Sharpton says Oscars are too white. Is NBA too black?

Liberals may be terrible at handling the economy or protecting our nation, but they sure are entertaining. The latest side-splitter comes from the White House official court jester, Al Sharpton.

As the Washington Times reports, Reverand Al “announced he was holding an “emergency meeting” to discuss Hollywood’s all-white list of Oscar nominees and talk about possible action against the Academy Awards’ powers-who-be.”

“The movie industry is like the Rocky Mountains,” he said in a statement reported by Business Insider. “The higher you get, the whiter it gets. … I have called an emergency meeting early next week in Hollywood with the task force to discuss possible action around the Academy Awards.”

Now bear in mind this is only the second time in the last 20 years that only white folks were nominated for best actor, actress or director Oscars, so it’s not like there’s a continuing pattern of racism.

But I’ll tell you where there IS a clear pattern of racism. It’s in the NFL!
I did a quick review of the starting line-ups for the four playoff teams (Seahawks, Packers, Colts and Patriots) and 65 percent of those players are black. I’d say that’s a little lop-sided, wouldn’t you — considering blacks make up only around 14 percent of the U.S. population.

And don’t get me started on the racism in the NBA!

If you want to talk about no diversity in honoring excellence, look at the recipients of the Most Valuable Player awards over the last 58 years.

It’s shocking! Seventy-eight percent of all MVPs in history have been black! Boy, I’d say the NBA is way too black. We ought to hold an emergency meeting to discuss possible action against the NBA, right Al? I mean it’s simply not FAIR.

In the NBA, it’s like outer space Al — the higher you get, the darker it gets.


    • And BET – Black Entertainment TV, what about that? If White folks tried to have a White Entertainment TV, the libs would go insane. Or how about a White magazine to counter Jett, or the Congressional White Caucus or Miss White America?

      • And isn’t February Black history month or something? Or at least black history as far as it can be changed to suit the libs.

  1. I am actually finding this extremely amusing.

    Leftists fighting against other leftists. Though I don’t see Race Pimps getting far fighting against the the overwhelming power and money in Hollywood.

    It just ain’t happening, Al.

  2. We must understand that this is sharptons livelihood we are talking about, he makes his money by extorting industrys and corporations. He started out by being a conmmunity organizer just like his son (obama) , then he discovered that he could make more money by preying on liberals white guilt and has made quite a living doing that . His most sucessful extortion job was MSNBC who wound up giving him a show of his own, can you believe that , a man that can barely speak the english language getting a show of his own. Now he is his son’s most trusted adviser. I must admit America is the place to be if you want to succeed in life , no wonder people from all over the world want to come here.

  3. The movie industry maybe white but the whiny whine industry is most definitely black! What’s next Al? The White House shouldn’t be called the White House?

    • Look out Disney, racist al will sue to make you change Snow White’s name. Mother Nature will be next, snow is “white” & what about “white” water rafting? Oh marshmallows & some bread is “white”. Turkey & chicken have “white” breast meat & washing machines & detergents have a “white” settings. No more white paint or crayons. I guess we will all have to start using nothing but paper of color & drinking milk of color. I didn’t want to say chocolate or I would have been called racist!
      See how idiotic you sound sharpton?

  4. Why does the media make Sharpton relevant. If the media would stop covering Sharpton he would just fade away into obscurity like the pet rock.

    • Your a moron he’s saying Rev AL only sees things one way seems so do you could you imagine Rev AL if they had a wet white entertainment television? Like bet or ivory magazine like ebony everyone is a racist and we have a black president dear god

      • Allen West is a damn good man he dont like the race baiters like Rev AL and Obama and that idiot holder he replies when someone says something wrong it’s not like he’s saying how great white people are he knows most conservatives cant say anything about the subject he can

      • So your saying Allen West is a race baiter but your buddy WHITE HATER sharpton ISN’T? RIGHTTTTTTTTTTT Just keep thinking that and drink mo koolaid!

      • Once again….the reason he post so much negative about black people is to help people justify their misconceptions and stereotypes!

      • Nope! Black people manage to further those themselves through their words & actions. Allen West as well as many many many other blacks prove not all stereotypes are correct. They are showing the exceptions to the rule.

      • So you are saying ALL black people are negative?? None of us are hard working americans?? This is my point! Never does ALLEN WEST point out those of us that are hard working citizens…..RACE BAITER!!!

      • You know, you are nothing but a troll. Your comments are antagonistic & you are doing nothing but trying to bait posters on this forum. I refuse to play your childish game.

      • I don’t think all black people are negative I know the truth you are just a bunch of dumbasses that don’t know any better. That excuse is flying any more better think of another excuse that should be easy you have all day since you are afraid to get a job the old white folks will take care of you huh

      • Hey dope, did you not read the article? Mr. West is specifically talking about Al Sharpton’s lunacy. He’s not posting about ALL black people so why do you keep saying that? Your hatred for Mr. West is really making you look stupid.

      • Everyone thinks they have to answer every insult or it will be accepted as truth. Muslims, loyal to their faith, foolishly refuse to join into actively condemning the crazies. Chose instead to make excuses. Blacks refuse to actively condemn gangs/murders/”proud” absent fathers and instead, make excuses out of misguided loyalty. All the lies in the world will not hide the truth. Conservative blacks understand that NOTHING will improve until these problems are embraced, and fought by blacks. Goal: match white crime rates. Then we can go forward together.

    • He is embarrassed by the endless self-pity and learned helplessness that is the result of shameless pandering and vote buying of Liberals. Dems have always known how to control submissive blacks, whether by slavery or entitlements for breathing.

      • Self pity?? All back people huh?? You are the reason he constantly post thing about black people. …so u can justify your preconceived stereotype

      • you mean like the pre conceived stereotype that the POlice are killing blacks when in reality the biggest by far killer of blacks are young gang banging black thugs…but lets blame whitey and the cops…please time to take the generations of families off welfare force them to get educated and become productive members of society instead of the no snitch thug life celebrated by so many in the black community

      • Can you read? I said “submissive” blacks. Allen West and other conservative blacks are trying to encourage thoughtful blacks to look at the cold reality of servitude to the government and Dems. You are playing the part of the overseers and slave hunters on this blog.

      • Allen West is speaking of hypocrisy, Uncle, which has apparently flown straight over your head. Try being a simple member of the human race, sans skin color, for a change?

      • WE can use a lot more people like Mr. Allen West who isn’t afraid to speak the truth. You untamed animals need to pay attention.

  5. Why doesn’t Al get his BFF to write an Executive Order to mandate Oscar Awards to blacks only? He does still have his pen and his phone, right?

    • I believe that Al Sharpton is a very negative person. He is only around to stir things up… Wherever he goes!!! He is absolutely NO Martin Luther King. That was a great man!!!
      Al Sharpton stands for everything that Dr. King opposed!

  6. Sooo sooo so tired of hearing about how America is victimizing the black community by not giving them their own special gold star for everything. Shut up. Seriously, just quit bitching over nothing.

  7. I demand affirmative action for basketball scholarships and pro-teams. Needs to reflect society proportionally. Football, golf, soccer….everything. Hispanics are woefully underrepresented in all sports, especially basketball.

    • Definently not in the MLS or in the MLB. What America do you live in? I live in an America where there are likely anywhere from 12-20 million illegal immigrants, 80% of which are hispanic. How about you clean up your own act before screaming injustice, Hmm?

      • Wow Gramma…guess we need a sarcasm button for some people? I “heard” your sarcasm, and so appreciate it!

      • Some sports are equal…….hell, even Tiger Woods dominated golf…..til he discovered a white woman, then cheated on her. So YEAH, there IS a pattern.

      • Clearly you didn’t do too well in school when they studied satire. I was merely making a “modest proposal”. As a white retired teacher, I am not proud of your ridiculous posts and if you saw yourself as other do, you wouldn’t be either.

  8. Reverend Al Sharpton is a tax cheat an extortioner and a blithering idiot.

    MSNBC is a laughing stock for having that charlatan on their libtard network to begin with.

  9. Is due attention being given the upcoming future 2016 election? In order to avoid the mediocrity that will invariably be brought forward, support AmericaIdea for the only GOP 2016 Dream Candidate.

    • You looking for direction. I’ll give you directions Africa Is east so be on your way and take the rest of your animals with you. That wasn’t hard I just solved MY country’s biggest problem. By the way I’m running for President in 2016 on the platform of get your monkey ass out of my country.

  10. WHAT ABOUT THE NFL? Not black enough either? OR how about the sky TOO BLUE? YOU ARE A NIT-WIT!!! I hope that bubble head burst from all the air in there!

  11. I really don’t care for Al and or his comments on movies. My family and myself just watched the awards and blacks were nominated and won. This family is color blind, my daughter in law is black and my nephew’s and there babies are my sweeties. Whomever said Martin Luther King was a great man, a amazing wonderful man who was trying to make the world right. I cant believe stupid things like this still happen. Were all God’s children people.

  12. Your opening line is more ridiculous than anything Al Sharpton has ever done. “Liberals may be terrible at handling the economy or protecting our nation, but they sure are entertaining.” Hmmm.. Bush and a stacked congress and senate during is destruction of our economy, debt like we’ve never seen, bankruptcies, investment banks falling apart, Part D debt production, “homeland security,” 9/11 during Bushes watch? Come one man. You lose all credibility with your statement because the facts show just the opposite..but keep misleading others if you like. We know what the bible says about liars.

    • rcbarron. We know what the Koran has said about liars. Any lie is a good lie when it benefits Islam. No wonder so many Liberals are turning Muslim. Of course it could be because Muslims can have sex with 9 yos, beat their wives to death with the full approval of HER family and buy sex slaves and still get change back from the $20…..When Kennedy entered the White House, 3 out of every 4 Black babies were born in wedlock. After years of “Liberal help” only 1 in 4 are born in wedlock today. Thanks to Liberal conditioning, a lower percentage of black kids are aiming for professional jobs than in 1960 even though almost 50 years of AA laws have opened the doors to the unqualified. The AA laws that were allegedly made to help Blacks “Level the playing field” have mostly gone to White women instead.

      • Mark, I don’t know if I should laugh hysterically and roll on the floor or cry a river over your malarkey. Before Kennedy, black people couldn’t even vote! In the south, against the Supreme Court rulings, they couldn’t even eat in the same restaurants, go to school, walk down the street or live freely in any form until the late 60’s and early 70’s! Now, “After Kennedy” and LBJ they are integrated, skilled earners, professionals, top earners in entertainment, very rich, freely travel, freely vote (when their voting is not being blocked by republicans) and have a MUCH better life all the way around. Tens of millions are middle class or better and in many cities a large majority of our black citizens are doing quit well, still against odds from bigots in this country. Have they still been marginalized? Yes, absolutely and your spillage is more of the same that seeks to prey on the “least of these” and mock them and the leaders that have worked against great odds to better their condition. If the playing field has not been leveled some then how do you explain the clear betterment of the entire community? How do you explain a Black President? Yes, there are still troubles and it’s mostly due to a lack of access and background to give them an equal footing. There is still a lot to be done and hearts and minds of some people to be changed. But they are MUCH better off, and you should salute the bravery of those that fought for the equal rights they always deserved in this great country. So you go on and think what you think, but no amount of blabber will change the results they both earned and deserved as a result of attempts to ease their burdens and provide them the equality this country calls us to provide all.

      • There are some here that believe that all blacks, except for conservative blacks, are on the government take, don’t work, make babies and get free phones. This is how SIMPLE MINDED these people here are!

      • Not me I believe they are useless lazy scum blaming the white man for their problems I’ll tell you how to solve the problem GET BACK ON THE BOAT AND GO HOME. By the way make it a boat full of holes GOOD LUCK HAHAHA

      • How about reparations. 7 acres and a mule. I’ll give any of you monkeys a mule to use to plow my 7 acres of cotton.

  13. Blacks always bring up the KKK to justify their race killings. Yet the last official KKK lynching was in 1981. The Democrat founded KKK. The official lynching records from the Tuskegee Institute show that Babe Ruth was still playing baseball when the last year that had double figured lynchings occurred. Tens of thousands of Whites killed by Blacks in premeditated racial killings since then but they don’t matter. only “Black lives matter”.

      • For sure Uncle Ruckus is a dyed in the wool Democrat. They are the most racist of all and they are always saying Republicans are the racist….ROFLMAO

      • No but too many in the republican party ARE!! People are yelling about allen west or ben carson….white people in the republican party will not vote for them only because of the color of their skin!

      • Uncle Ruckus, the republican friends I have votes for the right person regardless of the color of their skin. I myself would love to see Condeleezza Rice run for President. She is a very smart lady for sure and she is black. Skin color is not a reason for my votes. There have been many black men that would probably be great running for certain positions in the government that I would vote for, but I would NEVER vote for Obama and I can’t stand Biden, he is an idiot!

      • You do understand that “Muslim” is not a “race”? Your post does NOT give an example of “racism”, but does point out your own lack of knowledge.

      • First, show evidence of Republicans being racist against Obama. That does NOT include being against his policies and procedures (pretty much all of them). Seems the only racist remarks I see on this thread are from you.

      • Please don’t make me post all those links of you domestic terrorist calling for the hanging of the president

  14. So Al owes taxes hummmm. RED FOX owed taxes the IRS took his property and all he had. Willie Nelson he owed taxes they took all he had. Whats up with Al is he too good to have all that he owned taken away? just thinking


    • Funny….23 year military vet and you say I would have to get a JOB! It was me protecting your little sissy self!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAH

      • If this is true please act like it. Someone who has that much time in the military should carry themselves with a little more composure and respect than what you are currently portraying.

  16. The best part of this whole BS is that Hollyweird is supposed to be run by liberals. And we know, because they always tell us, is that liberals just can’t be racist. So where, oh where does racism enter the picture when the organization in charge is one of a liberal based agenda. No way any of these people have a racist bone in their bodies. That’s what we’re always told, anyway. — Stay Well, Safe & Free

  17. There is no question about it, the NBA is way too black. There used to be players like Mark Price, John Stockton, Dan Majerle, Jerry West and Larry Bird. Today you don’t see any of those type of guys, it’s a bit confusing.


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