Uh-oh liberals: Majority of Americans think abortion is morally wrong

They say there are three things folks shouldn’t discuss at the dinner table: religion, politics, and sex. And when you talk about policy issues, there are two more things you probably should add to the list: the traditional family and abortion.

Nonetheless many in the political field try to make those issues the priority topic for which to bash their opponents — hence the infamous and insidious “war on women.” Which reminds me, anyone seen Sandra Fluke lately? But I digress.

This past week was the National Right to Life March in Washington D.C. remembering the 42nd anniversary of Roe v Wade. When I was in D.C. for the march a couple years ago, I saw a greater number of younger people standing up for protecting the unborn — after all the first of our unalienable rights endowed from our Creator is life. ALL lives matter.

So I want to share a recent poll which perhaps reflects some changing attitudes in America on the issue of abortion.

As reported by The Washington Times — doubt this will appear at HuffPo, but I could be wrong — “The Republican Party appears to have the jitters over pro-life legislation for complicated reasons. The public, meanwhile, has their own conclusions about abortion according to a new poll titled “Abortion in America,” conducted by Marist College and the Knights of Columbus.”

“Most Americans, 84 percent, think laws can exist which protect, both, the health and wellbeing of a woman and the rights of the unborn,” the survey states. The poll also found that 84 percent of the respondents “agree there should be significant restrictions and safe guards associated with the procedure including limits to within the first three months of pregnancy, allowed only in cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother, or never permitted.”

So what do you know? There could actually be a common sense bipartisan policy solution on the issue of abortion — life. Is it possible we could with a sense of civility find common ground on the issue? That is indeed a start. And there are some other stats resulting from the Knights of Columbus/Marist College poll that are interesting.

Here are some follow up numbers:

  • 68 percent of Americans oppose the use of tax dollars to provide abortions.
  • 64 percent say there are more abortions in the U.S. “than there should be.”
  • 59 percent say having an abortion does more harm than good in a woman’s life “in the long run.”
  • 58 percent support “greater legal restrictions” on abortion.
  • 57 percent say organizations who oppose abortion should not be required to supply insurance that covers the procedure.
  • 60 percent say abortion is “morally wrong” regardless of its legality.
  • 49 percent say they are “pro-choice,” 47 percent say they are “pro-life.”

Ok, it will be interesting to see how many of the comments to this report will be vile and vitriolic instead of realizing we can begin the process of righting this ship.

I for one believe abortion in the black community has reached genocidal levels. We reported here awhile back about the almost “ethnic cleansing” occurring in New York. Remember the story we shared from Southern California about the babies found cast to the side of the road? That does not speak to the better angels of our nature.

Consider the video we shared from Christmas Day in World War I when the British and German combatants were able to remember the meaning behind that one singular day — the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The life of that baby inspired those men — who would return to their trenches to slaughter each other — to just for a moment, cherish that one beautiful gift from God: life. We can do the same.

We must.


  1. Why does this surprise you Mr West?
    nobody likes abortion.
    Even people who believe it should be kept legal don’t like it.
    There is a great difference between disliking abortion and wanting it made illegal.

    Where are those numbers?
    That statistic is missing.
    Of those polled, even those that thought it was morally wrong, how many want it made illegal?

    You’re making a strawman argument Mr West… the left is fighting to keep abortion legal… that doesn’t mean they like abortions.

    • No, Brendan. The left goes further than that. The language they use now shows that the left views abortion as birth control. Even among those of us who think many children might be better off dead than raised by self-centered irresponsible disfunctional people, we do not consider abortion as birth control.

      • They may not say that they view it as birth control, but cmon, get real, they DEFINITELY VIEW IT AS BIRTH CONTROL!! What else is it? I’m guessing here, but I bet 95% of all abortions are accidental pregnancies, and those abortions, sir, are methods of birth control.

      • And if you’re talking about politicians, they would allow it to exist as a means of birth control. To abort a baby is “controlling the birth”, hence “birth control”

      • Concerning Obamacare and it’s rules, some businesses that sought to be excluded from the portions of the law’s requirements that insurance cover abortions. They were very publicly criticized because they were supposedly not going to fulfill the requirements for “birth control” being provided by their insurance. The only part these businesses sought to be exempt from were the portions pertaining to abortion, but the criticism wasn’t stated as pertaining to “abortion” instead the criticism was aimed at lack of “birth control”. Nope. The left considers abortion as birth control.

      • Its murder no matter how you view it. A baby in the womb is alive until it is aborted, therefore murder. And some due to late term abortions live and suffer. I knowof a certain senator that voted 3 ti.es to NOT give medical assistance to a live abortion as it would inconvienant medical staff and go against the females wishes. I can not imagine the pain the baby suffers. Oh that senator is now our president.

    • Before I even read the list of statistics I figured the statistic regarding what people felt about the legal status of abortion would be missing. That type of statistic is always omitted from propagan… I mean an article like this.

  2. Nearly half of New York City pregnancies end in abortion. There is no excuse for that with all the birth control methods available today. Shame on anyone or any group that encourages the young to view abortion as birth control.

  3. What kind of barbarians have we become in spirit when our personal happiness overshadows anything or anyone? Pain receptors are intact at 20 weeks. Some babies live as prematurely born infants at that stage. Cruelty beyond comprehension.

    • We live in a time when many of those with influence, especially over the young, encourage the youth to expect all the pleasures of adulthood without any of the responsibility. I grew up knowing that sex creates babies and that sex carries responsibility, first and foremost.

  4. Our society has become very self centered. We have become a society where if it feels good it must be a good and acceptable thing to do. With all the forms of contraception available today abortion should be almost unheard of, with the morning after pill it is really stupid to need an abortion. If you know you have been exposed to something that will make you pregnant then take the morning after pill.

  5. At just 13% blacks commit over 40% of all abortions each year…. Put it this way, ON THE BOOKS over 50 million babies have been murdered as of 1976, OVER 20 million of those babies have been black, Another 12 million “low-balled” have been hispanic babies….

    Remember blacks did not make up 13% of the population in 1976, 20 million black babies is a whole generation of blacks….. Think you black people and liberal democrats are doing everything wrong…. I really think you 2 should stay away from each other….. Ever heard of chi, det, DC, nola, baltimore,newark and any other city with a high population of blacks ran by liberal democrats?

    And i think black people and liberal democrats need to focus on the 7000 blacks killing blacks each year and killing 1600 caucasians…. Remember 13% and those epidemic crime facts…. OR are black people and liberal democrats only going to worry about the 123 ghetto thug blacks killed by cops each year?

    In 2012 cops killed 123 blacks, they killed 386 whites, 127 cops were killed in 2012….


    • So, 13% of blacks commit over 40% of all abortions each year. The picture you are trying to paint here doesn’t account for economic demographics. Poorer people are more likely to get an abortion than those who are better off. Black people are more likely to be in poverty than white people. Generally, minorities are much more likely to be in poverty than white people. I’m sure that has a big influence here. I wonder, once you separate the data into tiers of economic strata, how your numbers hold up. But you’re not interested in a complete picture (correct me if I’m wrong) – you just wanted to throw out some racial bait. I’ll bite.

      By “commit” you mean request/participate/go-out-and-get an abortion. But the people receiving the abortion are not actually “committing” the abortion, that would be the doctor who performs the procedure. So what are the demographics of the doctors, or murders as you would call them, performing abortions?

      In 2011 the American College of Obstetrician and Gynecologists published a survey of Ob/GYN doctors nationwide which gathered data of doctors who provided abortion services. Stats collected included age, sex, regional location & religion of the doctors. Oh yeah, and race. Short and simple: of the doctors surveyed who perform abortions, 72% of them are white, just 7% were black. So, going back to your stat that blacks, who comprise only 13% of the population but receive 40% of abortions – performed overwhelmingly by white doctors.

      The question to you is (since we are drawing conclusions from narrow sets of data): why are white doctors so interested and committed to killing black babies?

      • You sort of answered your own point there. In case you don’t see it:
        “Poorer people are more likely to get an abortion than those who are better off.”
        “Generally, minorities are much more likely to be in poverty than white people.”
        Therefore, minorities are more likely to get abortions than white people. I’m not saying abortion itself is racist, but your own statements show how it can be perceived, even argued, as such.

        That’s just semantics. While I wouldn’t say abortion doctors are free from responsibility, they aren’t forcing the abortions. The mothers are.

    • Oh, and your last line…”In 2012 cops killed 123 blacks, they killed 386 whites, 127 cops were killed in 2012..”

      127 killed? or died (including felonious deaths & accidental deaths)?

      ..I’ll finish it for you since you left it out…

      …in 2012 48 law enforcement officers died from injuries incurred in the line of duty during felonious incidents. 51 alleged offenders were identified in connection with the 48 law enforcement officers feloniously killed. 30 of the alleged offenders were white, 16 were black, 1 was American
      Indian/Alaska Native, and 1 was Asian/Pacific Islander. Race was not
      reported for 3 offenders.


  6. Uh-oh Allen West: I found some more statistics regarding American’s views on abortion http://www.gallup.com/poll/170249/split-abortion-pro-choice-pro-life.aspx?utm_source=abortion&utm_medium=search&utm_campaign=tiles

    47% of Americans describe their views as pro-choice, 46% as pro-life; clearly no majority, but there are more Americans that support a pro-choice position than not. It does tilt back and forth. Long term polling shows a pro-choice position as becoming more prominent.

    “…women and 18- to 34-year olds tilting pro-choice, and men and Americans aged 55 and older tilting pro-life. Middle-aged adults are evenly split on the issue.”

    One more key stat: 50% of people feel abortion should be legal “only under certain conditions” – 21% believe it should be illegal in all circumstances – but 28% say abortion should be legal in all circumstances. Sorry Allen, I know you’re trying to paint a certain picture here, but not an honest one.

      • BlackGenocide.org | Abortion and the Black Community

        It has been estimated that since 1973 Black women have had about 10 millionabortions. Michael Novak had calculated “Since the number of current living …

        Fact #8: Less than 1% of all abortions are performed to save …

        It is an extremely rare case when abortion is required to save the mother’s life. … of the mother as justification for the millions of on demand “convenience” abortions. … Awoman with toxemia will have adverse health reactions and considerable … health issues that are cited by mothers as a reason for abortion then the total …

      • The same number you adopt thug phukker. Not my job to take some pig’s baby off her hands because she can’t keep her legs together.

    • You should read the article again. It specifically says “49 percent say they are “pro-choice,” 47 percent say they are “pro-life.”” Those aren’t the exact results from your source, but they’re very close. How is that dishonest?

      Also, I question the direction you seem to think the poll points us in. You see that younger people are more likely to be pro-choice, and think that means the next generation will be more pro-choice, but it can also be interpreted as people who’ve never had kids being more pro-choice. The majority of people who have had kids are against abortion, perhaps because they realize what’s being aborted.

      “One more key stat: 50% of people feel abortion should be legal “only
      under certain conditions” – 21% believe it should be illegal in all
      circumstances – but 28% say abortion should be legal in all
      What kind of picture were you trying to paint there? I’m assuming you were trying to make a point against the article, but I don’t see it. I mean, I’m extremely pro-life, but even I would say abortion should be legal if the pregnancy is killing the mother. That means I would be counted in the 50%, even though in every other circumstance I’d be against it. In other words, there’s no telling how much of that 50% would really be pro-life.

  7. Abortion is truly one of the greatest evils ever perpetrated by mankind, if not the greatest. I hope that more people will come to realize that, and the terrible practice can be stopped (or at least criminalized).

  8. There is only one that you have to give an account to!! That one is Jesus Christ !! When you stand be fore him on judgement day with murder on your record ! He would see you through if you would but trust in him!! My husband and I married young because we were pregnant and we had a sweet daughter who has blessed us with grand and great grand children. We have been married for 58 yrs. and always knew we did the right thing!

  9. I believe that abortion is wrong if used for birth control for unwanted pregnancies. There are legitimate medical reasons for the termination of a pregnancy. Women should have the option of making that decision in these circumstances.

    • What are these legitimate medical reasons? Can I clarify what you mean by that? I know of situations like a tubal pregnancy, where a doctor tries to correct the issue and as an indirect result a child’s life is terminated? However this is in no ways an abortion or a direct targeting of a human life.

      Medical reasons like tubal pregnancies are akin to trying to save 2 people in a fire, but only managing to save one. It’s not your fault someone died, however abortion is like setting the fire with that person inside as your target. I’ll have to call BS on ‘legitimate medical reasons’. No medical surgery aims for a 50% mortality rate other than abortion. In fact, abortion is the only type of ‘surgery’ where providers do not legally have to disclose the risks or procedures involved. In fact, abortion is also the only ‘surgery’ that in some states minors can have done without either parental notification or consent. Hence the whole issue with some school nurses send ding students ts out for abortions without notifying parents, yet demanding parental notes when same student needs to take an aspirin….ironic this abortion debate eh? It’s saying something, but are we listening?

      • I believe that a woman should not be forced to carry a fetus to term if it endangers her health or life. I think she should have a choice.

      • If it endangers her health or life, a surgery can be performed to correct this. Example (as stated before to people who do not understand) tubal pregnancies. Doctor tries to correct the tubal pregnancy and as an indirect result the baby dies. Cancer surgery and chemotherapy, doctors comes in to excuse cancer or give radiation, as a result the baby dies. None of these situations had an abortion done. They are separate and distinct operations from abortion. I’m calling you out on the lies you’re spreading. Understood?

        So are you saying that in this day and age, that women are too weak to carry a child for 9 months? So I guess you dont believe women are as strong as men either? That we shouldn’t be treated as the weaker and lesser sex Pam? Nice one

      • Nothing is black or white. I believe in freedom of choice. I am a retired Patrol Sergeant . Yes that makes me a weak woman,ha! I have seen more violence and death than you will ever know. I also am trained and worked in surgery for many years. I have seen first hand what I am talking about. What is your life real experiences beside spewing philosophy ? Oh and I have raised 3 children by myself. Twin girls and a son that was murdered by Mexican cartel thugs. Freedom is a precious thing, all you young people want is a law for every thought that you have. God gave us freedom of choice. If you really read the Bible there is not one reference in it that offers a opinion on abortion. Yes there are several mentions of God stating I knew you in the womb. God also stated that he made man into his own image from the dirt of the ground and until he breathed into him the breath of life did he become a living soul. Why can you people not educate on the results their actions and let them take responsibility on themselves and God will deal with it at his appointed time. Jesus charged Christians with one thing, to educate and spread the Gospel. He did not tell us to club everyone over the head with your perceived version of the truth. Like I said life is not black or white, there is a grey area. Oh. and no we are not physically strong as men. Without a equalizer I would not have won some of the fights I got into. There are some major physical differences , if you can stand toe to toe and preform exactly what a man does than go for it. I do not believe in lowered standards. You think that you could carry a 50 cal sniper rifle in a war zone and sit on a roof top for 3 days with your male spotter without any of the niceties ? You feel good about taking a crap in front of the guys? Where are those tampax or pads going to materialize from when you are in a hot zone.

      • Good heavens woman google it! When it comes right down to it, I don’t think it is any of your business. God will sort it out.

      • You cannot answer the question, because factually you’re incorrect. There are no medical surgeries required where one ‘needs’ an abortion. Hence your resorting to evading the subject. What’s a matter, you can’t back your own words up?

        Don’t tell me to mind my business is, if you come on a site spreading your business and emphasizing your opinion no matter how illogical it is. Second, as the means of God, dont you know it’s the responsibility to teach and evangelize our neighbor out of love? Is the word hypocrite familar to you?

      • No I am not evading anything, you are just into imposing you values on everyone and taking away free will. I didn’t see DR in front of your name.

      • You are not able to evangelize to anyone when your approach is abrasive and insulting. I have my point of view that is my right as it is your right to believe as you do. Abortions will never be stopped. You will only succeed in putting it back into the alley ways and to the coat hanger day of the past. You can not pass a law against. Preeclampsia is one example. It is usually managed these days because we have more education of the mothers. Rarely the onset can be sudden and the treatment is delivery of the fetus, ie abort the pregnancy. My own daughter had this happen to her. Thank God she was at the DR office for a regular appt., was at term and was rushed into surgery. There is conditions that I would abort if it was determined the fetus was Anecephalic if brought to term they are sometimes used as organ donors. All I am saying is I think in certain conditions it is between the mother and father to decide the course of action. Before the advanced medical age that we are now in, nature would have expelled the fetus as a miscarriage. As I have stated before, I do not condone abortions as a form of birth control . As for evangelism, Jesus would sit down and start talking to a few people and thousand would be drawn to him. At no time, other than the money changer in the temple, did he ever force his message on anyone. In fact he told Paul not to waste his time on people that would not hear but to shake the dust from his feet and move on. Like I said it is called ” Free will”.

      • So by the same then your Democratic motto:


        May God have mercy on you.

      • Nice try Earl, but sorry, this isn’t about me.

        You make the baby you get to take care of the baby. If you try really hard Earl you should be able to figure out the larger problem here since you say you are a Christian and all that right????

        I think that you are failing to truly understand just what pro choice actually means.

      • I’m sorry dear but it’s about you and all of the other pro lifers….how many will you take?? My guess is NONE……YOU LOONS doesn’t want to take care of those that are already here!!!!

      • The idea is to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies not to figure out what to do with YOU saying either “take” my baby or I’ll kill it.

        Put the responsibility off on others who are not responsible for making that unwanted baby in the first place.

      • Elle is 100% correct. You have failed miserably on making your point and thats because you just believe everyone should be responsible for your actions but you. A conservative will take care of their own.

        When you ask “how many will take care of those are already here”? Really? why is this such a hard concept for Liberals to understand. If you choose to engage in the sex act..guess what? Pregnancy may be a result. If this occurs its your responsibility to care for the child. If you think you don’t want a child then perhaps a little restraint or precautions should be used. You’re not an animal you do have choices but you would rather have sex then figure it out later. At which time you will have the abortion then throw out an argument..how many of my babies would you have taken? Please such nonsense.

      • NO dear …..I proved my point well…if abortion is outlawed tomorrow and all these unwanted children are now here…..who will take are of them?

      • You seem to dismiss the fact that Americans are the most charitable and giving people on the face of the earth. That said, it should never be thought that your lack of judgement should become someone else’s obligation. Now once people have exhausted their own abilities then your answer becomes a valid point. This is where charity begins.

        Now to answer your question as to if abortion were outlawed who would take care of all the unwanted children? I think it would be you since you seem so outraged. Perhaps you could take all that indignation you are feeling and put it to good use adopt a child or two. Maybe you should adopted hundreds. I say this tongue and cheek because you wouldn’t adopted, Correct? Regardless, it wouldn’t much matter because at the end of the day the problem would still exist. Until people realize they are creating the issue it will never change.

  10. JMHunt, appears as though you have got yourself into a bit of a pickle with one of your comments or two. I tried to reply to you and you are “pending” LOL

    So anyway, as I was saying:

    What are your views on abortion besides the obvious fact that eventually humankind needs to stop killing itself right?

    I mean like as to mother and child and all. And on that if the mother has the right to kill her fetus then maybe the fetus should have the right to kill it’s mother and all. I mean who knows, maybe the fetus would be better to have around seeing how the mother just wants to kill the fetus, ie person to be.

    Beyond the details of why abortions happen, crime or rape is hardly the driving factor here and we can go ahead and accept the hard fact that abortion is a convenience more than anything else in this world right? Beyond medical reasons and all, the mother is in a state of inconvenience.

    That’s why she coughs up her 3 or 4 hundred dollars to some doctor and has her uterus vacuumed out right? She is inconvenienced by the whole situation? Somehow that automatically puts me on the side of the underdog, that little innocent defenseless fetus. Somehow I just like that fetus better than I like her. She seems to be very self centered in the wrong kind of way.

    I just sometimes have the feeling that somewhere in all those aborted fetuses there was a brilliant human being that could have cured cancer or solved some unsolvable problem in this jacked up world we are living in. The loss of potential is really astounding when you think of it. Maybe I’m overthinking it all, but basically we all started out as a fetus. I tend to connect with that whole idea, you know, we were all a fetus, each and every one of us.

    Abortion is just not the right way to be heading in regarding to humankind. When are we going to stop killing ourselves before we are born cause we certainly are living before we are born.

    Just had to get all that out – you don’t have to answer since it seems like you are on hold now 🙂

  11. “Boy, these conservatives are really something, aren’t they? They’re all in favor of the unborn. They will do anything for the unborn. But once you’re born, you’re on your own.
    Pro-life conservatives are obsessed with the fetus from conception to nine months. After that, they don’t want to know about you. They don’t want to hear from you. No nothing. No neonatal care, no day care, no head start, no school lunch, no food stamps, no welfare, no nothing. If you’re preborn, you’re fine; if you’re preschool, you’re ____ed.” ~ George Carlin

    • Boy these lib-scum are something else. Whine and cry over some fat azz pig thug who gets killed trying to kill a cop but can’t wait to carve up the unborn who has never done anything to anyone.

    • It is the ignorant conservative dream of controlling EVERYTHING a woman does, from the moment they wake in the morning (after they have served their man properly) until time to go to bed. They want women to stay home and do what they are told. They want to impregnate their women to show their manly verility, something conservative men have none of at any other time, then leave it to their women to house, feed, and care for their virility child.

      “Better raise that kid to be like Kris Kyle and not some homo loving liberal or you both can go live on the street.”

      – GOP Christian Men

      • That’s the usual liberal fallacy, alright. The truth is, conservatives don’t care what men or women do (as long as it’s legal). They just consider abortion murder, and, like most people, are against murder.

        “They want to impregnate their women to show their manly verility,
        something conservative men have none of at any other time, then leave it to their women to house, feed, and care for their virility child.”
        That’s wrong on various levels. First, conservatives are generally more “manly” in the traditional sense than liberals. They are the ones who hunt, fish, drive trucks, etc, after all. And second, the whole single mother thing is more of a liberal problem. Conservative fathers are more likely to house, feed, and care for their children. Oh, and be against killing them, of course. That’s usually a good trait for a parent.

  12. To let a child go hungry is morally wrong but you loons support cuts to head start, school lunch and food stamps. ….you loons don’t support Healthcare for children!!! Like I said…republican motto. ..Protect the unborn but screw them once they are here!!

    • “Another thug hugging baby killer pukes up.”

      Hey, Uncle. Got to love the responses these ignorant buffoons throw at you. They have nothing else. No facts. No reasoning. Just insults.

      Low IQs I would guess.

      • I guess!! Its fun!!! They believe if they surround themselves with other LOONS that think like they do….myths and opinions are FACTS! MUAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • Actually, the pro-choice position is much less rational than the pro-life position. The pro-choice position is founded on the idea that a child isn’t a human until it can live outside the womb. Without that foundation, it would be entirely indefensible. There are several problems with that position, however. First, as technology improves, we can save unborn children at earlier and earlier ages, meaning the time at which a fetus becomes human would have to get younger and younger. That’s a real problem for the pro-choice foundation, because if a 5 month old fetus is a human now, how can you say it wasn’t a human ten years ago? Second, if dependance on someone else to live is the determining factor in humanity, why are infants considered human even though they are still 100% dependent on others for their survival? And what about adults in the same position? And third, eggs of endangered birds are protected as the endangered birds, even though they aren’t “born” yet. Why doesn’t that apply to humans?

        There’s a second foundational principle behind pro-choice logic which is even less rational than the first: the mom decides when the fetus is human. As irrational as it is, this principle is just as important as the first. See, if a mother wants her child, it’s considered a protected human. If she doesn’t, it’s considered a lifeless blob. Otherwise someone could punch a pregnant woman in the stomach, killing her child, and only be charged with assault. Under current laws, the attacker could be charged with murder, and yet abortion, which does the exact same thing, is legal because the mother is choosing to murder her child. Speaking rationally, a fetus either is a human, or isn’t. Circumstances can’t change that status.

        So there are some facts and reasoning. For insults, you’ll have to look at your own posts, and those of Uncle Ruckus.

    • So what you’re saying is that, if you’re not willing to pay to raise the child, you shouldn’t be against the mother killing it? Does that also apply to homeless people?

      • That’s not my responsibility. They aren’t my kids. That doesn’t mean they should be killed.

        And you didn’t answer my question. Are you for or against killing the homeless? And if you’re against killing them, how many are you going to take in?

      • Oh its every pro life person responsibility. …where will all of these unwanted kids go?? How many will u take??

      • No, it’s not. It’s the parents’ responsibility.

        And again, you failed to answer my question. Are you for or against killing the homeless? And if you’re against killing them, how many are you going to take in?

    • you dont make sense. You dont support the idea of letting kids live but you’d rather kill them? because why?

      I know why. You dont see them as humans. You see people as objects. You dont care what really happens to anyone, all you care about is yourself. You objectify people to certain degrees so its easier for you to call people names.

      That’s all you do. Call people names. get a life for a change.

  13. Thank god according to the law it’s not up the a majority of American to police women pluming. Wonder why conservatives are so obsessed with what goes on between people legs. Or in public restroom for that matter. Makes for elevated debate.

  14. What you LOONS don’t understand is……PRO-LIFE isn’t just the UNBORN!! It applies to ALL LIFE!! So when you are eager to send our young men and women into battle…..when you take food out of a childs mouth and deny a sick child or a veteran or elderly person healthcare….you are not PRO LIFE…you are PRO FETUS!!!

    • That’s not necessarily true. Soldiers go to war to protect life, at the risk of their own. AS for denying veterans and the elderly healthcare, that comes from the party that’s pro-choice, not pro-life.

      • There’s nothing hypocritical about it. Soldiers go to war to protect life. Pro-life people are in favor of taking care of our veterans and seniors. How is that anti-life?

  15. “… a new poll titled “Abortion in America,” conducted by Marist College and the Knights of Columbus.”

    Yeah, right. A typical Allen West UNBIASED poll taken of religious people leads this buffoon to the conclusion that a vast majority of Americans oppose abortion.

    I guess when your followers are dumbshits like Allen he can get away with this stuff.

    • The vast majority of people in America would say they’re religious, so any unbiased poll of Americans would be mostly of religious people.

  16. I am 100% Pro-life!! I would be ashamed to claim to be a child of the Creator and a Joint heir with my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ and then somehow conclude that He who is the Giver of Life makes mistakes when someone becomes pregnant. Regardless of the circumstances if how it hapoened!!
    The baby is Not “part” of the mother’s body, like a kidney or an invader like a tumor! It has it’s very oen unique set of DNA at Conception! Think of it this way… when you go into your car, do you become a Part of your car or is it just a Vessel you use to get to your destination? Like an incubator, the mother’s body is to the baby growing inside of her. Once the baby can survive outside either on it’s own (obviously needs a food source) or with medical support it no longer needs to be dependent solely upon the mother.
    In cases of rape, don’t shoot the innocent victim, instead give the baby to someone else to raise and love!!

    • That’s irrelevant. When you use the “well, who’s going to take care of these babies?” argument, you’re not arguing about abortion anymore. You’re arguing for population control by the taking of human life, which is something most people would find very disturbing, if not entirely evil.

      • It has to be part of the argument they stay unborn only for 9 months. You can’t argue about their death without arguing about their life. Only makes you a self-righteous hypocrite.

      • No, it has to be a separate argument. Right now you’re arguing that kids should be killed because they can’t be afforded. That’s population control, which can use abortion, not abortion itself. Before you get to that argument (which carries its own issues), you need to decide if abortion itself is okay. Otherwise it’s not even an option.

      • I’m not arguing for kids to be killed. I’m just asking the people who so believe in the sanctity of their lives ready to put their money where their mouth is. I just asked would you be for paid parental, it’s not population control just an incentive for the family.

      • Don’t blame others because the pigs want to kill their unborn. Put ’em up for adoption or tell the skanks to stop spreadin’ ’em. Buy some damn rubbers. Is anyone ever accountable for their own actions in your infected mind?

      • If you’re arguing for abortion, that’s exactly what you’re arguing for.

        “I’m just asking the people who so believe in the sanctity of their lives ready to put their money where their mouth is.”
        That’s why I responded. You seem to be under the assumption that pro-life people should pay, or be willing to pay, for the children they don’t want killed, but that’s just not the case. The parents are responsible for their child. Keeping them from killing it doesn’t transfer the responsibility to others.

        The program isn’t population control. The idea that children should be aborted if they can’t be afforded is. Your question put the two at odds, implying that people should be pro-life and in favor of the program, or not pro-life. In reality, people can believe in personal responsibility, and be pro-life.

      • That would be true if I was telling someone how to live, or how to raise their child, but that’s not the case. I’m saying murder is wrong, and abortion is murder. I’d say the same thing if people were killing their infants. The only difference is that then you’d probably agree with me, though without much reason.

        “The idea is that if life is that sacred it should trump everything else.”
        That’s more than just a simple idea. It’s a right. In America, people are guaranteed the right to life. The only way abortion can be allowed is by saying unborn children aren’t people, but that doesn’t really hold up.

      • All that murder talk is your self-righteous self doing the talking. What is the difference if that same infant starves to death? Or survives but becomes a thug murdered by other thugs or the police. How’s that for population control? There is a medical term for “unborn children” they are called fetus. If they really are people like you say they life doesn’t end when they come out of the womb. It’s either they are people or they are not.

      • It really isn’t. I just understand what abortion is.

        Life means a chance. There are no chances if the child is killed before it takes its first breath. Very, very few children die of starvation in America, and if the child grows up and becomes a criminal, at least it had the choice.

        Yes. There’s also a medical term for recently born children. They’re called infants. Both are still humans, and both are completely dependent on others for survival.

        What you still don’t understand is that it’s wrong to kill a child, regardless of what might happen in its future. What gives anyone the right to decide that a child’s future isn’t worth living? And if people have that right, why do they only have it before the child’s born?

      • Hey I’m not a fan of abortion either but I can control only what goes on in my life. Unfortunately being able to procreate doesn’t make you a parent. And even then not all parents are created equal. How many children are wards of the system waiting to be adopted? What if the adoptive parents are a gay couple?

      • None of us can control anyone but ourselves, but together we can criminalize abortion. Some abortions would happen anyway, just as murders happen, but the numbers would be just a small fraction of what they are now.

        Being able to procreate doesn’t make you a parent. Using that ability does. Being a good parent comes with the choices you make after that.

        A rough life is still better than no life. A bad situation can be overcome, but you can’t come back from death. Like I said, life means a chance.

      • So by using a different name, that makes it okay to kill? Have you ever seen a uh….”fetus”…..look up at you right before you kill it?

        Try it and see if you don’t change your mind.

  17. There are those who insist that sometimes abortion is necessary. Others say it is never necessary. It is an issue that has and will continue to be debated until the cows come home. In any case, abortion should never be used as just another form of birth control. The most brutal is partial birth abortion, a procedure the President wants to be used. I wonder how many in the pro-choice crowd, our liberal politicians or even Obama himself has actually observed such a procedure? In my opinion, partial birth abortion is nothing short of premeditated murder. It is even more gruesome when the aborted child could have been a healthy baby that a childless couple would have been grateful to have. Unwanted pregnancies are tragic and compounded when the babies are born with drug addiction and/or HIV. The billions we send each year to countries that hate us could be put to better use here. It could go a long way toward educating these single parents on prevention and also helping them to become more productive members of the community. It could also help provide the care needed for drug addicted and HIV babies. More assistance can be provided for agencies to arrange adoption for the unwanted babies. There are many couples that wait for years to be able to adopt a child. I am sure these considerations are way down on the priority list of the pro-choice crowd and the liberal politicians, if they are even there at all.

    I wonder how many of the older liberal abortion advocates were anti-war activists during the 1960s and early 70s. How many of those spit on our uniforms and called us baby killers?

    • Thank you for a discussion instead of and emotional rant. As I was defending my self to one young lady. I believe if there is a legitimate threat to the Mother, it should be a decision between father and mother. You cannot pass a law against sin. You will never stop all abortions, you will just force them back into the dark. As for your question of 1960 and 70s single mothers to be. I was a throw away child whos Mother could not love and father could not stand the sight of because I reminded him of the wife that left him. My Grandmother just hated girls. To make a very long story short I was pregnant and totally alone at 17 in 1968. Would I have aborted that child in early pregnancy? Yes in a heartbeat. I had no political views only fear. His life was pure hell and I am just as eat up with guilt for making it so. He went missing over 20 yrs ago, presumed murdered. God is the judge of mans heart and only God. We state our beliefs and live them as an example, we cannot force our view of the truth on anyone and Jesus never instructed us to. Each will face his own judgement before God at the appointed time. We have to be ever on guard to not judge, because only God knows the heart of man.


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