ISIS releases images of Jordanian pilot burned alive in a cage [GRAPHIC]

According to the Jerusalem Post, ISIS posted pictures to its website purporting to show the Jordanian pilot who was captured by the group in December being burned alive.

Apparently the pilot was led into a cage, with his clothing soaked in gasoline. I suppose to these savages, beheading is “too humane.”

“Jordan had been making efforts to free the pilot in a prisoner swap. The Hashemite Kingdom said on Sunday it was still ready to hand over a jailed Iraqi militant to Islamic State in a swap deal if the captured Jordanian pilot was released, even after a second Japanese hostage was beheaded.”



Earlier this week, we had reported that Jordan threatened to execute Sajida al-Rishawi and other jailed ISIS commanders would be ‘quickly judged and sentenced’ in revenge for Muath al-Kaseasbeh’s death. We’ll see if they hold fast to their threats.

But apparently negotiation is not something ISIS is very interested in. They understand only one thing: deadly force.

What a tragedy that the nation with the deadliest force on the planet is led by someone who has no will to use it against evil.


    • I agree, this is evil and they must pay. But why is it our soldiers’ that must spill their blood? Let Jordan and Turkey lead this fight. Let those whose neighbor is ISIS be their brother’s keeper. Our soldiers are weary – I too was a commissioned officer in the US Army. We must stand ready to defend ourselves swiftly and determinately….but this threat is two seas away. It is not our primary worry – it should be for those closer.

      • madshark, by your assertion that I I have no clue, you must have specific knowledge of what I do and don’t know. So please forgive me for not remembering our encounter(s).

        Pray tell, what is my knowledge, or lack thereof, concerning the eminent threat of islam?

      • If the threat is here – and I know it is – then do you think it is wise to focus our efforts and forces on another manifestation of that threat that is 7000 miles away?

      • Other than a few “converts”, and in some cases even them, the threat that is here, came from ‘there’. Either physically or ideologically.

      • Absolutely. The head of the snake is in Syria and Iraq. Kill the head the body will convulse and ultimately die.

      • Now you are clueless. We have cut the proverbial “head of the snake” off for the last 14 years. How has it worked out for us?

      • No sir. We have poked, prodded, yell at and made the snake uncomfortable. When I say kill the head, I mean turn our military loose and destroy them. Kill every one of them and destroy every vehicle, building or other asset they have. Freeze bank accounts. Find and take their caches of money. When I say kill the head, I mean do not stop until there is no trace they ever existed. In the words of Lt. Col. Ralph Peeters,”Leave smoking ruins and crying widows.” We have NOT done that.

      • If the threat is here – and I know it is – then do you think it is wise to focus our efforts and forces on another manifestation of that threat that is 7000 miles away?

      • I have to disagree. ISIS is much more closer than you think. Kill the head and the body will die…the head is in Syria. Take it off.

      • madshark,
        Here is someone who has limited knowledge of islam and the threat it poses, specifically in its current manifestation of ISIS. Eastinfection naively thinks that if you “cut off the head”, then the body of this threat will die. What he does not understand is that islam has no head other than the ideology of the orthodox interpretation of the Q’uran.

      • I agree that cutting off the head will kill this particular snake, you have to kill the whole snake, The Imams, the Ayatollahs and others as well who back the extreme elements of Islam. Islam must reform itself, or be exterminated.

        . They are here already, some have come across the borders that BHO refuses to defend.

      • Yeah. Your one to talk. Your solution is to stand on the sidelines and watch it grow. It’s somebody else’s kudzu. Until it reaches and overwhelms your property. Then you’ll be crying real tears then. This iteration needs to be decapitated. They can’t plot, plan, and fund worldwide terror if their dead. They are recruiting from all over the globe. This is not just their fight locally and they are not capable of taking it down alone. At least the Canadians have their heads out of their assets and are engaging the enemy where they need to be engaged, over there, before more examples of overhear rear up and kill our families. You think I’m wrong? You clean up the dead baby bodies at the mall attack or school attack that ends up taking hundreds of innocent lives like Westgate in africa, or be slang in Russia, or the school massacre in pakistan. Make no mistake. Isis is plotting they are planning and they are funding. Leaving them to build a nation is lunacy.

      • Naïve?? LoL! I have spent over 28 years in military intel…retired and doing it as a civilian…sooooo I think I can speak with more authority than you Mr. Jwright. You my friend, have your head somewhere else and are completely uninformed about the real deal with Islamic terrorists. Kill the head of every single faction that shows themselves as what ever flavor of radical extremist that is popular with the other radical idiots and the body will eventually die…yup, that is how I see it from the mountain I am sitting on.

      • I agree with this…..too many want to send american troops to shed their blood while the countries that are involved doesn’t want to shed theirs!

      • The same thought process that took place when the nazis were invading their neighboring countries. Not our fight. Let Europe deal with it. Will we wait till the battle is brought to our doorstep once again? “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing” Edmund Burke

      • Two seas away?!! Are you high? F%*#ing we were two seas away on 911 too! We were two seas away on the day pearl harbor was wiped out. You were an officer? Your why I stayed a non com. Have you seen the Iraqi soldiers fight? Holy sh** what a cluster****. IF YOU WANT SOMETHING DONE RIGHT YOU DO IT YOURSELF. if you let a vipers nest go un dealt with it will get worse and harder to deal with and it will cost more lives. No. I reject your attitude As a danger to my families, and my nations well being. And it sounds like your taking your military advice from the princess president barry.

  1. They really seem to be hell bent on changing the game don’t they? They knew that the be headings had become commonplace enough where they had to become more disturbing just to be noticed.

    I’m glad that we’ll never sink to that level, making videos of someone’s suffering… and that we’ll kill way more of them then they ever will of us.

  2. It’s time for the western world and Japan to have real training scenarios for ALL special forces, commandos, SAS, SEALS, on the terrorists’ turf and kill every last one. No Gitmo, no federal prison, no Miranda rights.

    For all liberals who want to talk to them; if we don’t kill them there, you might well get to talk to them in YOUR home town. Maybe even your front porch.

    • Warmongers like Oldchief and LTC West seek to send our men into someone else’s battle. Why are neo-cons so quick to kill Americans?

      I agree, ISIS is a threat that needs to be dealt with – but it is not yet our turn to spill our blood. If those closer to ISIS will take care of ISIS, then our young men and women won’t need to die.

      Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan – all have adequate forces to defeat this threat. We should encourage them to deal with their neighbors. Not just rush in volunteering our weary soldiers for yet another fight.

    • Jwright,
      I consider it a real honor to be mentioned in the same sentence as Lt. Col. West.
      Someone elses battle, hmmm. I seem to remember a nice sunny day in September, 2001 that made it our battle. We lost that one, big time and we had plenty of warnings.
      Saudi Arabia funds much of the world’s terror organizations, Turkey is turning radical, and Jordan is all alone. If those three did get together and act it would be brutal. They believe in torture and collatteral damage be damned. Then the libs would be screaming about the horrors of war.
      Seems as though we lost several Americans to beheadings since that horrible group, ISIS started. At some point, recently, they burned the Jordanian pilot alive. Soaked his clothes in gasoline, put him in a cage and torched him.
      When that first American was beheaded, the full wrath of America’s might should have swooped down and connected a bunch of them with their 72 virgins.
      We, as a nation need to wake up, beginning at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
      But we won’t. We’ll have to have another 9/11 to get our attention. Hell, let’s threaten them with waterboarding. That’ll scare them.
      Warmonger, I’m not, but I believe in defending our way of life. And not letting a bunch of 7th century homicicdal maniacs take over our country so my daughters and granddaughters can wear a burka, be beaten and raped and treated better than their first wife, the goat.
      My father didn’t spend 20 years in the navy, my father-in-law 26 years in the navy, and myself 27 years in the Air Force and AF reserve + 33 years in law enforcement to see the USA regress to one rung above cave man status.
      Our military is very capable of handling the problem, but let’s do it over there where the collateral damage with be other than our families and our property. I have no desire to see our city halls turned into mosques and some guy that can’t sing up there bellowing five times a day.

  3. I volunteer to wrap the ISIS commanders that Jordan holds in pig skins, and push them from a chopper hovering at 5,000 feet, falling before the feet of these barbaric animals..

  4. Hopefully our dear POTUS will use his skills as a community organizer, guru of race relations and expert negotiator to reason with ISIL, at round table talks, in Kirkuk!

    • Yeah right, after a few rounds of Kumbaya and an Islam approved meal and prayers, they will all be friends and agree to peace. Then ISIS will go back to beheadings and burnings and Obama will tour the country wailing and complaining that those “kind and gentle people” wouldn’t keep their promises, (it wasn’t his fault!) and he will never be able to force the term “terrorists” out of his mouth. (sarcasm)

  5. I hope that Jordan now follows through on their threat, should their pilot be killed, that they will execute all IS prisoners in Jordanian jails, including that woman suicide bomber that ISIS wanted back in trade. Jordan must follow through. They must.

  6. It is time for the nations to band together and destroy these terrorist or this is just going to go and on. They have no morals, no values, they are taught from birth to hate and to kill, there is nothing about islam that is gentle. Kill the infidels. Sorry, I do not believe in violence but unless we get obumma out of the White House, we are in for more pain and hurt than we can imagine. Murderers.

  7. These animals should be wiped off the face of the earth at whatever cost. Since we have a President that will not acknowledge that these people are terrorist, it puts us the American people in danger of being attacked by these same types of people on our own soil. We need to have a leader that will make all efforts to destroy these animals before they are doing the same thing here.
    You have to wonder why the Democrats in Congress would want to disarm us with this type of threat looming.

    • Obama should be the one wiped off the face of the earth first. Then, once their “protector” is gone, we can take care of ISIS.

    • No. Actually, you shouldn’t need to wonder. They are scared sh!tless that patriotic Americans will get fed up to the eyeballs with their unconstitutional power grabs and commitment to the “New World Order” that they fear for their own a$$e$.

  8. Our nuclear arsenal is more than 55 years old. Fifty years without even being tested.

    The truth is we have no idea if any of the bombs sitting in storage will even work any longer.

    How about a few tests in ISISville?

    • now now, don’t you speak about those peaceful people!! lol.

      How can Obama tell Media outlets not to speak out against JIHAD?

      I mean, he isn’t even saying don’t speak out against Islam and he isn’t saying not to call Muslims terrorists!! He is OUTRIGHT saying not to speak out against JIHAD because he is trying to fool us into believing that Journalists cause them to get angry and lash out!!

      It is all PSYOPS.

      Obama is the best at the game.

  9. We saw the photos of Auchwitz AFTER the war. We are IN the war and seeing it happen LIVE in REAL TIME. Can someone PLEASE ACT?!! NOW??

  10. Our president is nothing more than a coward, he could have unleashed our Special Ops to take these bastards out. My heart goes out to the pilot and his family, and to the country of Jordan.

  11. This is OUTRAGEOUS and BARBARIC!!!! Muath al-Kaseasbeh’s horrific death must not be in vain, nor the recent decapitated Japanese journalist and his friend, nor our American journalists, nor the raping and violent murdering of Christians, Jews, women and children….infidels – anyone not a Muslim. It is time for all civilized countries to come together and bombard and annihilate these bastards. These Islamic terrorists are embedded in every country around this globe. REMOVE THESE SCUM from our towns, states, and nations. Not tomorrow, but today. OBAMA – you have allowed the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood into our White House, and in our Congress. OBAMA – you are a Sunni Muslim Kenya traitor. WE THE PEOPLE demand our Congress remove and prosecute you for high crimes of treason. You are as cold and vile as ISIS and ISIL – you are one of them, and I despise you!!!! May Jesus Christ Almighty God, Father in Heaven, rain down his wrath on your head and all those that aid and abet you in your evil satanic plans for our country, and for our allies. May Israel and it’s people remain safe and protected, and in your good graces. We must all pray for Israel for so goes Israel so shall American – the only true beacon of hope for the world. God Bless America, our Constitution, and the laws that guide us. WE SHALL OVERCOME!!! Be prayerful, be brave, and ACT!!!!

    • You started your comment by saying the death of this moderate muslim must not be in vain… and then you went on to say all musllims should be thrown out of our country.

      • Bredan – did you vote for Obama?? Are you a Muslim or a Communist?? In any case it is obvious you did not read my post.

      • i read every word of your post.
        No… I did not vote for Obama.. .and no, I am neither a muslim nor a communist.

        But I do not understand how you can stand up for avenging the death of a moderate muslim while calling for deporting all muslims.

      • Brendan, You did NOT read my post because I never called for “deporting/throwing out all Muslims out of our country,” though now that you keep bringing that up as a point of contention, I think that is a good idea.

      • Are you really going to pretend that there aren’t any peaceful Muslims in the world? That’s extremely naive and ignorant, and it’s just as bad as ISIS believing that we are all tyrannical imperials.

      • Sure there are Peaceful Muslims in the world…..

        The wives of those who politically want to transform Governments to Sharia Law for future violence against the Non Muslim.

        Then there are those young in the faith who haven’t been faced with the choice yet to either go into politics or Jihad.

        There are those who are young and dumb and have not made the choice yet.

        Political Muslims and Jihadist Muslims.

        If you think for one second that a Muslim wants peace… You would be right! But they want peace once every Government is under Sharia Law and once every person is either subservient to Islam or Muslims themselves.
        THEN they can all live under Sharia law in peace.

        But then the Mahdi will have arrived. And that is the goal of the Muslim right now.. PREPARE THE WAY OF MAHDI.

        Mahdi wont come until Islamic Law is in every Country and everyone is Muslim or obedient to Islam.

        If you think those who are peaceful are against those who are not then you don’t understand Islam.

        Let me ask you this one question.

        The Koran tells the Muslim to DESTROY Their Enemies.

        It also tells them to love others.

        How can you both destroy your enemies and love them at the same time?

        The Christian is told to Love their Enemies and do good to those who desire to do them harm.

        So, again, How can you both destroy your enemies and love them at the same time?

        The answer is that you cannot!

        The truth about Islam is that they are horrible.

  12. Its not that simple to assume Obama isnt willing to take action against them look at the bigger picture here people. We have to stay here and protect our boarders b4 anything else…. If we start deploying over seas again our borders will become more vuarnable and easier for “terrorist” to enter our country….. And thats probably what they want us to do. We have fought time and time again to protect our freedom, our country, our way of life but over seas…. There is going to come a time when we will have to do that on our own soil. It sucks (well honestly thats an understatement) to say but we are better off as a country to let them continue to do it over on there soil. Watching them closely. Our military is ready to defend all of us at any given time. We have to stay together and stay strong here…. My condolences to the family and friends of the Jordanian pilot….

    • It’s coming here…..20+ jihaadist training camps on our own soil AND we have places like Dearborn Michigan. These people need to be gone and right now!!

      • We have something called the National Guard.

        And EVERY CITIZEN here.

        This is not a time for our Military to be sitting here at home.

      • Us the citizens of the USA are not trained for war. But we will not back down thats for damn sure. If they start dropping in via parachutes in the middle of our streets along with whatever “terrorist” groups are already here, the national guard will hold up for awhile and with our help a bit longer. And believe me they will be sending in there top notch soldiers not there average ones. But with our military here we would dominate destroy them all in a shorter period of time. Ready for who ever else wants to try us. Most times the best offense is a great ass kicking dominate defense. We have a secretary of defense not a secretary of offense.

    • The borders are not secure now. Obama refuses to take actions to secure the borders. As to you statement below about keeping troops here to deal with them that is what the national guard and police are used for. They will not be driving in large convoys of trucks with weapons mounted on top. It will be small group attacks no more than 10 people a well armed citizenry can handle those. In the area where I live probably 60% of the homes have firearms. 50% or better of the homes have hunting rifles that are capable of reaching out three or four hundred yards easily to deal with these people, and the people behind those rifles have the skills to make that shot.

    • In the movie American Sniper, Chris Kyle was asked why he spent so much time in Iraq as a sniper. He said “to keep them from coming to New York”. Wipe the predators out in their home territory before they can over-run us….

      • It wasnt a documentary on the war but a documentary on the mental toll war takes on someone.

        You should stop pretending you know what parts of it were stretched and which parts weren’t.

        But you can find that online so I suggest you go look it up.

    • You are out of your tree.

      Our Military is not policing our borders.

      The time where we are going to have to fight on our own land is coming really really soon.


      Because Obama is empowering those who want to come here

      • True they dont police our borders but if we need them to they can… But if they are over seas they cant…
        I believe its coming yes, really really soon no. Its kinda hard to explain short of babling on and on about it. I just have so many theories/reasons WHY i think our time is coming to have to. One being they have been trying to for years. Obviously not meaning invasion. We keep printing money devaluing our dollar. Barrowing going into debt we probably wont ever completely pay back. And the collectors will not want our money any more and will try to start taking what they want, what is valuable here our land our soil our resources. And we will fight to keep it. Yes we are a strong nation but selfish now more than ever. I love my country and how we have built it for the most part. I am not defending President Obama nor im I against him. Everyone is entitled to chose a religion. With that said is Obama out there beheading people and etc. No he is not. So how is he empowering them?
        When we invaded Iraq the 2nd time first thing that crossed my mind was that we would have to take it over completely for good not just for the oil. Why well cuz when we leave its going to be up for grabs for which ever group wants it most. Guess what Isis and who ever they are working for/with want it most. Not sure exactly how much of it they have taken but it seems like atleast half of it.
        WWIII i really truely hope not im my time my children’s time or my grand childrens time.

  13. The way liberals stay silent on this…. and go out of their way to defend Islam (which is so horrible to women, homosexuals, etc,) …and continue to ridicule and condemn Christians…. is so twisted….is has to be the work of satan. There is no other explanation.

    • It is indeed. However, most of these people are so morally bankrupt anyway that they are doing Satan’s work for him – whether they realize it or not.

      • What the hell are you saying? Are you trying to say that grace4given is wrong?

        Obama does every single thing g4g just said and much worse

    • I am furious to hear any Liberal says Republicans have the war against Women and Homosexuals and blah and blah and blah.

      It is really starting to get to me.

    • Liberals do not make excuses for radical muslims.
      Pointing out that all muslims are not radical is not defending radicals.
      in case you didn’t notice, this article is about a moderate muslim being killed by radicals for fighting against them.
      Think about that before you suggest all muslims are the enemy

      • We’ll think about it… We continually hear about this “war on women and gays”. In Many Islsmic countries women can’t even drive, have horrible human rights and gays are killed. (In Iran for instance.). Yet who is constantly poked in the eye over gay marriage? Christians. Christian bakers are targeted and Christian soldiers are targeted. Yes this poor man was probably Muslim. But the killers are too. It is a faulty religion that is heavy on the law and sparse on love, kindness and mercy.

      • if you are wondering why liberal in this country focus more on how Christians are opposing rights for certain groups… that is because that is what American protesters do…. protests American issues.
        Yes… muslim nations are very oppressive… but this is the US, not Saudi Arabia.
        Muslims are no oppressing gays in America… Christians are.

        Why does the Tea Party protest taxes in America but they never protest the high tax problem in Italy?
        Because that is what American protesters do… protest American problems.

      • Well….liberals better wake the heck up. Obama is letting thousands of muslims from the middle east into our country. They may be quiet now, but wait until their numbers grow and we end up like the UK. They are pushing Sharia Law in the courts there. Look it up. Liberals continually have their head in the sand. Obama’s view of Islam is old and outdated. He probably saw an Islam of his youth that was gentle. I saw it too. I visited Egpyt and Turkey as a teenager in the 70’s and I was a pretty blond. If I went there today as the same person, they’d probably throw a burqa on me or kidnap me. Times have changed and this president needs to get real and stop the evil that is growing.

      • Pointing away from radical Muslims by saying ‘look at the good one’s over here’ is what?Who you kidding Brenda?

      • Grow up junior.
        All your comment is saying is that you are incapable of understand that more than one thing exists at a time.
        If I point out men that do not rape, you would accuse me of distracting from all the men that do rape

  14. I think all the liberals that think we can negotiate with ISIS should go to Syria and Iraq to give it a try. If they survive their attitude would change, if they did not survive the point would be proven. Either way we would have less liberals to deal with. I wonder if the LGBT community that so loves the liberals realize those same liberals like people that would kill every last one of them.

      • Conservatives are already there….we call them the military. If America relied on today’s democrats and liberals, we’d all be bowing to mecca 5 times a day by now.

      • I’m sorry clown but the military is made up of all different types of people for different political prospectives You can’t say the military is exclusively conservative!!!

      • Try again Dog…the military is overwhelmingly conservative. Are you kidding, could you imagine a military that is overwhelmingly liberal? We’d be blowing most of our defense spending on tampons and smores. Go burn another blunt Uncle Doofus.

      • Thank you for your service, sincerely, but your wrong. The military, especially the Navy and Marines are overwhelmingly considered conservative.

      • Well I would rather go down fighting that sucking up to ISIS. Liberals as a group are the biggest group of collective fools known to man.

      • Then sign up and go fight, you spineless sack of hot air. Nobody is sucking up to ISIS. The United States, led by Obama, is aiding secular forces in their resistance. He had infinitely more success than Bush ever did in the war on terrorism (go do some research on high-value target kills before you spout some ignorant Fox News rhetoric) and he finally got our boys out of that wasteland, for the most part. Americans who harbor brains in their skulls and empathy in their hearts are tired of war. We have enough problems at home to deal with, and we just can’t afford it anymore. If you want to go aid the less fanatical Muslims against their more fanatical enemies, be my guest. But your chest-beating from behind a keyboard is about as hollow as your head.

      • You are an idiot!! Obama created armed and empowered ISIS!!

        HIs PRETEND to want to get rid of them while he continues to empower them is outright Treasonous.

        But keep pretending you know something you fool.

      • “The United States, led by Obama, is aiding secular forces in their resistance.”

        I am a veteran are you?

        “Bush ever did in the war on terrorism (go do some research on high-value target kills before you spout some ignorant Fox News rhetoric) and he finally got our boys out of that wasteland, for the most part.”

        You cannot question a corpse. Simply killing high value targets does not completely accomplish the mission you need to gather information. The way Obama existed gave ISIS a lot of their success, just as the taliban will have a lot of success if we do the same thing in Afghanistan. Obama is a fool and anyone that thinks that obama is the answer is a bigger fool, He has thrown our only true ally in the region under the bus.

        “Americans who harbor brains in their skulls and empathy in their hearts are tired of war.”

        If Obama had not cut and run then ISIS would not be a threat now. Everyone is tired of fighting but that is no excuse for letting the threat to continue to grow.

        “But your chest-beating from behind a keyboard is about as hollow as your head.”

        You are nothing but a bleeding heart liberal that thinks that people like ISIS can be contained. The only way to contain ISIS is to kill everyone of them. It is like the idea you can control ebola without strict control of peoples movement. That is the reason we do not need to be allowing people with ebola into this country.

      • Well I am a veteran and have done my time so worthless POS like you have the freedom to get on the internet and insult people. Have you ever served or is the only unifor you have ever worn like the ones Clinton and Obama wore, a band uniform in Clinton’s case and a fast food worker in Obama’s case.

      • Aw did the liberal get its feelings hurt. clinton’s method of dealing with Al Qaeda worked out great didn’t it remember 9/11/01. Clinton thought he could control AL Qaeda with airstrikes and cruse missiles, that really worked out great didn’t it. We blew up tons of rocks and brush, but stopped nothing.

      • Brendan. remember that the POTUS said that Al Qaeda, authors of murder of 3000+ Americans, are not terrorists. add to that the words made famous by the Hillary beast and you might get that impression. It is not a stretch too far. ““showing respect, even for one’s enemies; trying to understand and, insofar as psychologically possible, empathize with their perspective and point of view.””

      • Every decent strategist will also tell you that understanding how your enemy thinks and what they believe will help you defeat them

      • Just look at the statements on pages like this by liberals about how we should not kill them. Or the BS flowing out of Washington that the Taliban is an armed insurgency and not terrorists. Or Obama’s statements about containing ISIS, the only way to contain ISIS is in a box in the ground.

      • i have seen a couple of people write that it isn’t our problem and we shouldn’t commit our forces.
        I disagree with them but that is hardly saying we should negotiate

      • There are people that think if we be nice and talk they will not harm us. ISIS has stated that they want to kill us, doing nothing is worse than negotiating it is capitulating. Waiting for them to come here is dereliction of duty.

        Obama negotiated with terrorists in the case of Bergdahl.

  15. “showing respect, even for one’s enemies; trying to understand and, insofar as psychologically possible, empathize with their perspective and point of view.”

  16. I have no words for this barbarism happening in 21st century.
    The Empire should Strike Back with the 21st century weapons such as a limited and controlled nuclear explosion above ISIS territory. It will certainly disrupt their breeding cycle and eradicate the pests from the planet Earth.

      • Really? Because I’m pretty sure the author of this article wants the President to go to war over it. What do you think the US military does when it goes to war? Swat people on the butt?

      • There is a difference between killing someone in battle and killing them while they are caged and defenseless.

        As I said to Rafael X… You just don’t get it.

        You libergoos are incapable of seeing anything but one way.

      • Really… please tell me about this huge difference between killing somebody in a cage, and dropping a thousand pounds of high explosives on their car, and immolating them and their family. Or sending one into the middle of a wedding party, and killing 20 innocent people in the middle of celebrating a major life milestone, because some bird told you there was a bad guy there?

      • Apologists like you will never get it. Mike is correct, you’re a bunch of clueless bubble heads. Seriously.

      • The difference is, we don’t try to hit civilians, we try our best not to, however, they can care less who they kill as long as they do it in the most evil way they can, and they have proved it over and over…

      • Ah yes, ye’ ol’ “we only kill large numbers of civilians by accident” argument.

        Protip: When you engage in unnecessary bombing campaigns around civilians, where you KNOW a lot of civilians are ultimately going to be killed as a result, you can not claim to try your best not to hit them. Not dropping bombs around them would be trying your best not to hit them.

      • They were warned to leave, many times… If they didn’t or their government kept them there is not the fault of our military… Stop using them as human shields and it won’t happen.

      • Or stop dropping bombs on them. Asking people to uproot their lives and abandon their homes because there is somebody around there that you want to kill is not reasonable.

        And most of the dead civilians were not killed in places where evacuations were called for anyway.

      • I see… so you are saying that they should just ignore any warning and stay there… so if a flood were to happen in your neck of the woods would you just stay there? Would you just stay put if there were an out of control fire in your area? Or if the police told you there were gangs approaching your neighborhood, you’d just stay, knowing that it could get you or your family killed? Yes, you are quite the sheep aren’t you….

        And no, most of the “dead civilians” were not killed in other places, they were not only warned but Saddam placed many of his troops in those areas because he thought we would not fire on them… guess what… he was wrong.. and he got his people killed….

      • No, I’m saying we shouldn’t have been bombing them or asking them to leave in the first place. We had no business there.
        . In this case we were the gang telling them to leave before we blow up their neighborhood. Except the neighborhood was a city of 4 million people.

        And the vast majority of civilian deaths happened well after Saddam Hussein was captured in his spider hole. So this fiction that every civilian killed by the U.S. military were human shields is bankrupt as well.

      • There is a certain level of responsibility that a super power has, and that is to make sure that those who are dictators or tyrants become too powerful. Its like our law enforcement here, we have to regulate weapons and things that can hurt others. Saddam was working to gain that power as was seen by how he treated the Kurds and others around him, not to mention, his own people who were tortured. He was given well over a decade to stop making WMD’s, (and yes he was manufacturing and stock piling them), but he refused to comply with the UN sanctions etc. It was our job to see to it he was taken out as we, being a super power, have that responsibility to do so.

        No matter when these deaths occurred, the people who we were after hid amongst them in order to try to keep us away from them. This happens in war and no war is innocent in spilling civilian blood. It is a sad thing to happen but imagine if we had let things go and Saddam stayed in power…

      • If we let things go and Saddam stayed in power, Iraq would not be destroyed, there would be no ISIS, and the fictional stockpiling of WMDs that was used as an excuse to ride the tide of post-911 flag waving into another war still wouldn’t be true. I am glad he is dead, but a decade long war that tears the country apart was not the answer.

        A super power has a responsibility to operate within international law just like everybody else. They don’t get to become the workd’s dictator.

        if violations of UN resolutions for a decade was the bar for going to war, we should have gone to war against Israel 6 times already. That was just another excuse. And the UN inspectors said they WERE complying anyway.

      • I don’t recall ever calling it an “accident”. I said we do our best not to kill civilians, but it happens unfortunately… I think that if my family were in danger of being killed I would get them the heck out of there, wouldn’t you?

        Thing is, simple one, we did not just decide in one day to go there and attack, it took months of planning try to get these governments to listen, when that failed, it still took time to get out troops together, get there and get to the areas where we were going to attack… You try to pretend no one knew we were going there lol… you are a very ignorant person aren’t you… don’t bother answering, you’ve already proven how smart you aren’t…. Good day…

      • I would much rather fight them over there than here… If you think the losses of a “trillion” is bad, imagine how much we’d lose fighting it here… The property loss would be tremendous and the population loss would be even more devastating. Are you willing to lose your loved ones here?

      • Yeah, and image how much we’d lose if martians invaded New York City… which is about as likely as ISIS crossing the Atlantic with any kind of numbers. We need to nuke Mars now!

      • You must live on some other planet, because we have been attacked by Islamic terrorists, not once but several times… and it is not impossible for them to do it again, given the fact that our borders are wide open for anyone to cross, not to mention the fact of those who have become radicalized here…

        BTW, using Mars and Martians just proves you do not live in the real world… Perhaps some Thorazine or other psychotropic drug might help…

      • What does having been attacked by terrorists in the past have to do with ISIS crossing the Atlantic with enough firepower to cause trillions of dollars in damage fighting them here?

        al-Qaeda killed 2,977 American civilians in 2001. That was pretty bad. But war? The resulting knee-jerk reaction of war resulted in a total 6,717 American service members being killed, 50,897 wounded, along with hundreds of thousands of civilians in several different countries. The price tag in monetary value to the US tax payers will be somewhere between $4 trillion and $6 trillion when all is said and done. And then there was the damage to our standing in the world, which affects our ability to accomplish other important foreign policy goals.

        And what has all of that accomplished in practical terms, other than creating a new round of terrorists that are even worse than the old ones? Has it made us safer in any tangible way, or was it just a way to feed the military industrial complex, and our sense of national narcissism by showing off our expensive toys?

        If I thought spending another $6 trillion would eliminate ISIS and al-Qaeda, and the terrorist threat in general, then I’d say here – take my money. But dropping bombs is not going to make that happen. As much as you guys want to think the US military can do anything it wants to do, it just can’t.

      • “And then there was the damage to our standing in the world, which affects our ability to accomplish other important foreign policy goals”.

        Are you kidding me? We had a huge coalition of governments standing behind us when we first went into Iraq and Afghanistan. A coalition who stood by us to nearly the end, until the democrats started to get their panties in a bunch and wanted to start dictating how we should fight this war with the “we can’t do this or that because someone’s feelings are going to get hurt” so we were forced to draw back and started sending our troops home before the job was done… Now look what we are faceing… ISIS and growing terrorist organizations who don’t give a rats @55 about this slap on the hand Obama has given them…

        Obama has, by himself, raised the deficit by nearly 8 Trillion, not on the war but on other BS that hasn’t stopped terrorist organizations but helped empower them. This deficit is double what Bush did and its not over yet…. really… you need to come back to reality… Good day

    • I don’t speak for everyone here, but I can honestly say Raf you fail…. Most on here didn’t even mention Muslim as in all Muslims but specified ISIS and ISIL as terrorists and all should die… From the start of ever coming on this blog, I have only seen a fraction who have come out and say “all Muslims”. But if you will, please open your closed little mind and see that most of us here are not anti-Muslim but anti-terrorist which covers any form of terrorist organization, including the KKK and neo-nazi groups, Islamic terrorists in all their forms, political terrorists, eco-terrorists and so on… Stop being led by your strings and finally cut them…. your master is leading you down the wrong path…

      • You don’t speak for everyone that is clear. Most are scared of the evil Islam monster coming to get them in their sleep. I don’t have a master stop this nonsense you make me want to puke when you say dumb stuff like that. Are you trying to be Andy’s little puppy? Take Earl out of your head you’ll think more clearly.

      • Tell me Raf, what were you doing 9/11? Did you think we would ever be attacked then? Or were you just as blind then as you are now? Its those who have their head in the sand that allow this stuff to happen and will happen again….. Don’t say we didn’t tell you so…

        As for a master, yup you do have one… you were never this naive before but you seem to have become blind as each event happens and you sink lower and lower into darkness. You are quite the puppet because you can’t even come up with your own dis to dis me lol… As for Andy… do you see me following him around on here and licking his behind every time he speaks? And no sweetheart.. Earl isn’t in my head, he is in yours.. or should I say, you have yours so far up his behind you two have become Siamese twins…

        I pray your ignorance doesn’t get you or your family hurt.. it is far better to be prepared than to be unprepared and have nothing to protect yourself or take care of yourself in case all heck breaks loose… Just like what happened at 9/11 etc….

  17. “What a tragedy that the nation with the deadliest force on the planet is led by someone who has no will to use it against evil.”

    Oh yes, I so wish it was led by somebody that was willing to throw away another few trillion dollars and another hundred thousand lives in yet another unwinnable war thousands of miles from the homeland. More torture, scandals and precision-guided wedding-party bombs, please.

      • Not sure what your point is, unless it is that Nam was another clusterfuck of the US flexing it’s nuts as the most powerful military force in the world, only to find out that firepower isn’t everything, and one should really only use military force when directly threatened.

      • I will take your comment in ernest. My point was looking at your OP on this matter as another Bush bash refering to Iraq. With that, yes it too was a cluster. wars are waged, and lost by politicians

      • Obviously I was referring to Iraq, and to some extent Afghanistan, but it was more of a bash of the people that are clamoring for more war than it was a bash of Bush. ISIS are a bunch of assholes, and they all deserve to die, but it should be abundantly clear by now that the US military, with all of it’s power, cannot fix the Middle East with guns and bombs. We have hundreds of thousands of Americans dying at home every year from medically solved injuries and illnesses because they don’t have health coverage, and 20% of what was spent in Iraq could mostly resolve that problem. Unless there is a real credible threat from ISIS against the homeland, we should not be spending another penny over there, until we take care of our own in a war we can actually win, by saving lives instead of taking them.

      • Sure do, granny. The REAL real world, that is… where “camel fuckers” can’t make nukes, buy nukes, or get them anywhere near us if they did.

      • That must explain their nuclear missile program that they work so hard on with the help of their good friends, the communist Chinese. By the way, everyone was unable to do any of this….until they could.

      • You’re just dumber than a box of anvils, aren’t you? The natural descendant of the party that slept through Pearl Harbor. (I know you’ve never heard of it. Go look it up)

      • Ahhh… I get it… so ISIS had a nuclear missile program at Pearl Harbor. That must be why the Japanese bombed it!

        Or… does ISIS have aircraft carriers now, too? Or … was this just another complete irrelevancy?

      • I think he was trying to make the point that nuclear weapons will be made available to isis as soon as the Iranian people have one

      • Have you watched the news? Iran now has missles that will reach the USA and are very close to having a nuke.

        They may not use it but they’d sure supply terrorist, as would N. Korea.

        You are under the misconceprion that the arabs and Iranians are stupid. Look at the phone book under doctors. A great many are middle eastern and they are practicing medicine in a foreign to them language, english. How many of us could learn Urdi well enough to go there and practice medicine?

      • Ahh yes, the Iranians, a Shia country, are going to supply nukes to a Wahabbi terrorist organization that is guilty of ethnic cleansing of Shiites in Iraq, and who demand that Iran pay them homage and practice Wahabbism along with everybody else.

        They may be willing to supply some low grade rocket technology to Hezbollah to use against Israel, but they’re not completely retarded 🙂

        (and by camel fuckers I was referring to ISIS. Prettttty sure there are no nuclear physicists in their employ :))


      • Why do u insist abt all Arabs and muslims are the same! the way the pilot who was killed is a Muslim and against isis like many of Muslims there who are against isis

  18. This must be the start of WW3…..can’t imagine it getting much worse before everyone is in it. Well……as soon as we get rid of the Muslims in the White House. Vote people….vote. Can’t get worse.

  19. You Neanderthals always blame President Obama. Did you blame Bush and disparage him for 911 or getting us in this war? Hypocrites.

    • Its one thing for a president to have an error in judgement, which at the time was an error in judgement for all parties because they all believed SH had WMD’s which since have been found, but Obama knows exactly what he’s doing and its not good for you or me as Americans.

  20. Hey Sam
    Maybe you haven’t noticed but Obama is at the controls
    The problem is he’s puling all the wrong levers.
    The thing that bothers me most is I’m sure he know’s what he’s doing, and is isn’t
    for the good of the country.

    • It’s so apparent that he’s not doing anything in our best interest, everything he’s done has the opposite effect. He seems super confident and does not care that we are onto him, which in itself is darn scary. It’s as if all of Washington is paralyzed. What is going on?

      He’s decimating the military.
      Fired a number of Generals.
      Allowing illegals to flood this country.
      Releasing terrorists.
      DHS has bought up $billions of ammunition.
      A large company in this country that produced ammunition was put
      out of business, so now the government has control of ammunition that comes into this country.
      Tacitly inflamed the riots in Ferguson.
      There is much more….. but this should be enough for any sane person to see there is something very wrong here.

  21. I don’t get it. One God who loves his creation so much, he sends his Son to die in order to save the very people who killed him. And another “god” that is such a whimp that he needs his followers to take murderous revenge on people who do nothing more than draw pictures of his “prophet.”

    Islam is the “false prophet” spoken of in Revelation.


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