Debbie and Sheila go glammy with Grammy

I didn’t watch the Grammy awards this year, and I forgot to set my DVR. From what I’ve read, it was a pretty dour affair this year anyway, with the possible exception of Madonna’s fishnet-clad tush flash on the red carpet.

However, some keen-eyed viewers who did watch the show spotted Democrat Representatives Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Sheila Jackson Lee ,“inequality queens living it up at the Grammy Awards,” (according to our friends at on the red carpet.

Now, I have to say I don’t personally care what Debbie or Sheila do in their personal time, or on their own dime. But yes, they do join the pantheon of “limousine liberals” who condemn material success out of one side of their mouths while using the other side to blow air kisses on the cheeks of the fabulously wealthy upon whom they depend for campaign donations.

However, what I did find particularly amusing about the whole thing – and frankly is the reason I didn’t bother watching the show this year – is the comment made by Wasserman Schultz’s press secretary, Sean Bartlett, who said she was at the Grammys “attending a political event.”

I’ll say! The show is supposed to be about celebrating music and talent, but every year these awards show become more and more a showcase for the Left’s agenda du jour.

This year it was apparently Michael Brown’s untimely demise, as evidenced by the carefully choreographed “hands up” gesture included in the performance of the normally “Happy” Pharell Williams, whose dancers also wore deeply symbolic hoodies.


And actor/rapper Common.


And Beyonce.


But for the most ironic political moment of the evening, there’s this message from you-know-who about the terrible epidemic of physical violence against women and girls.

I had to laugh when he said “tonight we celebrate artists whose music and message helps shape our culture.”

You mean the way our culture as been shaped by artists like “heavy hitter” Chris Brown (who by the way was nominated), or Beyonce, who sings:

“Graining on that wood, graining, graining on that wood
I’m swerving on that, swerving, swerving on that big body”

Or her husband Jay Z who sings,

“Foreplay in the foyer, f****d up my Warhol
Slip the panties right to the side
Ain’t got the time to take draws off, on site
Catch a charge I might, beat the box up like Mike”

Or Madonna, who at the age of 56 is still grinding on stage with shirtless men dressed as bulls.

Yes Mr. President, the Grammys “celebrate” those types of artists who shape our culture, just that way.

Maybe the first step is to stop celebrating that type of culture.

[This article was written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief]


  1. They are all part of the deterioration of our civil society. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Shelia Jackson Lee, Lee Harvey Oswald John Wilkes Booth and James Earl Ray. Whenever I did something bad as a child, my mother would use my middle name, also.

  2. Did the grammys’ have an ugly contest? Not even Kanye West would interrupt that…it clearly goes to DWS. Butt Ugly Contest.

  3. If they’re claiming it’s a ‘Political Event’ you can bet our bottom dollar there’s gonna be an expense account that’s paid for with Tax Dollars

  4. I was sort of watching during the commercials of the show I was really watching. I did not see the Pharell performance, but I did see Beyonce and I thought I was being hypersensitive to the gesture. I guess my instincts were right on as usual. I read about all the other gestures and comments during the show. I stopped watching all of these shows years ago because they have become nothing more than a liberal political ad.

  5. I don’t watch these shows because I just don’t care, If these people had to live off the Money I spend to see their shows and movies they would all be buying their clothes from Goodwill and living off a Link Card.

  6. So what?
    Unless they used taxpayer money to buy their gowns, or if they missed an important committee meeting, who cares?

    What’s your problem Mr West?
    Does it just make you angry, for no reason, when you see politicians you dislike enjoying themselves?

    • Allen west is nothing more than a JOKE!!! Complains about everything but yet doesn’t put himself in a position to make a change! Where I’m from we call that a COWARD!!

      • Do all the opinions of the View represent the View… do all the opinions of any newspaper represent the newspaper… or any day time show, night time show etc? A person can have a conflicting view and not be representing anyone but their own opinion.. just like going to a certain Church, or belonging to a certain organization… not everyone has to agree with the idea 100%.. would make for a very boring organization etc… I think in that case we would all be nothing more than robots…

      • Even if he didn’t write the article …it appears on a blog that carries his name…..if he doesn’t want it to represent him………he should put a disclaimer on it!

      • I believe that is why she wrote at the end of the article she wrote it, not Mr West… So people would know it was her opinion and not his… but I guess you need everything spelled out for you to understand that…

      • You know, west is going to pull a Kayne if American Sniper loses best picture at the Oscars.” amer Sniper is a better movie than Birdman.Liberal hollywood hates America”

      • Are you suggesting Allen West does not know what is on his own site?

        I am giving Mr West the benefit if the doubt that he knows what is posted on his own website

      • I am not suggesting that for one minute.. but maybe he isn’t afraid that someone has a different opinion than his.. or perhaps as I mentioned above… he does approve… so what… Does he need to approve everything on here in order for a person to rant? I take it he trust her or she wouldn’t be his editor… and doesnt care one way or another about the Grammy’s but just let her rant…. really this is stupid you guys getting all upset that he lets someone be free minded..

      • It’s really stupid that you are getting all upset and defensive making excuses for Mr West.
        If he did not approve of this article, it would not be here.

        This is his website with his name on it.

      • Oh sweetheart, Im not upset at all, I just think its funny how you guys think its automatic he approves of this article or that it is his opinion as well… it may very well be, but it still not his article, so not him complaining as you guys keep trying to imply…. Have a good night

  7. Hollywood is nothing but a bunch of self-congratulatroy narcissists, in the military we’d refer to that as a “charlie foxtrot”. The only awards that could even begin to think about being reasonable are the People’s Choice Awards.

  8. I could not agree more. This type of culture these artists are trying to shape is degrading on so many levels. Must be why I disdain anything to do with them. Yet a young and naive culture is sucking it up and believing that kind of lifestyle is normal. Then they wonder why their life totally sucks and is depressing.

  9. Anything to make a buck! Their action stands in direct contrast to the facts of the case but a liberal never lets facts blur the issue. The system has served us well until Eric Holder’s reign as second under the Chief.

  10. Its kind of funny reading some of the replies on here such as Earl and Brendan who are pointing fingers at Mr. West as being a “complainer” or saying such things as “so what” and asking Mr West “what his problem is”, because… Mr West DIDNT write the article LOL

    You guys are so quick to slam Mr West that you don’t take time to read who the author is… This plants the egg right on your faces and really makes you guys look quite foolish as your hate and contempt for Mr West blinds your mental faculties… You really need to get a life…

    • This is Mr West’s website and he approves every article on it.
      It’s not as if there are a hundred articles a day posted and he can’t keep up.
      The editor of represents Allen West.

      • I don’t doubt for one minute that he approves of it, but I am sure he is not going to tell her she can’t post something if she wants to. Be real! He may not give a darn about the Grammy’s and just let her rant about it… It wasn’t offensive so why would he need to “approve” of it to be on his website?

        Or are you of the sort that dictates everything others have to do if you ran a web blog? Does your wife or significant other have to get your approval to talk around you?

      • My wife is not my spokeswoman or editor for my site, speaking officially representing me.

        My wife can have her own opinion, but if she were editor on my personal opinion page, she would be representing me, or at least, acting with my approval.

        Your comparison is flawed

      • This is where you are wrong… a person can write an article on a blog, just as you have journalists who write opinions in news papers.. The editor in this case, made sure she made notice at the end of her article that it was her writing it and not Mr West…. you have your opinion as to what you believe and others do theirs… I have a website and I allow others to write what they want as long as they are not impersonating another person. Just because you are an editor, does not mean you have to have the same opinions of another person, look at how many different opinions there are in news papers and news shows, etc

        Anyone with common sense would know that if a person is writing on someone elses blog, even if they are the “editor” does not mean they are a carbon copy of the person who owns the blog and they have the right to their own opinions and discussions….

      • No one is saying you misread the whole website… Although the majority of the articles are written by Mr West, does not mean that everyone who writes an opinion on here has to do so strictly under Mr West guidelines… He obviously gave them permission to write somethings on here… who is it hurting? You? Earl? PP? why? If you lot do not like what is written here why do you come here… just to get a thrill of your panties getting all bunched up?

        Again… I am sure that your wife has opposing views somewhere in your relationship… would it be wrong for her to write it on your blog? Would you deny her the right to speak it? Perhaps Mr West isn’t afraid of you lot who condemn everything he does and allows others to think for themselves and post their own thoughts about things on his blog.. or perhaps he does approve of it.. what is the problem with that? He sitll NOT the one who wrote the article that you and Earl are so wound up… But you guys want to point fingers anyway just so you can condemn the man…

      • I’m not wound up or hurt.
        Are you wound up or hurt over everything you disagree with or think is stupid?
        Allen West approves of this article or it would not be here.
        I’m not sure why you are so defensive of something so petty.
        It’s ridiculous.
        Mr West has had a childish petty grudge against the Congresswoman for years.
        This is just one more stupid thing for him to whine about

      • Then again.. why are you so upset that its on HIS blog? What does it matter to you if he approves of what his editor wrote? Clearly you got a problem with it, otherwise you wouldn’t be “complaining” about it…

        It was an interesting article that brings up an interesting question as to why Wasserman would call this a “political event” especially when the theme seemed to be focusing on the “hands up, can’t breathe” false narrative…

      • There you go saying I’m upset again.
        I’m amused.
        i think it’s pathetic and desperate and sad.
        So yes… I have that problem with it.
        And sure… I’ll voice my opinion about it while i am doing other work on my computer.

      • Its only pathetic, desperate and sad to you that someone would have an opinion that isn’t akin to yours… Have a good night..

      • HAHAHA
        Yet here you are upset about my opinion.
        How pathetic desperate and sad is that?
        And i don’t even have my own website and I don’t bilk my followers for money

      • Again silly one.. i am not upset about your opinion at all.. as I said.. its funny how you and Earl jumped to conclusions at the start assuming it was Mr West who wrote the article then try to cover up your mistake by coming up with the “well its his website so its his opinion” narrative… I just sit back and laugh at you two… hehe … and Earl calls us loons?.. lol you guys can’t go a day without looking for something to attack Mr West about… talk about obsessed…

      • Mr West is a public figure who puts himself out on the lecture circuit and on TV and radio as an expert.

        i am not a public figure…. though I appreciate you equating criticism of me as the same as criticism of him.

        You have a great deal of assumptions about how i came to my conclusions.
        This is Mr West’s site and the editorials reflect his beliefs and opinions.
        that you can not understand that and make lame excuses for your messiah is pathetic.

        Keep deflecting and making excuses for your messiah’s petty whining complaints

      • Messiah? There is only one Messiah and it certainly isn’t Mr West…

        Regardless of whether or not this is Mr West site, and regardless of whether or not he approves of the article or not is irrelevant as you two are insistent that he was the one complaining when it wasn’t him who did the complaining, it was his editor… He may very well have the same opinion as her but he didn’t voice it… apparently he didn’t give it enough notice or care to write about it himself, but she did as that is her right being the editor… What you two seem to lack an understanding of is, he can do what he wants on HIS website and allow anything he wants on it, and obviously he gives permission to his editor AND his wife, as I have seen as well, write their opinion on here.

        Lets put it this way, maybe you’ll understand… say your wife or just say someone on your website wanted to write an opinion, you agree with it but you just cant be bothered enough about it to write it yourself.. you haven’t given it any thought and it really wasn’t anything that important to write about, but your mate or what have you wanted to, so you let them on your site… would you be considered the person complaining or the person who wrote it?

        The point again is… The author of this article posted at the end of her post that it was written by HER, not Mr West. He may agree with her but it wasn’t something he cared enough to write about himself.. so it was HER complaint about what the Grammy’s and Wasserman being there as it was stated a “political event”.

        And so what if Mr West did complain about Wasserman claiming it was a “political event”, why are YOU so concerned that his editor complained about it or if it reflects Mr West’s opinion? Does he not have a right to his own opinions like you have the right to yours?

        And btw… I would say this about anyone, including you, if you owned a blog and someone came along and started pointing fingers at you saying “look he is complaining again, though it wasn’t your article”. Just as I stated about any news paper, news station, opinion shows such as the View etc… Because someone makes a statement on these shows does not necessarily mean that it is the same opinion of the owner… it just means these people were given the right to express it in these venues…

      • Oh and by the way… I have never had to pay a dime into his fund to come here and read what his opinions… No one is forced to pay to come here and no one is forced to contribute money to the Guardian fund…

        As for follower… nah… I follow only one, that would be Jesus and Mr West is not Jesus…

  11. I would like the political groups that hire West to speak would send a limo to pick him up at the airport. Don’t they spring for first class seats, too?


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