Shock but no surprise: Obama administration knew about VA lists since 2010

There are many end of the year lists – but there was a list this year no one wanted to be on, and that’s a Veterans Administration wait list. Even more disturbing revelations are emerging about the VA scandal, but the question is, does anyone even care?

As reported by The Daily Caller, “The Obama administration knew about allegations of secret waiting lists at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) as early as 2010. The current VA scandal involving secret waiting lists that led to preventable veteran deaths at the Phoenix VA Medical Center claimed the scalp of Obama-appointed former VA Secretary Eric Shinseki, who resigned at the end of last month. Former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said that President Obama only found about the VA wait-list scandal from watching the news. But the Obama administration knew that an internal VA investigation into secret “paper” waiting lists was conducted in 2010 under Shinseki.”

Sadly, this is just like so many other instances in the Obama administration that will go unchecked and simply cast aside as another “conservative conspiratorial witch hunt.” This news emerges when it will hardly see the light of day as a major story. The only people who will keep this story at heart are veterans and the service organizations that support them.

“We conducted this review to determine the validity of an allegation that senior officials in Veterans Integrated Service Network 20 (VISN) instructed employees at the Portland VA Medical Center to use unauthorized wait lists to hide access and scheduling problems,” according to an August 17, 2010 VA Office of Inspector General (OIG) report entitled “Review of Alleged Use of Unauthorized Wait Lists at the Portland VA Medical Center,” which was obtained by The Daily Caller. The report was based on an OIG review conducted in Portland, Oregon between March and June 2010. The facility, like all VA medical centers, was prohibited from keeping paper waiting lists separate from the official electronic waiting-list system.”

Clearly the Obama administration was cognizant of an Inspector General investigation being conducted on the VA in its second year. But who will hold this administration accountable?

Just as a side note, I find it hilarious that the progressive socialist acolytes of the left fly about praising President Obama for the Dow Jones hitting 18,000 points. Yet out of the same mouths come the condemnation of “Wall Street Fat Cats” and their profits — coming at the expense of American taxpayers who are enabling the Federal Reserve to print money in order to buy up our own debt and artificially keep out interest rates low.

So does anyone hold the Obama administration accountable for having such failing fiscal policies that our monetary policy in the United States is needed to mask the detrimental situation of our economy?

I arrived in Dallas, Texas on Wednesday, and on Friday evening while up in Corinth I saw it — $1.79 for regular unleaded gas. Amazing.

Of course the Obama administration and the liberal progressives will attempt to take credit – all while they’re slowing down regulatory permits. And we’ve well documented, the administration continues to attempt to use the EPA and BLS to counter any advances in drilling technology – especially hydraulic fracking.

It’s ludicrous to credit this administration with the increase of oil and natural gas production in America. As matter of fact, the ensuing slowdown in production as a result of the lowered oil prices is just another market manipulation by Saudi Arabia.

So when does this administration become responsible and accountable for its actions?

We can move beyond the economic and energy issues, but the scandal regarding veterans wait lists is unacceptable and unconscionable. The treatment of our nation’s honored who have stood and served is a sad and horrific reflection of the loss of our collective honor as a nation.

In full disclosure, “The OIG received an anonymous e-mail alleging the use of unauthorized paper wait lists, and that the eye clinics had over 3,500 patients waiting more than 30 days for appointments,” according to the report. The IG report noted that “We did not substantiate the allegation” about the unauthorized wait lists but nonetheless found that some staff did not notify more than 2,000 patients of follow-up appointments. “No one admitted to either instructing or being instructed to use unauthorized paper wait lists,” the report stated. “We also conducted visual inspections of schedulers’ work areas and found no evidence of paper wait lists.”

It’s easy to destroy “paper wait lists.” Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and the Obama administration is starting to resemble a massive western states forest conflagration.

Imagine if just a tenth of the travails of the Obama administration or the lies and deceit spoken by the president came from a GOP administration — well, you get my point. We have two more years and I doubt we’ve seen or heard the last — or the worst.


  1. Since he was raised by Liberal Progressives aka card-carrying communists, obama is very anti-military and of course, after six years it is more than obvious. obama has no shame over the VA scandal because he knows no other way…but, while he has no shame, he sure is full of a lot of bull.

  2. Does no one remember ‘candidate’ Obama telling the interviewer that all wounded veterans need to be purged and sent to find their own healthcare? They are too expensive. The ‘candidate’ and MSM shut this up quickly, but who believes that this ‘plan’ has ever been abandoned? Obama hates the military with a pasion and will do everything possible to destroy the entire military complex.


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