Warning graphic: ISIS releases images of Koranic punishment of homosexuals and women

You have to wonder what President Obama will say about foreign policy and national security next Tuesday in his State of the Union Address (SOTU). Perhaps he won’t say anything about it all — which may just be a good idea.

It’s clearly evident we have not decimated al-Qaida and they’re certainly not on the run — well, except for running to kill us. And what shall be said of ISIS to the full chamber of the legislative branch?

Certainly not this report from The Daily Beast — not exactly a conservative outlet — which says, “ISIS continues to gain substantial ground in Syria, despite nearly 800 airstrikes in the American-led campaign to break its grip there. At least one-third of the country’s territory is now under ISIS influence, with recent gains in rural areas that can serve as a conduit to major cities that the so-called Islamic State hopes to eventually claim as part of its caliphate.

“Meanwhile, the Islamic extremist group doesn’t appear to have suffered any major ground losses since the strikes began. The result is a net ground gain for ISIS, according to information compiled by two groups with on-the-ground sources. In Syria, ISIS “has not any lost any key terrain,” Jennifer Cafarella, a fellow at the Washington, D.C.-based Institute for the Study of War who studies the Syrian conflict, explained to The Daily Beast.”

Now before you get all excited about 800 airstrikes, remember they began in early August, so that means we are looking at 165 days – with the average airstrikes per day coming out to somewhere around 4.8. So much for a vaunted air operation to degrade, defeat and destroy ISIS.

Sadly, we’re not paying attention to this simple battlefield calculus — and I remember the days of Desert Shield/Storm and in Iraq where an air campaign meant hundreds of sorties. That’s how you pummel an enemy.

But clearly that’s not really the objective of our current Commander-in-Chief; it’s just about the facade of doing something with the real intent of doing nothing. If we cannot even bring ourselves to say who the enemy is by simply repeating what the enemy says about themselves — then we are at a loss.

It becomes blindingly obvious that not only are we loathe to define the enemy and its inspiring ideology, we are also reticent in employing our full military might to crush this 7th century cancer that has metastasized in this the 21st century.

Then again, the only force that has been decimated is our own military at the hands of President Obama. All of this I’m quite certain won’t be articulated at the SOTU next week.

“Even U.S. military officials privately conceded to The Daily Beast that ISIS has gained ground in some areas, even as the Pentagon claims its seized territory elsewhere, largely around the northern city of Kobani. “Yes, they have gained some ground. But we have stopped their momentum,” one Pentagon official told The Daily Beast. A map developed by the Coalition for a Democratic Syria (CDS), a Syrian-American opposition umbrella group, shows that ISIS has nearly doubled the amount of territory it controls since airstrikes began last year. “Assessing the map, ISIS has almost doubled its territorial control in Syria. But more importantly, the number of people who now live under ISIS control has also increased substantially,” CDS political adviser Mouaz Moustafa said.

And pictures released yesterday by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) show just what it’s like to live under ISIS practicing pure Islam — where are the feminist and gay groups on this?

This first picture is of two men who were pushed off a tall building in front of a crowd for being homosexual.Two dead men accused of being homosexual.

Thieves are shot from behind after being crucified.
thieves shot

A woman is read her death sentence for adultery.
A woman is read her death sentence for adultery.

The woman is stoned to death.

And speaking of which, there is no radical Islam. There is pre-622 AD Medina and post-622 AD Medina Islam. That is the difference between what is termed “peaceful” as opposed to that which is “militant.” However, under the theory of abrogation the latter verses — more violent verses — of the Koran supersede the previous more peaceful text. And the traditions of Mohammed in the hadiths dictate their actions and model for perfect man.

As the Daily Beast writes, “In the first two months following American airstrikes, about a million Syrians who had previously lived in areas controlled by moderates now lived in areas controlled by extremist groups al Nusra or ISIS, according to CDS, citing conversations with European diplomats who support the Syrian opposition.” And what frustrates the Syrian opposition the most seems to be the almost disoriented employment of the airstrikes. “The bombing campaign has been focused at the heart of ISIS-controlled territory, rather than at the front lines, where ISIS territorial gains could be pushed back. The coalition strikes seem similar to drone campaigns in Yemen or Pakistan, targeting only leadership. The front-line strength of ISIS has undoubtedly increased even as some of these targeted strikes take out mid-level individual leaders,” Moustafa said.”

Of course we all know Obama isn’t going to do the one thing that could make the airstrikes effective — deploy ground air controllers who can accurate direct precision guided munitions against the frontline ISIS fighters. And I’m not talking about a truck here or there.

“As of Sunday, the U.S. and its coalition partners had conducted 790 airstrikes in Syria, according to Pentagon statistics. In all, the U.S. has spent $1.2 billion on its campaign against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.”

Of course this has been done without any formal declaration of war against ISIS. So it begs the question — what are we doing? This befuddled response from the Pentagon’s spokesperson Admiral Kirby is a testimony as to the confused state in which the Obama administration finds itself, “When the reporter pressed for an answer on what was happening in Syria, Kirby struggled, saying, “I couldn’t give you a—a specific point at which, you know, we believe, well geez, we’ve halted their momentum. It—it’s come slowly, in various stages. But I think it’s safe to say that over the last three to four weeks, we—we’ve been confident that momentum has largely been blunted.”

Well, here you have it. Let’s see what President Obama says to the American people next week on this subject. Something tells me the entire topic will be avoided. Just like his other failed policies.


  1. A Christian is persecuted for expressing his or her beliefs in a peaceful manner, often resulting in irreparable damage to their careers and businesses, yet the same liberal hypocrites who engage in attacks on freedom of expression will be the first to tell you that this is a religion of peace which is not to be judgedby the actions of “a few.” Last time I checks, millions were not “a few.”

  2. Where are the feminists and gays? Are the liberals the only ones with gays or women who want to protest? Why do you always wait for the liberals to act before YOU do anything?

    • Seems to me he is speaking up… What you don’t seem to understand is that when we do speak up about it you lot call us “Islamophobes”. And the ONLY time the LGBT get their panties in a bunch is if they don’t get their way about this or that, but NEVER speak out against this travesty. We did put feet on the ground in Iraq and such but liberals didn’t like that… they said we need to be friends… “put down our guns” and they won’t kill us…. yeah right… we saw how well that ended up right?? Now look at the Middle East… Should let us turn it to glass…

      • More BS, from those who claim to care. Since when do you care about gays rights anyway? It’s terrible to kill them, but not for gays to get married in this country. Muslim Women are being beaten, but US college women live in a rape culture. Seems your priorities are screwed up.
        If the gay and feminists aren’t paying attention, then why isn’t West, or the right, doing anything abt it. He never mentioned any plans to help, just waiting on someone else.

      • What makes you think I don’t care? I have friends and family who are gay and I don’t think any differently about them than I do anyone else… They are my blood and I would die for them. I care about anyone who is being mistreated and harmed because of extremism… how dare you assume to know me, you self righteous POS. You do nothing but come on here and make your pathetic assumptions about Col West and conservatives/republicans but refuse to look in the mirror and see who is really doing the harm to people in this world.

        And rape culture? WTF? How do you figure that… because we are free to be who we want to be and not cower in some corner with our faces hidden from the world?? We are proud to be who we are and not afraid to make a stand against a group of people who are trying to force the world into a one way thinking machine…

        And again you moron.. Col West IS paying attention… He IS sounding off about it or are you not only blind but deaf as well?? Get your head out of your hide quarters or better yet TAKE OFF THAT DAMN COVER OFF YOUR FACE AND EARS, THEN MAYBE YOU CAN SEE WHAT HE IS DOING… Being willfully blind is no excuse for your ignorance…

      • you have gay friends… did you ask them about the treatment of gays around the world? what are hey doing? we are you going to do about it since you know the horrors they face?
        free to be who you are in a rape culture?? do you know what the issues is all about???
        WEST doesn’t care one bit abt gays or Muslim women, just more trash to throw at liberals. He is as insincere as they come. why didn’t he talk about conservative women’s efforts to help Muslim women??
        as for my avatar, what’s the issue?? what does your’s say? who wrote the rules?

      • My friends and family who are gay very rarely talk about what is happening in other countries as they said they are too busy trying to sort out the issues they face here. They also said that, though they can’t personally do anything about what is happening there, they don’t act like there are no problems and stated there are people in higher positions who can and should do something, one is making it known about the atrocities these people face.

        As far as the “rape culture”, do you know what it means? It a group of people who trivialize rape. Pretty much like liberals do when they use it to sell papers or write a book. They look at it as, rape is a common occurrence and instead of blaming the rapist they blame the victim, you know like Muslims do when a woman is raped they accuse her of adultery and stone her to death… there is much more to it than that and even some disagree on what is meant by the term rape culture… Thats why I asked you, what the hell are you talking about linking that with what Col West has to say in this article, he is against that sort of thing happening…

        I believe West does care, why the hell else would he write about it or go on shows? He is showing that the liberals are nothing more than a bunch of hypocrites, jumping on conservatives all over the place pointing their finger at them for this and that but do nothing at all when the people they so love to coddle are over there murdering gays or women who dare to show as much as a finger. God forbid they have to pick something up in public they will have their heads cut off for bending over and “teasing” the men.

        And as for your avatar, it is the what you are constantly defending.. the Muslim right to do as he pleases. Women have no rights, nor does anyone who thinks freely.

        Now as to your other reply… you sit there and point fingers at Earl and Raf but don’t seem to realize that you do much the same thing, you sit there and condemn Col West for posting these issues and accuse him of not really caring about what is happening.. and you know this how? You are in Col West head and know what he thinks and feels? You sound just like Raf and Earl (aka Ruckus). If Col West didnt care he would not bring it up… You have to have some kind of heart about people being persecuted because of who they are… if you don’t then you have no heart… I believe in Col West.. he may not be perfect, but who is?

      • Okay, your gay friends know what happenings of other gays, but are waiting for others to react. Top gays do anything, so why should your friends?
        I don’t think you understand what college women are dealing with in colleges. Instead , blame them for the problem. They want colleges to investigate their claims, bec many times they are pushed aside or the rapists are not held accountable. What are you telling your duaghter’s abt safety in college?
        West is a clown who does nothing but use other people misery against liberals. Plain and simple.
        who do think is on human rights groups who talk at UN, donate money, set up clinics, throw fundraisers ? Liberals, feminists, gays. Do you know who the log cabin reps are? Gay republican members. Who’s in The medical charity group- Doctors without Borders? Do gays and feminists have to wear name tags so you and West can iD them and give them credit for doing something?

      • PP, you always take what someone says and twist it to make it look pretty to you.. take off that blindfold and read what I really wrote. My “gay” friends aren’t waiting for others to start doing something, they said there is enough here to deal with they can’t be all over the world. In other words, they have to take care of here first before they can take on the world… so they leave it to our leaders to speak out for them… you know, the reason we voted for them, to be our speakers for what we are concerned about here and around the world….

        As far as what “women go through in colleges”, I know very well silly one. I worked at a rape crisis center and know very well what these women and men go through who have been assaulted. I also know that many face being victimized again by people trying to trivialize the situation because they don’t want any bad publicity. They tend to try to make the victim as the one who initiated the assault. Here is what I tell my girls… if they can’t CnC then beat the hell out of anyone who attacks them. They take martial arts training, one who just made 1st degree black belt in mixed martial arts. A couple others have their CnC license. I still worry, but what mother wouldn’t, but I know at least they have a much better chance of surviving… their attacker on the other hand might not.

        In my opinion, if the liberals didn’t start letting pedophiles, rapists, etc off with just a slap on the wrist, we wouldn’t have this big of problem.. and if they kept mentally ill people in institutions instead of releasing them on the street, we could feel a bit safer… but they felt that institutionalizing people was degrading and started letting them out back in the 60’s and 70’s…

        Col West does what every good journalist should do, report the truth about certain organizations and groups since the msm refuses to do so now so they don’t offend a certain group…

        The problem with you PP is your labeling people. I don’t care that a person is gay, straight, Christian, Jew, male, female, trans, black, white or anything in between. They are all human in my eyes and should be treated as so. Why do they need to identify themselves? So you have a better target on their backs? You don’t need to answer that… we pretty much know your real feelings on that…

        ~nuff said… you spin things too much to carry on a good conversation. If you can come up with better discussion instead of twisting other people words, then we can carry on.. good day.

      • Elected pfficaks are liberal and conservative too. Where are the rep women or gays on this ?
        Great you worked for rape victims. But all crimes must be investigated, that’s the problem.
        Stop saying Liverals” are responsible for… The world is not run by liberals. dear. It’s easy for you people to think that, but it’s not true. Judges, cops, lawyers come in all shapes.
        Happy a great weekend.

      • You MIGHT get SOMEONE to read your BS trolling posts if you learned how to spell and at least made an attempt at using correct English. Until then we will continue to shake you AND uncle remus off like water off a ducks back

      • Philanthropussy and Uncle Ruckus are liberal trolls. Their mission is to scream more loudly, to squawk more belligerently, to rail more vociferously against any voice they dislike. They think any statement of conservative or libertarian opinion must be shouted down through online comments and rebuttal, because to permit conservatives free speech is to concede that there might be two sides to an argument.Don’t expect legitimate debate from them, that’s not their goal. Just the fact that they are trolling Allen West’s blog site proves they fear his voice and his views.

      • Doesn’t their “holy book” call for killing of all non-believers? THAT alone makes em a TERRORIST, along with the approved lying, pedophelia and wife beating, just to mention a few!

      • not all Muslims are terrorists but almost all terrorists are Muslims. those muslims who are not terrorists they are “cultural muslims”, who was born to Islam, but do not exactly practice this evil cult. Many of them actually want to leave this barbaric society, but the punishment for that is death, so it is not so easy to leave, when whole your family was born to Islam. at the moment they start follow the evil book, they become radicalized. there is no moderate islam. some of muslims are not radical,since they do not follow everything that MO told them to do with their life

  3. Col. West, sir, please don’t lump us real American patriots in with the narrative toeing liberal (D’s) or the RINO (R’ s). We really appreciate your voice. Especially, since you are a black American. I would vote for you if you ran for President. We need a leader that can pull us together as One Nation under God. I think you could do it better than anyone. Especially, since you are a black American. Please, sir. Run. Especially, since you are a black American. This last guy purposely has divided us. You don’t have to make everyone happy, just most of us. If anyone could do it, I say it’s you. Especially, since you are a black American. I hate that the candidates are all trying too hard to be popular! Don’t let this current POTUS ruin blacks on this country. Now is the time to seize the initiative!!! We will follow a strong leader! That’s YOU! We will find out who the real racists are, in this country, when YOU ARE POTUS. Especially, since you are a black American. Getting it, sir? We need you, SPECIFICALLY, since you are a black AMERICAN. If you don’t seize THIS MOMENT, the racial divide will do nothing but grow. You are the LEADER we need. Can you see how important your leadership is to the WORLD and all of Christendom? Especially, since you are a black American?
    I’m a white patriot and a former USA AV WO. I will help you if you want my help. Especially, since you are a black American. You are the one OUR Country NEEDS. Especially, since you are a black American. Please sir, I know you’ve never stopped, but please SERVE OUR Constitution and Country, again. ESPECIALLY, SINCE YOU ARE AN AMERICAN.


      • Look, I’m not sure how you derived your statement from my call to the Colonel to employ his “perfect storm” of educated and enlightened patriotism, skin color (to counter the current POTUS’ s unscrupulous use of his) the Col’s distinguished military and congressional service, down-to-earth common sense conservative politics, and the dignity to tell the truth even when it’s not politically correct or politically prudent. I think he’s what the country needs right now. Not because of his party! I could go on and on listing out what makes him the best qualified for the position. But, you’re addressing something totally different. Me personally, there are big differences between being an American and being “A Real American” Just as there’s being a Justin Bieber and being “A Real Man.” A Real American puts service before self and is unapologetic in doing so. That’s party immaterial. In theory at least. I don’t think I even mentioned anything about any enemies… could you kinda explain where you were going with that?

      • Just got done reading some of your other posts. Is it a “troll” that latches on to the posting of a particular author and dogs everything the author writes?

      • You may not label them as “non-American”, but instead you label them as “racist, race-baiter, traitor, thief, coward, uncle tom,…. etc”. The list can go on forever…

      • Hmmmm….don’t use the word traitor nor uncle tom….uncle tom was a hero in the book…I prefer UNCLE RUCKUS!!!

      • You, sir (to stretch the meaning of the word) are a troll! No one needs or wants your comments so just crawl back under your rock and watch while Obozo continues in his attempt to ruin the US of A!

      • If you honestly believed that please explain to me how POSTING TO A BLOG will change it??? MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  4. I really wish we could swap our muslims for their Christians. That would make life so much easier. We have enough oil here in North America, we don’t need theirs, or Russias or Venezuelas. Either fight to win or don’t fight.

  5. Obama’s strategy with Islamic terrorism is like someone going into a house that’s infested with cockroaches, but since pesticides are politically incorrect poison that will harm the environment, he uses a fly swatter to tackle the problem. In the meantime the cockroaches are laying eggs, more are coming in and their population is growing. Obama’s entire presidency is like a pigeon playing chess. The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, poops all over the board and then struts around like he won.

  6. I am sick to the depths of my soul at hearing what are this administrations intent for doing or not doing anything. My only concern is who is going to set it right and will it be in time to save what was a blessed nation. Will we ever be the United States of America again?

  7. IMPEACH! D*mn the cost, political or otherwise. Surely there are enough Democrats in the House and Senate who know in their hearts what the current occupant of the White House is doing to this country is wrong, and that he must be removed from office. Let’s all be Americans first for a change, and rid ourselves of this infestation of evil.

    • NO there are not enough Democrat senators that will vote to impeach Obama. Yes we have a majority in both the House and the Senate. A majority vote of the House of Representatives is required to bring impeachment charges (Article I, Section 2, Clause 5), which are then tried before the Senate (Article I, Section 3, Clause 6). Two-thirds of the Senate must vote to convict before an official can be removed.

  8. Anybody with half a brain knows that Obama supports the islamists. In a good and just world he would be tried for treason.
    He will get his one day. Men like him always do.

    • Unfortunately he gets away with everything he does in the name of “political correctness” and the fear of being labelled a racist. No one will go after him for anything he does to harm this country. He is most definitely with the muslims more than Americans. All we can do is pray to God we can recover from the damage that he has done and will continue to do. We have one more year of this vile, evil, traitor.

      • So you think he’s a great leader? What has he done that is so great? I haven’t seen this kind of racial division since I was in high school in the 70’s! No jobs for the people who actually want to work. He encourages getting on welfare!!! He is just bad for this country period! What has he done as far as foreign policy? Set us back a half a century or more and make the USA a joke in the eyes of every country in the world!

  9. These pictures of ISIS should be splashed on billboards everywhere. There should also be public re-enactments. Everywhere. The very reasons why people say they cannot look at these images is the very reason why they SHOULD. People mustn’t forget what these animals are capable of.

    To our American troops, I say thank you and God bless you for protecting and defending us from this evil!

  10. Where was “the peaceful majority”? The moderates? Like the majority of the Germans during WWII who weren’t Nazis or even sympathizers…the Muslim peaceful majority are irrelevant. It doesn’t take a lot of wolves to keep a large flock of sheep terrified. But unlike sheep who cannot change, the “moderates” or peaceful ones can and will change into devout Islamofascists…of be killed by them, too.


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