Flamethrowers and 3 other steps to stop ISIS

This is one of those times when I just hate being right but we are at a critical inflection point when it comes to confronting ISIS. Here we are living in the 21st century dealing with a 7th century ideological enemy and most “leaders” are running around afraid to define this enemy as to whom it is.

Let us remember that ISIS is the rising deadly phoenix of a reconstituted al-Qaida in Iraq — which had been defeated. However, when you base national security on empty campaign promises and intransigent ideology combined with cowardly rhetoric, this is the end result.

No, I will not sugar coat this. A year ago, ISIS was referred to as a “jayvee” team by a president who barely attended 47 percent of his intelligence briefings — quite a different statistic from hitting the golf course. A year ago ISIS had barely 3,000 fighters, today it commands vast swaths of territory and has a global recruitment network.

Yesterday we were once again reminded of the savage barbarism and brutality of ISIS when it burned the Jordanian pilot alive. And according to reports, this occurred back in January, meaning their hostage exchange negotiations for a female suicide bomber were never in good faith. Today at dawn, Jordan executed the female suicide bomber and all ISIS combatants they held.

The question is, will the United States be a global leader to eradicate this evil from existence?

1. The first step must be to isolate ISIS by interdicting the flow of men, materiel, and financial support. Follow the money and cut it off, and employ sanctions against any state that is lending support to ISIS or allowing recruits to traverse through their territory. On that point, I can think of Turkey and the Islamist President Erdogan.

2. We then need to stop the Islamapologist posturing and define this enemy for what it is: an Islamic terrorist organization practicing militant Islam. We must develop a targeted information operation that defeats their propaganda and demonizes them using all available media means.

ISIS sent a clear message to other Muslims who would take up the fight against them. The death by burning means the Jordanian pilot cannot rise to “paradise” and that he was cast into the fires of hell. This was a deliberate act of propaganda in the mode of execution of this Muslim man, and we must comprehend that in order to win the information operation war.

3. It is not only about containing ISIS, but we must cordon it off, effectively sealing in ISIS in order to begin the most important phase: defeat. Notice I did not say destroy, because that means every single fighter is killed — not a bad idea, but probably not an achievable goal. What needs to happen is that ISIS is rendered ineffective to pursue any goals or objectives. It means that wherever the black flag flies, someone dies. And let me be very clear, this is not about restocking GITMO so the progressive socialist “coexist” crowd will rally for their release.

4. Now I’m about to say something I’m quite sure will make headlines and be repeated but it has to be said. The leftist media progressive socialists with deflated balls will scream and go apoplectic but this is not the time to care.

Understanding the ideology of the enemy, we need to bring back flamethrowers. We don’t need to go into buildings occupied by ISIS fighters. Once they’re cornered, just burn them out. We don’t need to expose our brave warriors in some foolish game of fairness to the enemy. Just as in World War II with an enemy who refused to surrender and regarded death more than life, we need to employ the tools of warfare that precludes unnecessary death and maiming to our troops.

The ISIS fighters and Islamic terrorists don’t deserve a place in “paradise.”

Now, this is all easy to say, but do I expect any of this to occur? Absolutely not.

You see, the difference between having a community organizer as a president and what Israel and Jordan have is a world of difference.

Prime Minister Netanyahu is a former IDF airborne commando. King Abdullah of Jordan is an American-trained Special Forces officer. These are warrior leaders. We in America have Kumbaya Ken doll — I know, I am the President/CEO of the National Center for Policy Analysis and I’m not supposed to say this stuff. Phooey!!! I am a warrior.

The head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) admitted in a hearing today that Obama did not consult his agency before releasing the five senior Taliban leaders.

When America, when are we going to stand up to this evil? How many videos are we going to have to endure? Yesterday we reported that ISIS holds an American woman hostage. What will it take?

Is this man’s story true? Who can say, but the threats in it are chilling.

Shall Obama finally admit who and what this enemy is? Has he finally come to a realization that he was wrong a year ago and now many have paid the price for his dismissive attitude? Let’s not forget the golf outing after the beheading of an American.

ISIS can no longer be marginalized and if just for one moment Obama could find the same anger as he does for his political opposition, maybe he could live up to his responsibility as Commander-in-Chief.

My friends, THIS is the most important story of our times. We are living in a world where we are accepting evil. Trust me, if we had a leader who was clear in issuing guidance and intent, if we had a leader who unleashed the killing power of the American military without the restrictive and insidious Rules of Engagement — the enemy would run.

Let me remind you of the words of my friend retired Marine 1st Sgt Jim Reifinger: “If you ever find yourself in a fair fight, its all because your tactics suck.”

ISIS sent a message not just to the Muslim world, but to the entire world yesterday with the release of the heinous burning video of the Jordanian pilot. They are beneath the level of animals. They are mad dogs. And down south there is only one way to deal with a rabid dog.

You put it down!


    • Nothing will change after he’s removed from office. Unless you put LTC Allen West in charge. Oh, and bring back General Mattis, too.

      • That would be a dream team wouldn’t it? West and Mattis. Give those guys full powers to do what it takes, and ISIS will become just a bad memory.

      • I would LOVE to have Mattis back in command of a Division of Jarheads. Better yet, give him command of CENTCOM and allow him to dictate combat policy and strategy.

  1. First, we’d have to have a real American in charge, not a muslim, or at the very least a muslim sympathizer, then our military, what’s left of them, would gladly exterminate these mad dogs. He is not an American in his heart and mind, not even a genuine liberal, he’s far past that. We have to stop thinking that he’ll snap out of it and do the right thing, For him, everything is going according to plan. It’s just not the same plan as ours.

  2. Mark my word, the very next President after Obama will start a WW3. Can you feel the angry from every corners of the world? We need a sollid plan before we go to war. America is NO longer a super power. Obama will leave office and take America down with him. Be prepare for a Holy War against Christians vs Islam tie with Muslims. Open up your eyes, its already begun. Isis group are already train in the most Christian state…. make a guess????? Texas, thats right TEXAS.

    • Someone needs to take a few flame throwers to the ISIS training camps, and light up their lives. I also like the idea of dipping bullets in pig blood at the factories. It worked against the Barbary Pirates.

      • It also worked against the Phillippine Moro rebels in 1902, on order of General JJ “Black Jack” Pershing!

  3. So, how many prisoners did Jordan execute in response? I’m just curious so that I’ll know how many Gitmo detainees Obama will turn loose to re-stock the terrorists.

  4. Obama will do nothing, except maybe label them as “undocumented cremationists.” As sad as it is, nothing will change until some large number of Americans die in an attack on our homeland. And maybe not even then, as long as Obama is in office.

    • Large numbers of Americans HAVE died. Remember 9-11 and all the other terrorist attacks both here and abroad at our facilities? We. Should be listening to Allen West. The man is a brilliant military tactician, as well as a moral, God loving patriot. We need him in the White House and I won’t be satisfied with anyone else.

      • I’m you are a sfdamfm!’ He saved his team and got Intel that no pansy like you could ever get. Do you even know what he did ysfifhm???? Apparently not. Get back in bed with paula

  5. Sure, sounds like a great plan. Let’s bring back flamethrowers and we can just put US troops on the ground everywhere from Damascus to Baghdad to carry the flamethrowers and root out every single ISIS element. That shouldn’t take more than half a million soldiers and a trillion dollars or so. It’s going to be difficult to get any support from anyone in the region once we declare we’re fighting Islam in general but we’ll cross that river of recruiting opportunities and money for ISIS when we come to it. Of course we’ll probably find ourselves fighting a few other groups once we’re on the ground, and a few more after that, and a few more after that. But what’s the point in digging yourself out of one gigantic money-sucking, disastrous, clusterf*** quagmire if you’re not going to go jumping right into the next one. As long as we can satisfy Allen West’s need to feel like a warrior and do something right now even if it’s something stupid, expensive and a senseless waste of American lives.

    • Whatever it takes to defeat the enemy and rid the world of this evil. We either do it, or we will be slaughtered. I don’t much like that option.

      • Well I’d like to get rid of ISIS too but I think we disagree on what it will take. I happen to think ISIS can be defeated by the Iraqis and other people of the Middle East with a little logistical support from us. ISIS has demonstrated absolutely no ability to strike outside of their own area of the world, they’re not going to defeat the US Navy and cross the Atlantic to come here.

    • Regime change, Democracy building and sewer repair is what costs money.
      We could wipe out the enemy with a single submarine, parked 500 yards off the Louisana coast, and have every soldier home for cheeseburgers by 5:30pm…and it was all already bought and paid for in the 1960’s.

      • In general. Are nukes needed to deal with this problem? You scoffed at flame-throwers so I suggested napalm. You didn’t respond. Now how about missiles fired from the Gulf? Armed drones? Utilize our bombers?

      • Hey Obamite. No comment on the napalm? Bombers? Drones? What’s wrong Paula? Are my questions too tough for an azz like you?

      • Read the article dummy. We are using bombers and drones. Not sure about missiles since they’re harder to target without troops on the ground.

      • Here’s the thing. I don’t care if they’re spreading all over the damn middle east. It’s not my problem. Let the locals deal with their infection, I don’t mind helping them with air support. But going door to door with flamethrowers is. A. Stupid. Plan.

      • And how have ‘the locals’ been doing the last ten years? That’s what I thought. Take a seat moron.

      • Those aren’t bombers, moron. Those are small, limited range and payload strike aircraft. What we need is strategic bombers. Everywhere we know them to have concentrated their people and supplies/support infrastructure… We should be carpet bombing. Destroy everything. Use what napalm stocks we still have, make the destruction spectacular, like an act of God.

        It really isn’t that complicated. The only thing that the savages comprehend is violence and death. So let’s indulge them.

      • You got a way to nuke ISIS that doesn’t blanket the earth in nuclear fallout? No? Then shut up while grownups are talking.

      • I don’t think there’s a setting on an ICBM that doesn’t blanket the earth in nuclear fallout. We never even used them against the Chinese in Korea. You’re that scared of these goat f*ckers?

      • You don’t think is right!
        More nukes, thousands of times more powerful than low-yield weapons, have been detonated in Nevada than anywhere else on the planet.
        I was giving you an option to alleviate YOIR fears about confronting our enemy….Which you are in a war with, regardless of what “don’t think” about it.
        (To include having to spend money on confronting them.)

      • And why is it that we don’t test them like that anymore hmmm?
        What is it about these guys that you find scary? They’ve had a year and have so far failed to take over either Iraq or Syria. How long would that have taken eg. the Chinese army? And you want to use strategic nuclear weapons against these guys? We built those weapons to fight the Soviets who were a million times more dangerous than ISIS will ever be.

      • “Hmmmm”…Exactly to keep others from testing, not because of fallout.
        Do you know why we fear others testing them? It aint fallout, Genius!

        I don’t find them scary, I find them dangerous. I worry about war coming to people who arent equipped to fight war. You fear soldiers fighting a war.
        We built those weapons to secure our way of life. To guarantee global free trade, and to protect strategic allies and innocent human beings.

        Do you know why the US Navy even exists??

      • We built strategic nuclear weapons to protect innocent human beings…..


        It’s 7:30 in the morning and I already know that’s the dumbest thing I’m going to read all day.

        BTW here’s article 1 of the 1963 limited test ban treaty, it spells out pretty clearly the concern about fallout in paragraph (b)

        Each of the Parties to this Treaty undertakes to prohibit, to prevent, and not to carry out any nuclear weapon test explosion, or any other nuclear explosion, at any place under its jurisdiction or control:
        (a) in the atmosphere; beyond its limits, including outer space; or under water, including territorial waters or high seas; or
        (b) in any other environment if such explosion causes radioactive debris to be present outside the territorial limits of the State under whose jurisdiction or control such explosion is conducted. It is understood in this connection that the provisions of this subparagraph are without prejudice to the conclusion of a Treaty resulting in the permanent banning of all nuclear test explosions, including all such explosions underground, the conclusion of which, as the Parties have stated in the Preamble to this Treaty, they seek to achieve.

      • That’s right, Knucklehead. That is the purpose of all of our warring capability.
        Like I said, every moment of peace and safety you have ever enjoyed has been secured through war. With copius amounts of dead soldiers and “wasted” money.
        Not nearly as ridiculous as the claim that dropping a nuke on Raqqa will poison Louisana.

        A thousand nuclear bombs, much dirtier and more powerful than modern low yield weapons were tested right in the middle of the cheeseburger capital of the world. Many of these were after the the 63 ban.
        The 96 comprehensive ban…which is when we stopped testing them, was specifically about proliferation…i.e. Rogue states and terrorists, and the nexus of them and weapons of mass destruction.
        THAT is why we stopped testing nukes, in order to have other states sign on to verification and monitoring…Not because of poisonous cheeseburgers.

      • Yes but the reason we stopped testing them above ground in ’63 was because of concerns about fallout. I’m not making this up, you can read it yourself. It’s all irrelevant anyway, ISIS doesn’t gather in the type of massive formations that would make using a nuclear weapon against them a practical option. And if they did it would probably be in the middle of an occupied city. If we attack a city with nukes we would kill more innocents in one second than they managed to kill in all of 2014. Kind of hard to claim you’re fighting for innocent lives at that point.
        And please stop lecturing me about warfare and dead soldiers. I served. I fought. I killed. I don’t think Allen West’s plan is stupid because it spends money and would kill a lot of American soldiers. I think it’s stupid because it would do those things AND it has zero probability of success. Soldiers die in combat but that’s not a good excuse to spend them like lottery money.

      • You served?…What a waste of a life, right? Especially when they sent you off to die for nothing… Wonder how much money we wasted on that! What a stupid thing to do with a life, right? Was that your idea?…see what I just did there?
        You biggest fear of nuking our enemy in this war is ridiculous, since we have nuked ourselves by a factor of thousands if not millions with little to no ill effect. A nuclear weapon does not blanket the planet with fallout.
        We dropped nukes to save and spare lives…the lives of soldiers, primarily, but also innocent civilians.
        We nuked innocents and savages, and we bombed entire cities to smoldering ash…. and today they are our most peaceful, productive, most democratic and strongest allies…whereas when we left out of fear…fear of losing soldiers and money…with a notion that we would be left alone if we leave our enemies alone, it has always lead to more hostility, decreased safety, more human suffering and millions more dead innocent human beings.
        Nukes and firebombing population centers, one…pulling out, zero.

        Nukes create fallout in the blast zone, but that is no excuse to completelysurrender to the enemy you are at war with…see what I just did there, Obamaboi?

      • Again, I don’t have a problem with military action. Nor do I feel that all military action is a waste of lives and money. But this stupid flamethrower idea has no chance of success.
        What is it about these guys that makes you so pants-wetting scared of them? I honestly don’t get it. They can’t even take over two countries that are falling apart at the seams.

      • Nobody is afraid of them. It was a hypothetical alternative to your notion that it will take a half million troops across two countries fighting a war against an entire religion that our enemy really arent part of, as wll as all the other groups that are there except for when you don’t think they are there, or at all effective…
        Also, no ICBM “blankets the earth” in fallout….might wanna wring your own panties.

      • Alright well, “blankets” was probably too strong a word. Fallout is a serious concern, that’s spelled out in the limited test ban treaty by people who knew a lot more about nuclear weapons than either of us I expect.
        Honestly I think talking about the weapons we would use against ISIS is missing the real question. The question is what is the framework for how we fight them? Weapons don’t make a strategy.
        I happen to think that putting American boots on the ground in Syria will drag us into a quagmire that will make Vietnam look like Panama. There’s no good reason for us to get involved, all we can achieve is to fan the flames and sacrifice a lot of lives to do it. This is their problem and we can’t solve it for them.

      • Well then, no fear of fallout is probalaby a poor stance as well.
        As I alluded in my original response, and to which you agree…”solving their problems” is an absolute waste of our lives and treasure.
        But we are in a war, they are going to hit us, and every so often in an American soldier’s life, they are sent to fight subhuman savages for the sake of not just us, but all innocent people and cultures.
        The answer is simple. A constitutionally declared war whose only goal is to completely crush and slaughter our enemy. There is absolutely no reason to believe we are not capable of that. The bigger problem is ourselves, not the size, spread or capability of our enemy.

      • Not UFO’s…Nukes.
        The Nevada Test Site was the primary testing location of American nuclear devices from 1951 to 1992;
        928 announced nuclear tests occurred there.

    • I guess you didn’t read the whole article did you? Allen said rid them when they raise their flag….that’s not EVERY ONE of them because he understands that would probably be impossible. But as soon as they act….burn the MFers!! What, you want to go shake hands and say your sorry for being born American, you think that will still work dumbass?

      • Sorry I didn’t realize the only two options were Allen Wests retarded flamethrower plan and total surrender. I kind of thought we might work with the Iraqis, Saudis, Turks, and whoever we can find in Syria to provide them with intelligence and air support so they can fix this problem on their own for once.

      • LOL, you don’t think the USA hasn’t already tried courting these countries to help?? Why aren’t they? What’s taking them so long to join the fight with us?? Do we wait forever for them to decide while ISIS just get’s bigger and stronger?? Allen knows best.

      • Examples of positive results in the fight against ISIS:
        Iraqi militia fighting ISIS: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/armed-with-u-s-weapons-ruthless-militia-beating-isis-in-iraq/
        Iraqs Christians fighitng ISIS: http://www.wsj.com/articles/iraqs-christians-take-up-arms-to-fight-islamic-state-1423017266
        ISIS thrown out of Kobani (this morning!) by Kurdish forces: http://www.cnn.com/2015/02/04/middleeast/kobani-syria-destruction/

        The big problem is that Iraq’s military is pathetically unmotivated and 40,000 of them ran away from 800 ISIS fighters because Iraq is a festering cauldron of religious resentment. Sunni’s don’t want to fight to retake Shi’a cities and the Shi’a don’t trust the Sunni’s who will fight.
        So basically it’s a big clusterf*** and I’d just as soon keep US troops the hell out of it until I see some proof that ISIS poses a threat to us.

      • And is 6 years in to planting itself here. In Dearborn, capital hill and homeland security. But fluff brains like Paula don’t know this because everything is great on candy mountain.

      • They’re literally losing ground. That’s the opposite of spreading. That’s happening right now if you can be bothered to look at a f*cking newspaper you deluded geezer.

      • Here ya go stupid. And if you can’t answer my questions, sit the phukk down.

        For ISIS, tough times as it seeks to regroup – CNN.com



        Jan 28, 2015 – It’s been a tough month for the ‘Islamic State,’ but predictions of ISIS’ …well as up to 30% of Syrian territory and at least 10% of its population. … To the south, Iraqi forces’ gains around Baiji have also restricted ISIS’ freedom of …

        ISIS | Consortium of Defense Analysts


        “Assessing the map, ISIS has almost doubled its territorial control in Syria. …Moustafa, the CDS political adviser, blamed ISIS territorial gains on a lack of …..Terrorism waiting to happen: Obama admin ignores Congress in lifting 30-yr. ban on …

      • The first one is from the beginning of the week so doesn’t cover the week that just happened because THIS WEEK HADN’T HAPPENED YET WHEN IT WAS WRITTEN. The second is dated from the 1/15/15. That was over 2 weeks ago. Do you have trouble telling time or something?

      • You are wrong…everywhere you look everyone agrees ISIS is growing. They are winning. After this Jordanian pilot was burned to death the the United Arab Emirates stopped air strikes because of fear for their pilots. What is happening to them for you to think they are losing ground? Every day we wait….they grow stronger.

      • ISIS is regrouping to take it back. The battle in Kobane has been going on for a long time, watch the news the next couple of days and see what happens next there. You think they are weaker now because of it? I don’t think so.

      • Compare the areas ISIS has taken over to those they have lost…and you think they are weaker? Not to mention their influence in Europe and on the internet as they get more and more lone wolf freaks to join them.

      • They’ve had over a year and they still don’t control all of Syria or Iraq. How long would that have taken a competent military to do? I figure it would take us about 2 weeks to do both. That’s what a real threat looks like, somebody who can seize land quickly and then hold it. ISIS has demonstrated no ability for either taking land quickly or holding it once they’ve got it. They’re a threat that needs to be dealt with to be sure, but you loons are talking like they’re the second coming of the USSR. What Obama said was stupid about them being the “JV team” in comparison to Al Quaeda but compared to us? They’re not even the JV team, they’re playing little league and we’re the NFL.

      • Here’s what’s happening while you insist they are weaker…

        Breaking: ISIS Beheads Iraqi Priest Polous Yacoub

        Islamic State Selling, Crucifying, Burying Children Alive in Iraq-U.N.

        They are on the move, continuing with their destruction, more are joining them and Obama does…..NOTHING.

      • yep no problem. At this point the place is so fucked up that a nuclear bombardment would be in the best interests of all. Just a matter of keeping radioactive fallout carefully measured.

    • Colonel West IS a Warrior and a proven leader, and you Mr. Sheridan are an urban cowboy (ala John Travolta ).I am confident that Colonel West’s plan would eradicate terrorism and make our homeland more safe and secure. I personally wish that he was the Commander in Chief instead of the poser that we have in there now. If he chooses not to run I am sure he would be a good candidate for Secretary of Defense or Vice President.

    • Just imagine; you are at home, leaned back enjoying a tv show. You look
      up as you hear sounds like thunder in the distance and go back to the
      movie.. The power goes out. Maybe the thunder? You pick up your cell
      and dial power repair but have no service… bad storm coming? Your
      wife and kids are in living room playing a board game, when there is a
      loud crash and the front door bangs open followed by military uniformed
      people targeting everyone there. You instinctively reach the drawer
      that held your hand gun but realize you had surrendered it in the name
      of control. You, your wife, and kids are roughly pushed outside where
      neighbors are already kneeling before troops you have never seen before,
      speaking a foreign language. Is this when you decide it has gone far
      enough? Is this when you ask for a phone so you can call your
      Congressman? Our nation is so very spoiled in not ever having this
      happen on our soil. Hawaii knows, New York should know but I wonder…
      WE MUST take the fight to the enemy on THEIR ground. How expensive
      would you say our lives at home is worth? These terrorist groups are
      not blowing hot air, they are killing their way toward the U.S. At what
      point do we say enough is enough???

      • When they’ve got a Navy then I’ll reevaluate my position. Until then I’m not that worried about ISIS crossing the Atlantic and storming our shores.

      • They’re already here, Dhimmi. If you hadn’t noticed, they have Jihaad training camps all over the country. Even in conservative Texas.

      • I’ve personally killed several Islamic insurgents, so save the “Dhimmi” for someone who cares. I’ve got dust on my boots and blood under my fingernails so I’m not inclined to take crap from some POG interrogator.

      • You say that like I haven’t killed several myself?

        I was in on the beginning of the ground war in Afghanistan. 504th Parachute Infantry, where I was assigned just after 9/11, as I had the ability to speak both Arabic & Pashtu (there was a real shortage of interpreters for said languages).

        While my MOS was “POG”, I certainly didn’t live the POG lifestyle.

        So take a seat and close the sewer you call a mouth. I don’t recall giving you leave to speak.

        -97E 504th Parachute Infantry 82nd Airborne US ARMY 98-05 WIA Afghanistan

      • Great, thanks for your service. But my assessment of ISIS’s ability to come here and take over the country the way Heylottylotty described is still correct. And I’m not a Dhimmi just because I’m not scared of these goatf*ckers. They’ve had a year and they still haven’t managed to take over Syria or Iraq. Two countries that are falling apart at the seams and they can’t take control. These guys aren’t the bogeyman, they’re just a bunch of savages who’ll fold the first time they go up against a real military force.

      • Oh, we already know about how they’ll fold.

        They attacked an Iraqi military installation, at night.

        Where a good platoon sized contingent of Special Operators were there to train the Iraqis.

        Hadjis versus special operators… at night. LOL!! They ran like hell, especially after friendly air arrived and joined in the fun.

      • Exactly, and there’s a reason they haven’t picked a fight with the Turks or the Saudis either. They know they’d get rolled by anyone with military that’s willing to stand and fight them. Don’t let your imagination turn these guys into monsters. They’re just parasites who’ve found a niche they can exploit.

      • Useful in jungle warfare to cut through cover. Not so much in deserts. Aerial bombing with napalm also won’t consume the whole body so it doesn’t serve the religious intimidation goal either. It’s a stupid idea, get over it.

      • Bullcrap Paula. Use napalm wherever you think your scum ISIS pal exist. The objective is to fry your little friends. And only a moron/ignorant fool doesn’t think napalm takes people out. Sit
        down punk.

      • It kills but it doesn’t consume the whole body. Look at pictures from Vietnam if you don’t believe me.
        We already have incendiarys like WP we can use for the same purpose.

      • It takes out more of them. Why do you have a problem with roasting ISIS? Use up anything we have left on them.

      • Do we have spare napalm lying around? Spare canisters to put it in? I sincerely doubt it. If we do then fine, whatever, it’s not a solution but it couldn’t hurt.

      • Not that the flamethrower thing would have worked anyway. So you’re putting a stupid idea on top of another stupid idea. Like stacking turds.

      • Wrong answer Paula. Napalm burns the hell out of everything it touches. Now tell the class one more time about your ‘negotiation turd’.

      • WTF are you talking about? You can’t negotiate with these people. I could care less about their suffering but napalm just wouldn’t be any more effective than WP.

      • B-b-b-b-but you said some dumb crap about ‘negotiating’. With who???? Use the napalm pal. It can do nothing but help get rid of these vermin.

      • I already answered that. If you don’t know who our allies are why the hell are you spewing your ignorance about foreign policy? If you don’t know the answer to a question as basic as that, then all you’re doing is lowering the average IQ of whatever room you happen to be in.

      • The Saudis??? You mean the POS who brought down the twin towers? You ignorant phuk. How stupid are you in real life BTW? And the other nations you blurted out. What makes them our allies you steaming hunk of krap? Because you say so? So what’s your IQ Paula? If you wish to make a claim, back it the hell up.

  6. I think heard this young man say “Islamic State” about eight times. And he is probably a muslim. Our president is just preparing the perfect scenario for a catastrophe against this country. They love the bombings. They NEED to feel important. But, what they really NEED to feel is the inability to continue this insanity. Wipe them out! Shock and Awe on steroids.

    • ISIS could walk down the streets of Harlem killing every black person they see and somehow they would still reason that George Bush is totally at fault….

  7. I am the same age as Obama, both born in 1961. I traveled to the middle east (Egypt and Turkey) as a teenager and felt no hostility. I am a blond American. It was a time before the Iran hostage crisis. I truly believe Obama’s view of Islam is still from this time where Islam was more normal. But, since the 90’s and on… there is a real change. And then of course, 9/11 was a huge wake up call. Muslims were cheering in the streets. And now ISIS is taking over large parts of the world and growing. This president NEEDS to wake up and realize today’s Islam IS the problem. I really believe the koran needs to be put on “trial.” Let’s really dissect this thing and if necessary create a whole new religion for muslims who want to live in this world with the rest of us. And all the others…. they will be the same scourge as the Nazi’s and shamed and shunned by all. This vermin must be exterminated from the root.

  8. Obama’s policies with regard to the enemy who he refuses to name is his Jihad against America and the West. And don’t think for a moment that it isn’t purposeful…

  9. Yes!! Bring in the flamethrowers….this should have happened long ago. All they understand is death and all they deserve is death.

  10. YES! Please run for President~! We need someone who is actually willing to fight for us. Why is NO ONE doing anything? The current administration is a disgrace and makes me wonder whose side they are really on.

  11. Re: Reverting to using flamethrowers as a ‘tool of warfare’ – your ‘headline’ suggestion for how the ‘enlightened’ West should respond to acts of barbarism? What example would you thereby seek to set foreign soldiers, combatants, terrorists and madmen?Would you like to see further reversion to medieval tactics on (and inevitably) off the battlefield?

    Re: Warfare itself – you espouse the idea that the battle should NOT be a fair one. Harder to criticise you there perhaps. However, as US military engagements become less about ‘boots on the ground’ and increasingly reduce to ‘search and destroy’ missions for drone operators, can you rule out the risk that these ‘unfair’ wars you aspire to (leaving aside ‘unjust’ wars – a different discussion, for another day) will (continue to) create a market for guerilla tactics – and terrorism – as the only possible / available response? Unless you can categorically deny this risk, is that the legacy Allen West would wish to leave future generations?

    Given you appear to admit we are all talking here about fighting an ideology, the exiguous amount of thought that has gone into your suggestion to simply ‘wreak havoc’ and ‘fight fire with fire’ is striking (if, alas, not unexpected)…

    • That’s all nice. Good verbiage too. BUT… none of it matters. When the other guy’s not following the rules… and has got a portable drill on your kids head… your not too apt to give a ratz ass about how or what you use to take the guy out.
      May I suggest some bacon grease in with that naphtha and palm oil. ??

      • Debatable what any parent would do if someone had a ‘portable drill on your kid’s head’. The answers are infinite… However, a better question would be how and why that scenario is occurring in the first place:

        Why are civilians, children in particular, getting caught up in modern conflict in the first place? Can you answer that, honestly?

        Why are ‘the rules’ not being followed by the ‘bad guys’ (as you would have it)? And, in response, why is Allen West himself suggesting to ‘do away with’ the Rules of Engagement?

        If we all throw out the rule book, who gains?

        Alternatively put, and applying your logic, why should bad guys ‘give a ratz ass’ either?

        That is the discussion we (and people like Allen West) should be having in light of the recent atrocities. You are entitled to your view of course. I am just interested to see if you will dig a little deeper or revert to stereotype…

      • You say; “Debatable what any parent would do if someone had a ‘portable drill on your kid’s head’. The answers are infinite…” Wow !! Would not want to be your kid…”INFINITE” would include Running Away !! STOP… IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE !! Is the ONLY answer.

        Then “Why are civilians, children in particular, getting caught up in modern conflict in the first place?” MODERN ?? Get a clue… This ‘conflict’ has been going on since written history.

        Then you say; “Why are ‘the rules’ not being followed by the ‘bad guys’ (as you would have it)?” Are you ‘special’ or what ?? Mom leave you in the garage with the car running ?? …as I’d have it no-less. Because… they have no rules !! Look up the word barbarian and it’s origins.

        “If we all throw out the rule book, who gains?” With the same playing field.. We do !!

        Then the kicker… “Alternatively put, and applying your logic, why should bad guys ‘give a ratz ass’ either?”
        That’s the point … They Don’t !!!

        If you dress like you write… Not only do your socks not match… you only have one on !!!

        So… spare yourself any further public exposure and instead of writing something stupid on here… have your Mom take you out for an ice cream cone… just don’t stab yourself in the forehead with it.

      • Come on Duke-Jinx. Get with the program. We’re not talking about your theoretical case of hand-to-hand combat in a one-on-one situation.

        West (and the rest of us) are talking about more global, ideological issues and conflicts. We have different perspectives, granted. But let’s have some cut and thrust without the insults.

        I’m interested in seeing whether you have any better proposals about how to stop the spread of extremism.

        You think we’ll do that simply by employing more violence. That doesn’t past muster, even with the angrier folk on this website. Deep down, you know that will just cause further retaliation in future. Why? Because extremism BREEDS in places where people are on the receiving end of violence. It THRIVES on it in fact.

        Do you have any better suggestions, or do you just want to keep carping on about how you are going to ‘bust some moves’?

      • “Come on Duke-Jinx. Get with the program. We’re not talking about your theoretical case of hand-to-hand combat in a one-on-one situation.”

        Really !!! Thought the topic was ‘Flamethrowers’ ??? Though I am all for automation and ‘bigger is better’.

        …And violence works wonders… Ask the Aztecs and the dodo bird.

        “STOP… IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE !! ” Works on all levels.

      • Since we’re into quoting previous posts apparently:

        ‘I am all for automation and ‘bigger is better’.

        What would you do if a Western forces’ missile attack (accidentally or deliberately) killed your child or family?

        Your answer (presumably):
        ‘STOP… IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE !!’… ‘violence works wonders’

        So by your logic, we should not criticise terrorism.

        That is the use of ‘violence’ to achieve aims or to stop things ‘in any way possible’.

        Any improvements on your asinine remarks?

      • “Since we’re into quoting previous posts apparently:” …and since ‘we’ are… lets put them into the proper context….

        “Come on Duke-Jinx. Get with the program. We’re not talking about
        your theoretical case of hand-to-hand combat in a one-on-one situation.”

        Really !!! Thought the topic was ‘Flamethrowers’ ??? Though I am all for automation and ‘bigger is better’.

        …And violence works wonders… Ask the Aztecs and the dodo bird.

        “STOP… IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE !! ” Works on all levels.

        Everytime one of your ‘statements’ is refuted… you just ignore it and jump off with some new mumbo jumbo.

        If anyone, no matter who.. hurts my kid.. me and my own set of rules will deal with them. I won’t call 911… they will if able.
        Been there done that.

  12. it’s time to pull our troops from the area and sever diplomatic and economical ties with every country in which a radical islamist group is operating. Squeeze them. Make them starve their people to death until finally the “moderate” one rise up and defeat the enemy from within. We’ve been at war over there for what? 13-14 years now and for what? We can’t bring freedom and democracy to people that don’t want it. No more American lives should be wasted on people that will never appreciate the sacrifice!

      • So you support sending more American soldiers to their death to defend people that don’t give a damn? How patriotic of you!

      • If our military isn’t sent there to eradicate the vermin, they’ll be here on our soil. In fact, they already are and are just waiting to be called into action. The biggest lot of them needs to be put down and soon!

      • You are obviously here to create division. I don’t live in fear, I trust my Creator. You are the hater here.

      • The United States is at WAR with radical Islam. That is the truth being white washed by our imposter-in-chief who even refuses to call radical mooselems radical mooselems. General Patton had it right when he said, “You don’t win a war by dying for your country, you win a war by making the other poor son of a bitch die for his country.” The ONLY way to stop ISIS and the rest of the radical mooselems is complete annihilation of them. If we don’t take that step now, we will have to take it when they start attacking our homeland. And if you don’t know, they are already here. There are appx 20 radical mooselem training camps already established and operating here in the US. And just what are they training for you might ask? Well, I’ll guarantee it aint to sell Girl Scout cookies. Yes, many Americans ARE living in fear. Fear of our imposter-in-chief and fear of losing our Constitutional rights. Hopefully that fear will awaken America and Patriotic men and women will exercise their right under the never discussed portion of the Second Amendment that says, in essence, the right to bear arms is to protect us from an unjust government! The time is rpidly approaching when We The People will say, “Enough!”. And that time is coming faster than a lot of folks will admit.

      • “Sanity has been abandoned here”??? Absolutely not! Sanity is beginning to be restored to the American people after 6 years of a Disney Land potus (MY small letters) who believes in fairy tales and has been preaching them since day 1. It has taken a LONG time, but the American people are finally awakening from a presidential imposed haze that has blinded many of us. The American people finally see through the smoke and mirrors of Obozo and his henchmen and are beginning to demand accountability! So keep on living in your fairy tale world, while REAL Americans stand up to all the BS!

      • Interesting that you have to tell people how “reasonable” YOU think you are, and how hateful you accuse anyone who differs with you to be. That’s name calling over substantive discussion in advance. That means that discussion with you will go nowhere. But I’ll say this for the sake of those who can still learn something: America is the only nation in the world with the power to lead the rest in this fight. The only thing stopping America is the pork-hating coward in the white house. It IS REASONABLE to put down those savages. They are the true HATERS. America did not seek this, it came to us. And we must end it. Not by running away and calling “time out,” but by engaging these cockroaches and killing them.

      • We are not the planet’s police force. GeeDubya added BILLIONS to our debt fighting two wars that we have lost. And FYI…..I’ve accused no one here of hate. Maybe you just have a guilty conscience?

      • This is why I often regret getting involved in the comment section. The belief that peace is derived from refusing to confront the enemies of peace is a world view based on ignorance of history. No, America is not the world’s policeman. But America is the world’s first and only benevolent hegemon. Let’s go back beyond the history of the previous president to the 1930’s. America chose isolationism, as did much of Europe. The result was that a madman was free to pursue his dreams of conquest and world domination by force of arms. While that mess played out in Europe and those nations paid a heavy price for there refusal to fight back, America was attacked directly by another unchecked imperialist nation. We did not provoke attack, yet attacked we were. The leaders of America realized that isolationism invited madmen to seek our destruction. They saw no alternative to waging war on the madmen.
        At the end of WWII America emerged as the world’s first benevolent superpower, rebuilding our prior enemy’s nations in order to make democracies and thus peaceful trading partners of them, a opposed to the Soviet Union, which sought expansion of its empire through conquest and subversion. But once a bold American president with a clear understanding of how you confront, rather than shrink from a bully took his place and began the arms race with which no socialist society could compete, the Soviet Union collapsed, leaving America the sole hegemonic power on the planet. America did not seek the position, yet it was clear to American leaders and other great thinkers (with a full grasp of the mistakes and the successes revealed by history) that whenever America shied from the opposition of expansionist evil, evil succeeded. And it is better to confront evil where it is than to wait until hundreds of millions of human lives perish because they are too weak to stop it themselves as occurred before.
        You cannot appreciate America’s role in this world at this time without an understanding of what made us the first and only benevolent hegemon in earth’s history. And you also need to be clear about the evil of unchecked madmen and understand that if we do not confront it where it begins, we will confront it where it ends— on our doorsteps and in our backyards. Peace is a dividend of the strength to combat evil. Our strength to combat evil anywhere on the planet is an advantage enjoyed by no other nation on earth but America. History teaches us what happens when we shrink from the role of hegemon. We are the reluctant warrior, but you would be conducting these conversations by mail in a different language if America ever refuses, as Obaby is, to confront expansionist evil where it lives.
        Peace is not a policy. Peace is the result of using the power to stop the advance of evil. Grow up, get out of the darkness of your mother’s basement, and finally pull your head out of your ass and start reading about what happened to the world when it was left to cowards and madmen. If you can’ appreciate this unique and awesome position America holds in world history, Canada will welcome you with open arms.

      • 14 years of war and still no one has a comprehensive plan on how to beat these people. We “defeat” ISIS and another radical group will pop up in its place. This battle against radical Islam is about more than killing. I just refuse to support sending more Americans to their deaths for people that will never appreciate it!

      • As I have explained already, just because you agree with obaby that it is better to run and hide doesn’t mean we cannot win or should not fight. I made the clear case for fighting them because it is in our interests to defeat them there before they ruin the world piece by piece, finally arriving here. You are not safe from them in your mom’s basement. A man smarter than all of us combined, Thomas Jefferson, said, “From time to time it is necessary that the tree of liberty is watered by the blood of tyrants and patriots.” If you will not defend freedom you will become a slave. Or dead. Those are the alternatives. Don’t worry that our troops face our enemies for you. They know the risks, they know the necessity, and they all raised their hands and volunteered to keep your mom’s basement a safe haven. 9/11 showed that your mom’s basement is not out of reach. Please get educated. You continue to demonstrate the failure of liberalism by embracing the sissy-pants world view.

  13. Islam — THE WHOLE DAMNED RELIGION — is an unredeemable cancer on the body of human kind….there are only two remedies to deal with the cancerous cells: Radiation and Chemotherapy.

  14. ISIS needs to be destroyed and America has no leader to do what must be done! The whole world is looking to us and we’re LEADERLESS!

      • Honey, I’m an Army vet and I’ve been paying attention for a long time. ISIS CAN be obliterated – if we have a leader with the balls to do it! It appears YOU just want to roll over and take it!

  15. In my war, we were using napalm, white phosphorus, and persistent CS dropped out the back of a CH-47 Chinook plus the Air Force was dropping BDUs. Time to show we really mean business.

  16. Allen left out tactical nukes. ” It is not only about containing ISIS, but we must cordon it off, effectively sealing ISIS in order to begin the most important phase: defeat.” Nice position, but Allen doesn’t offer any substantive ides on how to do this…typical…

  17. Will it take a revolution within our own country to return us to a
    Constitutional Republic? Demicans and Republicrats prance hand in hand
    down the aisle,leading us on a merry chase to another socialist disaster, and We The People are unable to stop them. They have created, and control, a two-party system that nominates sycophants from their own ranks to serve their own desires. True representative government disappeared about the time income tax was foisted off on us.

    I would love to see Colonel West have the opportunity to take the reins and lead this country in a direction that returns us to our roots, and roots out and destroys our enemies. Colonel West is a man that I would follow, straight to the gates of Hell and beyond, if need be. Unfortunately, he will never be given the chance, and we’re all just shaking our fists in the wind. Without an overwhelming constitutionally-motivated political (or armed) revolution, this war is already lost. Do you honestly think that Jeb Bush would be any better? God help us, every one!

  18. I am all for flamethrowers – let those “animals” find out how that Jordanian pilot felt. That is the only thing that is good enough for those scuzbags. There really isn’t a good enough word to describe them. They worked well in Korea and Vietnam, now lets show those creeps how it feels to be tortured. And we definitely need to KEEP waterboarding, because that is still not good enough for them.

  19. We need leaders like the Iwo Jima veteran whose flamethrower is/was on display at the museum where the original Iwo Jima memorial is located in Harlingen, Texas. Thank God for warriors like him! Men with real guts, courage and love of Country!

  20. Sir, this was one of the best written descriptions of the enemy and means of defeating him. These people are pure evil, one doesn’t stop evil by attempting to understand it, or be compassionate to it, one stops pure evil by destroying it. Trying compassion and half-hearted measures only gets innocent, honorable people killed. … and that’s not very compassionate.

    • Sadly, our POS prez will neither read, nor pay any attention to the wise counsel given by military leaders. He thinks he really knows better than all his advisers

  21. Instead of using explosive rounds we need to use Napalm
    when we find a ISIS hideout or if they are on the move burn
    their butts to a crisp Willy Pete is another good choice.

  22. I’m thinking having a guy with a tank of bacon greese next to the flamethrower spraying the bastards down first would be a marvelous tactic.

  23. Why, why, why is pig’s blood never mentioned? Our troops need to wear it in a vial around their necks…and also in grenades. We need to stamp pig’s blood on anyone’s hand entering the U.S., etc etc. We’re always gonna eat bacon. There’s always gonna be pig’s blood.

      • I don’t believe Snopes that pig products don’t bother Muslims. Simply not true. Too much evidence to the opposite.

      • Well that’s not what the article says. Muslims don’t like pigs, they consider them to be unclean. But touching one isn’t a one way ticket to hell for them. And there’s absolutely no evidence to suggest that pigs blood or pig fat or bacon or whatever else has ever been used successfully to fight Muslim extremists.

      • Well said Paul. Got to laugh at EW’s suggestion though which boils down to:

        ‘Radicalism will be checked in future by issuing mandatory pig-blood vials… to be hung with dog-tags around all our soldiers’ necks…’

        Anyone got any advance on Ms. Piggy’s feculent proposal? It barely merits the effort and energy she engaged typing it. Surely someone can do better?

        Bonus points if you mention reconsidering foreign policy and objectives.

        Demerits if you keep up the clamour about bacon fat and depleted uranium….

        Leave the porcine beasts out of this and engage your brains people…

      • Come on Paul… snopes ??? There are many things that stop their ‘heaven w/72 virgins’ fairy tale.
        We should tell them all of our munitions are tainted with swine… whether they are or not, just for effect.

        isis using swine would make them unclean as well. Fire… is a different matter.

      • Okay then if it’s so darned effective how come nobody uses it? That’s where the rubber meets the road.
        If tarot cards could foresee the future then banks would be using them to predict where the stock market is going to be in six months.
        If the earth was really 6000 years old then oil companies would be using that information to find oil in unexpected places.
        And if pigs blood was to Muslims what garlic is to vampires then at the very least the Israelis would be using it to fight Hamas. Jews aren’t supposed to touch swine either but they don’t think they’re going to hell if they do.

  24. This is another good article that appeared at gatestoneinstitute.org/5177/no-go-zones-britain As a person reads this article in your minds eye you can see the US being destroyed just like Europe is because of our open borders and unchecked immigration that has went on for 50 years. With the politicians that we have in office now and in the past have no interest in calling a halt and shutting down legal immigration and stopping the illegal aliens sneaking across our southern border. A another good article is from Center For Immigration Studies by Jessica Vaughan Feb 2015 it can be found at:
    What she found was that government data reveal that 5.5 million new work permits were issued to aliens from 2009 to 2014 that was above and beyond the number of new green cards and temporary worker admissions in those years. What this looks like is a parallel immigrant work authorization system outside the limits set by congress. With what was uncovered and the 5 or 6 million more illegal aliens that Obama wants to give amnesty too
    that would mean that there would be over 8 or 9 million illegal aliens legally in the US in six years. No wonder there is so much joblessness. It looks like the White House has been very busy behind the taxpayers backs.

  25. Colonel Allen West is correct when referring to the use of flamethrowers to exterminate the ISIS terrorists. A military doctrine to sweep up ISIS is to think as a long term vermin pest control fumigator to massively fumigate ISIS and isolate and quarantine any ISIS survivors and cut them off from any outside support or any outside source of re-infestation by future ISIS fanatic wannabes.

    The Jordanian military believes that the mere existence of living breathing ISIS terrorists are a violent attack against any non-ISIS Muslims and Non-Muslims. Hence the methodical and continuous executions of ISIS terrorist criminals who are captured and detained or incarcerated ISIS terrorist prisoners of crimes or ISIS terrorist POCs. In other words, an executed and immediately dead ISIS terrorist POCs is an automatic and instant non-violent ISIS terrorist and by being executed and dead, that ISIS terrorist POCs is no longer violent in any way, shape, form or condition.

    • Far preferable I suppose if you are in the driving seat. Not so pretty if you are on the receiving end… Hence why I for one am not convinced we can afford to be so glib. We are bright people, and so should be prepared to consider the repercussions of what we say.

      Or, would the Dr. thereby also condone (strategically, at least) terrorists’ tactics? Targeting civilians is surely the epitome of an unlevel playing field…

      Interested to find the wider impact and the logical conclusion of this mantra Col. West’s lobby seem to have adopted…

      If an enemy cannot engage with its opposing force, do you not thereby condemn it to widen its net when searching for its own targets? Discuss (if you are interested).

      • “We are bright people, and so should be prepared to consider the repercussions of what we say.”

        Best to make sure your the survivor so you can say something at all…

        I’m betting the closest you have ever been to death is when you held your breath during a temper tantrum.

      • Agree we need to keep ‘surviving’. That is most people’s aim in life. You’ve got me there.

        It’s the potential mess we are going to leave future generations if we keep the spiral of violence going (your preference judging by your posts) that we are seeking to address here.

        Do we want to make our children’s and grand-children’s security (and prospects of survival to use your phrase) better? Or worse?

        Do you believe that violence is the only solution? If you do, that’s fine. We can disagree and carry on the debate.

        If you stop and assess the facts: by simply continuing killing (‘terrorists’, enemies etc – as well as the obvious ‘collateral damage’ this inevitably provokes), you risk simply inspiring a new generation of martyrs and fanatics.

        Are you happy with that? If so, what would make you start to reconsider your position?

      • “Do you believe that violence is the only solution? If you do, that’s fine. We can disagree and carry on the debate.
        If you stop and assess the facts: by simply continuing killing
        (‘terrorists’, enemies etc – as well as the obvious ‘collateral damage’ this inevitably provokes), you risk simply inspiring a new generation of martyrs and fanatics.”

        WRONG !! “When weak, live amongst the infidels quietly, when strong convert or kill them”

        Extreme violence to the point of eradication. There will be no “new generation of martyrs and fanatics.”

      • Your theory (you seem to be suggesting a massacre) may have worked in times of King Herod. Whether or not I would agree with that (I think most people in civilised society wouldn’t), I think you need to realise we live in a digital age and the World’s population is infinitely bigger compared to biblical times.

        You seem happy with your beliefs as to how you will end the violence.

        I think you are so far wide of the mark, you can only be using a boomerang.

        Keep thinking. Good luck with it… And most of all watch that boomerang doesn’t come back and smack you (or your future descendants) right when you least expect it.

        Sow the wind and you risk reaping the whirlwind.

      • Nuclear weapons: Devastating enough to put the fear of God into even bushido-crazy Japan. We just need a good target, so here’s what I propose: Deploy 500,000 US Army and Marine Corps personnel, complete with tanks, artillery and air support, and use this force to draw ISIS forces out into the desert for a tremendous, decisive battle, but when ISIS comes out for the battle, retreat and hit them with nukes. Glass the barren desert, far away from civilians, and get it on camera. We wipe out most of ISIS without losing a single man.

  26. View AmericaIdea for the 2016 Dream Candidate. This entails plans that could have occurred in dealing early with the situation. History passes. Instead, support and spread word. Consider giving upvote for this comment. Want the only republican dream candidate? Easy to be found and the time is here.

  27. Remember the Barbary Wars Jefferson & Monroe fought.
    There is only one way to stop barbarianism and that is to get rid of the mange it is. I say start dropping bombs in the middle of all the hot spots and then say that we came to win and there is more where that came from. People are so weak minded when it comes to taking the right approach in war.. They will be ruthless in business and to get to the top do anything they think is right no matter who or how people are hurt but in war, we have to play nice and not hurt the enemy’s feelings. Ptooey!!!! America, stand with Israel and help them eradicate this monster some call a “peaceful religion”

  28. Maybe we could seal ISIS off with crime scene tape and broadcast satellite trucks. Why doesn’t Allen ever come up with his own ideas?

      • Sure, and that’s West was drummed out of the Army as he didn’t have the, “…guts, experience and brains…” to face a courts martial. I was in the USAF. B52G. Flew out of Anderson AFB, Guam. Was involved in Linebacker II. Look it up. Got my ass blown out of the sky and lost half my crew. I wouldn’t follow West into the latrine. Although, Andy Martin claims I am a phony…whatever.

      • You are a flipping idiot who has no clue what he is talking about. You lost your crew stupid moron. West didnt. If he’d commanded your crew they might still be alive.

      • You obviously didn’t look up, Linebacker II. You described West as…what were your words? Oh, yeah, “… more guts, experience and brains in his little finger…” Takes a lot of that to allow his goons to spend 40 minutes beating an innocent man senseless. Then West empties his weapon to the poor guys. That’s, “REAL” courage. Try this:









  29. My father operated a flamethrower (among other things) during WWII in the Battle of the Bulge. He passed in 2005. If he were still here, I know that he would be glad to assist with this.

    • Have seen Puff work it’s magic in a battlefield situation and couldn’t agree more! GREAT IDEA. We also need to unleash the A-10’s and to hell with the so called “rules of engagement”!

  30. I heard
    all of BS spewed out of the president’s mouth but nothing that he has not
    said or inferred since he has been president except for one
    phrase when he identified himself as a Muslim and associated himself with ISIS.
    He included the cruelty perpetrated by Christians during the crusades,
    better identified as the Pope’s Holy Roman war against the Byzantine heathens, Turkey and Europe, mid Asia. and north Africa. The Ottomans were part of that war and Saladin was leader of what also includes what is now Turkey, the Byzantine empire, the last of the Roman empire. He is credited with the final defeat of Jerusalem and the Christian Crusaders. During this era the Muslim Mohamed discovered Allah, wrote
    the Koran with a reference to Genesis 21:17 and 18 , and the history of the
    Islamic religion begins and the annihilation of non Islamic religions (infidels)

  31. Well said, we cannot negotiate or compromise with this twisted ideology, we need to eradicate them from this planet. With our current embarassment-in-chief it will never happen.

  32. they ALL need to be eliminated !
    when you do NOT eliminate them all….see Deuteronomy 7:2
    you WILL pay in the future! and we ARE paying now.

  33. Col West. I’m a libertarian and got in a nasty exchange with a capital ‘L’ libertarian this morning. I’ve against all these foreign entanglements and personally would have nuked Tora Bora the night of 911 thus ending the war the day it started – but that only happens in fantasy land.

    We’ve gotten everything all stirred up over there thanks to our ridiculously incompetent leadership and while I was against it, we created this mess, and it’s our job to end it. To my amusement – I used exactly the same words you did (must be a Southern thing!) to my erstwhile colleague, “A real man shoots his own dog when it goes rabid”

    I fought one war, and if I was twenty years younger I’d join the Pesh Merga – who unlike Zero, will at least protect our Christian brothers. And by golly having King Abdullah’s bad boys flying air cover would be really something.

    God bless

  34. You ask the question, “When America, when are we going to stand up to this evil?” The answer is when we have a commander-in chief, who as you said, “is a warrior.” So I will ask YOU the question. When, Col, when are you going to stand up, be a warrior, and run for the office of Commander-In-Chief? Duty calls. For God’s sake and ours — Answer it!

  35. Interesting; the meteorite that Sandra Dudley refers to in the Ka’abha in Mecca might well have originally been the same one that ancient legend says was the topstone of the Pyramid of Khufu in Egypt; originally the very top stone of this and other pyramids was supposed to be of ‘black iron’, so it is maybe not so far fetched that Islam actually has inherited some attributes from Ancient Egyptian worship, which fluctuated between polytheism and monotheism on more than one occasion…


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