A beautiful message for Christmas and all mankind [VIDEO]

Every year, British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s produces a special Christmas commercial. This one is cinema-quality and particularly touching. Enjoy something uplifting for a change.


  1. Western Armies??? Yep no problem we all have something in common. Anything from the Middle East besides the Israelis ??, Not on your life. They’d kill the guy holding out his hand in a gesture of peace especially if he was a Westerner and an Infidel..

  2. Soldiers are doing their duty they really do not want to have to do these things, for instance innocent Christians being raped and murdered in Iraq cannot be allowed to continue.

    • Uncle Ruckus, Don’t toot BO’s horn yet! Could it be that most Americans feel that the most awful 8 years of our history produced by your lord and savior the lawless Barrack Hussien Obama and his awful party of cheats may be coming to a close in 2016 and that’s why the economy is surging!

      • NOPE!! It is what is it…if you are going to blame him when things are going bad…be man enough to give him the credit when things are getting better…

      • sorry Uncle Ruckus. This incompetent mans policies for the last 6 years has nothing to do with the economy now, And I am tired of his fans trying to attribute any good news to him! Now tell me Uncle are you a African American? Because most African Americans will never believe that their “lord and Savior” is anything other than the best thing in the world for all people. of which he is not. I’m personally tired of his playing the race card and personally blame him for most of the division between the races in this country. I also can not wait for him to exit the WH on a very healthy pension that My tax dollars will pay for. He cannot ride off into the Hawaii sunset too soon for me! He has done nothing for the black Americans in the country! Absolutely Nothing and I am tired of black americans continueing to defend him and the spendthrift he has for a wife. Both are nothing but fakes and frauds…

      • How odd is that….so you want to blame him for all the bad news yet give him absolutely NO credit for any good news?? Do u see how STUPID that sounds?
        But to use YOUR logic…means that OBAMA is not responsible for all of the BAD that has happened in the last 6 years….that belongs to GEORGE BUSH??

      • Uncle, stop drinking the Dem cool aid ! U R Mimicking your lord and savior BO! Nothing is ever his fault and everything is Bush’s fault. Most Americans are not buying that crap anymore and many of us never did. I’m from Chgo, IL. Your man is a fake and a fraud and has been from the start. His approval rating is now lower than Bush’s and he has the lowest approval ever by our armed forces at 15%! He is desperately trying to find something for “his Legacy” here it is, “I played a lot of golf on the taxpayers dime, I lied about Bengazi, Obamacare, Fast and Furious and l let Lois Lerner plead the 5th to protect me regarding the IRS scandal. My wife and I spend hundreds of millions of tax dollars on costly vacations, we really bullshitted the American people.”

      • Sorry but read the REPUBLICAN report on BENGHAZI and the IRS! FLOPS both. You can’t blame BO on everything bad and give him NO CREDIT for the good….sorry…can’t be done!!! Things are getting better despite those domestic terrorist called REPUBLICANS!! Thanks BO!!!

      • Funny….if the man did something for black americans then you LOONS would say he is only looking out for black america. He is trying to help ALL amercans. Too bad I can’t say the same for the REPUBLICAN PARTY!!

    • Nice try, Earl “No-Such-Thing-As-A-Black-Conservative” Lee. The markets are NOT controlled by OhBummer or any other politician.

      • Really? So washington plays no part in wall street? The fed say its going to lower interest rates and the markets rise…the fed says that its going to raise interest rates and the markets fall…get over yourself dude…

      • ‘Free Market’ must be a foreign concept to you. The markets react to variables. Things like investors, supply and demand, market direction, natural disasters and security attacks, etc., control the markets. Government interest rates are only one of many variables which influence…but do not control the market.
        If you want to speak on a subject, you’ll generally want to know what the heck you’re talking about, “Dude”.

      • There seems to be purpose in your mindful misunderstandings of your own comments.
        The demise of ‘Earl Lee and The Early Revue Band’ must’ve been hard on you. The distress has made you strike out at and stalk black conservatives and eager to rabble-rouse, not caring how foolish you appear to be.

      • Tee hee…Earl Lee and the Early Revue Band was a BUSINESS!!! I employed 3-5 people at a time and made great money doing it! Though u republicans loved small business

    • FREE money has to go somewhere. The stock market is about the ONLY game in town for a semi-decent return on investments under the Holy O’s leadership. Doh!

      • Thank you potus for causing the sun to rise. Thank you allowing the birds to sing. Oh great potus thank you for allowing us to breath the clean air you created– not.

  3. Issa’s big dud: No White House connection to IRS ‘scandal’

    Another FLOP for those republican’s that wear tin foil hats. Over and over again they lie to you and tell you things will happen then a big *FLOP* Benghazi *FLOP* IRS *FLOP* REPEAL OBAMACARE *FLOP*

    • Benghazi not a FLOP. Not yet. DemocRATS are doing a good job of suppressing and destroying the evidence. Investigation still going on. IRS, same thing. IRS people are shaking in their boots. Obamacare has itself on the ropes. The Chief Robber is going to have to steal more money from Medicare and lower the death age for seniors in order to make it work. You know who I’m talking about? Barack (a Muslim name) Hussein (a Muslim name) Obama (a Muslim name), who said if Romney won, he would “Throw grandma over the cliff.” Obama ain’t gonna throw grandma over the cliff. He’s just going to let her die where she is.

      • The recent REPUBLICAN report proves BENGHAZI was a FLOP. Recent IRS report that shows NO LINK between the IRS and the WHITE HOUSE…FLOP! I’m sorry but you won’t hear these stories on blog like this….they want to keep you STUPID and believing MYTHS! GO read some news

      • Well Uncle Ruckus, I just listened to Trey Gowdy, who is heading the investigation on Benghazi. He said they were still in the midst of the investigation with a lot more to go. He said, we will get to the truth of Benghazi. I do know it depends upon which news agency you read/watch as to the information received. I also know that the New York Times, MSNBC and CNN have had to make many detractions of what they have reported, not to mention apologies. Let’s face it, Candy Crowley of CNN pretty much won the election for BHO, then corrected herself and apologized afterwards. Too late. I don’t know where they are on the IRS investigation. I have heard the main stream media say several times there was nothing to it, and that was before they put Lois Learner in front of the House where she exercised her Fifth Amendment Rights. It shouldn’t be much more than a couple of years before we all learn the results of all this. Merry Christmas.

      • Gowdy investigation….#13….nothing will come of it!! Notice how the republicans have stopped using the word BENGHAZI! They know its no THERE there…..they know it was just a political ploy to get you idiots to vote for them! How easily you clowns are suckered in!

      • Oh and MILLIONS have signed up for the ACA. They were going to chose that republican option but REPUBLICANS don’t have a plan! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

      • I kinda liked the plan I had. It wasn’t cheap, but it was cheaper than your so called “Affordable” Care Act. Fortunately my doctor would take it, because I have been with him a long time. He will not take any new patients with it. I don’t know about any specialist I might have to go to in the future. From what I have heard, most doctors around here won’t accept it. I don’t know about the hospitals. I think Kaiser will take it. At Kaiser, you go in alive and come out dead. So, how’s that “Hoppey, Changey” thingy working out? I guess pretty good if you are part of the sick, lame and lazy.

      • Hopey and Changey is working out just fine!!!! I’m still trying to sign up for that republican plan….wait…..they don’t have one….NEVERMIND!!
        They spent all of that time convincing you IDIOTS that they were going to REPEAL something instead of working to make it better. You IDIOTS fell for it HOOK, LINE and SINKER! STILL NOTHING!!!

      • It makes no sense to put anything out there if you don’t own the Senate, House and Presidency. When I saw and heard Obama speak at the Democrat National Convention for John Kerry, I thought this is a Democrat I just may vote for. He lured me in with that speech. I listened to this guy everyday during his campaign. The more I heard him, the more I realized this guy was bad for the country. The line broke. I was not idiot (as you say) enough to vote for this total jerk. I would bet you voted for him simply because he is black. My decision to not vote for him had nothing to do with his color. I’m not going to call you an idiot, but I do believe you are foolish.

      • Here’s the thing skippy….I vote my POCKET and what is best for my POCKETS! Republicans have proven to me over and over again that they are about big business and not the workers! When you pass a bill that will eliminate OVERTIME and gives you comp time instead….that tells me that republicans are not looking out for MY POCKETS!!
        I’ve searched and searched and cannot find one bill or policy that will help MY POCKETS!
        BUT I love they way they have convinced working folks that working folks making MORE money is a BAD thing!

      • Skippy? I like that one. Can I use it one of these days? My pocket book has never been hurt by Republicans. We actually got our biggest raises when Republicans were in power. We went from straight time over time to 1 1/2 when Republicans were in office in this city and this state. There are many, many reasons not to vote Democrat besides the pocket book, which by the way, has only hurt me when Democrats were in power. Anyway, we are not going to convince each other. I do thank you for the “Skippy” idea though. I bet I can piss a lot of liberals off with it. Didn’t piss me off. I got a good laugh out of it. Merry Christmas.

  4. An 18-month congressional investigation into the Internal Revenue Service’s mistreatment of conservative political groups seeking tax exemptions has failed to show coordination between agency officials and political operatives in the White House, according to a report released on Tuesday.
    Imagine that. House Republicans spent a year and a half investigating a controversy, making all kinds of wild-eyed allegations publicly, they carefully scrutinized 1.3 million documents, and they conducted lengthy interviews with literally dozens of IRS officials under oath.

    They’ve turned up no evidence of official wrongdoing – unless you consider Republicans falsely accusing the White House of a cover-up as an official misdeed.

    • So bitter. No wonder so many Democrats are also radical atheists, I guess you couldn’t be religious. Too many holidays for people so jaded, cynical, and bitter.

    • What does your drivel have to do with the video? Your standard fare: off-topic.

      As usual, the stalker Earl (No-Such-Thing-As-A-Black-Conservative) Lee…now masquerading as @disqus_I7HBKribYX:disqus…has hijacked this site for his own purposes.

      • HI JACKED?? No…I participate…but I give some TRUTH!!! Seems like many others have found out the TRUTH about Allen West!!

      • Your off-the-wall, off-topic comments are not ‘participation’. You live in your own world, so help us understand: What does your drivel have to do with the above video?

      • No…its participation and a free thinker. I’m not like those on this blog that take things this man says as FACT! I will do some research and come to my own conclusion! By reading the comments here you can see why so many will follow this man. They don’t research ANYTHING!
        You have to ask yourself…what is the purpose….its not to inform…more like to mislead….but why?? TO line his own pockets???

        It’s about the Christmas spirit. Did you even watch it? D’OOH!!

      • NAH….u just don’t like the fact I am a free thinker…..you only want to communicate with people that think and believe the same things you do!


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