Was Chris Kyle’s killer a converted Muslim?

Eddie Ray Routh with trimmed mustache and beard.

The “conventional wisdom” says former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle was tragically shot and killed by a former Marine suffering from PTSD.

But perhaps there’s another version of the story no one wants to talk about. What if Routh had been converted to militant Islam in Iraq and sought Kyle out as retribution?

There are some disturbing facts about Routh you most likely will have never read.

According to The Warfighter Foundation, it is highly unlikely Routh suffered from PTSD because he never served in battle.

“Eddie Routh served one tour in Iraq in 2007, at Balad Air Base (the 2nd largest U.S. installation in Iraq), with no significant events. No combat experience. Let me say that again, he NEVER SAW COMBAT or any aspect of traumatic events associated with a combat deployment (i.e. incoming mortar or rocket fire). He never left the base, EVER.”

The Warfighter Foundation is a non-profit organization that used the Freedom of Information act to learn more about Routh’s history.

“[Routh] held a non-combat arms occupation of 2111 (Small Arms Repairer/ Technician or more commonly referred to as an Armorer),” the group reported. “Balad Air Base had a Pizza Hut, 24 hour Burger King, Subway, Popeye’s, Baskin Robbins, movie theater, and even a miniature golf course. It even had a strictly enforced 10 mile per hour speed limit!”

While Routh never served in battle, he did work as a prison guard overseeing Muslim terrorists at Bilad Airbase. Walid Shoebat posits that Routh could have interacted with the inmates and perhaps converted to Islam.

While there is no proof of any conversion, Shoebat says “During a phone call with his father, Routh expressed sympathy for the detainees and discontent over how the US was conducting the war as well as his reluctance to engage in combat” and “While working as a guard at Balad Air Base, Routh laments his [Muslim] prisoners’ poor living conditions.”

Shoebat says, “It is a known fact that Routh’s family contacted Kyle about their son’s diminishing mental health. Routh was admitted to inpatient psychiatric treatment prior to the events at Rough Creek Ranch, according to a report from the Daily Mail.”

Shoebat says, “Routh had been taken to a mental hospital twice in the past five months and told authorities that he was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, police records show.”

However, just saying you have PTSD is also different than actually being diagnosed. While Routh may indeed suffered mental problems, PTSD may not have been one of them.

Nonetheless, the media will continue to focus on PTSD, which further casts doubt on our veterans and weakens our resolve for battle.

But the last thing the media would ever consider is that Routh could have been a convert to Islam. It’s an interesting and discomfiting theory.

And then there’s the matter of his beard with trimmed moustache. Of course we can’t engage in profiling, but…

[NOTE: This story was written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief]


  1. I was Marine infantry and I knew a few nut jobs like this guy; non-infantry desk-jockies who did a vacation tour on a giant base in Iraq, came home and claimed to have PTSD. The kind of guy who doesn’t fit in anywhere, so he joins the military thinking it will make him someone, and becomes disgruntled when he fails there, too. A low form of life. It’s sad a man like Kyle was robbed of his life by such a creature.

  2. I said right away that there is probably more to this than what we have been told. Our government lies every which way but up…well, maybe up too.

  3. I saw the movie. But can someone tell me (if there be anyone that can) did Chris and his wife’s use the F-bomb (the most vile, vulgar and profane word in the English language) in their normal everyday language as portrayed in the movie? I just find it hard to equate the incessant use of that “most vile, vulgar and profane word in the English language” with HONOR.
    King David was a mighty man of valor who was not allowed to build YHVH a temple because he had shed much blood, even though David was described as “a man after my [YHVH] own heart”. And yet David was responsible for writing the most beautiful poetry in exisitence to this day. David proved that a valiant, military man could also be a man of virtue. Even in his language.

      • Well Ormusd, a foot surgery kept me out of the military. But my dad was a Marine who volunteered to go to Korea and was awarded with two Purple Hearts during his time with the “Frozen Chosin”.
        And while he would occasionally slip with his language around us kids,
        he always apologized. And we were taught that if he ever heard profanity come out of our mouths we would be “reprimanded”.

        It’s just sad to see our culture sink deeper in depravity. Linguistically speaking, the F-bomb is the lowest rung.

      • I agree, Michael. America has lost it’s moral compass, and every country of the past that lost it’s moral compass, disappeared into history!

    • One can love their country and be a war hero without knowing Yahweh. It’s possible Chris Kyle and his wife didn’t know Him. There is still time for Chris’s widow. And I’m grateful to Chris Kyle for his loyal service to America.

      • Ok … then they were wooed by the world, weren’t they. People who SAY they know Him, yet don’t walk in His footsteps, don’t belong to Him. Like RINOS (Republicans In Name Only) there are many CINOS (Christians In Name Only). But be of good cheer, Yahweh will sort it all out 🙂

      • Aren’t you a CINO?? A truly religious person knows that they shouldn’t involve themselves in the matters of this world….but yet you are on a blog with such hatred, bigotry and race baiting…..I would love to be there when GOD ask you….WHY

      • ^^^ Speaking of race baiter^^^ Nice spin on your name and avatar. Uncle Remus…. Uncle Ruckus… You are the bigot in the room.

      • I will have to read the book. I don’t doubt one bit that Hollywood would want to “spice up” the story a bit. But is that Eastwood’s style? I don’t know.
        It’s too bad that their faith wasn’t more of the story. Maybe another movie is in order…

      • The book doesn’t have many vulgarities. It is way better than the movie. Remember, Hollywood tends to spin tales…

      • I also am deeply grateful for the many sacrifices made by Chris and was impressed with his concern for his fellow soldiers and his country. In this regard, I do see him as honorable.

    • He also coveted another man’s wife and murdered the man. We’re all sinners, Michael, saved by the grace of God. And I’m forever thankful and grateful for that!

      • Well Josh, a foot surgery kept me out of the military. But my dad was
        a Marine who volunteered to go to Korea and was awarded with two Purple Hearts during his time with the “Frozen Chosin”.
        And while he would occasionally slip with his language around us kids,
        he always apologized. And we were taught that if he ever heard profanity come out of our mouths we would be “reprimanded”.

        It’s just sad to see our culture sink deeper in depravity. Linguistically speaking, the F-bomb is the lowest rung.

      • tsk tsk tsk … your user name is very appropriate . . . You must have not been close to your father like Michael obviously was . . .

      • Doesn’t matter, everyone knows what that word MEANS, so thinking about some other word is hardly the same thing…

    • It is hard to listen to but everyone has some kind of rough edges. I appreciate the saying. ” please be patient, God is not finished with me yet.” I would rather be around someone who is a little rough around the edges such as my beloved dad who I knew loved His Savior, his family and his country. He served with valor and honor in WWII and survived D – Day and the Battle of the Bulge. He did mellow out in his later years and I miss him still so very much.

    • Why would any sane person listen to anything Alex Jones has to say? That’s the equivalent of listening to that crazed freak Jesse Ventura.

    • Well don’t you think it’s time for us to get mad as hell.I new I could have died for my country and a lot did in Nam, I do not like the way Obama is destroying my country that we fought for.I think he needs to go to Afganistan for about 3 months in the field.The only problem with that is he would probably be shot by American troops. He’s so popular,and has done so much for us.Right! I do think presidents need to serve in battle before they can hold the job and send our boys off to die Plus they need to be born here and not a liar !That’s one reason I think Allen West would make a good president.he’s black and Has all the right feelings toward our country.The black part makes me no difference at all,I had buddies in the Army who were black and I loved them just like my Brothers.

      • Excellent post. Thank you for your service, sir. A number of my friends served in Viet Nam and said it was a horrible war. Then to come back to such disrespect and lack of appreciation. Please know that many of us were grateful for what you did. God bless you.

      • Agree 100%! Every man, women who has Served this great Nation would have died for it. I agree Obama should walk in one of our shoes for one month to find out just what they go thru! But then again he would be Shot

      • Obama has probably felt being in your shoes in his lifetime opposed to 90% of republican candidates who were raised in upper middle to upper class families.

      • HORSE DOOKIE!!! I’m a retired vet and feel that the only people that believe obama is or can destroy this nation are those IDIOTS that wear TIN FOIL HATS!!!

  4. From the above article…
    “While there is no proof of any conversion…”
    Mr West… if there is no proof of his conversion, why are you even asking this stupid question?

    And why the hell would you complain that the media is not covering this crazy theory for which, you yourself stated, there is no proof.”????

    here is an equally plausible theory… maybe alien lizard men from beyond the stars were controlling his mind.
    While there is no proof of this theory, I find it suspicious that the media is not asking.

      • Sorry kid.
        i was making a direct point about the article and offering a reasoned criticism of its basic flawed premise.
        You just type insults.
        That make you the troll

      • Learn to read kid.
        i was illustrating a point.
        I was putting forward an absurd baseless theory that had no proof as a point to show how ridiculous doing that is since that is exactly what the article is doing… putting forward an absurd baseless theory that had no proof

      • What if Routh had been converted to militant Islam in Iraq and sought Kyle out as retribution?
        It’s called speculation, moron.

      • hahaha
        Sure… that’s why I’m saying you did it and are deliberately pushing this conspiracy to point blame away from yourself.
        That’s also called speculation

      • This article presented zero proof that he converted… the article even admits as much.
        That is a fact.
        Yet simple minded people believe anything written on this site

      • ignore him. they get paid by the response and it takes away from the issue which is one reason they troll

      • “brendan” wants to overlook the fact that Routh held “non-combat” position at Balad Air Base in Iraq.

      • No.. I’m not overlooking that.
        What does that have to do with this crazy baseless conspiracy that he converted to Islam?
        That is the point I am arguing against.
        Try to pay attention

      • I’ve emailed them, telling them of the need for moderators. These guys come here intentionally to irritate and show their ignorance. They don’t discuss the topic, they only insult conservatives and should be banned. I flag them, but with no moderation, it rarely does any good.

      • Yes… any opinion that is not yours needs to be silenced, right?
        This article is suggesting a conspiracy theory with no evidence and if anyone comes along and questions it, you want them silenced.
        You are like a lunatic zealot.

        you have proven that you do not care about facts… you will just support anything that furthers your beliefs, whether true or not.

      • Children will play! Opinions are like butt holes, everyone has one. I read it, thought about it and moved on. Everybody have a great day.

      • “Brendan” cannot help himself, has extreme angst for the truth coming out ….especially since it is becoming even more apparent…… s secret exchange for deserter bergdahl w tens of Millions of our US Taxpayer money for Five VICIOUS Commander TERRORISTS,

        but nothing for James Foley.

        Commander in Chief played golf to celebrate the beheading.

      • The Obama [p]sycophants are despicable. Brendan’s just a typical leftist, more interested in covering up for Obama than obtaining the truth.

        Why Obama would release terrorists is inconceivable, unless he’s more interested in appeasing Islamic radicals than protecting America.

      • I’m not a liberal, I am an anarchist, but these children see only in black and white. Regardless of how vastly broad the political spectrum is, regardless of what you actually believe, support or even like, the moment you tell these fucks that you disagree with their insanity, immediately you are an Obamabot liberal who wants to take their guns and kill their children for your satanic/zionist/NWO/illuminati/reptilian cult. Honestly, I’m just surprised anyone takes these people seriously. It scares me that so many do! For instance, I am an atheist, I would happily not care if they practiced their religion, so long as no one is harmed, but if they build the world they want, I will literally be put to death as an infidel, a heathen, a blasphemer. My life will be seriously endangered simply because of my religious preference if these guys take over the US. “If your not with me, then your my enemy.” – Anakin Skywalker “Only a Sith deals in absolutes.” – Obi-Wan Kenobi

      • Brendan, It is becoming commonplace for facts to be very well-hidden in a cover up until people start asking questions. That’s when we then learn the truth. We can no longer count on the government to be even the least bit honest with us and when we do find out things that common sense tells us don’t add up we have every right to start the dialogue and searching out the truth. There may be no evidence in this article (which it clearly states) but it will help bring about the truth. Go back to sleep.

      • What does not trusting the government have to do with the baseless allegations in this article?
        Please tell me how you believe alleging that Chris Kyle’s murderer secretly converted to Islam helps bring about the truth.

      • Are you really that thick Brendan or do you just have nothing better to do than argue all day? The current administration’s narrative is that all muslims are peaceful and would therefore, do anything to keep something like this quiet if it turned out to be true…you know, rather than let it prove them wrong. It may seem like a simple thing far beneath the interest of an American president until you stop to think of who the current president is and remember all he’s done in the past. Many a “crazy allegation with no evidence” has turned into a fact-finding exercise which uncovered shocking truths. BTW, West didn’t allege anything; he merely noted some interesting points that evidently now have people seeking the truth. There’s a lot of wisdom in those old sayings like don’t put all your eggs in one basket. You might want to think about that Branden, if it’s not too deep for you.

      • All your dislike of the President and the administration has nothing to do with the murder of Chris Kyle.

        I will ask again…
        What does not trusting the government have to do with the baseless allegations in this article?
        Please tell me how you believe alleging that Chris Kyle’s murderer secretly converted to Islam helps bring about the truth.

        Are you that thick that you can’t answer a simple question?

      • Wow, what a good little liberal you are, Branden!! Not only have you twisted the content of the article just to have something to argue about in an attempt to be relevant but you also followed the lefty script almost verbatim this time by totally ignoring everything I said and then taking my words and trying to use them to make me look bad. You should get THREE gold stars for that…or an extra “here’s your check for so ardently defending the messiah” monthly stipend. We will let you off with a warning this time for not calling me a racist. Another case of arguing with idiots for me so I’ll waste no more time with you.

      • You are a mindless sheep.
        nothing in that article and nothing about the murder of Chris Kyle has anything to do with Obama.
        How retarded are you that you have to bring up Obama in anything?

        The article makes an empty accusation with no proof.
        I pointed that out and you jumped to its defense like a faithful brainwashed lapdog and started ranting about liberals and Obama and trusting the government… all things that have nothing to do with the article or the murder of Christ Kyle.

        I have asked you multiple times how making a baselsess accusation about Chris Kyle’s murderer converting will help expose the truth (something you claimed it would do) and you have not answered… obviously because you don;t even know what the hell you’re talking about yourself.

        Lunatics like you are the reason rational conservatives never get taken seriously.
        All your crazy talk only helps Obama and hurts legitimate conservatives.

      • Re: your first sentence.

        Actually, it is liberals who are mindless. They’ve been brainwashed with the DIALECTIC PROCESS and are unable to think outside of what they’ve been constructed with.

        Do you ever wonder what your life would be like if you could actually think for yourself?

      • Thats what they do, they will skirt the question, give vague responses and declare themselves victor, like children….thats how I see conservatives, whining, crying children

      • @Brendan, this is how stupid the right wing are. @QueenOfTheSwamp, the only source for these vicious terrorist commanders is a satirical news site called NationalReport, a satirical news site that right wingers frequently will reshare about as fact not knowing that it is in fact fake. I have corrected my grandma of this numerous times. Just read the comments to see how seriously some people take satire.


  5. What if Routh had been converted to militant Islam in Iraq and sought Kyle out as retribution?
    Speculation, but don’t tell that to the retards on the left.

  6. Allen…..you said yourself there is NO PROOF but yet you post this b/s of a article? You know these LOONS that follow you have no common sense and they will take this as FACT!!!

      • It makes no sense at all…it’s like saying what if Obama is really George bush with shoe polish on his face!!

      • It makes perfect sense. He killed many Muslims. You don’t think they wanted him dead??? This guy went to the range with the sole purpose of killing. PTSD had nothing to do with it.

      • All of our snipers had a price on their head. They were sought after targets in Iraq & Afghanistan. The enemy even had their pet names for some of our sniper teams. Don’t forget, they have snipers too. They were the prime targets for our snipers, to prevent them from killing our troops.

    • Exactly, look at how many people are blinding swallowing this BS, this is how virtually all right wing “facts” are created. Someone says maybe and ten million people say we believe you without question.

  7. If this is the case some higher up must of ordered this murder and used this flower boy loon who they knew was capable.

    Remember the sodomite has Moslems everywhere in his cabinet.

  8. Alan’s theory has stricken the nail- When this person was a NATIONAL HERO, the only person who wouldn’t like him would be a sympathizer. And as I read through the comment contributors they are filled with them. He died trying to help this country his wife should NEVER forget that. God bless Texas for giving us another unforgettable Medal of Honor recipient (I assume).

  9. I respect you, Allen, but my son was on his 2nd deployment to Balad in 2007, and told me about mortar attacks during that time. He also told me that since most of those firing into the camp couldn’t hit the side of a barn, they weren’t too concerned about it. Not saying that this guy wasn’t a convert, just trying to get the full story out.

  10. Stupidest thing I’ve read all week. Deployments affect everybody differently, nobody can say he didn’t have PTSD because his experience might have been different from someone else’s. I had symptoms of PTSD after my first tour and I stayed on base the whole time. Some people might be able to go out on patrols everyday and not have PTSD after, everybody is affected differently. This is just stupid people not wanting to admit that maybe, just maybe, handing someone, who was probably not completely mentally stable, a freakin gun was a stupid idea. No, we’re just going to cook up some retarded conspiracy to make someone who frankly made a dumb decision a martyr because ‘Merica and freedom boners

    • Dave: would you be willing to share your PTSD symptoms with us? Were you diagnosed with PTSD or is this a self-diagnosis? I broke down once when I was in Nam. Today it would be called PTSD. My diagnosis – homesickness helped by a little too much beer. Be careful about saying you had/have PTSD. The definition used by the VA is so incredibly broad as to be meaningless because the so-called symptoms can be the result of all sorts of things not related to being in a war zone. Most soldiers probably feel the stress of being away from home. Is this traumatic? Depends on your definition of traumatic. Personally, I think one’s definition of traumatic depends on one’s strength of character.

      • Some people handle stress better than others. Firefighters, EMS & LEO’s all have stressful occupations. Some seem unaffected, others are not so good at handling it. The same with our soldiers, some seem unaffected & others very effected. Each individual has different methods of handling stress. No two people are the same or respond the same to stressful situations. Some require help to get through it, others handle it quite well on their own. Support & understanding by family is a big help.

  11. I am pro-gun, but using a firing range for soldiers with PTSD as therapy is crazy. Many of these guys have a history of violence, substance abuse & suicide. What the hell? Just sayin’.

    • tracy: I have a family member with a history of depression. After going shooting, this person is really up-beat for a couple of days. Just saying that shooting can have positive benefits. What we don’t know is whether someone thought this might be beneficial for Routh or if he talked Chris into doing it. If the former scenario, someone should be sued. I would bet the latter scenario in which case Chris, not being a psychologist, got fatally bamboozled.

      • I’m glad your family member is doing well. I agree a hobby or sport is a great way to help mental illness. I guarantee there will be stricter vetting for this type of “therapy”after this incident.

      • Whatever it was, depression, crazy, bi-polar, PTSD, Islamic, drug addict, etc…. I say screen these people better before putting them in a situation where they can shoot someone or themselves. We don’t know what this guy’s story is till after his trial. According to my “research” the book American Sniper, Chris was at the gun range helping fellow soldiers with PSTD.

  12. Though the military tries to filter them out and generally does a pretty good job of it, the military has its crazies just like the civilian population. So it remains to be seen if Routh is just a crazy person or had Muzzie sympathies. I am pleased to see him getting outed for not being in combat, it weakens his case for PTS.

    The PTSD meme is an insidious designation tainting all of our troops by the media, aka the left anti-military. In my day (Vietnam), we were called baby killers, druggies and other derogatory names. Eventually the public became aware that not only was this disgustingly unfair but false and ugly. The anti-military smear campaign failed. They are now tacking a different tack. The PTSD meme is much more insidious and it will take a lot more for people to recognize that most soldiers do not have PTSD. Most are moral, have great personal and work ethics, and work hard.

    You may not know that the Veteran’s Administration has encouraged the diagnosis of PTSD as it gets them more monies. They get more money because it plays into the hands of the anti-military Congressional folks who push the meme. Whether or not the VA means to support the anti-military crowd, in effect they are doing so.

    Col. West, I and about 2 million other combat vets came home without PTS. On the whole, statistics show that we do much better in life on average. It is a sad fact that some are broken by being in combat. It is a truly unfortunate fact in every war of human history. However, another fact is that the overwhelming number of combat vets come home with strength of heart and an understanding of what is really important in life – God and family. This comes shining through in Col. West’s missives and it is what I took away from combat. Good can come from bad and for most of our combat vets, this is the case.

    • I kinda feel that the women in their life play a big role in this disease. They do not understand what the soldier is doing or what it means to them and in the movie for example, is left up to the man to fix it, which in most cases is impossible. You remember the one scene when he just has to hug her to keep her quiet? Men do have their limits even Chris.

      • Maybe. I was fortunate in that my then fiancee would send me letters and audio tapes telling me all the things going on back home, plus care packages. Lordy, those care packages (always with crumbled cookies to my amusement) were a slice of heaven. However, though I never told her anything about patrols/ops, I could sense the huge worry, fear and anxiety. My mom was the same. So I had a very supportive woman, a dang good woman, which is why we are still married. The folks back home actually felt more stress than I did – a lot more. I saw and felt this in American Sniper, but I could just be projecting from my experience. I fixed her stress by marrying her, though even today she can cry when thinking about the time.

        PS: if you are interested, my pictures from Nam are up at the following URL

        Click on Flicks on the left under Links On Site. When the Flicks page comes up click on your name. Direct link is http://www.1streconbnassociation.org/Grimm/Grimm%20Nam%20Slide%20Show.pdf
        I’m the skinny guy with glasses.

  13. The military is too politically correct to filter “them” out. They are there, on the inside, just waiting for the moment their demonic religion calls them into action. Infidels best be forewarned and prepared, these folks are highly motivated and capable of surprise attack. This battle is far from over.

  14. LOL Dr. Hickford is a mental health expert now should stick with writing about Malia Obama wardrobe. PTSD is not the only mental condition that makes people go on shooting rampage.

  15. Routh may not have seen much combat, but he did apparently help clean up after the devastating Haiti earthquake and was troubled by the many dead bodies he encountered there, particularly those of children. THAT IS PTSD. That it’s not a result of combat doesn’t make it any less severe than those that developed theirs in war. Based upon what his family, friends, former girlfriend, and neighbors describe, he probably also suffers from schizophrenia and, possibly, bipolar disorder, and, like many PTSD sufferers, developed an alcohol abuse problem in trying to cope…all of which probably contributed to Kyle’s murder. Routh’s mother sought out Kyle to help her son with his PTSD symptoms, which doesn’t really fit your “Muslim conspiracy to kill Chris Kyle” narrative. Neither does the fact that he hasn’t claimed responsibility or said anything about doing it for Allah. Terrorists typically like to draw attention to the reasons they do horrific things. That’s kind of the whole point. In any case, this tabloid journalism garbage just takes away from what the real talking points should be: Routh suffered from severe mental illness, at least part of which was developed in the service of his country, and the VA mental health system failed him when he came home–just like it has failed, and is still failing, millions of servicemen and women who suffer from things that happened during their service. And most PTSD victims are not prone to violence, and need our understanding and help, not our judgement.

  16. I know this is twisted but I have often wondered if the military had anything to do with the shooting of Kyle and Littlefield. Just a thought as the Military doesn’t like information disclosed and Kyle did that with his book, which supposedly the military okayed. I personally feel Kyle did his job and I am greatful for his service, but I just can’t help to think that someone ordered for Kyle to be murdered. Routh wanted the glory to kill the ” all american”, and I think he should be killed also. Let me know what you think as I am open. So very heartbreaking…

  17. I have often wondered about how many returning soldiers could have PTSD when they never even saw combat. Some never even left the country and yet flipped out and shot other US troops right here on base? Apparently they are not made of the “same stuff” that propelled our troops in Nazi Germany and Iwo Jima !!!

    • Go read on vicarious trauma. Valid diagnosis. May be seen in sibs of the kid singled out for abuse by a parent. Children of an abused parent. Certainly obvious as a problem on a base where you hear about it constantly, hear the shelling, powerless and cannot do anything about it, fear you may be next etc.

    • I think, those who claim PTSD and as you put it, flipped out without ever being in combat would have done something similar as civillians. The mere fact that they were in the military might just be coincidental. I am a Viatnam Vet, had boots on the ground and in the air.

    • The mental issue we currently refer to as PTSD has been around as long as man himself. It has been called ” battle fatigue”, “shell shocked”, and older terms. WW I was the worst by far and we have yet to exceed Civil War levels today. While it is a debilitating and difficult mental disorder, it is not the monster maker the left would have you believe. It is also not the purview of only combat. It is common in women who have suffered spousal abuse or parental neglect. Survivors of horrific auto, train, bus, or airplain accidents are also highly likely to get it. 1 of every 4 people you see has likely suffered an occurrence that could have caused the onset of it. My point is that, in that range, the actions of a disturbed individual would have been noticed. The quicker more directed actions of a deliberate ACT would have been far more difficult to catch.

    • PTSD isn’t just combat related. I wouldn’t be surprised if I have had some level of it, because I was violently and repeatedly raped when I was in grade school, and in my teens my stepfather molested me more than once. People who survive this sort of thing can come away from that with PTSD.

      • You probably do;I sure did, from similar treatment hy my parents and a grandfather. Have you talked to anyone about that? A pastor or doctor, or other professional counselor?

      • Unfortunately, PTSD isn’t that simple. We can “get away” with that for a time, but the memories will surface again, usually at the most inopportune moment and inappropriate manner. It’s safer and wiser to deal with them on your terms, in a controlled and safe environment. They never simply “go away”, and won’t be repressed or suppressed forever. I know many who can tell you this is true, whether abuse or combat is the source of the trauma. I can also tell you recovery is worth the effort required.

    • Combat is not the sole cause of PTSD, but if you’re referring to Nidal Hasan, all he “flipped out” over is the fact that the Army refused to let him out of his contract for the schooling the Army paid for, so he “repaid them” by murdering bother soldiers, using Islam as his excuse!

      • Nahh … Hasan was radicalized and chose to exhibit his little jihad in that way. It wouldn’t have mattered what ticked him off, he was ready to kill Americans.

  18. Hey, Allen? How about this? Some guy tortures war prisoners, creating the best recruitment tool radical Islam has had in ages. He then goes on to repeatedly disparage the commander in chief during a war. Maybe he’s secretly a convert to Islam. Ever thought of that, Allen? Or maybe it’s really Al’len.

    • Hey big shot!!! Are you too afraid to identify yourself so you log in as “Guest”. You are pathetic. You have chosen to mock and insult a true American hero so you can try to compensate for your wretched existance. You aren’t fit to shine Allen Wests’ shoes.

    • Commander in Chief, are you talking about barack Hussein Obama? Obama is muslim a parasitic, lying , piece of garbage. obuma should be arrested, tried and shot for treason against The United States of America. As you and other followers may you rot in hell for ignorance and aiding and abetting ovomits treason.

    • Wow, right out of the left’s talking points directive on “torture in war.” When you’re in the business of war or prone to be in a war you expect, in certain situations, to be tortured. Never, ever did I join the Marine Corps because the enemy may use torture. Hell I knew they would. We were tortured in training on route to Viet Nam and some guys amazingly broke. You go to war as a patriot of a country, party, clan, etc. in need of your services. Stop the BS about torture being a recruitment tool, especially in societies like those in the middle east. They all use it. Why wouldn’t they expect it?

  19. There are many different sides to PTSD but from what I had read Routh was never exposed to any part of them. Although Post Traumatic Stress carries a wide array of exposures and categories I believe he choose to evaluate himself to make himself feel more important in the eyes of others. A so called badge of honor. In my opinion that is one badge most can live without.. Somehow I think Chris Kyle uncovered his condition as fraudulent and was killed to keep that knowledge quiet. If that is the case Eddie Ray Routh is a cold blooded murderer. I can also see Routh sporting a sense of greatness, martyrdom if you like with the conversion to Islam and the killing of Kyle. After all he would be considered a super hero in the world of radical Islam.
    If truth was to be known there are many Veterans who chose to take a stance against the War whether they were in combat or not. Some even chose to convert to Islam to show their disdain for the War. In War there are always some who share a different view of reality. Check out Michaels Moore’s Veteran buddies and so called employees. Yep Moore hires Veterans but ones who have turned coats against America.
    Somewhere along the line Eddie Ray Routh went a foul and chose a path that is contrary to the Veterans credo as well and the Marine Corps Motto Semper Fidellis. Always Faithful. Routh in the eyes of many Americans is a despised and hated person including mine.

    • I’m amazed that it would even be appropriate to take PTSD people to a firing range. And sadly, Routh murdered 2 people that day, not just Chris Kyle. Routh is being charged with Capitol Murder, which can carry the death penalty.

      • Actually going out to a range or hunting is a therapeutically
        sound method of rehabilitation. Our Veterans are placed into and environment that they may be well familiar with. Remember firing a rifle takes a lot of control and putting cross hairs and a bullet on a bulls- eye takes calmness control and skill. Remember the individuals that take advantage of this program are not psychotic and are cleared to participate.

      • Like I said in my first statement there are many different sides to PTSD what works for one may not work for another.

      • The problem here is the fact that Routh wasn’t in a situation that that could prompt PTSD there was something else going on with him.

    • Seems like a highly probable scenario, given what I know about both PTSD and self-delusion. If, for example, Routh had convinced himself, whether Muslim convert or not, that he had PTSD, and someone who KNEW how to recognize PTSD challenged that delusion, a violent reaction, especially if the challenger was perceived as an enemy, would be entirely likely. Conversion to Islam would paint Kyle as “the enemy”, making what did happen all the more probable if Kyle did challenge his belief somehow.

      • It’s a very possible scenario especially since Routh had changed his story quite a few times. At one point he wanted to be executed for the crime of killing Kyle. Sadly something happened and Rough took the extreme.

      • Well I’m sure someone would have noticed a substantial growth in his bank account by now. But there is more to this story than what is being told. Most of this is being held back for the trial.

      • It would be too obvious if the account was in his name. The trial should prove interesting. As a USMC vet, I would never claim him as one of my own. He brings disgrace to the ideals of the Corp.

      • Aww, how lovingly Christian of you.
        Almost as Christian as this loving post – “Flower – Rafael X a day ago – Little girl, YOU are our resident clown and everyone knows it … and Earl is your idiot role model!”
        Guess I should have used the highly intelligent DUHHH that you came up with?
        Perhaps we can have someone explain my previous comment to you …. slowly and using small words. ;P

      • Thank you, but I don’t claim to be Christian, I’m a Jew. And if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, you non-thinker. And please don’t reply to me. From here on, I will flag all of your comments. It’s clear who YOUR role models are…

      • Flag away and good luck I’m sure all your nasty comments are more flag-worthy than my non-nasty comments..
        You seem confused about what religion you are. first you claim to be Jewish while incorrectly quoting New Testament as Torah. In your second post, you complain about prohibition of Christianity in schools.
        ” Flower- Ex Nihilo 39 minutes ago -His followers TODAY will live Torah if they love Him because He said, “If you love Me, keep My commandments.”

        Do you???

        Flower- James E Bailey 2 days ago – Exactly, and look at schools NOW! They are prohibiting the exercise of Christianity….”

      • When FACT shows that ISIS murders 7 people very day, I’d say the ONLY “agenda” should be to rid the world of their presence.

  20. There are records of the guy going to the shrink twice but that lazy “editor-in-chief” is clinging to “was he a muslim” narrative. This is like the fast-food of propaganda. Time to learn a new trick ya’ll getting boring.

  21. I would more likely expect that Eddie Ray Routh was put up to this by government insiders. His reward is that they are dragging the trial out as long as they can, and even when he is sentenced they’ll find some way to get him out on parole early. Chris Kyle had become an avid pro-gun, anti-gun law advocate before his death, and the PTB had to silence him. When I saw the movie, there was a govt official who was pressuring him to do the work with the vets. They could have been setting up even then, and when the time was right the mother introduced Kyle to Routh who then got behind his guard enough to pull off the murder. There could have even been more than one shooter. There are no witnesses to say otherwise. I find it hard to believe that a non-combat vet could kill not 1 but 2 combat vets without one of them at least getting a chance to fight back. Routh fits the profile of a government patsy perfectly – young, drug addict, suffering mental issues. These people are easily manipulated by those with an agenda. The whole Muslim thing is a red herring aimed at those of us who have a prejudice against Muslims. I don’t doubt many young Muslims have been entrapped in a similar way to Routh (this is what ISIS is after all, just a whole army of disaffected young men being led by the nose) but religion has nothing to do with it. Even the Muslims admit that religion should be about peace and claim to be pro peace. Violence is always about politics, and fake religion is a ruse used by cynical manipulators for their geopolitical agenda.

  22. Us delusional right-wing nut jobs need to inspect our beds tonight before we go to sleep… there might be one of them there moozlems hiding under it. And another thing, some patriotic white guys mom fell down the stairs in Kentucky… I bet the contractor who built those stairs was a Muslim… somebody needs to check into this because, as we all know, the liberal-owned media sure isn’t going to.

    • I see you got suckered into the conformity of thinking its a ” peaceful religion ” huh ? ignore 270 million dead and fall for idiot propaganda that misspells muslim as “mooslem ” to trick you into believing the truth id dumb huh ? to trick you into conformity that you too will be ridiculed so you had better go along with a dangerous lie so as to be on thje fashionable side in denial of the truth and not gettng made fun of … obviously you dont even k n o w what the quoran and the hadith says …. yet you will condemn others as foolish and stupid for not agreeing with your2nd hand information …. ok hypocrite much ? Great job of down playing a very REAL terror , furthering a lie when you have ZERO research under your belt / AGAIN first know what you are talking about / your ignorance is obvious / its little like saying we should not be worried about Nazi ideology … ACTUALLY its ALOT like that considering biggest part of NAZI JREW KILLING SS Waffen was ” mooslem ” idiot … ANOTHER FACT i bet you DIDNT KNOW / Liberal media doesn’t give you much info does it ? Otherwise you wouldn’t speak so foolishly ….try RESEARCH step 1. ) realize islam teaches deception so easy to see why those not REALLY doing their homework would get tricked . THE QURAN SAYS ” KILL ALL NON MUSLIMS “

  23. Danny Nichols I think has suffered to many blows to the head. I think this story was about Chris Kyle a solder that did believe in good, not about all these solders you decided to speak of that don’t. I really don’t even know why I feed into you brainless post that make you look as dumb as a monkeys azz. Oh that’s right now I know why I commented, just wanted to say FU

      • Good was supposed to read “God” Chris believed in God. Sorry for the confusion. Would of fixed but I assumed people commenting would know enough of the facts and to have the brain cells to see the comment I made was in reference to his belief in god. I was wrong

  24. I’m going to go the other way with this, if this is indeed what drove him to murder, that he converted to Islam and used PTSD to get close to an American Hero to accomplish an assassination, then this should be buried. No need to give the enemy a victory. Having said that, I do not believe it. There would have been a video made, or some other “manifesto.” And he has had ample opportunity to glorify “allah” having accomplished his goal. Simply voicing concern over a detainees well being is not enough to convince me he “converted.”


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