“Not terrorist” Taliban kill three Americans in Afghanistan [VIDEO]

This past week we watched an almost comical routine from a White House spokesperson as he tried to redefine the Taliban. It is all due to the fact, that Obama can ill afford to have it made clear — which most of us with functioning “brain housing groups” already knew — that he traded five senior Taliban leaders for a deserter. So they’re straining to make us all belief the Taliban are just some misunderstood armed insurgents and that it’s normal practice at the end of a war to exchange prisoners.

But is it normal at the end of a war for murderous attacks on your citizens to continue?

First of all, nobody told the enemy their war was over and secondly, only recognized nation-states exchange prisoners of war at the signed end of hostilities.

As far as I can tell, there is no end of hostilities with the Taliban. We may not — rather Obama may not — want to fight, but these cheeky armed insurgent fellas are all up for a fight.

And here’s the proof, as reported by Fox News, “Just days after an Obama administration official went to great pains to explain that the Taliban is not considered a terrorist group, the Afghan-based organization on Friday took credit for an attack that killed three American contractors and said it was carried out by a fighter who had infiltrated Afghanistan’s security forces.”

“The attack came Thursday evening at a military base at Kabul’s international airport, and also left one Afghan dead. The Taliban’s claim of responsibility came in a message on Friday from spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, who identified the attacker as a man named “Hessanullha,” from Laghman province, just east of Kabul.”

“Hessanullha “penetrated into the security forces and was waiting for such a target for a long time,” Mujahid said. “Yesterday in the evening he managed to get to a crowd of invading and infidel American military forces where he turned his gun towards them and opened fire,” he added. “During the gun battle, Ehsanullah was also killed by the enemy.”

So now, I just have to ask the White House. Are the good Taliban the ones in Afghanistan and the bad Taliban in Pakistan? Seems like that’s what the Obama press secretaries were trying to convince themselves — because no one else is buying that mess.

And the explanation that terrorists seek to conduct global operations is the most inane statement I have heard out of this administration — and that’s saying a lot.

So if combat operations have ended, then who shot those three Americans? Let’s all remember, “Let me be clear, ISIS is not Islamic” and the Taliban are not “terrorists.” Nope, I guess not. They’re just all a bunch of misunderstood boys who had issues with their dads and authority figures and we need to empathize with them.

“An Afghan official with the country’s Defense Ministry said the attacker was in an Afghan army uniform. According to The Washington Post, Mujahid added in a tweet that the terrorist had “opened fire on invaders” before he was “martyred by return fire.” It was not immediately clear if the Afghan confirmed dead was the gunman. The attack came after a White House spokesman described the Taliban as an “armed insurgency,” not a terrorist group. However, Press Secretary Josh Earnest later acknowledged that the Treasury Department had put the Taliban on a terror list as far back as 2002.”

I think someone needs to remind President Obama that when the bad guy opens fire that does not mean time for a campfire story. It means combat operations ain’t over.

You want to know just how utterly confused the Obama administration truly is? Take a gander at this statement, “Earnest also acknowledged that the Taliban “carry out tactics that are akin to terrorism, they do pursue terror attacks in an effort to try to advance their agenda.”

What the heck does that double speak mean? Carry out tactics that are akin to terrorism? This would be funny if it were not so doggone horrible — and disconcerting.

Here’s how the enemy defines “end of combat operations:”

“In the final weeks before the formal end of combat operations, the Taliban increased the frequency and intensity of its attacks against foreigners and Afghans alike. However, Thursday’s killings were the first violence in the capital in approximately three weeks. Earlier in the day, a roadside bomb in Laghman province killed four people, including a police commander. Afghan officials said a second suicide bomber targeted the commanders funeral later in the day, killing 16 people and wounding 39.”

I said it before, and I’ll say it again. The New England Patriots aren’t the only ones playing with deflated balls.

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Heartland Patriot

The proper “empathy” for the Taliban consists of high-speed injections of copper and lead. These people make a lifestyle of raping little boys and beating women. They are so fanatical, they blew up ancient Buddhist statues in 2001 because they think that someone who comes across the statues MIGHT “worship” them, even though they’ve probably never even heard of Buddha. The Taliban are terrorists and terrorists deserve no real empathy.

Uncle Ruckus

Stop complaining ALLEN and take a bunch of these LOONS and go fight the good fight!