Taliban attack school and slaughter 148 – mostly children. Where’s the damn outrage? [VIDEO]

A key strategic imperative in defeating Islamo-fascism is winning the information war — in other words, delegitimizing the ideology. We should be decimating this Islamic jihadist enemy and its real “war on women.” We should be condemning this enemy in every single hall of governance — including the United Nations, which is about to take up a resolution against Israel.

However, we continue to twist ourselves into gyrations of guilt about water boarding these savages and spout political rhetoric about ending “combat operations.” Sadly, the enemy never gets the email.

We allow Islamist apologists to turn the tables on us and say we need to respect the enemy and empathize with their perceptions. But tell me, how do you empathize with people who behead four Christian children for refusing to denounce their faith? — a story you’d be hard pressed to find on any mainstream media outlet, but we discussed it here.

So AGAIN, within days of Senator Dianne Feinstein releasing her partisan political report — the enemy reminds us of its barbarism.

As reported by Yahoo News, “In the deadliest slaughter of innocents in Pakistan in years, Taliban gunmen attacked a military-run school Tuesday and killed 141 people (death toll now 148) — almost all of them students — before government troops ended the siege.”

“The massacre of innocent children horrified a country already weary of unending terrorist attacks. Pakistan’s teenage Nobel Peace laureate Malala Yousafzai — herself a survivor of a Taliban shooting — said she was “heartbroken” by the bloodshed. Even Taliban militants in neighboring Afghanistan decried the killing spree, calling it “un-Islamic.”

Let me clarify something, which White House spokesperson Josh Earnest needs to understand as well. There is no difference between Afghan or Pakistan Taliban. There is no separation and the Taliban — primarily Sunni Pashtuns — do not recognize the border established as the Durand Line by the British in the late 19th century.

There are no varying degrees of Islamic terrorist and we should not fall into that propagandized trap. In my two-and-a-half years in Afghanistan, there were countless incidents of the Taliban throwing acid on schoolgirls and even gunning them down. The Afghan Taliban attacked and beheaded schoolmasters right before their families. There is truly no damn honor among these thieves — so the words are empty, just like their souls.

If we’re not able to completely demonize this enemy and turn all civilized sentiment against them — then we will never win this millennia-old battle. We can no longer afford to spread the lies such as “ISIS is not Islamic” — tell that to the four Christian children who were beheaded because they would not reject Yeshua and follow a maniacal warlord named Muhammad.

This insane attack came as a response to the Pakistan government’s assault against the Islamic terrorists in the tribal areas. And if they believed it would weaken the resolve, it seems they may have miscalculated.

As Yahoo News reports, “Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif pledged to step up the campaign that — along with U.S. drone strikes — has targeted the militants. “The fight will continue. No one should have any doubt about it,” Sharif said. “We will take account of each and every drop of our children’s blood.” Taliban fighters have struggled to maintain their potency in the face of the military operation. They vowed a wave of violence in response to the operation, but until Tuesday, there has only been one major attack by a splinter group near the Pakistan-India border in November.”

The account of the attack is chilling: “The rampage at the Army Public School and College began in the morning when seven militants scaled a back wall using a ladder, said Maj. Gen. Asim Bajwa, a military spokesman. When they reached an auditorium where students had gathered for an event, they opened fire. A 14-year-old, Mehran Khan, said about 400 students were in the hall when the gunmen broke through the doors and started shooting. They shot one of the teachers in the head and then set her on fire and shouted “God is great!” as she screamed, added Khan, who survived by playing dead.”

“From there, they went to classrooms and other parts of the school. “Their sole purpose, it seems, was to kill those innocent kids. That’s what they did,” Bajwa said. Of the 141 people slain before government troops ended the assault eight hours later, 132 were children and nine were staff members. Another 121 students and three staff members were wounded. The seven attackers, wearing vests of explosives, all died in the eight-hour assault. It was not immediately clear if they were all killed by the soldiers or whether they blew themselves up, he said.”

Did you get that? They shot a female teacher in the head and then set her on fire. Somehow I’m not hearing the same vehement response from those who decry a GOP war on women.

We should not be concerned with issues of moral equivalency regarding making these 7th century barbarians drink water at high velocity, lose some sleep, or listen to loud music — after all, they walk away. But, at their hands, no one walks away, not even children.

There is no excuse for this and their actions — so why do we make them? Our Commander-in-Chief talks about a leaner military, at a time when every single warrior in an American uniform would like nothing better than to seek out and destroy this enemy.

Let me be very clear — drones are not a strategy, they are just a tool. At some point we need a cohesive strategy to find this enemy, wherever he seeks sanctuary, target him, cut him off, destroy him, and pursue him to the gates of hell as Vice President Joe Biden suggested. The difference is, I actually mean it.

We always speak of “moderate” Muslims and ask why they don’t stand up — the question is why don’t WE? If our commitment and conviction to eradicating this pestilence is clear, they will rally. Instead we allow the stealth jihadists such as CAIR, MAS, MPAC, ISNA and others to subvert us here in our own country. We fail to call out Islamist supporters such as Turkey and Qatar — and to an extent Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

We must win the war of ideas and ideology against this vile adversary and meet them on every battlefield – virtual and physical — to combat them. If there is one thing that should unite us regardless of political persuasion it should be this — unless you are in reality complicit in the goals and objectives of Islamo-fascism.

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John Huscusson

The truth is that just like in the move “A few good men”, the American public can’t handle the truth about what keeps them safe.

Paul Sheridan

We must have seen different movies. The one I saw was about a commanding officer who ordered one of his Marines to be hazed and then created a massive coverup in order to evade responsibility for his death. You get that Col Jessup’s impassioned speech in that movie is supposed to reflect his narcissism and inability to accept responsibility for his own actions right?

Andy Martin

Oh for God’s sake. How damn dumb are you in real life? The OP had it right. People do not want to know the truth as to what keeps them safe. Take your psyche 101 crap and stuff it.

Uncle Ruckus

A racist that only calls names….u can’t be more than 9 years old!

Andy Martin

I called no one a name. I offered an appropriate descriptives for these animals you so adore. Keep sukin.

Uncle Ruckus

There u go with the RACIST remarks again!!

Andy Martin

There you go sukkin apes again.



Paul Deckelman

Well said. Colonel West was over there and fought these kind of people in Iraq and Afghanistan. He understands the jihadist mentality – the combination of fiendishness, fanaticism and utter ruthlessness – better than any of our political notables from either party, and certainly much better than Senator Dianne Feinstein and her partisan playmates who authored that politically correct sham of a report attacking the CIA do.


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