White House encouraging Congressional Black Caucus to boycott Netanyahu’s speech

It’s Black History Month and there will be countless remembrances of the Civil Rights movement — such as the film “Selma.” However, we must never forget the people of other races, creeds, and religions who stood by blacks in the South to bring the practice of segregation and Jim Crow to an end – all of which by the way, was introduced by the Democrat party.

One of those groups who stood with blacks were the Jewish people – as a matter of fact it was two Jewish men who were doing voting registration work in Mississippi who went missing. It was later discovered that Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner were killed along with James Chaney in 1964 — as depicted in the 1988 film, “Mississippi Burning.”

So the latest news involving the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is rather disturbing. As reported by the UK Daily Mail, “Two prominent black Democrats in the House of Representatives are vowing to skip Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress next month, a move that a White House insider says was put in motion by the Obama administration.”

“John Lewis of Georgia and G.K. Butterfield of North Carolina both said Friday that they disapproved when House Speaker John Boehner invited the Israeli leader to address a joint session of Congress on March 3 without consulting President Barack Obama first. That disapproval apparently was orchestrated, or at least strongly encouraged, by the White House through communications with lawmakers connected to the Congressional Black Caucus.”

“I’m not saying the president called anyone personally,” a current White House staffer told Daily Mail Online. ‘But yeah, the White House sent a message to some at the CBC that they should suddenly be very upset about the speech.”

Consider this, John Lewis is referred to as a civil rights icon and G.K. Butterfield is the current Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus. Have they, in this Black History month especially, forgotten the commitment and sacrifices American Jews made to stand with them?

But now it seems, at a time when our best ally, Israel, could use their support — they play Obama politics and turn their backs on Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Jewish people. Perhaps Lewis and Butterfield need to be reminded of a verse from the Bible when God spoke to Abram, Genesis 12:2-3 (New International Version) “And I will make you a great nation, And I will bless you, And make your name great; And so you shall be a blessing; And I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.” These were the words spoken to Abram as it relates to the seed he would lay in establishing the Jewish people and Israel.

Oh, just to be fair and balanced, here is God’s other blessing as spoken to Hagar, Abram’s concubine, in Genesis 16:11-12 (New International Version) “The angel of the Lord said to her further, “Behold, you are with child, And you will bear a son; And you shall call his name Ishmael, Because the Lord has given heed to your affliction. “He will be a wild donkey of a man, His hand will be against everyone, and everyone’s hand will be against him; And he will live to the east of all his brothers.” These words were spoken to define what would become the Arab nations.

Perhaps President Obama should have used these contrasting verses as a topic for his National Prayer Breakfast speech. It probably would have come off lots better than the inane drivel he spoke.

In any event, why would the Obama White House send a communiqué to the CBC to boycott Netanyahu? Last week, Rep. Nancy Pelosi gave the House Democrat members a “get out of jail free card” — saying they may have work to do — wink, wink.

And as always, the White House and the CBC are now in damage control mode. The Daily Mail writes, “The source said it was a ‘back-channel’ arrangement that did not involve the higher echelons of the West Wing. Butterfield’s spokeswoman Kezmiché Atterbury denied it on Friday afternoon, saying he ‘was not asked by anyone at the White House or otherwise’ to skip Netanyahu’s planned address. The North Carolinian is the CBC’s chairman. He told the Associated Press that a growing boycott ‘is not an organized effort.’ But Lewis’s spokeswoman Brenda Jones wouldn’t deny it after repeated requests. ‘I have no comment for you,’ she finally said in an email, adding separately that ‘my boss does not speak for the CBC.’ Jones vented in another email, suggesting that journalists were out to get Rep. Lewis.”

The question has to be asked, why would the Chairman of the CBC and a civil rights icon decide not to attend the Netanyahu speech? I wonder if they offer such vehement angst when President Obama goes off and enacts unilateral actions that are unconstitutional as they are “displaying” towards Speaker of the House Boehner inviting someone to speak — which is fully within his enumerated powers? Are these two lawmakers more focused on Obama’s “hurt feelings” or are they concerned about a definitive threat, Iran?

And I’m simply appalled by National Security Advisor Susan Rice’s words, referring to these very real threats as “not being existential” — sounds cute, huh?

Real Clear Politics reports Rice said in a speech at the Brookings Institution on Friday, that while ISIS is dangerous, it is not a threat of “existential nature” like World War II or the Cold War. “Too often, what’s missing here in Washington is a sense of perspective,” Rice said. “Yes, there is a lot going on. Still, while the dangers we face may be more numerous and varied, they are not of the existential nature of what we confronted during World War II or during the Cold War. We cannot afford to be buffeted by alarmism and a nearly instantaneous news cycle.”

Yep we’re jsut being alarmists — move along, another beheading, crucifixion, mass murder, more acquisition of territory. I think what Rice fails to understand is that this is the exact same perspective offered by Neville Chamberlain leading up to World War II.

This dismissive attitude is exemplified by the person responsible for our national security policy — and the same dismissive attitude is presented by Lewis and Butterfield who don’t care to hear about the real threats in the Middle East. G.K. Butterfield and John Lewis are the ones showing the real disrespect, not Speaker Boehner. Not only are they disrespecting the leader of our best ally, Israel, they’re also disrespecting the American people by disregarding our security.

Rice, Butterfield, and Lewis are more concerned with politics, not policy, and you just have to ask, how did these people get to be in these positions? I just pray that the words spoken to Abram in Genesis 12:2-3 don’t come back to haunt us as we exist under the most anti-Israel administration we have ever seen in America. There is no place for games when it comes to our national security — however, it seems that premise escapes these charlatans.

Shame on Lewis and Butterfield for turning their backs on the leader of Israel and the Jewish people who did not turn their backs when blacks needed them during the civil rights movement — they offered their blessing.

And by the way, if you’ve never seen it, here is G.K. Butterfield being skewered by Stephen Colbert.


  1. I read there is pressure to get Netanyahu to cancel his speech. This is maddening. We have a president who talks secretly to Iran, meets with Islamic leaders in the White House secretly. Now our president and democrats are trying to shut up our longtime ally who shares the same values as the USA. What country are we living in?!!! Netanyahu MUST keep this speech before congress. I WANT to hear from this man. We have a president who is not working in our best interest. Shame on ALL the democrats. Israel MUST NOT be bullied again. Never again.

    • They are, for sure, NOT going to cancel speech before congress, so-o-you idiot LIBS get over yourselves, do something constructive for a change, not DESTRUCTIVE!!!!!

  2. The only thing that “Black History Month” means to RACE INDUSTRY HUSTLERS like Lewis and Butterfield … and their extortion comrades care about is that if provides 28 days of free advertising in the media. They can get in front of a camera and an open mic 24/7/28 ,,, as if they can’t o that the rest of the year, as llo.

  3. Not to mention that the Obama Administration is trying to undermine the election of Netanyahu in Israel.. A hostility has always been present in the Obama Administration towards Israel though Obama tries to deny it in his comments. Obama reflects none of my values when it comes to our relationships with our allies. I can only hope we will survive in tact until another president comes that can right our faltering ship under the Obama Regime.

  4. I really don’t know why in the year 2015 we still need a Black History Month? It really drives me insane! It only keeps the flames burning in the black community that keeps us all divided. If this country wanted to keep us all equal they would either get rid of it or put aside a month for other nationalities.

  5. If Nancy would have done this to Bush Republicans wouldn’t show up…..once again ALLEN Weat shows he is nothing more that a FRAUD

    • So if Nasty Pelosi had invited Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to speak before Congress, Bush would’ve praised her. Keep in mind that Nasty Pelosi is quite a hypocrit. While she flaunts her Catholic faith, is so excited that the Pope is going to address Congress, isn’t it true that she goes against her faith being pro-choice.

      FYI, Ted Kennedy had to get special dispensation to have a Catholic funeral because he was pro-choice and divorced. If it weren’t for the fact that he was rich and famous, the Catholic church would’ve denied that dispensation.

      Before you slam me for my comment, don’t make any assumptions about my beliefs because I’m pro-choice and agnostic.

      • Nancy wouldn’t have did it without Bush knowing it! Bohener is doing it as a political ploy to try to spite the president which may cost the prime minister the election

      • Baloney. Nasty Pelosi and Dirty Harry Reid were so disresptectful of Bush that they refused to give him the fiscal 2009 Budget to sign into law. Instead, they decided to bypass Bush and save it for after the 2008 election, breaking 200+ years of Congressional protocol. That Budget was not signed until March of 2009 and even though it was passed by Democrats, signed by Obama, you liberal Obama loyalists blame Bush for that spending.

        I know it doesn’t fit into your false narrative “of poor Obama being treated unfairly” to admit that Congressional Democrats showed blatant disrespect for Bush at every opportunity. We know that you want to pretend that poor Obama is subject to unprecedented victimization, since libs like to play the victim card.

      • I see. Democrats could do a myriad of horrible things to make sure the media and the public knew how much they hated Bush, but, to you, it only counts if they invited someone to speak at a joint session of Congress? I’ve racked my brain and I can’t think of a single country with which we have a strong alliance that Bush hated. On the other hand, Obama has made a public display of his hatred for Netanyahu since he was first elected.

  6. The real power in the White House is Valerie Jarrett, born in Iran to parents who were members of the Iranian Communist Party. She hates Israel and she pulls the strings so there is no way that Obama would invite him to speak before our congress on the Iranian problem. John Boehner knew that and extended the invitation. Now the White House is in a snit about it, so the vindictive duo will do everything possible to throw a monkey wrench into the visit and Netanyahu’s speech. Congress and America need to hear what the mainstream media has been ignoring, I hope the adult members of Congress will welcome Netanyahu and listen to him.

    • It goes further than just boycotting Netanyahu’s speech. It has come out that many Obama supporters and some of his advisors are funding and advising Netanyahu’s opponent. So Obama has been involved in the ousting of Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, Tunisia’s Abidine Ben Ali, Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi, Yemen’s Ali Abdullah Saleh, wanted to help oust Syria’s Bashar al-Assad. Obama also thought replacing Iraq’s Nouri al-Maliki with a new leader would somehow stop ISIS.

      So look at all the places I mentioned above. What do they all have in common? They are ALL in chaos and near anarchy. Doesn’t that prove that Obama, Hillary and Kerry are completely ignorant when it comes to foreign affairs? In the meantime, they don’t want to offend Iran while it keeps pushing forward with becoming an nuclear threat.

  7. The CBC is just following the lead of our anti-Semitic President. They’re ignorant of the history of their ancestors. They prefer to pretend that ONLY America had slaves in the New World and ignore the fact that more than 90% went to South America and the Caribbean Islands. Compare the 11 million slaves brought to the New World to the 140 million Africans taken into slavery by the Arab Muslims. Of those brought to the New World, 10% died during the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean while 90% of those captured by the Arab Muslims died or were killed on their trip to the Middle East.

    Then there is the treatment of slaves. In the New World, they were allowed to marry and have children. In the Arab Muslim world, the men were castrated and forced to become soldiers. The women became sex slaves and the children produced from this were killed at birth. If only the CBC knew that, even today, the Arab and Persian Muslims see blacks as an extremely inferior race and some still refer to them as animals.

    It’s difficult to understand the popularity for blacks today to claim to be Muslim and change their names to something that sounds Islamic. It’s hard to understand why they would want to be tied to a group that is known today for the horrors of Boko Haram or the Somalian pirates. Do blacks in America today not realize that slavery is permitted in the Muslim world?

    When I was a teen in the 1960s, I was baby sitting for a Jewish Rabbi when the KKK lit a cross in his front yard. It was one of the most frightening experiences in my whole life (ranks with getting robbed at gunpoint and being in a horrible car wreck). If these people are still talking about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the civil rights movement, how can they forget that they were supported by the Jewish community. It’s horrible to now turn their backs on another persecuted minority.

  8. This nation is going to reap what it has sown when voting in this insanity not just once but twice, Our country has turned its back to God and His people and we WILL see the Wrath of God! God isn’t PC…and His Word has not, nor will it ever, change!

    • Sounds like something the low class liberals would do and it would be seen by ISIS, Hamas and Islamic radicals as Democrats and blacks support a worldwide Caliphate. The Republicans didn’t walk out on David Cameron when Obama has him speak in support of no new sanctions and Netanyahu will only be giving the opposing view in a debate that has more than one side.

      • Ha! It’s not a Constitutional issue and nothing in the Constitution defines this as legal or illegal. You are mistaking our democratic republic as a dictatorship and Obama is not our king.

      • Boehner invitation is a felony under the Logan act. Again look it up I did not invent it, Logan Act was signed by John Adams. Only reason the administration is not pressing charge on Boehner is because they don’t want to make this anymore of Circus then it already is. Obama is not king but that Republican House is full of jesters.

      • We’ve had this debate before. Allowing to someone to speak and give their opinion of an issue does not equate to a “negotiation.” It’s really a stretch to pretend the Logan Act applies here. The negotiations are between the U.S. and Iran and Netanyahu will only be stating his views on that issue.

      • He can speak wherever he wants just not a Joint session of Congress. Letting him speak undermines negotiations the President is having with Iran. Boehner wasn’t authorized and Bibi is a foreign leader. Don’t need to sit on the supreme court to see that it applies. Netanyahu is not just some blogger stating his opinion. He’s a head of state and will be addressing a Joint session of the US Congress. To lobby against another foreign nation. Those happen when Presidents are inaugurated or delivering the SOTU. It’s not a strech at all, if Obama was really a dictator. Boehner would be in handcuffs.

      • Since we aren’t a dictatorship, Netanyahu will speak before Congress and the people we elected to represent us in our states and districts. Obama didn’t appoint members of Congress. We elected them.

        Anyone with an iota of common sense knows these negotiations with Iran are going nowhere. Middle Eastern and European newspapers are reporting that Iranian political leaders are laughing at the U.S. for being in such a weak position. They’re admitting that they have not stopped progressing on their nuclear enrichment program because the U.S. will do nothing to try to stop them.

      • Backward, dumb and isolated North-Korea has the nuclear bomb. Pakistan has it. You think that if Iranians really wanted one they wouldn’t have it already? They have some good engineers, I work with one. Nuke is not that hard, a drone is more advanced technologically. All those mullahs have kids and nephews who wear Nikes, drive BMW’s, drink Crystal and listen to rap music. They just want some benjamins to maintain their lifestyle. The Revolution has been good to them and they won’t jeopardize it. Ever since GWB messed up with his dumb wars, Republicans have been trying to take back the mettle of foreign policy. Sorry it won’t happen under this guy, you want to run it. Get elected President.

      • I see. You are a supporter of Iran and of nuclear proliferation. The history books will show Obama to be a disaster on foreign policy and an utter failure on domestic policy.

      • You are such a liar, which makes it obvious that you are a muslim. Their is no Constitutional provision being violated, which you would understand if your Islamic caliphates actually had Constitutions.

      • The Logan Act (1 Stat. 613, 30 January 1799, currently codified at 18 U.S.C. § 953) is a United States federal law that forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments. It was passed in 1799 and last amended in 1994

        So where’s the violation? Dumb animal.

      • [[ He can speak wherever he wants just not a Joint session of Congress ]]

        Wrong. Watch and see.

        [[ Boehner wasn’t authorized ]]

        He’s the speaker, he is authorized. Eat it.

      • Rafael Abdul Muhammed X, why not just come out and admit that you are a muslim plant, and hate the truth that our friend Bibi Netanyahu will share with the American people?

      • Hey dik in mouth…………….

        The Logan Act (1 Stat. 613, 30 January 1799, currently codified at 18 U.S.C. § 953) is a United States federal law that forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments. It was passed in 1799 and last amended in 1994

        So where’s the violation? Dumb animal.

      • Doesn’t matter koon. Boehner doesn’t need to ask your monkey POTUS permission to do anything. Now be my good little watusi and shine my shoes………………..then tell the class how the Logan Act was violated.

      • The issue is “sanctions on Iran.” Obama and Cameron oppose sanctions and most of Congress (Republicans and many Democrats) want them restored. There are two sides to this debate and opposition to Netanyahu speaking only want their side heard.

      • The issue for you and Obama is that Obama hates Netanyahu, period. Obama has been making that clear to everyone since 2009.

      • An open and free society, is that what we want? Let him speak, or does that scare you? Afraid to ruffle the feathers of Americans?

      • don’t care if he speaks or not….but if he is speaking just to spite the president or for his own political gain…WRONG!!

      • If you have a problem with low class you should have had a problem with Joe Wilson heckling the president speech during his first SOTU speech. And you should consider how classless and crass it is for Boehner and Republicans to use a foreigner to undermind their own president. This not a debate, the President already said no-sanctions. There’s nothing to debate, Boehner needs to learn his place once and for all.

      • I guess you think this is the first time in history that there has been foreign policy dissent between members of Congress and a President. Remember in 2003 when Hillary Clinton said,
        “I’m sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and disagree with this administration, somehow you’re not patriotic. We need to stand up and say we’re Americans, and we have the right to debate and disagree with any administration.”

      • It’s the first time the Speaker of the House takes it upon himself alone to invite anyone to address a joint session of Congress. Democrats definetely did not invite Saddam Hussein to come address a Joint Session of Congress to lobby against the invasion. Mr. Netanyahu is not an American citizen.

      • We didn’t have a long term alliance with Saddam Hussein and Iraq. Are you not aware that Israel is our ally? Every president since Truman has supported the U.S. alliance with Israel. Obama is the first last and only president who says he supports Israel as our ally while his actions show he opposed Israel.

      • Yes it was President Truman not his Speaker of the House. Our alliance is with the State of Israel not Mr. Netanyahu. If there is a God he will lose those elections, then what. Then we gonna have to look at his opponent with our tales between our legs. If Boehner was stupid enough to think he could use Netanyahu to embarrass Obama, Bibi should have been smart enough not to take the bait. I sincerely hope it costs him the Israli elections.

      • Republicans are not the whole Congress either Chimp. Vice President is also the President of the Senate. What are you blabbering about they ran out of coloring books at the old folks home?

      • The chimp is your dik sukkin kid koon-boy.

        The GOP runs Congress ape. Check the vote count. Biden is Obama’s b!tc#, nothing more.

        Right now I’m coloring your mother’s tonsils.

      • Bad news, Bubba. Boehners place is Speaker of the House, not as some lackey to a wannabe king. There are three co-EQUAL branches of government, as such Congress doesn’t have to ask your chickenshit imposter for anything. Quite the opposite, your boy has to beg Congress for money. Dipshit.

      • Boehner ils thé leader of that pack of clowns that call themselves House Républicains. He can’t make Democrats attend and they are the ones Bibi needs to convince. I’d still love to see him address half of Congress. Would look great on Israeli TV.

      • [[ Boehner ils the leader of that pack of clowns that call themselves House Republicans Cletus ]]

        What is ‘ils’ you inbred libtard ape? Geez, you make this sooooooooooooooo easy.

        [[ He can’t make Democrats attend and they are the ones Bibi needs to convince.]]

        Screw the dems. They’re Jew haters just like their ape golfer in chief.

      • It sure would. The Israelis would realize that the spirit of the KKK lives in the dem party and that the Republican party is their ally. I hardly think they would vote for the opposition. Look at you. You have your panties in a wad because you think your hero was insulted by the invitation and you want people arrested for treason.
        “Giving aid or comfort to an enemy during time of war” is treason. Like trading five Taliban commanders for one Army deserter? That is treason.
        Why do you hate the Jewish people? Learn that from your parents? During KKK meetings? Probably just from the talking points you repeat because you really don’t know why you don’t like Jews, just that your Messiah doesn’t like Netanyahu, and that is good enough for your simple reasoning powers.

      • And Rafael X is just one more moron on the left. The Israelis will mark the lack of support from the dem party and the squatter in the WH.

      • The thing is Republicans keep losing. Bibi gambled on Romney winning and is now paying for it. Obama is not meeting with Bibi the clown and that’s who he needs to convince. His address to Congress is just a stunt all Iran sanctions go through Obama.

      • Keep losing? Nice history rewrite. Practicing for a position in the Democratic Peoples Liberation Front propaganda department. Your group of communists lost the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014. Romney lost to a political machine, not because your idol was the better candidate.
        I place my faith in the Israelis knowing who the better candidate is. Unlike you.

      • Republicans won the House and Senate through gerrymandering and the fact that 30% of the population vote in the midterms. Speaking of rewriting history a certain war hero called Mccain also got spanked by Obama the first term Senator. He didn’t have the political machine. I trust the Israelis wont risk their security and future to satisfy Bibi’s ego. The better man usually builds the better machine. And he better candidate is usually the one that wins.

  9. Think the Netanyahu speech lead up is going well? Now even Abe Foxman, head of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), one of the oldest and most respected institutions of American Jewry, is saying the speech should be canceled. Foxman has run the ADL for almost thirty years. In the American Jewish community, it does not get anymore establishment than that.

  10. At the same time, a columnist for Haaretz, a leading Israeli newspaper, has now called on the Prime Minister to fire the ambassador, Ron Dermer, who helped put the gambit in motion. “Israel can no longer afford to keep Dermer in Washington,” columnist Bradley Burston argued. “The danger in leaving him at his post is much too great. He has become a liability even to the Republican Party he once served. Israel needs to fire Dermer now. Israel cannot afford for its most crucial ambassador to dig the country an even deeper hole.”

  11. It must be increasingly difficult for a liberal American Jew to retain his sanity. In simplest terms, Republicans are for the Jews; Democrats are against them. Why? Conservative Christians have become the heart and soul of the Republicans, while the Democrat party is run by secularists. Obama is the first US President to openly mock the Bible and to equate Christian zeal with Islamic terrorism.

    Netanyahu’s appearance before a Republican Congress is thus a brilliant maneuver, as is his firm resolve not to back down under intense pressure from the Democrats. The more Obama and his minions scream, threaten and moan, the more they hurt themselves. Bedrock Americana remains predominately Christian, and Bible-believing Christians will always view Israel as the people of God. Despite muslim sympathizers within the administration, the American public views Netanyahu as a strong leader and unequivocally supports Israel. His appearance before Congress must not be restricted but rather kept open to all the American people, and as such will serve as a seminal event in American politics that could even influence the 2016 elections.

  12. I don’t know if I’d want to hear what Netanyahu has to say considering the way he feels about the Ethiopian Jews. Also, the scripture that was used in Genesis is a bit of a stretch. There’s a difference between cursing someone and just not being interested in his speech.


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