Army revokes Green Beret’s Silver Star for killing known enemy and bomb-maker

Just when I think the news cannot possibly get any worse and it’s gonna be hard for me to find something to talk about – we hit a new low. The U.S. Army is hiding a deserter — Bowe Bergdahl. We have Army Lieutenant Clint Lorance in prison for killing the enemy. And my Army finds a way to go even lower.

As reported by the Washington Post, “CPT. Mathew L. Golsteyn was leading a Special Forces team in Afghanistan in 2010 when an 80-man mission he assembled to hunt insurgent snipers went awry. One of the unit’s five vehicles sank in mud, a gunshot incapacitated an Afghan soldier fighting alongside the Americans, and insurgents maneuvered on them to rake the soggy fields with machine-gun fire.”

“Golsteyn, already a decorated Green Beret officer, responded with calm resolve and braved enemy fire repeatedly that day, according to an Army summary of his actions. He received the Silver Star for valor for his actions during a 2011 ceremony at Fort Bragg, N.C. Top Army officials later approved him for an upgrade to the prestigious Distinguished Service Cross, second only to the Medal of Honor in recognizing combat heroism by U.S. soldiers.”

But here’s the kicker.

The Post says the officer, a former member of the 3rd Special Forces Group and graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., was later investigated for an undisclosed violation of the military’s rules of engagement in combat for killing a known enemy fighter and bomb maker, according to officials familiar with the case.”

The investigation closed last year without Golsteyn’s being charged with a crime, but Army Secretary John M. McHugh decided not only to deny Golsteyn the Distinguished Service Cross, but also to revoke his Silver Star. McHugh cited a provision in Army regulations that if facts become known that would have prevented the awarding of a medal, the award can be revoked.”

Ok, here we go again. How does one “violate the rules of engagement in combat by killing a known enemy fighter and bomb maker?” What does Secretary of the Army McHugh recommend — sharing MRE recipes?

Now, unless Major Golsteyn killed this enemy fighter by dismembering his body while alive, I truly don’t give a doggone. Remember the Combat Restraint Medal that was once considered? Well, thankfully it was defeated by those combat veterans who made their voices heard. But what kind of Army do we have now when we revoke medals for heroic actions because the same fella killed an enemy fighter! Doggone Secretary McHugh, that is what happens in COMBAT! And this is what happens when we’ve turned these positions inot nothing but political appointments.

I’m beginning to believe we should just eliminate the Military Service Secretariats — Army, Navy, Air Force. We should just keep the Secretary of Defense organization. Think about the cost savings in the defense budget.

But back to the story at hand, “The decision is still shrouded in mystery because of the secretive nature of the Army’s investigation into Golsteyn, who did extensive work with U.S. Marines in and around Marja in Helmand province. A spokesman for McHugh’s office, Lt. Col. Chris Kasker, declined to comment Wednesday, citing the administrative nature of the decision. But he released details of Golsteyn’s service record that show he no longer has a Silver Star and is not in Special Forces anymore. The major earned a Bronze Star and Army Commendation medal with “V” devices for heroism in earlier actions, Kasker said.”

“Golsteyn joined the Army in 2002. “The Army has been unable to present substantive evidence while an overwhelming number of first-person accounts provided to Army investigators uphold Matt’s record as a top-level operator,” said Hunter’s letter, which the congressman’s office released to The Post.”

I am still looking for something specific as to what Major Golsteyn did to violate ROE in killing the enemy. How is it that a decision can be made to revoke awards for the action for which he earned them? If there was an issue with Golsteyn, you don’t revoke something he’s earned, you suspend any positive actions for the Soldier. And it seems that there is nothing substantiated from the Army’s investigation, so why didn’t they reinstate his awards — and upgrade?

This is the Army — the America — in which we are now living.

But I wonder if Golsteyn’s critique of the Afghanistan mission in the past has anything to do with this kerfluffle. The Post says, “ In the 2011 Bing West book “The Wrong War: Grit, Strategy and the Way Out of Afghanistan,” he is quoted as saying that the Americans were considered insurgents in Afghanistan who were “selling a poor product called the Kabul government.” West later wrote in a review of a book about another Special Forces soldier, Maj. Jim Gant, that the careers of Gant, Golsteyn and a third Green Beret, Dan McKone, were “terminated,” assessing that the Army failed them.”

A deserter named Bowe Bergdahl may walk with $300,000 in back pay. A Special Forces Green Beret officer who faced the enemy and killed them gets his awards for heroism revoked. So let me end this asking a simple question.

Secretary McHugh, whose side are you on?

And by the way, if you’d like a dose of heroism, here is the full account of what then CPT Golsteyn did:

“Golsteyn’s Silver Star came for actions on Feb. 20, 2010. He assembled his unit after his base had come under sniper fire from an insurgent wielding a Dragunov rifle, according to an Army narrative of his actions. He directed his troops to launch an assault across 700 meters of open fields, but an armored truck known as a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle sank into mud under gunfire after about 175 meters. Under heavy machine-gun and sniper fire, Golsteyn ran about 150 meters to the trapped MRAP to retrieve a powerful 84mm Carl Gustav recoilless rifle, an anti-tank weapon. While moving under gunfire, he coordinated a medical evacuation for the wounded Afghan soldier and then opened fire with the Carl Gustav, said the Army narrative, which was obtained by The Post. Captain Golsteyn was alone running in the open through enemy gun fire that had over 80 men pinned down, and from the crow’s nest on top of [Forward Operating Base] McQueary, it looked like Captain Golsteyn was alone fighting 30 enemy fighters out in the poppy fields,” the award narrative said. Enemy reinforcements continued to arrive on the battlefield, so Golsteyn organized airstrikes by both F/A-18 Hornet fighter jets and a Predator drone. No American or coalition troops were killed in the battle despite a barrage of enemy fire that lasted four hours, the narrative said.”


  1. My money and I are looking forward to retirement in an American ex-pat community in Belize. Apparently, my government is already somewhere between Cuba and Venezuela.

  2. Apparently, McHugh thinks more of his own career and pleasing obama than doing what is right. With this administration, MAJ Colsteyn is lucky that he did not go to prison.

    • Some of them did, and they were/are forced to retired… Check the names list of all High ranking officers retired since our POTUS started his reign!! Sorry I don’t have the links in my head at this very moment, but look into Most of Conservatives posting, you will fond this long list for the last 6 yrs!!

      • Yes Hoa, he has been systematically purging all of the most decorated and patriotic leaders by forced retirement and is replacing them with his minions. It is so frustrating!

    • Just before McHugh retired from Congress, he provided a pivotal vote for ObumbaCare. Since then, his career has taken off like a rocket. Give him credit. He knew who to hug and when. I’m discouraged.

  3. As an old retired 1SG I can’t believe what I’ve seen in the military since my retirement. I’m really glad to have served and I’m in total disbelief of the current crop of officers not standing up to the secretary of the army and telling him what’s right is right. The ROE has gotten more people hurt by God we are at war.

    • The patriotic officers have been purged by Okenyen and been replaced by sycophants and yes men who would gladly fire upon Americans if ordered to do so.

      • You are so right! And it’s obvious that that’s exactly what OBUMMER plans to do. Which is why they want our guns; I don’t think they’ll get them (I sure hope not). It’s so frustrating because it’s all playing out right before our eyes and I feel helpless to stop it. Someone needs to take the bastard out. In fact, I’m surprised he’s still alive!

    • Amen, Terry! I feel the same way. I just retired in 2010, so I only had to deal with the massive changes to degrade the military for about 18 months. I fear it may take many years to rebound from 2 terms of this Marxist Moslem’s damage!

  4. Allen, its high time for a real leader & man to run for President. Jump in with both feet, hit “the enemy within” hard, calling out traitors on both sides of the isles. Real men will stand beside you. War is not for sissies! America is ripe for a cleansing of political figures who have sold-out to unrighteousness, and have bowed to liberalism. Our children & women respect strong men, and our nation needs it.

  5. If this keeps up we will be defenseless against ISIS. Is that what the president wants? Oh, I just answered my own question.

  6. Dear God help us survive this awful Presidency. I am trying very hard to believe Mr Obama is just a leftist who is over his head and thus is only incompetent. But in light of this situation and recent statements about Islam and terrorism and Isis or Isil as he prefers, is making it very difficult to give him the benefit of the doubt that he is not a closet Muslim bent on destroying the US as it has existed these last 250 years. I pray I am wrong.

  7. Why do liberals always want to mess with the military? Remember Clinton’s first act was “Don’t ask Don’t tell” and Obama’s hand is all over it. It’s like they can’t stand the fact that it is usually young men from conservative families of faith who are drawn to join the military. And the liberals can’t stand that. So, they want to strip them of all the reasons they joined. I can’t WAIT until we have a new president who will serve honorably as commander in chief. – daughter of a WWII US Navy Cmdr

    • I did 20 in the AF and what is happening in our military today is unbelievable! Thanks to your Dad and you and your family for serving. My landlord is also a WWII vet. He’s 94 and still drives, a simply amazing man!

    • sorry but it goes back rember ragan cut the military to save money I saide then it was the wrong thing to do we had no problem tell then

  8. There are literally thousands of Obama political appointees and Obama-supported civil service hires who should be indicted for fraud and treason. Corruption and criminality are now the norm in the US Federal Government. White House acts of treason are daily. The US military is subjected to massive pressure to suppress integrity and patriotism and it is apparent.

    The next administration should launch massive investigations into these Obama traitors – and Congress should prepare the way with massive investigations of EVERY federal agency. OPM estimates there are over 500 specific federal departments, agencies, offices and commissions with separate funding from Congress. The American People must have justice – and that starts with transparency through open hearings.

    • Wand our libitards communist government is just sitting back letting it happen….anyone in the military today does not have the back up and support from the jihadist in the whitehouse that they need and should expect

  9. These POS liberals won’t be happy until they destroy our military and we have nothing and nobody to defend their moron azzes!! Can this country survive another 2 years of this moron in office??

  10. Obama’s purging of the military is having the desired effect. He places political operatives, those that went to military academies for their résumé only and ideologically aligned into positions of administrative power. Nobody would ever follow these stooges, the men and women of the armed services saw through the lies a long time ago because they are on the front line. The rest of us come later. Good job Americans for giving Obama the job. Hope you get to experience the benefits first hand.

  11. We all knew the Army, hell the military as a whole, was screwed when we stopped KILLIN the enemy and instead “pacified” or “neutralized” them. Sounds like we just burp them and give them a binky or something.

  12. Hope we have enough POed military that will stand with patriots to fight the enemy on USA soil. That is the only way we will return this country back to a republic. He who commands the military force rules. Obama is now kicking into high gear and dropping all pretense of being pro- America. It is Islam all the way. Freedom has and always will, be won and kept by military strength. He has decimated our armed forces!

  13. Glad I retired in 1994 as an O-4. I wouldn’t be popular in today’s military. It’s all about political correctness. It’s not about letting the military call the shots when they are the ones under fire. Any secretary can say anything anytime without risk because he’s got a big desk to lurk behind.

  14. Freakin’ Liberal Puke Commies! How ’bout we revoke Jane Fonda’s freedom and while we’re at it, have the traitor in the White House arrested and charged with treason!

  15. Why do we even have a military if they have to go into war zones with a book of political correctness? Is this BS to the 9th degree? Sounds like an Obama deal….

  16. No, they’ve been around since WW2 and were considered much before that. They are CYA for commanders (Monday morning QBs) and tend to get EM KIA. We’re supposed to kill them gently.

  17. Screw the rules of engagement…US is the only fools that follow the rules promoted by Leaders that never went to the field to fight for any length of time.. Higher higher is in a safe position and not getting shot at so just go with the on site command… The motto I live by is ..If they shot at you make them dead rickey tick… In the story above I see some things tactically wrong with the way the situation was handled. Heavy vehicles attacking across muddy fields will get you pinned down. And attack like this should follow plenty of air prep first. Maybe the SS was revoked because of a mistake that placed soldiers lives in harms way without any planning of the attack that was ordered. IMHO..

    • It’s called war for a reason,,,people kill and get killed in WAR! I have read that our solders sometimes were not permitted to LOAD THEIR WEAPONS until being fired upon!

  18. Obama wants no Muslims killed in this “overseas contingency action” -He hates our guys. The secretary of the army hates our guys. The whole administration hates active and veteran military. I was kin 2 wars trying to kill communists. Now our government has been taken over by them.

  19. Why would anyone join today’s military? Where it treats scum like heroes and heroes scum.
    Anna, grow up. You’re missing the point.

  20. Glad I retired in 2000. Too much political correctness by an administration getting stoned, engaged in college sit-ins, social justice and revolution while brave men and women selflessly heeded our nation’s call to arms sacrificing much allowing administration flunkys to be idiots.

  21. Do some research…I DID.

    Under Obama, the Department of Defense has many members of the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD on several committees…they make policy.

    These same MB members are the same one’s that INSISTED that Chaplain HUSSAN stay after DoD high ranking officials knew he was a “Radical Muslim”.

    Those same MB members also INSISTED that the DoD call the Terrorist Attack at Ft. Hood “WORK PLACE VIOLENCE”.

  22. One has to ask, “Why?” Why is 0 filling the ranks with Muslims and Muslim Brotherhood? Anyone wanna guess if we will have a “next” election?

  23. 1this is not surprising. With the Owevomit goatfckers running everything now n the military because he purged all the brass that had any balls, we just can’t have any true American heroes. You know the men and women that put their lives on the line each and every day on the battlefield. The ones that allow us to sleep safely at night. He can’t have high moral anywhere in the armed forces. So his regime strips a man of his medals. This man and I don’t care if he killed thousands of insurgents without following the most idiotic ROE this country has ever seen, deserves his medal, and deserves to be put on a pedestal for his fellow soldiers to look up to.

      • LOL thanks Bob. My bike is called Frankenbike because its a combination of a dozen different bike parts and a few auto parts. My turn signals are semi running lights. So like the monster its been created and deemed, ITS ALIVE!!!!

  24. So much rage and so few facts. Allen West tells you guys to get angry and you just follow along. What did this guy do to get his silver star revoked? Nobody knows except the Army and they’re not telling because of OPSEC. So maybe someone should ask the Major what he did? Surprising how that hasn’t happened yet isn’t it?

  25. Once again we see the wussification of our Military by “political pacifists” … and now these activists have neutered our national strength .. OUR military leadership.
    How long will it be before Bergdahl is awarded the Combat Restraint Medal for his “engagement with the enemy”??
    How about Obama FIRING the top 7 Generals in charge of our Nuclear Arsenals .. look at this: .

  26. You have to remember this is the same regime that outed
    SEAL Team 6 for taking out UBL and Ratted out by none other
    that the Vice President Joe brain Dead Biden to make his boss
    look good. All for political gain. And tie the hands of Our troops
    behind their backs with STUPID Rules of engagement when the
    Enemy follow no such rules. It is too bad that Obola is not constrained
    by the UCMJ He could be brought up on charges of Dereliction of Duty
    causing the deaths of Military Personnel and Treason.


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