Media coverage of Florida melee with police shows how truth is suppressed

As y’all probably know by now, I grew up in the inner city, Old Fourth Ward, in Atlanta. As I have written here previously, there was a respect and regard for law enforcement officers and police — as reinforced by our parents. But something has broken down, especially in inner city communities — the family, and with that, a lack of respect and regard for authority. Accompanying that is the rise of criminal behavior — sometimes very abhorrent behavior – which too many seem able to carelessly dismiss.

I’m no longer living in Florida, but a recent story out of my ol’ stomping grounds of Palm Beach County is yet another testament to the crumbling inner city.

As reported by both BizPac Reivew and also covered by the Sun-Sentinel, “A Delray Beach, Florida man was stopped Tuesday while walking down the street for suspicion of smoking marijuana in public. Rather than talk to police, the man ran into a nearby home — where it seems a party was being held.”

However, the left-leaning South Florida Sun-Sentinel took a different approach based on the words and video of one Cory Provost, a New York City resident who was visiting Delray Beach over the holidays. As the Sun-Sentinel writes, “A witness to a melee that broke out in Delray Beach on Saturday said the situation became heated when police officers approached a birthday party at a house in the Southwest neighborhood. “Provost said two officers wearing uniforms got out of the car, walked onto the lawn and accused the partygoers of smoking marijuana. Provost said that wasn’t true. There was a lot of shouting back and forth, he said. The residents were asking the cops to leave the yard and they didn’t do so.”

You can watch the raw footage here — and remember that’s only part of the story.

There was a different depiction reported by law enforcement officers. “Police Sgt. Nicole Guerriero late Wednesday said the footage doesn’t show the entire incident. And because only a portion is being shown, police said, it’s not a fully accurate depiction of what happened. Officers smelled marijuana in the area, saw someone who they thought was smoking and followed him into the yard, Guerriero said Tuesday. In an arrest report, officers said the man they saw was a known drug user with whom they’ve had contact in the past.”

But for some reason, the Sun-Sentinel preferred to offer credibility to Mr. Provost who states according to their reporting of their story, “Provost said the situation did get out of hand — for both the partygoers and the police. He said at first, people formed a semi-circle around police questioning them as to why they were there. When police started yelling at them, he said, the people became more agitated and began shuffling around. “Then, a little later on, something was thrown,” he said. “You heard a glass crack, I think a bottle or something was thrown, and I believe it hit the police vehicle.”

Hmm, why would people form a semi-circle around law enforcement officers? That certainly could be deemed a threatening posture. And so it ended up being exactly as Sgt. Guerriero stated, “They formed this shield and started getting aggressive. “Someone hit the officer and pushed him away, they were throwing bottles, they were cursing and screaming at them.” A police cruiser’s windshield was damaged during the skirmish but fortunately no injuries were reported. “The next thing they know, there’s 70 to 75 people out there,” Guerriero said “The officers had to use pepper spray to get the people back.”

The officers had probable cause — open consumption of marijuana in Florida is still illegal — and they investigated. The entire situation could have been diffused but instead a confrontation ensued — seemingly in the face of guilt. Perhaps these officers would have seen this differently if they hadn’t been encircled, blows hadn’t been thrown or their vehicle hadn’t been damaged. As I stated at the beginning, where is the regard and respect not just for law enforcement officers, but for the law, period?

Here is the subjective and judgmental commentary from Mr. Provost that was printed as the closing by the Sun-Sentinel, “Provost said he thinks the police were looking to start something with the group. In the arrest report, police said they were patrolling the area because it is an area known for high drug use. Provost said police should’ve tried to calm down the group in this situation. When the partygoers questioned why the police were on private property, Provost said they should’ve gotten answers, not yelling from the police. “There’s a lot of rhetoric going around that if you question police you’re anti-police, and I don’t think that’s the case,” he said. “I think we want to have police approach situations with a little more compassion and respect because we, too, are human beings. If there was more trust in the community of our police, a lot of these situations wouldn’t happen.”

Sir, where was the trust as NYPD Officers Ramos and Liu sat in their car eating?

And why are the police supposed to calm the situation when they’re the ones being threatened? As Sgt Guerriero says, “The officers were afraid of what could happen in the situation and called for backup. There were four officers and an estimated group of 70 people involved by the end of the scuffle, she said. It lasted for more than an hour.”

We need the news to report the facts and stay away from civilian commentators. Mr. Provost will head back to New York City after his vacation. Those officers will continue to patrol, seeking to maintain law and order — while protecting the law-abiding citizens of that Delray Beach neighborhood. What was the result you ask? Well, the Sun-Sentinel thought it was just too much to print, but BizPac Reivew did.

“All told, four men were arrested in the incident. Keith Clinton Sr., 58, charged with obstruction of justice; Keith Clinton Jr., 32, charged with obstruction of justice and assaulting a police officer; Jamarr Harris, 28, charged with obstruction of justice and inciting a riot; and Victor Isme, 34, charged with assault of a law enforcement officer, inciting a riot, possession of crack cocaine and possession of drug paraphernalia.”

I wonder why the South Florida Sun-Sentinel left all that out?


  1. Unreal! My brother and I once hosted a party at his rooftop apt in NYC and it got a little out of hand (too many people). Someone called the cops (apparently someone was throwing stuff off the roof). My brother and I were totally respectful to the cops and we let them describe the problem and what they wanted us to do about it. We followed their instructions and there were no issues. Some people act like animals when confronted by police.

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    • I’m getting tired of typing this but here goes….
      Allen West has already said in a previous article that he is too afraid to run for president. He took a job at a THINK TANK and we know working at a think tank can change america better than from the WHITE HOUSE

      • West absolutely did NOT say he was too afraid of running for President. He chose to save all the thankless effort and zillion dollars of campaign money waste, because the establishment has already picked their puppet. BTW, America is spelled with a capital ‘A’. The WHITE HOUSE does not really change anything. It is all the czars, unelected officials and appointed cabinet persons who call the shots. And provide telaprompts.

      • In other words HE IS AFRAID!!! A man that truly believed he can make a change would RUN! Allen is a COWARD and the only thing u get from him are COMPLAINTS!!

      • No Col Allen speaks the truth, not to mention COL. Allen served in the U.S. Army, what have you done besides hide behind your computer and talk trash? Who is the real coward here? Maybe Col Allen knows that after all the horrible things Obama has doe to this country he would just be wasting peoples and his own hard earned money trying to run.

      • I also served in the US ARMY difference is I was never relieved of command like ALLEN…..also, your lame excuses for ALLEN not running is comical….the man isn’t running because he is a coward and knows he wouldn’t get nearly enough support…..the LOON vote will only take u so far

      • Wow your going to use that cheap shot bullshit. Col west was trying to find out who was trying to kill him, any man would have done the same thing so shut the hell up with that bullshit.

      • You trying to justify a wrong makes it a RIGHT?? Sorry Skippy but what he did was WRONG and he paid the price for it….horrible end to his military career!!

      • Uncle *uckus, you are the perfect poster child for the term racist! Keep fanning those flames, dumb$h1t! You’re also the poster child for what so messed up in this country…people throwing their “woe is me” temper tantrums. Good grief, what a loser! You just need to shut up!

      • Have you ever met someone that will do anything for attention…you know, like a neglected child? Well, take a look through Uncle Ruckus’ posts…I think we’ve found one of the neglected children! Poor Uncle Ruckus…someone send him some candy!

      • Uncle Ruckus,

        Do you know why he was relieved of command? It wasn’t for cowardice towards the enemy! Uncle Ruckus obviously you don’t like Mr. West, but you’ve your opinion.

      • So…. If only the President can make change, we can go ahead and dump Al Sharpton, right? You with me?

      • S yea we know how change can come about from a think tank”!!!!!! Muhahahaha… Wow…to believe some of you are this stupid

  2. Papers spin stories all the time. The National Enquirer is the best at it, and even when they are outrageous, they seldom lose a court case against them because the Constitution protects a free press. The court of public opinion is another matter, people wou don’t like this type of reporting should stop buying the bird cage liner, and people should stop supporting the paper through advertisements, classified ads, etc.

    • Believe it or not, I agree with this… well not on legalization but decriminalizing it. Legalizing it makes it so it can become business, decriminalizing it makes it so anyone can grow it and not get into trouble… I think its much safer than alcohol… just my opinion

      • Decriminalizing it would free up much of our legal system to prosecute real crimes instead of someone getting the munchies after they smoke… It would also allow the user to grow his own pot in his home without worrying that he is going to go to jail. I personally don’t smoke or drink, I don’t like the feeling of “getting high”, but I have never had a problem with someone who does choose to smoke, but drinking I do have a problem with as too many times they become belligerent, or end up killing someone on the road… Smokers usually kick back and eat or get the major giggles…

  3. If gongalez was getting beat up by 4 people the first people he would call is the police, so stop acting like a dump A,

      • It takes a very simple minded person to believe that this clown (ALLEN WEST) and others like him don’t RACE BAIT!!
        His only purpose is to make white folks feel comfortable about the hate and bigotry they have in them!

      • Funny, I don’t have any so that pretty much screws your ideology right there. The simple minded part… thinks you might have that backwards, but that’s ok. Everyone is wrong from time to time.

      • And what about the hate and bigotry of the black people??? I’m white my husband black and we get more racism from the blacks than white.

      • I didn’t say that weren’t that type of racism but some of you loons believe that race baiting only cone from democrats

      • Seems like you might have gotten at least one if not both feet caught in the back of your throat there, Uncle *uckus! Why don’t you just move on over to the Al Sharpton blog…you know, where you’ll feel a lot more comfortable…a little more at home!

      • I stopped caring what civil rights leaders were saying after Martin Luther King was silenced. Haven’t heard any sane ones since. I believe his approach was correct and I adhere to it. Those who pose as leaders today are just constantly stoking racial tensions for profit. They are surrounded by stooge enablers the way Hitler was. They make absurdity sound normal, and if anyone challenges them, they just yell and act all indignant as a means of escaping the defense of their absurdities. And they are ALL democrats. The democrat party uses them, as they do all special interest groups, to get elected to enrich themselves at taxpayer’s expense. Tell me something they have fixed. Any of them. I’ll wait.

      • Same as the REPUBLICAN party using people like ALLEN WEST and those other 1-800-HOUSE-NEGROS that you see of FOX NEWS!!

      • Looky here, a black man practicing bigotry (and vulgarities) against a fellow black man. You’re no better than the rest of the ‘grievance industry’ (A. Sharptons, J. Jacksons an L. Farrakhans of the world who blasphemously carry ‘Reverend’ and ‘Minister’ titles) who stoke racial animosity.

      • I’m racist?? Too many different nationalities in my family for that nonsense! SORRY to disappoint ya SKIPPY!

      • It doesn’t matter what “nationalities” course through you. Racism is still racism and you’re the poster-boy for bigotry and racism.

    • Racist, you don’t like Mr. West because he’s black. Isn’t that the way it goes with people who don’t like the President?

    • Look who’s talking, Earl (No-Such-Thing-As-A-Black-Conservative) Lee! Your bigotry can’t be overlooked. Damn, I hate hypocrites!

  4. Any educated person sees what happened at this incident. It is just another night in the hood. It’s the 10% rule. Pick any group and you can count on 10% of said group being completely moronic. The media chooses to downplay or sensationalize a story depending on who the players are and what side of the fence they’re on. There are some bad cops out there. The vast majority of us choose to honor our oath and badge. The uneducated and jobless will always behave in this manner. It’s sad, but until people look within, they will continue to blame everyone else for what’s wrong in their life. It’s sad that reporting has become more opinionated as opposed to gathering the facts and letting the public formulate account of the actual events.

  5. I admire Allen West and I am a huge fan !! And I agree that the Ferguson officer and these officers were in a hell of a situation and had to fight to get out alive ! However, left or right way of looking at it, there is a tidal shift in police departments nationwide to be more Gestapo than police ! Otherwise why would they own tracked armored personnel carriers, MRAPs and such ? Where did the uniform get ditched for jack boots, flak jackets, helmets and M4s ? And there’s NO WAY you can call behavior like this “police work” when there’s 7 of you, guns draw, a man that’s 15+ feet away from you with a 2 INCH POCKET KNIFE, with mental illness verified, and he flinches the wrong way kneeling down and EVERYBODY EMPTIES THEIR CLIP !! This is happening a lot in America’s “Gestapo behavior” by police ! Why couldn’t JUST ONE OFFICER fire JUST A COUPLE SHOTS to disable (or even kill) the so called “attacker from 15 feet with a 2 inch knife” ? THERE IS A DIFFERENCE between PROFESSIONAL police work and “Gestapo firing squad” work !! The statement Obama made in his ’08 campaign of having “a civilian security force, just as strong, just as well funded as our military” IS HERE FOLKS !! And people are wigging out and doing things like what happened to the 2 NY officers ! DOES IT MAKE ACTIONS LIKE THAT RIGHT ? Hell no !! But actions like this that go UNPUNISHED AT ALL are just as WRONG !! And I think this is becoming way more “normal” of police today, just kill ’em first, ask questions later, we’re not gonna get in trouble for it anyway”

    • DE from NC.. The reason the police have these vehicles and weapons is simple, to protect themselves in some hairy situations. period. Its not a militarization of the police, not by a long shot. I served in the Marine Corps for 4 years and have been a police officer for just over 17, i have served on both and i can tell you from personal experience the two are not alike. Fact is, there are bad people out there who want to do the good upstanding citizens of this nation harm. Some are black, some are white, some are mexican, some are of indian descent.. Etc. Criminals come from all walks of life and in all colors, races, genders.. We as police dont like criminals period. All of the above doesnt matter, a criminal is a criminal. We use those tools you describe to protect ourselves because we too are human. We too have families we want to go home to. We are not asking for gestapo like policies and procedures, we are merely asking for the tools to do our job safely to protect you, and us so that we can go home at the end of our tour. I know quite a few policemen, ill assume more than you since it appears to me you havent talked to one based on your statement. I dont know 1, not 1 that is eager to ever pull the trigger on anyone. Again, we are human too and know that anyone we deal with, good or bad is also human. We value life, anyones life a heck of a lot more than the criminal who is out to do you and us harm.

      • Shecky
        Military vechiles and equipment
        do not need to be given to Mayberry PD.
        One such vechile and equipment could be issued to a County Police Swat/Drug Team, and
        not to and every Mayberry PD.
        Being a retired LEO our mission was to
        Protect & Serve we were always a part of the
        This Militaristic/Gestapo attitude was never part of our relating with our citizens/commimities.

      • Bless you, Shecky, for volunteering to take up a weapon and stand between me and anyone who wishes to do me harm so I can still go grocery shopping unarmed. You are one of the good guys. It is unfortunate that the freedom you protect often winds up being abused by morons to make ridiculous statements because of the thrill they get from rationalizing the absurd. I suppose that within the vast universe of variables in human development, affected by everything from childhood environment to brain chemistry to lunatic college professors, we are always going to have people who cannot see the world as it is, but always look for situations that match the template of their paranoia.

    • DE-fromNC

      THERE IS A DIFFERENCE between PROFESSIONAL police work and “Gestapo firing squad”

      Being a Retired LEO I couldn’t agree with you more !
      Law Enforcement needs to get back to basics. Do what is necessary to protect themselves to go home to their families but
      leave the Gestapo Attitude/Tactics in the Squad room don’t take the Gestapo Attitude to the field or take it home!

      • Uncle Remus

        When You can show me an ounce of class that Carson/Wests have.
        I might take your thoughts into consideration.
        You are definitely the other side of the coin that
        keeps this nation divided.

        Thank You Dr. Carson and Colonel West for
        showing America blacks can be equal to whites
        and in many cases superior !

        Dr. Carson / Colonel West 2016
        United States of America Dream Team
        for President and Vice President of the
        United States of America 2016 !!

      • Lets break it down….West…a disgraced army vet one term congressman that post hate and bigotry on a blog!
        CARSON….said he believes that OBAMA will cancel the 2016 elections because of the national debt! Like I said…the LOON TICKET!!!

      • dude. screw you. just… screw you.

        do us all a favor and take a long walk off a short pier. the cold water might help wash the stupid out of your head.

      • Maybe ask some of today’s soldiers if they’d rather be lead by Col West or the Obamabots with which the military is being flooded now? I’ll wait. Allen West SAVED lives with his actions. I doubt you even know the story. A liberal doesn’t need to right? Just take a meme and run with it. You’re a disgrace.

      • Allen west saved NO lives!!! Another’s thing….thousands of officers served in Iraq and was in charge of protecting their men….those HONORABLE ones never violated the UCMJ….sorry skippy

  6. What the liberal media seems intent on covering up is that economic and civil deficiencies are not the racial issues they once were. Today they are more the result of an anti-educational sub-culture that teaches contempt for organizational development and employability, while encouraging civil apathy. Bring about the kinds of associated economic limitations those unsavory misconducts sponsor. All of which leads to a lack of appreciation, respect or desire to emulate the more successful associates of the principal culture. What Carson, West and others have pointed out is that the majority of those among this sub-culture are of a particular racial group that has experienced two disadvantages; (1) a lack of internal and external opportunities and (2) the absence of internal and external demands for achievement. Revealing the difference between those limitations as being a highly increased occurrence of internal and external opportunities over the years, while internal and external demands for achievement have remained deficient. However, as can be seen by the countless number of successful people of color, where demands for achievement have been prevalent, especially when introduced internally (i.e. parentally), success rates are basically equivalent to any other group under the same circumstances.

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  8. It seems the day of the press being muck ruckers for a good cause has passed. The press has become a coalition of puppets for the sudo-communist American democracy haters. One sided reproters who sway the masses for their own gain instead of simply reporting the truth. It is a shameful time in America for journalism.

  9. Funny to see Allen West giving journalism lessons to the professionnal press. For someone addicted to quoting questionable sources if not posting outright hoaxes. A little ironic to say the least.

  10. People tell half truth to make our local police look bad. New flash. If the federal government steps in to fix the problem like these people want it will only get worse, who will you have to complain to about how the bad ol’ cop took your dope when he is finally under the control of the federal government? No more law suits, no more media coverage, and no more, due process because it will all be controlled from the top.

  11. “I’m no longer living in Florida, but a recent story…….”

    That’s because they voted your slew-footed arse out of town! Here’s an article that is pretty comprehensive. Will we hear Tom preach about the disintegration of white society?
    “A crazy Massachusetts white woman who lived in a squalid home where police said they found the skeletal remains of three babies pleaded not guilty Monday to two counts of murder. Bradley said the dead fetus had the placenta and umbilical cord still attached; a 3-year-old could neither talk nor walk, was severely malnourished and had maggots in her ears; and a nearly 6-month-old appeared to have spent much of her young life on her back.”


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