Hey Al, do these black lives matter: Boko Haram slaughters thousands in Nigeria [VIDEO]

Hey, what ever happened to that group who kidnapped all those girls in Nigeria — you know, heck… what was their name? I remember that hashtag thing, what was it? Doggone hard to believe… I thought I remembered it. Oh well, it seems so long ago. Who cares really, right?

The families of the thousands butchered probably do – but no one is organizing a march for them. I guess those black lives don’t matter, do they Al, Eric or Barry?

DefenseOne.com reports “On Friday, Amnesty International released a report about a recent series of attacks by Boko Haram that killed hundreds, if not thousands of people in Nigeria.

According to Daniel Eyre, the author of the Amnesty report, the terror groups raids on Baga, a border town near Chad, may constitute the group’s “deadliest act” yet: If reports that the town was largely razed to the ground and that hundreds or even as many as 2,000 civilians were killed are true, this marks a disturbing and bloody escalation of Boko Haram’s ongoing onslaught against the civilian population.”

Yea, those guys, Boko Haram, and silly me, I thought we were going to git ’em! After all, everyone was running around with that very threatening hashtag campaign which really skeered those rascal violent extremists who are Presbyterians, or are they Calvinists, nah, Lutherans? Just kidding, everyone knows they are fundamentalist Southern Baptists.

Ok, enough with the sarcasm. This is deadly serious. In the West, we hold rallies and organize social media campaigns while the enemy — who we’re afraid to define — continues to go about its savage ways.

So while we run around with new banners and rallying cries — or in the case of President Obama and his administration don’t even show up – the horror continues without media coverage or outrage.

“Too many to count,” the Associated Press wrote of the bodies in Nigeria, adding that a district official ”said most victims are children, women and elderly people who could not run fast enough when insurgents (this is why we will not win, we cannot even call them Islamic terrorists) drove into Baga.”

“Other reports added that Boko Haram is thought to have “wiped out” another 16 towns outside of Baga, which the group reportedly emptied of its 10,000 residents. “A large number reportedly drowned as they crossed Lake Chad,” the BBC relayed. Following its takeover of Baga last week, Boko Haram has launched fresh attacks that have killed dozens, Reuters noted, adding that “the insurgency (they are Islamic terrorists doggone it) killed more than 10,000 people last year, according to a count by the Council on Foreign Relations in November.”

I just have to ask, how long will Boko Haram stay in the news cycle this time before we just move along to the next news item? Who is going to come up with the strategy to kill Boko Haram? Heck, I can tell you who is not – US.

Who will develop a scheme to eradicate the scourge known as ISIS? Aint gonna be US. And that al-Qaida Islamic terrorist group we were told was decimated and on the run? Who’s gonna bring the pain? Not US.

It is truly unbelievable what’s happening — even here in Garland, Texas this weekend there’s a conference on how to use “Islamophobia” to cause censorship and eliminate criticism of Islamists.

So the enemy just marches on killing innocents – as the report said, most of the deaths were women, children, and the elderly — those who weren’t fast enough to run away.

And we have individuals like our Attorney General who just couldn’t make his mouth say radical Islam. Or White House spokesperson Josh Earnest who classifies the enemy as “extremists.” Some will say, what difference does it make? I’ll let Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi explain why recognition of the ideology is crucial.

If we continue to deny what fuels the enemy then we will never destroy this enemy. If we continue to allow this enemy into our countries forcing us to self-censor, if we continue to have cultural jihadist apologists who advocate for the enemy, there is no way we shall win.

When you ask me if we’ve turned a corner after the attacks in Paris, my response is no. Because in three months no one will remember Charlie Hebdo — as I don’t think it was that long after the hashtag campaign that we forgot who Boko Haram was. Heck, I bet that if you do a “man-on-the-street” and ask who is Boko Haram, some will think he’s the starting power forward for the Brooklyn Nets or maybe a safety for the Seattle Seahawks.

Anyone remember the Islamic terrorist group that fired rockets into Israel? Or how about the Islamic terrorist group that blew up the Beirut Barracks in 1983? Doggone, I hate losing to these barbaric jerks. Sadly, that’s what is happening and there are far too many of US who are enabling them — starting in the White House.


    • Oh, no, YOU are the disgrace. Can’t stand the truth? You are so DRUNK from drinking in Sharpie’s and Dingle Barry’s Kool-aid, you couldn’t find your own A$$ with both hands and a road map, much less the TRUTH.

      • Nah….ALLEN proves he is a disgrace….relieved of command….bigoted post to a blog….race baiting….DISGRACE

      • And he was relieved of command, why? Because he stuck up for his soldiers. I much rather be on the side of someone that was relieved of command because he stuck up for his troops that to be on the side of someone still holding command that cares nothing about the troops. Someone that only cares about being politically correct in order to retain command and further his career.

      • J in TX, pay no mind to the racist, he is jealous of Colonel West because he is a loser and Colonel West has accomplished so much in his life.

      • He was relieved of command because he violated the UCMJ! Hundreds, maybe thousands of officers was in charge of STICKING UP FOR THEIR TROOPS and did it without violating the UCMJ….for you to honor ALLEN WEST is to dishonor those that served with HONOR!

      • I have to call BS on that. Just like you break laws all the time as a civilian, there’s no way you served 20+ years without violating the UCMJ at least once and probably more.

      • Sure you do. Everyone in the country breaks laws every day without even knowing it. There are so many laws on the books that citizens break them all the time. Citizens like you and me. Just like serving 20 + years in the military. I guarantee you violated the UCMJ. Probably more than once.

      • No, just an honest, upstanding citizen that spent over 23 1/2 years in the military. Someone who knows the truth.

      • Well thank you for your service…but I still say NO! I never violated the UCMJ….never was RELIEVED OF COMMAND….never FACED CHARGES….never LOST RANK OR PAY…..LIKE ALLEN WEST did!

      • So, did they give you a medal for being the only member of the U.S. military to never violate the UCMJ? How does it feel to be on that pedestal all by yourself? Again, I have to call BS. You may not want to be truthful and admit it, but somewhere along the line you violated the UCMJ. It may have only been a small violation, but I guarantee you did it.

    • God Almighty has not called brother Allen West into the ministry. Yet, there is more of the gospel of our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ seen in him than in the man of whom this piece is written about.

    • Yes indeed Earl. Once again, a horrible event and all you can do is jump on the same old lines, attack Allen West instead of talking to the issue. You did it with the twin stillborn fetuses, you’ve done it before with other things. You could care less about this horrible event. All you care about is hacking on Allen West. I truly really wish one day to just see a comment from you about what happened instead of what you always do.

      Show us that you care more about these people that were murdered by these muslims instead of how much you hate Allen West. I am looking forward to that day when you can rise above your own hate.

      • SHould I point out that Allen West once said the events that were going on there was a DISTRACTION from BENGHAZI and IRS….now….its not??

      • Hashtag diplomacy failed and means nothing without action. I am inclined to believe that it was a convenient distraction that was taken advantage of.

        Boko Haram mocks it all, emboldened.

        Get back to me when Obama does something real about Boko Haram.

      • Please don’t make me go back and post all of the FACTS that were put up on these blogs that you loons IGNORE!!!

      • Here is one…previous article WEST claims that Boko Haram was a distraction from BENGHAZI (debunked) and the IRS SCANDAL (debunked) but now they are a real threat? OH THE HYPOCRISY OF IT ALL!!

      • He never meant they were not a threat then, only that Obama used via Micheal’s, I mean Michelle’s hashtag diplomacy anti terrorist (islamic, I’ll say it damn it 🙂 campaign to pull all eyes away from pretty much all of it. West recognized them as a threat from the start. Now once again, they do more of the same only so much more worse.

        The hypocrisy is at the expense of these poor souls. First the girls, their families, begging. Now 2,000 more victims of Muslims. When will Obama do something about this threat?

        Just another hashtag campaign again from Michelle? I think not, the last one did nothing.

        #DoSomethingObama Yes they are a real threat Earl.

      • Bitch Bitch Bitch….

        Comprehension Earl. It was not a distraction for West you imbecile!

        As I said convenient. Two years later. . . .the bodies pile up. Boko Haram is a Jihadist Islmaic organization. They want to impose Sharia on Nigeria. We are watching them right now as they make genocide on Nigeria.

        Yep Obama truly cared about those girls. Strategically-planned P.R. deflection or as West called it “distraction.”

      • It’s the scandal that just won’t go away, and it hasn’t. You think it is debunked because that is what you have been told and that is the outcome you desired. However the problem is that there is yet to be accountability.

        Yes it was debunked in CYA style. Benghazi hasn’t quite been put to bed yet. Better get used to that.

        You can wave that debunked flag all you want.

        The effort you pour into Allen West and in particular this article and the topic of Benghazi is inversely proportional to the importance of your opinion. As Hillary said “What difference does it make???”

      • The last report that came from the republican lead committee showed NO wrong doing by the white house nor state department! Sorry if you can’t accept the fact that BENGHAZI was DEBUNKED by republicans!!

      • GOP-controlled House has reauthorized the committee, one that Democrats on the panel protest. No I don’t think this is quite over just yet Earl.

        Many questions about Benghazi were not answered and there is not yet a complete understanding of the security environment. In other words, full accountability has not been realized and folks on both sides of the aisle know it, political careers be damned.

        With Hillary making a run for 2016 you must be naive to think the Benghazi scandal is anywhere close to being put to bed.

        Benghazi has not been “debunked” and honestly I find using that term so offensive that it is really hard to express. I don’t side with Republicans or Democrats. I’m with the Seals, that’s all. I care about them, what they did, and their families.

    • Really pimp? Is that like fat Al and Jesse going down to Ferguson to make a buck? You punk. How long have you been blowing Al?

  1. Uncle Ruckus. please explain just exactly how Col. West is racebaiting? He asked a simple question. Please take your sensitive, tender self to a site that is sweet and non challenging to your tender feelings. Those of us who can see the forest for the trees or are not looking to distract from the original, honest question will stay here and discuss the issue. The answer is, of course, it is not politically expedient for the corrupt regime to mention the slaughter of innocent blacks by muslim terrorists and the ruling muslim brotherhood members within our gov do not want it mentioned. We have silently set back and allowed our gov to be bought and thoroughly infested by CAIR and MB (and their sycophants) who dictate what is to happen. We are, defacto, ruled by muslims and their ilk who care not one whit for our nation, its’ values, customs, or traditions.

    • The TITLE is the race baiting part…he didn’t have to mention anything about al sharpton! BUT….with this article he has again proven he is a hypocrite!

      • You can’t call AL a race baiter without saying ALLEN is a race baiter also….just go look at the articles he post about black people 99.34% are negative post! RACE BAITING!

  2. Find every avenue of supply for these bastards and cut it off. Find every avenue of finance for these bastards and cut it off. Find every avenue of support for these bastards and cut it off. Find every avenue of succor for these bastards and cut it off. Find every one of these Boko Haram bastards and cut them DOWN.

    • Yes, I agree. But then we need to cut off the head of the snake. Ban the Qur’an and Islam! They are only doing what their blood-lust “allah” and pedophile prophet Mohammed, command of them. It commands them to kill or convert anyone who is not a Muslim, except Jews whom they are to kill “wherever they find them”, it commands that they “cut off their heads and their fingertips,” to “smite their necks” and that they should not take captives “until he inflicts a massacre upon allah’s enemies in the land [Quran 8:67].” This is NO RELIGION. It is a DEATH CULT. Ban it.

  3. oh GOD ] how did this all come about in the first place .? ] how i wish with all my heart we could go back to the old AMERICA that i loved so long ago . ] it all seems’ a night mare every since it started .] how could the LORD ALLOW SUCH SUFFERING TO GO ON IN HUMANITY .] GOD HAS A REASON FOR EVERYTHING HE ALLOWS’ IN OUR LIVES’ ] WISH I COULD ASK HIM HOW LONG THIS MUST CONTINUE ON . MAYBE SOME DAY WE ALL MIGHT UNDERSTAND

    • These murderous Islamists, or as they were once called, Mohammadans, have been around and slaughtering for centuries. This Qur’an teaches this barbarism and savagery (just read it, people) and as long as Islam is tolerated, you will have this from people following the blood-thirsty “allah” and the Qur’an.

      • This Bible teaches this barbarism and savagery (just read it, people)
        and as long as Christianity is tolerated, you will have this from people
        following the blood-thirsty “God” and the Bible.

        Ezekiel 9:6 “Slay utterly old and young, both maids, and little children, and women . . . ”
        Isaiah 13:16 “Their children also shall be dashed to pieces before
        their eyes; their houses shall be spoiled, and their wives ravished.”
        Leviticus 20:9 “For every one that curseth his father or his mother shall be surely put to death . . . ”
        Exodus 32:27 “. . . Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, Put every man
        his sword by his side, and go in and out from gate to gate throughout
        the camp, and slay every man his brother, and every man his companion, and every man his neighbour.”

        See how easy it is to pick and choose from your books of superstition and mythology? Shall I go on?

      • Passover anyone? the celebration of the night God came down and killed all the firstborn of Egypt? Children included, really?

      • I’ve yet to hear of honor killings, be headings, stonings, bombings, shootings, the subjugation of women and the oppression/persecution of all non believers being done in the name of Jesus Christ and Christianity.

        Put a scantily dressed woman or a gay person a room full of conservative Christians, and they’ll likely get is some dirty looks. Drop those same people off in a Muslim country, and they will either thrown in jail, assaulted, killed, more that one of the above.

        If you want to bring up the dark ages then that’s fine, but none of it really applies except when talking about Muslims.

  4. Brother Allen West, may our good Lord Jesus Christ call you back into active duty, this time in a three piece suit. With your integrity and proud military service, and God Almighty’s direction, you could lead our once great nation out of the wilderness of Sin and complacency and weakness and division and internal strife back to our former state of greatness, not pefection by any means, but greatness nonetheless. Perhaps the blessed Holy Ghost will stir your heart on the order of the prophet of old, as noted in Jeremiah 20:9… Time will tell…

    • PROUD MILITARY SERVICE??? NOPE…relieved of command! Also, I don’t know what GOD you worship but GOD is not a bigot nor supports HATE like ALLEN WEST!

      • West is man well respected of his military counterparts and he was Honorably discharged. And God Almighty of the Holy Bible is the only true and living God. Beside him there is no other. Our Holy Bible tells us clearly “By their fruits ye shall know them” which is what West has revealed… So says our only Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ…

      • West was forced to resign his commission or face a court martial. He was fined five grand. He was demoted from colonel to lieutenant colonel.

        There will be no rewriting of this posers history.

      • And still, he is highly esteemed among his bretheren with his Honorable Discharge and faithful service to this nation. And there’s no detracting that…

      • You might start by checking with his fellow American troops whose lives were saved by his extraordinary leadership talents and ability to get things done. Along with his proven military prowess he is an unapolegetic,unafraid and unwavering Christian man bowing to no one but his Lord. And he acts like a man and not a wimp as do many in politics and public life today… .

      • I’m sure his brethren feel one way about him during his time in his service, I doubt they hold him in high esteem for what he’s done since then.

      • All would be forgiven if he were a liberal Democrat. Libs hate it when blacks leave the plantation, so this is just them looking for any low hanging fruit.

  5. Uncle Ruckus Trolls Allen’s page with hateful things all the time. Don’t feed the troll maybe he’ll find something productive to do. 🙂

    • I’ve found something productive to do….get you LOONS to search for FACTS instead of believing everything this CONMAN tells you

      • No, the real bigots are the likes of Sharpton and other lefties who support all of these double standards out of some desire for retribution

      • Something you’re definitely guilty as well. I hate liberals, so sue me, guilty as charged. Good day sir.

  6. So west makes jokes while 2000 died in a massacre..SMH

    Majority of those leaders in attendance are guilty of imprisoning or killing journalist for freedom of speech( look it up) Many of those leaders that did go would have you locked away for life, beheaded or jailed for your free speech….

    If someone went you all would find blame there as well.

    West is a race baiter, hateful ignorant man. Anyone that lumps ALL in any category is uneducated and just spiteful.

    Thank goodness there are intelligent folks that know ALL Christians or White men that committed terror acts on American soil aren’t the same.

    Then you come to a page like this and see a man make jokes in his column while over 2000 women, children and elderly died.

    There are extremists in ALL groups. It is the bigots that continually place them all in one

    • Hey, let’s talk about how the White House did not send anyone to the march in Paris the other day.

      Eric Dick Holder was in Paris, but didn’t even attend. How’s that respect

    • And though there are extremists in all groups, can you think of any who are as violent, and pose as much of a threat to western life as these 7th century throwback Muslim extremists?

      And what you called joking was just him mocking how the left tries to downplay this threat hoping it’ll just go away, or how they give in to them out of fear of being perceived as god forbid, politically incorrect.

      • Threat? Where? Thousands live here in America yet the terror here comes from within, from American citizens (EXTREMISTS). It doesn’t seem to matter how many Muslim organizations condemn terrorism, you will find a way to condemn them all.

        Are all Christians responsible for the hateful acts of the KKK, Supremacists groups or Christian extremists? Then you better begin to apologize and have ALL religious leaders in America condemn the every act

        You want all Muslims in America to be held responsible for the actions of ISIS, Boko Haram, and al-Qaeda?

        EVIL IS EVIL!!!!

        Westboro, Timothy McVeigh, Planned Parenthood bombings, hate crimes, NAACP bombings, police killings of unarmed citizens, school shootings….

        Maybe you need to do alittle homework and see that the Muslim community DO openly denounce the killings.


        If you or anyone else lump them into one, I know you don’t stop at just labeling Muslims.


        I am not one.

      • The public denouncements and outrage from the world’s enormous muslim population does not seem to be doing much. Why is that?

      • Christianity is not a religion, but, rather, a relationship. It’s a relationship with God Almighty made possible only via one’s personal repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and his Old Rugged Cross. When one comes to Christ for salvation and forgiveness for his/her Sin debt, the precious blood of Christ washes away all iniquity and unrighteousness.
        Thus, as the blessed Holy Spirit enters the heart of the new creation in Christ, one’s sinful habits and bondages are broken. A new life is begun and a new pathway is walked via the Holy Spirit’s leading, guidance and direction. And as one begins to study his own Holy Bible and unite in a Holy Bible preaching and teaching church for fellowship and training, all things become new. Now, does the new Christian ever attain sinless perfection, absolutely not. Neither, however, is the truly born-again or saved person the same as they once were.
        Hopefully, you can now see that the examples you cited as “Christians” does not necessarily make it so, as may be obvious. One can call himself money-man even as he is poor as a church mouse.

      • First off, the KKK is not a religious organization. There goal is purely to spread hate. If anything, they more closely tied to the Democratic Party as that’s how they started out. Either way, they’ve been marginalized to the point of being irrelevant.

        As for McVeigh? Associating him with Christians is stupid because was an agnostic, and an anti government loon who was despised by folks on all sides of the political spectrum.

        As for Westboro? They are condemned by pretty much all but the members of their own church. Are they scum? Yes. Terrorists? No, and they are not a threat to anyone as they do not have the support behind the the Muslim extremists do.

        As for the abortion clinic bombings? Has there even been one in the last 15 years? For every one of those there are hundreds of acts committed in the name of Islam.

        The fact that you have to bring up something from 20 years ago all but proves my point that Muslim extremism is a much greater threat around the world than a few isolated incidences like McVeigh. People like him, and the groups you mentioned don’t have numerous organizations with common beliefs and entire countries supporting them.

      • Besides that, it’s not as much the terrorism I’m concerned about as it is them gaining a strong enough influence in western countries, and trying to force their beliefs on non believers. It’s already happening in England where they’re allowing them to implement Sharia Law in some places, and “no-go zones” where non Muslims are not allowed.

        There many who are saying they’d like to see Sharia Law be implemented throughout Europe and North America.

        With that said, yes I’m weary of Muslims as a group because I do not want to live in some 6th Century throwback society, and I’m sure you don’t either.

        If all that makes me a “bigot” then so be it. Call me what you want. I don’t care, and refuse to turn a blind eye in the name of political correctness. The truth isn’t always rainbows and unicorns, but being willing to acknowledge it is necessary for our own good.

  7. It wasn’t too long ago that Allen West was telling you that the attention being given to Boko Haram was only meant to distract the American electorate from the “real issues” – meaning the “scandals” of Bengazi, the VA, etc.


    Now, apparently, since there are no scandals or other frivolous things to accuse people of at the moment, now West feels we need to pay attention…but only within the context of criticizing the same political targets he took aim at in May. How nice and concerning of him. Hey Allen, do these black lives matter to you only when you can use them to take political shots at people?


  8. Islam is a cancer that needs to be reformed from within or wiped out.

    No other religion seeks to dominate the world by force.

    No other religion seeks the death penalty for those who would leave it.

    No other religion seeks to “smite the neck of the infidel”.

    No other religion allows lying to further its cause.

    No other religion condones rape and slavery. ( slavery as a permanent condition based on religion)

    • Like Geert Wilders says, “the West is at war and should de-Islamize”.
      They put Timothy McVeigh down like a rabid dog within four years of his conviction…I like that idea.

  9. The obamas ought to be ashamed of themselves. While they raise their daughters to support foul-mouthed anti-white cop rappers, innocent women and children are being murdered by radical Islamic terrorists they pretend to know nothing about. WTH?!

  10. Black lives only matter to Al and his band of retards when they’re ended by a white person.

    Every blacks are killed by other blacks, but all you hear faux activists is crickets.

    No outrage for the kid shot in a drive by out front of his house in Detroit and died in his family’s living room. It happened years ago, and of course no rallies.

  11. The lives of muslimes don’t matter regardless of their color for they are all part of a disease infecting the world. Like any disease, it must be eradicated or it will wipe out civilization.

  12. Allen West has to go all the way to Africa to find dirt to fling at Al Sharpton. Al Sharpton however, still ignoring Allen West. Maybe if Allen West left a couple of charred bodies at Al Sharpton doorstep, Allen West might be able to get Al Sharpton to say his name once. Just once.

    • More like:
      “Dirt is flinging at Al Sharpton from as far away as in Africa, his homeland, the place he proclaims to have been stolen from (actually sold by his own people) and forced to live amongst the brutal white man who continues to keep him down, even though he has extorted millions from those white owners of productive businesses (and failed to pay taxes on most of his extortion money), which is plenty enough to buy a good deal of acreage in his motherland, and provide living space on that land and jobs for people of his own ideology. Of course this is solely dependant upon the white man eradicating the brutal savages who currently reside there.”
      Tell the whole story, Rafael X

  13. The Big Question is, “When will we start to defend ourselves against these same terrorist? I speak as a Christian. The Jews do not sit and beg for someone to come to their rescue. They take up arms and they fight to keep their freedoms. It is time the Christians start standing up and taking aim.


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