Three cops killed over the weekend. Are we under siege?

I sat down to write this on Sunday afternoon. As of that time we all knew about the two NYPD Officers – 40-year-old Rafael Ramos and 32-year-old Wenjian Liu — who were assassinated by 28-year-old Ishmaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley on Saturday in Brooklyn New York.

I haven’t heard any statement from President Barack Obama nor Attorney General Eric Holder. Will the Attorney General visit the families? Officer Liu was just married two months ago. Will the Obama administration dispatch three envoys to their funerals? Based on the words and actions of the NYPD Union Chief, it doesn’t seem New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will be welcomed — especially after the treatment he received at the hospital on Saturday night before his press conference.

I’ve been listening to the punditry trying to assess blame or culpability for this heinous action. But let’s be very clear, Brinsley had a long rap sheet — a history of arrests in Georgia for robbery, disorderly conduct and carrying a concealed weapon — and he made the decision to horrifically murder the two officers.

It was his decision to drive up from Baltimore to New York to kill those men. However, there can be no debate about the fact that the rhetoric of elected officials and those who permitted a mob mentality to develop based on not assigning responsibility to Michael Brown and Eric Garner — and participating in the promulgation of false narratives about both — are complicit.

Today I didn’t see or hear about any pro football players taking the field with any symbols. I’ll be watching to see how many Brooklyn Nets players will don t-shirts supporting the two officers who were killed.

I’ve seen the twitter posts from Brandeis University student, Khadijah Lynch, which you can read here — I won’t repeat her vile statements. I’ve read comments stating the “cops deserved to die” and that there will be more of these attacks. At least Lynch had the decency to resign her post.

What has become of our culture in America? We dismiss criminal behavior and assault those who provide us with the enforcement of the rule of law and protect a civilized society. At every possible turn when President Obama, Eric Holder, and Mayor de Blasio could have stood with the rule of law and our judicial they decided not to do so — but worse, they covertly provided aid, comfort and support to the mobocracy that took to the streets.

Mind you, I fully support the right to protest and the rights of free speech, assembly and expression — but shouting “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want it? Now” is akin to shouting fire in a crowded theater.

Here are the facts of the murders, as reported by Fox News, “The gunman who ambushed and murdered two NYPD officers as they sat in their squad car Saturday afternoon in Brooklyn vowed to kill police in a number of social media posts that vowed retaliation for the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, authorities said. Ismaaiyl Brinsley, 28, wrote on his Instagram account: “I’m putting wings on pigs today. They take 1 of ours, let’s take 2 of theirs,” (and by the way, we reported here Louis Farrakhan speaking in Maryland using the same verbiage) — hours before the killings, two city officials with direct knowledge of the case confirmed for The Associated Press. He used the hashtags Shootthepolice RIPErivGardner (sic) RIPMikeBrown. The post also included an image of a silver handgun and the message, “This may be my final post.” Police said Brinsley, who was black, approached the passenger window of a marked police car at approximately 2:45 p.m. local time and opened fire, striking Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu in the head. The officers — one Hispanic, one Asian — were on special patrol doing crime reduction work in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn.”

So, will the mainstream media take up this cause? Will there be marches supporting the police? I truly doubt anyone will be burning down any neighborhood businesses.

And by the way, there was also a police shooting here in Florida near Tampa – but you probably haven’t heard much about that either. Also reported by Fox News, “A police officer was shot and killed in Tarpon Springs, Fla., early Sunday, police say. The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that the shooting occurred at around 3 a.m. in the Tampa Bay-area city and that a suspect has been taken into custody. The officer was identified as Charles Kondek, 45, a 17-year veteran who previously worked for the New York Police Department, reported. Kondek leaves behind five children, the report said. Authorities say the suspect fled the scene of the shooting in a vehicle and crashed into a pole and another vehicle. He was then apprehended by police at that location.”

As we’ve mentioned previously, there’s been a 71 percent increase in gun violence against law enforcement officers from last year. I guess that factoid matters little to those who are intent on the dissemination of their politicized ideological message.

Perhaps these shootings could have been avoided except that the radical progressive socialist left realized they should never let a good crisis go to waste. The hypocrisy is clear, and the silence of the lambs on the left towards the guard dogs is deafening. They say nothing when an Army combat officer — 1LT Clint Lorance — receives a 20-year sentence for killing the enemy, as a result of the Army hiding evidence. Yet they celebrate a deserter — Bowe Bergdahl — and hide him while deliberating how to reward him with $350,000 in back pay. A young black man can rob a store, assault a storeowner, assault a police officer attempting to take his weapon, and then charge that officer — and the officer is the villain.

Now we have a targeted and deliberate assassination of law enforcement officers — and no comment from the nation’s top law enforcement officer, the US Attorney General. What message does that send? I guess it’s similar to that of Ms Lynch at Brandeis University.

Well, I stand with the men and women of the Thin Blue Line. There are bad cops just like there are bad soldiers but one thing is for certain — there would be a whole lot more bad actors if not for our police officers. There are some gifts under the Christmas tree that will not be opened. There are kids who will not be able to look into their dad’s eyes with bright smiles and happiness — the person to carve the ham or turkey will be missing.

Consider these words from Officer Ramos’ 13-year-old son, and ask yourself, with whom do you stand?

Jaden Ramos' Facebook eulogy for his father.


  1. Asking Washington DC ; politicians to clean up their act, restore our Republic is akin to asking a heroin addict to get sober while he’s shooting up. IT WON’T HAPPEN. Barack Obama is following the Cloward-Piven strategy to a T- Divide and conquer. He wants globalization via Martial law .. as for the rest of the criminal element in Congress, they have it too good, ie fat cats to care about changing things. Convention of the States.. that’s our last best hope.. Restore the separation of powers by going through the states and enacting TERM LIMITS for one.. 27732103

    Go and sign in please.. get involved.. it’s going to take all of us together!

    God bless the families of our fallen heroes.. May he comfort them and our nation in this time of tremendous grief.

    • That Cloward-Piven strategy is much like the model that Hitler used to take control of Germany.

      All that it has taken to repeat Hitler’s objective, is to make sure that our current generation learned revisionist history.

    • To the IDIOTS who thinks President Obama, or Mayor de Blasio, or anyone who they don’t agree with politically had something to do with influencing a mentally disturbed individual into murdering two police officers… shame on you for perpetuating a divide and buying into hate. No one, and especially not a politician, put a gun in this sick person’s hands and said go out and kill.

      Killing police is wrong.
      Killing non-police is wrong.
      Killing is wrong.

      We are headed into a very dark, sad place in American history, and instead of trying to fix it we are pointing fingers. It’s very easy to blame current events on the actions of one person, but an overwhelming majority of people protesting for actual honest change would NOT have it this way.

      This happened mere blocks away from where I used to live. This all makes me very sad.”

  2. this is just an extension of the “Occupy wallstreet” movement. The communists and world bank operatives want chaos to rule as they dismantle our country. WAKE UP you useful fools, and realize their intent before it is too late////////

    • Wow… that was stupid.
      Wanting the bankers who wrecked our economy held accountable led to the murder of two police officers?
      That is nuts

      • The banker’s certainly shared in wrecking our economy.But the real villains were Ginny Mae/Mac and Countrywide Mortgage as they very profitably led the charge in providing

      • STUPID??? really? well, most LOGICAL people would be able to UNDERSTAND these low life bugs of society are NOT able to organize tying their own shoe laces, let alone getting professional placards for their marches, busing in demonstrators in several cities, burning down peoples shops, etc., buying shirts, and getting social media demonstrations organized. There is a much larger plot to destabilize the monetary system, and playing one person against the other is standard practice by those in the DC crime family. Alenskey method and Cloward Piven strategies play VERY close to the writers purposes – maybe READ some of those books and understand the Communists and “progressives” are one in the same. World Bank and New World Order are REAL, even Henry Kissinger mentioned them not too long ago as a solution of World “chaos” . The last thing any corrupt government does is raid the treasury, and we are seeing this happen now. The fires and police attacks are part of distraction and purpose for the bigger picture – destruction of OUR Country

      • Anything deeper than two or three thoughts in and most people can’t make the connections as to what is happening around them and why. Even worse, they don’t care. It’s destroy and create chaos, then swoop in and take over in a nutshell.

  3. Thank you Allen for saying what everyone else is thinking!! Where’s the protests in the streets? Where are the big shot sports stars?

  4. What does the Florida cop have to do with the black guy? The FL cop was killed by a white man. So, why didn’t the Dolphins, Rays, Heat, Magic, Jags, or Bucc do anything to honor him?

  5. Welcome to Obuttma’s America. I wonder what The Marxist in Chief would think of the rioters were chanting “What do we want? ObuckWheat dead! When do we want it? NOW!”

  6. Allen West cares about dead cops only when they killed by black. White supremacist kills a cop there’s no point saying anything since there’s no way to work Al Sharpton in there.

    • Hey, you stupid little lieberal When did a white supremacist kill a cop and Colonel West did not condemn it. Or, are you saying tat hood rats have a Black Privilege to murder cops now. Or is that Hood Rat Privilege

      • A bottom feeder like Sharpton would be too embarrassed to mention someone like West, that’s why. Take your own advice and ignore the buffoon Sharpton. You looking up to the wrong people.

      • LOL Allen West is like the youtube rapper trying to get into a beef with Jay-Z. Allen West would love nothing more than Al or Jesse responding to one of his attacks. Start a twitter beef or something.

      • Black-on-black crime widely ignored, so is the race war

        Black-on-black crime widely ignored, so is the race war. The Daily Caller – Mar 26, 2012. “Without a doubt, Obama’s decision to highlight the February inter-racial …
        Black-on-black crime widely ignored, say African American ……/black-on-black-crime-widely-ignored…
        The Daily Caller
        Mar 26, 2012 – Following President Obama’s comments on the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, some African-American activists say the media-dominating …
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        Chicago Tribune
        Aug 21, 2014 – First lady Michelle Obama visits Harper High School in Chicago’s … The misleading myth that black leaders ignore crime in their communities.
        Black-on-black crime widely ignored, say African American ……
        Yahoo! News
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      • Right, to Raffy Black Privilege means you can kill a cop cause you are justified. He’s a cop hater. He can F off.

      • To answer your question…
        “When did a white supremacist kill a cop and Colonel West did not condemn it?”
        A few months ago, on June 8th, a White supremacist couple who were also Tea Party members and part of the Bundy Ranch standoff shot and killed two police officers in Las Vegas Nevada in an effort to spark an anti-government revolution.

        The shooters were Jerad Miller and his wife Amanda Miller.
        Feel free to look them up.
        They placed a “Don’t tread on Me” Gadsen flag on the body of one officer and a swastika covered note about revolution on the body of the other.

        Also just a few weeks ago, unsuccessful white supremacist Larry Steve McQuilliams fired 100 rounds at a police station in Austin Texas, trying to kill police but was shot dead by police.

      • psssssssst………………..

        What about black on black crime?

        Chicago Sun-Times‎ – 2 days ago“Black-on-black crime is, sort of, more accepted,” Morrison notes. “We don’t seem to have a huge body of folks that get involved in it, coming out …

        Rudy Giuliani Uses NYPD Shootings To Continue To Lecture About ‘Black On Black’ Crime

        Crooks and Liars‎ – 2 days ago

        Black Friday mall assaults: Third man charged

        The Journal News |‎ – 17 hours agoMore news for black on black crime

        Race and crime in the United States – Wikipedia, the free …


        However, a 2011 study which examined the racial disparities in violent crime and incarceration from 1980 and 2008 found little difference for black share of …

        Black on Black Crime – Huffington Post…/black-on-black-crime/

        The Huffington Post

        In cities across the country, crowds are protesting police violence against unarmedblack men. Demonstrators want justice, not just for Michael Brown,.

        Actually, Blacks Do Care About Black Crime – Slate…/black_community_is_concerned_with_black_on_...


        Dec 1, 2014 – In cities across the country, crowds are protesting police violence against unarmed black men. Demonstrators want justice, not just for Michael …

        New Data: It’s Still about Black-on-Black Crime | National ……/new-data-its-still-about-blac...

        National Review

        Dec 11, 2014 – The FBI has just released its supplemental homicide data for 2012, including the numbers of interracial killings. These are highly relevant for …

        About ‘Black-on-Black Crime’ | The Nation

        The Nation

        Dec 9, 2014 – Shortly after Michael Brown was shot dead in Ferguson, Missouri, a local pizzeria owner, Jim Marshall, flashed a gun at black protesters after …

        Images for black on black crimeReport images

        More images for black on black crime

        Rudy Giuliani Uses NYPD Shootings To Continue To ……/rudy-giuliani-uses-nypd-shootin…

        Crooks and Liars

        2 days ago – In inner cities, it happens to be black crime. In other places it can be white crime. The problem here is not police inter-reaction. Police shooting …

        The Trayvon Martin Killing and the Myth of Black-on-Black ……/the-trayvon-martin-killing-an...

        The Daily Beast

        Jul 15, 2013 – And so, Shapiro found the sad story of Darryl Green, and promoted it as an example of the “black-on-black” crime that, he believes, goes …

        The Problem With Blaming Black Crime for Police Shootings …


        Dec 8, 2014 – The epidemic of unarmed blacks being killed by police comes not whenblack crime is high but when it is low.

      • What about it?
        There’s a lot of black on black crime, but I was answering a direct question by a poster who asked when the last time a white supremacist killed a cop was.
        Pay attention.

      • HAHAHA
        What dodge, you loon?
        I agreed with you that there is a lot of black on black violence.
        But you just want to jump into a conversation and change it and think I’m dodging because I’m not arguing with you about a separate point?
        How is my agreeing with you that there is a lot of black on black violence a dodge?
        Try to focus

      • Well let’s go over some recent history over the last few posts. You seem to get a rip-roaring hard-on over what West did not say about white supremacists so therefore it is logical to assume that your CONcern is race based. At that point I offered my query about black on black crime. And personally, how obsessed are you with West to the point of citing something from West 6 months ago? So you want to talk about race only on YOUR terms in your vacuum. Doesn’t work that way pal. You want to talk race, then all racial references become fair game. Now YOU focus on that.

      • Actually… you completely missed my point and misread what i wrote.
        The only time i mentioned race on this issue was in direct response to a question asking when the last time was that a white supremacist shot a cop was.

        My point in bringing up the Las Vegas police shooting had nothing to do with race… you saw it that way.
        it was about the absurdity of blaming protesters or demonstrators for the actions of a murdering animal… and the hypocrisy of trying to associate a demonstration with leanings you oppose to a criminal act while not making the same associations when it pertains to a political demonstration you support.

        I think blaming the Las Vegas cop killers on the Bundy Ranch protesters is as stupid, distracting and false as blaming the Brooklyn cop killer on the Eric Garner protesters.
        The issue here is not race, but political opportunism

      • No
        Quit deflecting.
        I’m not saying that at all.
        But you are accusing me of bringing up race when I didn’t and now that you realize I didn’t, you are trying to attack me for not bringing up race.
        Do you realize how absurd that is?

      • You truly are a special kind of stupid.
        I did not bring up white supremacists.
        I answered a question by another commenter who specificly asked for an example of a white supremacist who killed a cop.

      • The only thing getting ganged up on is your son [email protected] And the ONLY POS’ who ever play victim here are you and your other race pimpin’ leftards. You slime-balls cry about name calling and racist remarks yet you’re too phukkin stupid to see you’e all getting what you dish out. Now, get back to bed with Brenda punk.

      • Wow. You really do lash out when you realize you’re wrong.
        It’s also kind of sad that you sexually fantasize about me.
        Please stop.
        I’m not interested.

      • You’re a race pimp like the rest of your left-nut crew. Don’t deflect and run from it. Own it. Why try to hide it? You uncomfortable in your racist skin all of a sudden?

      • 1–When did Colonel West lead a march calling or seeking the death of police officers except for te muhrkarbat?
        2–The couple you talk of were tossed off Bundy Ranch by Mrs Bundy. And only left wing hate sites call them Tea Party Members. They were nazis and sicne when do nazis listen to a blck man?
        3–But I get any exuse justifies the murder of police officers by leftists. TPeople like you would support murdering clops if Tanneesha didnt get her EBT Card recharged.

      • When did I ever say Mr West led a march?
        Stick to what was written, not what you imagined.
        You asked for an example of white supremacists killing police and West not condemning it.
        I gave you an example
        I answered you exact request with a prime example and all you can do is deflect and try to change the point.

    • Oh…he has to blame SHARPTON…..thats his money maker since he has stop posting about MUSLIMS!!! BUT…he has that great paying THINK TANK JOB so he doesn’t need to ROB these LOONS anymore


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