London mayor has eye-raising theory about jihadists

Why do they hate us? Well, maybe it’s because they hate themselves.

London’s Mayor Boris Johnson thinks Muslims who turn to radicalism are sexually frustrated losers who turn to terrorism because it makes them feel strong.

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, Johnson sited an MI5 report, saying of jihadists, “They look at a lot of porn. They are tortured. They will be very badly adjusted in their relations with women, and that is a symptom of their feeling of being failures and that the world is against them.”

I suppose that could be a reason why they’re happy to martyr themselves and get their hands on those virgins in heaven. If you’re not guaranteed of getting chicks on earth, aim higher!

The Times of Israel says Johnson “went on to criticize elements of the Islamic community for not doing enough to convince young men to turn away from extremism: “I often hear voices from the Muslim intelligentsia who are very quick to accuse people of Islamophobia… But they are not explaining how it can be that this one religion seems to be leading people astray in so many cases.”

How indeed. Frankly, I can’t believe it’s only sexual frustration that motivates militant Muslims. However, it must be said they don’t have a particularly good track record with women and girls, whether it’s ISIS or Boko Haram.

Naturally, Johnson’s comments have caused outrage, but he did have some comments I wish our own leaders would heed:

“We are going to have to make up our minds very quickly about this ‘caliphate’: how we will respond to the eruption of a new and hellish country on the map, and how we deal with these Brits who go off and fight in its name.”

“Do nothing now, and the tide of terror will eventually lap at our own front door,” warned Johnson.”

Sir, I believe it already has.

[This article was written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief]


  1. I will posit further that Mohammed DESIGNED this system to get rid of young men who would be a threat to their elders, and also leave more women for the elders, at the same time. Its a devious and disgusting system.

    • I read the article and watched the video. The history is good and the video was up till the end. He is asking us to assume that all American muslems are ignorant of how jihad works. In a twisted way, after everything he said, he has helped further their infiltration of our country. How can I ignore American muslems when I work with one who told me I was on his kill list if jihad takes place in our country. I say don’t assume they are ignorant of how their own religion works. What he should have said is trust none of them, stay alert and informed…

      • When you catch a snake,by the neck, it uses the rest of it’s body to caress your arm in an attempt to relax you enough so it can maneuver to a point of attack or escape. Stay vigilant,they have not changed the Koran or it’s prime directive. Believe as they do or die.

      • Well, I hope you have a concealed carry permit, a loaded gun, and the skills to use the gun if anyone tries to harm you. Stay safe! BTW, did you report the threat to the police? Not that the police would really do anything, but at least the threat would be on record if something should happen and you have to take the mussie out!

  2. From what I understand, they think of female humans as lower than animals. Gee, I wonder how that would effect a guys love life.

  3. Perhaps the government over there should familiarize itself more with the actual teaching from their set of beliefs instead.

    The Republican Party has the Dream Candidate if invited in the 2016 program.

    • That’s right. And I doubt very much that michelle obama or even hillary clinton would want to be treated in the same manner Islamic militants treat women. However, their Leftist agenda does stink from here to High Heaven.

  4. Moronic. It appalls me how many “leaders” have never read Sun Tzu. This is about self-empowerment. From Islamabad to your local prison complex, these people have been raised to believe that their god says they have a right to be leaders and to rule and subjugate others. Brits gain power by marrying or paying the right people; those who see themselves as disenfranchised gain power by force and fear. A group that thinks of women as tools and chattels don’t need sex – they seek control over others; the only thing that slakes that thirst is blood.

    • Unsaid is the utter failure of GB to control its borders, the left agitates for “open borders”, and, GB is overrun with foreigners, enjoying welfare benefits. The alarm bells are ringing, mass deportations are in order. The US, is not far behind.


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