Breaking news: NYPD officer photographed beating a young black man



  1. Well, if he has time to play chess or draughts, why is he not walking the beat? Then at night, he can become the bartender and work at Mr. Cacciatore’s down on Sullivan Street, from the medical center.

  2. At first I was thinking Oh hell, now Raf and Earl are going to have a field day going on and on and on about another “race baiting” article from Col West…. Love how you put it Col… and great story!

  3. Oh for a dollar for every headlines-only reader who is seething and getting a riot together right now… Seriously though, this was cute πŸ™‚

      • Ms Flower, My comment was not meant to be pejorative.
        It was a poor attempt at sarcasm. I have the utmost respect and admiration for the Colonel. Thank you

    • Oh he is laughing all the way to the bank! As long as this BLACK MAN can exploit the troubles in the black community and make white folks feel good about the racism and bigotry!

      • I’m sorry old BAT but it is what it is…..sorry if you can’t see it…you and just ONE of the MANY bigots and racists here!

      • LOL!! You’re such a loser! A brainwashed wingbat!

        And, by the way, why do you think I’m racist? Because I like Allen West????


      • You’re amazing, Uncle Earl. Simply amazing. Your ignorance is so blatantly visible here, yet you’re completely blind to it. No doubt you’re also anti-Semitic . . .

      • Uncle Ruckus (Earl? Maybe he changed his handle over night?) has no less than 1,100 comments here on Allen’s site. 1,100!! Sounds like a bit of an occupation in itself on his part, doesn’t it? Hmm. Makes you wonder. Why would someone spend so much time hanging out in ‘enemy territory’? Is he just a masochist or perhaps he’s getting paid to do this.

      • Do tell. Give some real examples.

        After knowing of farmers murdered and people chased off their land – deeded and recorded property, because of the colour of their skin -or even murdered- and their property divided amongst these same hyenas, you, squire, have no bloody idea what bigotry and racism truly is.

        Once you have really seen and smelled it, do come back and tell us your sad saga.

  4. Is due attention being given the upcoming future 2016 election? In order to avoid the mediocrity that will invariably be brought forward, support AmericaIdea for the only GOP 2016 Dream Candidate.

    Oh … thanks for the upvotes to some of you. It’s sad. This repub needs to win though.

    • You appear to be the “race baiter,” Earl. That’s the ONLY reason you come to Allen West’s comment threads! Well … also to harass Patriots … and we all know that!

      • I’m sorry Flower if you can’t see this man is a RACE BAITER!! If I am wrong….please post the link where allen west said anything positive about the black community

      • I believe he is an amazing Patriot! If he was white instead of black, I would still feel that way! You, on the other hand, have been HAD by the DIALECTIC PROCESS! Sadly, you’re too brain dead to find out what it is and how you can change it!

      • A true PATRIOT loves america no matter who resides in the oval office….A true PATRIOT doesn’t consider american citizens that believe something different “THE ENEMY” A true PATRIOT looks out for ALL the citizens of this nation! Allen West and you loons do not LOVE america…you are more like DOMESTIC TERRORIST!!!

      • And that is Allen West! HE LOVES AMERICA, in SPITE of the occupant of the Oval Office! I can’t call Obama “president,” because he isn’t.

      • OH…you are one of THOSE!! Can’t accept the results of not 1 but 2 elections!! Tell ya what….Put up better CANDIDATES and you may win the white house!!

      • Ok…I’ll play! Voter fraud…please count the votes that obama won by in 2008 and 2012….MILLIONS! Now please go look up the amount of people that have been charged with voter fraud….you’ll be suprised that alot of those charged with voter fraud are REPUBLICANS!!

      • Keeping whining Mister!! You can’t help that your lying, defrauding party has lost. Get a vacation with Jesse Jackson and the real race baiter, Al sharpton.

      • What’s that “we” stuff, do you reside in Obama’s pocket? Keep in mind that ALL the destruction he is doing to America will be on those who voted for him. There ya go, little “we” man!

      • Yeah … and YOU demoncrats will reap the rewards of a collapsed country! Obama has HEAPED National Debt on EVERYONE’S grand children! And you go along, whistling a happy tune, totally uncaring of the disaster that is about to befall America!

      • The majority of americans don’t believe the same thing you GLOOM AND DOOM and THEY SKY IS FALLING loons do! You people are beyond out there! If I believed the crap you do I would have killed myself along time ago!

      • NO…you loons believe that america has ended or is being destroyed or will be destroyed ….go ahead….jump of a bridge or something!

      • American was destroyed on 9 11

        that is where you need to reboot

        everything changed there forever it’s just that some don’t understand just how much or exactly what changed

      • Excuse me but america wasn’t destroyed because of pearl harbor nor 9/11! Why do u loons keep saying that!

      • There is quite a difference between 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. I know you can understand these difference if you try.

        However, after 9/11 no one ever flew on an airplane quite the same way again did they. Our freedom was attacked.

        But if you don’t like me saying 9/11 destroyed us, then I will say it changed us forever. Will that do for you?

      • Its my believe that a terror attack nor a single man can destroy AMERICA!!! I’m sick of hearing from all of these right wing LOONS that america has been destroyed or is being destroyed! They have no faith in this GREAT NATION!!

      • Yep, that was a bad one, I agree! But the NEXT one will be the MOTHER of all collapses! Your man, OBOZO, claimed that it was “unconstitutional” to run the debt up to $7 trillion! And now we’re at $18 trillion in the hole! THANKS ASSWIPE!

      • Uh huh…and the national debt will cause a economic collapse? Do you know the reason for the economic collapse in 2008?

      • To conservatives and liberals, posting here: Intelligent adults don’t need to resort to name-calling to support a valid argument. Children do.

      • Yes voter fraud. Take the county that holds Cleveland Ohio, for instance. 100% votes for Obummer. Hmm smells fishy as my family cones from Cleveland and I know for a fact they didn’t vote for him but still 100%. Now go troll somewhere else

      • DENIAL my friend! If all of this voting fraud took place in 08 and 12? WHere is the evidence? Arrest? CONVICTIONS?? Republican investigations in the house? Republicans even talking about it?

      • Uncle, uncle, uncle – who the heck do you think guards the Justice Department and stops ALL investigations into voter fraud?! Just like Dingy Harry guards the Senate and doesn’t allow any bills to pass?! Are you THAT ignorant?? Don’t answer, we KNOW you are!

      • Excuse me oh ye of NO KNOWLEDGE….those would not be FEDERAL crimes but local crimes….but PLEASE … me some stats

      • Also, Oh ye of NO KNOWLEDGE……the dead voting isn’t voter fraud…its voter impersonation!
        A comprehensive investigation of voter impersonation finds 31 credible incidents out of one billion ballots cast

      • Riiiiight!

        LOL!! And the people who lost their businesses because their faith didn’t allow them to bake cakes, do floral arrangements or photograph same sex “weddings,” didn’t lose their Constitutional rights . . . we know how you leftwing moonbats think!


      • I see, so Christians have no rights to own a business and if they do, they have to give up their Constitutional rights. I get it.

        What an idiot you are!

      • What a mouthy name caller you are. Can’t hold a discussion any other way? That is a sign of weakness.

        BTW, mouth, the Constitution does not give you the right to discriminate based on your mythical beliefs. You want to run a business in the public square, then you follow the rules of the public square. Otherwise, we will shut you down.

      • Can’t stand the heat? Get out of the kitchen little girl!

        I was trained to be all I can be by the U.S. Army and I’m very proud of it!

      • And what does the Constitution give you IBWatching to do? Will you shut your own self down when you discriminate based on your beliefs?

        What will you do?

      • This country in all it glory is in quite a mess right now. It matters not at this point how we got here or even why.

        That facts are that we face a great many troubles in our near future. Most will be in our faces as Obama is gone, no longer our President. We are up against some very troubling times ahead. Take the time to look into the near future of this country and stop yammering on about Obama. He is the least of our problems. The future holds a great deal of war and strife ahead. This is what you should be thinking of. What Obama is doing now will adversely effect us for years to come. Our world is at hand here, Obama and what he does now is by way setting up our future on this planet. You must have greater sight to understand that Obama will be gone soon and we are onto the next. What are you arguing over him so? He is nothing put a small little piece of nothing. Once he is gone, everything will have a drastic shift.

      • Also, you dimwit, a case in which a supporter of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was charged with 13 counts of election fraud, including “registering to vote in more than one place, voting where he didn’t live, voting more than once in the same election, and providing false information to election officials,” according to an account by Talking Points Memo. Wisconsin’s ID law would not likely have prevented any of the alleged violations.

      • Yeah … we heard about that … it was trumped up charges and they were dropped. Keep trying, little loafer…

      • just did…NOTHING!!! But I will post link after link of REPUBLICANS being indicted on charges of voter fraud!

      • how did i know that you were going to complain about the SOURCE……that is why I listed many sources!

      • Evidence all the li real news stations… CNN MSNBC headline news all bragged that no candidate received 100% of the votes until these two elections. I guess your were in the John at the time. Smdh at your ignorance

      • out of over 5 millions votes u come up with ONE example…please provide evidence of voter fraud so massive that it swayed the results of not one but 2 national elections. And please explain HOW no republican in congress ever mentioned this MASSIVE voter fraud

      • Sadly it was more about the historic rather than what was for a leader of our country. I am not making a personal statement with this, but a great many in this country voted for Obama knowing next to nothing about him and only voting for his due to the historic value of their vote. Although it was in fact heartfelt one, their votes were blinded by the fact that they cast their vote for the first black president of the United States of America. That is a very true reality.

      • Have you heard Barack Obama and Eric Holder on the topic of race at all? They are nearly as racially charged and divisive as Jesse and Al. Chip on their shoulders the size of New Jersey. Those two don’t love America, nor does Mrs. Obama, Valerie Jarrett, nor that thug that was his former advisor and left to become Mayor of Chicago….what’s his name? ‘If they bring a gun, you bring a knife…” Deadfish. Rahm Emmanuel! That’s the guy I’m thinking of.

        If Obama loved America, he wouldn’t push policies that destroy us, and he wouldn’t ignore our Constitution. In fact, your first three sentences describe Allen West to a t. They certainly don’t describe the current resident of the White House.

      • If the person in the Oval office is a dismal failure and a phoney and is doing all in his power to destroy American, trust me America does not care what the color of your skin is!!!!

        Obama is the worse thing that EVER happen to us.

      • Once again…only YOU LOONS believe that the man is trying to destroying this nation! While you are so distracted by CRAP….you don’t notice the things that are being against you by your own party!!

      • Please stop calling me a loon. If you want to call others that then go ahead, but that simply is not true of me. I am not a loon. That would be a really good thing you could do, even just for me. I am not a racist, or a bigot, or a white supremacist or anything of those other things that you are against. I just am not and it truly does ruin any good conversation that we could maybe have by you saying that is what I am.

        I am what I am as you are what you are. We are all Americans wanting the best for all of us. I admit I at times am driven into a conversation where I defend myself for things I am not responsible for and frankly I am tried of it.

        The entire world had high hopes for Obama. He has fallen short of those hopes. I see that. He is not perfect, but I am sorry if I cannot say he is a great leader.

      • The one that really grabbed my attention was the FAMILY FLEXIBILITY ACT that eliminates overtime all together….instead you’ll get COMP TIME! Well explain this to me…how does me working 60 hours per week and only getting paid for 40 help my family?? YOUR family??/

      • I totally understand it…..instead of getting paid overtime….you’ll get comp time instead….no protections for the workers that want to get overtime! You never heard of it have you?

      • I have heard of it and knew it just passed a year ago? It does not have bearing on me personally. What is the equal weight for the business owner and also for the employee? I am looking at it from a neutral place.

        I do understand by law that the employee decides which it will be, with either time or wages. Is the wage worth more than the personal time? Explain because actually it is the employee who makes the choice, not the employer.

      • There are no protections in that bill for the employee. If a company decides to get rid off all the employees that doesn’t want comp time and replace all of them and tell the new employees that they have to take comp time. The only thing the bill benefits are the companies.
        I’ve been searching for bills fro. Republicans the benefits the workers without involving tax breaks for business….I can’t find any

      • You know, Allen West rarely touches on the topic of race. Rarely. It’s not on the forefront of his mind all the time apparently. Perhaps he identifies moreso as an American man, and a conservative. To claim he is a race baiter, you’re not even stretching, you’re spewing some out and out falsehoods here.

        Why is your purpose in life to heckle people on his blog? Do you find this to be a useful activity?

      • He never touches the topic of race huh but all of his post concerning the black community are negative post! Oh he touches the topic of RACE because he is a RACE BAITER

      • So tell me, do you know what projection is? Cuz you’ve got it down pretty well. Again, Most people, including Allen West, don’t roll out of bed every morning and put on their racial identity or victim suit. Most of us identify with things like what we do for a living, marital status, parental or non-parental status, our faith and oh, I don’t know, maybe the fact that we’re human and American citizens. Most of us don’t look at a crowd and pick out the different colored faces and make a mental note of how many of each type. We look at a crowd and see people. Oh sure, the odd ones stand out, but it’s usually because of the way they are dressed or behaving.

        I have never heard Allen West reflect negatively on the black community. Maybe the Congressional Black Caucus, but again, it’s the way they are behaving that garners them the criticism. Have you heard some of the stuff those idiots say? They aren’t criticized for their color or culture, but their lies, and ethical challenges. The fact that they are screwing all of us with their bad behavior and lies. Take for instance Barney Frank lying to us in the 2004 time frame when the republicans wanted to rein in Fannie Mae. Charlie Rangel just being crooked Charlie Rangel, or there’s that nasty one from California…..Maxine Waters. Not quite catching her own Freudian slip wanting to socialize the oil industry. What a peach she is. But don’t fear….we all have just as much loathing for folks of our own color. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Fauxcahontas Warren, John ‘Lurch’ Kerry. It is their ethics, NOT their race. Got it?

      • If you are so hell bent on going after race baiting persons then you should go after Sharpton – come on now Earl Lee spread your love around LOL

      • If you do not see posts where Allen West says something positive about blacks then you aren’t looking very hard. Colonel West is a positive roll model for blacks. He never held an ROTH office at gunpoint in college. Never got busted for selling drugs, or had to lie to the American public to pass a bill, or released enemies of this country back to freedom so they may kill more Americans.

      • A positive roll model that demonize the black community so he can prosper….he is no better than al sharpton

      • I feel the only person West demonizes is Sharpton and the others like him. I’m unaware of any blacks or black communities he’s demonized. I think he’s disappointed in the behaviors of some of the rioters and protesters. Shines a negative light on American Blacks.

        IMO, this behavior is not the norm but as much attention that news outlets give to the rioters/protesters is very negative advertising.

      • Whatsamatta pimp? White cops getting along with young blacks bother you? You’re slime of the highest order.

  5. Yeah, I’m white and I don’t think this is funny. Top much racial tension in our country for this. That said, Obama does not love America and, IMO, is the biggest terrorist and racist of afoul. I don’t like power hungry, greedy people who are destroying America… black or white. I object to a person or any race destroying America.

  6. Uncle Ruckus, Mr. West doesn’t think EVERYTHING black people do is excusable because they’re black. He’s a man who is unafraid to call BS on the people that think black people can’t be intelligent hard working productive citizens. You have obviously bought into that crap yourself I’m sorry you’ve bought the lie. It’s not true, you are as capable as anyone else, have respect for yourself and stop identifying with ignorant thugs because you share the same race.

    • Are you that stupid? I’m a retired vet with 23 years of service…married 32 years with 5 children! Owned my own business for over 20 years! Sorry if I don’t fit your stereotype of what black people!!!

    • I find it interesting that when Uncle Ruckus was making comments under the nome de plume of Earl Lee, he had a whole different manufactured persona than the one he has falsely created as Uncle Ruckus. As Earl Lee, he was a middle aged employee complaining about “slave wages” and income inequality. Now he’s elderly, former military and a business owner (the boss). He’s a fake and imposter who is obsessed with posting negative comments on Allen West’s blogs – 24/7/365.

  7. Hey, Uncle Ruckus I’ve been married 35 years, raised three kids, retired from one company and now own my own business. My point is simple, for someone with such vast experience you sure make some really stupid illogical comments about Colonel West and stories posted on his web site. Ohh, by the way, Elizabeth didn’t stereotype black Americans, just you, because of all your ” I’m a victim BS”.


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