Idiotic plan: New York’s de Blasio offers ID cards to illegals to make them feel more like citizens

Imagine if you lived in America’s largest city where the mayor has disrespected its police force, discontinued the surveillance of mosques and watched two of his police officers get attacked by an Islamic jihadist with an ax. Now, realizing that you live in the biggest Islamic terrorist target in the world, after seeing what happened last week in Paris, what do you think your mayor should do to protect you and your fellow citizens?

Well, if your mayor is an admitted socialist like New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, you’d throw the doors wide open to as many illegal aliens as possible!

As reports, de Blasio said on Monday he wants to give “identification cards to illegal aliens allows them to feel like citizens and enjoy some of the same benefits as actual citizens.”

“We don’t want any of our fellow New Yorkers to feel like second-class citizens,” de Blasio was quoted as saying in a National Public Radio website article. “We don’t want them to feel left out.”

“In addition, de Blasio is promising more than just ID cards if illegal aliens come forward and sign up. “A free, one-year membership to 33 cultural institutions,” de Blasio said. “That did get the attention of many New Yorkers.”

Doggone, if I am a jihadist in America, I’m heading straight to the Big Apple and getting myself an ID card. And then I’m going to one of those 33 cultural institutions and blow it up. C’mon, this is a complete meltdown, because how can someone here illegally be a “fellow New Yorker?” But worse, how can the mayor of America’s largest city and financial center be so flippant at this critical time?

This was a focal point of Mayor de Blasio’s recent State of the City address, when he said “New York would become the largest city to offer identification cards to illegal aliens, making it easier for them to open bank accounts, lease apartments or borrow library books, The New York Times reported in February 2014. The Times said that de Blasio got the biggest applause during his speech when he mentioned his plan for ID cards for illegal aliens.”

“To all of my fellow New Yorkers who are undocumented, I say: New York City is your home, too,” de Blasio said. “And we will not force any of our residents to live their lives in the shadows.”

These residents are not citizens but apparently de Blasio doesn’t realize that — and what a slap in the face to American citizens and those who came here through a legal immigration process — some of whom may still be waiting for their applications to be processed.

But what I find most distressing is an elected official — hard to say leader — who doesn’t grasp his responsibility to protect his real “citizens” and provide a secure environment – rather than ruling through his warped political ideology.

I just pray that the city, which suffered from two major Islamic terrorist attacks – the 1993 and 2001 World Trade bombings, won’t be hit again. It’s as if de Blasio and Obama fail to embrace their number one responsibility: security — one national, the other domestic.

And why, just why would the mayor embark upon such folly? Of course, it’s all about the progressive socialist definition of fairness and social egalitarianism. Why even bother to become a legal American citizen? What’s the point? As we saw in California, you can get a drivers license and in New York City you’ll get an ID card.

At what point will Americans awaken and see what is happening in their country? You see, this is yet another reason why I definitively state we are losing the war against Islamc-fascism and jihadism.

De Blasio says giving an ID card to an illegal alien makes them feel like a citizen. But nothing makes you feel like an American citizen better than respecting our rule of law, the Constitution. If something can just be given to you, not earned, then what value does it have?

When you can break the laws of our Republic and still receive the misguided benevolence of liberal progressive apologists, what lesson have you learned? Exactly, it ends up being as a Pavlovian exercise and it doesn’t take a genius to predict many more will line up to enjoy the benefits of legal plunder.

I’m sorry, but as long as our nation is being led by the likes of Obama and de Blasio, we will never win the war against Islamo-Fascism and jihadism.


  1. The idiot NYC-ers elected this nut job and they deserve to feel the fallout in much the same way the nation-at-large deserves to feel the pain from the reign of King Baraq. Just as a cat will never sit on a hot stove twice (credit to Twain) hopefully we will learn from electing libs. (I suspect not, but I’m an eternal optimist).

  2. I have to leave NY !!! My taxes are bad enough and we don’t need this. I want to have free access to 33 cultural institutions but I don’t qualify. Even if I did, I would be concerned for the safety of my family and myself. If they would just separate NYC from the rest of NY

    • Explains why NY and CA are seeing declining populations. They’ll lose a bunch of U.S. House districts after the 2020 census due to the exodus.

      • And the company’s that are leaving NY and CA are moving
        to places like Texas the Smart ones are any way.

      • California and New York are actually gaining in population… but these gains are almost exclusively in the numbers of illegal immigrants.

        Illegal immigrants know that in ultra-liberal states like Caliornia and New York, not only will they be welcomed with open arms by the liberal politicians, they will be able to live in insulated ethnic communities with their fellow countrymen, where they will be free to speak their native language and never have to learn English.

  3. Only a Lib/Prog could put the interests of people who are illegally residing in NYC over the interests of legal American citizens. Can you think of anyone else who would dare do something like this . . . oh wait, Obama just did that at the end of 2014 concerning Amnesty.

    I think it is telling that when these “leaders” look at their constituents, they see past them and look to the illegal immigrant as someone worthy of their political attention and power. To them the illegal immigrant is a priority deserving their attention and action. Did anyone you know vote for that?

    • It’s all about buttering up the Hispanic voters,and convincing them to move onto the plantation. I’m sure they realize a bunch of poor uneducated people are easier to control and manipulate.

      That’s what the Dems are all about. They’re the ultimate control freaks and busy bodies.

    • I’m sure de Blasio plans to have Cuomo and the state legislature deem these new IDs to be valid voter IDs. The Democrats only see illegals as future Democrat voters.

  4. Hahahahaha…

    Allen West talking about following the ‘rule of law’.

    Asked to resign from the Army or face a Court Martial. Reduced in rank from Colonel to Lieutenant “Junior” Colonel. Fined five grand.

    Why? Because he couldn’t follow the military rule of law.

    Hahahahahahahah…. that is rich, West. Rich!

    • Hahaha and Obama never had what it took to serve his country because he’s a submissive beta male wuss bag who’d rather bow to our enemies than stand up to them.

      Of course all would be forgiven if West were a liberal demotard, so what’s the point in arguing? At least he didn’t try to hide his past like Obama does.

      • As some one who served in the Marines I can say I would
        Be proud to say I served with someone like Col West.
        Some one who understands that to be Respected by the
        Men You lead and be willing to do what ever is necessary
        to make sure Your Troops can Go home to their family.
        I would have done the same thing and more to protect
        My Men. Something the Scum bag illegal alien Obola
        would never do. So go back to the huffpo and suck up
        to Your liberal douche bag friends.

      • And Obama thought he was going to get praise for swapping 5 top terrorists (and possibly $3 million dollars) for AWOL deserter Beau Bergdahl but he didn’t lift a finger to help Andrew Tahmooressi, a Marine with PTSD who was wrongly jailed in Mexico. Your buddy Obama is the one with low standards and the whole world agrees since he refused to stand with world leaders in Paris on Sunday.

      • Just as Obola was AWOL on 9-11-12 for Benghazi
        and on anything that deals with RADICAL ISLAM.
        There I said it for You Obola since You Can Not.

      • Thanks for shutting that whacka-idiot up. He’s probably taking orders from one of the islamic groups who do this sort of thing. They are rampant on conservative sites. They show up to discredit the author, the military, republicans, teapartiers, or the average conservative like me.
        Mud and manure under our feet.

    • Idiot, I imagine if you were one of his men who were getting killed by the idiotic rules of engagement, you would be thrilled that he scared someone into stopping the attacks. Of course, weasels like you are too gutless to serve.

  5. Each year I am more convinced that nearly every person in NYC was dropped on their head as a child. De Blasio, apparently, was not only dropped, but kicked as well.

  6. There is certainly not much time left.

    Is due attention being given the upcoming future 2016 election? In order to avoid the mediocrity that will invariably be brought forward, support AmericaIdea for the only GOP 2016 Dream Candidate.

  7. Why did NYorkers elect him? Was it a rigged election like Obama’s? Did the dead vote in it too? People vote twice?
    New York is a cesspool where liberals and communists thrive and where ‘useful idiots’ flock to with their money.
    Until residents grow a pair and get rid of their corrupt leaders, that city is lost like in “Escape From New York” and the many others that tell sad stories of it’s destruction.


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