VIDEO: Obama’s adorable human side captured by BuzzFeed to sell Obamacare

Thanks to BuzzFeed for showing us what we were already thinking anyway.


  1. He’s the twenty-first century Nero. Nero loved to play instruments, sing, drive chariots and spend time with actors and athletes. Sound familiar? Our modern Nero golfs, fundraises across the country, ignores world leaders while granting interviews to Youtube celebrities with green lipstick, and in this case acts like a public clown.

    Apparently this will continue because not enough people have stood up and said “Enough!”

  2. Adorable? Are you kidding me? The narcissism continues! Let the jester speak…..or should I say bring on the buffoon? What a disgrace to our country.

    • He fails to mention that you will now have more choices such as paying your newly doubled insurance or your mortgage payment each month but not both. Or if you need a doctor then you can choose from a few new Dr.’s an hour away but not your old Dr. 5 min. away. Yes, we have choices and none of them are $100.

      • What he really forgets to tell you is there is a $5000 deductible (or MORE!). And Pat, I hear ya. I make under $50k a year and I’m paying $282 every 2 WEEKS for insurance for my husband. NOT Obamacare, but it’s real coverage, not the “illusion” of coverage that is Obamacare.

  3. Wouldn’t these expressions get an elementary student kicked out of school. (especially the one where he is pointing a “gun finger”?

  4. Doesn’t matter what the man does….some just don’t like him and will complain about anything! This is why ALLEN WEST is known as THE COMPLAINER IN CHIEF

  5. The most nauseating part is the laughter at the end. This disaster is surrounded by adoring morons. I never thought I’d see the day when a socialist dictator buffoon was occupying the White House. It is truly scary to watch this clown.

      • Actually it is a very good argument. I’m sorry you are not up on current events as well as know your American history. let me explain-
        Joni Ernst made a national name for herself using TV.
        and FDR used the radio for his daily fireside chats.
        Both used the social media in their time to broadcast their message, like Obama.

      • Hey Matthew she is entitled to her opinion BUT so am I. She brings up FDR well…FDR used the medium for his fireside chats 31 times between March 1933 and June 1944, discussing a range of topics from New Deal economic policies to aid for Europe in the fight against fascism to reporting on the military and domestic fronts during World War II. Obama uses social media for what? Selling his Obamacare. BIG DIFFERENCE. My opinion is perhaps he should use social media for more important issues. 🙂 That video just reminded me how stuck he is on himself.

    • Castigating definition, to criticize or reprimand severely.

      Castrating definition, to remove the testicles.

      So, do you mean he should have talked about chastising hogs, or about removing their gonads?

      • Is this how you are spending your valentine!’s day? Instead of struggling up with a warm body, your attention is on me. At least it’s a pussy, right.

    • I guess you really need all that FREE stuff that’s the loon in the Oval Office is giving away, so you can help the country flush itself down the toilette. Nothing like people who are totally capable and yet demand their fair share of what will destroy this country through insisting the FEDS give them a living for doing nothing. Odumbass has 2 more years, I just hope the country will survive until someone with a backbone and a pair of balls can come along and fix this crap we’re in. Uncle Ruckus, I guess you plan on having your future generations of your family enslaved to the federal government for all eternity. Got ta get as much free stuff as you can…not sure how much longer this government will last until the free stuff is all gone. You know when no one will be free, because their responsibility for paying down this debt so far is right around $58.000 per every single person alive in this country. Now I guess you’re thinking my descendents wont have to worry about that, because they’ll still be getting all that free stuff and living off the Feds hand out. Yeah it is funny how this Odumbass the loon in chief with two more years upsets me, I’m just wondering why you are soooo blind and do not comprehend that the amount of money that Odumbass has spent will literally take many generations of people to pay off. But I guess that’s okay because because we’re going to be long dead and won’t have to worry about it. Yeah keep on believing that, Rockass.

      • I don’t know where you people get that if you agree with the policies of the president you must get FREE STUFF?? I’m a 23 year vet and once owned a business that I sold…NO FREE STUFF!!! You people KILL me with that!!!

      • It’s hard to believe that a 23 year vet would follow a coward and traitor like O’Nero. It is also hard to believe that a capitalist business owner would support a communist POTUS. Ergo, you’re probably lying.

      • One thing being in the military is to respect the uniform and the commander in chief no matter which party they are from! I’ve served under democrats and republican and they all got the same respect…people like Allen west are a disgrace to the uniform… wonder he was relieved of comnand

      • You are an idiot that apparently can’t remember your oath against enemies foreign and domestic. The only disgrace to the uniform is you because you probably spent your career on your knees with a toothbrush in the urinal. West saved his men and many lives while you licked urinals ysmfdafi

      • Well looks like the STUPID bus just dropped off another person! West was RELIEVED of COMMAND….admitted he made a mistake and was forced to retire!! The information west recieved for torturing a innocent was BOGUS and saved NO LIVES!!!

      • Many were relieved of their commands under false pretenses because they would not follow the traitors unlawful orders.

      • Your oath is FIRST to the U.S. Constitution, and SECOND to obey all orders of the CinC and chain of command. It was designed that way so that your oath would not require you to obey the orders of a traitor. You would follow the traitor blindly, without regard to your oath. YOU are a disgrace to the uniform, not Col West. I don’t give a flip who you think you are. You’re garbage to me and any American.

      • You disrespect he commander in chief because you disagree with his policies??? You call the president a traitor without ANY facts to support you. You sir are a disgrace to the uniform, the military and a nation! Allen West is included in that DISGRACE part!!!

      • The facts are all around you, but you can’t see them through your racism blinded eyes. You remain a disgrace due to your proclamation of loyalty to a traitor, and I could care less about your response because you, also, are a traitor. So shut it, punk.

      • and if the man is a traitor…what have republicans done to get him out of office??? LOSE A ELECTION??? MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

      • Obummer deserves no respect because he is NOT OUR PRESIDENT. IF you were true Military you would know that.

      • And you are still an ignorant fool. Unbelievable that any military would let you in much less stay. Go Back to the kiddie porn so the fbi can catch you quicker.

      • He is NOT legally our president. He is a usurper. If you want to say he is your president go right ahead be he is NOT OUR president!!

      • ummm…. yes he is.
        You don’t have to like him, but you have to be in serious denial to pretend he isn’t the President.
        He was legally elected twice.
        Really really wishing that somehow it wasn’t true doesn’t change that.

    • It’s funny that you take time from your pedophile porn to be so concerned with things you are to ignorant to discuss with any intelligence.

  6. And what exactly is the republican plan forinsure the uninsured??? They’ve had 6 years to come up with something instead of lying to the public telling them they will repeal it

    • How about get a job and pay for your own, self-chosen, healthcare plan? The only ones getting the free ride are the ones making nothing, sitting on their asses, because if you’ve got a decent job you either have to buy what they say (even if you don’t need that extensive coverage) or be fined!!! And people working are getting the hell taxed out of them to pay for DEADBEATS!!! I’m tired of being robbed!!!

      • Everybody isn’t dead beats, I worked many years, paid my taxes and healthcare to only end up with a hereditary medical illness, which now keeps me from working. I have to wait 3 years for disability, so yes the medicaid helps me and I won’t apologize for it. Stop putting every person under the same microscope. Everyone isn’t deadbeats and your comment is rude.

      • I agree not everyone should be lumped together, but I also agree we are all paying for the ones who use and abuse. Ones who need it legitimately are suffering because of those who use the system without trying. I too suffer from hereditary issues, and almost went bankrupt when I had cancer with no coverage. No easy answer here.

      • Karen, I do agree there are a lot abusing the system and I feel you on that, I hate to see the system abused which makes it more difficult for people who need it to survive. Karen I will be praying for you and truly hope all will be well with your health and financial issues.

      • You were already paying for them you IDIOT!!! The uninsured that ran to the emergency room for treatment drove premiums up!

      • Hey dumb fin. So we should be happy to pay MORE for less now just because you say it’s better. You are SUCH a MORON

      • Read Beth’s comment and maybe you will understand. Its not about me, its about people who don’t work being called dead beats because they are unemployed. Not everyone is a dead beat and everyone doesn’t choose to have to live off benefits including the healthcare act.

      • Renee these LOONS believe that everyone that doesn’t work is because they don’t want to…everyone that gets any sort of help are BUMS and MOOCHERS….its like they don’t have any common sense!!!

      • cheryl i have an attorney, i filed in 2012 and refiled in 2013 and my attorney advised me they will deny twice and then it goes to court as in Ky, they hear claims from Ky and Indiana whuch now as if 2/10/15 i will have to wait 400 days fir a court date in which my case will be approved. My own doctor told me i needed to file so dont tell me it only takes that long if you are capable of working because irs not true, so until you have vital information thst is correct get off thus post. Which i am kindly requesting. If i coukd work i would as i believe in oroviding for me and my family at all cost exceot i aint no drug dealer so again you know what you can do.

      • I have Type 1 diabetes. RA, Fibro, OA, hypothyroidism, PCOS, and several other hereditary diseases. I still manage to work because I use my mind instead of my physical labor. Go back to school. Grants are available.

    • The plan was already in place. Every state already had programs for the uninsurable. Obama care is a money transfer scheme and for more govt control. Has nothing to do with healthcare.

    • you want the republicans to present an alternative? What koolaid do you drink every morning? The healthcare plan in place BEFORE Obammydoesntcare was 100% working well for everybody. Everyone HAD insurance before they got KICKED OUT by this monstrosity.


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