Nutbag Convicted terrorist Bill Ayers tells Iran media U.S. is a terrorist nation. I wish he’d move there.

America is indeed the “land of opportunity” but I also believe it should be a land where we hold individuals responsible for their actions. I recall the interview Megyn Kelly conducted with convicted domestic terrorist Bill Ayers — it was quite telling. At some point we have to recognize seditious actions and appropriately charge individuals — not praise them.

And with that short intro I present a story from the, which says “Activist turned terrorist Bill Ayers spoke with Iranian news agency Fars News last week, and called the United States a terrorist nation. Ayers is probably best known for his own terrorist activities with the Weather Underground during the 1960s and 1970s. When speaking about what constitutes terrorism and a terrorist state, Ayers said: “U.S. is indeed a terrorist nation.” Then he added: “It’s also the greatest purveyor of violence on earth over the past half century, and the foremost threat to world peace today.”

We went through this sort of thing once before with Jane Fonda and her infamous trip to North Vietnam when she posed on NVA anti-aircraft guns which were being used to shoot down American pilots. Jane Fonda visited North Vietnam at a time when our men and women were on the field of battle in combat with the forces of North Vietnam and their guerrilla proxy army the Viet Cong. I suppose we just blew that one off too as Ms. Fonda’s right to freedom of speech and expression. As you know, my older brother served as a Marine in Vietnam and my father-in-law was a soldier there — to me this seems as treasonous behavior, certainly seditious in undermining America’s national security.

And speaking of then and now, Iran was responsible for the Marine Beirut barracks bombing in 1983. It was Iran who sponsored Hezbollah terrorists who were responsible for the Achilles Lauro incident where Jewish-American Leon Klinghoffer — a wheelchair-bound man — was pushed off the cruise ship into the Mediterranean Sea. It is Iran who is world’s greatest state sponsor of Islamic terrorism. It is Iran behind the explosive force penetrator IEDs (improvised explosive devices) that are responsible for the deaths and maiming of our men and women in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And this is what University professor Bill Ayers has to say about our military, “I think the US should immediately close all military bases and installations abroad, withdraw all troops on foreign soil including all mercenary fighters, end all military aid to Israel, and unilaterally decommission its nuclear arsenal.”

What a nutbag.

I’m quite sure this is exactly what needs to be broadcast all over Iran by the Ayatolla’s to undermine the military capability and capacity of our military. You can be assured that the Iranians used this as propaganda to bolster their position to claim there is dissension in America and that Iran will be victorious against the “Greater Satan.”

I just have to ask, would it have been acceptable to have an American call up Josef Goebbels and tape an interview speaking out against the United States? Or how about having an American film star fly over to Imperial Japan and land on Okinawa or Iwo Jima and take pictures with Japanese soldiers before they fought against our Marines and soldiers?

What has so changed about America that we sit back and tolerate Americans associating with our enemies and actually speaking out against our country? Can we truly classify this as free speech?

And as if this white radical progressive socialist has the authority to speak for me, here are Ayers’ words when asked about the status of minorities in America: “The US has become a prison nation, marked indelibly as a carceral state with mass incarceration the defining fact of life today – whether acknowledged or not, just as slavery was the fundamental reality in the US 1800’s, whether acknowledged or not. The deep-seated reason underneath the phenomenon of mass incarceration is white supremacy dressed-up in modern garb, structural racism pure and simple.”

The greatest example of racism in America emanates from white progressive socialists as I wrote this past weekend. If Bill Ayers feel this way about America, then why doesn’t he and Bernadette Dorn pack up and catch a direct flight to Tehran and live happily ever after?

Nope, this just shows you the cowardice of the progressive left — demean and demonize your own country but hide behind the curtain of protection provided by those you despise and denigrate — namely our military.

But are we so devoid of any patriotic pride in America that we accept this abhorrent behavior — which was admittedly rather close to our President back in the Chicago days — and actually reward it with the ability to instruct, actually indoctrinate, on our college campuses?

If the actions and words of Bill Ayers and this interview with an Iranian news agency don’t incense every single American — then I must ask, what does? And for those of you who agree with Ayers, I can only offer a prayer for your soul.

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Thanks for telling them that…now please just stay there. Don’t come back. Stay in Iran. Ok?

Andy Martin

Whaddya expect from one of Obama’s best buddies?


Billy and Bernie would be perfect slaves for the Ayatollah.


They already are.

Brandon Yankowski

That is the mentality of the Democratic party today,90 percent of democrats today dont know this,they would not vote democratic if they paid attention to what the Poloscy,jacksons,Obamas,clintons and ayers actually believe..


Funny how much Ayers (the ghostwriter) sounds like Obama….


You know it just goes to show the intent of those that see it as he does. I mean obummer does.

James D Gordanier

The one difference with Jane Fonda is that she did apologize to Viet Nam vets … years later. Very few accepted her apology, calling it too little, too late.


Jane Fonda still hates America. She’s an elite member of that little women’s group Code Pink…you know, the group of ugly, braless, tasteless women who side with Iran and support the killing of innocent unborn babies. Talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing…She’s just as evil and hateful as domestic terrorists Ayers and Dohrn.


People should take a gander at the upscale Chicago condo where Ayers lives (and where obama likes to visit). While he sits in luxury and eats gourmet food (he’s an admitted gourmet cook), he pretends to “care” about the less fortunate by publicly hating on America. A nutbag AND a scumbag.


I would gladly pitch in money to buy this scumbag a one way ticket to Iran. This sorry excuse for an American should be sitting in prison because of his actions in the past instead of brainwashing our children in college. He is nothing but a traitor to this country.