Shocking new poll: liberals reach a record high of…24 percent.

If aliens were to land here in America and tune into our news they’d tend to believe our country is overrun with progressive socialists — or as the PC term would be, “liberals.”

Of course, as I’ve previously written, I prefer to see myself as a “classical liberal” — today’s constitutional conservative. Of course, aliens meeting me would definitely see me as a minority.

But what if, just what if what we’re told to believe just ain’t true? What if we are all part of a big propaganda smoke screen that leads us to believe the political opposition is greater than it actually is? Fasten your seat belts.

As reported by The Hill, “The percentage of Americans who identify as liberal has reached a record high of 24 percent, according to Gallup polling. The results of surveys released Friday show that last year had the highest percentage of self-described liberals since Gallup began polling on the question in 1992. The results come amid a resurgence in the liberal wing of the Democratic Party, led by figures such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), whom liberal groups are urging to run for president. The percentage of liberals has risen steadily since 1992, when 17 percent identified as such. The percentage rose one point last year, the third straight year that it has done so.”

So just like the famous scene in the Wizard of Oz when Toto goes over and pulls back the screen and there’s a tiny ol’ man pulling levers to make fire, smoke and amplifying his voice to sound like the great and powerful wizard.

In the end, it was all a ruse, a grand deception.

And so it is with today’s post-modern liberalism — just a ruse, lots of noise, loud voices, smoke and mirrors. A “record high” of just 24 percent?

The Hill writes, “conservatives and moderates continue to outnumber liberals. While unchanged from the previous year, 38 percent identify as conservative, and 34 percent identify as moderate. The conservative label is still much more accepted in the Republican Party than the liberal one is in the Democratic Party. The polling finds that 44 percent of Democrats identify as liberal, again a record high, but that 70 percent of Republicans identify as conservative.”

Ok, now ‘splain all this to me, Lucy! How is it that we continue to hear about liberal domination? Why is it that we continue to hear the diatribe that conservatives are equal to “extremists” — which I suppose makes us no different than “Muslim terrorists.”

The why do all the politicians seem to disregard conservatives? If this poll is anywhere near accurate, if a GOP candidate garnered all 38 percent of the conservative vote and secured at least half, 17 percent, of the moderate vote — well, you get my point. However, in 2012 the focus was all on the “moderate” vote and the conservative vote sat it out.

The other thing the GOP fails to grasp is that the Democrat Party has turned national level elections into a science. Democrats have boiled it down to the very county and precinct that bring about massive electoral college victory.

They recognize urban centers are the gathering place of liberalism. Consider that even here in deep red Texas, its major cities are under liberal control — like the capital city of Austin. You see, it’s all part of the strategic plan — mask the strength by concentrating in the urban areas, so no one knows that those defining themselves as “liberals” are at a record high of 24 percent — and I suppose it helps when a few dead folks and illegals vote — and the Supervisor of Elections is a liberal who failed mathematics but passed the class on hiding or finding boxes of ballots.

So here is my advice to politicians, seek out and win the conservative vote. You know, those pesky folks who believe in the fundamental principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual sovereignty, free market/free enterprise system, and strong national defense. You know, those extreme folks who study and uphold the rule of law, the U.S. Constitution.

So why are all these folks so “skeered” of conservatives? Why are folks freaked out about the ideals surrounding faith, family, and freedom?

First of all, we must stop dismissing conservatives, believing this majority segment of the American population will just “settle” for any old Republican. Secondly, we must stop fearing the loud voice of the let and expose the little man behind the curtain flipping the switches. Lastly, we must build coalitions from a foundation, and that starts with a principled base.

I bet if the aliens came down and instead of tuning in to TV, tuned into AM talk radio, they just might be more impressed — and edified.

We constitutional conservatives are not the minority so let’s stop acting like we are. And let’s stop allowing the mainstream media and others to dismiss us — and our principled values.

We are the descendants of the brave Spartans who stood in the gap at the hot gates of Thermopylae and trounced the invading horde at Plataea. And to paraphrase the Spartans, let our cry be, “Go tell the Americans, and strangers passing by, that here obedient to their rule of law, we lie.”


  1. Just like Obama said regarding Cuba sanctions; “Cuba shows us sanctions don’t work”. He goes on to explain after 50 years something doesn’t work try something new. So in 2016 DON’T VOTE IN ANOTHER CAREER POLITICIAN, check out Dennis Michael Lynch for 2016 🙂

  2. Good thing is, since the Liberal agenda is being passed with Executive Orders, and the thousands and thousands of pages of Liberal regulations are being added by the departments without the consent of Congress, with a stroke of pen, they can all disappear!

  3. Sue Thomas above you are still a progressive. If you think people aren’t allowed to believe in marriage being between a man and a woman and abortion as being wrong you are still in the mentality of dictating what we all have to believe. Why is it that we all have to come to one belief that abortion is good? Why do we all have to come to one belief that we all must accept gay marriage. That is the problem with liberals today, it’s their way or no way. Liberals keep dictating what we all have to believe yet say it’s the conservatives dictating what we believe. Liberals demonize anyone who doesn’t conform to their belief system. This is way liberals make abortion and gay marriage one of their top issues when running in an election, they try to demonize the right for simply having a different opinion.

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    • I do not put myself in a box because of choice and abortion and marriage are personal issues and not a government issue. We seem to like boxing people in over issues and defining them like life is black and white.

      • Both the far right and left I have issues with and why I am registered independent. Demonizing both sides of the coin.

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  4. I believe that the 24% number is not accurate. We must take into consideration the # of liberals who will not admit to being liberals because they fear they will be outed as anti-American Socialists. Then you have the growing %age of them who will lie and cheat to win elections. As Conservatives we must make sure we vote on election day. We must also encourage our family and friends to cast informed votes, Also we should be in touch with our repr. and senators and demand they do something about the growing issue of voter fraud. It is easy to contact our representatives and voice our concerns and/or displeasure. The thing they fear the most are educated and informed voters so let them know where you stand before and on election day!

  5. Face it, the liberals are just more politically smart than the conservatives. They figured out how to manipulate the electorate and get elected, by hook or by crook. They have no concern for what the people want because they know better than you how you should live your life. Until we as conservatives can figure out a way to take control and unite we are lost as is the country.

    • That’s not it at all. Our problem is not the dems, it’s the RINOs that consider conservatives the enemy and work against us. If these fools in congress were conservative, we wouldn’t have the CRomibus bill, obamacare or amnesty. They don;t fight because they don’t care.

      • They’ve never have! Symbolic votes and talk are all you get. The sad part is….the majority don’t hold them accountable! Just look at Boehner’s re-election as speaker….even the NEW folks voted for him!

      • Exactly! When boehner was voted back in not 2 weeks after he pushed that CRomnibus bill down our throats, I decided that’s it for me. I will no longer vote R if I vote at all. We need a 3rd party that stands for something, not these spineless establishment RINOs that should be fighting for us, not against us.

    • Seems MITT ROMNEY is thinking about running again! Republicans will never nominate a true conservative…I will be either ROMNEY or BUSH that will get the nomination!

      • It looks like they’ve chosen another Bush. Romney/huckleberry et al, are probably just putting in their name so they have a spot in the administration once the primaries are over. Running gives them campaign money to deal with for the coveted WH positions. Jeez, the GOP really thinks we’re stupid.

      • Just what I was talking about, we can’t figure out how to get a conservative nominated, much less elected.

  6. This article isn’t reassuring to me at all.
    If the number of liberals had topped out at 24% the day after Obama was first elected and had declined or even stayed the same since, I might be able to say that was reassuring.
    But their all time peak is right now after 6 years of Obama. A peak that is right now indicates a still rising trend.
    That is truly disturbing.

  7. Conservatives are not a minority Mr West.
    And Faith, Family and Freedom, concepts which you seem top think belong only to conservatives, are also the values of liberals.

    And people do take conservatives seriously Mr West.
    It is nutbag extremists like you who call yourselves conservatives that people don’t take seriously

  8. When you call people with a different perspective “THE ENEMY” you are one sick person ALLEN West!! We are all Americans!! Such a disgrace to the uniform and the country

  9. I still don’t understand why this man still has followers……he refuse to run for president! We know u can change America better from a think tank than the White House!!! Such a coward

      • I just did a quick look at your past comments, I was curious about your motivations for all the hateful remarks. It’s pretty clear that you are one of those hateful blacks that demonize other conservative blacks. If they don’t believe as you believe, they are uncle toms…..hahahaha – you have been exposed! Now go away, malcolm x is looking for you. You’re an obvious troll and no one cares what you think!

      • I don’t care if you are green or purple or orange…,when you race bait you should be called out on it. Allen west is a race baiter

  10. Boehner’s position that tax cuts add to the deficit apparently only applies to tax cuts for the middle class because it was only last month that Speaker Boehner supported a $440 billion tax cut for corporations. John Boehner is fond of referring to the House as the People’s House, but it clear that the people the Speaker is referring to aren’t working folks or middle class Americans.

  11. What’s missing in this article is that the socialists have been working since the 1930’s to infiltrate the same institutions that influence the sheeple. That’s the media, the universities and government posts such as the Department of Education, EPA, IRS, and so on, who are using regulations to by-pass congressional law and oversight to push their socialist agenda regardless of who wins. This is how we lose. The other problem is that, unlike the DNC, the RNC has not spent much money on technology, and they have us there. There are a number of things they’ve done including an excellent propaganda machine that’s hurting us, and we need to fight using their own tactics. We also need more dead Republicans to vote.


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