Middle school gives detention students explicit 50 Shades word puzzles

I do not plan to see “Fifty Shades of Grey.” First of all, the film is getting lousy reviews, and secondly, I don’t wish to support the mainstreaming of sado-masochism in our culture.

However, no matter how I feel about it, apparently it’s being shoved down the throats (and I use that expression intentionally) of CHILDREN in our nation.

In public school no less!

Unbelievably, students in Monessen Middle School in Pennsylvania were given word search puzzles based on “Fifty Shades of Grey” that contained terms such as “spanking,” ”submissive,” ”leather cuffs,” “bondage,” “intercourse” and others more explicit.


According to CBS Pittsburgh, Joshua Kramer, a senior at Monessen High School told KDKA’s Brenda Waters he didn’t see the puzzle, but heard about it. He said “I heard it had a lot of raunchy stuff in it, not good at all. It was kind of ridiculous.” Kramer said about 4 or 5 students were given the puzzle by a teacher during “in school suspension.”

Now for those who might not be aware (like me), In School Suspension is “designed to minimize the need for Out-of-School Suspensions while providing constructive and positive learning experiences for students, it is not meant to be torturous.” I swear this is what a high school website says.

Here’s another definition of it: In-school suspension (ISS) is a disciplinary technique which is designed to penalize problem students for their behavior while still ensuring that they participate in the academic community in some way.

Well, then I guess a word search puzzle about discipline (and bondage) makes perfect sense to penalize these problem students.

Are you frigging kidding me? Problem students are given fun “puzzles” glorifying spanking, submission, leather cuffs and bondage?

What are we doing to our children?

Naturally parents who found out about this are livid, and School Superintendent Leanne Spazak said the circumstances of the puzzle are under investigation.

Another school board member said, “It was a huge but unintentional error and collected from the five students involved as soon as it was realized,” Roberta Bergstedt wrote in an email. “Unfortunately one copy was taken by a student who then posted it on social media.”

Who could possibly think this was a good idea for middle school students? How is it that we have so devolved in our culture that sado-masochistic sexual behavior is now “normal” enough to be discussed in middle school for heaven’s sake?

I had a spirited discussion this week with some liberal friends about the cultural decline in our nation. In fact, let me be more specific. The cultural ROT.

I recognize it is every generation’s job to shock the previous generation, but how about shocking them with goodness rather than spiraling downwards into depravity. Because where does this end?

As a nation, how can we muster up the outrage against the horrible atrocities committed by ISIS against children and women, who are selling them as sex slaves, as well as burying them alive, beheading and dismembering, when we begin to convince ourselves a little whipping and a little pain is actually kind of fun?

We don’t need to groom teenagers and women to accept abuse as something they should consider and accept. The Minnesota Child Protection League has created 50 Shades: The Pledge. I hope you’ll review it, and share it with your daughters and friends.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief]


  1. Yesterday I saw a “50 Shades Vermont Teddy Bear” complete with blindfold and handcuffs. On the ad it said: “small parts included not for small children.” THAT is why it is not for children?!!! And then I turned the channel and watched an entertainment news show have a “reading of 50 Shades”…three people laying on the bed, and a transsexual man reading the book. Our poor children. What once was done in the darkest dungeons (and this includes homosexual behavior) is now promoted in our society as good, entertaining, wholesome! We truly have entered that strange time where people are completely given over to the lusts of the flesh. Where what is bad is called good. Where God is mocked and the darkness embraced. May the light of Christ continue to shine brightly as we who believe hold onto the truth and the word of God.

    • I just did a double take when I heard a radio ad for the “50 Shades Vermont Teddy Bear”. Yet another place I will not do business with. (Not that I would anyway, I mean, they sell teddy bears.)

  2. It is just one more way to take their innocence. Once their innocence is removed it is easier to take religion or God out of them.

  3. I blame conservatives who wanted to bring back corporal punishment in schools. You guys wanted spanking in detention and now you’ve got it. 😉

  4. This was reported in the Huffington Post, which I would guess Mr West would call the liberal media that he hates. While I agree this was an incredibly stupid choice by some misguided teacher I disagree with Mr. West (as usual) that it has absolutely anything to do with “liberal corruption of our culture”…how he was able to do that bit of mental gymnastics to turn this into yet another way to bash those that disagree with him is rather amazing. It’s a cheap shot, which I understand as actually discussing real issues is difficult and takes a greater understand of both domestic and international politics than Mr West possesses.

    • It has EVERYTHING to do with the moral corruption of our society at the hands of liberal indoctrinators. It was NOT a mistake – it was deliberate, and the “mental gymnastics” needed to reach that conclusion are so minimal that the lowest slug could easily arrive there.

      About the only thing you said that has ANYTHING approaching common sense was that it “was an incredibly stupid choice”! It definitely was NOT a “cheap shot”! That is what you did.

      • Very true and did you notice the two words “Christian” and “Control” listed one above the other? That was no mistake. They want the young minds full of mush to associate Christian values with control over them. Just the opposite is true though. When one doesn’t control their sexual appetites, one can become pregnant, and then EXPECT and DEMAND that taxpayers pay for their abortions.

  5. I suspect the author may be an ignorant pig. “50 Shads of Grey” does not portray the BDSM, the D&M or even the S&M cultures. It portrays exactly what it is: A rape coupled with Stockholm Syndrome, written by a woman, for women. And everyone seems to be eating it up. Speaking as a member of all three communities, the word “no” means no in all three groups, unless (and ONLY unless) all involved parties agree on what codeword DOES mean no.

    • Perversion is perversion. Regardless of what is portrayed by who, this garbage has no business being in a middle school classroom for ANY reason!

      • Yes, but who put it there? Was it a student? Was it the teacher? Most likely not, since they wouldn’t want to get FIRED for it, so that leaves students (short of some marital spat). So, the question is, what can you really do about it? From what I can see, nothing on there was actually explicit. As such, they can’t be punished for bringing ‘smut’ in. Middle school students are, or damn well BETTER be, sexually *aware* (because NOT knowing about it is how you get unplanned pregnancies), so you can’t say it’s contributing to the delinquency of a minor. More over, from a literary stand point, the only major flaw with the book (series) is how they portray the BDSM community, so it’s actually NOT complete garbage, from a literary stand point.

        Further more, how is it your right to judge what is perverted to everyone else? If you’re a straight-laced religious person that venerates the Jewish war god, then you’d consider anything that isn’t “missionary position” to be perverted. On the other hand, the tamest members of the furry, BDSM, gay, punk, goth, or any other subculture AT ALL – sexually based or not – would say you’re as naive as Sgt Schultz and/or as ignorant as Col. Kilnk.

        Even more importantly than that, if you never expose children to even so much as the concept of something, how do you expect them to handle it if it turns out that whoever they decide to spend the rest of their lives with happens to want to explore that particular topic, but as no experience?

        I don’t know about you but, speaking as a father, I’d rather at least have my child have a basic, working knowledge of something than accidentally get killed by it, no matter how I might feel about that particular subject matter.

  6. If you raise your kids right, you won’t have to worry about this stuff affecting them. 🙂 It’s not up to society to teach our kids right from wrong, or give them morals or values.

    • Disagree. Why allow evil to be thrown all over your kids when they are out of your sight? Children are susceptible to curiosity, titillation, experimentation and worst is the hardening and desensitization that occurs.

      • Yeah you will never be able to control everything your child sees or hears. There are way worse things out there than this FICTION movie. It is your job as a parent to teach them about things they will encounter while they are not in your eye sight. You have to let your kids be curious and learn and teach them how to discern right from wrong and fiction from nonfiction.

      • Of course. I’m a teacher and raised children. So, with your logic, maybe the school can plan an outing to a porn shop or an adult book store.

      • And you’re doing a great job of acting like someone who has no idea of what you’re talking about. Come out of the cave and view the world as it is, sweetie!

      • Fiction and non-fiction can be easily intertwined for children at 12years old. It doesn’t appear that you’ve had experience with kids but going off of theory. You can do everything “correct” as a parent and still have a child who goes ‘wrong’ and vice versa.

    • Who makes up society? Parents, teachers, leaders. So we leave the kids up to their own devices as to what is right and what is wrong? Example: I want to rape that girl over there. I don’t think it’s wrong. Maybe for her, but not for me… You’re young and have a lot to learn about the world, no doubt.

  7. Believe me this was no mistake. Funny…..whenever they get caught putting out this garbage in our schools they always say it was a mistake. How was this a mistake? Are you going to tell me this teacher did not see what was on the puzzle? Come on. This teacher handed out an assignment he/she was told to hand out. They are pushing this garbage book in schools all over America not just PA. I strongly advise you to call your school superintendent or curriculum director and ask if this book is in your school. You might be surprised to learn your child’s school is making the same “mistake.”

  8. I believe this school wants those on detention to grow up to be vile criminals! That is the way I see it!
    It sounds like schools now are putting out stuff that I as an uncconverted wicked teenage sinner would have not wanted to be caught in school! Only worse!

  9. School gives the same Common Core answer for all of the violations against children. “We are checking into it.” “Ooooops, you caught us,we have to be more careful in the future,” is what they are really saying to us. Until parents get ti!!!! ANY & ALL PERVERTED SEX IS TAUGHT AS NORMAL IN COMMON CORE. YOU CAN THANK THE GAY,LESBIAN.TRANSVESTITE.CROSS DRESSERS FOR THIA PART OF YOUR CHILD’S SEX EDUCATION. PERIOD!!!!

  10. satan wants to destroy the future generations.
    In the last 60 years, I’ve seen the destruction of our youth and our white Judeo/Christian culture. I see filth in the movies, on TV, in music, public schools, and more. The nation needs to turn back to God’s instruction, wisdom.

  11. Chew a cookie into the shape of a constitutionally protected gun and toss the student…but a teacher can pervert the students mind and absolutely nothing happens???? I want the teacher(s) and principal FIRED!!!!

    • So go ahead and fire them. Get your children out of their schools and do it now!

      They chose the name “public schools” because they wanted people to imagine that they, the public, owned them. That is a deception. The government owns them, and they run them for their own ends, not yours.

      No “free” “education” is worth the cost — that cost is your child.

      Mr. Magoo O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

    • There’s an easy way to fire them, and it doesn’t take months and three reams of paper:

      Get your children out of these cesspools now!!

      No matter what it takes, no matter what it costs, get them out!

      There is nothing in a government-run, tax-funded welfare school that is worth the cost of a “free” “education”. The cost is your child.

      Mr. Magoo O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?


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