Marines ordered to destroy weapons while fleeing US embassy in Yemen; Obama broadcasts everything he’s not going to do against ISIS

I remember watching cowboy and Indian movies when I was a little kid and the Indians would say something like, “White man speak with forked tongue.” Yesterday President Obama delivered another statement on his “strategy” for ISIS and all I could think about is “black man in White House speak with forked tongue.”

The analogy is with a snake (never a complement) and means to deliberately mislead – saying one thing, and meaning another. As Obama was delivering his weak message — which we heard back in August last year to which I responded here — there were individuals from his own administration contradicting his words.

President Obama said ISIS morale is low? Hmm, doesn’t seem that way to most of us. And just so you all know, there is only one time in U.S. military history when air power defeated an enemy. That was in the Pacific theater of operations when two bombs were dropped – on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

I recall countless bombings during the Vietnam War — Linebacker I and II – and I don’t think we defeated Ho Chi Minh, the Viet Cong, or the NVA. As a young captain during Desert Shield and Storm, I watched the skies as a real air armada and campaign was waged — I mean hundreds of sorties (flights) a day. But against ISIS we are averaging around six.

So Obama came out sounding tough and once again told the enemy what he was NOT going to do and what this is NOT going to be. And he also told the enemy that we’re just going to do this for three years — and then I guess we’ll just quit and go home. What a coincidence, Obama is only around for two more years.

Back in August we were told ISIS would be degraded, defeated, and destroyed — yeah, right. President Obama is “banning” any enduring offensive ground operations. What in the Sam Hill does that mean?

However, as Obama was speaking there was a revelation emanating out of Yemen — remember, that strategic success story – which is utterly disturbing.

As reported by the Business Insider, “Armed Houthi rebels in the Yemeni capital Sanaa seized US embassy vehicles after the ambassador and diplomats left the country on Wednesday, local members of embassy staff told Reuters.

“The employees said that more than 20 vehicles were taken by the fighters after the Americans departed from Sanaa’s airport. Yemen-based analyst Haykal Bafana tweeted that US personnel surrendered 30 vehicles to Houthi militants. CNN is reporting that Houthi militants took “all US Embassy vehicles” parked at Sanaa’s airport as US personnel left the country and confiscated weapons from departing US Marines. If this is true, then forbidding American embassy security to travel with their weapons represents a major breach of diplomatic protocol on the part of Houthi rebels, who are now one of the country’s dominant political forces after the fall of Yemen’s government last week.”

The updated report from the US Marine Corps is that the State Department ordered them to render their personal weapons inoperable while they destroyed the “crew served weapons” — in other words machine gun-type weapons. Also, these Marines were not evacuated on military aircraft such as the Osprey, which were right off shore. Instead they were flown out on private aircraft. This situation marks one of the most embarrassing episodes in US Marine Security Guard history. This is the same State Department that met with Muslim Brotherhood officials two weeks ago.

Ok, let me explain something, I served a three-year joint assignment with the Marines. Every Marine is an infantryman, a fighter, warrior first, and they are damned proud to tell you that is their distinction. For someone to order a Marine to render his weapon inoperable is unconscionable.

So we are to believe an Obama administration that orders Marine Embassy Security Guards to scurry out the back door is supposed to defeat ISIS? Do you know what the message must be across the jihadist websites and chat rooms right now? What an embarrassment, and just imagine how those Marines felt.

“CNN added that Embassy staff “destroyed weapons that were inside the embassy’s storage warehouses” along with “tens of thousands of documents.” This is hardly the first time that US equipment in the country may have fallen into the wrong hands. Earlier this month, an unnamed US defense official told The Guardian that the US had only a limited ability to perform end-use checks on the $400 million worth of equipment and other military aid Washington has sent to Yemen since 2006.”

So we now have another Islamic terrorist organization armed with American combat equipment — ISIS being the other.

Here’s a discomfiting thought: Iranian-backed Islamists control the capitol cities of Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and are causing issues in Bahrain. We can expect another Hezbollah/Hamas style entity to gain strength, something that cannot please Saudi Arabia.

Business Insider writes, “Yemen is home to the al-Qaida branch considered most capable of attacking external targets and that took credit for the January attack on the satirical French newspaper Charlie Hebdo. And the Houthis are a Shi’ite militia movement allied with Iran. The absence of the US from Yemen during a time when a Tehran-backed group is consolidating power will hardly reassure American allies in the region, particularly Saudi Arabia. The Sanaa embassy is also reportedly the site of a CIA station whose capabilities might be curtailed now that its diplomatic cover has been lost.”

I wonder if the CIA covert operators were forced to destroy their weapons as well?

Does President Obama have any credibility to fight ISIS? That’s not for you to answer — I pose the question to our enemies, as they have the ultimate vote. And they are voting loudly. Just ask the families and friends of the four Americans who’ve been killed.

We are allowing evil to exist and persist. Sir Edmund Burke stated, “all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” And no, Congressional authorization for Obama won’t do anything to change the evil of Islamic terrorism. Why? Because some inane liberal progressive socialist will make a foolhardy decision to make our Warriors lay down their weapons.


  1. The liberal pacifist long ago believed that if we just let the Nazis do as they pleased, If we let the Japanese do as they pleased then they would not even notice us and we would be fine. That same voice seems to cry out from this administration while still those that hate us plot ways to destroy us and our allies. It did not work in 1941 and it will not work in 2015.

    • please check your history, dear. You got it ALL wrong.
      America did not want to get into WW2. FDR was elected third term and said he was not going to send us back to war. More Americans supported Charles Lindberg’s anti war stand. In fact, Jews escaping Germany were faced with American anti-Semitism and immigration problems. There is still debate whether the US knew about the prison camps. So much for American exceptionalism and judeo Christian values.

      • I really do not think your interpretation of history contradicts what I said. The number of pacifist whether in the majority or not were still wrong. Did you notice that the Japanese Empire attacked first? Ignoring them, being peace loving did not stop them. Pacifist can keep peace sometimes. Other times they get hit hard because they were not prepared.

      • @Philanthro……..You are right about the American war attitude before Pearl Harbor was bombed, but after that direct act of war American men were lining up to enlist in the military, and the whole country supported the war effort. Women went into the workforce in droves to produce war material. The American people have never backed down when attacked. until Obama took office.
        911 was an act of war, beheading hostages is an act of war, and requires a response. ANY enemy who publicly states that they want to defeat America and will continue terrorist acts,, needs to fought, and not with just words. This is an elusive enemy, making the concept of ‘war’ different from anything we have ever experienced. Common sense tells us that we need someone with military experience and a sense of pride in his country as our leader……we don’t have that.

      • Skip the history lesson becuase It has nothing to do with my or the post I was responding to. LIBERALS aren’t the only pacifist in American history. And liberals have been proven right. Remember the Vietnam war? The liberaks who protested against it were called unAmerican. The view of the war changed when TV started to broadcast the realities of an Unwinnable war. American attitudes changed so much they start to hate the Vietnam vets coming back from the war.

      • The first thing Gen. Eisenhower did when the U.S. discovered the carnage in the camps; was to order the press in to document it with as many photographs as possible;so that no one could ever say, it did not happen! He had the the German people in the surrounding neighborhoods, view and even bury the bodies. After the war, Harry Truman worked with Israel & Palestine to establish States for each. Israel gained Statehood in 1948. Palestine declined Statehood. This represents American exceptionalism & Judeo-Christian values at their finest!

      • After the war, not before. The U.S. turned away while the Nazi took the Jews guns. The U.S. was still dealing with the depression. people thought Hitler was a joke.

  2. The obama administration has caused the world to lose all respect for the United States. Everyone knows that we have a paper tiger in the White House.

  3. This disturbs me to the core… I can not believe that this administration will sink this low in a time where the world is in turmoil and we are being threatened from Islamic terrorists. To leave behind not only the weapons that were made “unusable” because they took out the firing pin? Really? How hard would it be for them to get more firing pins? Not to mention equipment that was also left behind that they said was left inoperable? I am sure they can get it up to operations if they want to, and the annex our people are leaving from will become a new staging point for these terrorists.

    • It was more than removing firing pins.

      When we close embassies in hostile countries we leave a lot behind… but we leave no sensitive material unburned and no weapons serviceable.

      if you fuse or crush a bolt carrier assembly and bend a barrel… there is nothing about that weapon that would make it ever more dangerous than a club.

  4. When ISIS attacks this country Obama, Harry Reid, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Valerie Jarrett and Susan Rice should all be put on trial for treason and murder. If convicted they should go to the gallows.

      • I know they are here by the thousands……I and MILLIONS more are prepared to send them onto The Land of Muhammad.. I just hope that they wear their black uniforms so they will be easier to pick off….they seem to be pretty proud and fond on them!
        They remind me of ole Uncle Tom (previously commenting) who also likes to hide behind his mask…..most likely another Muslim.

      • Yes the Clinton administration should have been. Clinton knew about Bin Laden and spent tons of money blowing up rocks with cruise missiles. Instead of taking the action of putting boots on the ground and taking Bin Laden out. The same thing Obama is doing today.

      • Interesting.
        Clinton should have done more, but he didn’t exactly just blow up rocks in the desert… he launched 75 cruise missiles, striking four separate Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan, for which Republicans called him a war monger.

        Clinton also signed three highly classified Memoranda of Notification expanding the available tools. In succession, the president authorized killing instead of capturing bin Laden, then added several of al Qaeda’s senior lieutenants, and finally approved the shooting down of private civilian aircraft on which they flew.

        Also, under Clinton, The CIA’s directorate of operations recruited, trained, paid or equipped surrogate forces in Pakistan, Uzbekistan and among tribal militias inside Afghanistan, with the common purpose of capturing or killing bin Laden. The Pakistani channel, disclosed previously in The Washington Post, and its Uzbek counterpart, which has not been reported before, never bore fruit. Inside Afghanistan, tribal allies twice reported to their CIA handlers that they fought skirmishes with bin Laden’s forces, but they inflicted no verified damage.

        Clinton absolutely could have, and should have, done more.

        But it’s funny you want to blame Clinton for doing a little… but you haven’t mentioned anything about Bush, considering Bush did nothing and even ignored advise and warnings regarding Al Qaeda

      • Bush had been in office a couple of weeks under eight months when the attack occurred. The briefing memo that democrats and liberals make so much noise about was so vague that nothing could be done. Here is a link to the so called August 6, 2001 briefing memo. Here is a link:

        If you look at the memeo it says after the missile strikes Bin Laden said he wanted to retaliate. The next paragraph said they were planning something, but give no indication what.

        Seventy-five cruise missiles into four training camps, he was blowing up rocks. The camps were not that large. No more than four should have wiped the camps out.

        The point is you cannot defeat an enemy with air strikes or cruise missiles. The current approach that Obama is using is the exact same thing that led to Vietnam. We had advisors there starting in 1955, it was a slow build up. Obama is doing the same crap with ISIS.

        Next Obama was so anxious to leave Iraq to keep a campaign promise that ran out and left the Iraqi government without any hope of hanging on. Obama announced very loudly the date we would leave, so all the bad guys had to do was hide and weight. Then after we left come out and start acting up.

        He could have negotiated to leave a division behind in garrison to show support for the Iraqi government and ISIS would not have made the gains they did.

        Then Obama lifts sanctions on Iran because they promise to be good. That is no going to work. Obama keeps telegraphing weakness and that emboldens an enemy faster than anything else.

        Obama has not learned from the mistakes of others. there is no excuse for stupidity.

      • Ah… so you are deliberately making excuses, or ignoring, every Bush mistake.

        Bush did nothing about Al Qaeda (zero) before 9/11.
        There were other warnings besides the infamous memo you mention… which he ignored

        You are also blaming Obama for the American withdrawal from Iraq at the end of 2011… even though it was arranged by the Bush administration, and signed by Bush, in 2008

      • Exactly what warnings? The memo from the FBI agent that got shoved in a drawer and never went to the White House? Exactly what actionable intelligence was there to act on? By the time Bush took office the plan was already in motion. Killing Bin Laden would not have stopped anything.

        You accuse me of making excuses for Bush based on a statement that he had info which was good enough to act on. Please provide a link to that evidence. I do not buy the Obama technique that if Obama said it it is true.

        Obama has left the southern border open, ISIS can come across there just as easy as Mexicans. Obama knows where they are now but refuses to make a concerted effort to kill ISIS. ISIS are radical Muslim terrorists, Obama will not call them that. Obama tries to treat terrorists like criminals, and address the matter of terrorism as a law enforcement problem but it is not. Holder stopped law enforcement form doing surveillance on Mosques. Where do you think these things hang out and plan the local barbecue joint?

        Obama is pissing a prime time to act and this country will pay for it in the long run. The Obama administration is rumored to be doing the same thing LBJ did during Vietnam. During his time in office LBJ signed off on all targets for air strikes. We blew up a lot of empty foot paths and road intersections.

        Obama and Holder refuse to even recognize the problem.

      • No but Obama had the ability to renegotiate a Status of Forces Agreement. Obama chose not to try for a new Status of Forces Agreement. He had almost 3 years to get that negotiation done and failed. Those agreements are never open ended and as a result have to be renegotiated periodically.

        Instead of staying engaged with the Iraqi government Obama turned his back and let the Iranians step in and gain influence.

      • He did negotiate… right up until October of 2011

        The Iraqis refused to grant immunity to Americans in Iraq.
        That was the deal breaker.
        Under the Iraqi’s terms, if an Iraqi made a complaint against a US soldier, the Us Army would have to turn that soldier over to the local Iraqi authorities and let the soldier’s fate be decided by an Iraqi court.

        That was the only reason a deal to keep troops could not be extended.
        The Iraqis refused to budge on this point.

      • There is a difference between negotiating just to say you are and making a serious effort. Looking at the other things he has negotiated he is a used car salesmans dream, he would end up paying more than the asking price. Look at the deal he made to get one deserter back. Five high ranking taliban for one deserter.

        Obama is ignoring the the problem, he thinks it can be controlled. It can no more be controlled than fire ants or killer bees. Fire ants have taken over the southern United States. Killer bees have made it as far north as Arkansas.

      • Yes. Clinton lied under oath and that was disgraceful and unforgivable.

        I despise Clinton for disgracing the office by lying to Congress under oath.

        But the subject of the conversation was about the response to Al Qaeda.

  5. I am glad that Allen sees the dichotomy of US actions in Bahrain where political correctness is causing the USA to turn their backs on a moderate and friendly government to support an Iranian backed opposition that wants to establish a Shia religious theocracy.

  6. Allen and everyone here we are in serious trouble here, Barack is on course to being able to take our country by force . We have to form an underground Army with the same Army we always had except the ones that are hired by Barack he is the Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and he is also the U.S.’s Leader. We have to take down this guys whole team. Allen we may never see Freedom again if we don’t! Sharia Law!

  7. I have to wonder how you loons operate on a, daily basis being afraid all the time! If you believe it’s that bad….please jump off the nearest bridge!! MUHAHAHAHAHA

  8. Before we can defeat America’s enemies overseas we must first defeat our enemies in Washington DC. It seems as everyone from county dog catcher all the way to president of the United States are doing anything they can to change fundamentally America. Only God and those wanting to live free can stop this destruction.

  9. I cannot believe that a United States Marine surrendered his weapon – to anybody! That would be – in my day, 60+ years ago – a Court-Martial offense that would have resulted in hard labor in the Leavenworth Stockade for many years.

  10. Allen….it must be hard being on the outside watching politicians do what they do! You had your shot and you LOST!!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!


    “The Marine Security Force left the American embassy in Yemen for the
    movement to the airfield as part of the “ordered departure” with only
    personal weapons. All crew served weapons were destroyed at the embassy
    prior to movement. None of them were ‘handed over’ in any way to anyone.
    The destruction of weapons at the embassy and the airport was carried
    out in accordance with an approved destruction plan.

    Upon arrival at the airfield, all personal weapons were rendered
    inoperable in accordance with advance planning. Specifically, each bolt
    was removed from its weapons body and rendered inoperable by smashing
    with sledgehammers. The weapons bodies, minus the bolts, were then
    separately smashed with sledgehammers. All of these destroyed components
    were left at the airport — and components were scattered; no usable
    weapon was taken from any Marine at Sana’a airport.

    To be clear: No Marine handed a weapon to a Houthi, or had one taken from him.”

  12. When you are a radical supporting Muslim that you are only going to make a show but will not destroy. Obama is hoping that soon all the Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood and their affiliates will be strong enough to take out Israel but that will never happen as God said it wouldn’t in scripture.

  13. Better yet. We just leave. How about Allen suggesting that? I didn’t know being ambiguous was the same as broadcasting what one wasn’t going to do. Allen has quite a “turn” on a phrase.broadcasts everything he’s not going to do against ISIS

  14. Plain and Simple!!

    They were ordered to SURRENDER!! The order came from the top!!!

    No sugarcoating!! Obama, biden, kerry, holder, clinton NEED TO BE TAKEN INTO CUSTODY.
    This is High Treason. As for the military commanders who agreed to this and put their careers before the honor of the United States of America and her Soldiers, you should be tossed into Leavenworth.

    Never has a surrender been declared. UNTIL NOW!!

    • The FRIGHTENING thing is that it tells Iran to step in. This will make 4 countries that Iran controls in that region, thanks to Obama!

      • They “surrendered” their firearms and were brought home on non-military flights! THAT is surrendering! Never before have our Marines been told to surrender their firearms! NEVER! Yet that came from our very own State Dept.!

      • No… they did not surrender their firearms.
        And embassy personnel, including Marines have been brought home on non military flights in the past.
        Weapons can not be transported on these flights.
        destroying weapons is protocol.
        It was an orderly closing of the embassy and leaving, not an emergency evacuation.
        No US personnel were detained and nothing was taken from them.

        Nothing was surrendered.

        Any weapons that had to be left behind were destroyed so that no one could use them.

      • WRONG! You’re listening to liberal news casts that are lying to you! Why isn’t it important for you to hear the real facts, rather than being stroked by lies?!

      • I am not listening to liberal news sources.

        I am listening to the official statement from teh marine Corps.
        maybe you need to stop listening to anti-administration news casts that are lying to you.

        Here is the official press release from the Marine Corps.

        If that is not good enough, here are photos of the weapons before and after being destroyed…

        bottom line… I don’t care what some biased political hack on radio or TV assumes might have happened.
        I’ll take the word of the Marines

  15. Laughable that the MSM neglected to report any of this in their reports on the Embassy evacuation…
    How convenient…. and typical.

  16. And if they left the weapons intact, they would have fallen into the hands of AQAP or ISIS. Just like what happened in Iraq. Then, Allen, COMPLAINER IN CHIEF, would have complained about THAT! He wants it both ways. and you West lemmings won’t get it.

      • NO THEY WEREN’T!! You’re watching the wrong channel, little Brenda! Our State Dept, (i.e. Kerry) told them to remove the firing pins and hand them over! PAY ATTENTION, you worthless fool!

      • That did not happen… no weapons were handed over.
        The weapons were destroyed.

        i take the official statement from the Marine Corps as the truth… not something you heard from some pundit like Allen West.

        Here is the official press release from the Marine Corps.

        If that is not good enough, here are photos of the weapons before and after being destroyed…

        bottom line… I don’t care what some biased political hack on radio or TV assumes might have happened.
        I’ll take the word of the Marines

      • You think the Marines are lying?

        Okay… if you think the Marines are lying… who is telling the truth?
        What is a credible source that you trust?
        Who told you weapons were surrendered?
        What credible news source said that?

      • For the last time, ALL firearms were handed over. The Marines flew out on a COMMERCIAL flight, not military, left keys in the ignition of cars, which terrorists took.

        Now … for the last time. Leave me alone! You are wrong. Whatever station or site you got your info from is WRONG. My info came from the STATE DEPT!

      • You’re lying.
        The State Department said nothing of the sort.
        Embassy personnel, including Marines, flying out on commercial flights is not in any way unusual.
        No weapons were handed over.
        All weapons were destroyed… and not just by merely having their firing pins removed, as you previously stated.

      • Bad habit of yours, Flower. Once you get into a corner you can’t defend, you tell posters to leave you alone. Pretty weak argument/response.

      • And you’re a liar. Had I gotten it, I would have posted it. And if I gave you a phony address, you would have gotten it back via the USPS.

      • *sigh* I don’t know about you, Andy, but I sure wish this site had moderators who would delete these miserable lefties. Have you emailed them about it? I have, twice. I think the only way to deal with them is to not answer them and just minimize their idiotic posts. Thanks for your service 🙂

      • yea cause we know that all you LOONS want is to talk to others that don’t care about truth nor facts. Do some research to find out what is real or not instead of taking the word of ALLEN WEST. Its too apparent that this man LIES and spread half truths to keep you LOONS stupid!!

      • I didn’t get it back. I’m not going to waste paper, ink or another stamp on you. You sure use the word, “liar,” a lot when you have no evidence other than your own, “judgement.”

      • Damn right you didn’t get it back nor did you send it. I would have posted it if you sent it. Keep your stolen valor to yourself Jayne. No one is buying.

      • US Marines disarmed by Yemeni militia

        Remember back when our operations in Yemen were the model for how Barack Obama was going to wage bloody war on ISIS:

        This counterterrorism campaign will be waged through a steady, relentless effort to take out [the Islamic State] wherever they exist, using our air power and our support for partner forces on the ground. This strategy of taking out terrorists who threaten us, while supporting partners on the front lines, is one that we have successfully pursued in Yemen and Somalia for years.

        After the government, to the extent that Yemen has ever had a government, was overthrown by tribal militias loyal to Iran things started to be “un-successful.” First, we, along with the UK and other nations, suspended operations at our embassy

        The decision came hours after the US state department said it had decided to suspend operations at its embassy in the capital.

        “Recent unilateral actions disrupted the political transition process in Yemen, creating the risk that renewed violence would threaten Yemenis and the diplomatic community in Sanaa,” spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

        But the best part of this “successful” strategy was still to come:

        Houthi rebels took all U.S. Embassy vehicles parked at the Yemeni capital’s airport and wouldn’t let departing U.S. Marines take their weapons with them, a top Sanaa airport official said about the latest evidence of unrest in an Arab nation long seen as key in America’s fight against terrorists.

        The actions come after the United States, along with Britain, suspended operations at their embassies and moved out staffers because of the instability in Yemen.

        According to the official, the Houthis seized many U.S. Marines’ weapons at the airport, and the American troops also handed over some to random airport officials.

        You read that correctly. The USMC security detachment for the embassy in Yemen handed over their vehicles and weapons before they were able to depart. The military is doing the best it can to hold this particular pig down and put lipstick on it but int the process they reveal just how chaotic the management of foreign policy has become under Obama:

        The Marine security detachment guarding the U.S. Embassy in Sanaa, Yemen left no operational weapons behind as troops evacuated the country, a senior Marine official with knowledge of the movement told Marine Corps Times.

        Officials with the Sanaa airport told the Associated Press earlier today that Houthi rebels seized more than 25 official U.S. vehicles in the wake of the hasty departure of embassy staff, some with personal weapons left inside.

        Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren told reporters that the embassy’s Marine security guard detachment destroyed larger weapons, including machine guns, and added that he believed they had turned over personal weapons to Yemeni officials because they could not take them on commercial flights.

        But the Marine official, who asked that he not be identified because he was unauthorized to discuss the situation, said no working Marine weapons, whether crew-served or personal rifles and sidearms, were seized or handed over as the troops departed.

      • Well thank you Jayne for knowing me well enough to see all my sins. With folks like you, gosh! We don’t need haSatan on earth! LOL!!

    • Clarify!!
      You keep saying this was not a surrender of arms and/or position. Whether the weapons were destroyed or not, the fact that those weapons were taken out of service IN WHATEVER MANNER while in a hostile and/or combat environment, IS a surrender.
      They say, because they were leaving on a commercial aircraft, no weapons allowed. That too, is bullcorn. I went to and from Iraq WITH weapons, no ammo for those of you armchair Soldiers.
      The orders came from the State dept.. Why?? We can speculate on that answer, but surely it was not a reason of logic or American values.
      It was an intentional surrender of weapons and mission.
      Stop trying the progressive notion of “pathetic adherence” to the gullible, by stating incorrect values…

  17. As a soldier in the Army, I would NEVER lay down my weapon or hand it over to a foreigner. The Sate Dpt. certainly had NO right to give such an order and must be held accountable. There is no doubt that Obama and his regime are rogues, out of control law breakers. So, who are going to defend Americans. And when will anyone in DC stand against the anti-Constitutional tyrant in the White House?

  18. The US would be smarter to just let ISIS and any of the Middle Eastern countries fight it
    out and just stay out of it and see what happens. That part of the world was fighting wars just like this for hundreds if not thousands of years. Lets save the lives of our troops and simply let all ISIS and the rest of them kill each other. The US tossed away 13 years, billions of tax payer dollars, thousands of solders killed and injured and for what?? Let the Saudi’s help with the fight against ISIS they have jets that are armed let them defend themselves for a change instead of expecting the US to jump in and defend them we are not the defenders of the planet. I happen to remember how most of the Middle East was overjoyed when 9/11 happened I saw the videos of these nut jobs jumping for joy, as far as I am concerned they can jump for joy while they fight for their lives against ISIS.

  19. Brendan, put down the Kool Aid and turn off MSNBC…
    The Marines and everyone else in the Military will say anything they’re told to say by the Administration.
    The Liar in Chief spins the lie and his Propaganda Department (the MSM) takes it from there…
    You remember…
    Like a spontaneous protest of a video….

    • So you are calling the Marines liars.
      And you believe the military deliberately puts out false press releases when ordered to.
      And I’m guessing you also believe the photos of the destroyed weapons must be fake as well.

      So because I believe the Marine Corps press release and the fact that all major News outlets, including conservative outlets like FOX News. acknowledged they got the story wrong and correctd themselves… you think I’m drinking Kool-Aid.
      Even Allen West changed the headline of his article.

      But you believe they are lying … because… why?
      Because you somehow know in your mind that the Marines are lying to cover some secret conspiracy?
      And I’m the one drinking the kool-aid?

  20. This is not the first time the Community Organizer in Chief, Barry the Arrogant, a legend in his own mind, has insulted Marines for the world to see. Remember making a Marine hold his umbrella? It is no accident or coincidence he ordered MARINES to destroy and abandon their weapons. The USMC was CREATED to fight “radical, violent Muslims”. And Barry the Arrogant can hold a grudge like nobody’s business.

    This was an intentional insult from a so-called commander in chief directed at a premier, proud and honorable branch of America’s military as an “I’ll show YOU”.

    • well the imposter has 2 more years of being commander in chief…isn’t it wonderful!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

      • If we’re lucky we have 2 more years of this imposter…I don’t know if this country can survive 2 more years of this wrecking ball.

      • well we barely survived 8 years of BUSH…we can survive 8 years of obama!! All of this “THE COUNTRY IS BEING DESTROYED” is just talking point from people that want you to donate money and you IDIOTS fall for it every time!

      • You’re more of an idiot than most – you voted for Obama twice. MANY of us knew better than to vote for him the FIRST time, but you went above and beyond and showed how much you hate America by standing with an Arab bought Kenyan who is hell-bent on destroying America. Well done, fool!

      • Bobby … that’s putting it mildly. He needs an intervention, or at the very least, REHAB. ANYONE who can laugh at what this man in the White House is doing to America is beyond DERANGED.

      • He’s probably sits at home waiting for his government check smoking his medical marijuana the government gives him to keep him stupid.

      • If you can’t see what’s going on with this imposter who’s occupying the Whitehouse and what wreckage he has brought to this country and the world than I can’t help you pull your head out of the sand, dummy.

      • Un huh….wreckage…sure…un huh! Too bad the majority of AMERICA doesn’t believe what you LOONS believe. WRECKAGE was 2008 when we were losing 800,000 jobs per month and the economy darn near collapsed….Wreckage was 9/11….BOTH happened under a REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT!!!

      • sorry dear but the man won by almost 6 MILLION votes!! Doesn’t hold water but keep trying to find a excuse….you might come up with one! Now how bout a FACT!! America rejected MITT ROMNEY…..Republicans even rejected MITT ROMNEY because about 3 million of them STAYED HOME cause they couldn’t bring themselves to vote for a MORMON!!!!

      • I’m not your dear and yes, there was MASSIVE voter fraud – more than likely well OVER 6 million! Normally the FBI investigates voter fraud, but oops! Eric Holder told them NOT to investigate! Gee … I wonder why! How can you be that ignorant, Earl! How can ANYONE be ignorant enough to continue supporting that fraud!

      • Correct. And that is because Eric Holder has squelched them. Gosh … are you THAT ignorant.

        Don’t answer, we know you are.

      • So what you are saying….Eric Holder has covered up the fact that 6 million US votes were fraudulent…..So why didn’t he use that power to squash all the BENGHAZI investigations??? And Eric Holder has the power to prevent republicans from speaking out on this mythical MASSIVE voter fraud??? Do you actually think about what you type before you type it??? MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • The majority of Anericans are on the government dole looking for a hand out or they got their headphones on smoking medical marijuana… So what kind of jobs are available now besides part time jobs… Are you really that gullible to believe what the government is telling you about the jobless rate?

      • Keep smoking your dope dummy, it’s people like you that we have an immoral imposter in the Whitehose… You’re a total moron

  21. For all those wondering why they weren’t airlifted out by Navy helicopters off ships nearby in the Red Sea… here are some facts and questions to consider….

    FACT: The embassy was in the capital city of Sanaa. The city is not on the coast… it is 175 kilometers inland and the embassy was in the heart of a crowded city.

    FACT: Rebels are still fighting in parts of the city and in the countryside outside the city.
    The heavy slow moving Chinook helicopters that could make the long round trip journey from the coast to the city would be potential targets the whole way.

    QUESTION: Did the embassy even have landing pad facilities for the large Chinook helicopters? Smaller helicopters able to land in courtyards or on reenforced roof tops do not have the fuel capacity to make the long 350 kilometer round trip journey from the coast to the city.
    Photos of the US embassy in Yemen that can be found online suggest that the embassy grounds in the heart of the city were small and could not.

    FACT: Both rebel forces and the collapsing government forces respected the diplomatic status and allowed safe passage of Americans from the embassy to the airport.

    QUESTION: Even if the US military wanted to fly military aircraft into the city, would the forces controlling the city, who had been respecting our diplomats’ rights so far, have allowed it?

    FACT: Destroying of heavy weapons and sensitive documents when closing an embassy is standard.

    FACT: This was not an emergency evacuation where embassy personnel needed to be rescued. No one was being over run. This was an orderly evacuation, shutting down our embassy and leaving, with the protection of local forces.

    QUESTION: Even if we could fly heavy helicopters round trip to the embassy… considering that all sides of the conflict in Yemen were allowing safe passage for our embassy staff and Marines to the airport… is it worth the risk of flying our military helicopters over a warzone for hundreds of kilometers just to save a few small arms?

      • Really?
        You just don’t like facts so you say they are false.. nut you can never explain yourself
        Go ahead… explain yourself.

        I stated five facts above.
        Go ahead and tell me how any of them are wrong.

        You just want to be argumentative but you can never explain yourself.
        I stated five clear facts.
        Show me which ones are not true.
        I bet you can’t because you know you can’t

      • I listed links with real facts for you, but you were too ignorant to accept them. We’re done here. Go out and play.

      • Dude, you are crazy.
        You said my facts were false.
        I posted five facts.

        1. The distance from the coast to the embassy.
        2. That any helicopter would be flying over a warzone on their way to the city and that only large heavy helicopters had teh fuel capacity for that round trip
        3. Rebels and government forces were honoring diplomatic status and allowing safe access to the airport
        4. Destroying weapons when evacuating an embassy is SOP
        5. This was an orderly evacuation, not an emergency evacuation that required rescue

        So… which of those five facts was false you lunatic?
        What facts did you post?
        Are you talking about the links you posted yesterday all citing the same outdated news source that was later corrected?
        Aside from your links actually being inaccurate… what does that have to do with any of the facts i listed above?
        Go ahead liar…. you stated my facts weren’t truthful.
        Show me how any of my facts are wrong.
        You can’t because you are insane.
        You just didn’t like what i wrote so you called it a lie… but you know that you can not disprove a single thing I wrote

      • He tried to get you to prove me wrong, but you couldn’t. So instead, he took the fall for you. You’re SUCH a hero! LMSBO!

      • OH…i’ve read it….He proved you wrong over and over again….instead of you trying to find out for yourself if they changed the story….YOUR stupid self insisted on speaking on the incorrect story!!

      • Umm the “stupid” one here is you. You’re only here to make yourself feel big. Your wife must belittle you constantly and this is your outlet. Get some help, Earl, you badly need it.

      • it appears that you are the one that needs the HELP! You deny FACTS and don’t have the ability to verify information!! SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP!

  22. Col. – Why has NO one suggested that Barack Hussein Obama ask the victims of the Boston Marathon bombers (those who lived) and the Ft. Hood killer and the relatives of the THOUSANDS who died on 9/11 whether THEY think ‘climate change’ is a greater threat than Muslim extremists . . . forgetting that this old planet undergoes frequent climate changes, and the evidence that supports Obama’s position is as reliable as ALL of his statements . . . The question is: why does he think ANYONE believer anything he says (except for the talking heads of the ‘media’, of course)?
    For that matter, why hasn’t anyone pointed out that Obama was NOT hesitant to use military force [illegally] to support the Islamic extremists attack on Qaddafi in Libya?
    Someone told me that I don’t have any respect for the office Obama holds – – – the truth – OBAMA has NO respect for that office.
    FLOWER – Never bother to argue with anyone on ‘Comment’ page — you’ll save yourself needless aggravation, and won’t waste your time and energy! This isn’t typing right tonight . . . I must have struck a nerve somewhere [My best] – .

    • Thank you and blessings to you 🙂

      I often wish I didn’t have to speak to them, but Yahweh has commanded me to “SPEAK!” And I’m a faithful and obedient servant.


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