with the situation you described; I seriously doubt US military personnel turned over any weapons to anyone.

      • Didn’t follow CNS but .. the guys destroyed the crew served weapons (as is standard operating procedure when you leave a facility; it denies the Big Stuff to the enemy) but no one ever ‘turned over’ any weapons.

      • Actually I hardly watch any news; I just have a very deep well of information upon which to draw. For example, I understand standard procedure when leaving diplomatic facilities; you clearly don’t.
        You could probably learn a lot from me, if I were willing to teach you.

      • Right, way out, dude. All they have to do is pour sand in the bullet molds, heat ’em up, and there’s a kazillion more bullets. Wait, there must be a 300 mile tunnel under the sand where trains bring hot and cold running stuff; like B-1 bombers, air craft carriers, and huge fire hoses to build a moat around the base. Then fill it full of pigs. That will scare the padoodles out of those coward jihadists mercenaries and idealists from around the world. Why didn’t I think of that?

      • Do you really not believe we could helicopter in all the ammunition and reinforcements if we needed to? We can defend the choppers with Warthogs. These guys’ primary weapon is the Sharp Stick.

      • “the Sharp Stick” ? Have you not kept up with the world wide support the ISIS/ISIL is getting? They not only have millions of dollars in assets but weapons from handguns to rocket launchers and helicopters. Don’t ever underestimate the enemy. Getting comfortable with our strength and not knowing the enemy is dangerous to our troops.

      • Yes, they have guns now.

        I get that.

        ‘Sharp stick’ was a figure of speech, intended to point out how disastrously undertrained, underarmed,
        and utterly lame they are compared to our Marines. They’re good at killing women, kids, and Iraqi soldiers. Big deal.

      • That’s not true there in never “not” an exit strategy. Air support is always there now the question can be will this administration refuse it like they did in Benghazi?

      • Where do you think they keep aircraft and all the people who maintain them? Fuel, munitions, pilots and ground crew???? Oh, I know, click on a # key and they will appear on the game console. Come ON. people….

    • So said the Roman Legions on their Eastern Borders….before they were ANNIHILATED…by “barbarians”…..

      It’s hard to fight an enemy that doesn’t fear death…

      • Meh. They’re undertrained, underfunded, underequipped. They’re good at killing women and kids; they’re good at killing Iraqi soldiers but we’ve seen how those perform. Oh, and apparently they can cut reporters’ heads off.
        I don’t see them overrunning 300 US Marines, though.

      • Yeah, they’re good at burning people that are in cages. That doesn’t make them fearsome warriors, you know. Anyone can pour gas on something (or someone) and light a match.

      • You know what? The most dangerous people to America are the leftwing moonbats like you, who have been brainwashed by the Dialectic Process and think it’s ok to enslave MILLIONS by giving them government handouts. You don’t seem to realize that eventually that money will run out and those folks will be totally unprepared to deal with the stark reality that they’ve been had – and YOU are the cause!

      • Hmmmm, like I say, you’ve gone from zero to crazy in like 60 seconds. I thought we were talking about ISIL and suddenly we’re talking about enslaving MILLIONS WITH .. government handouts? I think you’ve lost the thread here.. sorry man.

      • I’ve done my time in the Army little asshat. Now I contribute to non-profits like Wounded Warriors, and I hold them up in prayer. All YOU do is sit around and harass Patriots! You’re a total waste of oxygen!

      • Are you certain of that, little girl?? Are you privy to the ammo supply on that base?? Are you connected with Cent Com?

      • ‘little girl’ sheesh.
        As I explained to you before, we can always bring in ammo or reinforcements. What is your malfunction here?

      • As General Jerry Boykin said earlier, to NOT send more military to that huge base would be a big mistake. If they decide to fly the Marines out of there, it will be the same as admitting defeat – a great tool for ISIS to use to recruit!

        So I wonder what Ozero will do . . .

      • Um, if they’re gonna get attacked by eight guys at a time and the Iraqis can deal with the eight guys, then sending more military would be a financial mistake. The Pentagon has this under control; you don’t make the decisions and, unfortunately, young mr West doesn’t either.
        In two weeks after nothing has happened, we will all have forgotten about this. Except me — I may go ahead and bring your hysteria up, though, for a few months. That’s the great thing about computers — I can save what you’ve said and remind you of it days, months, years later.
        You’ll be wrong and I’ll be right. Get used to it; that’s gonna be sort of an ongoing thing.

    • This is not going to be a “stare down” or an arm wrestling match. Nor will it be a “Call of Duty” computer game. The enemy has helicopters, missiles, and rockets. As wonderous as our military may be, they are flesh and blood. They can not call “time out” to get some sleep, get more ammo, food and water, or medical attention for their comrades. Come back to reality. It is OUR duty to help those who protect us. Where is that help??? Where the heck is congress??? Maybe they are at Jeb Bush’s 100k a plate dinner.

      • They don’t have to call ‘time out’ — they can call helicopters. We can bring in any ammo, supplies, and reinforcements that are needed. We can bring Warthogs to crush any assaults, and defend the choppers. This is a non-thing. Young mr West knows this. He really needs to stop trying to scare people.

      • Having flown in supply helos during Vietnam, I know they are not agile enough to dodge homing rockets. They are not fast enough to outrun some rifle fire. Assault copters have no room for supplies. Reality really sucks sometimes, but there it is. Also, there are a lot of “we could” out there. Why not “we could bomb the hell out of the enemy and go home”. Why all the chess game type fighting. These are lives of our citizens. Fathers, mothers, sons and daughters of our neighbors. As Col. West suggests (as have other military people) get the job done. Stop sucking up to the enemy and the world news…

      • Like I say, the odd Warthog could easily supply all the support fire necessary. Or a gunship or two. We’ve come a long way since Nam, and ISIL hasn’t.

  11. If any of you out there are prayer warriors—–please pray for our 300 Marines. Lift them up to our heavenly Father for protection and wisdom and strength. With prayer anything is possible— may our Father blind the enemy and bring confusion onto them.
    in Jesus’s name I pray this. I know some of you out there do not believe, but please let us, that do pray, pray for our soldiers.

  12. Channeling USMC General Lewis B. “Chesty” Puller: Don’t forget that you’re First Marines!!! Not all the jihadist in hell can overrun you!!!

      • So you are hoping that happens to these Marines?

        There are some instances where our Marines and our military have suffered losses but those are few. More often than not, our Marines and our military have had incredible success against incredible odds.

      • true but cowards are easily misinformed by the communist infected media…look at Vietnam for first hand proof….

      • Vietnam was a fiasco. It’s an example of what happens when politicians
        run a war. In many instances we have learned from Vietnam but often our
        politicians regress to their former idiocy.

      • Vietnam was a travesty and the losers…..those Vietnamese that voted with their feet to move away from communism and ho ho..and the soldiers from a number of countries that went there for all the right reasons, many of them to return in steel coffins..then the clowns in DC jerked the rug out from under our “allies” at a time when they were demonstrating that “Vietnamization” was working…the ARVN were making it real…another of the many political mistakes that cause bin laden to decide that America was a paper tiger controlled by worthless greedy politicians that will sell their grandmother for a vote…

  13. Wish we could just swap out our marines for Obama and his minions. Just bring our marines home NOW!
    Want to see this administration start moving on things militarily? …. put them in the situations they ask our finest to be subjected to.

  14. If it’s currently available, I think I’d drop/fly in the 173 Airborne Brigade Combat Team along with the air support LTC West cites here – then it would be much easier to kill every ISIS thug within 100Km. Probably take about 10 days / two weeks to do it up right.

    • Well Col that would work fine, but “no strategy” might agree to send a tank and a humvee, but would want to see if isis is intimidated by that show of force before committing to the logistics for your game plan..then, while playing a round or two he would wait 6 to 7 weeks for developments….you know, the way he did when he pulled out ground forces in Iraq and then watched as isis made their way out of syria and from town to town(banks included) and refinery to airport until someone in the democrapo party finally said “enough is enough you have to do something”….and he did, he went to Hawaii….

      • Agree – I frankly don’t care if they are intimidated – when they’re dead “what difference does it make?”

  15. Don’t forget Gideon’s 300.

    What I want to know is IF and when Congress is finally going to admit that the president is a traitor and put him behind bars? Maybe in Gitmo with all his pals…

      • Guess what, asshat, what harms America, harms YOU as well – unless you live on some private island that isn’t part of the U.S.! YOU will “eat it” too, you ignorant moron!

      • Here is the difference DIPPY…..I’m not being HARMED!! My life continues the same way it continued under kennedy, johnson, nixon, ford, carter, reagan, bush, clinton, bush, obama!! You loons just can’t accept CHANGE!! Time has moved forward but you NUTS are still stuck in the 50’s!!!

      • heh ! loons are the Islamic terrors like the Hassan of the dark ignoramus world. Beheading a front desk clerk at work is not a move forward. ISIS is not a forward move. But what do moron do best ? sticking their head deep in POTUS arse.

      • Said so by the many Jewish that supported Hitler. Those Jewish only wake up when they were around the oven to fry their donkeys.

      • yes and the folks of color are doing real well with kenyan boyo….well those that are rioting and looting while pretending to be protesters are doing quite well do to the fact that those two african pretenders in the oral office have ramped up the race card and the folks on the street see all the signals from their messiah as green light to be punks and criminals….the backlash will have folks crying…

      • thats right….rioting and looting takes place everyday in every black neighborhood in america….OH….I’m so happy that this man has 2 more years to drive you loons NUTS!!! OH…he is destroying the nation…oh he is a muslim, communist, marxist, was in rev wright’s church for 20 years! THE SKY IS FALLING!!! THE WORLD IS ENDING!!!! OH WHOA IS ME!!!!

      • Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Atlanta…the african pretender has set the race relations in this country back 50 years, maybe more…and the punks, like the clowns that were rioting and looting in Ferguson, Missouri and St Louis and New York and LA and Dallas have not got a clue of how to impress people with your feelings and your wishes…no they have been indoctrinated and ginned up by commie clowns and racists like that jerk off al sharpless and the piece of snake feces louise fairyconman….Dr King stressed that peaceful demonstrations make people think, not react….punks in the streets with their pant around their knees shouting at and beating and killing whites will come back to haunt them….oh and the clown revv right….he is hater from a long time ago….kenyan boyo got plenty of non-Christian input from that jerk…

    • Sorry, never happen! No matter what he does or says doesn’t matter. Even old diabetes of the blowhole Unc Ruckus knows this! I really hope I am wrong, but have seen no action to change my mind yet.

  16. After Benghazi and the debacle last week evacuating our Embassy in Yemen that was almost a disaster. We should be very concerned about our boys and girls at the Al-Asad base. If they are attacked and they do not get adequate backup and we suffer casualties the American people will rise to throw out these amateur and traitors,
    occupying the White House today.

  17. WHERE IN THE HECK IS CONGRESS????? HELLO???? Is there a worm hole that ate the backbone off of our leadership??? Are they being held at gunpoint by the Blue Hats??? Our men and women are about to be killed. The Capital knows about it. America is doing nothing… NOTHING… Call your Congressmen and women NOW…

    • No they aren’t. For one, they won’t likely get within kilometers of our guys; the Iraqis have shown the ability to take care of them. For another, it’s very doubtful that ANY number of semi trained ISIL barbarians could overrun three hundred US Marines, and for another, if we needed we could have another three hundred Marines there if we needed. We own the air; we own anything we can see over there. Mr West is merely writing to alarm people.

      • Why don’t you tell that to the Banghazi victims donkey clown. West is one of the most truthful, knowledgable politicians pertaining to the Middle East. West would serve a better more successful tenure for the nation that the current idiot in office.

      • NOT….they are Communists>Globalists> Statists>call them what you want = Two wings of the same bird…your party is completely infiltrated. The Conservatives are the only ones we have left out of both parties that we have a ‘glimmer’ of hope in..otherwise UR toast along with the rest of us! Until then educate yourself!
        “So vote all you want, not one thing will change. Not one job will be saved, not one Wall Street crook will go to jail, not one corrupt banker or politician will ever face charges. While you are busy punching those buttons congress will still be busy with insider trading and Dempsey and Panetta will be dining with their new masters at the United Nations. Agenda 21 mandates will continue to be implemented in your state and city and eventually your right to own property, unfettered by federal interference and UN edicts, will have disappeared.

        We do not elect presidents: We elect the Chief Executive of the corporation known as “the United States, a.k.a. The USA” and this corporation is not bound by our Constitution and does not believe we should or do have any unalienable rights. We are being controlled by a hostile foreign government.

        As one very great lady said:

        “If voting could change anything, they would make it illegal”.
        – See more at:

      • your boy’s big fail, that whore too..of course we know you will vote for her or whichever commie $lut the democommies run for office….it only makes sense that since the clowns that have attempted to pervert the USA into another cesspool like ones that they are familiar with in roosha or africa voted in someone that the cheer leaders in the media simply praised…no questions….he black, we guilty, he now prez… up a woman, not just any woman….the perverts get their candidate too….a lezzy criminal that is worthless….two jackpot winners: and illegal alien for africa, now a lesbian criminal communist…..rock and roll democrapos…..

      • Allen is not directing his thoughts at the low information Qbama voters they don’t have the capacity to think for themselves.

      • He is directing his thought to the IDIOTS that believe the crap that he post!! The idiots that take opinions Asa FACT!!…in other words…..THE LOONS!!!

      • Not at all. That seems to be the case with you though. What makes you think you could possibly understand a military situation better than the Lt. Col.?!

      • The Iraqis have shown that they can defeat 8 suicide bombers, and about 20 other fighters. Which means they haven’t proved a damn thing! Initial reports place ISIS numbers at 1000. More will come. If Obama allowed, we could have more marines and CAS. That’s the point of the article!

      • I get it. ‘The Iraqis have shown’ was a little bit of a joke; they’re not real soldiers and they’ve shown that again and again. But as gate guards, I guess they’re adequate.
        What I’m getting at is, no, our guys aren’t hung out to dry like some weird Masada/ Thermopylae/ Alamo scenario. For one, a thousand ISIL savages are no match for three hundred Marines. For another, if enough ISIL ever gathered to make a credible run at the gates, we’d just drop napalm on them. And for another, we can always truck some more soldiers over there if we want to.
        I realize our guys are in harm’s way. They’re not in any Special Kind of harm’s way, compared to any other place they could be in Iraq. Personally, I think they shouldn’t be there in the first place; there’s nothing in Iraq worth risking an American for as far as I’m concerned.

      • You can’t honestly believe Obama would napalm them. I agree, 300 Marines against 1000 ISIS militants wouldn’t be a problem. Their numbers will not remain so low, especially considering their motivation, our 300.

      • testicle has shown, by his comment that there is “nothing in Iraq to fight for” that he has the same inability to comprehend that bad neighbors need to be removed not bowed to or “negotiated with”….but many cowards will never understand situations, such as Korea, Vietnam, and Gulf I, Afghanistan, and Iraq and shout and scream and complain the the Republicans are always meddling in other people’s business….

    • They’re working hard, lotty. VERY hard. In fact, in the past 6 years, they passed almost 400 bills and most were bipartisan, but Dingy Harry blocked them from even getting to Obama’s desk. So blame Dingy Harry – he should be hung for treason for all the mess he’s made!

      • GOODNESS you are STUPID!!!! Just because republicans passed a bunch of bills doesn’t mean those bills are GOOD for america!!! Have you read those bills??? GOOD GRIEF!!!

      • Republican bills FULL of riders for more wealthy tax cuts, deregulation, and anti-environmental actions.
        These are not jobs bills, they are corporate pay backs from Republican House members to their corporate handlers.

      • Across the board tax cuts, not just wealthy. ALL businesses, big or small, are being choked by the IRS, EPA, OSHA, and a million regulations. Thank God that’s what those bills will do, if Reid would have merely done his job!

        What benefits corporations benefits America. Did you miss the mass exodus of US manufacturing?! Forget what your economics professor taught you, capitalism and freedom work!

      • “no information” voters do not have the slightest knowledge of capitalism, economics, or business….the twits nearly had heart failure trying to point out how kenyan boy was really doing great economic things when he rolled back the capital gains tax on small business. They flocked to the news sites and proclaimed that lord kenyan boyo had socked it to the Republicans and the conservatives….too bad that they did not have a clue….of course most parasites do not have enough education to have even gotten near an economics course and most slept through history and were out contacting their drug dealer during civics class..crack rules…..oh and free phones…wonder what the lezzy will bribe the voters with…we know for sure that it will have nothing to do with protecting America, improving the economy, or strengthening our Christian value system…

      • They have had collective brainwashing since the 60’s … they are propagandized into believing that government is their daddy.

      • I wonder if any of the corporate backs were for wind and solar manufacturers that promptly filed bankruptcy… should check with valaria jarrettinsky, kenyan boyo’s senior ho for more details…see if she may have some discounts on “disinformation packages”, you know like the crap on abccbsnbcmsnbc…..oh and you can keep your doctor and your health policy and it will cost and average of $2500 less per year for an average family…where the hell are those “average” families at ? Bogata, ?Nairobi…..??

      • You know politicians never read their own bills! They are much to busy for that> Remember Obamacare and Pelosi?

      • You do realize that “Congress” consists of the House of Representatives AND the Senate? “Dingy Harry” may have been the Majority Leader of the Senate BUT he had to be backed by other members of the Senate. The citizens of the States vote these “dingy” people into office over and over and over… Ultimately, then, it is a part of our American citizens who allow this trash to stay in office. Just as the president stays in office while breaking Constitutional laws. To quote the cartoon “Shoe”, “We have found the enemy and they is us.”
        It is our right and obligation as Americans to demand our “voted into office” Congressmen do what we, the people want them to do. That is what I meant to convey.

  18. ‘someone in the Obama administration ordered Marines to destroy their crew served and personal weapons’.
    Sorry, you’re gonna have to back that one up; MSM is saying they destroyed the crew served weapons (as you may be aware, this is standard procedure when leaving a facility; it keeps them out of the wrong hands) but not their duty weapons.

    • The Marines in the Embassy in Sanaa, Yemen destroyed crew served weapons and vehicles prior to evacuating the Embassy. Check CNN.

      • Yes I know. That’s standard. No one destroyed any ‘personal weapons’ or disarmed any Marines. Young mr West should know this; he used to be a soldier.

      • Yes. You are. But we’ve all known this.
        If you’d like me to educate you further I’d be willing to negotiate some fees. But barring that, I think we’re about done.

      • You are wrong and buy into the clown-in-chief, the MSMLSD narrative. America saw what happen from the stand down order in Banghazi, lives were destroyed, and even today, White House still lie their way from all that took place.
        Politicizing the war including the Engagement Rule are some of the idiotic maneuvers that cost numerous lives of our young heroes in uniform.

      • There was no ‘stand down order’. Haven’t you followed the million$$ of dollar$$ worth of Republican-led investigation$$ we’ve had over the last few years?
        And if you’re not aware of this basic fact, how accurate could the rest of your information be?

      • There was a stand down order in Benghazi. We’ve all seen the stonewalling by democrats, and Hillary’s attitude about it. He never claimed there was a stand down given for this current situation, just expressed a fear that there will be.

      • Yes, yes, there really was. Unless you tend to believe politicians trying to save their butts over soldiers, airmen….of all ranks who have nothing to gain.

      • I believe General Carter Ham. I believe the Republican led Incessant Never Ending BenghAAAAAzi Investigation. I believe the President. I believe Leon Panetta. I believe Mediterranean Command. I’m not sure I believe ghosts and rumors that you find on the blogosphere.

      • There wasn’t a ‘stand down’ order; Iraq is nothing like BenghAAAAAAAAzi, and 300 Marines at an air base isn’t a ‘politicized’ situation.
        It’s not my narrative that’s the problem.

      • FYI the story now is they did, in fact, destroy rifles once they got to the airport because they couldn’t take them on the commercial flight. I was mistaken about this, and you were right.
        It’s still a far cry from some dastardly administration act, but you were right about the rifles.

      • Their personal arms were “disabled” before they boarded the plane. I would hope that means that only the clips were taken out of the guns. It was a commercial charter flight and they have their rules. Still, it is not a good time to be an American or especially a Marine in a foreign country. There used to be a time when that would be a protection. Now it just paints a target on you. Thank you Mr. President for all you have done to this country. You will be remembered…

      • There’s always been a risk to being US military if Islamists hijack your plane. I remember a big news article back in the 80s, some hijacking, Beirut maybe (wasn’t it always Beirut?) where the dirtbags beat up all the passengers with Jewish sounding names and shot a Navy guy, pitched his body out on the pavement and all. This’d be when Obama was in, what, high school? College?

    • That is exactly what happened. The Marines protecting embassy personnel in Yemen were forced to disarm, per State Dept. orders. All weapons. Vehicles and weapons were disabled. Standard for vehicles, NOT standard for weapons, issued or personal. They were boarding US transport, they would never have disarmed.

  19. I know this thosr marines will fight to their death . This isnt guadalcanal or saipan . They had support .and still fought over whelming odds and they knew what they were up against .but this folks is different situation where i hope the pentagon is on top of it . Because as a former marine i know how our government can leave them high and dry .Ask any vietnam vet.Army or Marine.

  20. Time to move in heavy weapons, a few minefields might also be in order deploy some of the C-9 GEMSS or C-10 MOPMS mine systems, let them walk through that see how many come out.

  21. Time to get out of there country and let them kill each other, 13 years there and 4000 dead americans a trillion dollars and they still can’t or won’t fight so let them get killed not us.

    • Do you know Jesus, or do you just use His name in vain??? Are people retarded homosexuals because they discuss the Marines now???

      You seem to have some issues, little man.

  22. Allen West I like reading your posts but you have sure drawn the lunatic fringe. Posting here is a totally waste of space, too much fighting between the babies in the play pen.

    • true, those clowns jump on here and blame GWB and any GOP that ever held office for all that has gone wrong….I sure am glad that we have the democrapo angels to protect us…..

  23. It’s a wonderful opportunity if we can get the ISIS forces to mass; much easier to kill them than when they’re scattered and spread out. I like the idea of napalm and fuel-air bombs.

      • At least an Army guy is coming to the defense of Marines….. lol I agree, being an Army guy myself, Marines don’t need no stinkin help, but it needs to be provided just in case. I just hope the “brass” has given them ammunition for their weapons, since they are only there for training, as that would be really dumb, but wouldn’t surprise me. Hate to meet a pissed of Marine with a K-bar anyway….Semper Fi Marines, give them hell……..

      • everybody needs a little help every once in while…We came to the aid of Great Britain and France a couple of times, then we had to help every small country on the globe because the folks that we know as commie scum wanted to infect everyone…jimah’s cowardice with the iranian emammies and billy “the traitor” clintoney’s handling of the first tower bombing and then being too busy getting lewinskys to take charge of bin laden was just the opening numbers to the Opera of Destruction that came into being 6 years ago…of course so many of the news article comment sections show that the love of kenyan boyo is still strong…the drug problem in the USA is much worse than reported…

  24. Get the soldiers out with honour and nuke the place. A pillar of fire, filmed and widely disseminated, will send a symbolic message to the jihadists and their fellow travellers among the left

  25. Too bad for you guys…….but Hillary’s next in line for the WH. So, you may as well get used to it, now. The GOP clown car is gearing up for the 2016 clown show. 2012, the sequel. I fully expect this comment to be deleted since it doesn’t comply with “wing nut”.

    • I don’t think hillarys is electable, and I am a clinton democrat. I would much rather see Elizabeth Warren in the white house than Hillary. But then my home state put the two biggest embarrassments to come out of Kentucky in office Mitch and Rand

    • thanks for the “progressive pep talk” we are looking forward to see the lezzie criminal and the traitor that she once was married to get out there on the campaign trail…got a few other commies that are running for the democrapo limelight…it was free phones last time titadoor, what will be the bribe to get the parasites to vote for the ho in 2016? free ipads ?? oh and do not forget to get them an unlimited data plan….

      • Obama is setting it up as we speak, by giving amnesty to 5 million illegals, and adding back income tax refunds that they don’t have coming to them. He’s paying them richly for their votes.

  26. I think it’s great that Col. West has disclosed how he thinks things should be done.

    Too bad that he was prosecuted by the Bush administration. Otherwise, he might have been able to implement his plans. Darn the luck.

    • Yeah, worrying about your men’s lives over BS roe’s will do that. I suppose you would have let your men get ambushed.

  27. The Al Asad airbase which is massive, is most likely looked at as the big prize by ISIS fighters. If statistics are true and ISIS is as big as they are determined to be, what is to stop them from throwing thousands of these radical Islamists at the base?

  28. If only it were as easy as this article makes it sound. “Oh just send in F22’s (not a CAS fighter) and A10s and wipe out every ISIS fighter in 50 miles.” The problem is that bomb have large blast radius and the US Air Force from which I just retired takes collateral damage into account for every bomb they drop. We don’t just drop 500 lb bombs indiscriminately. First we would have to know where those isis fighters are at. Then we would have to determine if we could hit them without killing a bunch of civilians. Then we would have to get forces in place to get the bombs in the air, ground support for the aircraft etc etc etc. It would be better to have those 300 marines fall back to defensive positions inside the base, put a couple of MQ-9a’s in a cap nearby and just let them hang out until isis positions can be found and wait for the attack. We cannot count on the Iraqis fighting so we have to assume ISIS has far superior numbers. A defensive posture is the correct course of action.

    • That’s why you’re Air Force, not Marine Corps. Are you seriously questioning a Lt. Col. who served with the Marines while in the Army about a ground operation? That’s funny!

      • defensive actions are the cause of lost battles…aggressive actions coupled with continued pressure creates victories…hit them hard and then continue to pound them….they way things have been handled in the last 6 years is tantamount to societal suicide….we need to have the scum in the Kremlin and in Bejing to get the message loud and clear…we will fight and we will fight to win…the cowards need to find a new place to dwell…how about Sweden….

      • I am.
        The same Allen West who thinks flame throwers are practical weapons in urban environments filled with civilians and does not understand the size of the Al Asad air base or the number of troops there

  29. Thank you for keeping us up to speed on these things. Even FOX is behind on this. Obama is letting this happen so Congress will declare war on ISIS and will give him full power and Jihad will be in full swing. Not all of us are asleep. May God protect His children now and in the days ahead.

  30. Allen West is like the modern day Jane Fonda.

    He hates our military leadership so much for forcing him to retire and he hates our President so irrationally that all he does is give aid to the enemy by emboldening them.

    Allen West constantly spreads propaganda, telling the world that we are weak and that all our military plans are doomed to fail.
    He tells terrorists that the President will not oppose them and that our military will not engage them. In his effort to attack everything the administration does, he exaggerates and declares ISIS/ISIL victories unstoppable.
    His disinformation campaign against our administration and our military sound like motivational speeches for our enemies.

    Al-Asad Airbase is not being over run and our forces are not trapped.

    • Oh gosh … please go drown yourself, little Brenda. Your leftwing ideology is nauseating. If you disagree with Col. West, go to a blog that you agree with – and STAY there!

      • You stand for nothing but your own leftwing agenda. And if you don’t understand why, google “DIALECTIC PROCESS” … you’ve been had by it.

      • That has nothing to do with Limbaugh, it’s fact. Public schools have been using the DIALECTIC PROCESS since the 60’s. With each decade, they used more muscle to indoctrinate. You are clearly showing heavy indoctrination. Just the fact that you’re blaming Rush Limbaugh for something that he had nothing to do with shows how well the brainwashing went on you!

        And, FYI, it isn’t a laughing matter. It’s right out of the Saul Alinsky book and intended to destroy America. You’re playing right along with it.

      • HAHAHA… sure… it’s all a conspiracy.
        Go hang out in Allen West’s bunker and sit around and talk about how much you hate America

      • I feel so sorry for you and millions like you who think FACT is a conspiracy. Keep laughing, Brenda, while YOU help to destroy America!

      • I stand for American values. I honor the Constitution and I fought to preserve this great country… all while unAmerican lunatics like you spout conspiracy theories and fight to tear down this great nation.
        Go join ISIS you unAmerican loon

      • Oh, years ago in high school. I don’t remember most of it; I’m not a politics guy. He was entertaining, I remember.
        I dunno why you’d bother. I mean, why would you read a book by an obscure community organizer from forty some (fifty some?) years ago? You planning on being a community organizer?

      • Because the PRESENT community organizer is running America into destruction by using the book that the OTHER community organizer wrote, that’s why! Do you know who Saul Alinsky dedicated his book to??

      • I could google. I forgot; it’s been years. Does it matter?
        But your post assumes facts not in evidence; America is most certainly not being ‘run into destruction’. Dow’s up, employment’s up, wars are down, and so forth. By every objective measure, things are better here now than they were eight years ago.

      • My post doesn’t assume ANYTHING. Everything I stated is fact. Your president’s “bible” is Saul Alinsky’s book, which, by the way, is dedicated to “Lucifer, the first one to rebel”. It appears you lean in that direction as well.

      • I got curious; it seemed to me I would have remembered a dedication like that. According to Media Matters (I know, biased site, but they’ve got a screenshot) the book is actually dedicated to his wife or someone named Irene.


        Just wondering where you got your information that it’s dedicated to Lucifer? And, out of curiosity, when did YOU read the thing?
        And, why?

      • Hey Flower you never really addressed the question. See, it really looks like Alinsky’s book is not, in fact, dedicated to ‘Lucifer’, but to someone named ‘Irene’.
        As someone who teaches about this very book (I’m a little fuzzy on what you mean here; you mean you teach a college class? You teach on the interwebz? You do a book club thing?) it seems you’d pretty much be able to grab your copy of it and double check the dedication; heck, it seems you’d probably know off the top of your head who it’s dedicated to, right?
        So something isn’t adding up here. Have you really read the thing? Or did you just hear about it on Glenn Beck’s show, which I guess is where a lot of folks learned about it?

      • I know, Brenda, it’s really hard when confronted with the truth, after you’ve been lied to all your life. But guess what? You’ll eventually accept it and start helping your friends to overcome their brainwashing! 🙂

      • Allen west is counting all of his money that he makes from these ignorant LOONS!!! Can you say EXPLOITATION boys and girls?

      • I’m not blaming Rush Limbaugh.
        I’m blaming weak minded sheep like you who ignore facts in favor of what some blogger or talk radio windbag says

      • HAHAHA
        Sorry loon… not only did I not vote for Obama… but the fact that you call him an “Arab bought Kenyan” only shines a light on your ignorance

      • Oops! admitting your wretched mistake is the first step to recovery! But guess what, the entire world will soon be seeing Obama’s admission of guilt!

      • Interesting you would think that after all the PRO-American books Rush Limbaugh has written. What have YOU written lately, other than to attack Patriots who love America? Hmm???

      • Sorry lunatic… calling your self a patriot doesn’t make you a patriot… especially when you spout unAmerican nonsense and revisionism.
        Rush fools sheep like you and teaches you that hating Americans and opposing American values is patriotism

      • You’re such a sweet little girl, Brenda! I’m sure your mom & dad didn’t mean to drop you on your head at birth … must be tough to live with . . .

    • Are you sure your not talking about Obama and not Allen West. He has told ISIS that we will not have boots on the ground and limited air support, I think that ISIS has just been told go for it, we won’t stop you. Can I get you some more kool aid troll?

      • Sue, little brenda is DRUNK on the Kool-aid. You can’t reach someone like that. They’re so brainwashed that they’re in zombie land!

      • not that too…them ONLY!!! ENOUGH AMERICAN blood has been shed….let them fight for their own nations and we will supply the air support!

      • There’s going to be a LOT more if your president doesn’t step up to the plate and name the enemy, then take real action against them! Wake up!!

      • You have that backasswards, fool. You’re the one with no facts. And you don’t have to have a conversation with me. In fact, please don’t! I don’t like conversing with leftwing moonbats!

      • I saw that thread where Brendan just embarrassed you!!! Sorry Grace….you have no facts to support you!!!

      • Sorry, nobody embarrassed me, least of all Brenda! Now … do yourself a favor and SHUT UP, YOU MISERABLE FOOL!!

      • You’d laugh at anything Brenda says, even though she’s as ignorant and ill-informed as you are. You’re 2 peas in a pot LOL!!

      • sorry but really made you look STUPID and all your stupid self could say is LEAVE ME ALONE!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • What are you talking about? Are you saying we should not rescue our men and women who are surrounded? Wait for someone else to rescue them?

      • UH….the story isn’t correct….go to the fox news site and tell me where does it say they men are cut off and surrounded

      • No you go read the facts, ISIS has taken the town and it is less than 10 miles from the base. The Marines are being told not to engage.

      • And ALLEN west wants you to believe that these 300 are cut off and about to be overran…..I’m sorry but allen west is a FRAUD only stoking FEAR!! No wonder he was RELIEVED OF COMMAND!

      • Sue, the not to engage would apply only if they themselves are not targeted. If they are attacked they will protect themselves and it will take a lot more than 300 to take over 300 marines who can then get air support and ground support if needed. This should not be another Benghazi unless our President screws up again, which I admit, is not beyond the realm of possibility.

      • Our President screw up no way! He doesn’t care so what is it to him. The bad thing is this is a training camp to train Iraq’s so we don not know how many Marines are there. Who knows, they could be ordered to stand down and give up their weapons. A Marine never gives up his weapon, but where was it Yemen that they where forced to?

      • Call our people home now. For the first time I’ve read here, I believe you are right on. Only go to places that are our Allies and those who have supported our nation positively.

      • Nope… Obama had been saying we will defeat ISIS.
        Allen West is claiming we can not defeat ISIS and Our President is weak.

        Which statement emboldens our enemies…
        We will defeat you…. or… we will not defeat you because our President is a coward…?

      • The enemy is emboldened with statements such as how long America is willing to fight them, or the fact that this administration is unwilling to put “boots on the ground.” Obama signals the enemy with everything he intends to do or NOT do. Are you that ignorant that you can’t see that?!

      • Loons are wonderful birds who live in lakes in the midwest. In fact, there is only 1 pair to each lake. Their call at evening is lovely. Sorry you know so little about life…

      • Obama saying we will have limited support and a 3 year limit. Now what does that tell ISIS? That’s why Obama asked congress, he doesn’t have to ask congress he knows they won’t agree to the limitations.

      • He’s just setting up Congress to fail and say no. Just so he thinks he looks good by even making a offer. Congress will support him 100% if he takes the changes they suggest.

      • That’s ok, those of us who are paying attention know what he’s about. He is working as hard as he can to bring America’s collapse.

      • In this case West is correct. The method President Obama is using will not defeat ISIS and to tell them in advance of what you are doing is the most stupid thing I have ever heard of. I don’t believe so much that Obama is a coward as much as inexperienced for the job that is needed. His knowledge of foreign relations is as bad as it can get, but, he may prove me wrong with another stupid move.

      • Our president began his stand with his “world apologetic tour” where he Kowtowed to foreign leaders, Muslim I believe. He has consistently shown himself to be against the military (in war and in support of benefits for active and vets). He has openly condemned our Constitution. Why, then, would he not be considered “weak” by foreign countries?

      • Not true.
        There was no apology tour… that was made up by anti-Obama rightwing pundits who selectively edited speeches of Obama to deliberately take things out of context.

        How has he “condemned” our Constitution?
        And when did he ever oppose military benefits?

      • Amazing how many videos are out there about the “tour” from different sources show speeches and photos and actions. When the House stopped pay on excess spending, Obama picked cutting military housing and other benefits to not pay. His decision done via the DoD. It was his order that caused problems with military voting when OoC, via the Pentagon. There are more. He has said many times the Constitution was out dated. In fact, early on some of his first “pen” (Executive orders and presidential memorandums) were to bypass the Constitutional Law… going on today.

      • There are also selectively edited videos out there that prove lizard people rule the world.
        There was no apology tour.
        Rightwing hacks deliberately quoted him out of context.
        Show me a single instance of one of these examples where he apologized for America and i guarantee I can find the rest of the speech to show the real context of what he said.

        And Obama did not pick cutting housing and other benefits.
        Talk to congress about what programs were cut.

      • Kind of a tragic downfall for the left. They’re sure they’re right, but aren’t, and never seem to realize it…

    • The Marines are probably not trapped in the literal sense of the word, however, The Obama Administration is surely the most inept bunch of people I have ever heard of. No one in their right minds would give advance warning of when, where and how we are going to attack you. This has to be the dumbest thing this administration has done and they have done it multiple times, so, they obviously don’t learn from past experiences.

      • Sorry but allen west only mission is to put fear I n those simple minded…he knows they won’t look for themselves to find out he is being truthful which most of the time he is not

  31. My money is on the U S Marines,they are the three hundred don’t anyone kid themselves any different,unless the State Department tells them to surrender their weapons like they have before.

  32. Pray (and thank) these 300 brave, strong and smart Marines we have. Sure wouldn’t want to tick them off. If obama had been a warrior and a real Commander-In-Chief, this ridiculous situation would not even be occurring and ISIS would be rid of by now. obama is a pretty little boy who has gone pyscho on us and now we’re stuck dealing with the problems he’s causing. “Clean up on aisle two, please!!”

  33. I am praying hard for these brave Marines, and I know that God is in control and hears out prayers. Please continue to pray for our soldiers, and that God will send his angels to protect them. He will.

    • Amen & Semper Fi, please keep praying for my fellow Marines, & that GOD, HIMSELF, will deal with ISIS, & pour out HIS HOLY WRATH upon them for their evilness. “It is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of an angry GOD.”

    • Prayer is always proper and wonderful. Just don’t forget, the German soldiers who fought against the Allied forces (WW2) had belt buckles with “Got Mit Uns” stamped on them (God ‘be’ with us). We must pray for God’s support and wisdom. We must also gird ourselves with the whole armor of God and be soldiers for the right.

  34. maybe bar rock should go over and BOW DOWN to his masters in ISIS !!

    shame on our congress (house and senate) who have NOT done their jobs to throw this bum out of office and to try him for TREASON!!

    Congress is JUST as GUILTY!!

  35. You know that when Obama proposed his idea for going after ISIS, he didn’t have to ask Congress. He could go ahead with a executive order (we know he likes his pen and phone). But he knew that Congress wasn’t going to go for it with all the limitations on it. He just set I up so that they would turn it down so he could say “I tried and they wouldn’t work with me”, boo hoo.

      • “He needs to be removed from office”…. How many “every day” American citizens attend grassroots group meeting to learn about our political process? If you don’t know and don’t learn, just who is it that is going to do the deed? Not Congress. They get paid too much to rock that boat UNLESS the voters learn how to push their “buttons”. Remember, as Paul Harvey once said, “… to the other guy, YOU are the other guy”. We owe our country to know the Constitution and how our government works. We owe our fellow Americans to be “United” against powers “both foreign and domestic”.

    • You know he made this an issue when he turned his back on the war when he first took offce. ISIS would not even exist if he had just continued relations with Nouri al-Maliki. That is all he had to do, and none of this would even exist.

      If you DON’T know who Nouri al-Maliki is and why/how he is related to ISIS then you know nothing and have no right to speak on this subject.

    • The president does indeed have the legal ability to declare war. However, he must convince Congress (House and Senate) or they have the legal right to not finance it. This has never happened in our nation’s history, but….. this last six years have been “change” after change. Just as Congress is debating over funding the lawbreaking aliens amnesty, the executive (as in execute/fulfill the laws) office is using the other portions of the DHS to win voter support. Such a vile shell game being played.

  36. You know Obama made this an issue when he turned his back on the war when he first took office. ISIS would not even exist if he had just continued relations with Nouri al-Maliki. That is all he had to do, and none of this would even exist.

    If you DON’T know who Nouri al-Maliki is and why/how he is related to ISIS then you know nothing and have no right to speak on this subject.

  37. This will not end well even if the Marines are successful in turning
    back the IslamoNazi’s they will probably be prosecuted by the Obola
    regime for not standing there defenseless and allowing these sons of
    satan to slaughter them and behead them. This will be Benghazi on
    steroids. But I fully expect these Marines to take as many of the scum
    bags with them as possible. SEMPER FI MARINES.

  38. I find it incredible Colonel West that we Americans have this totally inept human being running our country and making decisions. We are in trouble. Thank you for what you do …

  39. does it matter if it is 20 marines or 300 marines they should have all the support 2 get isis by hunting them down like the scumb they r with or without the obama’s blessing or not at the same time start impeachment proceedings against this inapt government we us citizens demand that includes the military

  40. I am a United States Marine, God, Country and Corps, I am a Marine. When my duty on this earth is over, if God wills, I will be in heaven guarding the gates and streets of heaven as a Marine. I heard the funniest joke I have heard in a long time. The news report that there was an attack on the Al-Asad air base in Iraq. What was funny was that they said 300 Marines were trapped! I laughed my butt off. First, Marines DO NOT get trapped. We take up a fighting position. We do not use fox hole, those are for foxes to hide in, we fight in fighting holes. When confronted, Marines do one of two things. They hold their position. Or they fight their way through. When we get surrounded it simplifies the situation. We just fight in all directions. It makes it that much easier. When we became Marines, we joined the Marine Corps family. You fight for and with your family. We never leave a Marine behind. These Marines were not trapped. To say that makes it sound like they were helpless. They were not. Communication from a Taliban Commander after losing Karamanda to the 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine: “The British were chickens, but these new men… these American Marines… They fight like animals, like they aren’t even human.” Another one: “Do not attack the First Marine Division. Leave the yellowlegs alone. Strike the American Army” ~ Orders given to Communist troops in the Korean War; shortly afterward, the Marines were ordered to not wear their khaki leggings to keep the enemy from immediately fleeing. The only thing I can think of is that Isis has not truly been in a fight with the Marines. But when they do, they too will learn what others have, they screwed up. Trapped Marines, what a joke.

    • Well, you are certainly playing into this administration’s hands. You are telling people not to send reinforcement to the brave Marines. You are putting a hell of a responsibility on a group who were sent to “train” Iraqi military. This, therefore was a training facility, not a Marine tank division. Only in boot camp or in computer games are humans bulletproof. Add to the situation, there are standing orders on how these “highly” trained Marines are to respond to an attack. By these asinine federal decrees, their hands are tied. Yes, our military is top notch. But, if, IF they are overrun, they will be tortured and shown to the world as they are murdered.. Why? Because our leaders refuse to send the means for these brave representatives of our nation to NOT have to show their testosterone unto death. Prevent the fight. Stop the enemy before the battle. That is what Col. West is alluding to.

      • The Marines are not ‘trapped’. We can resupply them, reinforce them, or evacuate them at will. Mr West should know better; he was a soldier once.

      • I am pleased to know that you have confidential military knowledge of the situation. Your confidence in what “we can” do is only second to what this apologetic administration wants to do. Unless, of course, you have access to covert merc’ military and a few million dollars; and the “sign-off” by this government to attack the country of Iraq. “Could-a, Would-a, Should-a” is great in novels. (see above comment)

      • I’m sure you know most of this but some other readers may not, so, bare
        with me please. When we (citizens) say that “we” will go to war, either
        we are the leaders of the country or we have to hire military forces
        ourselves to do the job. Those are called “merc’s” or mercenaries. Our
        current leadership have refused to provide large scale support as an
        overwhelming force to stop the enemy AND save OUR people who represent
        our nation in foreign soil. We indeed have far superior weaponry,
        technology, and training along with a population that supports our
        military. It still takes the dadburn leaders to get off their duff and
        “man up” for our safety. Take the war to them or they will bring it to

      • I absolutely know our “troops are sufficient to the task”. But, there are hold backs. Just say, for instance, you were an avid bicyclist and could lead the pack in a race. What if the racing board decided your abilities were not fair and required you to wear ankle shackles. Doesn’t change who you are nor does it change your training or your bicycle. Yet, you are crippled. This is what our Marines and other branches are coming up against. Our own elected officials set extremely limiting “rules of engagement” on our fighting men and women. The weak link is in charge; top dog; commander. Rule maker.

      • There are some, who getting out of the armed forces, do go back to fight. I only wish I was in better health, I would be right next to them in the field of battle.

      • Where in my reply did I say not to send in reinforcements? No where! You have no idea of what a Marine is capable of. Here is a quote for you: “There are only two kinds of people that understand Marines: Marines and those who have met them in battle. Everyone else has a second-hand opinion.”

      • If “we” had been in charge, ISIL/ISIS would not exist now as a threat to anyone. It is the lack of our current (so called) leaderships’ ability to “man up” and deal with the situation as it affects our national security (i.e. citizens). Actually we don’t need to send in “reinforcements”. That is more boots on the ground. What needs to be done (imo) is remove our people from harm’s way and crystallize wherever their military is located. Civilians should run for their lives. NOTE that this means air superiority without political restraint. At the same time, we need to stay out of other people’s politics and redirect our massive outlay of $$$ toward rebuilding our own infrastructure and borders. The “neighboring countries need to be aware and stand down from threats toward the U.S.A. and our allies. Then live at peace with us as we should concentrate on our “family” and leave theirs alone.

      • Carpet bombing is successful. With all this new technology, we can hone in on one person with a bomb. Of course, sometimes you need to use a sledgehammer to kill a fly. Air trikes are good for clearing it out. But unfortunatley, you need ground troops to “mop up.” Just wish they would just let ALL the armed forces do their jobs on the ground. I agree with staying out of other people politics, we can’t even handle our own sometimes. You are right, we need to rise back to the super power we once were, not that we are not a super power now, just we were more feared before. Like a corporation that is leaking money, we need to make changes in the leadership. Till then, Isis will continue with “taking over” and spreading their death and destruction across the globe. I feel we need someone with military experience as the president. someone who understands this threat and is not afraid to deal with it. Till then, the American people will not wake up till it is in their own backyard. Just look at Dearborn on what can happen when they are let to their own devices.

      • I agree with you 100%. The next commander-in-chief needs military background. How as a, Playboy, can you be a leader of our troops, when the one does not understand how to fight a war?

      • You have to understand, Obama has ties to Muslims and because of that is why the Armed Forces’ hands are “tied” when it comes to fighting them. He will not allow an all out “war” against them, no matter what they do to others or this country.


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