Al-Qaida actively encouraging lone wolf attacks in the US for payment in virgins

Last night I appeared “On the Record” with Kimberly Guilfoyle sitting in for Greta, and we had a great discussion about “ending combat operations” in Afghanistan.

One thing we’ve failed to recognize is that Afghanistan is not a standalone war — it is a theater of operations in a greater conflagration against Islamo-fascism, Islamic totalitarianism, and jihadism. And when you consider the optics of conducting a flag lowing ceremony — well, it only emboldened the enemy who has not capitulated.

So on that note, the group we were told was decimated and on the run in 2012 has reconstituted as ISIS in Iraq from what was known as AQI (al-Qaida in Iraq) and is just as strong in Yemen as AQAP (al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula). In fact they’ve got really big plans for us here in the West.

As reported by, “Urging Muslims to carry out atrocities against the West, including attacks on aircraft, al-Qaida’s latest propaganda publication also identifies goals of the jihadist, including “inflicting damage” on unbelievers, “attaining Allah’s pleasure” – and the reward of virgins in paradise.”

“One article in the new edition of Inspire, an organ of the terrorist group’s Yemen-based affiliate al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), highlights the phenomenon of an individual or small group infiltrating the ranks of the enemy, in order to carry out an attack. Examples it gives of this “immersing oneself deep into enemy lines to inflict damage of attain Shahada [martyrdom]” include that of Nidal Malik Hasan, the U.S. Army major on death row for killing 13 people at Fort Hood, Texas in 2009.”

You remember that December 2009 jihadist attack the Obama administration still classifies as “workplace violence,” right?

Therein lies the problem – the failure to recognize the enemy and making unilateral declarations, which mean nothing to this determined and vile enemy. It takes two to end a war or any combat operation — the victor and the vanquished.

To declare the “end of combat operations” and leave the enemy on the battlefield is ludicrous, reflecting the political ideology of the “Audacity of Hope.” To borrow the maxim of former U.S. Army Chief of Staff General Gordon Sullivan, “hope is not a method.”

So I just have to ask — did the Taliban, al-Qaida, ISIS or any of the other alphabet soup of jihadists get the email from President Barack Hussein Obama to call it quits because he called it quits?

No, I don’t believe in an incessant state of warfare, but I do believe in vanquishing your enemy — once you’ve defined them and given clear guidance, strategy and goals for victory.

While we search for strategic imperatives, AQAP has clearly articulated its mission and intent. “The AQAP article includes a graphic, incorporating a photo identified as an al-Qaida terrorist who took part in a deadly attack Yemen’s defense ministry, along with a list of goals or motivations for such a jihadist: Martyrdom, Making the word of Allah to be supreme, Inflicting damage to the Kuffar [unbelievers] & Murtadin [apostates], Attaining Allah’s pleasure, In defense of the oppressed, Seeking forgiveness, and Hoor.”

“Hoor is the word used in the Qur’an for beautiful, dark-eyed virgins purportedly awaiting the devout Muslim in paradise. The Qur’an does not number them but several hadiths – the revered sayings or traditions of Mohammed – refer to martyrs enjoying sensual pleasures with 72 of these women.”

And this is why I continue to say the West must defeat the enemy’s ideology and delegitimize it. And that certainly doesn’t happen when President Barack Obama stands and states, “Let me be very clear, ISIS is not Islamic.”

The reality of our enemy must become our own because eventually it will – and not at a time and place of our choosing. We continue to view this conflict through the prism of political correctness and as I often say, “when tolerance becomes a one way street, it leads to cultural suicide.”

Politically in 2012, the Obama campaign machine felt winning an election at any cost was more important than protecting the American people and admitting the truth — meaning four Americans were abandoned in Benghazi and a lie had to be concocted — since after all, it happened two months before the presidential election. Don’t tell me nothing happened in Benghazi. Four Americans lost their lives, but perhaps that’s meaningless when it comes to politics, after all, “what difference, at this point, does it make?”

However, the enemy eagerly recognizes the gap to exploit and so far they’re doing so– but then again, we can always call upon our Shiite saviors in Iran, right?

So while we acquiesce to the enemy and cede them the ideological high ground — of course we believe we have to release insidious reports on “torture” to establish a false moral high ground — the bad guys have taken their game to a new level.

“AQAP has been publishing Inspire, a slick, English-language online magazine, since 2010, and the latest is number 13. Other terrorists have followed its example, with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) having produced six editions of its Dabiq since last July, while the new al-Qaida affiliate in South Asia put out an inaugural edition of Resurgence in October. While the ISIS publications focus largely on attracting recruits to the violent campaign in Iraq and Syria, the “caliphate,” and attempts to justify atrocities in the region like the beheading of American and British hostages, AQAP’s new magazine deals mostly with carrying out attacks on, and in, America. In doing so, it urges jihadists everywhere to set aside their differences and join ranks in “fighting America.”

Heck, we can’t even get the liberal progressive media to stand on the side of America.

“The nemesis of the West, the hardest blow, is the military tactic of lone jihad,” says one article. “It’s not necessary to travel to the battlefield, it’s enough to kill the enemy back home.” In another article Nasr bin Ali al-Ansi, an AQAP leader, also extols the lone attacker. “The Lions of Allah who are all over the globe – some call them ‘lone wolves’ – should know that they are the West’s worst nightmare. They instill fear around the world. So do not belittle your operations …”

So I close with a couple of questions. If al-Qaida is on the run and decimated – oh right, that’s just the core — then these guys must be the pits? And if ISIS isn’t Islamic, then are they Baptist, Presbyterians, Lutheran, or perhaps Mennonite?

We need someone who understands and will carry out no retreat, no surrender and no safe quarter for this enemy. Molon Labe!

By the way, if you’re curious what Inspire looks like, you can see Issue 12 on the next page.


  1. Just look at those beards. Make no mistake, ISIS is clearly Amish!
    We must not rest until the Amish are taken down before the build another terrorist barn!

      • I took the liberty of reading some of your other comments so I don’t really know why I’m wasting my time responding to some as clueless and hateful as you.

        It seems that just about everyone is an idiot compared to you.
        How you must suffer being so much smarter than everyone else.

        Of course I was joking but the point is Obama will make ANY excuse not to blame Islam for what is clearly the an assault on modern civilization by a seventh century totalitarian system of abuse created by a murderous,pedophile, madman.
        Shouldn’t be too hard to see for some one as smart as you.

  2. The U.S is now seen by it’s allies as weak and without the stomach to face the challenges ahead. We still see Vietnam as a defeat al these years later, Iraq as surrender and Afghanistan will be the same. Lack of support for Israel and capitulation in Ukraine as Russia continues to hold onto Crimea. Who is the U.S trying to kid other than themselves ?

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