1,191 illegals from terrorist states caught trying to cross U.S border in 2014. How many did we miss?

We keep hearing the border is as secure as it’s ever been. Is that a fact or a politicized pipe dream?

Most likely the latter, according to CNSNews.com who says, “The Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection reports that in fiscal year 2014 (Oct. 1 through Sept. 30) agents apprehended 1,191 individuals from 12 of the 14 countries that DHS and the State Department have considered as countries that have problems with terrorism.”

“In December, CBP released its apprehension statistics for 2014, which show that of the 486,651 apprehensions, 257,473 were from countries “other than Mexico.” Of those apprehended from countries “other than Mexico,” CBP provided CNSNews.com the countries of origin of those taken into custody. Of those from countries “other than Mexico,” 1,191 were from 12 countries – Iran, Sudan, Cuba and Syria (state sponsors of terror), and Afghanistan, Algeria, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Yemen (“countries of interest”) – designated by the federal government to have terrorist links.

The breakdown of the apprehension of individuals from 12 countries designated as “countries of interest” is as follows, according to CBP: Afghanistan (4); Algeria (3); Cuba (1,061); Iran (4); Iraq (7); Lebanon (10); Nigeria (29); Pakistan (31); Saudi Arabia (16); Somalia (6); Syria (14); and Yemen (6).”

So here we are opening up diplomatic relations with Cuba when on the other hand the United States designates them as “state sponsors of terror” along with Iran, Sudan, and Syria. So what is up with President Obama wanting to hook up with terrorism-sponsoring countries and grant them diplomatic relations? There’s that nagging question about allegiance again…

Here’s the deal: blow up some folks or run a communist tyrannical regime and you too can get a U.S. embassy. Oh, and just tell your folks to illegally enter the United States, and they can get free benefits AND a drivers license if they move to the right place.

We must realize we have a massive problem at our southern border, and until it is sealed and secured, any policy of “comprehensive immigration reform” only exacerbates the issue. At a time when we are facing a global terrorist threat, a porous border is unconscionable.

However, will the new 114th Congress be able to stand up to President Obama’s executive action? As we discussed here, it may be difficult to actually “defund” the segment of the Department of Homeland Security responsible for implementing the new executive order.

But what is most troublesome about this story for me isn’t the numbers of illegals. It’s the fact that the Obama administration is extending a hand to countries designated as “state sponsors of terrorism.” It reflects a true 21st century Sir Neville Chamberlain moment.

I’ve been tracking the “OTM” numbers entering our country for some time, but after six years of this administration we shouldn’t have a single person from a country of origin on our terrorist sponsor list capable of entering America illegally.

And now that I’m back living Texas, you can bet this issue hits close to home.

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Allen West for Sec. of Defense!


So I guess the question I most want to ask is: when these illegal muzzies start acting up, where do I go for my hunting license and when?


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Reminds me of something Ted Nugent said: Kill it and grill it.


People ask “Why are we paying more but getting less?”
Well… illegals (from Mexico) will be given benefits paid for by American taxpayers. Ads in Spanish on lame stream media are already offering to help sign them up. No doubt there will be more blatant multilingual ads and it isn’t because we are just so darn nice.


Obamas US Government intends to harbor TERRORISTS in The USA –
under the guise of humanitarian aid for childre illegally entering The USA, while Obama and holder are forcingour US borders to remain open as zradical MUSLIM sympathizers placing our country at risk, intending to affect our National security – that was clearly identified with their gunrunning schemes OPERATION FAST and FURIOUS, when Obama and holder were arming ILLEGAL ALIENS and NARCO,-TERRORISTS and LIED about it.

Otherwise, the Democratic party’s Obama Administration would close, enforce and control our US borders as a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY.


Wake up Sleeping Giant we are at War !!!


What makes it worse is that our enemies, being muslimes, illegals, and communists, have PUBLICLY declared war on us but the government continues to ignore them all. Makes me wonder on whose side is our own government?