Castro says Cuba won’t abandon communism; Miami protestors say “Obama is a traitor.” [VIDEO]

Last week, President Barack Obama unilaterally made a huge foreign policy decision for America, then said aloha and headed off on vacation.

Living here in South Florida, I’ve come to learn much about the relations and history between America and Cuba. I was honored to meet several Bay of Pigs survivors and I’ve had the opportunity to speak to several members of the South Florida Cuban community since Obama’s unilateral decision — not politicians but everyday Cubans. They expressed one singular perspective — unless the Castro regime has fallen and Cuban is on its way to reforming, we have simply thrown them a lifeline. The editorial board of the Washington Post expressed the same sentiment.

Hundreds of protestors in Miami were more passionately outspoken, with some older Cubans shouting “Obama is a traitor.”

Nonetheless, Obama headed off for a well-earned vacation (and well-funded, thanks to your tax dollars), while Cuba’s 83-year-old president, Raul Castro, had some alohas of his own.

As reported by CNS News, “Castro sent a blunt message to Washington Saturday as the White House works to reverse a half-century of hostility between the U.S. and Cuba: Don’t expect detente to do away with the communist system.”

“Castro’s speech to Cuba’s National Assembly was a sharp counterpoint to the message U.S. President Barack Obama gave in his year-end news conference the day before. Obama reiterated that by engaging directly with the Cuban people, Americans are more likely to encourage reform in Cuba’s one-party system and centrally planned economy. “We must not expect that in order for relations with the United States to improve, Cuba will abandon the ideas that it has struggled for,” Castro said.”

So the repressive communist regime of Cuba will persevere and has no plans for reform in return for the concessions given by Obama. And for those of you in the mindset of “why not, we trade and deal with China” I reply, exactly, and look what that’s gotten us — a communist country that understands how to leverage free market economics to sustain a communist ideology and regime. Let’s not forget the recent episode played out in Hong Kong where any thought of reform was squashed.

The collapse of the Soviet Union didn’t come militarily; it came economically because of the pressure placed on a system that couldn’t sustain itself. And so it is with Cuba, at a time when they’ve lost their major sponsor, the Soviet Union — and now Russia has its own major economic issues.

Cuba’s most recent sponsor, Venezuela, beginning under Hugo Chavez, is watching its socialist nationalized economy crumbling due to falling oil prices. So when things were potentially looking quite bleak for Cuba’s totalitarian regime, here comes President Obama with a no-strings-attached bailout.

And in a further display of defiant, victorious arrogance, as reported by CNS, “Also appearing before parliament, shaking their fists in victory, were three convicted spies just released from long U.S. prison terms. The last imprisoned members of the “Cuban Five” spy ring were freed this week in a sweeping deal that included American contractor Alan Gross and a Cuban who had spied for the U.S., both released from their cells in Cuba as a first step toward the restoration of full diplomatic ties and a loosening of U.S. trade and travel restrictions.”

“Castro also expressed gratitude to Obama during his speech, calling it a “just decision” to release the men who spied on anti-Castro exile groups in South Florida in the 1990s and have long been regarded as heroes in Cuba. Seated behind the three and their families was Elian Gonzalez, the young Cuban rafter at the center of a bitter custody battle in 2000 between relatives in Miami and his father in Cuba. The president closed with a shout of “Viva Fidel!” in reference to his older brother.”

The comparative analysis from a leadership viewpoint is quite interesting between Castro and Obama. One firmly declares his future intent and commitment before his nation — the other heads off to a sunny 17-day vacation. Based on optics alone, there’s a clear winner.

But who exactly will benefit from the executive order — or was it a presidential memoranda — issued by Obama? CNS News says, “The executive orders Obama announced Wednesday can clear the way for limited exports to Cuba and freer travel by specific categories of Americans such as academics and artists, but he acknowledged his need to work with Congress to end the decades-old embargo Cuba blames for the dire condition of its infrastructure and economy.”

So I can just imagine which — or shall I say what type of — academics and artists will be in that ‘specified category?’ Something tells me conservatives won’t be included. And what about the almost 80 criminals who have fled the United States and found asylum in Cuba — including one black female who escaped from prison where she was serving a sentence for killing a New Jersey State Trooper? Will they be repatriated?

“Castro confirmed he would attend the Summit of Americas in Panama in April, where he is expected to have further discussions with Obama. And late last Friday, Cuban state television showed four of the Cuban Five celebrating their reunion by singing together during a private party in Havana. Their release angered the protesters in Miami. Two women held up a sign saying “Obama’s message to Castro: Imprison Americans and get 3 spies and an embassy.”

So as we enter the final two years of the Obama era, will his two major foreign policy achievements be normalizing relations with communist Cuba and enabling Islamist terror sponsor Iran to become a nuclear state? Or destabilizing Libya so it could become an Islamist state? Oops, I forgot, agreeing to crippling climate change measures with China which don’t take effect for communist China for almost 30 years. And, well, maybe Russia overruns Ukraine and the Baltic States because of previously admitted foreign policy flexibility after reelection.

Stay tuned, these final two years are gonna be interesting.


  1. This administration is playing out like a bad movie. Next scene will be martial law and the confiscation of firearms which will ignite either civil war or the next revolution. Our time to unite is running out America. Either we take back our nation from the scourge of the earth, die in the street, or rot in intern camps. How’s that for a fundamental change?

      • Um, nah, If that doesn’t happen you will look like you are correct. But the reality is, if that doesn’t happen it will be simply because Obama ran out of time.
        But it is the plan. I used to think not. But it is far too obvious.

  2. “The comparative analysis from a leadership viewpoint is quite
    interesting between Castro and Obama. One firmly declares his future
    intent and commitment before his nation — the other heads off to a sunny
    17-day vacation. Based on optics alone, there’s a clear winner.”

    …the same bullshit the extreme right was spouting about Putin 5 months ago. How’s that working out? How long until the likes of West, Palin, and the other trolls are running their “Castro is playing chess” analogies?

  3. The only strategy these old Cuban hardliners have is… WAIT. Wait until Castro dies and Cuban will be free. Nice delusion from too much Miami sun. Tell me when that has ever happened? Evil dictators dies and people revolt? Did it happen in North Korea? Father dictator replaced by brutal son. How about, Venezuela? Dead dictator replaced with freely elected president-dictator. BTW, Venezuela voted him in despite terrible econ, violence and protests.
    It’s been 54 years of the same, time to think differently.

  4. Allen West lies again.
    He claims that Obama will lift the embargo with no strings attached.
    That is an absolute lie from West.

    Obama has already said that there are conditions that need to be met first.

    this is smart… the Castro brothers are not long for this Earth.
    Communism in Cuba will die with them
    Opening relations with Cuba will end Communism in Cuba and also bring Cuba closer to us, and further from Russia and China.

    • You are wrong and speculating. As long as there is someone else ready to assume power Communism will not die in Cuba.

      Nice dream though.


      Obama LIES all the time!!

      Example…. remember when Obama lifted the condition for unemployment to be actively looking for work and he said that he did not lift the conditions but just left it up to the states?
      WELL.. That is a LIE!! HE ABSOLUTELY DID LIFT IT BY LEAVING IT UP TO THE STATES!!!! The States have NO Incentive to make people look for work as the funding doesn’t come from the states!!
      Obama knew that!!
      The way Obama manipulates words and the way you believe him is disgusting.

      • Actually… Allen West is lying.
        Flat out lying.
        Allen West wrote that Obama will lift the embargo with no strings attached.
        That is absolutely not what is happening.

      • Allen West is lying when he wrote tha tObama will lift the embargo with no strings attached.

        The embargo has not yet been lifted and already Cuba has agreed to release 53 political prisoners from a list of names
        provided by the United States. At least one of the prisoners has already been released. Havana has also agreed to permit significant access by its citizens to the Internet and allow the International Committee of the Red Cross and United Nations human rights officials back on the island for the first time in years.

        Those are small concessions that Cuba has already made without the embargo being lifted… and that is just the beginning.
        so to say Obama will lift it with no strings attached is fa flat out lie because Cuba has already complied with some small strings that were attached before the embargo has been lifted.

        you could have just googled that

  5. I find it Funny That 58k+ died in Vietnam, and Billy Boy , became there friends and traders with goods. AND THEY ARE STILL COMMUNIST. So I cannot see the big Deal about CUBA


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